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42-46 Market St, Manchester M1 1PW, United Kingdom




Lloyds Bank is a Bank located at 42-46 Market St, Manchester M1 1PW, United Kingdom. It has received 180 reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars.





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  • The address of Lloyds Bank: 42-46 Market St, Manchester M1 1PW, United Kingdom

  • Lloyds Bank has 3.5 stars from 180 reviews

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  • "I came into the branch to deposit money today and I received a shocking service"

    "Terrible service"

    "I was there yesterday the 3rd of Jan"

    "Ridiculous service"

    "Terrible service! ! ! I was using the Immediate Deposit machine today and the manager who called Sharon E came to me and asked me to stop using it, the excuse she gives me was this machine is only allowing 1000 pound per day which I never heard before! And there doesn’t has notice on the machine says this machine only allows 1000 pound per day! And I have asked her to show me the paperwork to prove there has rules or documents saying only 1000 pound allowed per day and she cannot show anything to prove it"


  • Sarah A

I came into the branch to deposit money today and I received a shocking service. I felt patronised and ridiculed to say the least. I accidentally made a mistake and didn’t see that one of my notes was folded and I was scolded at by Amanda. I apologised countless times for my mistake and she directed me to the counter. When I went to the counter I overheard her speaking to a woman and I felt disgusted. She continued to patronise me. I had my University lanyard on and she made the comment about having a PhD but lacking common sense and laughing about it further to her colleague. Me and my family have been using Lloyds for several years and this is disappointing and honestly questioning my loyalty with the branch. By all means you can check your cameras. This happened around 4:30pm. Her mannerism and behaviour is not in line with the policies you set out and actions need to be taken. I will be approaching this matter further with management as this is appalling. A man came in and he only had one arm and she made the commenting asking if he was “bent”. This type of behaviour is discriminatory. After she made this comment, the man was speaking rudely to her. I do not conodone this behaviour but this is wrong. The whole branch saw what had happened. She continued with her snide remarks because he put the card in the machine after being told no. I hope this is taken seriously and dealt with because I will not let this off lightly.

  • Andrew Mason Angus-Whiteoak

Terrible service. After blocking my card and leaving me trapped in Sheffield over a weekend, I had to go to the Manchester branch passport in hand to unblock the card. After two hours in branch they unblocked it for high street use and not internet banking. The girl working wanted to rush home as it was getting late (bare in mind Im stuck there and don't want to be there either) and just waved off the issue of needing to also contact the direct debit team as "Oh you'll be fine". No I'm not fine. I can't buy online. I can't even transfer my money to another account to use that instead. So after another hour and half on hold on the phone this weekend, I have to go back in branch, passport in hand to get the job finished just to fully unblock the account, because there's a million ways they can block it and one unblocking doesn't cover all. this has been stressful, caused me to take time off work to visit branches now twice, ruined a weekend out of town, on and on. I would not recommend this bank to anyone. The way they handle the issues that they themselves have caused is awful. I'll be moving banks just as soon as I divest myself of the absolute mess they've caused blocking me from my own money.

  • Sunny David

I was there yesterday the 3rd of Jan.,2024. I went there to pay and there was a long queue of people using the cash machine so I went to the queue of those that wanted to use the desk. So I was and they only had two staff at the desk that were serving customers, the other male staff was just busy taking some records while his desk was closed. Then one of the staff said she had closed and this was coming to 16:40 and closing time was 17:00, now left with a staff that finally attended to me at 17:05. I spent almost an hour in the queue before it got to my turn. None of the staff seemed to care that they had a long queue to jump and assist other colleagues, so stood around and chatted. This was poor on the staff and the duty manager if there was any.

  • Judy Z.

Ridiculous service. I tried to open a saving account and have completed the application online. It requires me to come to the store to provide relevant ID to prove my identity. Okay, I came with all the required papers and the staff told me that this service requires my BRP card which is not specified in the application/email. Okay. I went back home and came at another day. At 1:30 pm today, the staff told me that I have to come again another day (again) because they are not providing this opening savings accounts service today. For no reasons. Not because a lack of professionals who are capable of doing this service; not because it is crowded and they are closing soon. I can't see any reasons other than the staff can't be bothered to do it today.

  • Cindy Zheng

Terrible service! ! ! I was using the Immediate Deposit machine today and the manager who called Sharon E came to me and asked me to stop using it, the excuse she gives me was this machine is only allowing 1000 pound per day which I never heard before! And there doesn’t has notice on the machine says this machine only allows 1000 pound per day! And I have asked her to show me the paperwork to prove there has rules or documents saying only 1000 pound allowed per day and she cannot show anything to prove it. In addition, she THREATENED me if I continue put money into the machine she will CANCEL my account! Horrible Service!

  • Gabby

It is a terrible experience. Today I visited this branch to submit the proof. At the beginning, a staff told me there is some information wrong so I need to re-apply on the website. After completing the new form, I wait for a half hour. Then another staff start to help me. She just told me my bank letter had problem so I need to change my bank letter. I told her the staff here did not mention it. She told me it's my application. I recommended the staff if there is something wrong please tell me at the first time rather let me wait for such a long time. But obviously, she did not think so.

  • ivory Si

Horrible experience! My cheque was not been deposited on time and today I bring my receipt came in, the staff over there was completely ignorant and rude, shouting to me” you! Come here I need your name” and the solving problem skills is also completely a joking, the bank put my cheque in then took it out, then asking me to contact the cheque provider.. they can’t do anything. When I leave, I still trying to be friendly say” good bye” to a woman staff who in the door, she said goodbye to someone else but ignoring mine. Even turn the head around. Fantastic experience, good job!

  • bowen zhu

Very rude staff. I asked a staff member if I could open a student account, and a very young white male employee replied, "To open a student account, you need to have lived in the UK for three years. I don't think you are eligible." Not to mention that I have been living in the UK for more than three years, how dare he assumed my nationality, and during the interaction, he was sarcastic and unhelpful. I really regret not checking Google reviews before coming to this bank.

  • Marshall Collins

They don't understand what customers feel right when they freeze their card. They don't form you. I was scamed last year. About 2 1/2 grand. But it's not OK. I wouldn't go with them. Ever again. That one trust worded. They say, oh, we can't do anything else right now, You need to go into brunch. He's not worth being with them. They don't care about you all. You care about their selves. Makes disgusting. I am moving bank. Soon. Worst at spoons I've had in my life..

  • Adrian Wu

Awful service. Throws process as an excuse for everything. Gives not clear guidance about what to do before you head to the branch. Staff are essentially the offcuts from Currys or Pcworld. Having nice chats, ignoring customers. When it comes to make a decision and allowing you to proceed with some formal process. They cower in fear and ask either the call centre. Or they mythical manager. Who is never there. Better off just hiding your money under your mattreas

  • Cammy Liu

Been to Lloyds Bank of Manchester City Centre a few times for counter service. Our experience was not as bad as some others said, maybe we're lucky. The wait was long but orderly, and you can have a drink at their coffee corner while waiting. Staff are professional and can give us timely help, Some younger staff looked unsure of procedures but they got quick guidance from seniors. Overall speaking much better than HSBC in the same area.

  • Ana simmons

During my painstaking hour and a half here it felt like I’d clocked in to a shift because seemingly no one who works here knows what they’re doing in the slightest. Can safely say there is maybe one GCSE between the employees and zero comprehension skills. Also for the love of god please invest in some computers, why the hell are these people navigating long term savings accounts on ipad minis. Jesus christ! Useless!

  • Z K

Giving 1 star is even too much. Staff are extremely RUDE (the man with black beards in particular) and unhelpful at all - two blond haired women were just standing there and watching. Have been with Lloyds since 2013 but now seriously considering to leave. You’ll just get disappointed and feel disrespected (even you are paying extra annual fees for a club membership) whenever visiting this branch.

  • SkyluxTM TheFixer

Rude staff, poor service and they let you come back another day for the most unnecessary reasons, like having Herr on my bank letter (literally means mister in German, which I explained multiple times), because 'they don´t understand it'. And after intentionally provoking me even further, I decided to try Nationwide and I opened an account in less than 30 minutes with no issues whatsoever.


Worst, Ridiculous, Pathetic bank ever. Worst services. Its been 1 month we are still not able to access our internet banking neither we received activation codes. The one activation code i received is not working. Everytime we have to contact bank their a 20-25 min detail check that is really frustrating. I will switch my account. Do not open account in this bank.

  • Fraser Travis

Lost my credit card on Friday so went into the Manchester branch around 9.10am to report it. Maria was most professional & helpful, taking me through each step & ordered a new card. At 9.30an this morning (Saturday) a new card arrived at my home.... a little over 24 hours later! Excellent on every level, especially Maria!!.. . Many thanks Mr F Travis.

  • F&F xo

More interested in being a coffee shop than having bank staff on the counter and letting me be served by a human rather than fobbing me off to a machine. The lady I spoke to was so rude and happy to hide behind her tablet instead of giving me the customer service I deserved. You're not my local cafe, you're a bank. Fancy acting like one?

  • HeyThere It'sMoon

It doesn't say anywhere that the counter isnt open on Sundays? 24/7 care and advise? But on a Sunday your staff stand around doing nothing at least 4 staff members chatting and waiting for coffee ooh we don't open on Sundays?! Absolutely rubbish service maybe if people have lost there card have a first class post service for a new one

  • Abdalla Baaboud

I would say disappointing from the service. I tried online before I come and it’s told me wrong reason so when I went to the branch, they use the same online system and he said I do not know the reason. I thought in branch they will do further assessment, but clearly they don’t! So not worth to visit the branch in different way!

  • Wayne Ng

Amazingly friendly and helpful staff. This is a branch with staff that understand service is what makes the difference. The staff here will do their best to address and answer any questions you have and provide solutions to your problems. They are a great team, so if they can't help you personally, they know who can.

  • Glyn Taylor

The "you're not a cafe" review is hilarious. It is just a bank though. They are evil, and crypto will destroy them soon hopefully. But as banks go, this is a great one, open nice and late (outside of covid) so it's convenient. They take my cash so I can put it in investments, which is all you should use banks for

  • Noor

Walked into this branch 2 hours before closing time. Lady refused to deal with my urgent query, blaming high number of customers and limited staff!!! I called the helpline and the advisor was surprised to hear that. Advisor confirmed that my query did not require a lot of time to be sorted. Shocking service!

  • Kris Z

Trustworthy bank, most of the staff are polite and friendly, except for a guy who looks like South Asian, no offense ( and only that one), he has a terrible attitude, the way he treats the customers, it seems that the customers owes him millions. However, the customers does NOT owe him a penny at all:)

  • Pooja Sundharan Vadakkethara

Please improve the online technical services for uploading proof and I'd . Many of them could not reach till last stage due to technical glitches showcased. Also make services available with flexible timings apart from business hub people as they directly walk in lol …

  • Petite DD

What can I say Lloyds bank is fantastic there really helpful & supportive and I’m glad I went with Lloyds I had a lovely guy called Nigel there customer service brilliant I had an issue with a cheque and he resolved it for me so want to say thank you again for your help

  • TheAmania

Had a lovely chat with Danielle as she set up my account. Slightly difficult as I am a danish citizen and need to prove address from here and back home. She spent a lot of time on me and explained everything well. Lovely girl 10/10 would recommend for other foreigners

  • Vass Balázs

I am cross. Opening times on google map 8.00 - 19.00, got here at 18.27 but its not possible to get my money because counter has already been closed?!?! Can somebody tell please how can I get my OWN money (more than £500) during the week

  • Vangela Xu

Arrogant and confused staff. Came on Saturday to have my ID checked for opening a bank account, told to come back on Sunday. On Sunday they still don’t have people. Also not able to make an appointment… ridiculous. Terrible experience.

  • Sheraz Anjum

it was a good experience the staff is very friendly and very efficient specially danniel she is great and she helped me a lot to make my account opening process easy and smooth. she got a friendly nature i like her behavior.

  • Dlshad Mustafa

Had a question about mortgage today 1pm, a manager referred me to a member of staff who literally didn't know anything, just wasted my time! Last time I visited, there was a nice and knowledgeable man.

  • Jack Coupe

What a great state of the art bank. Best cup of coffee, (latte with hazelnut syrup), that I ever tasted. So user friendly with opening hours that are longer too! We'll done Lloyds!

  • Samah Nasir

Barclays made a fuss when I tried to open a student bank account so I went to Lloyds, the staff were friendly and helpful and I opened the bank account on the same day!

  • Jenny Su

Wonderful and helpful staff. Amazing customer experience and plenty of cash machines and immediate deposit machines making it was easy to socially distance.

  • anees charles

Very unprofessional behaviour and also don't deal professionally any banking issues.I also have same experience as pervious people's wrote on review.

  • M Singh

Please avoid visiting this bank they have the worst staff I am holding my main account in this bank for a long time and I went for ID verification.

  • Nick Kyparissas

Helpful and friendly staff, great atmosphere, I have never felt so calm in a bank! I was also happily surprised that there is a ..cafe (!) in place!

  • X

Branch Manager Paul rude, sarcastic, condescending not polite at all. Woman on desk no name badge looked like I had asked her for a kidney!

  • Usman Baloch

Very rude lady on the ground floor, blocked my account for just asking questions while depositing money. Hands down the worst branch ever.

  • Samson Wong

Very friendly service. Staff guided me through all steps very politely even though I entered my information wrong for several times.

  • Feyisola Babatunde

Orderly queue, a member of staff attends to you quickly. Help is really accessible if you don't know what to do or who to turn to.

  • Darren Hawley

Great coffee shop, Wi-Fi & environment, coffee shop, staff are amazing, favourite coffee spot on market Street. Faultless.

  • Peiyuan Yan

Poor services, one employee has to run across dozens of customers at the same time, cant get the job done properly

  • Jon Schmid

Its a bank but also has a great coffee shop - good for coffee and cake at lunchtime at a very reasonable price

  • Tchize De Lemos (iTechGeek)

Its a very pleasant experience ☺️ loved ❤️ the service we got while at Lloys Bank in Manchester.. …

  • John Smith

Really pleased with the service I received from the lady at the till. Bless her

  • Mario Figlioli

Well, how to start, Customer service: very bad. Experience : not happy

  • Slim Shaddy

Fantastic service from the staff. Helped me out with ease

  • mario the boss 2nd

Very rude staff I will stick to my local branch

  • Tafadzwa Gondo

Excellent Customer Service Experience!!

  • Terry Wolfendale

Staff OK just very busy

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