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Litwak Law Group is a Criminal justice attorney located at 1 N 1st St Suite 716, Phoenix, AZ 85004. It has received 116 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.



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  • The address of Litwak Law Group: 1 N 1st St Suite 716, Phoenix, AZ 85004

  • Litwak Law Group has 5.0 stars from 116 reviews

  • Criminal justice attorney

  • "If you’re scared, tired, ashamed and backed into a corner then you’re looking at the right review and came across the right lawyer"

    "If you need an attorney to represent you Jack Litwak and Richard Gaxiola are definitely the ones to call"

    "Let me first say 5 stars are not enough, Jack and Richard literally saved our family from a world of headache! I have a 9 year old son and his father was facing very serious felony charges, and the outcome was looking devastating with a possible 25+ year sentence"

    "Earlier this year, my life dramatically changed"

    "Prior to being indicted I had never had an encounter with the law or need for an attorney"


  • Lindsie Haben

If you’re scared, tired, ashamed and backed into a corner then you’re looking at the right review and came across the right lawyer. I was a resident of Arizona for 6 years, but Jack and Litwak Law Group were not known to me. At the time I needed legal representation I was 1,400 miles away and no-longer an Arizona resident and found Jack on Google. If you find yourself in a terrifying and hopeless situation as I did, and when you feel like you have no options left please consider Jack. I’m writing this review because 1. I am here, alive, free and walked through the fire of being a part of a terrible situation and circumstance and 2. I called Jack, and he listened the first phone call and I hired him as my attorney. I believe the legal system to be quite black and white, but the people who find themselves as “State vs. ________” are terribly gray and you need an attorney who works in the gray, who listens to the gray. Jack believed in me, when not one single person did, including myself. He was kind, but fierce and a calm presence in months and months of chaos. Jack fought for me, when there wasn’t much to fight for, he was honest, always responsive and humble. He spoke to me like I was a human being, not just a name or client paying X amount of money. I faced life shattering charges that one simply doesn’t just walk away from, but 6 months later I walked away with a very fair outcome that did not seem possible. Jack saved my life in many ways, and I trust him entirely. I cannot imagine a better attorney or want anything more nor am disappointed in any part of the process he walked me through. I am 218 days sober as I write this, and in truth I owe about 95% of that to Jack, when almost everyone else discarded me, my story, what I did and who I am as a person...Jack didn't. Jack fought for me in the court room just as equally as he fought for me to stay sober because that was the biggest picture to him and that is a testament to his character. For a few months, the only one who told me that I was staying strong and doing great on my sobriety was Jack, and that was enough. I’m thankful always for being able to write this review from my home and with a clear head and hopeful heart. If you need someone to fight for you, truly and be someone to guide you through a terrible situation, please call Jack and Litwak Law Group. One call with him will testify with this review. Thank you Jack so very much.

  • Sashah Orth

If you need an attorney to represent you Jack Litwak and Richard Gaxiola are definitely the ones to call. We made a huge mistake by hiring a local attorney in Mohave County, not only did they not tell us what was going on, they messed up the case by not filing/handling the file properly. Originally we spoke with the main office attorney, and he made us feel like himself and the other two attorneys in his office would handle the case, so we thought, excellent how can you go wrong. It wasn't until we realized my family member was looking at facing serious felony charges, facing approximately 20-25 years in prison. We felt like they were not on our side, and they did not care what happened. We felt hopeless and extremely sad, as we thought our family member had no choice then to just continue on with the case, and hope for the best. Well the family got together after that hearing, and discussed that we need to help find someone that will have his best interest, or we wouldn't see him for a very long time. We did our research and found Jack and Richard from Maricopa County. After contacting them, we were fearful we waited too long, but to our surprise they were able to step in and save the case with the best outcome. They did more in the first 2 weeks, then the other 3 attorneys did in the last 6 months. We felt hope again, we felt like we had a chance to bring our family member home. The result of the case ended up beyond our expectations. The sad part if we would have just hired them from the beginning instead of waste time, emotional stress, we probably would have settled the case with community service. Lesson learned for myself, any family member or friend, don't mess around with hiring the wrong attorney. Your life matters, find someone that is on your side. We definitely felt Jack and Richard were on our family members side. You could tell they truly cared, which meant the world to us. Thank you again Jack and Richard for all that you have done.

  • Angie Fillion

Let me first say 5 stars are not enough, Jack and Richard literally saved our family from a world of headache! I have a 9 year old son and his father was facing very serious felony charges, and the outcome was looking devastating with a possible 25+ year sentence. Unfortunately the case was started with a local law firm, from Kingman, Az and that was a mistake. The communication was poor, the wrong motions were filed, and it was evident that his case was just that, “another case”. As things were not looking good at all, and the current lawyer didn’t seem to have the passion to fight for our family, the decision was made to seek out a new law firm. Litwak Law Group was found and we could not of asked for anything better from Jack or Richard, from the very start it was evident that they wanted the best possible outcome and they wouldn’t stop fighting until it was delivered! I am happy to say that a possible 25+ year sentencing was significantly decreased to less than 2 years. Jack was so personable in making sure all our questions were answered, which was something the previous lawyer did not do at all. As a mother it was so important that I knew my sons future with his father more importantly that there would be a future for both of them to look forward to. Jack knew that as well and fought for them both, because of his diligent work, and compassion for each case and family my son will have his dad home soon, and for that we are forever grateful! Don’t waste your time, if your in the need for a lawyer Jack and Richard are your guys.

  • Rayne

Earlier this year, my life dramatically changed. I found myself in a situation where I needed representation and defense. I have never had any experience with legal issues before and was truly scared for my life and for my family, as i was facing decades of prision time and had no idea of what to do. I was facing 4 serious felonies and was taken into custody without bond. Tim and Jack dedicated and worked hard to represent me, so that I was released on bond and had a better chance of fighting my case. They drove hours away for my hearings, filed numerous motions and collected data to provide the courts. Jack and Tim spent an immense amount of time and effort on documentation to give me a voice and speak in a way that my story was heard in the justice system. Jack fought aggressively to point out the facts and strengths of my case. Tim worked hard in pointing out the mitigating factors and it's impact in my case. Jack was very upfront and honest about what was happening and Tim kept me informed about the details of what to expect next. They were both very responsive and always available when I needed to get in contact with them. As a result I was able to avoid incarceration or doing any prison time and I was given a plea of probation. Tim and Jack are a dynamic duo that will work aggressively and compassionately together to get the best outcome and offer the best representation for their clients. I am thankful for this team and for the opportunity to reunite my family and have another chance at life. I truly thank you both.

  • E Crumba

Prior to being indicted I had never had an encounter with the law or need for an attorney. I had a very difficult and complex case in which I indicted with a class two felony among additional charges. I felt very defeated and unsure what to do. Jack was recommended to me. He went above and beyond to bring my case to a favorable resolution (misdemeanor) and avoid a criminal conviction on my record. He made my experience less terrifying and gave me the confidence to not lose hope. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jack. He is extremely knowledgeable, aggressive, thorough, dedicated, honest, professional, kind and genuinely committed to doing all that can possibly be done for his clients. He is always available and very patient. He took the time to answer my questions and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. I could not have navigated this process and stayed sane without his support and guidance. When my case was resolved I felt more as if he was a friend than just an attorney I had hired to represent me in a difficult time There is no doubt if you hire Jack that your case will be handled with absolute expertise and care from start to finish. He took the worst time of my life, helped me see light and guided me through a complicated legal system. I cannot imagine going through what I went through with anyone other than Jack representing me. I strongly encourage anyone needing legal assistance to retain Jack to represent them as they will not be disappointed in him or his abilities.

  • Rachel Brown

I couldn’t say enough positive things about hiring Timothy and Jack! Jack was so responsive to my original email when looking for a good lawyer. I waited not even a week before my court date to find a lawyer as I was definitely in denial that this even happened to me. I highly suggest NOT waiting as long as I did, but the self denial and questioning if I could just handle this myself without paying for a lawyer kept me from acting faster than I did. After reaching out to about 3-4 different lawyers I just felt like they were by far the most personable, professionally and honest. Timothy was the one who primarily handled my case…which was only a misdemeanor, but I had a previous DUI 20+ years ago when I was in college. Every lawyer I spoke to told me it was possible that I could get some jail time or put on probation if the prosecutor or judge wanted to punish me. In our initial meeting I expressed if they couldn’t just make it go away then I just want to pay the fine and be done with it. He walked me through everything step-by-step as things progressed with my case, and answered all my questions throughout the entire process. I really knew in my head from speaking to both Timothy and Jack from our initial meeting that my charge wasn’t going to be thrown out, so Tim was really able to get me the outcome I had hoped for. It was such a huge relief to me and my family to put the whole thing behind me with just a fine!

  • Brittany Wixson

I would like to start by saying this my first review I’ve ever written. I say that because I put a lot of trust into Jack and Richards reviews while deciding to hire them. Before I met Jack and Richard I was looking at 6+ months jail, possible prison time. I had a prior attorney (I hired) and this was the plea he got me. He strongly advised me to sign that plea. I did not feel good about signing that so I started calling around to different attorneys. I called eight other attorneys that evening and only one of them sounded promising (Richard). With the odds against me (and him) I decided to go meet with him. I felt good going into the meeting but leaving I felt even better. There I met Jack, i learned that Jack would be taking care of most of my case. My first impression of Jack was he had a fire lit inside him when it came to his work. I was right! Jack did everything he could do to get me the best possible outcome. Through out the duration of my court hearings Jack kept me in the loop on every detail and answered all my questions with answers I could understand. He was ALWAYS prompt with his responses and also tried to make me feel as comfortable as I could given the situation . I ended up with probation. Bottom line, Jack wants to win and that’s what I was looking for when looking for someone to represent me. Thank you Jack for all your help.

  • Kate McFarlane

I worked with Jack as a law student and got to see first hand how passionate he is about helping people. I have never met a defense attorney who cares about their cases the way that Jack cares about his. Jack takes the time to get to know each of his clients individually and their loved ones. He works tirelessly to litigate cases before they go to trial to get the best possible outcome as soon as possible. I have never seen an attorney put in more work per case than Jack does. This is part of the reason that he keeps his case load low, so that he can spend as much time as it takes on each client to help them. Even though he is always busy working up cases to the fullest extent, he is never too busy to take a client's call. He always answers his phone and will talk to clients or their loved ones and answer any questions or concerns they have for however long it takes. One of the best things about Jack is that he is a straight shooter. He will always tell his clients and anyone he is working with exactly how it is, never beating around the bush. When I worked with Jack, I had the pleasure of witnessing the real-life effects of his advocacy when he literally changed peoples lives by preventing their loss of liberty. He is a passionate advocate and would be the first defense attorney I would recommend to any of my friends or family.

  • Derek

Would highly recommend using Jack if you are ever in need. He takes a very different approach to what other firms do. From my research and evaluation period, I felt as if I was being sold from other law groups. When I called Jack I felt quite the opposite. First off, he was the one who answered. Larger firms will have a consultant speak with you first before you can speak with the individual who will handle and support you with your case. These firms will then want you to pay right away just to TALK to the person who will represent you. Second, he was extremely realistic and honest. Most firms promised me the world during my evaluation process. While speaking with Jack he told me (essentially), “I’m not here to sell you or promise you what I can do. IF you don’t want to go with me, that’s OK”. Some may say that’s a tactic, but no one else said that? So, for me, it made me feel that he isn’t in it for just the money and that he had the GUTS to potentially have me walk away and continue searching…. He sets proper expectations! Extremely important when someone is representing you. Third, he gets the job done and got me what I wanted. I am thankful for that. Lastly, he was extremely responsive over texts and calls. Was always willing to explain the process to me with great professionalism. Go with Jack. He will go the extra mile.

  • Ahmed Soliman

Recently I was facing 4 felony charges in two separate cases. One of those being an aggravated assault on an officer. While on the hunt for an attorney I stumbled upon Jack. After contacting Jack, he spoke to me as honestly as he could and didn’t try to sugarcoating my charges or the outcomes of these charges. After speaking with Jack, I came to the realization that he genuinely cares about his clients and truly wants what’s best for them and will work diligently to make sure he can get the best possible outcome for these charges. All my communication was with Jack directly and I wasn’t thrown to the side to some assistant like most of these other lawyers that don’t bother chatting it up with their clients. Luckily Jack was able to get me diversion on both my cases which is very rare for aggravated assault cases. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney or a better outcome on these charges, as they will be dismissed, and wouldn’t have wanted anyone besides Jack to represent me. I highly recommend contacting Jack if you’re facing serious felony charges and would like the best outcome. He will give it to you straight and won’t try to fish you in with lies or fantasies about what may happen. I definitely will keep his number saved in case I need to contact him again in the near future.

  • Allan Brown

Prior to the this incident in which I needed a lawyer, I had never been in trouble with the law and didn't even know the first place to start. On a whim and based on excellent reviews I reached out to Jack and Tim, and I am glad I made that decision. I was facing two misdemeanor charges when I made the first call not knowing what to expect, but Jack responded to me right away. Knowing that they have a busy schedule, I was glad they were willing to do a face to face consultation the day following my initial call. While in our meeting Jack and Tim conducted themselves professional, clearly laying out the facts and options we could take going forward. During the time I was dealing with my legal matters, I worked primarily with Tim. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Any questions and concerns I had, and there were a lot, Tim answered in a timely manner and never left me hanging. When everything was said and done, they were able to get my charges dismissed by the state. I never write reviews but their excellent service and knowledge of the law prompted me to write one because how thankful I am for their help. I would highly recommend them to anyone that finds themselves facing criminal charges and not knowing who to turn to next.

  • Jim Malone

If you want some sugar coated words, to be soothed with a false sense of some fairytale ending to your court you move on. Jack Litwak is the Attorney who will give it to you straight. Explain the law to you, guide you through the process with an honest evaluation of what to expect. He explains your rights, carefully examines all aspects of your case, and will help advise you with your most difficult legal decisions. What sets Jack Litwak above the others is his passion for justice and fairplay, and the work ethic he displays, it is unparalleled! he works your case 24/7 and will communicate his efforts through phone calls, text messages, and a web based app with all your legal paperwork posted for your review and records. His research and investigating is top notch. He stands strong for negotiations for his clients. Jack will not waiver or fade before any judge or prosecutor, all while maintaining his professional demeanor. Not only is Jack a great defense attorney, he is good man, who cares about getting his clients equal justice and a fair shake in all legal proceedings. This is the guy you want for a legal battle, a bulldog to fight for your rights, stand strong, and represent you when you need it the most.

  • MauiBear

I would still be in jail if not for Jack Litwak. From being stuck in a never ending Covid quarantine that kept me from being sentenced to not being released from county jail even with a signed release date from a Superior Court judge Jack pulled off the impossible. Jack came out in person on multiple locations while I was incarcerated to review the case and submit paperwork to the court to expedite my case and get me released. He went way beyond what was expected when he spent 4 hours on a Saturday to get me released when the jail computer system didn't show me being released even with a court order. Without Jack fighting for my release I would have spent more time in jail to sort it out. I cannot thank Jack enough as he worked on my case from start to finish while I was behind bars and not able to appear in court. From the moment he took the case I had a peace of mind that everything would be okay and that I had a professional in my corner fighting to get me released. I have worked with several attorneys but none on the same level as Jack Litwak!

  • Debra Thomas

After working my own case for 9 months I had decided it was time to bring in professional help to resolve issues and reach some sort of settlement agreement. My main concern in hiring an attorney was finding one that would give my case a voice on my behalf and be up front with me on all aspects of my case. I pulled up a listing of attorneys and began the filtering process. The last man standing was Jack Litwak and he was and is everything I had hoped for in an attorney-- honest, straight forward and no bull... His partnering with another law firm was an extra benefit I had not expected which became a positive advantage for me having two opinions and direction with which to guide my case to a mutual settlement with opposing council. I will highly recommend Jack for anyone seeking a no nonsense, straight forward, to the point lawyer that listens and reacts. His immediate and personal responses to all calls was a refreshing action seldom enlisted by most other attorneys. That alone gives Litwak Law Group an A+++. P.S. He's not a texter! :-)

  • Brandon Russo

I originally called a different attorney trying to get off probation and they recommended me to Mr. Litwak. I do not even remember who it was but it was one of the best things that could have happened. From the moment I spoke with him on the phone I felt like I finally had a chance. I have hired multiple lawyers in the past for different things and spoke to a few about this current case, and I can truthfully say I feel like Mr. Litwak was the only one who actually cared about me as a person and did not just want to take my money. He went above and beyond on every aspect. We all know how slow and backed up the courts can be but Jack stayed on top of everything. Without Jack I truly feel like my chances of getting off probation were slim. This man knows his way around the court and gets stuff done! If you are ever in need of some legal advice or help I highly recommend that you at least get a consultation with Jack. I know if I ever need anything again he will be the first one I call. Thanks again man I appreciate you more than you know!

  • Daizja Thompson

Jack was an OUTSTANDING attorney and truly saved me from severe charges as well as facing jail time. I’m a college student and a first time offender who’s life was nearly ruined. Jack got involved after a prior attorney had put me in a really bad position, and I ended up pleading to jail time. The time did not fit the crime and I knew I was not represented with correct council. I quickly began to search for an attorney after I entered the plea, and found Jack. He obtained an amazing result saving me from four months of jail time and a felony DUI. I had spoke to almost 6 attorneys prior to jack, and began to give up hope due to other attorneys not seeing a light at the end of my situation. Jack met up with me personally and was very blunt about my situation. He constantly stayed in contact, answered every single question and concern, and I dealt with him directly at all times. He was truly worth every cent and would 100% refer him to anyone in need of a great attorney!

  • Alexander Macklin

Not sure where to begin... I am beyond grateful that I got referred to Jack Litwak. I got hit with a major class 3 felony. Mr. Litwak and his associates fought aggressively for my rights and ultimately ended up getting my case dismissed. Mr. Litwak presents extremely well in the courts and very carefully articulates his arguments and questions. His performance really excelled during the cross examination of the states primary witness, a state trooper. Jack was meticulous in bringing up the inconsistencies in the troopers testimony versus what the evidence showed. It was this diligence that ultimately led to the judge acknowledging the fact that my rights had been violated. Thanks to Jack I was able to make it home for Christmas with my family. Now that the weight of this case has been dismissed, I know that I can begin to live again and enjoy my freedom.

  • Raymond Higuera

First of all I’d like to start off by saying, It was a Huge mistake hiring the first law firm From Kingman Az. to handle a very serious case for My Son, As it appears they did not fight the case correctly. After hearing from the first firm that My Son was going to spend a lot of years in prison, we felt panicked until we contacted Jack Litwak And Richard Gaxiola. Jack and Richard got involved in the case and immediately fought harder and filed so many more motions than the prior attorney. It was clear to us that they were the right lawyers for My Sons serious felony cases. They immediately made us feel better, answered all of my questions and kept in direct contact with me, and most importantly got an amazing result because of how hard they fought and how much they cared for my Son. I would recommend them to anyone facing serious felony charges

  • Amit Kulkarni

I was charged with unlawful flight from a pursuing law enforcement vehicle in the state of Arizona. This is a class 5 felony. Jack represented me and was able to get the case dismissed after the initial appearance at the court. Jack maintained an open line of communication with me from day one. He called/texted me whenever there was any kind of update regarding the case. Jack also shared his thought process and the strategy that he was planning to employ in the case. Jack did his research about the statue, thoroughly the police officer report, aggressively worked on getting the witness interviews recorded, filed necessary motions and presented a full picture of the case to the prosecutor. I would recommend Jack because of his communication and honesty. He gives his straight forward opinion from day one and doesn't try to beat around the bush.

  • Symone Doss

Jack is amazing! I did my research for a week before I found Jack. His reviews were 5 stars and I loved the way his clients described him. When I called and talked to him, he was sincere, professional, dedicated and very empathetic to my situation. I was a mess but Jack got me together. I was made aware that he didn't take cases like mine, which I'm blessed that he did. I had two charges against me, I've never been in trouble, and the prosecutor was trying to have me plead guilty and add stipulations. I wasn't pleading guilty to something that I didn't do so Jack was my go to! After one court date my case was DISMISSED! Jack was informative, honest and in constant communication. Truly one of the best lawyers I've ever worked with. Thank you Jack for your passion and dedication. I am so happy! I can finally move on with my life.

  • maddie farnsworth

Jack Litwak fought even harder for me than I would have in my car accident settlement negotiations! From the get-go, Jack was straightforward about my case and my options, and he was confident and knowledgeable in his advice. He kept in good communication with me every step of the way in my claim and ended up getting me a much larger settlement than I could have expected. He knows the ins-and-outs of the insurance adjustment business as was clear from his practical advice about how to move forward on my claim and the awesome end result. I will definitely be going back to Jack to consult about any legal needs that arise in the future because his sound advice and willingness to fight for his clients is something that I’m sure carries over to all of his practice areas!

  • Mark Cicoria

Jack represented me after being injured in a car accident. I tried to work with the insurance company myself but felt like they were working me over. Once Jack got involved he fought for me until the very end. He fought for a settlement nearly ten times larger than what the company was offering me originally. He negotiated my medical bills down a lot, putting as much money as possible in my pocket. Aside from the great result, one of the best parts of working with Jack was his willingness to listen to me and keep me updated through out the course of my case. He really cared about fighting for me and was very compassionate about the issues brought on by my accident. He is a great attorney and a really great guy. I highly recommend him.

  • Jason Key

Jack Litwak was extremely professional in helping me fight a bogus Order of Protection filed by a vindictive ex wife. Jack was extremely aggressive in pursuing justice for me as he saw that it was important for an upcoming child custody case she was attempting to litigate against me. Jack handled the whole case like a pro. He cited the pertinent law during our trial and was cordial with the judge. He cross examined my ex with the proper rhetoric and tact needed. The judge saw through her inconsistencies and dropped the case. We won! Afterwards I recommended him to a friend of mine and he won that case too. Jack Litwak is fantastic and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for criminal defense help. Thank you Jack!!!!

  • Natalie McQuaid

Jack was awesome to work with! Not only was he very responsive and gave me very personal attention, but I appreciated, and was very grateful for, his honesty and straight-forward mentality. After never having gone through a situation like mine before, he was very willing to answer my (repeated) questions and try to break it down in laymen’s terms so I could make the best decision for myself and future. Jack’s services were very competitively priced without having to give up any professionalism, knowledge, or talent. I never plan to be in a scenario where I need to hire him again, however, if so, he would be the first I’d call and will always refer him to anyone who is needing similar help. Thank you Jack for everything!!

  • Juan A

Thank jack for settling my case I never thought I would get charged for an accident that happened to my son a year after I thought we did everything right so my wife end discovering jack to represent me as my lawyer. The first time I meet him I was ok his incredible he was very professional he got all my information on the charges and he was very confident that he was going to get my case dismissed he let me know everything that was going on with my case quick response when I had any questions. I felt that I hired a great lawyer that cared and thought I didn't deserve to be charged and 2 months later my case was dismissed and I'm very happy I hired jack for my case I would recommend him if anyone need a great lawyer.

  • amy Coppola

Jack is an amazing lawyer, we had our son looking at some really bad charges and he fought for our son and kept fighting for the best results and at the end, he had gotten a really good outcome for him. I don't think anyone else would have been so hard working like Jack. Jack was very articulate and had a rebuttal for everything the prosecutor said. Jack put in a lot of footwork, did a lot of research, and had many angles to defend our son. We believe with all our hearts that Jack really cared about our situation. My son was very satisfied with the outcome and he will be home sooner than later. Thank you Jack Litwak for everything you did for our family. God bless you - TOMAS AND AMy

  • Nicole Sordello

Jack Litwak is an incredible attorney who will fight tooth and nail for you and your case! I used to work with Jack and was able to observe him advocate for his clients both in and out of court. Jack is extremely intelligent and is able to spot difficult legal issues. Not only does he know the law well, he is also passionate about his clients, aggressive in the courtroom, and will do everything he can to ensure a good outcome for clients. Jack spends time with his clients, is transparent, and does everything he can to ease client concerns during such a scary and/or stressful time. If you have a legal issue and want an attorney who will prioritize you and your needs, give Jack a call!

  • Brian Farner

I can't say enough about Jack. He recently represented a family member of mine who was facing a felony and potentially some serious prison time. Not only was Jack able to save him from prison time but also excessive jail time. Most impressively, when my family member wasn't released at the agreed time from jail, Jack went to the jail on a Saturday to do what he could to help expedite the release. If that doesn't speak to his commitment to his clients... the guy goes above and beyond. I also want to mention that Jack was ultra-responsive and responded to emails in-detail, regardless of the hour. Jack was great all the way around and i really can't say enough good about him.

  • Yasmin Abdulle

I just want to thank Jack for his amazing job, I was facing a serious case with class 4 felony. Jack did his magic and dropped it to class 6 felony undesignated . His a great lawyer and he did a lot of amazing work for me unlike other lawyers who just sees $ instead of actually helping the individuals. Jack actually communicates with you, helps you to be calm and always working hard to find the best results. If you are looking for a criminal lawyer, who is aggressive then Jack is your man. I am very happy with the outcome today which is 4 years probation and will be dropping to misdemeanor after. God bless you and Thank you again for your hard work and honesty.

  • Shifa A

If you have a legal issue - Jack is your guy! Jack and I met while working at the same firm for a number of years. We collaborated regularly on cases and I was able to see Jack's amazing work first hand. Jack was successful in getting a lot of cases dismissed and has also had multiple not guilty verdicts after trial. Jack does not let anyone walk over him or his clients. He is passionate about his work and cares about every case and client that walks in the door. Jack is aggressive in the court room and it's a pleasure to watch him advocate for his clients at every stage of the proceedings. I highly recommend Jack for any of your legal issues!

  • Garrett Ward

If you’re reading reviews and looking for a lawyer, look no further!  I promise you, Jack is the one you are looking for!! He changed my life, my family’s life, and did everything in his power to take a bad situation and get the best possible outcome. I was originally charged with an extreme DUI and traffic speeding ticket, but with Jack’s expertise, professionalism, and determined attitude, he was able to get my DUI dropped to a reckless driving and the speeding ticket completely dropped! It was like watching a miracle in front of my eyes! I am confident that no other lawyer could have done what Jack did for me!

  • Skyytuby extreme 27

Jack was the best choice we could have ever hoped for. As soon as he was hired he immediaty obtained all the information necessary to defend our son. He reviewed the complete discovery, hired a private investigator as well as a forensic nurse to assist with our defense and we got the best outcome we could hope for. Instead of my son doing 10 to 15 years he is doing 2 years and should be out in 1.5. Jack has a great rapport with the prosecutions office which is key for any defense attorney and if you want someone who's going to fight for your rights he's your man. Thank you Jack for all you've done!

  • Trey Lewis

I found myself in a very unfortunate situation where someone was trying to put me on the hook for something and expecting me to pay them almost $200,000. Not only did Jack Litwak take on this challenge full forced, he beat it and won my case! From start to finish, everything he did far exceeded my expectations. How he handled court and talked to witnesses was amazing to watch. I felt comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. He took the time to make sure we understood everything. If you have any legal matters and need a great lawyer, I definitely recommend Litwak Law Group.

  • Christopher William Angle

Litwak law group turned nothing in my favor into something!!! I was facing some very serious crimes and mandatory prison time. Litwak law group walked me out of the court room on probation. My attorney Jack Litwak put the time and effort into my case day and nite. Going above and beyond investigating the case. My attorney Jack Litwak was open and honest and clear in explaining every detail in my case. Blessed to have him as my attorney . I would recommend Litwak Law Group attorney Jack Litwak To anyone dealing with criminal charges. Thank you for all your hard work Litwak Law Group!!!

  • Ashenafi Bayissa

Let me first start off with how quick and responsive Jack was with helping me with my case, anytime I needed anything he made sure to get me an answer quickly, never had me waiting for anything. As to the case I was looking at getting 2 serious felony charges, as well as mandatory prison time of 7.5 years. He was able to get one of the charges dropped and the other to be a lesser count. But most importantly he was able to save me from going to prison or doing any time. I greatly appreciate Jack and his work if you're in any legal issues he would be my recommendation!

  • e7yvm40bnkd 8rf75io2

Jack was a godsend for our family. There were serious charges involved, and Jack handled the case exceptionally well. He he was able to have all of the charges dismissed by the county and by the city. Our family is so relieved and thankful. Jack always kept in communication with us and let us know everything that was going on with the case. his knowledge and experience was invaluable in helping us. I hope we don’t need his help again, but if we do, he is our attorney for life. Highly recommended. If you have legal trouble, give Jack a call.

  • Joseph Frank Afolabi

Sometime in 2016, I was going through the most unbearable moment in my life. Was at the verge of not only loosing properties but my life as well. All hope lost until God sent Jack my way. Heard my story and accepted to pick up my case. Jack is not cheap so be prepared BUT he won’t rest until your case is won. He won my case. He stood there in my defense. He placed me at ease and made sure justice was served. Advice! Be open and transparent with your case. Thank you Jack. Today, I’m living a life of freedom. Keep up the good work sir.

  • Maddi Flanagan

Jack is a ONE OF A KIND lawyer and I would give him 10 stars if I could! I seriously cannot thank him enough for the grace, kindness, and expertise he showed to my husband and me. He was able to drop my husband’s DUI charges, save us in fines, and guide us through every step of the process. He handled our concerns with confidence, was always a phone call away to answer our questions, and TRULY cared about us and our situation! If you are stuck in an unfortunate situation, trust me when I say Jack is the lawyer you need!

  • ryan sullivan

From the first phone call with Jack he gave it to us straight and told us exactly what we needed to know and not just something we wanted to hear. He thoroughly did his homework, knew the case, communicated with us every step of the way,and always gave 110%The plan he layed out and executed was nothing less than spectacular and went above and beyond our outcome of expectations.I highly recommend him to anyone who wants an Attorney who takes pride,passion, and commitment in his work. We can't thank you enough Jack!

  • Kenneth Morris

Jack took the time to talk to me straight, give me the truth and he didn't sugar coat things with what I wanted to hear. He looks at every bit of the case and then lets you know of all of your options. He then lets you know the reality of those options and what he recommends. He never gave me false hope and he always kept me in good communication as to what was going on. He worked hard to get me the best possible outcome for my case and I couldn't be more grateful. I would highly recommend Litwak Law Group to all.

  • Jessica Rivas

Jack was highly recommended by a family member and I got to experience why. Jack is an amazing attorney who went above and beyond to help my brother get the best possible outcome - we got everything we wanted at court and we could not have done it without Jack’s hard work and dedication! I appreciate that Jack was very straight forward from day 1, but also very passionate about getting my brother home. Thank you Jack for the exceptional service and helping bring peace to my family during such a hard time.

  • Juan Benitez

Jack and his associate Richard helped a family member of mine. He was facing at least 10yrs in prison and they helped him get off with just probation. Their demeanor and the way they present themselves gives you peace of mind and the trust in them that they will get you the best result FOR YOU. We cant thank them enough for what they've done. I wouldnt think twice to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a lawyer that actually cares about their clients. Thank you Jack and Richard for you help.

  • Jeremy Howard

I cant say enough about Jack litwak. He is a brilliant attorney. I thought my life was over the day I walked in Jack's office. Jack worked diligently on my case keeping me updated on everything and really let me have piece of mind that I had someone in my corner. I decided to take my case to trial and I am now sitting home celebrating a not guilty verdict. Jack is the best attorney in town, if your facing any criminal charges rest assured if you hire Jack you're in the best hands possible!

  • Sarah Havens

Jack did an amazing job on my case for my DUI, he really worked a miracle . I was looking at jail time and he was able to get me adult probation with a few months house arrest so that I may be home with my children . He was always professional and prompt on keeping me very informed and explained everything well . God knows I will be forever grateful for him working so hard on my case . I wish their were more attorneys like him in the world that actually care as he does for his clients .

  • Celina Guerrero

My boyfriend and I hired Jack to represent him and we were very satisfied from the first phone call until the very end. We were in constant communication through the entire process and we are confident he got us the best possible outcome. He fought very hard for my boyfriend to get the best possible plea deal he is very passionate very aggressive and you can tell he cares about his clients. Hopefully I will never need a lawyer again but if I do Jack will be my first choice !

  • Brittany Cooper

Jack was amazing. Took my case on a Friday, met with me on a Saturday and won my case on Wednesday (would have been Monday but they got an continuance). He was professional, respectful, and prompt all while making me feel safe and well informed. Gave me the entire game plan ahead of time so I knew what to look for and which route he was going to win my case. He was amazing. As much as I hope I never need an attorney again if I do I know I can count on him on any situation.

  • Jofee Patel

I was facing over 200 years in prison and with Jack's hard work and dedication to my case I am able to write a review today. There are so many options for legal defense in Phoenix. Seeing what people in jail around me ended up with as their legal representation, I am genuinely glad to be working with such a great legal team. Thank you to the entire team for my ability to walk out of jail and begin putting my life back together.

  • Jackie Churchill

Jack was able to get a (nearly impossible)deal for me. He takes the time to know and understand the case inside and out, explaining each possible outcome and what they would mean for you. He lays out all your options with thorough knowledge of his practice. Jack is very straightforward, enthusiastic, and and above all he is an amazing lawyer. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate what he did for me. 100% would recommend.

  • Fernando Morales

Jack is a very professional straight to the point lawyer. At a time when there were many questions and unknowns about the legal system Jack provided the answers and support needed to understand the legal process. I am thankful for everything Jack has done and continues to do for us that do not know our way around the legal system. I highly recommend Jack to anyone who wants a no nonsense, honest, and to the point lawyer.

  • Queen of Sales

Atty. Jack is prompt, knowledgeable, kind, empathetic and professional. His young and brilliant and one of a kind Lawyer in Arizona. I’m so glad I hired such an amazing representative in my case. He returned text messages and phone calls immediately. He’s focused on the case. When he says something he means it. I’m beyond thankful and grateful and really appreciated of the Job well done! Highly recommended.

  • cutepand 18

I was facing mandatory prison time for aggravated assault and 3 dangerous felony charges. I can honestly say Jack and Richard got me out of prison time, and I walked away a free man with a short time of probation. This duo team is the best of the best and will do everything possible to fight for you. I am vary thankful to have had their representation and highly recommended them.

  • Sarah

Jack is outstanding! My husband was facing a serious charge and not only did Jack get it dropped, he was able to do it in less than 24 hours. I was treated with nothing but respect and courtesy. Jack was incredibly informative and responded very quickly to any and all questions I had. I would recommend him a million times over to anyone in need. You will not be disappointed!

  • john ivey

I would like to thank Jack for all of his help. I have never been arrested and did not know who to call. My spouse found Jack, when I spoke with Jack he explained everything to me. He took care of everything for me and he even went to court for me. My Class 1 Misdemeanor was dismissed. I highly recommend Jack to anyone who has a need for a criminal attorney!

  • MaryKarmen Valenzuela

He is a great attorney, very professional, honest and dedicated to his job. I cannot thank him enough for how hard he worked on my sister in law's case and how much he accomplished.. He took ownership of the case and went above and beyond. Explained us every single step from begging to end. I would recommend Jack. Thank you so much for everything you did.

  • Susana Hernandez

In 2019 I was in a desperate need of a lawyer and I thank God that he sent Jack Litwak my way. Jack help my daughter in her criminal case, he did an awesome outstanding job. He was not only an honest, reliable person he treats you like family and for that I will always be thankful. Jack gave 100% to my daughters case. I would recommend jack to everyone.

  • Quinn Grady

Jack is a different animal… when faced with a less-than-ideal situation you would be selling yourself short to not call him first. Jack genuinely cares about his clients and his cases, he isn’t in it for the money. Throughout my experience with him I never doubted his dedication to my case as well as his concern for myself as a person. Best of the best.

  • Brett La Rue

Absolutely the best interaction I've ever had with an attorney. Jack took the time to understand my situation and gave me really good advice which helped me solve the problem before it became one. I highly highly recommend his office to anyone. He is truly a good genuine person and I am so glad I found him. The reviews did not lie. Thanks Jack!

  • jacob morales

I’m extremely grateful for Jack Litwak’s services. He was extremely professional, honest, and aggressive. I was facing multiple felony charges and thanks to his experience, knowledge and hard work, I’m at home with my family. I highly encourage anyone in need of a lawyer to speak with Mr. Litwak. Thank you again for everything Jack!

  • Buffy Villarreal

Jack went above and beyond for my daughter. He was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He always answered questions and concerns and made sure we were aware of everything that was happening throughout our case. His presentation in the court room is remarkable. If ever I should again need an attorney, 100% will be contacting Jack.

  • Leanna LeBlanc

I not only recommend attorney Jack Litwak, I guarantee once you have used his services you will look no further. He was extremely knowledgeable, kept me updated throughout the case and kept things affordable. He fought to have my case dismissed and was successful in doing so. I could not have been happier with his services.

  • Rick Ricotta

Jack Litwak is a very intelligent and forward thinking individual and attorney. I was in a very false charge that Police typically win by default. Jack knew the situatipn, coached me, and demonstrated to the Court that all was wrong, and we won the case. Most especially, Jack doesn't back down. He's one of the good guys.

  • Jack Trickel

Absolutely amazing! I have never work with a attorney as awesome as this one I was put in a situation I didn’t think I could get out of and he did everything in his power to get my case dismissed thank you so much for everything. If you ever find your self in legal problems I’d Highly recommend Jack Litwak.

  • Irma Jimenez

I highly recommend Jack he is very attentive to his clients and gives you the outcome you are looking for. When I went to Jack with my situation he was very straight forward with me from the beginning and did everything he could do to get my case dismissed . You will not regret having him on your side .

  • Eric Wootton

Jack is an extremely talented and aggressive advocate for his clients. I worked with him personally on a second-degree murder case that resulted in a full dismissal of all charges. Jack is never afraid to stand up to prosecutors, judges, or other attorneys in fighting for his client’s rights.

  • Picture It “Picture It Printed” Printed

I did research for weeks before coming across Jack. So thankful we found him. He definitely fought for my husband and thanks to him my husband will be coming home. His services were worth every penny and although I hope to never need a lawyer again I will never hesitate to call back Jack.

  • Dose of Daisy

We had an absolute exceptional experience with Jack’s service. If you are ever in need, in our eyes, there is no better option. Thank you Jack Litwak for everything you did for us, for answering the phone personally, for being available, and for resolving our matters with such grace.

  • Sharon Dossey

Jack Litwak is a brilliant young attorney who does outstanding work! He researches all aspects of your case, keeps you informed and works diligently to obtain the best outcome. Thanks for your service Jack and for helping me through a difficult situation. You are a super star!

  • Dana Alkhatib

Jack was so helpful with my issue. He explained everything to me thoroughly and helped me understand what are the next steps in my process. You can tell he cares about his clients and treats them as people instead of numbers. I would 100% recommend Jack to anyone.

  • Lidia Guzman

I feel very fortunate to have hired Jack as an attorney to represent a family member. He was extremely professional and we felt as ease with his continual support and empathy. He was also very attentive, we always felt like he put us as a priority.

  • Ryan Brosemann

I really can’t believe what Jack was able to do for me. He was able to do the impossible in my eyes. I would highly recommend hiring Jack he is truly the best attorney I have ever dealt with. He is understanding, professional and treats you

  • Stephanie Cabrera

Jack is truly someone who you can trust when it comes down to your justice. I speak for my brother who is schizophrenic and Jack took on a very heavy weight taking on this case and he worked and worked, kept so much in contact with us to

  • Jonny Gozinia

. Richard Gaxiola and Jack litwak are a Powerhouse. I was literally in the jaws of the Lion. The jury was set. Taking 26 felony charges to trial. The odds were definitely stacked against me. But I had the best representation that I could

  • Josh Hargan

The results of my case in which I was represented Mr. Litwak were unprecedented. I was very pleased with the reduced charge but the restitution hearing is where he really made an unprecedented difference. The financial relief I felt as a

  • Joseph Briggs

I hired Jack Litwak to handle my charges out of Tempe. He did a great job for me from start to finish. Attorney Litwak is easy to work with and takes care of everything. Jack worked on my case till the end and continued to push, finally


Litwak he will be my lawyer for life .I had got charge with 2 counts of assault. I found him threw goggle . So I took the chance . It was worth it all the money.when to court . And ended up going to trial . When everything was sead and

  • Laura Mortensen

Jack is a great lawyer! He really cared about us and making sure we were protected and understood everything. He's a great guy that knows how to utilize his resources and fight for his clients. I definitely recommend him!

  • Mason Gallaway

I was being charged with a dangerous felony that had at 1 1/2 year mandatory prison time if I lost the trial and was convicted. Jack had my case dismissed. He is a true professional and changed my life.

  • Alejo Guzman

Jack was extremely nice and professional. He was very knowledgeable and dedicated large amounts of his time working with us. I would definitely recommend his firm.

  • Impa Castillo

Because of Jack and Richard, we have a future to look forward too. These two are a Power house! They are by far the best representation you will ever have.

  • Daniel Birruete

Jack was very helpful in getting my case dismissed and was straight forward and always able to answer my questions. I would definitely recommend him.

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