Caliber Collision

363 reviews

625 W Monroe St, Jacksonville, FL 32202



Caliber Collision is a Auto body shop located at 625 W Monroe St, Jacksonville, FL 32202. It has received 363 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Caliber Collision: 625 W Monroe St, Jacksonville, FL 32202

  • Caliber Collision has 4.5 stars from 363 reviews

  • Auto body shop

  • "This place is the absolute worst, the company over all is"

    "After a mix up with names, I was able to get my car set up for drop off"

    "This is an excellent place to get your car repaired"

    "Someone hit my 2018 Mercedes Benz that had never been in an accident and Caliber Collision on Monroe was the only repair shop that was able to take care of me within a reasonable period of time"

    "I had my Bumper repaired, my Advisor was Great, sadly he passed away, my bumper was put on incorrectly and noticed by others who drive the same car, I reported my concerns and was told they were too busy and would call me back to schedule an appointment, to this day I still haven’t heard from anyone, my Insurance company has completely paid for my repairs, and it’s irritating me that no one has called me back to fix my car correctly, I’ve used Caliber Collision before but never the Monroe Street location"


  • Jaiden Suphachinda-bailey

This place is the absolute worst, the company over all is. What people in their right minds would falsely fix a car then let a teenager under 18 drive it, then after the “repair” the car won’t go over 25 miles an hour. Then not even a month later after they “repaired” the car for the SECOND time now tell me that now the issues i’m having is completely unrelated to the first situation. Also not to mention the “customer service” that was provided was only defending their company and not trying to actually help. The dude Bryan said he would “support” from the sides and wish us the best… like i’m sorry what… I got sent to a whole other caliber collision and this is how you guys treat me? Really? I can proudly say as a teenager that your employees don’t know what they’re doing and clearly just are trying to avoid actually putting in an effort to help. He didn’t even look at my car just listened to the engine, then after our conversation I see him talking outside on the phone smoking a cigarette. DO BETTER

  • Malice

After a mix up with names, I was able to get my car set up for drop off. The receptionist helped me with everything and explained some of the process. Mike assisted me further. We looked at my car and saw what the issues were and went from there. I was able to get picked up from Enterprise and get my rental right after we finished. The receptionist called as we were finishing up. Very convenient and both companies are downtown. Mike updated me two days later. They found further damage once they opened the vehicle up for further inspection. I was also updated by text and email about the status of the vehicle. Mike said to expect one to two weeks, and it only took one week. I was able to drive the rental back up and pick up the vehicle on Halloween before heading out of town. They even washed her for me. The only thing I noticed, was the bumper still showed up in the rearview camera. It's drivable though, and that's really all I care about.

  • Bridgett Gore

This is an excellent place to get your car repaired. The environment was very clean and neat. I was completely and totally happy with the repairs on my vehicle. When I went to pick up my car the receptionist wasn’t people friendly at all. Her disposition wasn’t pleasant. Told me that she couldn’t take my payment in the form of a cashiers check that I was told to bring. Because her check verification machine was broken. Told me to come back when the machine gets fixed. When I dropped my car off the receptionist didn’t look up at me for at least 5 minutes. Head was all in the computer. No, hello, I’ll be right with you. After whatever she was doing. She said yeah. At that point I introduce myself and said I have a scheduled appointment for a car repair. Other than the bad receptionist everything else went really well.

  • Linda Hutchins

Someone hit my 2018 Mercedes Benz that had never been in an accident and Caliber Collision on Monroe was the only repair shop that was able to take care of me within a reasonable period of time. Other so -called “high end” collision centers couldn’t even look at my car for almost 2 months. Michael was so very helpful in assisting me and keeping me informed every step of the way. He went over every detail with me when I picked up the car and it looked amazing. Best of all, it was finished a whole week earlier than projected. Hopefully I will never need to have repair done again, but if so, Caliber Collision is the only place I’d go.

  • Lavonda Knight

I had my Bumper repaired, my Advisor was Great, sadly he passed away, my bumper was put on incorrectly and noticed by others who drive the same car, I reported my concerns and was told they were too busy and would call me back to schedule an appointment, to this day I still haven’t heard from anyone, my Insurance company has completely paid for my repairs, and it’s irritating me that no one has called me back to fix my car correctly, I’ve used Caliber Collision before but never the Monroe Street location. The Advisor was fine but he’s not calling me to schedule an appointment to correct my bumper.

  • Goji Fn

They were very helpful an friendly after my car was fixed. I was informed that I needed to bring my car back so they can add my lip back an fix my under glow lights they messed up. So i wanted to hold off on the survey my specialist messaged me an call me for the next two days reassuring me everything is ok they will get me back in to do that work for me if i can just do the survey an say i didnt need to come back. I eventually did it an when i did I haven’t heard back from them since its been well over a month now an have received no contact since the completion of my survey.

  • Derek Whipple

A little over a month ago I Went to caliber collision to get my quarter panel pulled out and repainted along with my bumper. When I received the car, the quarter panel did not fit tight with the bumper and one of the headlights was not plugged back in. When I told them that the bumper stuck out from the panel, they said that they would order some plastic clips and never got back to me. The quality control here is lack luster and the customer service is not good. I have some pictures attached in case anyone is wondering what $1300 of work looks like at Caliber Collision.

  • Jessi Davidson

My insurance company sent me to this location. My vehicle was supposed to be ready on the 17 of Jan. They called on the 13 of Jan to say it was ready. After inspecting my vehicle. The piece was missing, and my bumper wasn't placed on correctly. Mr Micheal Schroer saw what I pointed out. They placed the missing piece on my car, but the bumper is still not on correctly. When I picked up my car on the 20th of Jan. Please inspect your vehicle. And they through my mats how ever they wanted. This company is not profession.

  • Nene williams

The absolute best place you can take your vehicle to! I had the pleasure of dealing with Mike & Kayla for the pick up and drop off of my vehicle. Both were very knowledgeable in thier products & services, funny, charming, and very professional. My vehicle was only with them for a wk, which is not long at all, to fix 2 items. Very affordable as well. I'd definitely recommend this location solely b/c of the great customer service from staff,convenient location, and service.

  • Jus curious

They are the best. I would use them again (hopefully I don't have another accident and dont need to) I would recommend them to anyone who needs their vehicle repaired properly and fast. I called a few places after my accident and was give some way out dates. I used them because they had the fastest turn-around time. And never regret it. They kept me is the loop, with what's was happening with my vehicle. I'm a very happy customer

  • Stephanie Dukes

Our experience with Caliber was professional, courteous and very respectful. Mike, our service representative was extremely good to work with. His communication throughout the process was exceptional. He kept me posted about every process which made it easy on my family and I. I hope I do not have to use them again. However, if I do, I now know that my car will be well taken care of. Great job guys!

  • Daterria Green

The staff at this location are beyond exceptional! They are all friendly and they kept me informed throughout my entire repair process. Gio is a great representative, he answered all questions that came about and also found an alternative solution for returning my car to me had I not been able to pick it up! I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of collision repair 10,000/10!

  • michelle west

They did an awesome job see the before and after work. I like that Carmen H. kept me informed of the repair process. I did let them know before hand that I would be needing a rental and guess what? They had a car waiting for me on site. Everyone was very professional I would definitely recommend Caliber Collision Downtown Jacksonville for your collision repairs.

  • SamAnn Wiggins

Caliber collision was recommended by my insurance company after my car was hit. They did an exceptional job repairing my car. Crystal, at the front desk, is always polite, professional and helpful. My service advisor, Carmen, did a great job on keeping me updated with the repairs on my vehicle. I highly recommend Caliber Collision for your vehicle repairs.

  • James “BUYA!” Buyarski

I am super happy with the job performed by Caliber Collision at Downtown location. Huge thanks to Jonathan “John” for taking great care of my car, it honestly came out looking way better than it did before the accident. They kept me updated throughout the process and the car was even done earlier than expected. I highly recommend Caliber Collision.

  • Brittany Rockey

Everything looked great. The repair took exactly how long they said it would. They even cleaned and vacuumed my interior which was nice. Mike did a great job at keeping me up to date on everything that was happening and was quick to respond to any questions I had. The rental car arrangement with Enterprise was also very convenient!

  • Regina Heyward

I will use their services anytime. They provided great customer service. The communication was perfect! Although I knew that I was not their only customer, they made me feel as though I was. When everything was done, Josh explained everything thoroughly. Josh was AWESOME!!!!!

  • Sarah Katz

I had a great experience working with Melanie and her team to get my Jeep repaired. Everyone was professional and had a great attitude. The shop was clean, I received text updates as well as phone calls to keep me in the loop which I really appreciated. I highly recommend!!

  • Angie Cookston

Autumn was very professional and awesome to work with during the whole process. We were informed on everything that was happening and on the work being done. She went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied and all repairs met my expectations!!! Big big thank you

  • Claudia Prana

The service from dropping my vehicle to picking it up was excellent. Detailed explanation of the process, regular followup and updates and delivering in said time were all topnotch. I highly recommend Caliber Collision on Monroe Street.

  • Jewel Riccardo

I was full of doubt when I brought my car in. After hitting a deer, my feelings needed to be calmed. Eventually I became confident because of Caliber Collision's professionalism. They are the one thing Geico did for me.

  • Tiffany Rivers

Michael Schroer and his team are the best. He kept me informed on the time my car will be ready and whats going on. Excellent customer service and my car look brand new. I am over excited with the service I received!

  • Lazy Gamer

Amazing service! Super friendly, and great communication. Satisfied with the work they did on my car and definitely recommend. Huge thanks to Mr. Gio for keeping me in the loop with everything!

  • Bill Conley

Very helpful, nice and polite. Went out of their way to make sure I had a rental and a ride. Dont care for the website at all. By all appearances you need a degree to navigate it.

  • Vanessa Jefferson

Very satisfied with the repairs done. Customer service is great. All staff very friendly and professional. I was kept abreast of the status of repairs throughout the process.

  • Danielle Thornton

Everyone was really nice. Although it took a while for me to get in. They restored by car back to its original body. I was kept updated very often on the status of my car.

  • Cedelia Triggs

I was in a car accident, rear ended and they repaired my car and also kept me notified with updates on the vehicle until it was ready. I definitely recommend this place.

  • Kristie Williams

Customer service outstanding! Work done in a timely manner ! Highly recommend!! Car clean upon pick up and when I handed it over it was quite a mess from my 5 year old .

  • Keshia Williams

Gio was great. He made sure I was heard throughout the process. He kept me informed. I will take my cars there for repair even if it’s just regular damage from wear.

  • Brandi Fisher

Great customer service by Gio and the car looks new again! We are very satisfied with the work performed by Caliber Collision.

  • Angie Carter

They made the entire process seamless! I would highly recommend this company for any needed repairs. Carmen is the best!

  • Larry Smith

Very pleased with the service that I received will recommend your service to anyone that needs your type of service.

  • Jacinda carter

The Caliber family was amazing and did a beautiful job I recommend them too anyone looking for body work.

  • Mia Mendez

I would highly recommend Caliber Collision! They did an excellent job reparing my Mercedes!

  • Willie Reese

It was a wonderful experience. They always stayed in contact with me. thank you Carmen H.

  • Cynthia bopp

The team on Monroe was great. Fast and friendly and helpful through the whole process!

  • Chris Hays (C-Hays)

Took care of my car faster than expected & customer service was great!

  • Shakerah Hanna

Great experience car was finish before scheduled time. Great customer

  • Timothy Ozinga

They got my car in as quick as possible and were super friendly.

  • N

Amazing service!! Car was better than stock! Thank you so much!

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