International College of Manitoba (ICM)

154 reviews

University of Manitoba 190 Extended Education Complex 406, University Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2, Canada



International College of Manitoba (ICM) is a University located at University of Manitoba 190 Extended Education Complex 406, University Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2, Canada. It has received 154 reviews with an average rating of 3.6 stars.





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  • The address of International College of Manitoba (ICM): University of Manitoba 190 Extended Education Complex 406, University Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2, Canada

  • International College of Manitoba (ICM) has 3.6 stars from 154 reviews

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  • "It is my third semester in ICM and I am loving it"

    ""My daughter recently graduated from ICM and I couldn't be happier with her experience"

    "Wow, ICM is the best! At first, I was so nervous because I knew no one who studied at ICM but after starting my first semester I experienced so many things"

    "I had the opportunity to attend ICM during my first year of studies"

    "I highly recommend international students studying at the International College of Manitoba"


  • Raghwinder Vlogs

It is my third semester in ICM and I am loving it. It is a wonderful institution and I am looking forward to it. Studying in ICM offers me the opportunity to access world class education in leading edge facilities with affordable tuition fees. Also, ICM provides offer letter within 24-28 hours provides one has submitted required academic documents. One of my best experience with ICM was the help and support system though student advisors helped me in selecting courses and makes correct decision. Classes at ICM are much smaller approx. 30-35 students per class. Additionally, ICM students receive extension academic and personal support, not only in studies but to help in adjust to living in Canada. Also, Guard me health insurance offered to students is quite important in the present COVID pandemic scenario. As an ICM student, University campus offers wide services and facilities including library, computer labs, and recreation facilities. The Manitoba province is home to a wonderful multicultural community of over 8 lakh people. As a University of Manitoba student, I will be challenged to grow, inspired to create and dared to excel.

  • Renu Garg

"My daughter recently graduated from ICM and I couldn't be happier with her experience. The professors and staff were incredibly supportive and invested in my daughter's success. They went above and beyond to provide personalized attention and guidance throughout her academic journey. The ICM campus was beautiful and well-maintained, with plenty of resources and facilities for studying and extracurricular activities. My daughter enjoyed participating in various events and programs organized by ICM on campus, which helped her develop valuable skills and friendships. Overall, I highly recommend ICM to any parents who are looking for a college that prioritizes academic excellence, individual attention, and hands-on experience. It's a wonderful institution that truly prepares students for success in the real world."


Wow, ICM is the best! At first, I was so nervous because I knew no one who studied at ICM but after starting my first semester I experienced so many things. First, ICM encourages you to study hard while prioritizing your general health (mental and physical health) and they offer so much help and assistance to mental health even on their orientation day. Also, ICM helps you to navigate what you want to study in the future they have enough student advisors that will advise you on different alternatives you can take from where you are at. This is my second semester at ICM and I wish I could say all the good things about this college. OMG! The teachers are so awesome I mean I'm not even in Canada yet but I feel like I'm already on the ICM campus.

  • Sidhant Sharma

I had the opportunity to attend ICM during my first year of studies. I can safely say that attending ICM was the right choice and set me up for success to continue at the University of Manitoba. There are lots of opportunities for students to get involved and gain volunteer experience, as well as get to know other individuals from various cultures. It is also a friendly environment. All the international students are in the same boat and thus everyone's friendly circles tend to be quite diverse. The staff is amazing as well and is invested in the success of each student. They are always willing to go above and beyond to connect with the students and make sure that they have a good experience and settle into the Canadian society.

  • Ryan

I highly recommend international students studying at the International College of Manitoba. As an instructor at the college for 8 years, I have experienced international student growth in the time period they studied at the college. The staff is exceptional, supportive, compassionate and are there to help the students transition smoothly and confidently to a new experience in a new country. Both the instructors and staff go above and beyond helping international students adapt to a new life within the University and outside the University.The Pathway Program builds the students up,level by level, supporting them in all academic areas. Moreover, creates a strong connection between the instructor/professor and student.

  • Miri Lara

This is my second term on ICM and so far it's been really helpful! I feel really good at studying here. First of all because the staff do care about you, and they constantly send you mental health resources, they also help you with your questions, with some trouble you may have with a course and with everything. ICM helps you to understand better Canadian culture and it helps you to adapt to a new educational system, plus it offers courses that help you adapting to Canada and the university. I am very happy at ICM and I'll forever be grateful with the amazing staff, their help, activities, workshops and how they treat you and help you every day!

  • P E (Butterscotch)

Not a very good college. If you were planning to apply, please don't. The advisors are very disorganized and they tell you different things. They do not have a reliable way to communicate with students as they set up events that almost no student shows up for. They do not have enough good courses to take . To get started with, the classes are crap, they study in an old building that needs thorough renovation in the UofM. Their students pay more and yet get less, same as the University of Manitoba, they are all BS. Summary, don't come to Winnipeg, BC and Toronto are worth the extra money. :) Thank this review later.

  • Tiya Garg

"I recently graduated from ICM and I can confidently say that my experience was exceptional. The professors were knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, and they truly cared about their students' success. I appreciated the diverse range of programs and courses offered at the college, which allowed me to explore different fields and ultimately find my true passion. Overall, I highly recommend ICM to anyone seeking a top-notch education in a supportive and dynamic environment. It truly prepared me for the next steps in my career and personal life."

  • Laura Munyaka

I was nervous about starting my university experience online but ICM has made the transition really easy for me. The staff is really friendly and supportive and I always feel welcome. It's been great fun too :) The small class sizes have really made my learning experience worthwhile- I feel seen and heard. I absolutely love being part of a community where people can actually remember my name! The volunteering opportunities that ICM has to offer are also a great way to meet new people, grow and gain some valuable, transferable skills.

  • John Njeru

Hello everyone, allow me to give my unbiased opinion about the International College of Manitoba. think of it as perhaps, a soft landing, when coming as a student to Canada. Here you will get to meet many other international students who you may share similar cultures, backgrounds or experiences. This will give you a lot of help adjusting to the life here and will in turn give you more time to focus on other things like studying and adulting. Everyone's experience is different, and for the time being, that is mine. Thank you.

  • abdul qadir

Best decision I have ever made pursuing my studies at ICM.Smooth transition from the college into the university.From the student advisors to the teachers everyone was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to make sure I was set for success.There is a strong alumni network too and the connections I made during my time at ICM helped me all along both academically and personally.Would strongly recommend to the international students! P.s The campus is probably the best one I ve seen in Canada.

  • Azilfa Baig

Being an international student at ICM has been an excellent experience for me. ICM has helped me to adapt and get familiar with the education system in Canada. There are many resources available at ICM which the students can use. The staff and the professors are very helpful too. The courses are very well designed and delivered by the professors so the transition from a different educational system to the Canadian education system is smooth. I have always received help whenever needed. Thank you!

  • Nikolaus Krutch

ICM is a fantastic place for international students who want to study in excellent faculties in the University of Manitoba such as Asper School of Business, Engineering, Agricultural and Food Sciences and so on. As we all know, GPA is essential for students. Students usually get higher GPA easily because ICM uses micro-teaching, and students can get more attention and help from professors. ICM is the best choice if you are looking for an excellent faculty and an excellent future.

  • Khalid saimom

As an international student ICM is a life saver. First year in ICM helped me get familiar with the Canadian education system. They have a lot of resources to help the students. Their willingness to help their students is what makes them exceptional. They'll help you through everything. I love how the classes have around 40 students. This way they professors can focus on every individual students. This helped me build meaningful relationships with the professors too.

  • Thu Tra Vu

This is my third term in ICM, although I have to study online, ICM still gives me great experiences from the quality of teaching to the support for students. Also ICM has lots of activities for students to participate in or opportunities to become a volunteer. I in love with the friendly atmosphere in here too. I definitely recommend ICM to any students who find a supportive and friendly international college.

  • Anna Shypilova

Due to online environment, sometimes it hard to solve some of the problems quickly, however ICM team usually tries to help students as fast as possible. There are a lot of extracurricular activities for ICM students that helps us experience real college life. Leaders' teams are something that helps to stay in touch with peers or ask for a piece of advice with regard to academic studies or general questions.

  • Tracey Fierce

They kept $8700!!!!!! No refunds at all even if you don’t attend and give early notice!!!!! And after graduating this poor young man that registered would not have a diploma!!!! It’s just English classes and upgrading!!!!! How sad to come all the way from India to learn this and not get any of your tuition refunded. Also another young man lost $9000. Disgusting! Do not waste your time at such a facility.

  • Elysa Lu

Absolutely love it as an international student one of my worries were adapting to the possibly different methods of teaching and learning, but all the professors are very patient and understanding, and are always so willing to give extra time to students individually if needed. The staffs are also always so open and willing to help and guide students when we run into problems or issues!

  • P. S Dhillon

SCAM ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is the college made by u of m just to earn money , ex they will teach you addition and subtraction which we learn in school for $2000 . Yes , and believe me don’t waste ur parents hard earned money. When u want to leave Icm they will not refund ur money back it’s a private college to earn money so that they can pay the profs, and keep the uni running.

  • moahnish kalra

It's not a college.. It's a business guys they are just making money... I advice u not to take admission in icm because if, after studying one year if u are not able to score utmost u will not be able to transfer in university of Manitoba and after then u have to start your study from the beginning in another university so in icm you are just ruining your money, time and life.

  • Sabjot Singh

A great place to start your journey walking as an international student towords pursuing ur degree at the University of Manitoba with comaparatively affordable fee structure and a great exposure to the education system in here giving enough time to adapt to the change for a smooth flow of studies along with the various cultural activities going side by side with the studies.

  • Ramneet Maken

This is my first semester at ICM which is going to end in August and my experience at ICM is incredible. All the ICM webinars and professors' online lectures never made me feel like classes are not in person. ICM has actively taken interest in all day to day student activities and guided us all the ways from giving tips to going live, everything was fabulous.

  • Shweta Pimplikar

I visited the UoM campus recently. A beautiful campus with fantastic facilities for students. Met students who are really happy studying at ICM for all the support they receive from the ICM staff. The student advisors, student experience team, admissions, accounts and marketing teams at ICM are devoted to the welfare of their students.


The application and offer response is quite fast and the staff is very proactive and supportive, the accommodation facilities are very good and student are happy and satisfied with their stay. the most important thing is small class size where student gets proper attention in class. all over i highly recommend ICM for further studies.

  • Manjula Perera

This is my third term here with ICM and I am so glad I picked ICM. It's a great way to transition into university especially for international students. ICM gives their students the opportunity to be a part of leadership programs and more. The professors at the college are very nice too. They made my online experience great.

  • Astitwa Thapa

ICM is an excellent academic institution that is committed to see its students succeed. I made friends from all over the world and I received excellent mentorship. I will forever cherish the memories spent at ICM. The profs were amazing, the staff was supportive, and it helped me successfully transition in Canada.

  • Rajan Gill

if u r international student from india please donot take this college ever. these guys are just making money. please take a advice form person who are living in winnipeg. donot take this college ever dont call it college actually it is a organization which is just making money plz

  • Justin Vu

This is my third semester here at ICM and it has been a blast. Despite the current situation with the COVID pandemic, the school still shows strong support toward students' well-being. I would highly recommend ICM if you want to find a supportive environment during your study!

  • Nax Chick

My younger sister has been at ICM for the past year and it has been a lovely experience for her, even from home. She always says she feels welcomed and part of a caring community that prioritizes her learning experience. Keep it up!

  • Jay Umaria

Beautiful campus, multicultural students, highly helpful staff, approachable and helpful teachers, guided course structure and vast range of voluntarily activities are just few highlights which attracted my brother to join ICM.

  • Junfeng Huang

When almost all students have fully vaccinated, two third of students still haven't the opportunity to choose in-person class. International students paid a high price to come to school but school letting them down.

  • Riya Bhalla

It’s a wonderful place , has a comfortable environment for all of the students. The staff is very cooperative and helpful . It is really fun studying here while enjoying many events and co-curricular activities

  • sehajpreet kaur rehal

Very nice place. Provides a very studious, enjoyable and calm enviornment. The proffesors are also very helpful, also available to help at any times. It provides all the useful resources at all times!!!!!!!!

  • Dhruv Ahuja

BEWARE!!! Worst college. Totally unprofessional. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING ADMISSION AT ICM. They charge more than other good colleges and never return the money. NEVER APPLY!!!

  • Gloria Kiganda

My experience at ICM was beautiful, warm and delightful much more than I expected. The leaders are always willing and happy to help in any way.This is something I would love everyone to experience!!

  • Hà Đinh

My daughter used to study at this college, here there are many professions to choose from, with a team of good and dedicated teachers, I am very secure when I let her study here.

  • Tinotenda Thomas Chipangura

ishit vanhu ava amana. When applying for uni, don't let those agents restrict your options to institutions like this one. Tadyirwa mari nenguva muchi money making scheme ichi.

  • Adhiraj Gill

I remember driving past ICM and the University of Manitoba a couple of times during my eight year stint in Canada. One of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen.

  • Jash Umaria

My friend was going through the courses and the college offers a wide range of courses in Commerce and the application process is easy and the staff is pretty helpful.

  • Harry Jason

This place is trash, most people get stucked her because of their agents.. I advise you go directly to the Uof M.. Don’t come here , the lecturers are something else

  • Quân Phạm Minh

ICM staffs are very supportive, they always give their best for the benefit of the students. I feel grateful for choosing ICM as my school.

  • maria celeste rios

Excelent classes, teachers and staff. Good place for international students to get an idea of what university life is like in Canada.

  • OT T

I really appreciate ICM for transferring me successfully to my dream university. ICM is the best choice for international students.

  • Inderjeet Singh

International College Manitoba (ICM) is big spam for international student. It's private college, totally focused to make money

  • zeus kuren

All they do is scam students, and make people waste their money, , DO NOT APPLY TO THIS INSTITUTION , THEY ARE ALL SCAM!!!!!?

  • manjot singh

I was nervous when i reached winnipeg but after studying one semester in the college i m now starting to get used to winnipeg

  • Solethu Sibanda

Love the place the people are so friendly and I have learnt a lot. Great educational opportunities and cultural experiences.

  • Naufal Laeeq

Was a great opportunity to start a student life at ICM. It’s an easy and helpful pathway to reach the university culture.

  • Arshdeep Kaur

please I want to know something important about this college ..Is there anyone who can help please.its really urgent..

  • Sukhi

Best way to transfer to university of manitoba for international students in a safe and friendly environment. Cheers

  • Chishimba Chilekwa

I really loved my experience as an ICM student. It allowed me to make new friends and learn many valuable skills.

  • Grace Ji

A great place for international students. I transferred to faculty of Science after 3 terms with a high GPA

  • RAAJ shikhar

My elder brother has been at ICM for the past year and i heard only achievements at every call krep it up.

  • Yunsu Kang

Lots of problems with the system itself. But all the people working here were very nice and helpful.

  • Daniel Pepple

Really cool place for international students to get to know Canada and transfer to the u of m

  • Sarthak Shah

Easy to transfer in faculty of Science and art as compared to engineering and business

  • Ahmed Hassan

Why bother call it a college? It's a business. Agents scamming students worldwide..

  • Nikita Zafer Ruziev

Money waste whole education I mean just another university you deserve better

  • Harman Singh

It's a very great place to study,mesmerising infrastructure …

  • Abhishek Raushan

Never expect any kind of refund after giving your hard earned money.

  • Gurpreet Grewal

It’s very unlikely to get your money back here. Bad experience.

  • deepsandhu sandhu

am coming there in jan intake...feeling so excited …

  • rajwinder kaur

Great place to study and mesmerising infrastructure

  • Tarique Khawaja

Great pathway program for international students!

  • Chulbul Pandey

best college for starting your career in Canada

  • bobs

very very poor college, don't apply trust me

  • Pawar 307

Helpful staff and great place to study …

  • Kesha Patel

Wonderful environment for 1st year students

  • G Yout

Very hard to reach over the phone

  • M Zain Rafiq


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