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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a Car rental agency located at 11633 Harry Hines Blvd #102, Dallas, TX 75229. It has received 233 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.





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  • The address of Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 11633 Harry Hines Blvd #102, Dallas, TX 75229

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car has 4.1 stars from 233 reviews

  • Car rental agency

  • "I do not recommend this store at all! In April, one of Geico’s policy holders(A huge truck) hit my beautiful car pretty hard&nearly damaged the entire passenger side because they made too wide of a turn"

    "This location trying to hold us responsible for damages that were not made by us because the vehicle that we received was dented up and scratched and this vehicle that was rented to us we picked up May 26 2023 and it was dropped off Wednesday by the dealership Toyota so then I called next day asking about the refund so was told I have it returned so received refund June 8th or 9th then month later a letter receive letter saying he did damage so contacted the damage recovery unit and now they want to send a letter saying that the location off enterprises was contacted and based on their information and investigation still want damages to paid by my insurance or credit card I would like to know what information because it’s more like heresay because the day vehicle was picked representative took pics he was filling in for Austin and that rep is in the video "

    "I have a company just down the road from this location"

    "I have never in my 46 years on planet earth had a worse experience trying to rent anything"

    "I've rented before with Enterprise at a different location and had a great experience"


  • Jazzy Joy

I do not recommend this store at all! In April, one of Geico’s policy holders(A huge truck) hit my beautiful car pretty hard&nearly damaged the entire passenger side because they made too wide of a turn.. I should’ve called my lawyers immediately(now I may have to)but, Geico agreed to pay for any damages and they gave me a complimentary rental code for Enterprise. When I went into this particular one.. I informed the cashier that I had been sent to them via Enterprise customer service.. the cashier lied and said they didn’t have any cars available(because I’m mixed with black maybe?).. I mentioned that I would have to start filing complaints because I knew they had cars&I have used Enterprise a few times before.. so the young man changed his mind&gave me one after wasting my time. He gave me a small Nissan Versa that had scratches/dents on it.. and there’s a weird sound when sharp turns are made smh! (I’m assuming the worst one they had) So anyways, The body work on my car wasn’t finished until May 19th. On that day, when I went to pick up my car, I noticed that my check engine light was on.. so I immediately called Geico AND Enterprise and asked them what to do about the rental&about the Engine light.. both companies said to keep the rental until my engine light was diagnosed&until my “adjuster” contacted me to give me further instructions.. I received these same instructions for 2&a half weeks! I called&called&got called back, I have numerous voicemails&calls proving that I wasn’t negligent with communication in between working two jobs and in the midst of losing a loved one. My Adjuster FINALLY called me back on June 6th&left a voicemail instructing the exact same thing! Now Enterprise called me to inform that Geico stopped paying all the way on May 17th when my car was still being worked on.. so, TODAY I’m swamped at work&there’s a detective blowing me up talking about criminal charges being placed against me?? Now I just got my car from another shop AN HOUR ago.. it was mentioned how unprofessional it was for Geico to show up to their shop the way they did.. My Adjuster FINALLY said to return the rental today(I got my car now so of course) after I mentioned the detective.. &the issue regarding whatever payments are due will go into motion on Monday! I don’t know what kind of miscommunications were had but, all of this was totally uncalled for. I had never had any issues with Enterprise until now! My advice to everybody if y’all are getting a claim handled through Geico, involving an Enterprise rental.. call your lawyers immediately, just in case! I didn’t deserve this and neither does anyone else!

  • Dora Rojas

This location trying to hold us responsible for damages that were not made by us because the vehicle that we received was dented up and scratched and this vehicle that was rented to us we picked up May 26 2023 and it was dropped off Wednesday by the dealership Toyota so then I called next day asking about the refund so was told I have it returned so received refund June 8th or 9th then month later a letter receive letter saying he did damage so contacted the damage recovery unit and now they want to send a letter saying that the location off enterprises was contacted and based on their information and investigation still want damages to paid by my insurance or credit card I would like to know what information because it’s more like heresay because the day vehicle was picked representative took pics he was filling in for Austin and that rep is in the video ..and I sent videos and pics and they still still coming back saying we have to pay .. nope nope don’t think so will seek for legal assistance he ain’t going to pay for damage he did not do . Yeah this Enterprise locations needs to be closed for the service and lies that are made after returning a vehicle . I would not recommend this location to anyone only reason we went there was because Toyota told us .

  • Mike Stewart

I have a company just down the road from this location. I came in during Covid and they had just let go a significant amount of staff. I needed a rental truck since my Yukon Denali was getting repairs done. Let’s just say that the staff is always missing the mark each time I come to this location. My last experience forces me to take my commercial business elsewhere. We spend thousands a year on rentals. They failed to document a windshield crack, gave me a dirty truck, and had me wait 2.5 hours to get into the vehicle causing my son to be late getting picked up. You can win me back by covering the $275 windshield you charged me and my insurance for something I called and requested be documented immediately after leaving your location and your staff frustrating me terribly. #Update: I sent the photo of the damage to my insurance provider State Farm and they worked with the Enterprise claims team. Today I received a letter stating: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and business... “ yadda yadda “decision to take care of the costs of this claim.” Damage Recovery Unit wins us back. My State Farm agent saved the day.

  • Haley Tucker

I have never in my 46 years on planet earth had a worse experience trying to rent anything. It started with them not having the car I reserved two full weeks ahead of time available (this DESPITE them calling me the night before and confirming my arrival time) and not being able to give me an ETA on when it WOULD be available, and just went downhill from there. I spent more than 30 minutes answering questions I'd already answered when I reserved the non-existent car, and being asked ridiculous questions like "why are you renting the car?" and "do you own a car?" When you have a 12 hour trek ahead of you, you do NOT want to sit around waiting for a dang car. THAT'S WHY I MADE A RESERVATION! Absolutely unacceptable. Before you say, "That's standard practice," I'd like to point out that I walked off the street into Hertz a couple of miles up the road and had keys in my hand within 7 minutes. I timed it. No reservation. No ludicrous questions. Showed my license and proof of insurance, signed the form, and was on the road in seven minutes. If you want to rent a car in this area, do yourself a favor and go see Gabe at Hertz instead.

  • Megan Elijah

I've rented before with Enterprise at a different location and had a great experience. That was not the case for me. The agent that I spoke with was really nice and kind. They sent a driver to pick me up. However the person that drove was no stranger to speeding. I get to the location and once I'm there it did take a little bit to get the vehicle I had reserved a month ago. The vehicle that I asked for was not what I got. It was a Ford Escape and the interior was dirty and sticky to the touch. It's obvious that it had not been cleaned out. I was heading home with the car and the car had some mechanical issues that I didn't want to risk driving home in. I turned around and took the car back. I canceled the reservation and ended up driving my car instead of the rental. The entire purpose was to have a rental and not have to use my very own car. The lady behind the counter was friendly and did offer a replacement rental. I didn't like the alternative. I will just stick to using a different rental company or a new location. Not really happy with my experience and the time I lost for being able to travel.

  • Zach Lovall

I got a rental from this location after some pretty extensive hail damage to my car. They squeezed me in with very short notice, and were able to get me in an SUV. Not my first choice, but the car drove well and was in good condition, and I was able to get the car on the same day I dropped off my other vehicle. Had some things that came up during drop-off but Jason took less than 24 hours to call me back and let me know what the situation was. He was incredibly courteous in person and on the call, and he made the entire situation great to deal with. They were able to take the car back and do the assessment quickly, and even offered to drop me off down the block to get my actual car back. Seems like there have been some negative reviews in the past, but they definitely treated me incredibly well and did seem to really care about me walking away with a very positive customer experience. I would definitely consider renting from them again. Thank you, Jason and Joe for making my hail damage repair experience a little bit less stressful!

  • Bobby Godwin

If I could rate less than 1 star I would. First they booked a car they did not even have then sent me to another location where they did not have a car but finally found one. The worst part of this whole rental process was Enterprise charging me $240 for tolls which I already paid through NTTA without authorization. I sent them my toll statements to compare to theirs and they did not care and still charged me. I have used Enterprise for exclusively in the past even in Scotland but will NEVER use them again. Beware that even if you register their rental vehicles to your toll tag account enterprise will still charge you for tolls you have already paid!!! FOLLOW UP: I sent the toll statement from Enterprise to NTTA and they confirmed the duplicate charges yet Enterprise STILL has done nothing to remedy the situation. Have sent all documentation to Enterprise customer service and NO response. Beware of Enterprise and use Avis, Hertz, Budget, anything other than Enterprise and their corrupt system of gouging customers.

  • Shivaji Navale

Changing my earlier review from 5 star to 3 star Rocky and Christian where sensitive towards customers taking good care of them. After they both leaving this facility the dealings and response were not up to the same level. I had to go for work travel and even though I requested a pickup at 7:40 they could not pick me before 9/9:30 for my 8am rental. I understand I should have called a day earlier. But response I got is we can’t pick you up before 9am. While other enterprise (farther off) are able to accommodate this request. They had promised me a car upgrade when I book my next rental but they had shortage in cars and the interaction was not pleasant. I remember similar situation with rocky and how we handled it and helped build on a relationship. On return the agents (even Rocky/Christian) would drop me back quickly but not this time. This was my go to rental location. But not any more. I understand the manpower is limited so I am not giving 1 star. Wish them good luck on a positive note.

  • Stevie Bo-Willie

The system for setting up the rental was relatively easy however, for some reason the algorithm that sets-up the rental location decided that the most convenient location for me was several miles away from my home. I called and the location was changed to a more convenient location however, upon my arrival I was informed that they had no vehicle for me. I was getting a car repaired that was still drivable so this was not terribly inconvenient. We set up an appointment for a couple of days in the future. Since the insurance company of the driver that hit my car was paying for the rental the agent very helpfully advised me to confirm which type of vehicle class that they were willing to pay for since the one currently authorized was a little "econobox" that would have been wholly inadequate for my family. I called and get a more reasonable vehicle authorized. From that point forward everything went well. The staff at this location were very helpful and courteous.

  • Uriel Romero

Jordon represented Enterprise so well. I was in the branch for about 30 minutes (settling some paperwork of my own) and I saw his customer service abilities in action - he had about 10 people in and out swiftly. It really changed my perspective on the company 100% if you are a potential customer and are on the edge on who to go to for your rental needs then I suggest you give Enterprise a shot. I bet they will have a manager like Jordon there to help you; respectful, helpful and efficient. Thanks enterprise and thank you Jordon for a great customer experience, because of Jordon I will be referring all my friends to enterprise - Jordon should be at a more popular location so everyone can see what I’m talking about - the guy doesn’t even crack under pressure!

  • Randy Sutton

The car was fine and the agent was friendly, but when I went to return the car at the DFW airport everything fell apart. The signage was was terrible and I had a hard time finding the return lot. After I did drop off the car I had a lot of baggage and I could not carry it all myself. I was directed to rental carts, but the dispenser did not work. After going back to your associate I was directing to go to the other side of the building. I walked all the way around the building but every dispenser was full af carts but out of order. I finally found a cart downstairs shoved in a corner. I almost missed my international flight. Please take care of your custoers needs after you get your car back.

  • Vi Win

My mother was overcharged about $150 dollars. I called up the location and spoke to a staff member and the branch manager. After the 45 minute phone call it was determined that this was a mistake, my mother shouldn't been charged the $150. The location dropped the ball on communication regarding the billing structure and mislead my mother. If she knew before hand she could have not move forward with the rental and gone elsewhere that is within her price range. Didn't send her the correct documentation or receipt of the amount charged. Only offered to to help us once they realized they were at fault. They only ended up offering to refund her about half the amount.

  • Bobby Godwin

UPDATE: Despite having submitted proof of duplicate charges Enterprise still refuses to refund me their fraudulent toll charges. They have charged me for tolls I have already paid through NTTA. Be very leery of using their rental service due to their deceitful practice of gouging customers where they can. Enterprise refuses to refund me toll fees I have already paid through NTTA. I have provided them with proof of registering their rental car to my NTTA account and three months of NTTA statements showing every toll booth passed through. BE VERY LEARY OF USING ENTERPRISE!!! I will NEVER use Enterprise again and will instead use AVIS, Budget, anything else!!!

  • Jenny Rudolph

Fantastic customer service & seamless car pick-up process. Austin was extremely helpful in getting me set up with a rental car and thoroughly explaining all of my rental car options. He was friendly and helped me get set up on short notice. Sam got me checked with efficiency and friendliness. I appreciated him taking the time to thoroughly explain the pick-up process, get me checked in, walk me through the vehicle and explain all of the coverage options. He also went out of his way to drop me off at a body shop across the street, which was a huge help! Car was in great condition and very clean. Appreciate their whole team very much.

  • Maria Flores

Worse costumer service!!!! First they call me that they won’t have a car for me, told him I was already in my way. I walked in and one guy was on his cell phone o other one on a phone call also on his cellphone and didn’t even realize someone walked in. Then it came to all this extras, that my insurance wouldn’t cover all of it and they were trying to figure out what car to give me back and forward this one no that one!!! I had to stop there and told them I wasn’t going to get the car, they didn’t care at all to even say sorry or anything so I had to call an Uber and left!!!

  • v bee

I’ve never experienced such unprofessional behavior before with a rental car company! Not only did I just have an accident which is stressing me out ! But to add to the stress this location not only lied twice , but acted like they was doing me a favor ! I went with Budget and I’ve never had this issue before! I got off work early because the first vehicle I was promised they gave to someone else! Then when I get there again that evening the same thing happens again

  • Nicholas Conklin

Great people and very professional. "Latoya," was amazing, friendly, helpful and made the whole process easy. Would highly recommend for a rental, or if in need of a rental vehicle while yours is being repaired, (my situation). In the course of my travel for work, I rent vehicles from various companies in dozens of cities and states throughout the year. Given the timeline, situation, all things considered....this has been one of the more easy and efficient ones.

  • Vina Ngo

I would highly recommend this place. I was getting my car fixed nearby Collision Center of Dallas, and they picked me up AND dropped me off after dropping off the rental to pick up my car. I appreciate their time and their professionalism. Julio really put my best interests as a priority and not to mention, he was super kind friendly. The whole processes was so quick and easy, definitely check them out for all your car rental needs!

  • Mayra Romero

I have to get a rental car bc my car has a recall, so don't get the 15+ dollars insurance bc they would charge another $15 exactly the morning after. At this point my car is not ready Enterprise will charge me for another 24hr., also has on hold for 15min and the young lady that talked to me just hung up very rudely, they really need more personnel. Definitely not coming back and will not recommend them if you can avoid them!

  • Bridget Thomas

I must say this location is way different from the location I usually rent from. I reserved a car for pick up at noon and didn't leave there until 1:45. The young woman at the desk has no personality whatsoever but Gentry was great. Since the class of car that I reserved wasn't available he provided me with an upgrade at no add'l charge. I can say all in all I'd rent here again and perhaps next time there would be less wait.

  • Rita Perez

I was having such a bad day because my insurance co. didn't notify me of my rental time expiring. I dropped off my rental and Chidozie Ndu went out of his way to make everything right. He was so kind and understanding. It's hard to find people that truly care. I appreciate what he did today. I was angry & frustrated and he turned everything around for me. Thank you God for putting nice people on this planet.

  • Valencia

I will never ever give this location or this company a dime. They rented me a car with mechanical issues..The service light was on, the brakes were bad, the car had a bad odor, the trunk had trash in it, the air smelled horrible and the car had so many dings on it. I don’t even know why this car was even eligible to be on road. Ps don’t bother calling the store because they never answer the phone.

  • Linda Bell

I have been renting from Enterprise here lately and i have no complaints from any of the employees.Each time i have rented a vehicle I've been very pleased and will be continuing to be their customer. The Mgr Zack was very understanding when i called to discuss a situation with the car and didn't hesitate to tell me to come back and trade out for another car....

  • Brittany Jones

Agent was able to pick me up from the car repair shop and ensured I had a manageable car to drive and not a giant minivan. I really appreciated the accommodation! I’ll be back to the Harry Hines location! Note: I personally believe you all should take a look into how awful the DFW/LOVE FIELD airport enterprises are. The agents there are real pieces of work.

  • Tessa Sharp

Shoutout to Chris, Alex, Sam(?) and Austin at this location for making sure I had the car I wanted….trying to get a car right before Christmas is a smidge challenging when you’re needing a larger suv but they made it happen and were more than accommodating in the process. Will definitely do business at this location again in the future. Thanks a ton!

  • Jen C

Honestly, I had great and awesome service here. Very helpful with my situation. They explained everything in detail plus explained all options I had while dealing with my claim. Want to thank Kristen, Victoria and Chelsea for there time and providing everything I needed throw the whole process. They really make you feel welcomed. Thanks again.

  • Jon Burchel

They are very convenient for the repair shops in the area, but watch out those insanely short Saturday hours! They should allow drop off anytime on Saturday since they close at NOON, or else just be more reasonable - open at noon and only stay open till 4, to at least cover the most convenient window for most people's returns... :)

  • Will Paige

I've used this location about 3 times the last couple of months and the service has always been exceptional. Shoutout to Zachary who was very courteous, friendly and accommodating. I forgot the names of the other guys but they are all great. This location is my go-to for rental even if I have options that are closer to my location.

  • Stacey Waklee

I have rented several times at this location and have had great service. The folks here know me and treat me like a king. Never a bad experience. Even at a last minute rental and they were completely booked, they came through and found me a car! These folks are awesome. I highly recommend this location in the north dallas area.

  • Athena Marie

Cars ended up unavailable (except for vans) for our reservation but Julio was great in finding the next best option. Happy with our car and our vacation! Although I do wish there was a option to get a ride to and from this location to the airport. The Lyft rides are expensive.

  • tambitha lee

Customer service at this location was great. Even with my prepaid debit card, I was able to get a car and roll out in less than 30 minutes. I will say they need a new building or an extensive cleansing because it smells like a dirty diaper pail. But did enjoy the service!

  • Giggles TD

I brought up a concern about the windshield wiper plastic rubber thing coming off and they insisted I switch cars I was comfortable with the car I had I'm more comfortable with the car they changed me over to because it's the same style model that I have in the shop

  • Gina Porumb

Excellent customer service! I was in and out in no time. And when I returned the car a few hours early, they discounted the price. This is the first time I get money back from a car rental place and I do this a lot. I will definitely be back!

  • Janjanam VenkataVikranth

I booked a rental car from my corporate account and charged 400$ for single added driver. Never expected this from enterprise and customer service is not responding on request.

  • Andy Evans

Great people. Car was ready as promised to pick up and they were kind enough to pick up my return from the body shop when my personal vehicle was ready. Thanks so much.

  • Hayden Riggs

Great experience during a frustrating time with someone hitting my car. A+ customer service with multiple employees. Keep up the good work!

  • Gloria Valdespino

Every one was really nice, I am glad I was sent to this office while repairing my car. Thanks everyone!

  • Naomi Montez

Kind, awesome guy at counter helping me. clean facility

  • Jackson Echols

Professional, courteous, and quick. Clean cars as well.



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