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3131 Boulevard Cote Vertu Ouest Suit C - 35, Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4R 1Y8, Canada



Gold's Gym VSL is a Gym located at 3131 Boulevard Cote Vertu Ouest Suit C - 35, Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4R 1Y8, Canada. It has received 2678 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars.





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  • The address of Gold's Gym VSL: 3131 Boulevard Cote Vertu Ouest Suit C - 35, Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4R 1Y8, Canada

  • Gold's Gym VSL has 4.7 stars from 2678 reviews

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  • "I’ve been coming to this gym since 2014 So many changes have happened"

    "I attended the Sunday Pilates class with my wife and was pleasantly surprised with the size and layout of the entire place"

    "I recently joined Gold’s Gym and I love it! I tried out a couple of other gyms (including this one) before become a member here and it was my favourite over all"

    "This facility is terrible! I canceled my account in 2020 and never heard a word from anyone until a collection agency calls me 3 years later for an overdue amount although I've received emails asking me to become a member"

    "Gold's Gym Montreal and Laval truly deserve an amazing review! The facilities are top-notch, offering a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment that caters to all fitness levels"


  • G. Navincopa

I’ve been coming to this gym since 2014 So many changes have happened. We have seen people come and go, staff, class trainers, and specially people at the counter and managers. I miss the pool, I miss the cardio cinema and I miss and the abondance of group classes, specially yoga and Zumba classes. Before the pandemic there was yoga and Zumba almost every day. Now there’s almost no yoga, and we still have 3 Zumba classes per week. They have amazing rooms for classes like Zumba, yoga and different cardio group training so why not take advantage and use that space. Please don’t cancel anymore classes. It’s fun to come and meet people I have new friends and a community because of Gold’s gym. I still love the big space, the cleanliness, the people at the counter are nice, the group classes and the new smoothie/juice bar.

  • Matt R

I attended the Sunday Pilates class with my wife and was pleasantly surprised with the size and layout of the entire place. I've often been intimidated by 'bro gyms', but I wouldn't classify this as one of them. That was my fear because of the brand's name. The group class held 15-20 people comfortably, and although I was the only male in the class, I didn't feel as if I was out of place. The instructor was perfectly vocal so for a person like myself with limited pilates experience I could easily follow along only looking to my wife for proper execution once or twice - the instructor did a great job describing the reason - and target areas - of the moves which I found super-helpful. All-in-all, an excellent experience in which I hope to have again. Thanks Gold's.

  • Hussain Witwit

I recently joined Gold’s Gym and I love it! I tried out a couple of other gyms (including this one) before become a member here and it was my favourite over all. It’s a very nice gym, well equipped and very clean. The staff are super nice and they offer multiple group classes. Today I tried spinning class and I love it. There’s multiple memberships prices and it’s a lot cheaper than I expected (they also have discounts). Even though the gym is not 24hrs they open super early in the morning and close pretty late. If you want to invest in a good gym you’re coming to the right place. It’s so nice here that makes me want to workout more!

  • Brandi Hull

This facility is terrible! I canceled my account in 2020 and never heard a word from anyone until a collection agency calls me 3 years later for an overdue amount although I've received emails asking me to become a member. I canceled because the facility was never properly cleaned especially during Covid, and the majority of the machines in the women's section were broken and not repaired/replaced. Employees would not show up on time to open the gym when the hours were reduced. I would NEVER recommend this gym to anyone. Update - Received an email from Andrew and all issues have been resolved amicably which was very much appreciated!

  • Matan A

Gold's Gym Montreal and Laval truly deserve an amazing review! The facilities are top-notch, offering a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment that caters to all fitness levels. The knowledgeable and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere, always ready to assist and motivate you on your fitness journey. The gym's cleanliness and attention to hygiene are commendable, ensuring a safe and enjoyable workout experience. I highly recommend Gold's Gym Montreal and Laval to anyone seeking a fantastic fitness destination. Yeannie is an excellent manager!!

  • Crafted by Parents

Had a membership there 8-9 years ago with my husband, all of a sudden we have outstanding amounts in collections. An email was sent Oct 2 to the email address linked to this branch, no response as of yet. We had with our membership through our employer and I find it quite odd that we are at least 20-30 with the same issue. Our membership was not renewed and was clear it was for a year not more. Very disappointing and unprofessional that no one has taken the time to answer my email yet the reviews are frequently checked on.

  • Chudi Ndubaku

Towel service at this location has been terrible in the past few weeks. According to the staff, the laundry machines have been out of service but it's been weeks with no remedy. More effort needs to be made to upkeep the gym and to provide reliable facilities for their dependable clients. Nov 14, 2023 - Updating my review that the towel service in the gym has now been restored. The staff and managers were able to fix the problem with broken machines and were attentive to the needs of their clients during this period.

  • D E

I have been a member at the Gold's gym VSL for a couple of months now. The gym has the needed equipment for the most part. The staff-team are professional, when I have any questions, they actively listen and support in ensuring a positive experience. Homan is a member of the team at the front desk and is very courteous & professional as well! Even though there are gym members who are messy and do not place equipment back in its proper place, the team is patient and diligent in ensuring the gym is in order.

  • Temu Besty

I would highly recommend GOLDS GYM VSL. Today was my first day and I liked it from the start. One reason is Andrea, I met her at reception desk and she helped me thru with all the process of registration plus visit to gym, all the possible types of membership and all I needed to know. Thank to her. The gym is very clean and equipment is well advanced. I really liked the woomen only section. I'm really excited to work on my new year resolution, a month before. Good luck to me.

  • Fady Erian

I like the gym a lot, good equipment, good service, the staff people are always helpfull. The only thing that I don't understand is why did they change the lightning system?? I mean it became very dark and sleepy right now. Before, the lights were bright and good and make the person wake up for his exercise but for now each time I go I feel like they are closing the gym soon and they are waiting for me to finish. Please return to the old lights, they will make a huge difference.

  • Omar Salem

Scammers of the worst sort. I attended this gym a couple of months before COVID hit, the gym was closed for most of the year. I called them to cancel my membership as I left the country during the second wave. Yet I was surprised today when I got a call from the collection agency telling my I owe will over $400 for breaking my contract. When I called the gym all they said was we gonna give you access for the amount paid or else deal with the collection. Scam

  • Aziza Aziza

I am a member of the gym; i called several times to complain about the shower but nobody is taking this issue seriously; the water is almost cold, today i was in the gym, i asked two persons about the water temperature and both of them agreed that the shower water is cold! Please please please fix the issue because if this issue will persist i am definitely considering to look for another gym ! This unacceptable

  • Angie Morales

I’m a visitor from Las Vegas and A Golds Gym Member. I could not confirm if i was able to enter the the Golds gym facility at Ville-St Laurent, but I was met with kind and friendly staff and they helped me out and let me in their Golds Gym Facility. I was very surprised how clean and neat the facility was. Staff was friendly and very helpful. I would definitely recommend this Golds Gym faculty. Thank You!

  • Xin Yu Wang

Thanks, Instructor Tania and Kathleen As a beginner, I join low-intensity exercise classes: Pilates and Yoga. Group fitness is a good feeling thing, together learn, sweat. Group fitness instructor is more important role in gym. They are normally designer, inspirer and giver, and continuous give and give to their classes. Thanks again for your hardworking, and happy holiday!

  • Lukas Sahakian

been coming to golds gym for a couple of months and have been lifting for over a year and in general every day lifting is a great experience depending on the time not too busy. very clean amenities and helpful staff. i’m 15 and i go with my dad so i would recommend to anyone interested in lifting no matter the age or experience.

  • Erick Flores

Yeannie gives an amazing service she is very polite and she's always friendly. Going to the gym is always nice when she's around. She's informative if you need help. Singing up to the gym was great and ever since I signed up I have no complaints. This gym is perfect. The area is always clean and ready for a good workout. …

  • Maruan Musalam

I really like this gym, good equipment, clean facilities, good staff, especially Yeannie, who from the first moment has been a very nice person, helping me first with the registration and showing me all the place and then giving me excellent treatment at all times. I would not change this gym for the reasons mentioned above.

  • Sonya Sevadjian

Amazing gym! The staff is so friendly and they keep the area so clean! I was helped out by Homan, and he was able to help me figure out which plan fit my needs. Gold’s is a great gym filled with different machines I haven’t seen before and the people who come are great as well. Super welcoming and a great place to workout!

  • Li Jenny

If you’re looking for a good gym, well look no further Gold’s got you. I really enjoy all the equipments and how big the gym is and also the like the private area when I wanna see less ppl. Also the customer service is top notch, Homan is always willing to help and very friendly!!! Keep up the good customer service.

  • Pat R.

Underhanded. They closed during the pandemic where we couldn't cancel our membership (no one picks up and no one at site) while for some reason, still charging us. I cancelled it through my credit card company, and they sent it to collections. Did not expect scummy behaviour from Gold's. Don't trust this branch.

  • Rudy Kanadil

I recently had a positive experience at the gym, and I must commend the receptionist, Homan. His friendly demeanor and efficient assistance made my visit enjoyable. The gym itself is well-equipped, clean, and offers a variety of workout options. Overall, a great place for fitness enthusiasts!

  • Jehdyn Espinet-Gannon

Been going for about 2 months now. Staff is great, gym is great and very clean. Only issues i have are that there isn't enough barbell clamps, and the hours you guys are open. Closing at 7pm on the weekend is way too early, and being closed on holidays is kind of annoying. I need my fix man.

  • Rana Halaby

I recently signed up at Gold’s Gym and I really like it. It’s a very spacious facility with lots of options in terms of equipment and classes. Homan, was really helpful in explaining the options they offer and he s made sure to address my circumstances. I highly recommend the place!

  • Naim Nohra

I have been a Member since 2015 and this is my Gym!! Wonderful facilities, super clean, best environment and customer service. I highly recommend getting personal trainers sessions, I see results. Nicolas and Yeannie will make you feel home. Thank you. Great job! …

  • cecilia reyes

Bad costumer service at the front desk . Don't get the Gold membership they cancel the classes without notice and you go and talk to them at the front desk and the manager DONT CARE about your complain . just Get the basic membership the installations are very Good lots of space

  • Crown Movers

This is where our movers build their muscles! This is a 5 star gym.. 1. Clean and new equipment. 2. It's never too busy... 3. Friendly and informative staff Most importantly, no creeps / very respectful clientele! One of the best gyms in all of Montreal. Each location is great.

  • Ashley Kiana Porto

Excellent gym, shoutout to Homan!!! A lot of spaces. It feels so comfortable, a clean place and not to crowded to go to. And, they also have a lot of equipments They also have a gym area upstairs for GIRLS ONLY, sauna as well and many more. ❤️ …

  • Cornelio Valiente

I started going to Gold’s gym VSL this year. So far I’ve been making great progress and achieved my weight loss goal of at least 10lbs. The gym is well maintained, spacious and have great machine options. Staff are very friendly too, especially Zach! Thanks Gold’s Gym!

  • Montse Ahedo

This gym is truly amazing. Staff is very welcoming too but I want to give a shoutout to Andrea. She was very helpful, friendly, felt very comfortable talking to her. Everything I needed to know was explained very thoroughly and with such kindness. Thank you Andrea (:

  • Jared “The Last Kiss” Velasquez

Paul and Andy met us at the front as we came in today from Alberta. Our passes didn't work but the 2 went well out of their way to ensure we figured it out as I and one of my competitive boxers were here for the Olympic Team Trials. They took great care of us.

  • Gotcha Addicted

Went to sign up today, had the pleasure of dealing with Yeannie! She was super welcoming and made me feel very comfortable, went through the memberships with me to help me pick which option suits me best. Great experience overall! Thank you so much

  • Muzh Ahmadi

Yeannie, thank you so much for your warm welcoming, she is polite and respectful. She showed such a nice behavior here 5 star for u, I wish there is 10 star ⭐️ to give u , very professional ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️gold gym is the best ever and ever

  • Jake Robinson

I absolutely love this gym! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It's always clean and well-maintained, making it a pleasure to work out here. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gym-goer, this place has something for everyone. I've

  • Linh Le

I first came to Golds roughly two months ago. While being hesitant of starting at the gym, Ohman really helped and showed me around. He had stayed after his shift to help open my profile. Always has a happy smile coming in and great service!

  • Stephane Elmaleh

Overall good gym but very very disappointed in the weekends schedule. I mean WHY does it close at 7pm on weekends this is just ridiculous, especially for the money we pay. Very annoying. It used to close at 10pm on sayurdays now they

  • James Benhamou

Just signed a new contract at Golds. Very pleased with their gym, prices and staff. The CSR that took care of my contract arrangements name is Homan and he's very helpful, efficient and kind. Likely to be a long-time client here.

  • KK2RA

I walked in with pretty high expectations, but Homan welcomed me with open arms and it blasted all my expectations out of the water. Warm and welcoming. Beautiful and various equipment. Glad i signed up, shoutout to Homan too!

  • Massimo Venturelli

My brother finally decided to join the gym and the Gold's Gym employee, Andrea, did an excellent job at filling us in on the family plan. She was very friendly, helpful and detailed and the sign up did not take long at all.

  • Rrrnn Dradi

Bradley and Jani were a pleasure to deal with, very warm and helpful. I was in from out of town and worked with me to try out the club before hand. The club is very nice and lots of clean equipment. (Highly recommended it)

  • Tom T.

Andrea helped me get on-boarded super quick. Told me about all the benefits of the club and special promotions that are on for total body transformation. Looking forward to getting in shape at Gold’s Gym. Thank you Andrea!

  • Romina R. Landaure

Homan provided an exceptional service, thoroughly explaining everything and recommending the optimal training times. I must say, it was a truly personalized experience. Gold's Gym, you've certainly captured my attention!

  • Mari Na

Friendly staffs and people. The employees are very helpful if you have any questions or problems. And a big thank you to Andrea for helping me with my first membership renewal at Gold’s, the procedure was quick and easy.

  • Raghda Elmaleh

Went in for a gym visit, Paul was amazing. His coworker made sure we knew and understood all the plans and perks of each while Paul gave us a tour of the whole gym, and thoroughly explained what benefits we would have.

  • John Vlahakis

Gold's gym VSL is a very good gym with so far a great staff, Gianni the manager goes out of her way to accomodate the customers. As far as I'm concerned she's so far the best manager gold's gym VSL has ever had.

  • Andrew Niehaus

Great people. No waiting to use any equipment which are top notch I have to say. Also have a steam room which is rare to find in a gym. No need for head phones. There music was loud and up beat for working out!

  • Irina Spac

Overall I enjoy my time in this gym. Everything is clean, exquisite atmosphere and enjoyable classes. Staff is very nice and friendly, especially the guy at the reception. Highly recommend this Gold Gym!

  • Mayon Lee

Great gym! It has a lot of equipment and never feels crowded. It also has an only woman section, it has everything you need to get a great workout done! ☺️ Andrea was the best, she recommended it. …

  • Youssif Ganni

CLEAN, friendly staff, and not overpacked. I always end up choosing Gold’s over other gyms. No ego lifters, smells fresh, they have AC, and the machines are mostly available. Both locations are great

  • Elicia Zheng

Golds gym is honestly a super nice gym, with many amenities and classes that you can attend. Staff is super friendly and welcoming. Also big thanks to Hamran for being so helpful with my membership!

  • Moeez

I had a wonderful experience there, very clean and proper space with all the right equipment. Particularly helpful employee named Homan made sure everything i needed was in order. Will visit again

  • Ali murtadah al-saleh

Just signed up today. Got help from Hamran who provided useful instructions and gave me a tour of the facility. It seems like a great gym, very clean, plenty of room with sufficient equipment.

  • mistiza87

Great gym, so close to home! The Zumba classes are the best with Ruth & even her 2 assistants!!! Love love love! Just did my renewal with Homan, went smoothly! Thanks so much for the help!!

  • Mireille Hakim

Just love my Zumba classes Super nice gym I signed up again with Yaani who gave me an amazing deal. She’s wonderful and helpful and always in a great mood. Thank you Yaani …

  • Marcus T

Awesome gym with great staff! Especially Andy you’re awesome and always helpful. Machines are clean and staff are always making sure the members are well taken care of. Thanks GOLDS VSL!

  • Kobby Gray

My goodness, this is the best gym I have ever been to in Montreal. Yeannie, answered all my questions and I felt heard and welcomed . I love it here already ! Yeannie, you are amazing!

  • Vanessa Colarusso

I’ve been a member at Gold’s gym for a few months! Homan, staff member at VSL, is so friendly and helpful! The gym is clean, equipment is always functional and there are many classes!

  • DJ Hany T

I've been with Gold Gym st Laurent since day 1 they opened Very professional staff and equipment Highly recommended to join, Thanks to Paul and Andrew for your support and services.

  • Jean Tessier

Incredible service during the open house by yanmie and Andrea. Staff is super friendly and very helpful. Gym is clean and modern and offers multiple services under one roof. …

  • Sean Fulgueras

I had a wonderful experience there but life got busy for me afterwords i will go back for sure but this gym i highly recommend you go in prepared other than that its all well :)

  • Rami Lakkis

Very clean Gym, staff is super nice . Thanks again for Andrea for helping me sign up and giving me a tour of the gym . Very professional and Explains everything so well . 10/10

  • lorena amaya

Hamran and Yeannie are amazing !!! I am feeling confident with myself again. The facilities are clean and organized. Thank you so much guys ! I totally recommend Gold’s Gym VSL

  • Jason Lee

Great overall experience re-joining Gold’s gym Laval. Was served by Homan and he was able to get my business back from a competitor. Looking forward to working out here again.

  • Aman Ibrahimi

Thanks Mr: Ahmed you really make Gold members to come back and renew theirs contract. I really appreciate your efforts it is a nice gym clean and net and well equipped …

  • Suheil Tarin

Great gym and great staff. They have great equipement and a great overall atmosphere to workout. Homan is super nice and helpful at the front desk. Highly recommend this gym!

  • Arsham Bakhtiari

Fantastic gym with a clean environment and new equipment. The staff, particularly Andrea, are respectful and incredibly helpful, especially during the registration process.

  • Hagop Kazandjian

Just renewed my membership after taking some time off. Registration was a breeze thanks to Hamran. Facilities are always clean, and I always feel inspired when I work out.

  • Kurt Schmoelz

A great experience with Andrea .. she takes her time to explain all the services and contracts offered. Very knowledgeable, pleasant person to deal with. Thank you Andrea

  • Billy-Reginald Blanc

I joined Gold’s Gym a long time ago and I need to renew my member. Andrea help me, made me feel good comfortable. It’s a very nice gym, well equipped and very clean.

  • Rémi Bathalon

One of the cleanest and well furnished gym I've seen. Been here a few times as a guest and finally decided to become a member. Thanks Andrea for the nice welcome!

  • Samy Tahiri

I had a really nice experience with a staff member (Andrea) the first time i wanted to get a registration. I really recommend this Gym.Realy great experience!

  • George Toro

Great Gym and very friendly service. Harman in sales helped me and explained everything clearly. I recommend this place to all my friends and family members.

  • Anastasia Terzic

Great gym - always clean, very spacious and not too packed! Great people and staff as well; Homan and Paul at the reception are very friendly and helpful :)

  • jonathan urman

Did my contract renewal with Andrea, she was very professional and friendly. The process was quick and very well organized. Great service, highly recommend.

  • dick lee

Can start out by saying that this gym is the cleanest gym I’ve been to. The staff and workers are very kind people. Props to Homan for helping me out.

  • Madlein Elmaleh

Went in for a gym visit, Homan was amazing. His coworker gave us a tour while Homan made sure we knew and understood all the plans and perks of each.

  • Nicolas Suciu

Best gym in Montreal by far, Awsome staff always with a smile, helpful and friendly got served by Petros the best employe of the gym in my opinion.

  • Am Ro

Charged me 15.99$ as a "Frais de carte de membre" when I renewed my contract...I already had the card. Real low effort money grab... disappointed

  • Nairi Tachdjian

Homan was super helpful today! He gave me lots of information regarding the gym and its facilities. He answered all my questions! Thank you :)

  • Leila W

Just signed up with Andrea and she was very helpful and friendly! Best quality/price I found in VSL is Gold’s Gym! Can’t wait to get started!

  • Clinique Grace Médico-esthétique

Amazing experience very nice gym all very well équipée thank you Yeannie for recommendation and the great service . You make us feel home !

  • Dre Dess

Really awesome gym , great staff and amazing equipment. I had the opportunity to speak with Andrea the sales rep who was an amazing help.

  • Claudia Ostrovsky

Loving my experience at Golds Gym. Homan’s service while we were signing up was incredible! He made me feel so comfortable and welcome.

  • Pierre Batbatian

Great gym steps away from Bois-Franc & Nouveau St-Laurent always clean, equipment is in good shape. There’s even an indoor pool …

  • Peter Shandal

Amazing gym! Staff makes it a pleasant place to train, super clean, super friendly environment. Even the clients are super easy-going

  • Stella Mimis

Great gym super clean and amazing staff! Very helpful and friendly. A special thanks to Barbara for all her help. Highly recommend!

  • Savage Paulson

Great gym! Been a member for years. Great atmosphere! Great customer service! Great service from Andrea! Received a free gym bag!

  • Sydney Elfassy

Hamram was the sweetest, and very helpful! He made the whole signing up process super easy and explained everything super well!!

  • Anastasiya Shevchenko

Very nice and clean gym. Lots of equipment, great people, staff are always kind and helpful! Couldn’t recommend more …

  • Ghiseth Gordon Prieto

This gym is amazing and rhe attention from the staff (Andrea & Homan) couldn't have been better, I highly recommend it. :)

  • Julio Castillo Coronel

Excellent Service from Homan, made the sign up process a breeze and showed me all the facilities around in the gym.

  • Nikita Koussioulas

Came in to renew my membership and Andrea was very helpful and polite. She made the process super quick and easy.

  • Blala Aymen

Very friendly place. Andrea was very helpful during the tour, answered all my questions. 100% recommend the gym.

  • Konstantinos Koutsoilias

Best gym and best service ! Homan did an amazing job!! Very good guy!! Help us to make the membership very fast!

  • AXP

The gym was very large and full of gear.I just signed up with Homan and it was very efficient and enjoyable.

  • Peter Koron

Thank you to Barbara for helping me be certain that Gold’s Gym was the right choice for me. Very helpful

  • Doria

Had great service from Andrea, very friendly, helpful and professional! Nice gym with all the amenities

  • Julio Cesar Castillo Coronel

Homan helped me sign up such a smooth process. Was very helpfull aswell and answered all my concerns.

  • Henry Tan

Good! Really good service and very nice employees! The equipment is also very good! 100% recommended!

  • Richi Mendoza

Love love this gym, best equipments, welcoming staff. Thanks Yeannie, I appreciate your service.

  • vincent nguyen

Very good employee. Homan is always nice and respectful. Take the time to listen. Recommended.

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