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Clever Accounts - Accounting service for limited companies is a Accountant located at Selby Rd, Garforth, Leeds LS25 1NB, United Kingdom. It has received 287 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.





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  • The address of Clever Accounts - Accounting service for limited companies: Selby Rd, Garforth, Leeds LS25 1NB, United Kingdom

  • Clever Accounts - Accounting service for limited companies has 4.4 stars from 287 reviews

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  • "I am writing this review to express my utmost satisfaction with the services provided by Clever Accounts"

    "Unfortunately, I have not found Clever Accounts to be a good accountancy service compared to what you can get on your own for free with an accountancy software or even paid but significantly less than what fees that Clever Accounts charges"

    "Soo i been badly laid down by my accountants who was running my company thru the year not sure if i can call it running a company… They haven’t even explain how to use a quickbooks and all the does was payrolls and P60"

    "In short, Clever Accounts are awesome! Unlike other providers, you’re given a dedicated accountant who gets to know your individual business and needs"

    "My personal experiences with Amy Bickersteth, The Manager Of Samantha Hill at Clever Account In Leeds was amazing and helpful and supportive customer relations with myself!!! Amy was extremely helpful, supportive and professional and amazing customer relations to myself as a valued customer at Clever Account!!! Amy amazingly solved my ongoing extremely concerns, frustrations and unhappiness I was having with my own accountant Samantha Hill, because of miscommunications and misunderstandings between myself and my accountant regarding My Tax Returns For 2020/2021 and 2021/2022!! Because Of Amy professionalism and Her customer relations skills and experiences, Amy magically solved my concerns, frustrations, worries and then my unhappiness regarding My Tax Returns, concerns and complaints I made through Her, Amy Bickersteth!!! I Junkung Njie Gave 100% Credits and 100% Customer Relations To Amy Bickersteth For Her Amazing Helped and Amazing Support Regarding My Concerns!!! Amazing and Professional Amy!!! Junkung Njie"


  • Nauman Khan

I am writing this review to express my utmost satisfaction with the services provided by Clever Accounts. Their expertise in tax management has been instrumental in helping my company navigate the complex world of taxation, leading to significant savings. Their team has demonstrated a proactive approach to our tax needs. They have consistently anticipated potential challenges and provided solutions before they could impact our financial health. This proactive nature has not only saved us money but also valuable time and resources. One of the standout features of Clever Accounts is their availability. Regardless of the time or day, their team has always been readily available to address our queries and concerns. This level of accessibility is rare and has made our collaboration seamless and stress-free. In addition to their excellent service, Clever Accounts also offers an intuitive online portal for bookkeeping. This platform has simplified our financial management process, making it easy for us to keep track of our accounts and transactions. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive features of the portal have significantly improved our efficiency in managing our books. In conclusion, Clever Accounts has exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Their exceptional service, proactive approach, availability, and innovative online portal have all contributed to our company’s financial success. I highly recommend Clever Accounts to any business seeking efficient and effective tax management.

  • Ana Lucia Soler Villanueva

Unfortunately, I have not found Clever Accounts to be a good accountancy service compared to what you can get on your own for free with an accountancy software or even paid but significantly less than what fees that Clever Accounts charges. For me, a dedicated accountant to whom you pay £125-£150 should be able to support and consult you through the processes required to run a limited company. Instead, Clever Accounts assigns you a resource who is not very helpful, provides limited to no on boarding of their processes or platform and lacks effective communication and information. Links to their "resource" tools are broken and lead to nowhere, and I was left trying to figure out all the processes on my own. Further, each time I spoke with the accountant, the communication was strained and difficult to understand and since there was no follow up email to confirm what was shared, a lot of things just remain unclear and unsupported. Case in point, I had to chase down my VAT return because instead of guiding me to what I needed to do, I was neglected and now my VAT return is late. My point is, why pay for their service when you have to do all the work yourself and figure it out on your own? I'd rather pay less or not at all and do that through an accounting software that actually works. Very disappointing, not worth the hassle and definitely no value for what you pay.

  • Piotr Mierzejewski

Soo i been badly laid down by my accountants who was running my company thru the year not sure if i can call it running a company… They haven’t even explain how to use a quickbooks and all the does was payrolls and P60. As a new company that meant to be my first set of accounts as i am looking for business expansion so securing a funds was a crucial for me as i do run Landscaping company, they did tell me it will take two months as they do have other companies with a deadlines.I want my accounts to be done just after a deadline to show to HMRC and lenders i am trusted and keep building my company brand. Even offered them 600£ for speeding it up. No response , pure jokers. I die find another company, they promised company sales person confirmed with their account guru the would do it in two weeks. Friday before deadline they says due to the mess in quick books the cant help, two weeks wasted. I found Clever Accountancy calling me right away , discuss the price lower then any competitors and let them crack on with it. Waiting for the outcome but i am really pleased with them, very friendly and professional team, they calling me when they need something nothing better i can expect. Well deserved 5 stars from me. Straight Forward Gardens Ltd

  • Sophie Ottaway

In short, Clever Accounts are awesome! Unlike other providers, you’re given a dedicated accountant who gets to know your individual business and needs. The price point is incredible, the service is fast and reliable and they’re really nice honest people to do business with. My current accountant, Amina, has gone over and above this year in helping me with accountant references, tax queries and all manner of questions. They provide a great piece of online software for bookkeeping - not too dissimilar to free agent. They also provide very competitive packages which include all of the insurances you need to get started. They’ve really helped my business over the years. They held my hand when I needed it as I started out in contracting and 4 years later, everything just works like clockwork. The most important thing to stress is that Clever Accounts are RELIABLE. I’ve never once had a late return and my queries are always responded to very quickly and efficiently. I hear so many contractors whinging about their accountancy firm and I always tell them - go to Clever Accounts. You’ll pay half the price of your London firms and get double the service! So, thank you Amina and thank you Clever Accounts!

  • Junkung Njie

My personal experiences with Amy Bickersteth, The Manager Of Samantha Hill at Clever Account In Leeds was amazing and helpful and supportive customer relations with myself!!! Amy was extremely helpful, supportive and professional and amazing customer relations to myself as a valued customer at Clever Account!!! Amy amazingly solved my ongoing extremely concerns, frustrations and unhappiness I was having with my own accountant Samantha Hill, because of miscommunications and misunderstandings between myself and my accountant regarding My Tax Returns For 2020/2021 and 2021/2022!! Because Of Amy professionalism and Her customer relations skills and experiences, Amy magically solved my concerns, frustrations, worries and then my unhappiness regarding My Tax Returns, concerns and complaints I made through Her, Amy Bickersteth!!! I Junkung Njie Gave 100% Credits and 100% Customer Relations To Amy Bickersteth For Her Amazing Helped and Amazing Support Regarding My Concerns!!! Amazing and Professional Amy!!! Junkung Njie

  • Jules

Was with these guys for 2.5 years. The first two years were great, but something must have happened in the past six months or so because the service went down the drain. They kept asking me for information that I had already given them, and then made a mistake in my tax return (wrong address), which took them more than SEVEN WEEKS to correct. I was chasing and chasing and chasing, they kept telling me an updated version would come, and it just wouldn't. When it finally did, the mistake was still there! It was eventually corrected after more back and forth they offered me a free month for the trouble, but then they charged me anyway. Great accounting. Completely lost faith and cancelled, which is a shame as I used to really like them. It was like they couldn't care less - they didn't even ask me why I chose to cancel or if there was anything they could do to learn what went wrong.

  • Matt Murray

I've used Clever Accounts for over 2 years for my Ltd company. During this time I've had a number of questions and they've answered every single one. My accountant (David) is really helpful and friendly, responsive whenever I've needed help or information. They go the extra mile to ensure that my company accounts are up to date and that all documentation has been submitted correctly. They were able to advise on elements of my company set-up when I started initially, and have helped massively with recent queries I've had where I needed extra documentation to support some personal financial tasks which required evidence of finances from my company activities. I will continue using Clever Accounts as long as my company is running because they continue to make everything effortless so I can focus on my business.

  • Sanyam Kaushik

I wish there was a rating less than 1 star. Few years ago, I had very good experience with Clever Accounts. But its worse than horrible at the moment. My account fails to respond to me even after 3 days of wait. I have to send chaser emails to which she responds in one liners. I escalated this to their leadership and they promised to sort out the issue but it still remains the same. The accounts prepared by accountant had issues. I found error in my last year accounts because of which i paid in excess of £500 in corporation tax. This year's accounts were sent back for correction already twice. They failed to file my VAT return on time. Failed to file my accounts on time last year. avoid at any cost. there are much better accountants out there and cheaper too....

  • Shay Adesanya

Honestly roll on new tax year so I can get as far away from this firm as possible. It has been a headache from the day I started. Perhaps I’ve just been unlucky and my company is just not a priority for them but if I’m paying you I need to feel valued and I don’t here. their accounting tool is slow, reconciling is painful… one stage the company weren’t receiving any emails from outlook accounts and that took them over 2 months to accept and rectify, my first accountant made mistakes getting me onboarded which had an impact on my filing and my home address is still showing on some websites which they claim has nothing to do with them. I have more to say but I just can’t be bothered. My advise would be run, don’t come here!!!

  • Stephen Aspinall

I have been using Clever Accounts to manage the accounts for my Ltd company for over 18 months and have found both the online portal and the Accountancy advice very professional. The introductory support in the early few months is excellent and you can communicate via email or phone with questions or queries, with responses the same day. I was recommended to Clever Accounts and was assigned Michael Grant, as my accountant, who was incredibly supportive and full of useful advice and tips. He is always professional and prompt to respond to questions and consider how best to respond to the changing needs of my business which has improved the businesses productivity and profitability. I would highly recommend Clever Accounts.

  • Shelley Kennedy

Clever accounts sorted my self assessment and tax rebatelast year without too much stress, but this year they have been utterly useless. I will never use this shambles of a company again. Clever accounts are anything, but Clever. Communication is poor to non existent. My self assessment is very similar every year, but this year you clearly tried to scam me for thousands of pounds. I went to a an independent accountants and it was sorted in an hour and for a third of the price, plus I got a lot more money going elsewhere.. Clever accounts have wasted five weeks of my time and done nothing, but try and scrounge money out of me for providing no service whatsoever. Totally incompetent.

  • Christopher Roberts

My company is switching away from Clever Accounts after nearly five years. For the first three years the service was reasonable, apart from their frustrating accounting portal. However, over the last couple of years, a revolving door of "dedicated" accounts have made a litany of mistakes with VAT, payroll, year end, you name it! Communication has also been poor. Despite raising the issues, they barely acknowledged them, never mind apologised, so I finally took the decision to leave. I've subsequently discovered that they completely screwed up the last VAT return. I feel completely vindicated in my decision to move on, my only regret being that I should have left years ago.

  • Helpful Reviews

I am changing my review from 5 to 1. I have had good and bad experience with Clever accounts. But since last couple of months it is the worst experience ever. My key observations: 1. It used to be quick response on the phone and emails. Now you have to book appointment but no guarantee they call you back 2. Email response used to be on the same day. Now they say it is 2 days but you will be lucky if they respond at all 3. Every time if you complain someone will make it appear it is good from here forth but worse 4. Lack knowledge in more indeapth issues, so any unskilled employee who are assigned to you would cause significant delays. Over all don't recommend this firm.

  • Toby Steed

I've been using Clever Accounts for 7 years now and have nothing but positive things to say about them. Daud is so helpful whenever I email, no matter how trivial or silly I feel asking or even if I feel I'm barraging him with constant emails, he's always so accommodating and takes the time to explain in a really friendly manner. The response times are always really quick as well. Everything in terms of returns and the important tax dates throughout the year, everything is sent to me well in advance so I've never been left to worry about approaching deadlines. Can't recommend them enough and will continue to use them for as long as I need an accountant

  • 1902typhoon

It was easy to set up and the team supported me well with the process. Samantha was very helpful in explaining me how the software works and where to find the relevant reports. They assign you with a dedicated accountant who will communicate with you which I find very good. Always available at the other end when you want to speak to them.Signed up with Clever Accounts just before xmas last year, I am happy with the service so far. Provided them with my income and expenses for self assessment purpose, rest Clever Accountant did it for me. So overall a happy customer

  • Valery Maximo

I’ve been with Clever Accounts for about 10 months now and so far so good. I started freelancing last year for the first time, and didn’t know much about running my finances and keeping them in order. luckily my accountant is always patient with my endless queries and if he isn’t available, I usually get a call back with a simple and accurate response. Their monthly fee is cost effective compared with other services out there, and what you get in return. I keep my invoices and expenses updated and they take care of the rest. I would definitely recommend the service.

  • Steven Proctor

I can fully recommend Clever Accounts, i am a small IT business and as such do not really want to get embroiled in accounting details. The people at Clever Accounts do everything relating to VAT, Corporation Tax, Payroll, Year End etc with the minimum of fuss and always with plenty of notice if i need to do something. They are always on hand for any advice that you might want. The online portal is excellent to the point where i do not need to run any accounts software myself. Great value for money and a very professional service.

  • Tony Rees

Clever Accounts have been amazing and have looked after all my accounting needs since the 6th December 2013 right up to the present day August 2020. They provide an online portal so you can access all of your transactions and process wages, expenses and dividends very easily. Always very responsive and great to work with. I have had the pleasure of working recently with Amy Bickersteth who has looked after my every need during a very busy accounting period for me. Thanks for everything so far kind regards James Rees

  • Jacqueline Smith

I have been using Clever Accounts for over 5 years. I had an excellent accountant (Tina Little) who was very helpful but sadly then fell into someone elses portfolio for a while & was very unhappy with the way things were dealt with (or not) regards VAT & tax refunds. Happily, I am now in the safe hands of Kerry Carter who is FANTASTIC. Very easy to contact, follows through & resolves stuff. I suppose the moral of the tale is try & chose your accountant & try & get Kerry! Thank you Kerry for all your hard work

  • Liliana Pantoja

Great experience so far. I have been with Clever Accounts for 6 months and I have had all my questions answered promptly by Amad who is great, has a lot of knowledge and is very reliable. I'm very pleased with the service and the software. I got early reminders to pay my taxes and duties. The only missing point is that Clever Accounts does not provide service regarding R&D tax credits and that might force me to move to another company at some point this year. Other than that I highly recommend them

  • Stefan Besnea

Excellent service, great value. I have used their services starting 2016 since I first arrived in the UK. As someone who had no idea about accounting and managing the financial relation with the British HMRC, I have found that clever accounts was a great choice. Not only the online platform is easy to use, but the staff is always responsive, helpful and reliable. (thank you Matthew for your patience during these years, your services and advice are greatly appreciated) Highly recommend!

  • Nikolas Sia

I had the pleasure of working with Hasib from Clever Accounts during the onboarding process for our two companies, (Property Investment and Trading). Hasib, was an absolute delight to work with and was instrumental in helping us set up both companies successfully. He took the time to understand our business, he was patient, attentive, and truly went above and beyond to ensure that everything was set up correctly. Thank you Hasib. We look forward to working with you in the future!

  • Paul Stokes

I've been with Clever Accounts for 3 years now and the service has been great. My accountant Shamaem has always been accessible and very helpful, taking time to run through a number of options for consideration when I was looking to make an investment from my company, highlighting the pros and cons of each. The online portal also makes things incredibly easy, I work away a lot so being able to update my expenses and invoice when I have a free moment makes things a lot simpler.

  • Anthony Lloyd

Have used their services since 2013 and have always found them to be responsive, very helpful and very knowledgeable. Their portal makes keeping things up to date really very easy and shows at a glance how much you can pay to yourself and how much you must keep back for HMRC. All in all a very positive experience and I would recommend them to anyone just starting out in business who doesn't want to have to worry too much about dealing with the tax side of things.

  • Devlin Thornicroft

I have been using Clever Accounts for about 4 years now. To date the service, particularly from my assigned accountant Amar, has been fantastic. Their portal has seen many updates over the years and has been improving immensely. They now offer Open Banking connectivity which makes managing monthly invoices much easier. All reports - VAT, corp tax etc. are processed nice and quick. Overall, very happy with the service. No plans to leave. Highly recommended.

  • uk lavanya

Clever accounts are very professional. I have dealt with Matthew, Paul, Amy, Chandan and others. I was with Clever accounts for couple of years. All have provided excellent service. I would recommend anyone who wants to join Clever accounts, they can blindly join without a second thought. Thank you clever accounts team for your wonderful service. There portal is very good. Thankyou Chandan for your Support and you have been wonderful and fantastic.

  • Nicholas Guy

Started well with a dedicated accountant who advised me on how to proceed with my accounts and business expenses. My business ceased trading after a few months so I sought assistance from Clever in wrapping up the accounts. Over the course of the next few months I was passed from accountant to accountant until the deadline for filing. At this stage none of my expenses had been factored in resulting in a higher tax bill. Not recommended.

  • Ricardo Newman

I have been using Clever Account for my limited company over the last few years. The service provided has been excellent, always available to assist and more importantly, they take take the stress out of managing my account. I really like the automated notification systems in place for both VAT, Accounts & self-assessment and the simple to use portal. Thank you for all the support from the team. I highly recommend using this service.

  • David Keogh

I have edited this review to reflect the satisfaction earned back by the hard work of Jannath and Vijeta. It highlights to me that they have taken accountability and I can’t fault the measures they have taken to rectify the inconvenience caused. I don’t like giving poor reviews, and where accountability is taken I am more than happy to reflect this. I hope next time I’m reviewing, you get that extra star. Well done Clever Accounts!

  • A Paul

I became a contractor for the first time last year and had no idea how it worked from an accounts and tax perspective. A friend recommended Clever Accounts to me so I joined up. The introduction process was easy and my accountant gave me a tour of the online portal. Since then, he has looked after me and answered all my questions. He has been so helpful and a great ambassador for the company. I strongly recommend them!

  • Dana Ferro

I had a great experience working with Hasnain Shafi @ Clever Accounts over the past year. He's very knowledgeable, easy to interact with and he's offering a very proactive service altogether. I feel that my expectations are managed very carefully and with much professionalism and for this I am thankful to him and to Clever Accounts alike. I'd highly recommend Hasnain's services to anyone looking for a good accountant.

  • Patricia Ladrón de Guevara Alcaraz

My assistant Katie is absolutely brilliant!! She is efficient, reliable , experienced and quick . I am more than happy working with her , it has been wasting time and money keeping my previous accountant, fortunately I’ve found her thanks one of my collages recommended her . Now , I am recommending Clever Accounts all the time . Thank you Katie , you make everything looks easier and straight forward

  • C B

I took the leap into the world of running my own business recently. Having researched the options I chose to use Clever Accounts. So far I'm delighted with the courteous, professional approach from everybody I've dealt with. I now have an allocated accountant and his services have already proved invaluable. I am looking forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with Clever Accounts.

  • Bigchange Ianlong

Clever Accounts have been great for me, I had been made redundant as my employer had gone into liquidation, but very quickly had an offer to contract. I had no knowledge at all of what to do. Clever accounts helped me every step of the way, setting up my company and providing a simple portal to help keep the accounting side simple and easy to manage. I would thoroughly recommend their service

  • Sai Sinna

Had to leave after 4 years as the portal they use is painfully slow and inaccurate, constant wrong automated emails telling me to do different things, it's clear they do not care about service but just want to grow their books with as many people as possible. I went through 3 different accountants in a space of 5/6 months as they kept leaving - a clear reflection of things behind the scenes.

  • Dhiran Hirani

I've been a client of Clever Accounts client since April 2015 and have had a very positive experience to date. I have a good working relationship with Daud who is my personal point of contact. He is always thorough when dealing questions and queries, timely in managing my company administration. I highly recommend him and the company for their service and value for money.

  • Damian Coley

I Previously gave them a good review but then things started to go down hill no reply to calls and very poor service. I has aske them on many occations to place my account to non trading for a period of time only to be charged full price even though they have agreed to change this for me for the last two months. I will be going elsewhere for a better service.

  • Andrew Shephard

I've been using Clever Accounts for my accounting needs for almost 3 years now and have had an excellent experience with them since the very beginning. Matthew Horsman, my account manager has been nothing short of superb, always advising me with clients, contracts, expenses whenever necessary. A great team I look forward to working with in the years ahead.

  • Chetan Varsani

I've been using Clever Account for almost 3 years now and have been impressed with their level of professionalism and accounting knowledge. My dedicated Accountant Daud is always available to answer any questions I have and is on top of any regulatory and accounting practice changes. A complete service with very friendly and helpful Accountants.

  • Jane Dunn

I can genuinely state that I have had no issues whatsoever with my Accountant at Clever. He is a valued member of my Team which enables me to provide my services. He always comes in on time. He is always available when needed, does exactly what is required, resolves issues, whilst treating me with utmost respect. I genuinely value his services.

  • Diane Farrar

It's good to have a personal 'contact accountant' who is always super efficient, responsive and friendly. The online site has improved so much compared to the old version that existed when I first joined. It is very quick and easy to carry out any tasks. Information is easy to find and understand. The site is very pleasing to work on.

  • Sam Burke

Hasnain has been the best accountant I have ever had. He responds back on questions incredibly fast, is super nice, polite and a joy to work with. He always gives good answers to technical questions (I trained as a chartered accountant some time ago so I know he knows his stuff) and I feel like he really cares. Thanks a lot Hasnain!

  • Chapman Family of 9

Thinking of leaving after 3.5 years as the portal they use is painfully slow and inaccurate, constant wrong amounts, emails telling me to do different things. I went through 2 different accountants and the current account has made a handful of mistakes - including my end of year return not really the results looking for.

  • Paul Richards

Clever Accounts have provided my accounting services since I started my company Re-envisageIT Ltd. 5 years ago. Their overall service level has been very good. A few minor errors but these were quickly dealt with. Very responsive accountants. and great not to have to deal with all the detailed account filing process.

  • Leon Llewellyn-Richards

Clever Accounts has supported my business for over 7 years and it has worked without issues. A dedicated consultant is always available and responds to any queries rapidly to support my business operations. I'd gladly recommend for affordable and hassle-free accounting. The Web portal is also easy and user friendly.

  • Nick Rust

Being new to trading as a limited company I found Clever Accounts the ideal partner to help manage my finances. The dedicated accountant has provided expert advice, particularly when using the CA portal which is extremely easy to use. Overall using CA has been a positive experience and very good value for money.

  • Simon Hart

I have recently stareted to use Clever Accounts. I find responsiveness very important for an accountant and already have had a late return due to Clever Account lack of responsivness. Currently I have sent multiple e-mails (and chasing e-mails) over the course of the week and unfortunately not received a reply.

  • Praveer Srivastava

I cannot thank enough Tabarak as he has answer for all the queries which makes me believe that he is the perfect accountant for the job. Tabarak has been my accountant for past few years and has always helped with my accounting and self-assessment needs both for business and personal. Thank you Tabarak!!

  • amar bhanabhai

I've worked with Clever Accounts since formation of my company (and yes, CA also did this for me!) and never looked back! Great service, informative, portal which is extremely easy to use and they look after the all-important finance issues allowing me to simply focus on my business! Highly recommended !

  • Grant Wiseman

I would highly recommend Hasnain and his team at Clever Accounts. As I was a brand new business start up 3 years ago they have been excellent in answering my many questions and always respond that day with the information/answer I need. The software that comes with my package is also very easy to use

  • Homecogs

Clever accounts have an amazing documentation system which covers everything to help you run your business. I've been with them for many years and my personal accountant Tabarak is one of the best accountants I've ever had, he will do what he can to help you and has saved me ££££! Thanks mate!

  • Andrew

Very pleased with the overall performance of Clever Accounts. The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and are available to answer your questions when needed. Their prices are affordable and competitive. I have and will continue to recommend them for all your accounting requirements.

  • Jo Bl

I am very happy with this accountancy and I have had a few ! Efficient, effective and personal. I get worthwhile access to my dedicated accountant when I need. Truly value for money. Special shout out for my accountant Amar Mahmood. Feel free to email me if you want more.

  • Dee Righty

This is a great company to have handle accounting of any business, I have used them for over a year now and am 100% committed, Keeley Bell is a wonderful accountant always has time for any questions and answers them thoroughly and professional. I would defiantly recommend

  • Carmen Guerrero

I've been using Clever Accounts for over a year now and can't recommend them enough. Really good customer services, fast response. Their portal require some time to keep transactions up to date but there hasn't been an occasion when my accountant hasn't been able to help.

  • Mary Roberton

Really pleased with the service I receive from my account Katie Whitley. Katie really understands my business needs, is always available for a call or by email at short notice, is patient and provides great advice on how best to structure my accounts. Highly recommend.

  • Luis Lozano

I've had a great experience dealing with the Clever Accounts staff, specially with Tina my dedicated accountant. They've been very friendly and explained things clearly. The software and app are easy to use and I've always felt supported and guided. Great Service!

  • Rebecca Westwood

Unreliable. Booked several call backs from Alice Orford-Kinder. Not once did she bother to make contact with me despite booking online via her calendar and over the phone through her colleges. Paid for a service for her to do the tax wrong and no further contact.

  • Mona Birnbaum

Katie, my accountant at Clever Accounts, is very reliable, customer focussed and turns around my queries in no time. I love working with her, so yes, I am very satisfied with the services. The portal software on the other hand needs improvements.

  • Amber Franklin

Amar has been very helpful with our business accounts, very responsive and always available to assist. He has taken time to go though different aspects that we were unsure of and always makes the effort to ensure we have the correct information.

  • D Dam

horrible communication. only email I get back is "I am off sick" or "This person is on vacation" very slow to get back to you and to get the job done. I got a fine of £700 for being late and I had to pay them £300 for doing a horrible job.

  • Michael Brandon

I have been with Clever accounts for about a month, and Amar has been absolutely amazing help. Couldn't ask for a better service from him especially. Very informative, polite, quick response and provides amazing advice. Thank you

  • Laura Elson

Amar has been incredible I’m so happy I switched to Clever Accounts. I had a complicated bank switch over as I use pots to save tax in my account and Amar put a lot of work into helping me set up free agent and I’m so pleased.

  • Michelle Welch

Have dealt with Hasnain at Clever Accounts for several years and extremely pleased with the service he provides, always reliable and prompt with any queries I have from time to time and very knowledgeable, highly recommended

  • Liam Upson-Maguire

Amar at Clever Accounts has been brilliant, he has explained everything I need to do and know as a ltd company director. The dashboard is a great way of being able to track everything my business does on a day to day basis.

  • Martin Ager

Very bad accountants avoid at all costs. The accountants do not follow instructions accounts system is atrocious. Accountants do not come back to you. Requested company closure about 5 months ago and still waiting.

  • Andy Crawford

My contract at Clever Accounts is prompt in responding to my queries, is courteous and knows her stuff. The only issue is that the Portal is slow to respond to updates and isn't as user-friendly as it could be...

  • Ben Moore

Great first conversation with Jack, my accountant. Clearly explained everything and made the thought of setting up my company something to look forward to, not something to be afraid of! Highly recommended.

  • Karolina Suliokiene

Professional and very reliable service, especially highly recommend Amar Mahmood - prompt replies, great advice and most importantly - any accounts always filed on time. Thank you for the brilliant service.

  • Peter Whittingham

I have been with Clever Accounts for several years and they always respond quickly to my queries and provide excellent advice. Their web site is very easy to use so my whole experience is very satisfactory.

  • Matthew Prince

Quite simply, Hasnain has been the best accountant I have ever had. Service has been excellent, and I honestly feel that I have been the best looked after I have been. Outstanding and highly recommended

  • Happiness Amune

I have been registered with this account company for more than 4 years and I will recommend them to anyone. My personal accountant Tabarak has been amazing and excellent at handling my account promptly

  • Christopher Williams

Every question I have is answered with patience and a lot of knowledge ! Highly recommend. As a new business owner, accounts are very daunting but Clever Accounts keep me on track and in check

  • Yani Boss

Amar is very helpful and makes accounting seem easy he is always there to help and gives you straight forward instructions to help you navigate through the softwear would highly recommend

  • James Thompson

Very helpful, walked me through the whole process & I now feel confident proceeding. Dedicated Accountant to help with any queries and monthly progression. Highly recommended.

  • anthony barkes

My accountant Jack has been extremely helpful, professional & very clear to the point with all questions that I have asked him. Very happy with my accountant. …

  • tiago silva

Charged me an unauthorised monthly fee and even after recognising the mistake, always ignored my requests and never returned the money. All looks a scam to me .

  • Philip Carroll

Very happy with the service received from Clever Accounts. Keeley, my nominated Accountant, is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to deal with.

  • Tiernan Clarke

Extremely helpful and informative from the get go. My Personal Accountant, Amar has been great to work with and helped me in the early stages of my company.

  • Johan Van der Merwe

They are the best accountants I've used over the past 8 years. Even when I had cost of living difficulties, they were very understanding and accommodating.

  • Akeem .B

I have with clever account for about 2 years now and it’s been a great experience. my accountant response to my queries very quickly. Great service

  • Colin Spoormans

Very easy to use and you have an unlimited amount of support from your personal accountant who is always on hand to answer your calls or emails.

  • Steven leow

Nasty piece of work just because you enquire does not mean it cost you 39 pound and I've never agreed for clever accounts to represent me !!

  • Leon Christian

Clever Accounts (Tabarak) has always been available to assist with all my accounting queries. Great service and highly recommended.

  • Colin Oliver

Been using Clever Accounts for over 2 years, no issues with their portal or supporting services. I’ve had great support from Amar.

  • Marc Aproskie

Always helpful with lots of knowledge being shared and generally helps to make running my business accounts less painful

  • Exe Gersha

I'm happy working with Tina as my accountant, she has been assertive and responsive upon every of my requests.

  • Andrew Cham

Tabarak was very helpful and patient in answering questions on the phone about company structure, etc.

  • Mark Penney

Jack is so helpful- enjoys going the extra mile and we are appreciative of his support and patience

  • Rupam Pathak

Working with them for 5+ years now. Great experience, reasonable fees, satisfactory service.

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