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A & L Accounting Services Inc. is a Bookkeeping service located at 190 Robert Speck Pkwy #201, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3K3, Canada. It has received 107 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.





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  • The address of A & L Accounting Services Inc.: 190 Robert Speck Pkwy #201, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3K3, Canada

  • A & L Accounting Services Inc. has 4.8 stars from 107 reviews

  • Bookkeeping service

  • "I have worked with Ayman and his team for years on personal and corporate taxes - and every single time he and his team have shown the utmost dedication and professionalism"

    "Highly recommended for absolutely great service for filing taxes and business accounts management"

    "I highly recommend Ayman and his team"

    "I couldn't be more grateful to have found such an excellent accountant"

    "Ayman and all the staff that work there are great, I've dealt with a few companies and what I absolutely love about A&L is: #1 Customer service, they care and it shows"


  • Ryan Pinto

I have worked with Ayman and his team for years on personal and corporate taxes - and every single time he and his team have shown the utmost dedication and professionalism. I have always received sound, uncomplicated advice that best suits my unique situation. I've never had a phone call or email go unanswered even if it's during the busiest time of the year. This is one great accountant team you can depend on and is reasonably affordable. It was strangely odd to see and read that one poor review on google. I can quite confidently say that neither me, nor my friends that have used Ayman's service over the years have had any experience even remotely close to what's been described in that poor review.

  • Yinka Ola

Highly recommended for absolutely great service for filing taxes and business accounts management. I did my previous two years taxes with Ayman Alhafez, he is very professional, thorough and diligent. He gives ample time, listens with full attention and helps client with compassion. His fees is pretty decent, I am truly impressed with his courtesy, work ethics and professionalism. He has a beautiful office and a very pleasant and professional team working with him. In fact, I am happy to find a good tax consultant for my future needs of filing taxes or any other accounts related matters. I will recommend him to anyone with confidence.

  • A Gustafson

I highly recommend Ayman and his team. I came to Ayman after my own accountant retired and was unable to get a hold of him. I needed to incorporate and clear up a reassessment issue with the CRA. Within two days of contacting A&L, the corporation was opened and the issue with the CRA was dealt with. As it's my first business, Ayman even took the time to walk me through bookkeeping and cleared up and questions and concerns I had. Where other firms were trying to charge me thousands for work that they would take weeks to complete, A & L was affordable and worked fast! I really appreciate and recommend the work of this firm.

  • Mustafa Tawfiq

I couldn't be more grateful to have found such an excellent accountant. From the moment I walked in, my experience has been outstanding. My previous accountant had left me in a mess, but my new accountant went out of his way to help me and his team was amazing. He saved me a lot of money and gave me a rate that I couldn't believe. He was extremely nice and cooperative throughout the whole process, and I appreciate all of the work he put in to get my finances in order. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of accounting services. Thank you so much!

  • A Topuz

Ayman and all the staff that work there are great, I've dealt with a few companies and what I absolutely love about A&L is: #1 Customer service, they care and it shows. #2 Response time, as a business it's important that we get an answer quickly as we need information fast. #3 Knowledge, simply put they know what they are doing and are capable of answering questions very quickly without having to always look into it to find out. Whether you are a business or looking to do your personal taxes you will be happy with their work.

  • Amu Kaur

This was my first time filing taxes in Canada after moving from States. I booked an appointment with Ayman Alhafez after reading online reviews. He is knowledgeable and responded to all my concerns very patiently. The fees they charge is decent amount. I would definitely recommend Ayman. Thanks 2023 update: I went back this year and as usual Mr Ayman was super helpful.I will go back next year as well for my Taxes.

  • Rania Marwan

Mr Ayman is not honest an Arab Canadian Facebook page had put an advertise for him to file taxes for only $45. When I went there he told me it's an offer for the Syrian refugees only although it's wasn't mentioned in the add. Then he asked me to pay $15 extra just to write a number. Be aware of him he asks for extra money when he starts the work for you.

  • zena abultiman

Mr. ayman is so professional at accounting all i have to do is book an appointment and bring my papers and he would do everything in couple of minutes. we never had to wait for him and a lot of times he helps by the phone i didn’t have to come to the office. and we never had any problems with the taxes i highly recommend this place.

  • hajar abdulhalim

Mr. Ayman is an exceptional accountant! Hes well informed about everything, offered valuable advice and answered my questions with a professional and friendly attitude. Also made very interesting conversations with my family which made my tax filing procedure a pleasant one:) Decided to file here forever lol

  • Priyanka kh

I am very happy with the immediate tax filing service they provide. Filed tax within few minutes. They are very accommodating and professional. I promised them that I would come back again next year to file the taxes. Highly recommend to anyone who would like to avail the service through A&L. Thanks again.

  • Greg Viner

Ayman is fantastic. I'm a small business owner and he has been able to help me with both my tax preparation and bookkeeping. His cool mannor and quick response time makes dealing with the numbers and dealing with the CRA an easy and stress free experience!! His rates are also very reasonable.

  • Jafar Khorrami

I have been struggling with my taxes for few years until my father recommended A&l accounting ( Mr. Alhafez ) best services i have ever had , friendly, honesty, helpful and very accurate in his work , i would recommend him anytime , he got my business for life

  • Javier Cabrera

It has been 6 years since I began my business relationship with Ayman. At first, it was just tax filing. As time went by, he became my go to person for any business consultancy or advice. His professionalism and knowledge is what truly distinguishes him.

  • Hala LH

It was my pleasure to visit A&l accounting services today and I would really appreciate their kind hospitality and their fast services. I advise everybody to work with them and Am sure that you will be satisfied and a well treated customers . Thank you

  • Mohamed Kazem

Great, quick, and courteous service. Ayman is very friendly and professional. We have been filing our taxes here for years for the entire family. We are very happy with the quality of service and the professionalism and we will keep coming back.

  • mohamed sherir

I have known Ayman for almost 10 years now. He is one of the best accountants in this field. He does have a friendly attitude and respect his customers seriously. If you are looking to grow your business, do not hesitate to seek his services

  • Gabriella Maldonado

Very professional service, clear in all explanations, respectful, professional and organized. Have been with them for three years and highly recommend this firm. Very kind and able to accommodate convenient hour to benefit the clients needs.

  • Mostafa Hanout

I have been filing my taxes with Ayman for 4 years now since 2015. I am fully satisfied with every aspect of the service here at A & L Accounting. Ayman is an expert in tax filing and he is very punctual as well. I recommend unreservedly.

  • Festa Services inc.

Worst accountant ever. After giving me a first price for my services, he changed his mind later and asked me to pay more $500 for extra services. Not professional at all, kept chasing him to finish my accounting things. Stay away of him!

  • Muneer Armanazi

Knowledgeable accountant, good customer service, and competitive pricing! my family and I have been going to Ayman for over 5 years now! They offer several accounting services ranging from personal tax filing to business.

  • Labib Sibai

We have been with A & L Accounting Services Inc. for the last 13 years, so far we are satisfied with their sevices, accountability, support, professionallism and loyalty. We highly recommend A & L Accounting Services inc.

  • Sala Al-Kazwini

Very pleased with this accounting office. My family and I have been going for years now and we’re all extremely happy! I highly recommend this office if you’re looking for fast, efficient, professional and honest staff!

  • R.H H

Very professional, friendly. I always go there to filled my Tax within few minutes . Ayman have a great Knowledge and I Highly recommend to anyone who would like do business with them in all accounting services area.

  • Mohamed Abo

A &L Accounting Services is the best accounting service in Mississauga. Very organized and quick service. The team is so friendly. Ayman is great so friendly and dedicated. Definitely recommend their services.

  • Obadiah Schakaki

Very professional, friendly, They seek the best solution and advise for you. Easy to trust them and you feel you're dealing with your old friends. I highly recommend them and I will continue dealing with them.

  • Hadi AL Haddad

I did my tax in his office today Ayman and his staff are very professional and ayman very knowledgeable in his field. He charges reasonable fee it was my first time there but it will not be the last thx ayman

  • Kilo Wellness

The worst Tax Service ever , never go , I Seriviced my tax with them months ago and till now nothing came up in the bank plus they are very very rude (especially the girl) “extremely disrespectful” Stupid too

  • Ibrahim Sawli

Professional & friendly team of accountants! Ayman is very knowledgeable and did an amazing job in explaining all the details related to the filing of our taxes. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

  • Kathryn des Vignes

My husband and I have had our taxes done at A & L Accounting services and are very pleased with their work. Ayman is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend their services for income tax filing.

  • Kaz Al-Kazwini

Very professional, I’ve been filing my business and personal taxes over here for the past 6 years. I’ve recommended A&L for my friends and they have similar experiences. Keep up the good work!

  • Feras Hubi

Very Knowledgeable and helpful in all areas regarding accounting and taxes Ayman has been excellent at recommending solutions, answering our questions, and is always very responsive.

  • Dany Bachir

The entire team is amazing. Extremely professional across the board. They do a perfect job, with a smile. Such a pleasure dealing with them. Thank you Ayman, Eyad, Ruba and all.

  • Leen G

One of the best accounting businesses in the GTA, I have been using them for over 8 years now, very knowledgeable and trust worthy with exceptional customer service. THANK YOU!

  • Ammar mahrous

we have amazing experience with Ayman, we have been filing our taxes with him since 3 years now. He is very knowledgeable, accurate and always on time. Highly recommended.

  • Adel A

Honestly the best. I am very happy to have worked with Ayman and his team, it's been a pleasure. Great service, great prices and great people! Keep up the Good work.

  • Ghania Al Banna

I recently approached Ayman Alhafez. He is very responsive and shows attention, respect and professionalism to his clients. I recommend him for accounting services.

  • bakir al yaqoby

Great accounting services for personal tax and business/coporate tax . Ayman and Mohamed are very knowledgable , friendly and helpful ! I use them for all my taxes.

  • Brandon Ryan

. All those 5 stars reviews are fixed ! I should have known better. Ayman Hafiz is the most incompetent accountant ever ! Never trust him with your company's tax !

  • John Kassab

It was a great experience to deal with A & L Accounting. Ayman is very respectful and he helped me a lot in filing taxes. I encourage everyone to use his service

  • Nadir Abo alway

Accountant Ayman is the best, he knows what he is doing. He always helps me.. and went above and beyond and I highly recommend him. Thank you for all your help

  • ni wi

Excellent service was quick and very kind. answered my questions throughly and made sure I was satisfied 10/10 would recommend Mr. Al Hafez thank you very much

  • Nada Khabbaz

We have had great experience with Ayman. He offers excellent accounting services in a warm welcoming environment. Have recommended them to friends and family.

  • Firas Goria

A & L accenting has offered me a fabulous customer service and I've known them for over 15 years, great team of knowledge and service. recommend for everyone.

  • Maya

Excellent service and friendly attitude, Ayman makes sure to always provide the best advise and information. Thank you for always providing the best service

  • Monique Allamby

I have been seeing Ayman for the past for years and I have been treated with hr upmost respect. Fast service, very friendly, I will never go anywhere else

  • Mariam Alusi

I have been going to ayman for my taxes for at least 8 years now and I will never change him he is amazing and his staff are on point. Highly recommended

  • Mohamad Allaham

Very professional accounting service if you're in Toronto, I highly recommend using this company they have great immigration consulting services as wel.

  • Moe AF (Moe)

Ayman was helpful and to the point. Gave me all the information I needed to maximize my return. Will definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

  • Adrees Khan

Excellent services, very accomodating and extremely knowledgeable. Give Ayman a call today for any accounting assistance, I am glad that I did!

  • Lynn Al Amin

We will always comeback, Ayman is consistently up to expectations, very accurate and he is available on Saturdays which is very convenient.

  • mohamad alkassar

One of the best accountant services I have been to Takes all the time you need to explain everything and is very detailed Would recommend!

  • Bashar Alsayyed

Amazing and efficient services, good customer care, and convenient value for money! I recommend A & L Accounting services for tax filing.

  • Najwa elji

Very nice customer service with good accountant and very very recommended.. I would go always there and advise my friends to go too.

  • Andrew Norman

Great experience. Very quick turn around on our taxes, fair pricing and super friendly staff! Will definitely be back next year.

  • dhruv chadha

Amazing quick service !! And good tax return Mr Aiman is a wonderful gentleman who understands his customer’s needs!! …

  • Douglas Cook

I have worked with A&L Accounting for the past 10 years, they are professional and efficient. I highly recommend their services!

  • Javier Cabrera

Excellent and expedite service, very professional and honest. 100% recommended. Great and convenient accommodation times.

  • Yazan A. Jabsheh

Great experience working with the A & L Accounting team, friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend their services.

  • Lamya Arnous

I have done my tax with them for 9 years, they are professional, know your circumstances and work for our benefits.

  • Najdat Khayata

Professionals in their work under the management of Mr. Ayman.. Great employees, reasonable prices and good returns

  • nadine bilsha

Ayman is a very knowledgeable accountant who my family have been visiting for many years. Thank you for your help.

  • Inas Bahya

I have been doing my taxes for the past seven years at A&L accounting and I highly recommend this office! 100/100

  • Blair Ball

Very helpful filing annual taxes for my employee and self employed return this year! Would absolutely recommend.

  • Lara K.

My family and I are very satisfied with our experience with Ayman and his team. Thank you for all that you do!

  • Ahmed Shams Chowdhury

Ayman is very professional and knowledgeable in his field. He charges reasonable fee. Highly recommended.

  • Ahmed Hawi

A highly professional staff and excellent services in personal taxes and business accounting.

  • Thomas Szymanczak

A+ Service - Ayman has been doing our taxes hassle free for 3 years now Thank you so much!

  • Steven Turner

A & L was fast and professional for my small business tax return. A pleasure to work with!

  • Rosalie Roberto

Very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend, great experience. - Rosalie

  • Ruba M

Very professional and cooperative team. Provides all the services I needed.Thank you

  • Feras Alachek

Very friendly staff and professional service. It is definitely highly recommended.

  • Mohammad Draiee

professional team, provides a very good level of service at reasonable prices.

  • Tamer Elgendy

Very professional and honest Knowledgeable and right to the point

  • Louay Alisawi

Educated, knowledgeable accountant, staff are nice and helpful.

  • mazen Youssef

Friendly professional service. Thanks Ayman for your support

  • Wael Ghanem

Ayman thank you for your services! Highly recommended.

  • rula hajsaid

great services, very professional and knowledgeable!

  • Mohamed Fayadh

outstanding service from Ayman and his team.

  • Moe Assadi

AAA fast services and clean environment.

  • abood ftayeh

Professional and highly experienced team

  • Khaled Najjar

Great service, Mr. Aymen is the best

  • Rushdi Marchan

Friendly and fast service always.

  • Muhammad Mourad Agha

Great service, and friendly staff

  • Bayan Alkurdi

Best accounting services in town!

  • Hadi Aladdin

Excellent service and pricing.

  • Joseph Rabahya

Perfect and efficient service

  • Gage Thomson

Great, professional service!

  • NC Beauty Spa

Fast & Reliable Service.

  • Abdul Rahman Aljajah

خدمة سريعة ورائعة

  • Lara Rostom

Great service

  • Sarmad Saad

Great Service

  • adam a
  • Hasan Al-Bedrany
  • super sound
  • Ahmad Alfayad
  • salim alkassar
  • Malaz Dames
  • Khaled Ezedeen
  • Shihab Alkhafaji
  • Marilou Cabel

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