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The SD Flower Shop

BJ Brandon

I ordered the Ginger Snap 3 arrangement Wed evening over the phone. Customer service was amazing. The person who helped me was nice, helpful, made me laugh, and knowledgeable. I was so thankful when my daughter text me to thank me for the flowers and in her exact words, "Prob the best arrangement I've gotten. Great flowers and arranged perfectly". I want to thank SD Flowers for making my daughter's day, you don't know how much that meant to her and how happy it made me.❤

Eagle Stadium

Ellani Keirl

I recently joined the gym and the facilities are great. There is everything you could need for equipment from cardio to strength including a lifting platform, matrix set up with a trx & rings provided. The lay out is functional, hours are perfect and there is even a creche for a small fee during mid mornings on weekdays. The courts are well maintained and a much needed upgrade from what it was. Staff are friendly, it's a clean facility and plenty of parking is available. Not sure how it goes though when the kids have game days on weekends.

Apex Medical Spa

Linnok LLC

Do not waste your time and money here. They have untrained or poorly trained staff who don’t know what they are doing and cannot actually perform the services they are selling. UPDATE: Management wrote complete lies in their response. My visits were ONE week apart not 4, I paid for 6 treatments not 3, they NEVER offered any kind of refund, and my issue was their inability to provide the service due to employees’ lack of training. Their 2 brand new employees who were both on their FIRST DAY working there when I saw them, had no clue at all how to use the equipment. The other employee could not figure out how to get the machine to actually contract the muscles on my arms during both of the 2 sessions tried. After the second failed attempt, I requested at least a partial refund and they made me wait 15 minutes while they went to the back to discuss, then claimed the manager wasn’t there (funny the manager was there when I arrived). I’m never willing to pay thousands of dollars for a service the business cannot provide, so when any refund was refused and the manager pretended not to be there, yes I did dispute the credit card charges, exactly as I told them I would. This company hires completely untrained staff to perform expensive services which require trained technicians who know how and where to place equipment on the body to perform the service. Their employees were clueless and could not figure it out TWICE. The service was NOT provided, period. My issue is not about results - it’s about not even getting the service I paid almost $3000 for. Although if employees cannot perform the service, obviously there will be no result. If they wasted a few adhesion strips because they didn’t know how to use the equipment, that’s not my fault and I should not have to pay thousands$$$ for that. The employees are super nice but if they are not well trained on the services they are supposed to be performing, then they cannot do them correctly. Out of 3 times visiting this place I saw 2 brand new employees on 2 different visits. Both of these were literally completely untrained on the procedure they were trying to do. The other employee who had some experience, also clearly did not know how to properly use the equipment to get it to work correctly. This can only be due to lack of training. This is a company management issue and not a staff problem. Also, if you are considering doing any of the TruSculpt services here, DO NOT DO IT. These procedures need technicians who know what they are doing. Unfortunately they apparently don’t need a license to perform these procedures so they just hire anyone and send them to work on people after reading an instruction manual from the machine manufacturer. Horrible management here. Don’t come here.

Der kleine Laden

Matthias Rebbert

Selbst für die Verhältnisse eines Spätis teilweise extrem teuer. Ich bin gerne bereit, knapp das Doppelte des Supermarktpreises zu zahlen. Hier ist es aber gerne auch schon mal das Dreifache. Für Kleinkram geht es, aber ich denke, der Laden würde mit etwas niedrigeren Preisen weit besser laufen. Bedienung ist immer super freundlich und die Brötchen sind weit besser als bei der mies geführten Steinecke gegenüber. Bei den Brötchen stimmt auch der Preis.

Mondadori Bookstore


Il bookstore è davvero meraviglioso con un atrio davvero elegante e maestoso. Dentro ovviamente la sala e pulita e personale è sempre felice e pronto ad organizzare eventi che partono da semplici aperitivi a grandi presentazioni di libri. La libreria non è né troppo grande né troppo piccola, ma offre a tutto il pubblico una vasta quantità di libri tutti ordinati e sistemati a modo nei propri scaffali.

Dr. Victor Pochat - Cirurgião Plástico

laryssa montinni

Minha experiência foi maravilhosa um excelente profissional atencioso e cuidadoso nos mínimos detalhes uma equipe fantástica muito carinhosa acolhedora estou satisfeita e plenamente feliz com minha cirurgia plástica minha rinoplastia está exatamente do jeito que sempre quis porque tive a certeza de estava nas mãos de um dos melhores profissionais na área de cirurgia plástica .recomendo a todos que estejam com planos futuros de fazer uma cirurgia Dr.victor e o melhor

Bar do Léo

Lucas Góes

Gosto muito dos Chop de vinho. O Ice é mais visual do que sabor. Camarão encapotado muito bom. Não fazem restrição a consumir outros pratos dos comerciantes vizinhos na mesa. O atendimento na maioria dos atendentes é bom.
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes
Bebidas, Encapotado de Camarão
Parking space
Difficult to find parking
Parking options
Free street parking


marc roell

Krass, ein Rewe im Bahnhof. Kuhl mit Türsteher, der die Anzahl der Leute zählt und auch dann die Kunden kurz bittet zu warten wenn der Laden voll ist. Das hat funktioniert, sehr gut. Zum Thema Kasse, das ist lustig habe ich vorher noch nicht gesehen, da sind die Kassen in einer Reihe und das geht Ratz Fatz und super freundlich. Die Schlange war bis hinten in den Laden und ich wartete nur drei Minuten.. super. Der Rewe bietet natürlich nicht alles was ein großer Rewe böte, aber ausreichend für das was man braucht. Ebenso wie kleine Kabelhilfen wenn man Ladekabel vergessen hat etc...

Rescue Rooter / Jack Howk Portland

Jeffrey Brekas

Plumber Technician Atkinson arrived at my house this Sunday evening to clear a stubborn clog in my sprawling drainline that is connected to three sinks, two tubs and a washing machine. At first the electrical powered snake he tried proved too short, but a determined Atkinson investigated under the house before retrieving a longer snake unit from his van. The longer snake cleared the drainline within minutes as the clog was almost 20 feet away. Atkinson said it is Rescue Rooter's goal to always leave customers happy. I am delighted I can take my morning shower without wading in cold-dirty water. Atkinson was very professional and was very careful not to soil the carpeting. He was great!!!

Unica Cucina E Caffe

Mic Ott

We had one of the specials, cheese & spinach ravioli with beef brisket & it was delicious & very filling. The Lemon custard meringue dessert was nice & light after a rich main. The tea serving was very generous, more than we could drink. The staff were very friendly & helpful. Have been meaning to try this place for years, it was worth the wait.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person



一階は入場無料で、水素RX-8とコスモスポーツの展示と、お土産屋さんがあります。RX500は現在修理中で展示が無かったので残念でした。 お土産屋さんは子ども向けの物がほとんどでした… 二階は鉄道、船、飛行機、車の模型の展示と、787Bのタイヤ、ロータリーとレシプロのカットモデルがあって、カットモデルは手で回して動きを見る事が出来ます。 787Bの模型の側に、レシプロエンジンとロータリーについて学べるモニターがあって、ロータリーの音当てクイズとかあってちょっと楽しめます。

Kabul Market

Nafis Khan

The place is called Kabul Halal Meat. Previous owner/management was good. Me and my family were their loyal customers for a decade. The new owner/management ("Ahmed") is terrible! I did my newborn daughter's aqiqah through them and they literally cheated me! When I placed the order for a goat, they quoted me one price and we agreed upon it, but when I went to pick it up, they increased the price by $50! We agreed on $260 for the whole goat, but upon pick up, they changed their statement and started calculating per lb! This was crazy because I shopped other places for aqiqah before, even my brother did his son's few months back, and it's always priced for the whole goat (as in quarbani). But these guys took advantage of me because I already invited ~50 people and couldn't cancel the event. It's the classic bait-and-switch technique! I don't know what to call them but bunch of cheaters and liars.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

amit panchal

This location is AMAZING! Monish, Rav and Nicole are unbeatable when it comes to customer service. We rent from this location regularly. The customer service is always excellent. Everyone I have dealt with is warm and friendly and the vehicles are clean. We ran into an issue, which led us to visit different enterprise (vast difference in customer service) however, it ended up resolving from Argyll Enterprise only. The most important thing, Staff listens to customer need, concerns and provides more options that you will ever think. Manager Monish provided alternative right away. The whole process very smooth from picking up the vehicle and returning it back. Would come back anytime to rent a vehicle from this location. Exceptional Service!!! Thank you Monish, Nicole & Rav.

আল-হারুন জামে মসজিদ

Mohsin Riad

this is one of the oldest and leading Qawmi madrasa in our Chittagong and country as well. It is fully non-govt. institution. Another interesting thing is, its run by local people's support and donations of Arab country. Most probably 2 thousand student studies there, and the cost of study is very low. There are several classes like NCTB education system ( but this isn't typical education system like nctb or else, but it is considered to them the best education system in the world) , and the final class/degree is considered as a master degree!

Derry Village Physiotherapy And Chiropractic

Vaishali Patro

I had excessive pain on my knee. My joints were making it difficult for any kind of movement. On a friend’s recommendation I went to see the chiropractor. On my first visit with Dr Jamie I was surprised with the care and treatment he provided. I could see the difference the same day when I went back home. With many sessions with him my knee pain was finally healed. He is very warm friendly and a great doctor . He advised few exercises. I can 100% say with confidence you can trust his treatment and procedure for ultimate recovery . Good luck :)

Mauro Yardin Librerías

nicolas farias

Por algo no le puse 5 estrellas, y es porque el lugar tiene una iluminación que no es la mejor. Si, ya sé, es un detalle que no influye en la calidad, pero si en el atractivo. La atención de los empleados es excelente, se nota que su experiencia les permite ser ágiles a la hora de atender y conseguirte lo que necesites. Tiene mucha variedad en libros viejos(que te los consiguen si no los tienen en stock) y libros nuevos, hasta incluso tienen una sección de Manga para los que gustan de esta categoría. Me gusta este lugar porque siempre se siente amigable además.

Gold City Supermarket

Kevin Yu

This Asian market is huge! They carry a really large selection of the fruits and vegetables. The quality, freshest and variety of products would put the generic US supermarkets to shame. I am looking at you ShopRight, Acme, Pathmark, etc. Butcher shop - check! Fishmonger-check! Hard-to-find Asian centric products - check! Prices are down to earth as well! My only wish was to have one closer to home.

Laverie Privée

chris Decker

Since we have been in Europe for a month we managed to accumulate quite a bit of clothes that needed washing, upon arriving in Paris a quick google search brought up Laverie Privee and how great there service was. I called on a national holiday and Thomas picked right up and was extremely helpful with arranging pick up and drop off from our hotel. The clothes were picked up, dropped off within 24 hours and everything was neatly folded and clean! Very happy with the service and highly recommend! Amazing job!

Mission Thrift Store

Erin W

Usually has some pretty good deals. However, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. On my most recent visit, I entered the store (without encountering a closed sign or locked door) and then was told abruptly "the store's closing, actually." as if I had done something wrong by simply walking through the doors. I responded with "oh, sorry about that. I didn't realize!" I received no apology from the sales clerk for the misunderstanding, who just looked annoyed and went back to talking to her coworker. When I checked the time upon leaving, there were still 6 minutes until the closing time posted on their sign. I understand that many customers would spend more time than this in a thrift store, but my intention for this trip had been to be in and out in less than 5 minutes, so being (quite rudely) denied entry when the store ought to have been open was seriously frustrating.

DietLine CATERING DIETETYCZNY Lublin: dieta pudełkowa z dowozem/dostawą


Miałem smutne doświadczenia z podobnymi firmami, tu temat jest zamknięty! Jedyna fachowa dieta pudełkowa, super dania, jak w najlepszej restauracji tyle że w pudełkach, dowóz dzień przed bez problemowy i z uśmiechem na twarzy. Menu różnorodne w 80% potrawy są wyśmienite w 20% poprostu smaczne. Ciężko utrafić w gust każdego, ale dzięki temu jadam takie składniki których bym w życiu nie tkną o nazwach takich że nie wiem czy to kiedyś biegało po polu, czy rosło na nim. Nigdy nie wyżuciłem żadnego dania, w najgorszym przypadku jest ono tylko smaczne:) Jedzenie podane naprawdę w atrakcyjny sposób, nie pływa to w sosach, w jakieś wodzie nie wiadomo z kąd jak miewałem w innych firmach. Właściciel bardzo komunikatywny. Zostaję z Nimi na stałe!!!


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