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Capitol Subaru is a Subaru dealer located at 920 Capitol Expressway Auto Mall, San Jose, CA 95136. It has received 1439 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.





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  • The address of Capitol Subaru: 920 Capitol Expressway Auto Mall, San Jose, CA 95136

  • Capitol Subaru has 4.4 stars from 1439 reviews

  • Subaru dealer

  • "Purchased my first car and I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Capitol Subaru! Being inexperienced when it comes to buying cars, I brought my dad along to help me with the entire process"

    "I visited Capitol Subaru to explore the new Subaru models, and initially, everything seemed fine"

    "I very recently bought a 2022 Hyundai Tucson from Capitol Subaru in San Jose"

    "Like anyone else you might know I love my car and hate the dealership, I've had pretty bad experiences with the service department in the past so bad I haven't gone to this dealership in 5 years; but my most recent trip has changed all that"

    "I just had a disturbing experience with these folks"


  • William Lew

Purchased my first car and I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Capitol Subaru! Being inexperienced when it comes to buying cars, I brought my dad along to help me with the entire process. He shared his past bad experiences at other dealerships so I came in with a premise that dealerships are unpleasant to be at. After finishing our first visit to Capitol Subaru, I had my expectations blown away with the amazing service they provided. My dad even told me that he had a good time and that it's never like this at other dealerships. There was no pressure to buy anything and the employees were all respectful and very knowledgeable. We went to another Subaru dealership and I couldn't say the same for them. Jerome helped us with our visits and he exceeded our expectations when it comes to customer service. He is very kind and respectful to not only us, but also our time. When I wanted to test drive a car, he needed my drivers license but returned it to me within a couple of minutes. When browsing the cars, I felt no pressure whatsoever and he was able to provide us with all the information we needed about each car. Not only is he friendly in person, but his messages were also very respectful. The other dealership felt very aggressive with their messaging and only acted as a deterrent. At Capitol Subaru, I felt like I was in control of the visit, but at the other dealership, it felt like I was being dragged. Overall my experience with Jerome was fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his support. The final purchasing stage was also pleasant. When we said we didn't want a specific package, they didn't press us at all and just removed it from the bill. I was surprised by how relaxed the entire process was; purchasing the car felt very transparent and quick. Overall, I am super happy with my experience at Capitol Subaru and if you are looking to get a car, PLEASE visit this dealership before making your final decision!

  • Triin Uusväli

I visited Capitol Subaru to explore the new Subaru models, and initially, everything seemed fine. The person who assisted me was very nice. However, the experience took a negative turn when the manager came to provide a quote. His arrogant and pushy attitude nullified all the positive experiences so far, creating considerable pressure to make an immediate purchase. The refusal to reveal the final price, despite my inquiry, was particularly disturbing. That was not all; driving home, I had no idea what was waiting for me. Upon returning home, I discovered that my car was scratched and dented, with no contacts left. Considering everything was fine in the morning, this incident likely occurred in the Capitol Subaru dealership's parking lot while I was there. I reported the incident to the person who helped me and requested security camera recordings to determine if it happened in the dealership's parking lot and to identify the culprit's car. After a few days, I contacted the dealership’s main contact again, asking for the security camera footage. They promised to forward my details to the manager and contact me later. However, I was only contacted to inquire about the decision to purchase the car, which left me both angry and sad. When a potential customer is looking for help to identify a person who caused the damage, then there is no help. This attitude further lowered my assessment of this dealership. The entire experience with the arrogant and pushy manager and, in my eyes, the skewed value judgments nullified the desire to buy a car from this dealership. I also do not recommend this dealership to anyone else.

  • Caitlyn Young

I very recently bought a 2022 Hyundai Tucson from Capitol Subaru in San Jose. Maybe if I had been buying a new Subaru my experience would have been better, but there were several things that really disappointed me in dealing with Capitol Subaru. The first was that they sold me a car with barely any gas left in the tank. The first place I had to go was to the gas station. What made it all the more annoying was that I had traded in my old car as part of the deal, and had just filled the gas tank. (I hadn’t been planning on buying a car, nor trading in my old car that day). The second disappointment was that they sold me the car with a cracked windshield. It didn't seem like they thoroughly checked out the car before selling it. Fortunately, they were kind enough to replace the windshield for me, but only after several trips to the dealership. During these trips, I also mentioned that the brakes sounded bad (squeaky) and that the Apple Car Play wouldn't stay connected. They just shrugged off these concerns, saying that both the brakes and Apple Car Play worked fine. The final disappointment was that they told me three times that they were going to detail my car before giving it back to me. "Car detailing" at Capitol Subaru appears to mean spraying “Febreze” inside the car. There were still bits of glass and rubber from the previous windshield left on the seats and the floor when I got the car back. Overall, I felt the customer service experience at Capitol Subaru was poor. I would not buy another car from them, nor would I recommend them to any of my friends.

  • Derek Truong

Like anyone else you might know I love my car and hate the dealership, I've had pretty bad experiences with the service department in the past so bad I haven't gone to this dealership in 5 years; but my most recent trip has changed all that. I went in for them to help me with a vapor leak (smelling the engine oil/ gas in the cabin while driving) they were able to fix it and pointed out a few other things that I wouldn't have noticed on my car; Some obscure light bulb that went out or fluids that needed to be flushed, things that I could do my own. The service rep, I think their name was Anthony, was informative but not pushy and had no problem with me denying the 'extra' repairs. I took my car there for one thing, that's really all I could afford. I was able to get my car back the same day, which was really convenient. There was a small line when it came time to pay, it really can't be helped at any business, and Andy let me know it would be just a moment; a really small gesture but had a big impact on my customer experience. Capitol Subaru should give these 2 a raise for not just providing a great customer experience, but for changing the opinion of a jaded past customer, to one that won't think twice about coming back.

  • J H

I just had a disturbing experience with these folks. I asked to see a particular car they had advertised, a 2017 Subaru. They showed me their in-house inspection report and told me all the issues had been fixed. I took it for an independent inspection and discovered that they had NOT done the work (which turned out to be $5000 worth). When I returned to the dealer, they just said "oops, sorry" and "gee, we're not going to fix that, it's too expensive, so we'll just sell it to a wholesaler instead". In other words, they never had any intention of fixing the car -- and now claim they won't sell it to the public AT ALL. And then they tried to redirect me to other cars in a higher price bracket. BUT I see that they are still advertising the car -- I guess they're hoping to sell it to someone who won't know the difference. I am out the $190 inspection fee, but it was money well spent. I will not be doing any business with these people who have demonstrated their complete disregard for the customer.

  • Aline Bender

One hr and we were out the door with our new car! It was a hassle and haggle free experience. My husband and I had only a couple of days to find a Crosstrek Premium 2024, make a cash offer, and pick up the car. Brandon and his manager, Fernando were the easiest car salesman to work with. They took my phone call and text inquiries seriously. Brandon sent me a video of the car and all details I needed via text. There were no fake additional fees added, no protection bs added, and no market value gauging either. We were offered extended warranty in a professional and non-pressure way. Brandon gave our dog a Subaru plush toy while we waited for the paperwork. He didn’t know our dog is a rescue and has high anxiety. The toy made her day! I can see why Subaru Capitol has high reviews. They’re the pros and genuinely enjoy their job and assisting their clients! Thank you to Brandon and his managers for taking such great care of us and exceeding our expectations!

  • Christopher Kerr

Well, our son decided it was time for a new car. We had a set appointment with another agent but were greeted by Sam. Immediately, I felt at ease, her presence and positive attitude really made it easier for me to relax. We were very early but she was able to help us out while the other agent was still in an appointment. We hit the ground running, there was no talking our son out of it so we continued the process. Sam exceeded our expectations, offered us waters, made the grueling process of buying a new car, painless. I am in customer service and sales for a living, Sam, you are absolutely great. No words can describe how you are an A+ asset for this dealership. They are lucky to have someone like you working for them. Thank you again, thank you for keeping it real and breaking down the facts to our boy. He is still on cloud 9 and loving every second of his new ride. His first big step in life on his own and we appreciate that you were a part of it.

  • Andre Tiangco

Ran across Capitol Subaru in my shopping for a newly-used car, and ended up choosing to go with them for my purchase. Jay C. was one of the most welcoming and effective salesmen I’ve encountered in my search. He reached out promptly and communicated excellently with me both over email and in person, annswering all of my questions and more about both the car, Capitol Subaru/DGDG, and the buying process altogether. Initially, I walked away to explore other options, but when I reached back out later in the week to see if the car of my interest was still available, Jay was ready and got me back in that same day. His friendliness, transparency, and respect for me as a buyer played a huge role in getting me to choose Capitol Subaru for my business. Thanks Jay!

  • Prasad Pathak

I bought a Subaru Forester Limited a couple of weeks back. 11/10 for the service at this dealership. Nick and Jacob are two rockstar representatives. The whole process only took two days for me. Nick was very generous and encouraged me and my fiancé to test drive all the models. He took the time to show us all the trim levels and helped us make an informed decision. The other dealerships I went to did not offer such personalized experience. I travelled a long way the next day to give them the sale. Jacob honored the quote we had negotiated and the whole process was seamless and I received the vehicle within an hour. NO bait 'n switch, NO markup, NO upselling. Loved the experience, will consider buying from them again.

  • Jillian Levi-Gunera

Jay was absolutely amazing! We went to 3 other dealerships before coming to Subaru - looking at different makes/models and Jay was the first sales person to still give us his absolute full attention after we mentioned we weren’t there to buy that day. (Everywhere else definitely didn’t have time for us after it wasn’t going to be an immediate sale.) Jay was SO knowledgeable about every possible detail of the cars we had questions about, and was very forthright, honest, and gave great feedback about our particular situation. When we came back a couple weeks later for our test drive he was just as attentive, and made every bit of our buying process easy, stress free, and pressure free.

  • Angie Bagdasarov

My husband and I were in the market for a new Forester. We visited Capitol Subaru a little prematurely before our insurance money came in. We worked closely with Jurgen and Ryan (his manager) who over the span of a month sent weekly updates via text about the current vehicles they had in stock. They were extremely knowledgeable and transparent during the negotiating process and we really enjoyed the team at this dealership. Everyone was very friendly and down to earth. Ryan even greeted us in my husbands native language. We genuinely recommend this dealership to all friends and family! Capitol Subaru delivers a fantastic customer experience. We left feeling like we made new friends.

  • Kathryn Castro

I loved the team at this Subaru location. Everyone is very welcoming and professional. I never felt any pressure when I was looking around for options when working with Vanessa. She helped me with trying to find a car that's within my budget, and also meet my wants and needs. She was always transparent with me and also accommodating (I couldn't make my mind up on what car I really wanted or even test drive!). The entire process was fun, exciting, and unforgettable. Vanessa is so amazing and I would recommend anyone to go to her! I'm so happy about my very first Subaru car! :) Also, thank you to Zach for helping me figure out the cost of my car! Super helpful.

  • Tomas W

Good experience, fair prices. Sam was super! Very accommodating and respectful of us as first time car purchasers. In fact, her colleague Aaron did all the legwork for me in the days leading up to my dealership visit. Due to announcing last minute he had Sam take care of me who did a great job closing the deal and providing a supreme customer experience. The only reason for not giving 5 stars was the super long wait for financing. Once we finally got to them, they’re weren’t as accommodating or patient with my questions as I would have hoped and it felt like they were trying to rush me out (probably due to the backlog of people waiting to see them).

  • Sila Small

A big thank you to Sam for helping us purchase our Subaru Forester. It feels good to be back with the Subaru family! Sam was incredibly helpful in letting us know the inventory that was coming in and regularly checked in with us to let us know when our car was coming in. Sam made the entire process easy and already had the car ready to go before we arrived to our appointment to pick up the car. Buying a car can be a stressful process, but we couldn't have asked for a smoother process, and that all boils down to Sam's communication and attention to detail. Would highly recommend anyone to come to Capitol Subaru and to ask for Sam!

  • Ali Aguayo

Had a great experience working with the team at Capitol Subaru :) My mom was in need of a new car and these guys came through despite some obstacles and challenges. Jonah, our vehicle advisor, was attentive, understanding, patient and a great listener. The team went above and beyond to put together a great experience for us and my mom is very happy with her new car. When you focus on a more human centered approach, as opposed to transactional, it makes a HUGE difference. Not far behind is transparency and genuine desire to follow through. These were all part of our experience and it made the difference. Thanks again!

  • Julien Bertrand

A friend left his car to have tires replaced after an incident - it took an insane amount of time, 3 weeks (not blaming the dealer alone as it was mostly the insurance I would assume) but what I find unacceptable is that they replaced the tyres with a cheap brand - if the insurance didn't want to pay for more, it should have been communicated, changing and putting you in front of the fact with cheap tires when you had premium tires, on a sport car, is insane and unacceptable, calling cheap tires "equivalent" also shows a massive lack of knowledge on how a car work. Can't recommend a dealer that would ever do that.

  • Alex Tchouiko

I was in the market for a Crosstrek and was torn between 2 different models, a new one and used one. Nick Noble from their sales department was accommodating and took me to test drive both of them without hesitation and was overall one of the most down to earth sales guy's I've dealt with when it comes to cars or motorcycles. Not only that, but Capitol Subaru was very helpful in terms of logistic and even hooked it up with dinner as the finance department was trying to catch up with paperwork. Lastly, Nick himself even drove the car to my house because I had driven to the dealership solo. Thanks again bud.

  • Angelique Kidd

I just wanted to say thank you to the sales man Jerome at Capitol Subaru, San Jose he sold me my very first WRX and the experience was very pleasant. He’s very kind, very hard-working and goes above and beyond to do his job. I definitely will be returning here in the future for my next car. They were also very pleasant. When they came to getting us out of there on time because my husband’s car needed to be picked up at another location, and they worked very hard and very fast to get us done in time. We had a Very good experience and we are very pleased and happy with the service.

  • Stephen Wong

I had the pleasure of purchasing my first car and working with Evan Schneider. Evan has been absolutely incredible and super responsive and accomodating! He took me on multiple test drives and showed me all functionalities of the car I test drove. On the day of the vehicle purchase, he even stayed past working hours helping us. Capitol Subaru has been amazing as well. I was previously unsatisfied with another Subaru dealership, but Capital Subaru was incredibly helpful and kind. They even offered me a very low maintenance fee for 3 years of dealership maintenance.

  • Kymberlee Salley

I had a great experience purchasing my vehicle from Capitol Subaru. My salesman was Darius Camino. He made my family and I very comfortable during the car buying process. There was no rush and no question left unanswered, even if it meant him having to go to others to ask and report back to us. He was extremely respectful, helpful, and humble. He was also very down-to-earth and personable. I definitely recommend you seek him out when purchasing a vehicle at Capitol Subaru. The other team members that assisted in the transaction were also friendly and informative.

  • Mingkuan Lin

I got a great help from this place and sales/Ford Schwartz, especially for a foreigner who just moved to States within a month. I was walking into the store w/o any appointment and ran into Ford, who is with lots of patient, walked me around the cars(used then jumped to new, one by one). No pressure given, but tried everything to meet my budget plan, eventually I got my car picked at the same day at 9:30pm. A big thanks to Ford and guys stayed up all the way with us. I'm a loyal fan for this place afterward.

  • Ansel Modesto

I'm delighted to share my stellar experience with Capitol Subaru. The customer service exceeded my expectations, making my 2023 Forester Wilderness purchase seamless and enjoyable. Al's knowledge, friendliness, and attention to detail help guided me towards purchasing my new vehicle. Also big thank you to Sam and Fernando for assisting me with follow up communications for the purchase. I'm thrilled with my new car and grateful for Capitol Subaru's outstanding service. Five stars well-deserved!

  • Audrey Romo

Jerome from Capitol Subaru was extremely helpful throughout the entire process of finding/buying my dream car. Jerome was very informative and patient with me when I was buying my first Subaru. He really put in 100% effort and made purchasing a car from the dealership a breeze! Jerome is your guy if you’re looking to buy a very reliable, good looking car! Overall, it was a great experience with the whole Capitol Subaru team. Will for sure come back to Jerome if I ever need another car!

  • Jared Brick (BHMC)

We were shopping for a 3rd row SUV and only a few good options out there. We went here to test a few models on the used lot and our helpful salesperson Sam recommended a much better option the Subaru Ascent. The model was in the same price range but a way more superior vehicle for our needs. The price was straight forward and everyone there was easy, helpful and great to deal with. It's what you want when car shopping for sure! Thanks again to Sam, Ryan and the team!

  • Kathleen Dixon

If you go to Capitol Subaru, ask for Nick Noble! I was very anxious and confused after a scary accident in which my car was totaled. I needed a new one right away. Safety was top of mind. Nick guided me through the process with great patience. Not only did he answer my questions throughly, he never once tried to pressure me into a quick decision. In the end, he found me the right car at the right price. I love my brand new Forester! Thank you Nick!

  • Farrokh Moslemizadeh

I have check bunch of the car dealerships around Bay area and then l found Capital Subaru . In the first stop , I met Jay . He is really reliable and knowledgeable person , he was willing to help me and my wife and spend a lot of time with us. I was really enjoying work with Jay and he helped me to find the color my wife and I liked with amazing price !!!! Highly recommend . Definitely 5 star for Jay and their team in Capital Subaru .

  • Zihao

I had a great experience with the car delivery service provided by Capitol Subaru. Unfortunately, I broke my right foot and couldn't pick up my new car on time. Albert went above and beyond by delivering the car to my home, and even took care of all the paperwork and gave me some helpful advice. He was very professional, patient and knowledgeable. I was thrilled to see my brand new BRZ, and I highly recommend their services.

  • Jovany Perez

Thank you Nick and Jacob at DGDG Capitol Subaru for making my shopping experience excellent. Im loving my outback. A few months ago, i bought the wife an onyx accent, that purchase went smoothly thanks to Keaton. My wife and i were so pleased with it the accent, I had to trade my car in for a Subaru Outback XT. The finance department was willing to work with me in getting a decent trade in and making my payment affordable.

  • Cortney DeCoite

We got a 2024 Outback Limited XT for when we start our family and this was easily the least stressful car buying experience either of us have had. We were definitely ready to buy but were not expecting to that day. Jerome and his team listened to us every step and got everything where we needed it. I bought my first Subaru here and glad i decided to come back. I'll forever be a Capitol Subaru customer.

  • Eric Tso

Great experience from beginning to end! Dylan B provided top tier customer service and set me up with the sales manager and finance manager after showing me the vehicle I wanted to see. Was able to work out the price and ended up purchasing the car the same day. I would return again to purchase my next car and recommend this to others. Appreciate the customer service from Dylan, Edwin, Sean and team!

  • Kenu Escobedo

Overall great service, Vanessa kindly helped me through trading in my Subaru Impreza (and was able to get great trade in value) and the buying process after that was easy. Javier was great in sharing and informing me on the break down of numbers. (Dont forget to ask any questions!!) The buying process took all of ~1.5 hours for me. Very painless. Thanks for all your help! Love my new crosstrek.

  • Jessalyn Lively

Great experience here at Capitola Subaru! Sam was so helpful and really easy to work with. Chill environment. She was so quick to respond to my online request and even texted and called with a video she took of the car for me. On top of things! Financing was easy and explained easily to us. Left with this beautiful car! Obviously had to do a photoshoot in celebration to buying my first car!

  • Aurelie Johnson

Made an appointment and still got bypassed for "cars on the lot, cars to sell" getting fixed versus mine. I'm traveling from Monterey to get here since I was pushed to purchase a "service plan" but not informed that I would have to come only here when there are closer Subaru dealerships to me. So beyond frustrating. Also getting upset while pregnant not the best for your clients!

  • Soriya Len

Shout out to Jacob C. for making my car shopping experience on 11/19/2023 simple and easy. I went to Capitol Subaru knowing exactly what I wanted. Jacob greeted us warmly upon arrival, answered my countless questions (along with my family's), and didn't pressure me to change my mind. Walked out extremely happy with my new Crosstrek. Thank you for being so friendly and helpful!

  • Alicia Lopez

While I was NOT VERY IMPRESSED with the car wash that got done there... I do have to admit.. every time I set foot in there I get THE BEST customer service.. my kids were so happy about the lunch boxes they received (with lots of things inside) and I had a good/emotional time reading one of the books they had in there that explained cancer. My kids love the experience there.

  • Chris Lee

I purchased my 2024 Subaru Forester Limited here recently from Capitol Subaru dealer. The dealership process was very easy and straightforward. The salesperson was very knowledgeable and helpful. I was able to get a good deal on the car, and I was pleased with the overall experience. I definitely recommend this dealership, especially the salesperson Dylan Blom I bought from.

  • Jimio K Kalogrides

Amazing customer service. I bought. 2024 Subaru Crosstrek. My sales person Darius took care of all my needs after the sale of the vehicle. Edward in finance was fabulous as well. No high pressure, made it work for me. I had a small issue that I needed to bring the car back for and it was prioritize by Javier in the service Dept. Great dealership with a friendly staff. Jim K.

  • Jenny Munoz

Today my son bought his first car here at Capitol Subaru, San Jose. We had a pleasant experience, Jerome help him. They found a better finance plan at a lower interest that the offer he already had. The car price was right, no tricks or extra charges. We didn’t spent the whole day there. My son is happy, and I can’t recommend more this place if you are looking for a Subaru.

  • Karen Summey

My experience at Capitol Subaru was fantastic. Thanks to Evan Schneider and Edwin Munguia I am now the happy owner of a new 2024 Impreza RS. Their excellent customer service and customer satisfaction priority put together a deal that worked for me. Capitol’s team is very personable, professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Capitol Subaru.

  • Ben Cooper

This was the third Subaru Dealer we visited in our new car search, and Jay was by far the most knowledgeable and helpful salesman that we spoke to. Jay was able to explain the differences in trims and model years and answer all the questions we had as well as offer some insights on options and accessories. Would highly recommend Jay to anyone looking for a new subaru.

  • Thu Nguyen

I always go here to get my maintenance done and my car checked up and the experience is always nice. I appreciate the free coffee and treats that the waiting area provides, along with cooking shows on the TV. I would also like to thank Matthew Ta for guiding me through the process, especially for me having my first car and have absolutely no idea what to expect.

  • Loretta Knippel

I recently purchased my 2024 Subaru Legacy at Capitol Subaru, San Jose. I was very satisfied with services provided to me. This is my second time I purchased my Subaru Legacy from them. The staff specially the Sales Rep was very knowledgeable, answered all my questions, very courteous, and fast service. I can highly recommend sales and service staff. Good Job!!!

  • M Nolan

My wife and just bought a beautiful used Outback with super low miles and in great condition. Jerome our sales guy was the best. Super accommodating, patient, warm and helpful. He treated us like we were family. The overall experience with the purchase and the Subaru team was great! Would highly recommend Jerome and his team any day and twice on Sunday. T&M

  • Greg Garrett

I’ve purchased two Subarus from this dealership now. Both times Jay, aka JC, took excellent care of me! Jay took his time explaining everything and made sure any questions I had were answered. In the lead up to both sales, Jay was great at communicating via phone or text. If you are looking for a Subaru, I highly recommend heading here and asking for Jay!

  • Caitlin Foote

Jay C. was amazing to work with! I really appreciate how much he communicated with my husband and I throughout the process of purchasing my car. He went above and beyond to make sure I got everything I was looking for and to make the purchasing process as smooth as possible. I would absolutely work with Jay again and suggest anyone else do the same!

  • Jack Jemison

We were helped by Jerome. He took the time to listen to our vehicle needs, as well as getting to know my wife and I as individuals. With this knowledge Jerome assisted us in purchasing a 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. The entire staff was friendly and engaging. We felt like family and not just a customer. I would highly recommend using them in the future!

  • Lambert Vo (Fishcooler)

Had an awesome experience at this dealership, Sam is such a patient and caring salesperson, she was able to answer all my questions. This was my first time buying a new car and she was able to show me all my options that were within my budget. If you are looking for a new or used Subaru she is definitely the person I would contact first.

  • Buckley Bloom

I just purchased a 2024 Subaru Crosstrek this month & worked with Jurgen Lagos. Jurgen was super communicative with me throughout the process (including getting me the color I really wanted!). He made the process very easy and was supportive throughout! The staff at Capitol Subaru were friendly and helpful, I would work with them again!

  • Sarah H

I had a great car buying experience here at Capital Subaru! The staff here are very welcoming and friendly. I was helped by Jacob Castro — he was extremely knowledgeable and made the whole experience fun, seamless, and he kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend working with Jacob and the folks here at Capital Subaru!

  • Jackie Lopez

My experience at Capitol Subaru was wonderful all thanks to Kai Serrano! He helped me get a car I loved while also fitting my budget. Kai did his absolute best showing me all my options and was very patient as I was totally indecisive. He gave my family and I a wonderful experience and I could tell he loves what he does. Thanks Kai!!

  • Vibhor Gupta

I recently had the best car buying experience from capitol subaru. The people at dealership are knowledgeable and very genuine. Special shout to Evan who is the best car salesperson I have worked with. please reach out to him. Shawn, manager, also made the entire process very seamless. I highly recommend Capitol Subaru

  • Sourabh Bunnan

Bought a 2024 Outback Limited from the Capital dealership. Great experience, we test drove the car, saw multiple tier options in the lot and made a decision. Was able to check out options and finalize a good deal in just a few days. In this process we had a friendly and honest sales person to help us make the decision.

  • Jo Ann Shannon

I worked with the team at Capital Expressway Subaru to buy my Subaru Forrester. Ford and Edward were the sales team I worked with yesterday. They both are very knowledgeable about your Forrester and answered all my questions. I had time deadline of 3 hours to complete this sale. Ford and Edward met my deadline.

  • Sophia Wass

Today was my first day at this Subaru dealership for an oil change. I’ve had my Subaru for 4 years now and in these 4 years I’ve never been treated so good and been this happy/satisfied with the customer service. Tyler was the one helping me and I will definitely be coming back for my next service !

  • Fabricio Lopez

Came in here to buy a used small SUV with my wife and met Mr. Evan Schneider, he was very attentive and answer all of our questions. After showing us two different models that we were interested in, we ended up deciding for a used 2020 Mazda CX9. Overall great buying experience thanks to Mr. Evan.

  • Gail Richard

Stellar service from Jacob, Zack and Darius. They all went way above and beyond to explain every detail of the car and purchase options. Very courteous, professional and fair. I highly recommend this team of excellent service personnel. It was an outstanding experience working with each one.

  • Eddie Plascencia Jr

I bought my First car at this dealership and got the best service! So I came back to buy my next car and the service was top notch! Not only did I get the best value for my trade in, I got a laundry list of warranties. Elvis and the team took care of me and they'll do the same for you!

  • John Mangual

The whole process of trading in and buying a new car was seamless. Darius w/ Capital Subaru was very helpful in answering all my questions about the trade-in and buying process. I would highly recommend this coming to this dealership for your next car - you will be in good hands!

  • Rad Radical

Why only 5 stars? I’m adding another 5 stars on top. Everyone at Capitol Subaru was an absolute superhero. Nicholas, Fernando, and Javier made the process easy, smooth, and friendly. Best experience I’ve had buying a car. Ever. So, here’s 10 stars for the Capitol Subaru crew!

  • Rachel Hager

Edward, Jay and Jacob went above and beyond in their customer service. I went to other Subaru dealerships, and they were not as good as Capital Subaru! Edward sent me videos of cars, Jacob delivered the car, and Jay and Jacob were so kind in taking me on many test drives.

  • James Fitts

Very happy with my experience at Capitol Subaru. Vanessa Batmani was a pleasure to work with, answered all my questions and got me the Crosstrek Wilderness I wanted. Couldn't be happier with the car and the whole experience. 10/10, would buy here again. Thanks, Vanessa!

  • Charm Bianchini

Had a wonderful experience buying a new 2024 Forrester from Jay at Capitol Subaru. In addition to giving us a great price, he was knowledgeable, helpful and personable which made us feel good about going with them. Definitely go there for all of your Subaru needs!

  • Tom K

We’re very happy with our new ‘24 Crosstrek. Dylan was great and very enthusiastic. He worked to find us the best fit in the color we wanted. When it came to the purchase, Javier and team negotiated a contract that fit our budget perfectly! Thanks Capitol Subaru.

  • Mike Francoeur

I had a very smooth and relatively quick process at Capital Subaru to purchase a CPO Outback vehicle. Jacob Castro was very helpful (and knowledgeable) in terms of presenting information on the car I was interested in; and in facilitating the purchase process!

  • Elise Stinnett

Had the most positive experience with Jacob! If you are looking for a car and want someone who will go above and beyond to help you check all your boxes, you’ll be in great hands with Jacob. He took into consideration all my hopes and made them a reality.

  • brian p

Sam is a wonderful saleperson. She is a "PRO". My wife and I was there to buy a Crosstrek Limited. We were out of there at warp speed with our new car. I highly recommend Sam to anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle. Sam, you did an EXCELLENT JOB!!!

  • Mike Schaller

We just purchased an Outback from Jurgen at Capitol Subaru. Jurgen was incredibly helpful and patient with us as we tried to decide between two different cars. A no pressure environment all around. Very happy with the service we got and our new Subaru.

  • soe Naing

Edward, the finance manager, stayed late to help me purchase my kids first car. I also really appreciate Jacob Castro for delivering my car home past business hours and being very helpful in purchasing a good car. I highly recommend Capitol Subaru.

  • Weiqi Zhang

Very smooth experience buying a new car here. Big shoutout to Jay (JC) for being friendly, patient and professional. Jay explains everything in detail and makes reasonable model and trim recommendations based on our family needs. Highly recommend!

  • Ada Yue

I bought my Subaru Crosstrek from Capitol Subaru one year ago and never had a service because I have only driven 4,000 miles. Capitol Subaru called and offered me a free 6,000 service. I thought there must be a catch. On the day of service,

  • Ya Shi

We want to buy a 4 wheel drive car for ski trip. People recommended Subaru Outback. Capitol Subaru just had the model exactly we wanted. Armando helped us and the transaction was pretty simple, hope the car is reliable as its reputation.

  • Adam Logie

Ordered a brand new Alpine Green 2024 Crosstrek Wilderness, and Evan was put on the case! He seemed almost as excited as we were about one of the first of these cars on the road in Northern California which was awesome! He kept us up to

  • Eugene Bae

Had a great experience buying a Crosstrek from Kai Serrano. Was quick and painless. He was very attentive yet not pushy at all. I also think that Crosstrek (with 2.5 liter engine) is the best sub $30k crossover on the market right now.

  • Lorraine Gast

I bought my first hybrid car here yesterday with the help of Aiden who was very friendly and knowledgeable that made the whole experience a memorable one. I am extremely happy with the service I received and the vehicle I went home in.

  • Erick E

I had a previous and miserable experience with another salesperson a few years ago. I went back and dealt with Sam. Sam was efficient and made the process easy and promised to get me out in about an hour. She kept her word. Thanks Sam.

  • luis macias

My buying experience was great from start to finish. Jay C. Was super friendly and Helped answer all my questions. He was very knowledgeable about everything on the car I was buying. I will definitely be going back for my next car.

  • Brooklyn K.

Al was very helpful with my journey of moving to the area from a different state and getting a new car. He kept me in the loop the whole way and was very responsive with all of my questions. Ask for Al when you go.

  • Gerald Bruce

Our experience at Capitol Subaru was actually pleasant. Our salesman, Ford Schwartz, listened to what we needed and found us just the right car. No pressure, no gimmicks, just honest dialogue. Thank you.

  • Betsy Brenzel

I am so happy I was able to work with Vanessa with my purchase of a new Subaru! She is wonderful! Lovely person that is a good human being from the start. I’m not sure the vehicle industry deserves you!

  • Chris Allen

Our salesperson Jay C. was very professional and efficient, without the pressure. Going to shop for a car is not exactly fun, however, this was the best experience I've had at a dealership. Thank you!

  • Kari

I left happy. The staff are friendly and helpful. Comfortable vibe. Make an appointment with Kai, you will be dealt with in a friendly, respectful manner. I bought my first Subaru here and I LOVE it!

  • Adam Sorci

Very happy and thankful for my experience shopping for a new car at Capital Subaru. Salesman Evan Schneider was very knowledgeable and helpful in picking my perfect 2024 Outback Wilderness. …

  • Sheila Tost

Vanessa at Capitol Subaru was friendly, helpful, and fun to work with. Highly recommend her and Capitol Subaru in general. Here's my new Outback Wilderness with kayak, ski and MTB racks onboard :)

  • Daniel Molinero Reguera

I got my new Subaru SUV here, extremely happy. Great price, outstanding service and super transparent throughout the process. Thank you Nick, Edward and Maria for the excellent experience. 10/10.

  • Brian Del Bono

Great experience buying my new Legacy. Jerome was awesome and provided some of the best service I've ever had at a dealership. Fair price and hassle free. I definitely would purchase from again.

  • Don Tran

Buying a car at Capitol Subaru was a smooth and fast process. Jay was super knowledgeable and provided great service! If you’re looking for a Subaru I recommend visiting Capitol Subaru.

  • Nicholas Hughes

Awesome experience, Keaton was there the whole way and helped out in so many little ways that added up to a huge difference. Proud new owner of a 2022 WRX and couldn't be happier!!

  • mck mreye

I had a great experience at DGDG. The Sales reps were very courteous and amicable. I was able to discuss my needs, test drive a car and drive away with an offer that worked for me.

  • Carlos Lorenzo

The salesman Omar at Capitol Subaru was very helpful throughout the whole process. All in all everyone there were fantastic and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend 10/10

  • cem fide

Jay was great. Very honest and knowledgeable about the car we were looking for. He was very courteous and nice to deal with. He made our car shopping experience very memorable.

  • Stephanie Hui Hsieh

Sam was great to work with! I needed a car asap and she got me in and out in about 2.5 hours. Super responsive to all my questions but also gave me space when I needed it.

  • Aidan Kline

They were really nice and upfront when I was getting my new car. Evan and Eric did a great job showing me all the little bits and features and I’m loving my new outback!

  • Shimon Schaff

I had a pleasant and straightforward car buying process. Be sure to ask for Al Garcia on the sales team. He was helpful, friendly and didn't make me feel any pressure.

  • Anit Agarwal

Darius at Capitol Subaru was a wonderful salesman and got us our new Subaru Legacy at a great price! I would recommend Capitol Subaru to anyone looking for a new car!

  • Joseph Bahleda

I had an excellent experience at the Capitol Subaru. Darius went above and beyond to ensure I found the perfect car, making the entire buying process smooth.

  • Walter Strach

Kai was amazing to work with. He made the car buy experience easy and stress free. Will definitely purchase my next vehicle from Kai and Capitol Subaru.

  • sean tavarez

Would just like to give a big thanks to Darius for helping me pick the perfect Subaru for me and getting me on my way quick and easy.

  • Becky Anderson

Amazing car buying experience. Our sales rep Jay, was awesome to work with, and he made the whole car buying process very enjoyable.

  • Tomasa Araujo

Sam was very friendly and courteous when she helped us with the purchase of our new car! Thank you Sam keep up the good work.

  • Thao Nguyen

The sales staff was exceptionally kind and knowledgeable. We ended up getting our first ever Subaru here. Highly recommend!