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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a Car rental agency located at 1418 SE Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78214. It has received 586 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.





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  • The address of Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 1418 SE Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78214

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car has 4.1 stars from 586 reviews

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  • "Everyone was very courteous to me, but I wasn’t advised about the DW PAI PEC SLP"

    "On December 15th I was taken to this Enterprise by a local dealership where my car was being worked on"

    "Run don't walk from this facility! Better yet, forget there is a company called Enterprise and rent with someone else who doesn't play fast and loose with your time"

    "In the beginning I would have given 5 stars but to the manager that I dealt with 2 days ago at SW Military treated me as if I was a child and took the car"



  • Deborah Heider

Everyone was very courteous to me, but I wasn’t advised about the DW PAI PEC SLP. When I ran out of gas, enterprise’s RAP wouldn’t help me because they said that I had a close-ended contract. They left me sitting in the dark on the highway. TX Farm Bureau wouldn’t help me because I had a rental car.(which they were paying for, I might mention) My new car included roadside assistance but no help from them because I was driving a rental car. The situation was very frightening and Enterprise put me at risk on a dark highway. There would’ve been quite a lawsuit filed by my family if I were to have been attacked and hurt or killed. To make matters worse, I was traveling alone. I am absolutely furious about that situation. Don’t make me tell you how expensive it is to call an independent roadside assistance company. I didn’t have a credit card and couldn’t hire one of those companies. I was blessed by my friend who drove 50 miles to bring me enough gas to get to a gas station I was told by the Enterprise manager that I would be somehow compensated for the incidents. Then when I tried to pay what I owed, the Enterprise manager couldn’t tell me how much I owed because something about the car I had being rented immediately to another customer and they would need to investigate and let me know how much I owed. Instead, my debit card was charged a $100 and $130+ without warning which caused me to be overdrawn. At the very least, someone, anyone from that Enterprise on SE Military Dr. in San Antonio TX. could’ve called me to advise me of what was being charged to my debit card. I want my money back which was charged to my debit card. As well as the $70 my bank charged me for insufficient funds for the $100 and the $130+ The entire experience was a fiasco, and I want to be compensated for the two charges and the insufficient funds charges, as well as, for being put at risk by Enterprise roadside assistance. on a dark highway for 3 hours. I do expect to be personally contacted about this by someone else other than the Enterprise staff at the SE Military Dr. location. I did have a minor accident but wasn’t advised about DW policy, so I now have to pay a $250 deductible to my insurance company. You missed the boat on this one Enterprise. I also lost the keys to the first car and had to pay $475 to my insurance company for towing the car to Enterprise. I have receipts for this. I’m wondering why Enterprise’s roadside assistance didn’t have the car towed to their facility. I am currently renting another car from Enterprise, but I assure you, it will be the last car I ever rent from Enterprise. i was, however, told about the DW PAI PEC SLP RAP this time. Disappointed and angry is what I am!! Please make things right.

  • Carlos Wild

On December 15th I was taken to this Enterprise by a local dealership where my car was being worked on. AAA made my car rental reservation and I confirmed via phone with Enterprise at this location. Upon arrival I went to the front counter and gave my drivers license to the assistant manager Mrs. M. She had a perplexed look on her face, she was confused about my license. I explained to her 4 days prior I went into the DMV to get an updated license with my recent Motorcycle class. The DMV clipped my license at the top and handed it back with a temp paper license. She questioned my story and said I need my temporary. I had left it in my car at the dealership, so I asked for a ride if she could help. She got very snippy with me and denied that request and said she doesn’t have enough staff to give a ride. I sat down and got on the phone with the dealership who was going to bring me my temporary license. A customer walked in who was dropped off and she offered them a ride without hesitation. I waited a bit then Mrs. M the assistant manager walked up to me and told me due to policy she can’t rent a car to me since I have a temporary license ( which I could understand) BUT then she said that my story didn’t add up and that she had never heard of the DMV clipping the top of the drivers license, in front of other customers and staff, blatantly made a defamatory statement that I had altered the driver’s license and told me it was a fraud. As a respected professional that has a great reputation, that was one of the most embarrassing things I have ever been through. I was in shock of the accusation, especially in front of others. She said she didn’t see the hologram. I showed her the hologram but then she made another excuse. I have never dealt with someone so ignorant and rude before. It was shocking that she judged me from the start and without any proof made an accusation I had a fake driver’s license. I called and put in a formal complaint with corporate. I waited to write a review until I heard back from the area manager but that never happened. I will move forward ...

  • Larry Denger

Run don't walk from this facility! Better yet, forget there is a company called Enterprise and rent with someone else who doesn't play fast and loose with your time. I reserved a car here for a weekly rental. I am visiting SA and picked this location because my initial search for rates/availability brought me here because of their prices. When you walk in the place, they have 1 person working the counter with 2-3 customers waiting, while the phone is in a constant state of nonstop ringing. No one picks up. When it comes my turn to get served, the snarky desk person hands me back my debit card and out of state license, "we don't rent to out of staters with debit cards..." I asked to speak with a mgr, whose appearance was not visible. After she came out of somewhere in the back, I asked her about the policy and why it isn't made visible when booking. The reply was "each location does things differently and if you went back to the airport, they would rent to you..." (at $200 higher/week). The place is filthy as reported by others and as I described above, unorganized beyond description. I last rented from Enterprise about 10 years ago in Vegas and was so p***ed off after the rental, because they wouldn't "pickup and drop off customers" from their location in Vegas..contrary to their advertising and marketing! Luckily on the trip back to my hotel in SA today, I found a rate of only $50 more for the week than this cheesy Enterprise location. I should have checked rates again this morning before I left my hotel to see rental prices had dropped at the airport after my initial search. Two lessons learned. The other: never/never/ever rent from Enterprise!

  • Misty Autry

In the beginning I would have given 5 stars but to the manager that I dealt with 2 days ago at SW Military treated me as if I was a child and took the car. I was gladly paying 225.00 a week for the car so I could get back and forth to work. Until I was able to buy my own car. But the day I go to rewrite my contract I told him upfront that I did do 3 ubereats orders not uber x where you have to pick up people because that would have been against the contract. I would not go against the contract. But he sent a message to someone and they sent a message back that they were to terminate my contract and I couldn't rent from them again. Even tho I had only done the orders that day only so I would have plenty of gas for the rest of the week to go back and forth to work. Now I am without a car and unable to accept any jobs at the healthcare facility here in San Antonio and surrounding cities. And they are very short staffed at most of them in Austin - Round Rock - Seguin and CedarPark way to go Enterprise!!! Would not even let me show them proof that I had only done those 3 I haven't run ubereats since Oct 2020. I told them I was unaware that I could not transport food. And that I would not do that again. If I had been notified that I was not able to transport food I would not have done that. I have had the car since Dec 15th 2020 why would I jeopardize not being able to continue using the car..... Makes no since to me I had already paid 1000 for Dec15th2020 to Jan13th2021 and was planning on continuing for another month. Kudos to y'all for loosing money.....

  • Oziel Reyes

1. Customer service. 2. My car i reserved wasnt available. 3. The lobby was full. Let me tell you if MARCO wasn't there yesterday I would have never rented from enterprise EVER AGAIN. Ive been renting from enterprise since my early days in college when they would charge me a young driver's fee. I showed up and HE WAS THE ONLY ONE THERE. Does enterprise management not schedule more than 1 person in a shift? Did so many people call in yesterday and left this amazing young man, Marco, out to dry? I showed up at 10 am and there was 6 reservations in front of me. I got out by 6:30 that's average 5 minutes per customer! Not only did he move efficiently and professionally with everyone he never made anyone feel like he was in a rush he takes his time and covers everything with everyone. Then the car I rented, that I needed for both trunk space and for adjustable back seats was not available but he accommodated me greatly by giving me a vehicle that could do both. HE ALSO PERSONALLY WASHED AND VACUUMED THE VEHICLE AS HE KNEW I WAS IN A HURRY . Amazing customer service. If he isn't a manager make him a manager. If he dosent get paid the same as the highest paying agent PAY HIM AS MUCH AS THAT. I'm having another road trip mid June and just for him alone will I come back to enterprise to continue renting.

  • Charles Divin

They were closed the day I had to return the vehicle but I was there even if the roads had ice and snow, then corporate office says they will call us to return the vehicle with no charge my due date was Monday so Tues Weds pass and Thurs they call about the time they are closing to say they been there since Tues. So now they wanted to charge me Weds Thurs so I go in Fri to return the vehicle I'm talking with a staff in the lobby I guess they didn't want me to scare off other customers they tell me after I tell them they should have called me Tues not wait two days later that the branch manager will call me before and charges are made, well Fri at 5:09 after they closed they charged me and kept most of my deposit that I was looking forward to getting back because I was there Monday on time. So this company is very unprofessional and don't keep it's word to call you back but when they want u as a customer they text and email u both time to make sure you're going to do business with them, I'll never rent with this company again i got robbed of my deposit because they weren't there on the day I was supposed to return the vehicle I should have left it at the gate. Don't rent here.

  • Melissa Gonzalez

At first I was really skeptical about renting a car from Enterprise because I've never rented a car. It just so happened that when we walked in a previous customer was turning in the keys to his car that he had rented. The person at the front desk treated him like she knew him and he was so happy with the services they had provided for him. He was telling her about their trip and how everything has gone smoothly with the car they had rented. That was first impression my husband and I had in the office. When I went up to the counter I express to the lady that I was a little nervous about renting a car. She immediately made me feel very comfortable and let me know everything they had to offer. I was also concerned about the cost and care if something was to happen on the road while we travel to our destination. She went over everything that I was concerned about in detail. There was no rush or frustration on her face when I ask questions about several things I had on my mind. Everything went perfect from us picking up the car to dropping it off. My experience was amazing with Enterprise and I highly recommend them.

  • Nik Villa

Made a reservation 5 days in advance and completed my ready pass on Wednesday, came in on Friday to pick up the car. Agent gets us checked in and asks for double verification using two bills with name and address, thankfully nowadays we can just pull that up on our phones. Wasn’t aware they would need double verification would have been nice if the emails had mentioned that. Agent goes to help someone else and asks us to take a seat. 15 minutes later comes back to us to let us know he doesn’t have the vehicle on-site and is waiting for one to get there, no eta. Other customer next to us said she had been waiting for over an hour and her reservation was at 10:30. Ours was at 12:00. Of course we planned on leaving at 12:00 and there was no way we could wait that long. We asked to cancel our reservation as my husband found a car ready to go at AVIS just by calling, agent was not able to give me a confirmation number or any documentation that they had canceled. At that point I was fed up. Screw these guys! How can you have a reservation four days in advance and not have a car ready to go!


This is the worst experience I’ve had with Enterprise. There was a hail storm and the vehicle had some damage from the storm. I advised them that I didn’t have the funds available for the deductible at the time. I was informed by the manager that they would contact me regarding the deductible. Well less than 24 hours why was my bank account drafted for the $500 deductible. I was also told that they couldn’t run my card for 24 hours since it had declined on them. Everything that the manager told me was a straight up lie. Calling them advising need to have the funds reversed and they quoting our policy. That is a bunch of bull. This experience has left a bad taste in my mouth regarding them. I don’t wish to every rent from them again if I can help it. They need to learn to be honest and upfront with the customer and not doing sneaky stuff behind the customer back. They should have been quoting our policy from the beginning. Renters be ware that Enterprise will tell you one thing and do the opposite of what they state. They are not an honest company.

  • Logan Lee

Worst rental company ever! I only used them cause USAA will only pay them. My insurance company reserved an economy. They didn’t have an economy so they upcharged me for a full size car. Then I saw a mustang convertible so I agreed to pay extra for that. 2 days later the car breaks down with a check engine light. They put me in a Chrysler Pacifica and then 3 days later the Chrysler breaks down on me. I don’t think they maintain their cars. They tell me to call roadside. Roadside says they gonna charge me $85 for it. I cussed them out and called enterprise back to speak to Jamie. She agrees to waive the roadside fee. Then I get a call from damage recovery unit claiming I damaged their car and how I plan to pay for it. Worst rental company ever. They try everything to charge you. They nickel and dime you and make sure they put you in vehicles that are unsafe and not maintained so they can tack on extra fees

  • Vanessa Fuentes

I have rented every year in February or March to put my vehicle in the shop for its yearly maintenance, never had issues until this year! Your representative forced me to buy your extended coverage which is 24.99 per day! I had my truck due in for its appt, kids waiting to go on the trip, hotel booked and I had no other options to purchase this insurance on the spot! I was so upset! I know I'm liable if I were to hit someone but I've always taken the chances. Also it's funny that I rent every year and you guys have no history for me. The guys that I usually see at the desk don't give me any hassle but an office full of woman who demand you show them every single piece of paper to prove who you are is absolutely ridiculous! Luckily I was able to bring up my electric bill on my phone and also my check stubs. This will be my final year renting from enterprise since you don't recognize loyalty! Done!

  • Karen Mateo

Worst location I have dealt with. Initially gave me a car that smelled like an ashtray and they knew it. I didn't realize it until I drove two blocks down. I call back they say they don't have any more cars to call back later. I call later they said they were getting more cars in and would put one on hold they will call me to get it switched. 5:30 rolls around still no call I call them they said the cars are not ready but they would upgrade me to a SUV the next morning. I go there and I get the new vehicle however as I get to the base they tell me the registration has expired. I call back they say again no cars they will call me back by noon. It is now 3 and no phone call. This has been the worst experience I have had. It's bad enough my car is in the shop and then having to deal with the way I have been tossed around at this location. Not a great experience.

  • Sergio Garcia

Had made reservations in a week in advance. For a suv for my trip needed that back space high trunk for our things. A tall man with a heavy accent who claimed he was the branch manager then told me they had none. That I had to settle for a compact vehicle was all he had. It was such an inconvenience did not even try to offer me another location for pick or even try to call. He seemed very rushy with each customer that had arrived including myself. Wasn’t trying to make the customer happy at all. Basically just saying your screwed. Bad customer service the branch manager was just very rude did not provide great customer. I always actually would come here for my vehicles very friendly workers as long as he is there this location will never have my services or good reviews. They are serious just hiring anyone needs to be retrained on customer service.

  • Sheila Springs

The reps. At Enterprise on SW Military have always been great. My trip was a great one until the days coming home. The SUV I was rented had a blowout and as stressful that was there was NO SPARE TIRE. I understand that now the newer cars have a bag with some device like fix a flat, however that device won't work on a blowout. So I complained is they are more worried on providing more gas mileage over safety. I purchased the extra insurance which made a HUGHE difference. I was taken back to the nearest Enterprise which was at the airport being a Sunday when this happened. The customer service there were quick and very professional. They got me into another rental and I was on my way back to collect my family which walked to the nearest truck stop and we were in our way. I love Enterprise. Thank you

  • Jonathan Carrasco

This is the location my family always uses. In the past it has always been great, but this time the customer service just wasn't there. I had everything in the system/on file so all I'd have to do is sign my name, receive the keys and leave. I arrived 1 1/2 minutes late before closing and the lady refused to help me and ignored me through the window. It was a quick, simple and easy customer service that could have been given. But instead i had to go through a couple more hurdles, pay for more transportation in the mean time. My work schedule clashes and I finally made it there, but only less than 2 minutes late.. What a shame, and would rather not go here again and will request another more reasonable place with a little better customer service with my insurance for the future.

  • Leonor Cisnero

I waited over 45 minutes for my rental. The first car they were going to put me in had a major swipe to it on one side and only 1/4 of a tank so they did not know whether to give it to me. They did not. The second car chosen for me was not washed and only had half a tank. I was driving almost five hours away, so did not want to stop for gas any time soon. I don't mind if the car is not washed but after I left it was noted to smell like cigarettes, so it was an unpleasant drive to my destination and return. All rentals should be completely fueled and ready to go. There is only one worker washing cars so I won't fault him for anything. The employees don't seem to mind saying 'oh, it only has this much fuel, I hope it's okay'. It's not okay when I have a reserved car.

  • Paul

This location has offered consistently excellent service. I have rented vehicles from this location over a half dozen times now and never had any major problems. Minor problems were dealt with quickly and without any issue. The employees here always make it right. I've received excellent rental rates at times compared to other companies, and all the vehicles have been very nice, some even higher end models with many self driving and safety features. I would recommend this location to anyone looking to rent a car. As an added bonus, they offer drop off and pickup services, which makes it very convenient when I have no one to give me a ride. When it comes to rental car companies, this one is my favorite. They can look forward to more of my business in the future.

  • Lorraine Cruz

This particular Enterprise has a great customer service rep that is military, male, checked me in, very nice and professional. I rented the car for 9 days and took my kids and our dog to see family in Arizona. When I returned the car I spoke to a lady that looked inside the car and said there would be an extra charge for the cleaning of the dog hair. I told her that no one told me I could not take my pet. I said how much would it be and she was not sure but would let me know, she still has not called me or posted any additional charges to my card. I did tell her that I work at a hotel and we usually use a sticky roller to clean hair and she said that "they" do not supply them with extra tools like that, only vacuums. Sticky roller + Walmart = $1.89

  • Sandra Garcia

I need to say that EVERYTIME I came to this location & I go to different locations often because I do have a fleet rental as well, but every time, I have to wait over an hour for a car or get such a hassle. I'm a platinum member & fleet account, for over a year. BUT finally on Friday Aug 6th, I got the best assistance from a man named Jose. I was in and out less than 10 mins, no hassles!!! he also handled my return on Monday. He remembered me, great conversation. This man, Jose, needs to be a manager or have his own store. He truly understands what customer service is and how valuable time service is. Younger gentleman with glasses, EXCELLENT customer service.

  • Maata Saunitoga

I have always rented from Enterprise and not once have i ever felt so disrespected until i went to this location. Terrible customer service. I reserved a vehicle, got dropped off to the location to pick up at SE Military only to be told by them, they didn't have a car for me but I was still allowed to reserve online? And that was it. They didn't try to help fix their issue, they didn't bother to maybe get another car from a different location, NOTHING! They swore up and down that they tried calling me beforehand and left voice-mails but that was a LIE! I will never recommend this location to anyone nor will I ever go back. Horrible experience.

  • Randy Richardson

Normally I would give Enterprise a better rating, especially from the Airport location and the IH 35 location both of them are awesome. The SE Military location is way behind in customer service and meeting reservation expectations. Several times they had either given the vehicle I had reserved to another customer or forgot to reserve one for me. I usually make reservations 4 to 8 weeks in advance. I have even called days in advance to make sure it would be available. That is a manager issue. And lately they have had staffing issues it appears. More customers than ataff to assist. Small parking lot doesn't help.

  • Rose DLS

Don't show up expecting your rental reservation to be honored. When I showed up for my car there were at least 3 other customers waiting for their reserved vehicles. We were all told they were out of cars but we could upgrade at an additional charge (hmmm) or wait. They immediately charge the deposit before telling you this so you're stuck there. I waited a little over an hour for a car. This enterprise also doesn't pick up or deliver like other locations. So many inconveniences. Also verify they document the damages before leaving. Some reps write it on the contract and some use the tablet.

  • Jesse Paez III

Had a hard time With getting on the phone with thier associate store down the road. I called this location and answered quick and fast, schedule me in fast. Explained everything I need when I arrive at thier store. When I arrived for my rental car after my accident the experience was great, I was in and out. Nice front desk associate help me with any questions I had. Explained the policy very understandable, and answered all about what they consider dents, and scratches. Great job that was a great customer experience!!!!

  • Michael Aguirre

WORST EXPERIENCE, EVER!! I had already had one, getting into a car wreck, but this location did me worst than the wreck. Customer service is awful, I gave them 2 numbers to reach me, and they never used them both. They, didn't get into contact with me, before charging my card, and overdrafted my bank account. ( TWICE ). The second time, came 2 days after I informed them of what they did to my account, the first time. Bad communication, poor management, and even worst customer service.

  • Kevin Koenning

The car was great. The problem was the customer service. When I returned the vehicle they were trying to put blame on me for some of the scratches I pointed out during the walk around the day I picked it up. I also called and told them about a odor inside the car about 20 minutes after I picked it up, and they acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about and put blame on me about it. I have never had a experience like that with Enterprise and will not use this location again.

  • Danny sandoval

Rented 2 cars due to one on recall so they had me switched over to another car. The first car had a flat and had to put air multiple times. Also this same car the hazard lights and back lift gate didn’t work. So they placed me in another care which also had a flat tire that I had to keep airing up and the TPMS were not updated and it was showing wrong tire that needed air. Enterprise was a good company and don’t know what happened to experience this awful 1 star experience

  • Kiara Lighteard

This locations service was great! I initially called the call center and they gave me the run around about documents I would need to be able to rent. When I arrived to get the car, there was no issue at all and I only needed two documents instead of the four the representative told me over the phone. Brianna was awesome as it was my first time renting a car and she made it hassle free and answered all of my questions. Will be visiting this location for all of my rentals.

  • Sam Johnson

Never could get through over the phone, never returned calls, and never followed up like they promised. Was told by one employee that I could get a vehicle just for another employee saying that it was reserved for someone else. They were short staffed so I tried to be understanding but, this place professionalism was just overall lacking. 4 days of trying to get a rental I finally had to switch my reservation to another enterprise. Very disappointing and irritating.

  • Dalinzia Beltran

Picked up rental,quick & easy, friendly employees,only thing was the vehicle we picked was not available,still enjoyed the rental , probably was a better choice for us with more storage space. No issues with vehicle from San Antonio to Rockport,TX. We also pay extra for road side assistance and coverage for any damages to the vehicle,so take extra money for these services. Good first time experience,I would recommend them and use there services again on the future.

  • Chantelle Molnar

Our new vehicle had a malfunction. Needed reliable transportation to travel to visit family for Thanksgiving. Called and was given an appointment to pick up rental next day. Left work early and drove 2hrs to enterprise to be denied rental. Was told I needed a credit card and some other fast talk. Customer service was rushed and hard to understand. Missed Thanksgiving with my family. All this could have been avoided if they were upfront over the phone.

  • Sandra Acquart

I work for a state agency and Enterprise is our go to car rental. My experience with Enterprise has mostly been good. Even if there is a slight hick up, they manage to work things out for me. Early this week, I returned my rental and found that my personal car would not turn on. The staff were quick to respond in assisting me with jump starting my vehicle. What a blessing they were! Kudos to the SE Military Dr., San Antonio, TX. team!

  • Ruben Guerrero

I have to praise Enterprise for making business easy. For the sake of convenience, I tired Hertz and ended up going back to Enterprise as I have always used Enterprise for rentals. Kudos to Leonard and Henry for going above and beyond and making sure the transaction went smoothly. From accommodating my vehicle request to returning the vehicle and documentation. Now my wife is looking to purchase the same type vehicle we rented.

  • Leilani Johnson

Worst enterprise to rent from. Waited a hour just to be picked up not even a mile away. Called to see what was going on the lady tried to tell me I didn’t speak with someone at their branch. A lot of miscommunication and not so good customer service. Chelsea finally came to help me and got me going that was the only good part. I only rented from this location because my car was getting fixed at a shop right around the corner.

  • Anthony Kusbel

PRAISES to Eleanor Gilpin, and her Manager for finding a solution so quickly when the vehicle I was supposed to pick up was not available. I was supposed to pick up my vehicle on Sunday but could not until Monday. I was dropped off there, and my phone was completely dead. Enterprise shuttled me to another location and found an even better vehicle for me. Special thanks for such great customer service. Keep up the good job.

  • Carmen Salas

Worst service!!! I called to make a reservation for a car rental. Went to pick up the vehicle, and they didn't have it ready. They said they will call when a car will be available. Waited 2 days, and never call me. This location is on SE Military The lack of costumer service... Genesis needs to be trained to be a professional, and better costumer service skills. Update: Ended up going to a different car rental place.

  • Sheli S

If I could give zero stars I would. My husband made a reservation for a Lrg SUV a week ago & went to pick up today & they have nothing for us. This is the 2nd time this location has done this. They said they would call us and never did. Had to call them & of cites they are ‘working’ on it. This is beyond horrible service. We are trying to go out of town & they have just ruined it!! NEVER RENT FROM HERE!!

  • Rebecca Ruiz

Its hot as hell in the office, apparently corporate made the decision to cut off the air "after so long of running the air" says the counter rep. I guess they are giving decent customer service but one of two reps behind the counter is acting like she's busy but not accomplishing anything. Been waiting for 30 minutes to get helped(next in line). Poor experience for my first time at this location.

  • Dan Spears

Agent picked me up at a repair facility, after picking up her coffee. Then the vehicle had to be washed and only had a 1/4 tank of fuel. So much for using this service to save time getting to work. The delays to service the vehicle put me squarely in morning rush traffic, running an hour late to a workshop I was facilitating. Don't recommend Enterprise's pick up service if you are on a schedule.

  • Karen Johnson

I rented an SUV for a week for a drive out of state. It was great. The service was excellent, the wait time was minimal and the vehicle was really nice. My only suggestion would be for the agents to go over the features in the car with the renter. It took me 5 minutes to find the release for the fuel filler door. Otherwise, I was very happy with the vehicle and the service on pickup and return.

  • Richard B. Apolinar.

would not rent me a vehicle because of an insurance mistake that the other party made, which was almost a year-and-a-half ago and they wanted me to show proof that the balance was paid off. even though the balance was around $200 was sent to collections should have been taken off but they hold it against the customer. my opinion for such a big company I would not recommend renting from them.

  • Marlen Q

Great service everytime we go they are quick with the process and always very clean and nice cars. They always ask how my trip was and always make sure i leave with gas. Employees at counter always so polite. Had this trouble with a balance once but she was a new girl so i understand. Still go back for my car rental needs everytime. Great discounts if you sign up.

  • Edgar Moreno

I enjoy renting at the Military Drive location in San Antonio, Tx. I have been renting vehicles there on a weekly basis for the past month. Deja and Jamie have exceptional customer service skills, always have a positive attitude and go above and beyond for their customers. I will definitely continue renting vehicles at this location, based on my own personal experiences.

  • Mark Nava

Made reservation, told to pick up the next day at 8:30 am. Then was told they don't have a vehicle for me till???- " we will call you when we get one .." Felt like .."...they "took" the reservation but just couldn't "hold" the reservation. And that really is the most important part of the reservation, the holding." ( Seinfeld-The Alternate Side, Season 3, Episode 11)

  • LaToya

I am so disappointed in the customer service I received today. One CSR was very polite & helpful, while the other was sarcastic. The reservation line kept routing me back to this location even though it was not the closest for a pick up. So after 3 tries I finally take a Lyft to the WW White location only to find out they have no rentals. What a joke.

  • Michael Torres

My most recent rental did not meet standards and I'm hoping Enterprise standards. Upon returning my vehicle I informed the attendant that the care hadn't been washed prior to rental and he said that getting sand out of the carpet is very challenging. So, I asked him what the challenge with washing the tires as they had about a month's worth of grime.

  • Cassandra Pearce REALTOR tm New Heights Real Estate (Cassie)

I had a fabulous experience with this company many times. Most recently they switched a vehicle last minute for me that better fit my needs- the Agent he was Amazing listening to my needs and being flexible-caring attitude. Thank you! The staff has each and every one been kind, and respectful as well as efficient each rental. Thank you, Cassie

  • Jennifer Tafolla

Pro- Rented a dodge caravan. It was big enough for what I needed it for. Con- Change oil light was on when I turned vehicle on. Vehicle was not clean. Would have traded it in for another but they had nothing else on lot big enough and we absolutely needed it. Other then that the day and ride was wonderful. Thank you enterprise!

  • Jessica Glover Klingemann

Was in a car accident and went to enterprise for vehicle to use in the mean time. Arrived at enterprise day of reservation after payment and was told the car was not reserved and then was hassled to be upcharged for remaining larger vehicles on lot. Scamming people who need help out of money on purpose. Very dissatisfied.

  • Bridget Mills

For this to be "Military City USA," this particular location is not military friendly at all. I informed the staff that I do not have a Texas license because my husband is on orders here. We don't have personal credit cards. I told them I could provide utility bills with proof of my address but they refused to rent to me.

  • Patrick Thompson

Excellent Customer Service Care from the moment I walked in. Renting due to Insurance claim, so I'm already not happy. Agent that assisted me was able to get me checked in, take 2 calls and acknowledge 1 customer waiting for assistance. Will update this review with Agents 1st name only. Want to praise where praise is due

  • Hiedi Villa

Adrianna Hernandez you are awesome getting the vehicle I needed at the time you said excellent job you went out of your way!!! after having an absolute horrible ordeal at the southwest location! you weren't in the office when i picked up the vehicle but your coworker Mariela made sure I was satisfied!!! thank you!!!!

  • Myranda Valenzuela

Jamie helped us so much and she was the only one who listened thoroughly to our concerns and helped us. First 2 associates rushed our order and got it wrong, until she helped us. i recommend going to Jamie if you want someone who listens and just doesn’t want the same. She was amazing and will be going back to her.

  • D. Reimer

I was a bit upset after waiting quite a bit for my reserved vehicle, which caused me to miss a gig. Chelsea greeted me with a smile, and sincerely apologized repeatedly for the inconvenience. She even went out of her way to assist me in other accommodations. Perfect example of wonderful customer service!

  • Gregory Hildebrand

The rental we received the brakes were messed up, and had gone through a,rain storm and the glove box had water in it. When we returned the car the person doing the return was extremely rude and discourteous, will have to consider going elsewhere next time due to the extremely poor customer service.

  • Erica Acire

Awesome employees and service! Rented a Dodge Jouney and then a Chevy Equinox! Both were nice vechickes! Each with their own pluses! Very happy with the weekly rentals! We never knew how much of a better price it is versus renting for a few days! Looking forward for our next rental! …

  • Sabrina Arismendez

Enterprise has always treated me well when I rent with them. They are always speedy and professional. Mr. Josh Atkinson at the Arlington, TX on Division location went above and beyond to assist me when I returned my car rental. I appreciated how dedicated he is to assist customers.

  • Gabriel Saenz

The customer service there was awesome and the vehicle given to me was even better. There was little to no hassle whatsoever and would definitely be going back here if I need another vehicle rental. Genesis was super nice and professional about everything. Thanks again!

  • Vikkee S

I came to this location today. There was a bit of a wait.I found out they are one of the few that are open Saturday. They we're very busy, but the girls were very nice. Dejanee was the one who helped us. She was very nice,and made the process smooth. Thank you❤️ …

  • Amanda Rendon

My insurance made the reservation, I went in and they were super quick! They resolved my issues and made me very happy through this process of being rear ended. They’re very professional as well. Thanks! I wish I remember the girls names that helped me but thank you!

  • Elias Arredondo

I rent cars from this location regularly and I always get good customer service. Dejanee is always very helpful and efficient and gets me going quickly with no problems. The entire staff is always very attentive and welcoming. Definitely recommend this location.

  • lyn

Terrible customer service. I was calling to confirm my rental & ask to be picked up because it says they provide the service and the lady hung up on me twice. Only renting from them because my car got totaled. I would rent somewhere better if had other options.

  • Ray Coronado

Totally loved the car I rented. New maxima with all the upgrades. Insurance covered the expense so I was very pleased. Might not have rented such an extravagant car otherwise, but now that I tried it, I think I will get the best car available, within reason.

  • dulce huerta

Returned my rental here and had a great experience! Lalo was very helpful and nice & was able to help us very quickly, he was even able to help us get a ride home after! The gentleman that drove us was very nice and professional as well, great job guys!

  • Ms Busy

Wonderful service! I rent from this address each time. If I'm first in line then the wait time is fast, but if others are there then the wait time is expected lol I reserve my car online :) The cars have been clean and ready to go. Thank you Enterprise!

  • Em

There’s a girl that there half-does her job and is all over the place. She misquotes the price of vehicle as well. She informed me that my chosen rental was unavailable so she said she’d give me an upgrade for $1 more. I ended up been charged double

  • Lupe Arredondo

On june21,2019 me and my husband came to ask questions about a upcoming rental as we pulled in the lot was full so as we waiting for a car to pull a worker pulled behind as started to honk their was no other space to move this entry is very

  • Robert Gonzalez

Have you ever had a person or company make a mistake that ends up ruining your day and throwing off your schedule? If not then I suggest you come here. It's the company that picks you up..never. Their mistake cost me a headache. If you tell

  • Samantha Wilkins

The man who helped us out was very deceiving. When they couldn't find my corporate account they tried to add random charges right and left. I have rented enough to know if the extra charges were necessary and after making him take off over

  • Chef Yvonne

I want to take the time to Thank Leonard for providing exceptional customer service and a friendly attitude. I had 1001 questions because I dont rent often. It was a special trip and didnt know what time I was rerurning. He made me feel

  • Veronica Mata

Don't understand, someone please explain. Came in to rent a car, the employee is telling me not to write things down on the paper because they know already about the damages. Have her on video saying it. Brought it back because the oil

  • Karen Ball

My son & I rented a car from this S E Military Dr location for 42 days due to an insurance claim. From the moment we walked in on June 6, 2023, we were kindly greeted by the asst mgr Trey. They were very busy but bc of his kindness, we

  • VANESSA hernandez

Went to this agency to rent a car. Victor O made me experience so wonderful! Renting a car is scary because you feel you’ll get scammed or overpay. Victor was super helpful, honest and friendly! Fast service and great customer service.

  • zahoua hammouche

I set everything up online with my card just to get hassled about my payment at this location. They were rude and wasted my time, because now I cannot rent what I intended and have to switch to a different car. I went to Avis down the

  • Patty Morris

Thank you to all the great staff at my Enterprise! The staff at my location on SE Military Dr. did a great job with our rental. The car was clean and sanitized my family's safety. Very important right now! Best customer service!

  • R B3

We use Enterprise quite often and we use the "We'll pick you up" option. The employees are almost always excellent and the cars are fine. We especially like the Smitty's Garage Enterprise office in Yuma, AZ. They are the best.

  • Juan M Hernandez

Waiting on the telephone line for 45 minutes For someone to help me no customer service at this branch. Don’t rent vehicles from this branch and if they rent a vehicle to you it smell like smoke from people smoking in it

  • Jessica Villanueva

My go to place for rentals always in and out in less then 15-20 minutes never any hassles!! Awesome customer service from all the employees here especially Jose always have a great convo and always greeted with a smile!

  • Jessica Arriola

My family and I rented a vehicle from the Enterprise location on SE Military Dr and our experience was great from picking up the vehicle to dropping it off. Thank you for making my first rental car experience awesome.

  • W Mac

The OTHER guys failed me, but ENTERPRISE came through!! After being involved in a hit and run, my stress level was already high. Unable to get a rental car, I had to get a friend to drive me to an work assignment out

  • Joe Tejeda

My experience at Enterprise was a great one. Everyone was very helpful. I would like to thank everyone at the military Dr location especially Eleanor Gilpin and Jamie pooley. Thank you so much for this experience.

  • Karina Barrera

I was able to chose between a couple of vehicles to rent. I love having options. This Enterprise is also open on Sundays which I love, and I never have any issues here. It's our go-to rental company and location.

  • Stephen Rios

Always wasteing your time and never give you the right information. Make you come up there spend a few hours just for they can tell you we can't rent to you, because they gave us the wrong info

  • ashley

Excellent customer service. Trey was very patient with each of his customers and took his time explaining everything to them. I highly recommend stopping by here if you need a rental

  • Ana Fernandez

Elenor was amazing, super helpful, and professional. Made sure everything was good from start to finish. Along with her manager those two ladies are amazing and we’re always on it.

  • Hope Suarez

The employees here are amazing, they really help you get what you wanted or needed in a vehicle and answered all your questions, especially The Lalonator he had all the answers!!!!

  • Richard Trevino

The service professional Daniel was extremely helpful when I was checking out the rental vehicle. Daniel was very positive and courteous! Overall experience was fantastic!!

  • Somaly Broadnax

Excellent service, helped my out when my car needed repairs and kept getting delayed. They ensured I had a car for as long as I needed it. They even Gladly took me home.

  • Cindy Campbell

Car offered had 2 bald/lpw tires. Did offer a tahoe but we needed a minivan. Var that came in late offered. Took. Had low tire sensor pop up during trip otherwise good.

  • Leslie Aguirre

They are always so friendly and they even helped me transfer my stuff into the rental car. They have even given me a ride home after I went to turn In the rental car.

  • Moses Charles

De’janee, Eleanor, and Jamie were very real helpful. They went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of. Above and beyond with the service they provided.

  • Joviee Ramirez

De’Janee provided very great customer service.. even when the location was busy she was able to multi task and take care of her customers.. she was the best

  • Melissa Ramirez

Absolutely love the care and helpfulness especially from Deja she is sweet friendly love her customer service... Need to rent a car go to her she's great!!!

  • Raul Urrutia

Ms Eleanor Gilpin was SUPER with my rental.She is very nice and very professional. She took care of me even when i return my rental. Great service!! .

  • M

I came to return my rental near closing time, it was extremely busy but Dejanee was very helpful and very fast pace. Great customer service.

  • Anthony Almonte

Never had a problem. Very welcoming and also really fast service when I come in for a rental. Definitely worth coming to again and again.

  • G M

Chris helped my parents w everything and it went so well. No complaints. Super nice and convenient. If needed will rent from him again.

  • Donna Meyer

These guys were fabulous! Victor, Trey, and Daniel were friendly, helpful, and kind! Great customer service! Easy rental and return!

  • Wayne Sizelove

Fast, friendly and have a good inventory. I happen to go on a Sunday...and got a great car. I was very impressed with this branch.

  • Stephanie Gonzalez

Awesome customer service! The branch manager went out of his way to drive me home after I dropped off my rental. Thanks again!

  • John

Needed a rental while my truck was in shop Jake and the team made sure to have me in and out fast with great customer service

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