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M Floor, Plaza Vads, No1, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Anytime Fitness TTDI is a Gym located at M Floor, Plaza Vads, No1, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has received 365 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Anytime Fitness TTDI: M Floor, Plaza Vads, No1, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Anytime Fitness TTDI has 4.8 stars from 365 reviews

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  • "Rumzih, the consultant was very helpful and friendly"

    "I signed up with Mr"

    "Being new to the gym and wanting to be able to get healthy, strong and fit"

    "When I first thought of joining the gym and not just workout at home (in my comfort zone) I was definitely anxious and pretty much dont know where to start"

    "Great location gym with well-maintained equipments and professional plus friendly trainers & staffs! Been going here for almost a year, i would say the environment is welcoming and positive"


  • Hanis F

Rumzih, the consultant was very helpful and friendly. He explained everything about the membership, the gym and sent all the details of the contract by message too. And if you're looking for a personal trainer, do look for Dr Hamsa! She is a pro in what she does. She is knowledgable, friendly, attentive, funny and a very bubbly person. She will provide you a workout and nutritional plan that is specifically suited for your needs. She will also guide you every step of the way, providing consistent feedback, sharing her knowledge about how the menstrual cycle and hormoes affects you and your workouts. Dr Hamsa also works very closely in improving my hormonal and pms issues by explaining the menstrual cycle and suggesting proper supplements to ease my cramps and improve my mood during my day. I lost 1.1% fat and gained 0.2kg muscle in just 2 weeks. I feel stronger, more confident and better, all thanks to Dr Hamsa. :) Update (28 Nov 23): After following menstrual-cycle based workout and nutrition, I have gained 1.1kg muscle mass in 3 months and lost 1.4% body fat. Actually never feel hungry following this diet in the days that I’m eating a lot. I’m excited to discover more about how much more benefit I can gain following this type of workout and diet routine. I’m able to stabilize my mood more happier with right information of micro nutrition needed for female health.

  • Razlan Hanafiah

I signed up with Mr. Rumzih who smoothly explained in detail about everything. My PT, Dr. Hamsa has a very holistic approach as she’s very knowledgable in not only the workouts and programmes, but also the science, nutritions, and mental aspects as well. Just a few weeks in, I feel stronger and my body posture is definitely improving. Another thing that I appreciate about Dr. Hamsa is how attentive she is to my form when working out and this enables me to fine-tune the target areas resulting in big improvements in less time (and pain). The cleanliness of the facility is top notch. The equipments and common areas are sanitized regularly. They have a diverse range of high-quality machines and weights that cater to both beginners and seasoned gym-goers. All in all, it's a top-notch gym that provides an excellent environment for anyone looking to stay fit and healthy. --- After 20 sessions I've gained 0.6kg muscle mass and lose 0.8% fat Dr. Hamsa also taught me the correct ways to use all the equipments and their variations so it's a complete package and value for money

  • Haiqal Razak

Being new to the gym and wanting to be able to get healthy, strong and fit. I decided to join Anytime Fitness TTDI because it operates 24/7 and is also close to where I stay. The staff’s are super friendly and helpful. The premise itself was super clean and in superb condition. It is always cleaned by the kakak who works there. Also, everything was provided from lockers, toilets, changing rooms, showers, water dispenser, studio and air conditioning. I took PT classes with Dr Hamsa as I read & heard that she was one of the best at the gym. Dr Hamsa showed me all the correct techniques of how to use the gym equipment and ways to improve my form. She was very knowledgeable and full of experience. Within a month of training (approx 10 classes) my muscle mass has increased from 28.6kg to 30.0kg. My body fat also dropped from 36.9% to 34.7%. All this was possible because of the nutritional and workout advice given to me by Dr Hamsa. Overall, I am very satisfied and highly recommend Dr Hamsa as your PT and Anytime Fitness TTDI to everybody! Best gym in Klang Valley!

  • Nina Nurshahira

When I first thought of joining the gym and not just workout at home (in my comfort zone) I was definitely anxious and pretty much dont know where to start. I got here at Anytime TTDI and everything here exceeds the expectations I didn’t know I had. The gym is clean and well maintained. The equipments intimidated me abit but when a staff here, Violet brought me around the gym and introduced me to me to the personal trainers here, I knew I was in good hands. They are so friendly and helpful. A free training session was offered and my trainer Kamal is the best, he educated me about fitness and health in general and I’m definitely more in tune with my mind muscle connection after. And the free classes offered was a definite plus. Sometimes I have no motivation to workout alone but I’m not worried because the class here is so fun from aerial yoga to salsa dancing, not to mention the amount of friends I made here. I am definitely patting myself on the back for choosing to join the Anytime Fitness TTDI community.

  • Sarah

Great location gym with well-maintained equipments and professional plus friendly trainers & staffs! Been going here for almost a year, i would say the environment is welcoming and positive. You can see diverse group of different ages exercising and joining the group classes which makes everyone feel welcome. There’s various group classes to go to and my favourite was the Pilate class - kinda wish they can bring back Pilate bcs it was fun and burning! I started my PT with Kamal and so far it’s been amazing and very motivating. He educates and explains well about fitness and health. He also listens and tries to accommodate your fitness needs. Helps me build my confidence at the gym bcs sometimes going to crowded gym during peak hours can be quite intimidating. Overall, highly recommend this gym to anyone especially for beginners !

  • Yi Hsing

Had my first session with Dr. Hamsa. As a total beginner to workout, Dr. Hamsa taught me on how to use the machines in correct positions so that I don’t hurt myself, engaging my cores using the machines with lots of patience and encouragement. Truly a great experience with Dr. Hamsa on my first training, excited to see myself to progress along with her guidance ☺️ After a month of training with Dr. Hamsa, I have lost 0.9% of fats and gained 0.8kg of muscle, where I feel and look smaller in size. Also had my useful nutrition class with Dr. Hamsa realising that I should take more protein and never cut carbs to lose weight. Understanding more on eating the right food and also my menstrual cycle will definitely help with my lose weight journey. Can’t wait to see more progress with consistent workout sessions and eating healthier.

  • Larry Lim

I’ve been a member of Anytime Fitness TTDI for 6 years and counting. It’s truly the best 24/7 gym you can find in Klang Valley even beats the other AF outlets. The facility is well equipped with up to date workout machines and equipments, plus classes by professional instructors that other gyms might not offer. Also, not forgetting their amazing crew and certified personal trainers (CPT) as they really know their game well, knowledgeable in all aspects of health and fitness, particularly CPT Kamal Hazary whom I’m currently under his personal training program. This guy is not just any ordinary trainer, his height is rather intimidating, as tall as some renowned wrestlers you’d watched on tv. Highly recommended gym for those peeps who are seeking a great workout playground.

  • Andy Chew

Fie has been my personal trainer for a few months now. I did not know her when I signed up with her but what she did with my program is nothing short of amazing. Fie is very knowledgeable in fitness training and body building. She pushes my limits but can be accommodating when necessary, given I am already middle-aged. I also joined her Pilates class and all I can say is Fie is an alien . The things that she can do is out of the world. She combines strength and elegance all in one which I couldn’t think was possible until I saw her did her routines. She is such a gem and I owe her for the results I am getting from her training. You are the best, Fie! Best regards, Andy Chew, TTDI Kuala Lumpur.

  • Ayuni Nadhrah

The gym is well equipped and maintained - you can find almost all machines you would need in a very compact gym. I’ve started my membership around last year and had a great experience training with my PT Hamid. He’s a very good trainer and he understands what are the options to resort to if I cannot use some of the machines due to my small physique. He would gauge some new variation of exercises to achieve the goals of my fitness level. He’s also very good in calisthenic so if you wanted to discover your body strength, Hamid is the one you should approach definitely! Apart from that, the staffs and the community of the gym itself is very positive so this gym is totally recommend by me ✨‍

  • Nameeta R

I have just completed ten sessions of PT with Sweid. Not only did I enjoy each session, I started to notice improvements in my strength, stability, and form very early on. Sweid took a lot of time and effort to understand my needs, and was able to tailor a workout program that has produced measurable outcomes even though I could only come in once a week. He is incredibly patient and will explain the technicalities of each exercise in a way that is easy to understand. I absolutely recommend Sweid, especially if you're looking for a PT who will make you work hard, but in a way that is still fun and achievable. I am already looking forward to more sessions in the near future!

  • R AB

The gym is in a very convenient location with the 24hr flexible opening time. The gym is reasonably sized but has all the equipment you need. The reason I joined is with the membership you can go to unlimited classes any anytime branch but I wish there were more afternoon classes as the only options are early in the morning of night. So i stopped for a while but started again with the support of PT Dr. Hamsah, she is very bubbly and easy going but at the same time strong and inspiring. She takes a holistic approach and she wants to know your health beyond the gym (diet, sleep, mood) and also can cater to my gut problems - we just started our journey but im excited!

  • Jeyasankari Sivarathnam

I got into an accident in may 2022. And after my surgeries, i was suffering from a partial (left side) stroke. So, I signed up for PT Sessions with Dr Hamsa as part f my recovery journey. After training with Dr Hamsa, I noticed that my energy levels improved significantly and my appetite increased. I also noticed good improvement with my left hand. Apart from training Me, Dr Hamsa was also really jovial and friendly. She made the training sessions more worthwhile and everyday i looked forward to training with her because she helped me feel more confident and happy. I would highly recommend women to sign up for PT sessions with Dr Hamsa.

  • Chuck Marish

The anytime fitness TTDI is the best anytime branch in in town. Located with easy parking. A high end coffee shop downstairs and lot of cafes near by. If you are going in first find the trainer staff named Violet she is very helpful friendly as she helped me on my day one as well. The place is spacious and have enough well equipment for a pro bodybuilder like me as well. The trainers are very friendly helpful. And the gym members are like a family and have lot of extra activities we can join. Prayers as also can be done in changing room as I am a Muslim and I loved they had praying mats too. Overall the best anytime to go and fun classes too

  • Nasreen Razak

Started a few sessions with Dr Hamsa and it’s going really great so far! Never had I been with a PT that’s very informative and inclusive towards women’s health and body Update 9 August 2023: After 8 sessions with Dr Hamsa, I can say that the experience with her is not like any of the PTs that I’ve ever had before. I especially like the nutrition and menstrual cycle consultation that she conducts for me to understand how the time of the month affect my body. She not only explains the why, but also adds in the how to navigate your health through your own cycle. Definitely a different and amazing enlightening experience for me!

  • Adam Razlin

Went here the first time, was greeted by a friendly Sales Consultant named Alex Goh. He explained and guided me through the steps on how to join the membership and all the perks. He also showed me around the gym, showing me the equipments that they have. Very friendly and helpful guy. He’s like a gym buddy who reminds you to get your bum off bed and go to the gym. If you’re planning to join Anytime Fitness TTDI, do look for Alex Goh. Ooh looking forward to my 3 session with a PT. I’d recommend whoever who’s planning to join, get the 3 sessions with a PT so you know what you’re doing in the gym.

  • Saradha Lakshmi

Dr Hamsa really assisted with my knee recovery from a previous ACL tear. After one session it feels much better already. Highly recommended her and the sessions with her. It is very personalised to your own needs and she is cautious especially if you're recovering from injury. -------------- 10.09.2023 Had an insightful session on nutrition and how the menstrual cycle affects the workout. Was interesting to learn about the hormone changes and how it affects our body, workout and how our nutrition caters to this as well. Looking forward to implementing these learnings.

  • Puva

Im a mother of 2 with a tummy (abs muscles) that's separated. I was demotivated to workout and rebuild my core on my own without the right methods. I met Dr. Hamsa and she enlighten me about the diastatic recti condition in our very first meet and guided me with the right muscle separation that helped me to strenghten my core easily and efficiently. I am feeling my core and able hold in my core confidently for the first time. Not forgetting our fun filled and informative workout sessions that sparks my enthusiasm throughout the day. All thanks to Dr. Hamsa.

  • Sulaiman Ibrahim

This is my First time with a PT. Started my 30 Session with DR. HAMSA. It was Great Experience for me. She is knowledgable and was really willing to achieve my goals. She really understands my needs and plans the workout accordingly. Gave me a thorough explanation of where my body is and provided me with a detailed plan for my weight loss journey. I am currently at my 15th session with her and I can say that she was really patient and understanding with me in every session. I highly recommend her to everyone who comes here at Anytime Fitness TTDI.

  • Anne Shyamala

Personal training with Dr Hamsa was very good experience. She was able to diagnose the ab muscle separation (diastatic recti). In my case, it was untreated for 16 years after my child delivery. As such I now know why the tummy bulge and was advised on what specific exercise to cure the condition. Hope to see the results with the guidance provided by Dr Hamsa. ______________________ 15th Sept My upper ab separation of 1.5 ( diastatic recti) healed well within 4 weeks with guidance fromDr Hamsa . Waist look smaller. Definitely feels better

  • Jannah Amir

Dr. Hamsa has identified that Im having 2.5 fingers abs muscle separation during assessment, a common condition could happen to mothers post pregnancy. I didnt notice this after 3 years post pregnancy. After sessions of guidance exercise specific for this condition, i am regain the abs muscle and mind connection, no lower back pain and i feel easier in moving. Hope to completely cure with her guidance. 30/11/2023 After two weeks of workout with Dr.Hamsa, my abs separation is recovered, and Im now ready for more complex abs workout.

  • Eisya Sofia Azman

Good workout. Today is leg day. I tried leg workout before but never enjoyed it (different gym). Today's session with Dr Hamsa was fun. Puasa earlier so workout after buka puasa. tired but worth it! UPDATE: Today is my 10th session with Dr Hamsa. Very happy with my workout journey. I can fit into old pair of trousers that was snugged before joining Anytime Fitness. Dr Hamsa's positivity & friendliness motivate me to do more. I am also eating healthy these days. Ooooopppss same tshirt on 10th session.

  • K

The gym is amazing. Lots of equipment and really spacious. Not to mention the classes that's held there and the shower room that is really convenient for me as a student who went straight to the gym after school. And the employee that managed to convince me was Alex Goh. He did too good at convincing me for me not to mention his name. He was kind throughout my whole journey before joining anytime fitness. Including the time where i attended the 3 day free trial. Give this man a raise cmon

  • Parker Yen

I've been training with PT Hamid for almost a year now, I can really see my improvements on posture and strength. Hamid is patient, friendly and communicate very well. I really liked that this gym is very well-equipped and tidy, lots of natural light come in from the big windows which make a comfortable ambience. The management is friendly and supportive too! There's a sense of community here. Not hard to tell why there's quite a large regular crowds of gym goers at this gym.

  • Hooi Lin Cheong

AF in TTDI is one of the most well equipped branch from AF. Dr Hamsa is my PT for 15 sessions already, and I noticed the changes in my body slowly and also my mental well being. She is well experienced and has corrected me in different forms of workouts. She taught me different basics (squat, hip thrust, engaging the core correctly, dead lift, and many more) - which is the most important to engaging the right muscles. Overall a very pleasant and engaging experience.

  • Haiqal Razak

Great gym, very clean, well equipped and located in the heart of TTDI which is only 5 mins from where I live. Went there with my wife to acquire for membership and was then helped by Rumzi. He was very knowledgeable and he explained to me every single detail I needed to know before my wife and I subscribed. Well guess what? Within an hour my wife and I became a member at Anytime Fitness TTDI! Thanks Rumzi and team. Hope to see you all soon again in the future :D

  • Carmen Lim

Anyone that’s seeking for a PT (especially for ladies out there) please look for Dr Hamsa! She provides a very thorough consultation, taking into account of your body’s history and existing conditions (I.e she immediately noticed muscle tightness in certain areas) and she will come out with a personalised plan to help reach your body goals. When it comes to her prices, she’s very reasonable as well. I highly recommend her and her services! Thanks Dr Hamsa

  • JunZheng Lee

Dr Hamsa is very insightful about the anatomy of body, and able to identify my lasting problem that potentially affect my performance in deadlift that causes injuries. She also suggested some helpful tips for stretching and exercises that I should do before approaching certain exercises. She also able to tell my problems via my posture, body alignment. Definitely, when I am capable, i would sign up for some session to get proper guidance.

  • Chun Yan Wong

I've visted the AF TTDI a year ago, and this time around when I came back I've noticed a big difference since Frankie came in... in such short time, the environment of the gym has changed tremendously - trainers are friendly, everyone greeted me, by 12noon trainers tidy up & re-rack the weights. Super impressed by Frankie's demonstration of leadership & culture - it's how gyms should be and where I like to train daily! Thank you AF TTDI!

  • darkknight137

Excellent trainer and very positive experience. Would recommend hamsa personal trainer to others. —————————————— Updated 3 / 9 /2023 Gained 0.7 Kg muscle And loss 2% fat in a month. Happy with progress. Look forward for more with Hamsa ——————————————- Updated 30/10/2023 Very happy with progress. Much visceral fat loss and body more energetic. Able to use more gym equipment effectively and safely. Overall, Grateful to Hamsa and team

  • Subha D

I have been training with PT Hamid for almost half a year and he is really good. I have not been very active and he is very patient and took me step by step to build stamina and provide advice on meal plan and workout I could do at home. Now I can see myself improving both stamina and strength. Furthermore, Anytime Fitness TTDI has a nice ambience and it is well maintained. The management team are nice too, always with a smile

  • Qyla Ruslan

this gym is well equipped and tidy. loving the vibes here, gymbros and gymsis are all nice. got various classes to try like pilates, salsa & zumba. no worries, the instructors here are all experienced. the staffs here also are very helpful and friendly especially Violet!! she’s such a warm person. loved dealing with her since my first day signing up to this gym. I highly recommend this gym to anyone even if you’re a beginner.

  • Muhammad Falah

Please look for Dr. Hamsa if you need a PT, She conducts a very thorough interview, taking into account the history and current conditions of your body (she instantly noted muscular tension in particular regions, for example), and she will produce a tailored plan to assist you in achieving your physical objectives. She is also quite fair when it comes to her prices. I heartily endorse her and her offerings! Thank you, Dr. Hamsa.

  • Ghadeer Al-Sananwi

I want to thank Dr. Hamsa who was a great personal trainer during my sessions in Anytime Fitness, TTDI. Dr. Hamsa is very knowledgeable she was able to share lots of information for me during my sessions. Now I am able to do workouts by myself with machines which i never knew before about. In addition to that, she coached me on macros in nutrition for my fitness goal and achieve better gut health through right food intake.

  • Kelvin Loh

Sweid is an excellent personal trainer. He is very focused as a trainer and in the exercises he conducts, and is able to target very specific muscle groups. Within months after starting training with Sweid, coupled with a strict diet, I was able to see tangible changes to my fat loss, and muscle gain and definition. He is also extremely good- natured, patient and professional. I would highly recommend him !

  • Siew Yew How

I attended the Pilate class. It was really good. The instructor is very experience n responsible. The exercises or movements are different each time and it flows very well. The targeted muscles really gets “burn” each time! Sweaty and tired after each class but it is refreshing n feeling good at the same time! Muscles getting stronger n posture getting better! Looking forward to the class each week

  • Al Hisham

Was a member of Anytime Fitness around 2017, then stopped. Then recently just signed up again in 2023! Best decision so far. I still prefer the equipment and space at the TTDI branch compared to others. If any of you are looking to sign up, do look for Alex! Super friendly and helpful guy. Best part is he doesn’t pressure you to sign up haha. But he will try his best to give you some deals!

  • Nur Aina Azmi

I'm not a frequent with reviews but when there's a good one, it's a sure-shot ;) This is my first time dedicating time and effort towards better health and I'm grateful to be teaming up with Dr.Hamsa. Constantly learning new things and even from our recent nutrition session, apart from having non-torturous diet, I discovered that I can burn fat while resting, sacré bleu!

  • Gayathry Gunaselan

I've just joined Anytime fitness TTDI last month. Training under Dr Hamsa is very insightful.Great explanations on how the menstrual cycle and nutrition affects the training routines and how to accommodate workouts accordingly. As a general health practitioner ,i think Dr Hamsa's info is very well needed for any woman who is opting to optimize their health and strength.

  • Darrshan Poobalan

Alex assisted me well in joining the AF community. He showed me around the gym and explained about the gym equipments they have. TTDI branch is hands down almost the most complete in terms of equipments and friendly employees/ gym goers. Do ask for Alex if you wanna try joining the gym to change your life for the better. They have a free trial which you should take.

  • Jakob Lønborg Rasmussen

I started a program with Sweid 6 weeks ago. During the program I have received good guidance on both diet and work-outs. I feel stronger and I can see growth and better body posture. Its always very motivating to come to the gym for work-outs and I'm being pushed to my limits, which is fun. I have also learned more exercises and improved the form in the movements.

  • waihan2k

I signed up with Mr Alex Goh, he was very informative on the membership program. Honestly, after going to a few AF branches, I would agree with Alex that TTDI branch do have well equipped machines. The first time I worked out at the TTDI branch, I noticed that the regulars there have a great gym etiquette as everyone always re-rack their weights and dumbbells.

  • Armand Md Saat

Been with Dr. Hamsa for 1 month across 7 sessions. Having a great experience and seeing some decent results considering the short amount of time it’s been. She’s provided me with a customized macro needs for my body and goals, quite understanding and caters for my physical conditions. Lost 1% of fat and gained 0.7Kg of muscle mass within 1 month. 5 out of 5!

  • Vincent Soo

Huge space with well maintained equipment and super friendly trainers&staffs. Wide variety of equipments available which you may not find them at other gyms! One of the trainer, Kamal, is a great guy with readily available workout sets to help you around if you ever need help. Similar to oher trainers too!! Thumbs up for the experience here

  • Batrisha Anis

Recently signed up for AF with their Sales Consultant, Alex Goh! Super friendly dude and really helpful/attentive. Do ask for him if any of you are planning to join! Overall, solid gym with great variety of equipments/classes. Friendly community too. Plenty of parking around or you could walk (500/700m) from the TTDI MRT (good warm-up ).

  • lihuii lee

This is my 1st time having PT in gym session. It is an amazing session with Sweid! From scanning my body, checking my strength, explaining which parts to be improved, short and effective training...these are really helpful to let me understand my body more. It is very comfortable session with Sweid and I did learnt a lot from him!

  • Mohamad Ariffin

Just registered the free trial for 3 days and got assisted by Alex Goh, sales consultant. He explained me everything and very friendly to assist everything. He is a good employee and I like how he try to get along with me and maybe with everyone. So, if you guys are first time to attend here make sure you guys meet Alex Goh ya!!

  • mohd hafidz

Got Dr Hamsa as my PT. Learnt alot from her about how to use the machines and how to stretch. She took it slow with me because i am still new to this. Thank you! —————————- 19/11/23 Im 32 years old, i purchased a smaller package with dr Hamsa. with her guidance, im able to gain muscle mass of 2kg in 8 months through bulking.

  • Shirley

I am enjoying my sessions very much with my PT, Dr. Hamsa. I was very pleased with her knowledge of fitness, dietary needs and attention to details. After few months, my balance and strength had been improved. She not only made me feel relaxed but still helped me to push myself. I truly appreciated it. Thanks Dr. Hamsa!

  • Siti Ayu

The gym is very clean and organized. All staff are very friendly, especially Violet and she was extremely helpful, welcoming & introduce me to the gym. Fantastic PT Sebastian and PT Hamid guiding me towards my goals and personal health needs. Highly recommend this gym to anyone especially for beginners! Thank you ❤️

  • Halobates Skates

First time gym go-er. The ppl running the gym are warm and welcoming. Have a PT and enjoying the sessions so far - learning a bunch. Dont have other experience to compare to, but seems well equipped, everything works and is cleaned regularly. What I like best is the 24 hour opening - sometimes it’s really needed!

  • Jun Jing

Diverse group classes, equipment in good condition, awesome music and it’s clean! The trainers and staffs are super nice and helpful. Sweid (personal trainer) is very friendly and he will push you to workout in the right way. I like how he shares his tips and tricks as I am not a gym person. Highly recommended!^^

  • Khoo Sher Li

Gotta love this gym! Great location, well maintained equipment, awesome staff. Sebastian, Violet and co are always warm and helpful. Feedback are taken seriously and addressed immediately. It’s no brainer why we left our previous gym (more than 10yrs membership) when we discovered Anytime Fitness TTDI.

  • Krispy Khalif

Great variety of equipment, looks like a well put together gym with machines I couldn't find at other branches. Had a free personal training session with Kamal and he helped to address a couple of personal queries I had in regards to my workouts and form, very friendly and helpful. Def coming back.

  • Charlotte C

Was given the tour by Violet and she was extremely helpful and welcoming for a first-timer like me. Also did my personal training with Hamid, made me feel more confident in the gym. Other that that, the gym itself is very well-maintained and staffs were friendly too! Highly recommend :)

  • Raymond Lai

Big big thank you to Alex Goh, sales consultant for helping & assisting with the membership enquiry and helped securing good rates for my friends and i! Very friendly and solid! Look for Alex if you have any questions/enquiries about membership promotions all the way to exercising!

  • Mohd Shafiq

Well maintained & safe equipment to use,a very clean with spacious space. Friendly & helpful staff always available to help. Upon registration, one staff name violet, she very friendly help & introduce me to the gym.All personal trainer also available & always sharing tips.

  • shaik ashraf

Had a great consultation session with Dr. Hamsa. An expert in her field, learned a lot from her vast knowledge in fitness and nutrition. Gain a lot of insightful knowledge for my fitness journey. Thank you Dr. Hamsa and Anytime Fitness. I made the right choice in joining.

  • A B

One of the best gym I’ve been :) highly recommended ! Especially the staffs are and has been very helpful ( violet has been the one helping me the most ) . So if you’re thinking about signing up for gym, look no further. Please contact / get in touch with violet !

  • kamalhazary jamal

The gym environment is overall clean and tidy, well equipped and maintained. The people here are very nice, both staff and members are friendly. No judgement whatsoever, just filled with positivity! I really feel at home and welcomed when I'm in the gym!

  • ken lok

I just had a consultant session with Dr Hamsa, one of the personal trainer here. She is a very helpful and knowledgeable trainer here, cause she is also PhD in chemistry and certified personal trainer. You could look for her when you joining the gym here

  • Hannah Gan

Just signed up with Alex Goh, thank you for explaining so patiently regarding the gym membership enquires I have and helped securing good rates for my friend and I. Hit him up if you have any questions and planning to start your new fitness journey here!

  • Hazri Alifiah

Amazing gym!!! Well equipped and maintained. Easy parking and a coffee shop downstairs. Helpful and friendly staffs. Signed up with a PT session with Kamal who is awesome. Kamal has been motivating and I would recommed him to anyone who needs a PT.

  • Wenli Lee

Started my 1st gym membership here after reading all the google reviews. Great environment with friendly staffs. Training with a PT definitely helped me get used to the gym. Shout out to my PT Seb for making each session enjoyable and fruitful :D

  • samuel raj

Well equipped gym with good environment. People are nice too. This would probably be the best anytime branch I've been. Had a session with one of the trainers named Hamid. Very experienced and precise. Look for him if you're looking for PT

  • vincent y.s. wong

A gym of bullies... beaten up at gym by another member and threatened by management with expulsion if I reported to police. Not even a decent apology or reconciliatory action. Am I not a valuable member or is there caste membership ?

  • Hafizi Nazri

The first gym I’ve ever subscribe. Good environment, great equipments and friendly staffs. Had a great coaching session with brother Sweid. He’s experienced and exceptional coach with a depth knowledge in his area. Really satisfied!

  • JM C

Alex was really helpful, signed up with him and secured in some really good deals! He brought us around the gym floor and explained on the usage of the machines prior to signing up too. Looking forward to start my journey at anytime

  • Vick Mogan

It's an amazing gym. Clean, friendly awesome services. Most of all the gym equipments are always like brand new and well maintained. Highly recommended to anyone wanting a good clean and friendly environment for workout fitness.

  • Koay ZhengLiang

A shout out to Dr Hamsa. Thank you so much for your patience and for sharing a lot of workout knowledge with me during the PT session. She is also a warm and friendly personal trainer to chat with. Highly recommended! …

  • Justin Wee

Probably the best Anytime Fitness in Malaysia as they have all kinds of machines for bodybuilding that other gyms don’t usually have. The staff here are super friendly as well. Definitely sign up with them if you have not!

  • Umm Safiya

A shout out for Alex Goh~ an overall nice & hardworking guy-- very attentive to all our needs & inquiries of AF ttdi & info on other outlets. Making it easier for me & SO to fall back into our gym routine! Thank you Alex~

  • Muhammad Syafiq

Good environment, full equipment especially leg machines. really love it. well maintained and super clean. friendly staff and bosses. many anytime fitness branches near my place but still i choose ttdi branch to workout.

  • Kahlil Ahmad Tajuddin

All gym members and staff are very friendly. The whole place including equipment is very clean. Love the big and open dance studio, especially when i have to use the yoga mats. Ive never had a bad experience here :)

  • Jie Kin

Amazing gym and variety of equipment. The trainers here are very friendly, passionate, and supportive. They always try to understand your consideration about the gym. Definitely one of the best gym places to come!

  • Harvinder Singh

Amazing Experience with the Wonderful Team at Anytime Fitness TTDI! Big Ups to my personal trainer Sweid for kick starting my health and fitness journey! We out of the Zero phase, now on to the Hero phase …

  • Zureyiezan Bin Zuraimi

Fitness Consultation: Dr Hamsa Overall great experience she gave me good insights on my fitness level and body composition. She was also patient to teach me correct posture and form. Very nice and friendly

  • Enn-Wen L

Equipments are well maintained! Staff are very friendly too! Another 5 stars for my PT - Kamal ✨ Im gym newbie, feeling lucky to have Kamal as my first PT, makes me enjoy spending time in gym more! …

  • syakira Azahari

I just finished 8 sessions with Dr Hamsa to tone up and shape up body. I could see visible change in my body shape ⌛️. Cellulite reduced. My workplace client commented and complimented that i look fit . …

  • Rachelle Loong

One of, if not the best Anytime Fitness in Malaysia. Very clean, fully equipped with functional equipments, a studio/dance room for classes. Highly recommended for those who prefer a great space to train.

  • Vinod Menon

Dr. Hamsa was very good with her nutritional explanation on my muscle building program. Well explained and presented with good supporting information on calorie and macro intake required for my body.

  • jojo luke

I did a free consultation for my birthday month with Dr. Hamsa. I figured out & learn new thing from her. The fun part is Dr. Hamsa is really friendly & funny, Im really comfortable working with her

  • Sarah Karim

This gym is great, nice environment and friendly people too. Initially I was unsure about my capability, but with help and coaching by PT Sweid I am more confident now. Thanks to the team.

  • Wesley Teoh

Cannot recommend the team at AF TTDI highly enough. Friendly, warm, approachable and professional. All equipment thoroughly cleaned and maintained daily. Hands down best gym in KL!

  • k.

I had a great experience at the gym today. Frankie, a staff member, was incredibly kind and explained everything clearly, making the sign-up process very welcoming and enjoyable.

  • Noor Azilah Md Ali

I have been most consistent and comfortable with Dr Hamsa compared to my previous personal trainer. My posture improved and reduced in size. She is the best. Memang the best.

  • marzilawati abd rahman

Great Team and job well done .... Thanks for the the gift Voucher for Quiz ... How to Keep Fit During Ramadhan Workshop. Keep up the good work guys! …

  • Shahriman L

Had an eye opening session with Dr Hamsa on body nutrition. She's really informative and compassionate in telling her experience to fitness. A very fruitful session.

  • Ezry Ibrahim

New member and got a lot of help from Alex Goh, the Sales Consultant there. Very friendly and the equipments seems to be well-maintained …

  • Flzh Iylia

Alex Goh was very helpful and friendly from the start until I joined the gym. The constant updates that he gave me about the gym made me join Anytime Fitness TTDI.

  • Kheishaan da're

My trainer Adam is wonderful. I can't say enough good things about him. I am so pleased with my personal training with him and with the results that i am achieving

  • S Ade

Poor trainer and services. Tried reaching them since two weeks ago but there is no response. Called and whatsapp both no response or answer. Disappointed.

  • abdalrahman alnahas

The best of the best gym with the great staff there actually they also running a lot of amazing events to let us feel we r a family …

  • Mark Tan

Alex Goh of Anytime Fitness TTDI shines with exceptional assistance. Despite my absence, he wholeheartedly aided my gym registration. Grateful indeed.

  • Norina Abdul rahim

I am very gratefull to be under Dr hamsah as my personal trainer & consultant izz as advisor. They both very skilled and good in fitness coaching.

  • Syed Imran

I signed up with Alex Goh and he has been very helpful to me. Has always given me a good attitude towards answering my questions. Thank you!

  • Zhafran Zakaria

I had a great session with Dr. Hamsa. She showed me the right postures, machines usages, and diets. Besides, she is got listener.. Thanks

  • Shania Tan

Good consultation w Dr Hamza. As someone with slipped disc, helped a lot. Lots of experienced trainer as well :)


A cool gym to go! A guy named Rumzih really helps me a lot. I would love to recommend other people to come here!

  • 鹿悠悠Violet


  • Mohd Faizal Zulkifly

The best gym in tmn tun with good equipment...the place is well kept

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