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Antiga estação ferroviária de Goiânia

Fernando Henrique Freire Machado

Recém-reformado o museu passa agora por uma nova fase recebendo exposições de artes e também uma excelente exposição do Frei Nazareno confaloni um quadro de sua autoria muitas obras ligadas a questões sacras religiosas e principalmente um resgate a cultura do nosso Estado os afrescos pintados na parede foram totalmente reformados são muito bonitos vale a pena conferir Tombada pelo Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico Nacional (Iphan), a Estação Ferroviária de Goiânia

Evolve Fitness Munich

Margarita Bamburova

I have been training with Neil for 10 months, and I totally recommend him as a trainer, and this studio as a place to get fit and strong while having fun. Neil is a great trainer, he's putting 100% of his attention to you and your goals during the sessions, he's very caring and kind person, and he really knows how to help you work hard, getting the results you want. Other than personal training sessions, this studio offers small size classes (check their stories on Instagram - they're so much fun!), and a professional massage. The team is stellar! Great and friendly people.

Centennial Florist and Gift Baskets

Ronni Masullo

What a rip off!! Obviously smart business people knowing they have it right across from centennial park cemetery! Went in to buy flowers as I do every 4 weeks when I go to cemetery and paid $12 a bunch or shal I say HALF A BUNCH for rubbish! Been coming to this florist for years and over the past 4 months have noticed the bunches have gotten smaller and smaller! What a serious rip off! Drive an extra 400 meters around the bend and go to the supermarket where they are $8 a FULL BUNCH! Price isn’t the issue here it’s the fact that it’s not a full bunch anymore and it’s only half a bunch of not less!! Greed is not what you should be about!!!

Bowlero Southside

Daniel Custer

In the bowling league at this location. Love the people in the league. However, if they don't change locations, I will not be bowling next season with them. Since the league has started I have never seen the handicap doors work (to help with bringing in rolling bags), the ATM is never operational, the pro shop is never open, service is slow, the AC is never working properly (was yelled at by the staff when asking about the AC). And the list of issues go on and on. Do not waste your time at this location.

That's Furniture & Bedding Clearance Outlet

Tiffany & Michael Graham

Bought a lounge from here last year took 6 months to come and they sold the next stock they had on us.Now waiting on furniture for the rest of the house they told us everything was in stock at the start of November we also paid in full over 3 grand a few months back.the day before delivery they told us that they didnt have the dining table in stock. So that weekend they delivered everything except the dining table. That was the first weekend in November.then they told us the table would be in the following week. They didnt call to let us know so we called at the end of the week before the weekend still not in. I've been calling every week since and it's still not in yet. Havent called this week yet but waiting to see if they call to give me an update. Will not be buying any furniture from them in the future.They just keep making excuses. Do not reccomend buying from them. That furniture warehouse stocks the same furniture range.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Village

Arvin Fulo

This place is super GHETTO! which attracts ghetto people and ruins the movie experience. Go to Mueller or S Lamar instead! We went to go watch the barbie movie and it was a horrible experience! 1. The chairs here are older than my great grandma, so disgusting!!! you’ll probably catch some skin disease or some bugs. 2. The manager did not kick out the young teen couples who wouldn’t stop their chit chat patty whack from the moment they arrived. Im sure the other people next to them we’re pretty pissed too. 3. We arrived 20mins prior to movies and placed our food order right away but the server forgot our food order! Everyone else who arrive after us were already enjoying their food and beverage and we’re still waiting for our food and drinks. We had to raise an order card looking for our food and nobody owned up to that mistake. 4. The hellfire burger for $17 was tiny and super salty and the chicken salad for $17 had a stinky lettuce, Maybe they rushed our food and served us garbage instead. 5. The server was bussing our plates mid movie and blocking what we’re watching! Why? Never again! I will avoid this place at all cost!

DENTAL WAY - Centre Dentaire du Vieux Port

Samia Allaoui

Je suis choqué de voir une femme blond dans un bureau face à l’accueil parlez vulgairement au clients, je ne connais pas son nom. Mais permettez moi de vous rappeler l’essence même de votre métier! C’est la seconde fois que cette dame m agresse verbalement. Elle n’a pas de relationnel ni même le sens au client, elle ne dis pas bonjour quand elle ose vous parler mais se permet de vous parler sur un ton grotesque! Je vous rappelle que votre comportement impact l’image du cabinet! Heureusement que vos aides soignantes et vos docteurs rattrapent votre manque de professionnalisme. Je vous rappelle que nous somme pas dans une citer c’est un cabinet reprenez vous madame car vous avez l'apparence mais pas du tout l’attitude ...

Limitless Fitness Studio

Arva Peters

I trained for a number of years with Vini at The Limitless Fitness Studio and had attained my highest level of fitness at 55+ years of age. I relocated to another state about 18 months ago, and the one thing I have not successfully re-established is my workout routine. I haven’t found a gym that delivers the same energy, camaraderie, motivation and certainly not a trainer who delivers the style of training that meets my individual needs. So thankful for the time spent, the fitness achieved, and the friends made at Limitless!! If you need a trainer who will get you right, I highly recommend Vini and The Limitless Fitness Studio.

VCA Canada Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital


Taking your pet to the emergency is one of the scariest and most helpless you can feel. You become your own EMT and ambulance. I've been to other animal hospitals before (one in my hometown and then the one on Fraser and near 30th) and this one is truly amazing. The front desk are extremely kind and understanding. A woman came in to pick up her cat's ashes, very distressed, and the front desk was very gentle and soft spoken when helping her out. My own experience was also very good. I brought my cat in without calling - she had suffered a seizure and in between calling an uber and making sure I had pants on I couldn't make the call - and still they were kind and helped me. The vet on shift was extremely knowledgeable and clearly cared about helping my cat. Before I left, as I had to have her stay overnight for monitoring, the vet allowed me to see her again and hold her. I never could have imagined such kind and humane treatment at an animal hospital. Allowing me to see her was likely due to their level of congestion and might not be available for everyone but it truly made me feel better. I was recommended this hospital by my main clinic and I do not regret it at all.



I went today to do part exchange i did call before i went over and i was told to bring the car to be checked as it was import so i chose the car i want and brought my car , the guy who was supposed to check my car came out very rude and he said that my car milage is not genuine which means he accusing me of scamming the company which i replied to by saying i have the export certificate showing the car milage and he kept saying it’s not original mileage wasted my time made me pay for short insurance by telling me to bring it in then decided it’s not genuine milage which is so stupid because japanese cars u can check the history like the uk online overall bad experience . Not recommended

Vogel- und Reptilienpraxis Dr. Britsch

Patricia Bräuer

Habe heute morgen einen dicken,roten Knoten am Flügel meiner 10 jahre alten Wellensittich Henne entdeckt und direkt ein ungutes Gefühl. Bereits bei dem sehr freundlichen Telefonat fühlte man sich gut aufgehoben und trotz unterbesetztem Personal sagte man uns, dass wir direkt vorbeikommen sollen und Bella untersucht wird. In der Praxis angekommen wurde man ebenfalls sehr herzlich und empathisch empfangen und es hieß das der Arzt sich telefonisch meldet, sobald er sie untersucht hat. Dies passierte auch schon viel schneller als ursprünglich gesagt und der Arzt teilte mir am Telefon mit, dass sie eine Entzündung an den Federn hätte und er sie in eine Kurznarkose versetzen müsste um dies zu entfernen. Letztendlich konnte ich Bella nach knapp 2 Stunden bereits wieder abholen und ich war so erleichter, dass sie alles (in ihrem hohen und stolzen Alter) gut überstanden hatte. Auch die Infos und Auskunft für das weitere Vorgehen wurde mir präzise erläutert und ich kann diese Praxis absolut empfehlen.

Bethany Towne Center

Joy Noll

I visited the Walmart there. First I was picking up a product I had ordered online. When I ordered it, it said that the store carried the product. They were still processing when I arrived, so I did some shopping. Then, I received a phone call telling me that they didn't have it. They did offer a substitute that was more expensive, but I would only have to pay the original price. I didn't want the offered substitute, but I suggested something else. The man met me in the store and I was able to show him what I wanted. He immediately approved it. He had to take it back to pick up to process it, but it was ready by the time I was done. He was both professional and friendly. I was very pleased with how things were handled.

Boutique La Redoute Intérieurs Lyon Grolée

Gregory Dorin

La pire expérience client de ma vie La direction ne fait rien pour proposer des solutions en cas de soucis avec un produit. Pour un sommier cassé on m'a demandé de patienter un mois et demi pour une prochaine, sans produit de remplacement!!! le litige dure depuis mi septembre et je n'ai pas l'ombre d'un remboursement (délai de 4 semaine dépassé depuis 3 semaines...) des escrocs qui vous prennent de haut. C'est dommage, je travaille pourtant juste à côté. De plus, le site web est fait de telle façon qu'il est extrêmement compliqué de contacter le service client, c'est honteux de procéder ainsi en 2019.

Jasmine Spa Thai Massage Liverpool

Madalina Buga

Verry painful and as everyone says, they are not very welcoming and do not talk to you too much. I’m not sure that’s because of the languages or if they are. The rooms are clean and nice but the bed is not special for massage with that head hole. You can’t make payment by card, only bank transfer or cash (and at the phone nobody told me that). Thai women are usually very famous for massage but I don't understand why they don't improve their services. And it’s true that they don’t ask you if you have health problems. I wish to leave a positive comment but this is not the case.

Jersey Mike's Subs

Paul Thomas

I order door dash on a regular basis, it would be really nice if the people making the sandwich would take the time to look and see how the customer wants the sandwich made instead of making it however the heck they feel like. I can’t exactly send the sandwich back to be remade, so it ends up being a $20 doggie treat. With that being said, the one out of 5 times you get it right, it’s the best sandwich I ever had.

McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

Michael Bouy

Not sure where all the other sculptures are - we only found the front of the park and about 20 sculptures - and wandered back to the Woodturning Exhibition which had some beautiful pieces for sale. There is insufficient parking, which could be improved if parking spaces were laid out so people parked closer together. Amazing moving tree sculpture in the front garden, and a wonderful cafe. Well worth a visit.

Museo del Patrimonio Industriale

Federico Tamanini

Una straordinaria testimonianza della storia e della creatività bolognese. Luogo ricco di esempi pratici sul funzionamento della Bologna indistriale al tempo dei macchinari mossi dall'acqua e la loro evoluzione fino alle note macchine automatiche di Acma e molte altre aziende. Presenti anche motociclette, pannelli interattivi e molto altro. Prezzo ridicolo per l'offerta, 5€ l'intero poi a scendere per altre categorie. Parcheggio comodo, ascensore interno, diverse occasioni di riposo lo rendono adatto anche a persone con mobilità ridotta. Ci sarebbe tanto altro, ma concludo dicendo: il Museo del Patrimonio Industriale è da visitare senza alcun indugio.
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GHC Hospitals

Zeeshan Ahmed

kalsekar hospital thane District ka ak behtrine hospital hai khas kar mumbra kalwa dombiwali and near area bahut hi sasta kum resonable rate per hai yeha per sari facility available hai mai bahut bar visit kiya ish hopsital me bahut behtrine treatment hai staff bahut supportable hai ...kalsekar service sey puri tarah satisfy hau logo ko salah dunga ap yeha waha na jaye kalsekar hospital jarure visit kare waha pe ap sari jarurat puri hogi pure resonable rate me mai apne ap ko proud feel karta hau mere mumbra me subse behtrine Hospital hai .....

Kassaba Systems Ltd

Георги Кандев

Топ отношение и професионализъм! Викнах ги да монтират камера на вилата и след това да прекарат пропусквателен режим в офиса! Всичко беше бързо и качествено! Препоръчвам ви ги горещо, защото съм сигурен, че ще получите топ цени и качество! А след това ми помогнаха и да избера на приятел видеорегистратор.



会社の検診で糖尿病だとわかり、他の病院で診察を受けたんですが、そこの先生があまりに態度が冷たく、通いたくなかったので、知り合いにきいた評判のこちらのクリニックに 受診させていただきました。評判通り、先生や看護師さんが親身に話を聞いてくださり、血糖値もよくなって、安心しました。


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