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Firefly Electric Service is a Electrician located at 8034 Culebra Rd STE 106, San Antonio, TX 78251. It has received 105 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars.





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  • The address of Firefly Electric Service: 8034 Culebra Rd STE 106, San Antonio, TX 78251

  • Firefly Electric Service has 4.7 stars from 105 reviews

  • Electrician

  • "I recently purchased a backup generator and needed an electrician to install a Generator Transfer Switch at the main power panel"

    "Highly recommended! Service completed by : Andrew, Joshua and Brandon"

    "Getting anyone to call back or answer their phones is like pulling teeth"

    "Several outlets in our kitchen suddenly started going off and coming back on, sometimes after a few minutes, other times after several days"

    "I have to say that as a homeowner there are few things more intimidating than needing electrical repairs on my home especially here in San Antonio, Texas"


  • Marcus Wilbanks

I recently purchased a backup generator and needed an electrician to install a Generator Transfer Switch at the main power panel. I called around and finally located a company that could do the job here in San Antonio (not every company can, or will do this). That company was Firefly Electric Services. They dispatched an electrician to come out and give me an estimate on the installation. The electrician immediately noticed that the main power panel had been hit with what appeared to be a surge from a lightning strike. I confirmed that there had been a lightning strike a year or so earlier that hit the house. During his investigation it was determined that hooking up a backup generator to the current main panel may prove to be unwise, even dangerous. He advised me that the damage should be covered by my homeowners insurance. He took pictures of all the damage to the main & sub panel and wrote up his findings and recommendation for fixing the problem. I submitted his information with a claim to the insurance company and the insurance did cover the damage. Firefly came back out, installed a new main & sub power panel, new ground, new surge protectors on both panels and they also installed the generator transfer switch. (See photos) As a retired Navy vet who worked in and around electrical wiring for over twenty-years, I've got to say that the Firefly Team was one of the best, if not the best team, I have ever seen. They are totally professional, on-time, and very thorough in their work and in explaining their work. Josh, the team lead on the job, showed me all the tricks for operating my brand new, straight out of the box generator. We actually used the generator with extension cords to power my two refrigerators while the house was out of power for the 6 hours it took to finish the job. I was EXTREMELY PLEASED with the finished product. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Firefly Electric Services. I want to thank everyone at Firefly for a JOB VERY WELL DONE! I also want to give a special thanks to Salvitore Lombardi (Sal) the Owner/Operations Manager who was so instrumental is getting this all done. He is a hands-on guy, very easy to talk to and work with. Thanks again!

  • Kassandra Honaker

Highly recommended! Service completed by : Andrew, Joshua and Brandon. Everyone is very professional, knowledgeable, reasonable, honest and outstanding. They honestly exceeded our expectations. They went above and beyond. The technicians are REAL pros who knows what they're talking about and how to do their work where you could tell right away because when you have a question they answer it very thoroughly. My husband and I were extremely pleased with the service we received. Thank you Firefly Electric! Our house recently got struck by lightning, As a precaution we wanted to get a surge protection installed, Andrew came and found out that our indoor and outdoor panel had been affected and that we should be covered when we do a claim in our homeowners insurance. He explained to us what he saw and what it meant. He took pictures of the both panel and told us that he would send us an email on what he found out which we received the same day, We sent it out to our insurance and you know what's the good thing about that? The pictures that he took, it has description on it so that the insurance would understand what it was and what it meant. After a few days, our claim got approved by the insurance. We called Firefly Electric, my husband talked to the owner Sal who is very kind and got the job scheduled. The scheduled day came where we had Joshua and Brandon, They installed what we got which is the Platinum Panel Package with 9 dual function breaker. Joshua did the outdoor panel while Brandon did the indoor panel and I would say what a superb teamwork! Remember teamwork makes the dream work! While they were doing the work I was chitchatting with them and they were really friendly yet professional. We had some issues with our homeowners insurance but we got rest assured that they are gonna help us with it which is definitely going above and beyond! You rock Firefly Electric!

  • Cassandra M

Getting anyone to call back or answer their phones is like pulling teeth. I had an inlet installed a couple years ago and they did a great job on that but good luck getting anyone to respond to any correspondence. I really wanted to support a small business but the customer service just isn't there. Update to the response: this isn't the first time I've had issues getting anyone from your company to respond within a timely manner. I messaged online yesterday just to get in queue for Monday morning and texted one of your techs numbers and in no way made it seem like an emergency but the person did tell me someone would get back with me today to set something up. And conveniently you don't call all day until after 4pm when I posted this review. I am literally trying to give you guys business but for some reason you keep coming up with reasons to blame the customer. I would attach a few pics of previous conversations if i could where someone would be sent to my house (either a technician or cps) and nobody would contact me so i could be home that day and unlock the padlock. Then I get blamed for not being there.

  • Will

Several outlets in our kitchen suddenly started going off and coming back on, sometimes after a few minutes, other times after several days. We have lived in this house, built in the 1950s, for 20 years, with the same setup, and never experienced anything like this. The wiring here was janky and the main panel looked like something from a horror movie but no one had ever taken our concerns seriously. Firefly came out and took the time to look everything over and explain exactly what problems we had. That scary panel was indeed a fire hazard and an online search confirmed it. We also had a couple of other panels that were not up to code or illegal (one was an old fuse box). The recommendation was to replace the panels and run new wiring in. The guys came right away and worked nonstop, even when they ran into challenges. We were amazed by their dedication. We are relieved now to have up-to-date panels, with built-in surge protection, and reliable electricity in our house again.

  • Robert Vaughn

I have to say that as a homeowner there are few things more intimidating than needing electrical repairs on my home especially here in San Antonio, Texas. We were incredibly fortunate to find an affordable electrician with Firefly, but more importantly we were even more fortunate to find honest, fair and sincere people that put my wife at ease with their professionalism and knowledge during their visits to our home. I’m thankful they offer same day service for emergencies like what we experienced and I will definitely use Firefly in the future for any other needs I have and I will absolutely recommend Firefly Electric Service to all my friends in San Antonio whether they live on the Far West Side like me, or the Northside, or anywhere else in the city. Special shout-out to Sal for being willing to take the time to help a homeowner deal with their insurance company, too!

  • Tina Henry

Called Firefly needing a generator installed. Andrew arrived on time and was very thorough in explaining to me that I needed new electrical panels and that the ones I had had damage due to lightning. Sal , the owner also came out to ensure that Andrew went over everything with me and that I understood how unsafe my electrical panel was. They even helped me in filling a claim through my home insurance to get some of it covered. Very pleased with the quick response time from them to ensure the insurance company had all the information they needed to file the claim. On the day my panels were to be replaced, Joshua and Andrew arrived on time and informed me about everything they would be doing. They worked all day until the job was done. Very clean and professional. They also offer great warranty and I now have peace of mind knowing that my home is safe.

  • P Whaley

First, let me say what a awesome company Firefly Electric is. Salvador came and provided an educational estimate. He was very informative about the benefits of having a whole home surge protector with warranty. Providing us with suggestions to purchase our pendant lights and being honest about the costs of the services we are looking to have done. We have begun and plan to maintain a strong relationship with Firefly Electric. Joshua and Brandon, were true professionals and kept us involved in the process of the installation of our new kitchen lighting, which we love. They also installed and educated us about the surge protection. They were thorough and cleaned up afterwards. We are grateful for Firefly Electric. Thank you for a great job. See you again soon. Whaleys'

  • Mateusz

I would definitely recommend Firefly Electric Service. They did a great job installing my generator interlock kit, main breaker kit and home surge protection. I got an estimate from three different companies, and even though they weren't the cheapest, they were the most detail oriented, had the best communication, quality was superb, and they were accommodating. Spend a few more bucks, but sleep with confidence. Sal and Josh were super knowledgeable, took pride in there work, and walked us through the entire set-up/proper operation. You guys got yourself a lifetime customer, and I feel more than comfortable recommending the company to my closest friends.

  • Angela Galan

I decided to get a transfer switch installed for a backup generator. Preparing for winter and other power outages. I received three estimates. Firefly was a little higher, but I felt it was more accurate than others. Plus, the team was very thorough. All of this before they even started the job! When they came out they gave me options and helped me pick the one within my budget. They exceeded my expectations! It all looks good and works excellent. They walked me through use and let me test out. I had questions after they left and received a quick response and help. I really appreciate the help and will continue to refer people to them.

  • Greg Smith

After spending over 36 yrs with one of the top companies in the world customer service and quality were always a given without exception! Firefly and their people show the same business attitude far beyond any expectation for todays businesses. Not only did they just do an installation for a generator but they also went beyond a normal setup and looked at several different options for the hookup saving both time and money for the consumer. You just don't see this today. So, if you need a job done right don't bother calling anyone else, CALL FIREFLY right off you'll be glad you did! Thanks guys!

  • Sandra Bustos

I had a out door generator installed. They were able to install it real quick. They also explained on how to use it. They were very professional. I knew that they came ready because they explained everything and were able to answer all my questions to my satisfaction. I was very delighted in the work they did. They found that one of the switch in the electric panels was getting ready to stop working and replaced it right away. They went above and beyond their duties which I really appreciate it very much. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family members. Great job.

  • Joe DAmico

Firefly is great company! A while back Sal and his crew installed a generator transfer switch for emergency power backup. They also installed a new electrical panel on the outside of the house. Their work is solid and they did a great job cleaning up when they were finished. I was most impressed when many months later I called them to look at an unrelated breaker that kept tripping in my house. I was prepared to pay for the service but instead they replaced the breaker without charge! They have earned my repeat business for future electrical repairs. You can trust these guys.

  • Patricia M Porter

The guys were great. They installed a brand new electrical panel bringing it up to code and installed a generator switch and new 50 amp outlet for our generator. They were instrumental in helping us choose a generator, and the proper electrical cord. Upon installation, they offered to return and give us step by step instructions on how to properly use our two-fuel system generator. They returned about 3 weeks late once we had all of the proper supplies for the generator. They took their time and allowed us to record the conversation for future reference. Thank you so much!

  • Adeline Martinez

When Sal came out to give us an estimate he was very honest, respectful, professional and we decided that Firefly was who we wanted to do our electrical work for us. Of three estimates he was the best and his prices may have been just a little bit higher but in the long run he ended up working with us so that it was affordable to us and yet still profitable to him. He was able to get everything done that we have been given in the estimate. I highly highly recommend Firefly. They are good Christian people.TRUSWORTHY, FRIENDLY, HONEST AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

  • Michael Duggan

Sal and Josh just installed a transfer switch in my house so that I can use my portable generator in case of power loss. I’ve worked with other electricians in the past but have never been as impressed with any of them as I am with these guys of Firefly electric. Their knowledge, work ethic, experience and attention to detail as well as their neatness and ability to explain what my options were really impressed me. Reasonable pricing for the quality, excellent warranty, transparent, on time and available for follow up….couldn’t be more pleased.

  • Sherry Hall

I wanted to thank you for replacing fixtures in my bathroom. Two chandeliers and two lighted mirrors. You were apologetic of the time frame of the installation of the project. It wasn't your fault that we couldn't get products shipped in that weren't broken. The light fixtures I had you to install were a little complicating and very fragile. We both I thought were patient with each other. I got the spa like bathroom, which I wanted you to help me create, and I am very happy with the job. I will use the company again for lighting projects

  • Jayme Agozie

Our family had been without hot water for 3 days. The plumbing company came out and said there was an electrical issue. We called Firefly the next morning, explained the situation, and Sal was gracious enough to fit us into his schedule. He did not leave until he knew the issue had been resolved. The level of professionalism, knowledge, customer service, and willingness to educate us and answer questions was unlike anything we have never experienced before. We will only use Firefly from now on, and recommend you do the same.

  • Michelle Michelle

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of all 3 employees I dealt with. They educated me on what was going to be replaced and why. They made sure I was educated on the issues that I had with my electrical panel. I had equipment installed to be able to plug a stand alone generator into my home also if ever needed in the future. They were available for any question and stressed that if I had any future concerns they were available at anytime to answer any question. I highly recommend this team of elections.

  • Luis Castaneda

Sal and Josh did a great job of setting us up for our next power outage. They installed a breaker interlock kit on our main panel plus a power inlet box for our portable generator to hook into. In addition, we had some whole house surge protectors installed and they also did a switch out of a light switch and fixed one of our power outlets. They were very thorough in explaining what needed to be done and did professional work. I highly recommend Firefly Electric company.

  • Alvin Tamboa

Sal came out to help locate and change a transformer for a new video doorbell, as well as an inspection of the electrical panels of the home. You can tell he is very knowledgeable and even better he was happy to share his knowledge and give a thorough explanation of his inspection allowing me to make an educated decision for the betterment and safety of my home, and that right there is why Firefly Electric Service has earned my business. Thank you for your services.

  • Veronica Sanchez

Outstanding and professional service! Sal went above and beyond expectations. He was very understanding of our situation and flexible with our needs. He did a thorough diagnostics and restored power in several rooms as well as made recommendations and estimates for future projects. I cannot praise and recommend Firefly Electric enough. If you're in need of any kind of electrical services, please do yourself a favor and call Firefly!

  • Mark Robinson

Needed a second opinion and Andrew Tonti comes out and gave me confirmation. He was prompt, professional and courteous. I gave him my backstory, he gave his opinion and we were satisfied. After the conversation I did apologize to make sure he didn’t feel like he was wasting his time but he understood my concern. I got a business card and will definitely use Firefly Electric in the future. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️s.

  • Dawn Smith

Highly recommend! Sal came out right away to our home. He is very informative, showed great concern. He took initiative to speak to insurance company, and their adjusters all while in between his other work. This was a great convenience to cut out the middle man and Get things done ✔ He kept in contact thru the whole process. Was very clear on next steps to be taken and provided helpful options.

  • Josh Nisbet

Unprofessional, could not provide me a same day quote. After I started talking with the guy he clearly had no clue what he was doing and the install team had to come behind and clean up his mess. Install guys were great but their sales guy was very disappointing in communicating with his team what was to be done and the exact price. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE! YALL CAN FIND BETTER.

  • Esther Luna

I’ve used FIREFLY ELECTRIC services before for other concerns and again today and have always been pleased with their professionalism, their expertise of their technicians and their thorough explanations and recommendations. Phillip and Andrew are both genuine and willing to take whatever time needed to explain everything and to do the work properly.

  • Jerome Gainer

I had an outlet in my wife's office that quit working. I reached out to different contractors through Angieslist. Firefly responded the same day before anyone else and scheduled an electrician to come out the next day. He showed up on time and was courteous and professional and quickly fixed our problem for a reasonable price. Thanks Firefly!

  • Scott Lehrman

Andrew came out last week and took a look at a dead socket in my garage. He took just a few minutes to identify the issue, which was a burnt-out adapter between the light and the socket that my garage door opener was plugged into. He didn't even charge for the diagnostic, which I was very grateful for. Will definitely be calling again.

  • Tim Solada

We had circuit breakers and power input for a mobile generator installed. The work was done professionally by Andrew and Brandon in a few hours. The job was done for a reasonable price and scheduled shortly after the estimate was provided. I would definitely refer them a will use them again for any future work that I need done.

  • Jason P

John and the staff at Firefly provided top notch service, quality work and a fair price. They went above and beyond from start to finish even as far as dealing with insurance adjuster to get job approved as fast as possible. They are my go to for all electric work and highly recommended to all friends and family. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Lynn Young

Our family highly recommends Firefly Electric. Andrew, Josh, Brandon, and Allie (in the office) are all very competent, courteous, thorough, and easy to reach. They explain everything carefully, answer any questions and are never "pushy." They've earned our trust and confidence and deserve a 5+ rating. Joan & Lynn

  • Taran Carlisle

From the quote with Andrew to the installation with Josh and Brandon, it was an all around top notch experience with Firefly Electric. I needed an EV charger installed and they were high quality, quick, super helpful and offered competitive pricing. Definitely would recommend and will call again for future needs.

  • Alyson Barr

Had a really good experience with these guys. They installed a home surge protector and went through the whole house and replaced my plugs and switches. Found some of them the wires were loose. They tried to make it so I couldn’t work for the least amount of time which was really nice. I would def use them again.

  • Chris Hughes

I will never use another electrical company again. From start to finish this was bye far the best experience I have ever had with a home improvement project. This company has what most companies lack .... INTEGRITY .Sal stands by his word. You dont find that to often today. His word is his Bond.

  • Lori McKee

FireFly Electric was extremely responsive to my needs as a homeowner. They worked quickly to prepare an insurance estimate and followed through with their promises and warranty. Sal, Josh, and Brandon were professional and worked with honesty an integrity. Ten stars! Excellent service!

  • Mason Stone

Andrew did an excellent job of installing a new LED ceiling light fixture in our laundry room. He also inspected both our interior house breaker panel & the exterior panel for possible lightning damage, all at no charge! Highly recommend Firefly Electric for any electrical needs!

  • Terry Rodriguez

Salvatore, Andrew, and Brandon did a great job getting our electrical panels installed and at a fair price. They answered all our questions and explained in detail what they would be doing. Everything is now in compliance and we’re thankful for Firefly Electric.

  • Peter Prak

Josh and Brandon did great work, it was amazing communication with them, they did amazing work. Sal was understanding and help client beet they can help me with my situation and was amazing everyone at firefly is awesome I highly recommend

  • Terry-T Rodriguez

Salvatore, Brandon and Andrew and were such hard workers, and they were very professional. They are very honest and the work is always done well. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing electrical work. Thank you …

  • Robeli Teran

Andrew kept in contact with me to let me know he was on his way. Within minutes, he had diagnosed the problem and fixed a bad switch. Very honest and efficient. Would definitely contact again for any future electrical issues.

  • Earl Floyd

Sal is the best. Super professional and knowledgeable definitely A+. I worked on the same project for 3+hrs and he fixed it in less than one. He and his company have my support and we will spread the word. Thanks again.

  • Jay Staats

Andrew did an excellent job. He was professional and friendly and completed several tasks very efficiently. They charged me less than what I expected. I will definitely call them again when I need their services.

  • kathryn blanchette

We are still taking bids for this job but I really liked this man who did the inspection. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything as he went. I look forward to possibly working with him in the future.

  • James Dewey

Sal is great at explaining everything in detail and working with my schedule. He always goes out if his way to make sure I’m very happy as a customer. Don’t need to go anywhere else for my electrical needs.

  • Raymond Ortiz

Team was able to provide me advice on where to obtain a backup generator for my house. They they installed additional outlets and upgraded my panel that will now allow me to backup my home AC using 50 amps

  • B Tholen

Andrew Tonti was amazing. I HIGHLY recommend this company. Very good prices prompt great customer service. Andrew was very good and explained everything in detail. Will keep doing business with them.

  • Justin Peterson

I was grateful that Andrew came same day and efficiently fixed my problem. What a lifesaver! I thought the price was reasonable. He was also professional and friendly. I’ll call firefly next time.

  • Liz Nickelson

Andrew was amazing and determined to find the source of our outage in several plugs. He was excellent. we referred our RV neighbors to him and the received the same great service …

  • Christi Marfil

Firefly gave us the best estimate, we needed immediate work and they came through for us, they were very professional and thorough. I plan to use their services again. Christi M.

  • Lucas Peacock

Sal came out and did a phenomenal job for us. He was on time and very friendly. He showed us all of the issues and repaired them quickly. We found a new preferred vendor here.

  • Adolph Balboa

Andrew was great. He explained step by step what he was doing and made sure the Angi app would allow me to pay before ge did the work. Thank you for your time and patience.

  • KimnSid Shake

Awesome job! They installed a car charger and had to do some unplanned work to get to the desired location. Highly recommend and will call again for other work.

  • Adrian Fernandez

Excellent service! Very knowledgeable and informative as to how to use our new generator! We will definitely use Firefly for ALL our future electrical needs.

  • dee pinon

Sal was courteous and extremely knowledgeable. He fixed our lighting issue and double checked his own work. Definitely would hire Firefly again!

  • Robert Rinell

Very Knowledgeable staff and extremely courteous. Installed a new circuit breaker box for me and were very quick and efficient in their work.

  • Sherry

Wanted to charge me more money besides what my home insurance was charging ! Now saying I need to pay for a job that they didn't do! Whoa

  • Cristian Dilone

So professional and really great service had them install a 110v outlet behind a wall mounted TV and work was done quick and right.

  • David Beck

I would recommend this company Prompt service. Professional technician Installed a hard wired smoke detector on a 12 foot ceiling.

  • Clifford Gabriel

Very satisfied with the installation. They explained everything to me. They even programmed the system to my phone

  • Tim Sawyer

Can't say enough about this company. Fast, friendly, professional and priced right. I highly recommend them!!

  • Anthony Dockstader

It's all good but the price is way to high all the other electric companies are half the price

  • Nathan Neal

Shady business practices, definitely a lawsuit waiting to happen. Terrible to their employee’s

  • John Gauthier

Philip was on time and professional. Great Service.

  • Gray Van Vliet

Andrew is the man! 10/10 Firefly Electric is legit

  • Russell Lowe

Excellent service experience, Sal is top notch.

  • Dave Esra

Great job. Very clean and professional.

  • Jesus Garza

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