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715 E 8th St, Austin, TX 78701



City of Austin Police Department is a Police department located at 715 E 8th St, Austin, TX 78701. It has received 141 reviews with an average rating of 2.9 stars.





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  • The address of City of Austin Police Department: 715 E 8th St, Austin, TX 78701

  • City of Austin Police Department has 2.9 stars from 141 reviews

  • Police department

  • "Isn't law enforcement tired of the war being waged on a medicinal ancient herb/flower? So many lives and job opportunities are destroyed for individuals who have to get put "in the system" for using an ancient seed bearing herb, instead of drink man made poison, disgusting beer and whiskey that destroys good men and women, destroys relationships, families, causes most accidents EVER"

    "If I see another "star" press conference with Chief Manley & the FBI, etc guys, mayor & governor, I'll puke! Yeah, y'all solved a major crime of a young guy who was so messed up, he thought he could only express himself by killing & injuring innocent victims with bombs"

    "I used to be a municipal police officer in the state of Texas in one of the busiest cities"

    "They wonder why people do not like the police my car was stolen reported the car stolen with the police who are supposed to protect and they found the car the next day they did not call me or my daughter who filed the report they called the tow place the tow place contacted me with the $600 bill that I owed the police suck"

    "This is more for their records dpt"


  • 1776

Isn't law enforcement tired of the war being waged on a medicinal ancient herb/flower? So many lives and job opportunities are destroyed for individuals who have to get put "in the system" for using an ancient seed bearing herb, instead of drink man made poison, disgusting beer and whiskey that destroys good men and women, destroys relationships, families, causes most accidents EVER. The biggest illusion and lie ever told was that marijuana is a dangerous plant, it is all how you use it. It unlocks the mind and body, calms people down helps people find themselves in darkest hour, when no one else is there for them. My friend whos son was murdered would have never made it without it, it brought him peace and comfort in his darkest hour, in this world that get darker and more evil by the day. This war must end on marijuana, it is a lie, a waste of tax payer dollars that could be made in legitimate buisness which brings Texans jobs, rather then go to cartels that have the people of Mexico in a chokehold, and funds corrupt politicians to continue operations for corporate and criminal interests if the price is right. ALCOHOL RUINS LIVES, causes people to make so many ridiculous decisions with no regard of human life, it is alcohol pushed so hard, why can't we make a choice for ourselves? Why must we drink of a man made poison, why must the masses be shown everywhere man made ciggarettes designed and weaponized to be 10 times more addicting then heroin and harmful to body, weaponized to go over the blood brain line to inflict as much damage possible to brain and body function rather then allowing us to decide if we want an ANCIENT MEDICINAL HERB This senseless war on pot is hurting the relationship between communities and law enforcement, friction over a plant, a guy having to be "in the computer" the rest of his life for being the better man and taking a little smoke when he got home, rather then get wasted and make senseless aggressive sometimes fatal decisions Stop the War on Medicinal Herbs/Flowers

  • Robbie M

If I see another "star" press conference with Chief Manley & the FBI, etc guys, mayor & governor, I'll puke! Yeah, y'all solved a major crime of a young guy who was so messed up, he thought he could only express himself by killing & injuring innocent victims with bombs. The folks killed & injured is a serious tragedy. I feel truly sorrowful for their families & friends who lost their loved one. However, does this give Chief Manley & the others to troll stardom by press conference after press conference just to toot their own horns? No! Y'all did your job - well except for shooting the young man after he supposedly had blown himself up. Did he detonate the bomb inside his car or did y'all detonate it by ramming his car while he was already stopped? I don't condone what that young man did whatsoever! I don't condone violence period! I just think that it looks extremely unprofessional & narcissistic for Chief Manley, FBI, & the other government employees to put such priority on press conferences focusing on how great of a job they all did by getting along & solving this tragic, horrific crime. Stop bragging & just focus on pertinent info the public needs to know to calm down & get back to normal. Yall did good but that was your job!

  • Penumbra Syndicate

I used to be a municipal police officer in the state of Texas in one of the busiest cities. I am constantly astounded by APD's lack of any professionalism or concern for anything other than their own safety unless they are on a traffic stop where they casually walk between vehicles like amateurs. Just had my truck broken into and burglaries after someone used ceramic to smash the back window, and after 3 different calls to 311/911 centers giving my the run around for one hour and eleven minutes, they refused to send an officer to take a report. I even had to explain to a dispatcher what crime already-occured priority (priority 3) was. Instead, I got a call five hours later from a civilian gathering notes who is not a peace officer for another detective on a burglary of a vehicle report a decent officer could do with photographs in ten minutes. I had to remind the not-peace officer, report taker to get the vehicle's license plates and information before he tried to hag up on me. Total joke of a department, yet the highest paid in Texas and one of the highest in the country. I don't know how they sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror.

  • James Ackley

They wonder why people do not like the police my car was stolen reported the car stolen with the police who are supposed to protect and they found the car the next day they did not call me or my daughter who filed the report they called the tow place the tow place contacted me with the $600 bill that I owed the police suck. I find it strange my daughter part supposedly in a no parking her car got towed by none other but the same tow place southside wrecker it’s awfully odd that both times it’s the same wreck your place with a town so big. I bet if there was any investigation it would show crooked police have been out that wrecker place probably getting a cut also. I will be contacting the state congressman to check in on this. The state congressman have helped me with several things even the army try to screw me but the state congressman took care of it and they wonder why people hate the police. The rating is like 2.6 any other place where the rating is this low they start firing employees

  • Lauren Kallas

This is more for their records dpt. Tried calling about obtaining an accident report, never got a call back. Went in at 10 am, cause surely they'd be open. Not! 11am, to like 4:30, for some bullshit hours. Fine, fine, I'll take advantage of the time to go get CASH, cause they don't take cards. Come back 20 minutes later, sit in the lobby for literally 2 minutes before a cop comes out and tells me I can't wait in the lobby, even after I explained the situation. The most laughable part is, as I'm walking out he's like "be safe." Ok, as a 4'11" young female, I'd be safer waiting in the lobby than out where all the homeless people are milling around ( where I was just accosted at the ATM) But whatever. Honestly, do they sit around thinking of ways to make these interactions as unpleasant as possible?

  • camilla fagan

I don't even think you guys deserve 1 star I've called the police 3 or 4 times over a 2week period. Dealing with someone with mental health issues but nothing can be done. I just need to tip toe around my home so he didn't explode. Thank you for asking me today if I felt safe just so I can tell you no and you guys still do nothing to help me. You guys told me to record so I do, but nope not good enough now u need video recording cuz audio isn't enough. He gets yo use his mental illness to do whatever while I suffer silently cuz I have no choice but to wait around to see how bad his psychosis episode gets. It's getting worse everyday. Thanks for the death sentence.

  • Bali Baweja

There are good cops and bad cops, just like there are good people and bad people of every profession, race, and color. I have been harassed by bad cops and even arrested for something I didn't do by one scumbag. It does not make all police officers bad people. I bet all the people that are complaining on these reviews will still call the cops when something goes bump in the night. The cops are not the problem, AUSTIN CITY COUNCIL is the PROBLEM. Take it from an Austin native, the last 10 years of City Council has destroyed this city. It was awesome before that. For anyone that knows how to run a company, the problems start and end with poor management.

  • B- Rand

This is the only time I've ever given any place a 1 star. The guy that was in the front looked like he was having a rough time so I was as polite as I could. It was a non emergency so he said just call this number. I did, they gave me direction to give to him so I did. And he said well I can't help you with that and told me to call them again to give me directions I told him I already did and gave him the direction and said I can't help you with that. And I asked him if he knew where I could get some help. He never cared to look in the computer or seemed interested to help anyone. Please hire someone with initiative.

  • Bob

Driving is Austin is the wild west. Police do not enforce traffic laws. I was driving in center lane of IH35, police car was in right lane and a 18 wheeler was in left lane. We drove like this for about 3 miles. 18 wheelers are prohibited from driving in the left lane but in Austin they do as they know APD does not enforce traffic laws. I also see people driving with expired registration, expired temporary plates and people driving with NO licenses plates on there cars every day. APD can shoot unarmed citizens but can write a traffic ticket. Maybe most do not know how to write?

  • Jake Guest

I can no believe that no one has written about the Amanda Jo Stephens incident. What kind of idiots are these people? Please please please write about these people and file complaints for whatever reason you can. If you are walking by them file a complaint and say they flicked you off... You can complain about anything you wish. The officers who are arrested Amanda Jo Stephens are Officers Gary Griffin (badge # 3439) and Judson Chapman (badge # 4603). Please take time to write about these men as well as the chief of police. Also I am wondering where the major is in all of this?

  • Angel White

I have been waiting outside this establishment for an officer since 1:37 pm for assistance for a dog trapped in a hot car. It's now 2:10 pm and still no officer. At this point, i'd be surprised if the dog is even alive. Great job APD. Real, GREAT. I'm about to break the damn window myself. Sad when you can't depend on them when you REALLY need them. Be prepared to die because these "officers" don't know how to show up. **UPDATE** They never showed up and the owner left after hearing some words from me but with no consequence to her actions.

  • Eric Brister

I just turned myself in to Austin P.D. because I had warrants for some tickets back in 2009. Not only did they tell me that they couldn't take me in tonight because downtown was so crazy... They told me that I can do a walkthrough tomorrow and not even have to of to jail!!~ That is now A 4 STAR REVIEW AND I'M VERY PROUD OF AUSTIN PD~!!!!! REASONS TO LOVE THE AUSTIN POLICE DEPARTMENT: 1. kNOWING WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR POWER 2. MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION IN A POTENRAILLY DAMGEROUS SITUATION 3. MAKING ME FEEL LIKE THEY ARE ON MY SIDE

  • Ryan Evarts

It took over a month to report a stolen vehicle of ours. Three trips back and forth to the police station 5 or six in answered phone calls with no call back. Talk about passing the buck! Then my wife gets assualted in a hotel. No arrest even though the perpetrater was still in the building. We went to the emergency room and my wife is now in a sling and has months of recovery. Called thw detectives and no call back. We're from out of state and this is by far the worst law enforcement agency I've experienced.

  • Sheena Mythoughts

I just been discriminated and wrongful summited a citation for emp#ap7077 2 white people with there phone next to they ear and he pulls me over saying i did. Threating me with an no insurance saying he cant find it in the system. Clearly u seen me with my so call device in my hand but cant find my insurance. Train your Austin Police the right way instead of lying trying to reach y'alls quota. I wouldn't even be on here if this was true this is ridiculous.

  • Luminous Paradox

These people are worse that some of the supposed criminals the condemn. The APD seems to love falsifying reports, making convictions without verifying the facts, and charging people for the luxury of being held against there will. The police officers in this city seem like a bunch of mindless robots who have a lower reasoning level than that of a 5th grader. Traffic cops are cool, but "responding officers" seem like they have daddy issues.

  • Genesis Rocha

Someone broke into a USPS drop box and stole a bunch of mail. Included in it, was a money order and multiple checks that were sent out and fraudulently cashed. We came in here to report it and give a copy of it to the police department. The officer, Mr. Reyes, obviously did not care to hear what we had to say and simply told us to call 311. You would think they would care, since tampering with mail is a federal offense.

  • Robert Titus

Nice rooms but a little on the small side. Can't beat the price, though. The food was was pretty good. The pink lemonade and PBJ really complimented each other. Who knew pancakes and peanut butter were so delicious? In fact, my only complaint was the hotel manager and most of the bellhops were rude bordering on aggressive. The location was unbeatable as the hotel is right downtown! Thanks APD, I'll be back.

  • Colby

In Austin my first time. At a bus stop, a man (who happened to be African-American) was doing nothing but sitting and waiting for his bus. Then a (white) police officer pulled up and made everyone uncomfortable, summoned the one black guy there and asked if he "has seen anything" started yelling at him rudely and drove off. This was disturbing to all of us at the bus stop and made us very uncomfortable.

  • John Blair

If you get into an accident, no matter how minor, you better call the police. We have a epidemic of uninsured motorist in this city, and APD is willfully refusing to enforce the law. If the uninsured motorist gives you false insurance information this is completely legal in Austin and failure to call the police makes it a civil matter because APD will refuse to enforce the law after the fact.

  • Scott Hoang

I had an incident and it took APD forever and a day to get to my question. I understand the city of Austin is getting crowded, but I couldn't find a parking spot to get to the police station. When I was driving away, I had to offers on horses that didn't let me pass them. I just sat in my car while they slowly trotted along the trail like it was their honeymoon or something.

  • caitlyn jackson

As a female Rainey street bartender who leaves work in the wee hours it can be terrifying to walk the alleys and underpass of 35 solo to get to my car. The ATV police man working this evening was top notch in breaking up the drunken debautchery. He was as equally impressive at breaking up dangerous traffic blockage as he was at assuring safety. Thank you APD.

  • Carl Wells

I have to say APD helped me out today, I had a vehicle transaction with the Uhaul company on Congress and Ben White go slightly wrong today over a van that Uhaul was selling me with Arizona tags on it, APD had my back and was on the spot to enforce my rights while purchasing a vehicle in a private sell transaction. Thanks Austin Police Department

  • Tom Short

I’ve been waiting over 6 hours for a standby on a car if mine that was stolen. I found the car and over 6 hours later still now officer has shown up. Face it APD doesn’t care. You can’t tell me that all of the officers on duty this day are covering emergencies. Also has a dispatcher with no manners. She was rude and kept interrupting.

  • Britta Ray

Useless. I had someone try to get into the back door of the business I work at while I was there. Called, and absolutely no one showed up. Had an employee threatened with harm. They told the employee to get the vehicle info and call when he came back. Still nothing. I've never felt so safe in my damn life.

  • Ben Thompson

These guys are an absolute joke. I've had to file two reports in the last month concerning two different matters and in neither case heard back from an officer. I think they're all too busy issuing texting and driving tickets and setting up speed traps. Keep up the great work, APD!

  • DisVet MarCiv33

Called at least 3 times today and a few times in the recent past, never once did a police come by nor were my previous calls recorded anywhere. A simple noise complaint apparently isn't worth their time, though the inconsiderate neighbors are loud enough to make anyone homicidal.

  • Patrick Zirpoli

Its been over 12 hours since I reported my car window smashed and broken into. I called back an hour ago and they said it's been reset and it'll be another 12 hours. I need a report to put through an insurance claim. Looks like my jeep with be open tonight as well...

  • Edwin Kuny

I called the APD at about 8:45 pm on Friday, April 19, 2019 for a wellness call concerning my adult son. The department responded immediately and within 15 minutes my son called (a bit upset) and said an officer had come and checked on him. Thank you so much.

  • AHyeah ATX

Please put a link to your tip line at the top of you main page .... your mobile app is no longer working on Samsung phones due to latest phone update. The mobile app keeps crashing and an error message appears saying that it's no longer compatible.

  • Navid

I parked my car at Ihop and waiting for my friend inside of ihop property but two guys came out from their car and lock my car wheel in front of me and didn’t accept my explanation that I’m waiting for my friends. I call 911 to ask police

  • Rebecca French

Had to get fingerprints done recently and the official here was very professional and nice! She explained everything efficiently and made it a smooth and easy process. The wait time was about 10 minutes, went during my lunch break.

  • Jayne Aniello

They give pointless tickets when they could actually stop real crime. I called about a domestic violence case and no one showed up. I honestly don’t know what happened to that woman but the police definitely don’t care.

  • James Wells

What a joke. Called for a car burglary, told will be contacted within 18 hours by an officer. 1 week later and I get the “your case has been closed” email after a no caller ID call way after midnight the night before.

  • Celeste Rosella

Thanks for sending 5 cops to put up signs to not park on the street for fat tuesdays... and then not close the street. Love that tax money going to a paper sign and a 40 minute break at voodoo donuts.

  • Fernando Villasenor

I Got stop for doing an ilegal turn, everything coming my way was well deserved but officer •••••• Gutierrez was super professional!!!!!! Thanks APD for your service and training of officers!!!!!

  • Don Polly

Yesterday, I rang from New Zealand inquiring about my brother who lives in Austin, and whose phone seemed to be off the hook for a week. The courtesy, and response was great. Much appreciated!

  • Teneisha Plummer

Detective Carvelo got me justice and found who robbed me and my daughter at gunpoint, I use to be scared of laws with all the killings of minority, they eased my worries and got me justice

  • Eric Lux

there is a video of a sargent beating a white male homeless person completely unprovoked while looking for a black woman. this incompetent sadistic extreme violence shouldnt be tolerated.

  • B-MAC 21

What is being done about the officers who forcefully arrested 3 people for jaywalking. There was no warning , no ticket/citation just the officers imposing their will on these 3 people

  • Daniel Peterson

APD is a joke. I just called to make a report about people doing drugs and they said we can't do anything if they are on there property but let someone jay walk and they are on you.

  • Jordan Tellez

Had an incident where debris hit my car. Called and got 311. It felt like i was being talked to like a child. Felt like operator was just going through the motions.

  • Joseph Eichhorn

APD officers are approachable and eager to discuss any questions I have.3-1-1 handles compliments and will pass on to supervisors. Name ,location, and time helps.

  • ••

Filing a police report was so difficult. it’s been almost a year and I have been unable to file despite MULTIPLE attempts. This department is an example of 1312

  • Robert Schaedel

I have contacted these keystone cops half a dozen times over being frauded money and yet to have a si gle thing done probably the worst police department around

  • Cindylu Brown

you know you never can get used to visiting the police station it always looks the same inside but very different architect outside it's a beautiful building

  • Celeste Maldonado

I have had to put in two requests for police escort and still dont know if they will escort me!! And it take up to four hours to get a call back from them!!

  • Jayne

When there is a situation and you need law enforcement, they are never there to assist. It’s pointless to call unless someone is dying.

  • Luke Brown

I wuz only smoking crack and slapping them and they arrested me and the handcuffs hurt my wrists. Police brutality is alive and well.

  • Adrian Lopez Rojas

They are dog killers. Look up what they have done its all in their facebook reviews. Unless they deleted the posts.

  • Rachel Hall

183 and 35. Thank you to the officer out changing a tire for the little frail old guy. It's hot out there.

  • Graham Freeman

Clearly overstaffed. Bored cops with nothing better to do than to harass pedestrians and joggers.

  • MA

The police officers that are helping with the road construction are rude and very disrespectful.

  • Brayan Henriquez

Officer white should be fired!!!! Justin Scott deserves better!!! Justice needs to be served!!!

  • Kevin I'myourHuckleberry

Tried to file a missing person report for a 65 year old lady was told to basically go f myself

  • Johnny Martinez

I've meet and know many of the Police that work there and they are very nice and helpful.

  • Rachael Hicken

Very poor communication. Hate crimes are over looked there and not investigated properly.

  • Dylan

Thank you for not shooting my autistic son when some moron from the internet swatted him.

  • Joseph Bustos

No line and 2 window's open and I didn't need to pass a metal detector to get in.

  • Tony Welch

So cool, They don't even have to wave back to a friendly wave, keep Austin weird

  • Rodney Cromer

I always have a positive experience when I visit the Austin Police Department.

  • Tyana Rivka Perl

Necesito el número de la policía de Austin Texas. Alguien lo sabe. Por favor?

  • N.L Hurt

I support A.P.D they have a hard job having to deal with chaos 24/7 .

  • Michael Lewandowski

Excellent service, friendly and professional officers. Very helpful.


Tyrants! Learn the law and constitution not manipulation and lies.

  • Yagot

these folks saved my autistic son from dangerous internet trolls

  • Jerry Thomas Allen

They're efficient these days...make an JT

  • Trauma -AFR-T-31

Being beat, jumped and profiled for crossing the street.

  • Damian Havens

These are the worst police in the USA. ReAl but heads

  • Jackie James

Give people tickets when they cause accidents! Yeesh!

  • R F

One of the best police departments in the nation!

  • Jay Byers

Need to modernize. Very uninviting lobby area.

  • Jose Martinez

how does a police dept close on weekends???

  • Jessica Graham

APD has no follow through on complaints.

  • Juan Sorto

Exelenye lugar,gran atención al publico

  • Salvador Rubalcava

All police deserve respect. Thank you.

  • Alex FaVaTa

NO Contact phone number, unacceptable.

  • Andren Rammy

i will can check list so for in jail??

  • Austin White

Would be better if Austin was safer.

  • Danny Cage

Really helpful and ready to serve.

  • David Harbour

Officers are always helpful here.

  • L B

Very violent and out of touch.

  • Dave Flynn

What a great bunch of people.

  • F R

Not too great of service.

  • Controla La ansiedad

Muy amables y eficientes

  • Eric Kilcollins

Too many cops.

  • HisDesignMinistry By:TcMacDesigns

Very helpful!

  • Bobbie J King


  • Meatballwarrior


  • Jace v
  • Michael Murphy
  • Naomijoyski
  • Savannah Haley
  • Dallas Kelley
  • Anthony Gonzales
  • Alexander P
  • Jose Saucedo
  • Whatsin Aname
  • ann johnson
  • gigi gigi
  • Don Austen

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