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Red Square


The bartender with glasses is SO RUDE to everyone. All the time. Get a different job you stuck-up nasty girl. The female staff they hire for bar are always like that to customers. It doesn’t leave a good taste in people’s mouths. Security are nowhere to be seen and absolutely useless when you need them. I’ve seen so many people get jumped inside reds and none of them broken up by security. If you get spiked you get thrown into the gutter out of the side door, instead of an ambulance called.

Berlin Hair Care Dermot O'Dyna Gardenhouse

Caitie Wagenknecht

It took me 3 years to find my Berlin salon! So happy I did. Martina and Anna are true gems - so grateful for their kindness and hospitality. I barely dye my hair, and when it wasn't quite what I wanted on the first go (my fault, and my hair is weird), Martina took the extra time on another day to fix it for me. Even though it was busy and right before the holidays, she scheduled me in and did such a nice job! :) Super lovely people, cozy and relaxed place and great service. Thank you!!

Guilder Cafe

Melissa Yahne

Stopped in during my last Powell’s visit and knew they had a vegetarian menu. I wish they had more vegan options, but I did get the Savory Humperdinck which, considering I had no idea what I was getting, was pretty darn good! I think I was expecting like a breakfast sando type thing. It wasn’t. It’s like pigs in a blanket. It was SO GOOD. I wish there had been a bit more of the sauce, but I’d definitely go back. It’s an adorable location with some unique sitting areas.
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Bristol Olomouc

Šimon Horný

Super podnik, osobně jsem velice spokojen, dobré jídlo i víno. Obsluha zpravidla velice příjemná, ceny průměrné. Vaří se i později. Prostory jako takové jsou zajímavé a trochu nevšední, což je právě dobře, atmosféra je příjemná a prostory jsou čisté a zajímavé. Hlavní výhoda je to, že se dá platit kartou, což je paradoxně v Olomouci (i v "lepších" zařízeních) trochu problém. Taky sem nechodí moc lidí, takže jestli chcete klidnější a zároveň příjemný podnik, doporučuji.

Beautiful Body Art Gym


4ヶ月コースでお世話になりました。 結果的に目標以上の11キロ落とすことができて、体脂肪率も10%も落ちました! 1番嬉しかったのはウエストが14cmも減ってズボンが緩々に(笑) トレーニングはキツイけど、トレーナーさんの励ましもあって、毎回凄く楽しみでいくのが楽しみでした。 トレーニング後は毎回気持ちと身体がスッキリして、いつのまにか筋肉痛が楽しみになってる自分がいました(笑) これからは腹筋に縦筋を入れるためにもう少し継続して通わせて頂きます! 静岡市でパーソナルジムを探している方は絶対にBeautiful Body Art Gymさんがお勧めです! これからもよろしくお願いします!


Reilley Luoma

The grounds are very well kept and it seems a lot of time and through was put into the creation of this park. We walked through the trail of the unknown soldier and it almost sounded like the waterfalls to each side of the trails were set up to mimic footsteps, so intentional or not that was cool. The US monument is definitely, the least cool of the monuments but it still honors the dead.
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Routes Car Rental

Amin L

I rent vehicles very often and Routes was by far the worst company I have dealt with. When rental mini-van was booked thru a third party, I booked unlimited kms, Routes charged me additional for extra kms. Also, they did not accept a verbal no for their insurance, they wanted to see a pink slip of my personal insurance. For unexpected health reasons, we had to extend for 1 extra day, the company charged additional $613. Yes, $613 for 1 day. Thieves and crooks are running this location/ company. The Indian chaps tried to help but another lady was totally rude and not willing to help. When you call to discuss the extension options, they would rudely hang up saying ‘this is what it is’. Yes, madam, you’ll be out of work soon, that is what it will be!

Johnny's New York Style Pizza

David L

Well prepared, generously yet evenly portioned slices and pies. In my mind proper volumes of various toppings is key to the perfect slice. To thick a cut of mushroom can give any food combination an unwanted earthiness that can corrupt the ultimate flavor experience. A species that does not enjoy what it eats will look elsewhere for sustenance. Lol! Welcome Google traveler!!! Welcome to David's Theory's of Edibility Haha Enjoy!

Ветеринарна клініка Прайд

Anastasia Mochurad

Дякую лікарям за швидку і кваліфіковану допомогу. В песика раптово виникли проблеми з лапами, і я фізично не змогла б привезти його в клініку (лабрадор, 35 кг.). Лікар того ж дня приїхав за викликом додому. Оглянув улюбленця, розписав курс лікування, дав безліч порад і настанов. Зараз песик вже забув про болячку і бігає, наче нічого й не сталось)) Надіюсь, ще не скоро буде потреба у ветеринарі, але якщо ви шукаєте кваліфікованих професійних лікарів - однозначно звертайтесь у "Прайд".

Shop N Spree Discount Home Party And Grocery

Sadi Pettenger

I have purchased from Shop N Spree for the last couple years! I also plan on continuing to shop here! The customer service is above and beyond with Amy! She is professional, great at communicating, friendly and supportive through the entire purchasing process! She sent me individual pictures of items that I was interested in to make sure I was satisfied before buying. My items were high quality, packaged carefully and arrived quickly as possible to the United States. I highly recommend buying from Shop N Spree! It has been a great overall experience!

Cinema Vittoria

Francesco Fioretto

PERSONALE SCORTESE E POCO ATTENTO. Dopo essere arrivati presso il cinema alle 6:20 circa, chiediamo e paghiamo 2 biglietti per il film “frozen” delle 6:30, specificando più volte il nome del film, (le sale sono due e di conseguenza la scelta può ricadere solo su due film alla volta). Essendo quasi l’orario in cui doveva iniziare il film ci accingiamo verso la sala, ma un bigliettaio ci ferma affermando che nella sala stava ancora terminando il film “Star wars”, e dopo che noi avevamo specificato un’altra volta che non dovevamo vedere quel film, ci viene detto che dovevamo comunque aspettare. Passati 10 minuti richiediamo al bigliettaio quando sarebbe iniziato il film Frozen (erano già le 6:35), e lui affermando che “non aveva capito che volevamo vedere quel film” ci dice che era già iniziato e ci accompagna nella sala. Restiamo lì nemmeno 1 minuto, ed il signore entra in sala scusandosi del malinteso ma dicendo che ci saremmo dovuti alzare perché i posti erano già occupati. Usciamo dalla sala e ci viene rimborsato il biglietto, ma dopo avergli io ribadito, tranquillamente e senza alterarmi, di fare peró più attenzione le prossime volte, il bigliettaio e il collega iniziano a risponderci con grande maleducazione, affermando molto scortesemente che già si erano scusati una volta, e che loro ci avevano detto che i biglietti dati (sui quali per giunta non c’era scritto né il film né la sala) erano per star wars, quando invece noi avevamo specificato più volte di voler vedere Frozen. E dopo aver io, semipro con calma, negato ciò che avevano death, co viene detto in maniera ANCOR PIÙ SCORTESE: “mo andatevene ja che è meglio”. Sinceramente non trovo normale, dopo aver fatto perdere tutto questo tempo a un cliente, di trattarlo in questo modo. In ogni caso la sala era decisamente piccola (neanche 20 metri quadri a mio avviso), e scomoda.

Maker Pizza Carlaw

Shawn Button

My mom actually downloaded and used the app to order, when she went to pick it up, they hadn't taken payment and the pizza was not even started. She barely got a sorry and didn't even offer some cookies for her trouble. Then some other people came in, also had issues but seemed to know the staff so they got free cookies! Really not a good experience and we won't be going back. Pizza from my experience was not great anyways

Hotel Soratama de Pereira

Valen Ossa L

Pésimo servicio de la recepción, soy colombiana exactamente de Pereira fui con mi novio que es de Ecuador pero ambos vivimos en Estados Unidos y era su primera vez en colombia, así que el hotel me pareció una buena opción pero el servio que nos brindó la chica de la recepción fue pésimo, fue despectivo y xenofóbico en contra de mi novio, le faltaba información a la Chica todo porque no tenía el si pasaporte lo cual no es necesario si eres ecuatoriano porque pueden entrar al país con su cédula, fue muy grosera y además no nos ayudaba a buscar soluciones, al final si pasamos la noche en el hotel porque ya era muy tarde para buscar otro y tampoco nos iban a devolver el dinero, pero mi experiencia fue muy mala y no lo recomendaría a pesar de que las instalaciones son muy bonitas y cómodas.
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Ubicación: 4


Christopher Silva

First time and won't be thr least. The atmosphere was very romantic and lighting was dim for a nice romantic dinner. The folks there were super helpful and nice and recommended some great options. The heirloom salad was amazing!! It was sweet and light for a great starter. The main course was especially good. The lasagna and egg yolk noodles (I think that's what it was called) were delicious. The portions are great to not get overly stuffed. They valet as well so easy enough for date night.

Whole Body Health Physical Therapy

Shelby Hemphill

I was referred to Whole Body by my primary care provider for a back injury I had been struggling with for several months. I worked with Brooke and she was amazing. She explained what was going on with my injury and gave me the tools to help mitigate the pain and strengthen the areas of my body that were causing the suffering. I would definitely recommend her and Whole Body for anyone who is looking for a physical therapist.

Generalkonsulat der Tunesischen Republik

TN Tube

NICHT MAL EINEN STERN WERT!!!! Ich hatte alle Papiere, bekam meinen Reisepass trotzdem nicht, weil mein tunesischer Personalausweis (la carte d'identité) nach 10 Jahren seine Gültigkeit verloren hätte. Wo steht das geschrieben und seit wann gibt es dieses Gesetz? Umsonst 200 km gefahren, Urlaubstag verbraucht, vom Stress ganz zu schweigen, einfach nur katastrophal. Selbst die (Konsulin) die verantwortliche Dame wollte mir nicht helfen und sagte nur lapidar, das steht im Internet, sagte mir aber nicht wo. Soll mir eine Geburtsurkunde besorgen um meinen Personalausweis zu erneuern und danach meinen Reisepass, einfach nur traurig. Die Welt wird immer moderner, einfacher und schneller und die Tunesier immer altertümlicher. محزن محزن أصبح العالم أكثر حداثة وأبسط وأسرع . . ونحن لا نبالى

مطعم جازيبو

Omer Mahdami

المطعم عادي وأسعاره مبالغ فيها بسبب الكمية قليلة ماتسوى المبلغ.. بخيل جدا.. يعني مثلا طلبت بتر تشيكن.. الطلب ماحط حتى خبز اكل الصالونه معاه لازم تطلب خبز بشكل مستقل وطلع علي نان ب ٦ درهم خبز صغير مايسوى درهمين... ومافيه اي مقبلات سلطة خفيفه على أساس مطعم راقي.. طلبنا فتوش طلعت غالية وكمية قليل بعد ماتسوى... بعد كل هذا عشان مانظلم المطعم الاكل مو سيء بس عادي وبخيل.. وهناك خيارات افضل بكثير وبسعر اقل تحياتي

Dendy Cinemas Coorparoo

Piete van Zanten

Went to a late session in the Premium lounges. The cinema itself was comfortable and the staff were lovely, but the food and coffee was horrendous and definitely not worth the money ($59 for the delight experience). It was definitely an experience . Overcooked / dry karage chicken bites, S&P squid, with three small mac & cheese croquettes (all microwaved?). The night was topped off with dry churros (the icecream was good) and one of the worst coffees I've ever had, which I couldn't finish. Safe to say my stomach had a rough night.

Residencia Universitaria Resa Erasmo

Francesca Bonfanti

Excellent place yo stay as a research visitor to UAM. Great sunny warm study rooms with a great view of the campus, open 7/24. Incredibly friendly staff and very comfortable facilities (laundry room, cafeteria, gym, play room, lounges). The shower has a very thin thread of water... The rest is perfect. Good work! Totally recommendable. If I ever get back to Madrid this is where I'll stay. Thank you for everything. Travel Visa Services

Olga Borys

Ich bin vom Service voll begeistert! Ich habe das Visum für Singapur durch diese Agentur beatragt. Ich wurde ständig informiert, wann sie meine Anftage angenommen haben, wann alles rausgeschickt wurde und beendet. Das wichtige ist, dass mein Bearbeiter hat mich mehrmal angerufen und wenn ich telefonisch nicht erreichtbar war, hat er nach 10 Min.mir einen E-Mail geschickt.Das wichtigste- mir wurde erst im Visum abgesagt, der Grund war voll lächerlich, aber...meine Stimmung und Urlaubpläne waren am Ende....Aber ich habe so eine tolle Unterstützung bekommen, meine Sachbearbeiter hat selbst angeboten einige Dokumente dazu bearbeiten und noch Mal versuchen. Ich habe mit seinem andren Kollegen telefoniert, die mir Ratschläge gegeben haben. Am Ende habe ich das Visum bekommen und das nur mit der Hilfe von diesem Team! Ich bin wirklich dankbar und begesistert von denen! Ich hoffe, dass alle so einen Erfahrung machen werden.


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