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Meineke Car Care Center is a Auto repair shop located at 206 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97217. It has received 651 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





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  • The address of Meineke Car Care Center: 206 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97217

  • Meineke Car Care Center has 4.3 stars from 651 reviews

  • Auto repair shop

  • "I took my F150 here because in the past they treated me fairly"

    "I went to the Meineke on 206 N Lombard St, Portland OR today and wanted to see why the check engine light was on on my 2012 Volkswagen GTI"

    "I’ve been to many auto repair shops in both California and Oregon, and I can honestly say this is THE BEST auto shop I’ve ever been to! My check engine light came on last Wednesday, after being turned down from the shop that was much closer to my place, I decided to give Meineke Car Care Center a call despite the fact that they are 5 miles away"

    "This shop decided to be decictfull and rude over the phone"

    "I was scheduled for a tune-up at 1030 am"


  • Professor Davidson

I took my F150 here because in the past they treated me fairly. My battery wasn’t holding a charge; I ended up buying a new battery plus windshield wipers. I then told them my AC wasn’t cold anymore so I paid for a charge. Total I agreed to was a little over $600. When done the mechanic pulled my car out; he didn’t automatically go over anything. So I asked about the wipers, battery brand and AC. Prior to bringing my truck in the “heater blend motor” would click a few times when the engine started. F150 people are familiar with this issue. But now the clicking was louder and non stop. The mechanic explained it was due to the AC recharge, pressure etc. Ok totally understood but issue 1: he was going to let me get in and drive away without first telling me this was now an ongoing major issue. Nonstop loud clicking! I asked how can it get fixed? They gave me a story that they had to evaluate the problem. I waited while the mechanic sat around; I could see him. Finally going on 25 minutes I asked if there was any progress. He came in and said he located the “motor” and it’s behind the dash. He said, and others in the office agreed, that the dash would have to be pulled, that since it’s a 10 year old truck, they’d have to be very careful not to break the plastic. They said it would take 10 hours of labor plus a couple hundred for parts. One person said between $5000-7000??? I then asked if while they still had the hood up could they simply turn off my engine light. They charged me an additional $170 which they never said it would cost, plus $61.37 in fees? What fees? To throw away my old wipers? If they had told me about that fee I would have taken the wipers home. Thing is I got home and yes googled YouTube. Multiple videos showing step by step how to replace the heater blend motor in a 2011 F150. Which evidently is located in the exact same place in all F150s up to 2019. They knew this so there was no reason to pretend they had to locate it. The videos all state you simply pull out the “center console” then the stereo and the motor is right there. The videos all stated it’s a 45 minute to 1 hour job. I bought the part online for $16. Since I am elderly and have arthritis, even though the repair is very straightforward, I still need help. So I called Gaynor’s garage in Vancouver. They’ll put it in for $192. I will never go back to Meineke. And aside from the inflated repair information I’m still angry at the $231 in extra charges I never agreed to. By the way I had to call after I got home and ask them to email the invoice so I could see the charges. They didn’t automatically go over it with me prior to paying and I didn’t leave with a copy.

  • Brian Loehr

I went to the Meineke on 206 N Lombard St, Portland OR today and wanted to see why the check engine light was on on my 2012 Volkswagen GTI. I have had this done many times before and know it only takes a few minutes to hook up the computer and read the results. I had an 11:00 AM appointment and when I dropped the car off, was told it was going to be a few hours and I should have noticed something was wrong. At 5:00PM I get a text message with the results and a full diagnostic was ran on my car without prior consent, even talking about it, and more importantly a price quote for that service, which I would have refused. It was $139.72. When my girlfriend went to pick up the car, she was greeted by a lady with an absolutely horrendous attitude named KAYLA WILLINGHAM who called me a liar (I was on the phone with my girlfriend when this was happening) saying I agreed to this. That is ABSOLUTLEY false, I did not sign any paperwork before dropping the car off, nor did I see any pricing on the website prior to dropping the car off as well (and if I did would not have even considered taking it in). She refused to release the car to us until we made payment, ignored our questions, answered other phone calls while my girlfriend was trying to explain the issue and had zero professionalism or even human dignity. I will call the store tomorrow and speak with the manager, but this is totally unacceptable, unprofessional and very manipulating. The prices are OUTRAGEOUS- AVOID this place at all costs. UPDATE: Called the store multiple times and Kayla claims she is the manager, and will not give me the name or phone number of the General Manager. What a total disgrace.

  • 1 1

I’ve been to many auto repair shops in both California and Oregon, and I can honestly say this is THE BEST auto shop I’ve ever been to! My check engine light came on last Wednesday, after being turned down from the shop that was much closer to my place, I decided to give Meineke Car Care Center a call despite the fact that they are 5 miles away. (The other was only 0.8 mile from me). They told me to bring my car in even though it usually requires an appointment in advanced. I was so very grateful for just have someone to take a look at my car since I’ve never deal with this problem before. when I got there, the gentleman at the counter was very professional and polite; he listened to my description of how my car died etc, It made me feel valued! Compared to the first shop’s lack of empathy, meineke really made a difference. They diagnosed my car and figured out the problem that caused the check engine light on WITHIN TWO HOURS! And they were pretty busy, I wasn’t the only customer there that day. But still, they nailed the issue in such a short time. I went to pick up my car the first thing in the morning on Saturday, it runs so smooth and the price was reasonable. One thing I REALLY like about them is that they send you a custom report WITH PHOTOS after the detailed inspection, so you can see what was wrong, in the custom report it also explains what needed to be done etc, it’s so helpful to have a report like that especially to a girl that don’t know much about cars. The photo/visual part really earned some huge points with me.

  • Emily Wymer

This shop decided to be decictfull and rude over the phone. We called and exlained that we were moving across the country and needed an AC pressure test. We were told it was free diagnostics so we made the appointment for a week later at request of the shop. We could have come at any point in time but the shop requested a week later. After a punctual arrival we are told "well, it is free to hook up" as in yes we will hook your car up to the pressure test free of charge but we will not test it or diagnose it without 161$ and potentially all day. On top of that they had the garage it self being worked on making my appointment worthless because they wouldn't touch it until the garage was done being worked on. So the suggestion of appointment was a rude comment and not really someone trying to be helpful. And now with having to book the appointment in advance we are now out of time to fix our AC. Which means my 4 year old will have to travel across the country without AC all because this place was trying to pull a fast one. We would have been more than willing to pay for services after diagnostics but the point is we were lied to and essentially made a fool of. I would advise to stay away, they are not truthful.

  • Estela Rhodes

I was scheduled for a tune-up at 1030 am. The salesperson convinced me of doing a $139.72 diagnostic testing instead. He said it’s a test that requires an “hour long” of testing, so those funds cannot be credited towards the cost of repairing whatever they found. As I waited, I overheard the two employees talk poorly about every customer they encountered, whether in person or over the phone. An hour later, I inquired about my car and they hadn’t even started on it. I informed the clerk I was pressed for time and needed to leave soon. They finally inspected my car and thirty minutes later, they quoted me $1900 for a new timing belt. On their diagnostic report, it mentioned a cabin filter was “recommended but declined by the customer.” This was false, since my cabin filter was changed at Oil Can Henry’s two weeks ago. Full Synthetic Oil Change, Coolant Flush and Power Steering Flush was also mentioned but also done at Oil Can Henry’s at the same time I had my cabin filter changed. I am driving to Madison WI and wanted to make sure my car was ready for the road trip. Needless to say, I did not repair my Timing Belt at Meineke. I called Honda instead….and saved myself $600.

  • Michael James

Came here to have a problem fixed on my charger 08 and they couldn't find they problem I asked them to fix and gave me a bunch of new problems to fix. then they replaced apart that I had recently replaced and it broke again! When I called and asked about replacing they told me they would charge me again to replace. I get you can't warranty the part at least warranty your work! In response to your response I didn't just come in with parts from somewhere else. you guys said the last person who put on the the bleeder housing did a bad job. And since I had just purchased the part recently maybe the company will warranty it and they did! You didn't say anything if this part goes bad we will have to charge you again to put it back another one. In that case you should have told me to get a return and buy from you! the part is only 30 dollars I would have paid easily to save the headache. And if it broke the first time from bad work who is to say your work was any better. Please don't mislead people to think I came in with parts asking to fix my car. I did what you recommended and was asked to pay twice.

  • shawn schmidt

I took my 2009 dodge caliber to get evaluated for running rough. Before I went there I asked if this type of repair is in their scope of work. The person that I spoke with told me that it was. Later that morning I got a call. The manager told me that I needed a new throttle body. He told me that it was a really expensive repair. Like $1800.00. I was also told parts were hard to find. I was shocked when he told me this. He proposed that we just clean the throttle body to extent the life of the part. I agreed to do the cleaning because this is my commuter car and was likely going to be donated soon to a charity. When I picked up the car there really wasn't a difference in performance. Out of curiosity I called around. Most places told me $400.00 to $500.00, to replace the part. I called the neighborhood part stores and they range from $80.00 to 150.00. In stock. The best part is that I told them no rush. I had my wife's car to use. I think they just wanted to get me in and out. The staff was nice but overall I don't understand the logic that went into this experience. My final bill was 349.00.

  • Carla H

My vehicle was working fine and I brought it in for some preventative maintenance. The shop replaced my valve gasket, changed the oil, and cleaned the fuel system. When I picked it up at the end of the day it was running so roughly that I got off of Lombard and took the side streets home. I brought it back the next day and the car was seen in the shop for the next three days. During this time the following things were suggested: 1. That I have several other parts replaced at a cost of $900. 2. This happened because I had declined other services they had offered. 3. It was the fuel treatment working its way through the system and would resolve after up to several hundred miles of driving. None of theses suggestion sounded quite right to me, I kept coming back and talking with them. On the third day someone looked at it and noticed that the fuel injector wire on the top of my engine had come loose and plugged it back in. The car returned to functioning normally after that. I am grateful that they continued to work with me to solve this problem and that my car is working again.

  • Link Jones

Unfortunately, I was over charged for what should have been an AC leak test. Came in with AC blowing hot, I proclaimed a suspected leak. I was charged with "Evacuate AC system and recharge." $150 including labor, fair game. I got a ride back to the shop and was surprised with an additional $100 "refrigerant" charge on top of that. Clearly UV leak test spray was used as there was UV green leak test (OTC cost $18) all over the bottom of the engine bay. So its hard to believe they would just waste $100 worth of refrigerant after finding a leak. I probably would have let that slide had I not been told by Kayla the replacement and labor would cost over $1,000 in my quote. Sigh.... I decided to replace the condenser myself. Total cost in parts $280 with 2 hours of work and that's going slow. From reviews it sounds like this place is usually pretty honest. I don't feel the price I paid was worth the 15 minutes it would have taken to run that leak test and had they offered the replacement/labor closer to $500 as expected from a large chain, I would have paid it without this review.

  • Jeffery Mercier

They called and said my car would be done in about an hour. So in my way to pick the car up, they called my wife and said the part that was put on the car was defective. So when I get there, thier replacing the part and said the car would be ready at 8am the next morning. I showed up at 8:15 the cars not ready. The lady told me that she didn't think she told me 8am. Whatever, so I'm waiting she says maybe 15 minutes. 3o minutes pass so I ask her if she could go and see what the hold up was. She come back and she says the machine to do the alignment wasn't working and that they need to take the car to another meineke ove r ten miles away. So I wait at the shop for two and a half hours, the guy shows up they thank me for coming to meineke. I get in the car and I immediately feel the car pulling to the right. So I call and tell them that the car is pulling to one side, she tells me that the tech told her that everything was fine, but you can bring it back if you'd like. After spending spending twelve hundred dollars. I will never use meineke again. Thanks For Nothing.

  • Sophia Naviaux

Don't come here. My boyfriend's car overheated on our way to Corvallis, brought in here for a fix. We live in Washington. Told us we needed a new thermostat for the engine. They put in the thermostat UPSIDE DOWN. Absolutely jammed it into the car, BROKE IT, so he was charged for nothing. They kept telling him his car would be ready the next day, he would travel from our home in Bellingham, WA, and would have to go all the way home at the end of the day because they didn't have it ready by the time they closed. This happened 3 times. Unprofessional, didn't check the serpentine belt for an issue which ended up being the original problem, charged him for a thermostat they didn't know how to put in and broke. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Save your money and get your car fixed somewhere else.

  • Prisca Youn

I rarely ever leave reviews for anything and will just say I had great service at this Meineke location - the staff were all friendly and professional, but most importantly clear communicators with timely/efficient service. Had to get towed here cuz my car overheated on the freeway (!!!) and they were very helpful not only over the phone but also in-person. I also found the direct text link to the diagnostic summary and estimate super helpful as I could review what issues I needed to address even while I stepped away from the shop. They replaced my radiator the same day and I picked up my car by EOB. Thx to the crew at this location — great at their jobs and great attitudes even on what seemed like a busy day.

  • Justin Rinauro

I had some issues with my car making a noise from the wheel, and the guys at Meineke spent a lot of time an effort to diagnosis and correct the issue. Daniel was very helpful and explained the issue (my struts) and even took me into the shop to show me the difference between what I had, and what he was going to install. He walked me through my options for the struts explaining the pros/cons before we came to a decision. He also noticed that my rotors/brakes were installed improperly by someone else, and went above to beyond to get the parts on his own after we ran into some issues with the delivery truck bringing the wrong parts. Great guys to work with, exceptional service.

  • Joan Zivi

I had a surprisingly bad experience at Meineke and this was my first time using them. I made an appointment to have a new battery put in and chose to wait while the work would be done. After more than an hour of waiting, I asked the front desk person what the status was, and was told they had to order the battery and they were expecting it to arrive 'soon'. In the end, it was very close to two hours of waiting for a new battery to be put in my car. I would have appreciated being told, at the outset, that they didn't have the right new battery in stock so that I could have decided if I wanted to wait or come back another day (or not come back but rather go someplace else).

  • R.J. Tomlinson

The guys at Meineke have always taken excellent care of me and my car. They have been very honest. They could have ripped me off several times because 0f my limited knowledge of the problem my car had, but they have always been straight up and saved me money. They honor their warranty on parts and labor too. I know from experience. I have been ready to really have to negotiate, only to find that they are already handling the problem. They have been very courteous and timely everytime they have my vehicle. It is the ONLY place I will take my cars. If honesty and reliability are what's important to you, do yourself a favor and go to Meineke on Lombard.

  • Furry Godmothers

Awesome Customer Service! Andrew is juggling 1 million phone calls and professionally managed to service people that were in the store and handle the people on hold. My AC broke on a 100° day, they squeezed me in same day Saturday diagnosed and fixed the problem in a couple of hours. He explained a couple different options that it might be and luckily I ended up with the less expensive fix!! Dylan was the mechanic who worked on the car and he was awesome too. Great team work. This was the type of emergency Customer Service you hope for and rarely ever receive They are my new go-to shop. N Lombard location in PDX. Thank you!

  • Ben Partenheimer

Daniel and his crew completely went above and beyond! Told him my situation and it dealt with insurance and he told me no problem. I know it might not always be the situation, but they had my part in and got it done so much quicker than I could’ve imagined. There was even something extra they took care of that just blew me away. I knew they should be able to help me because it was exhaust related (catalytic convert) but, it gave me a chance to see all the other work they do there. Next time I need maintenance, I’ll check to see if they can take care of it first because it was an absolute pleasure working with them.

  • Armando Galaviz

FEES, FEES, FEES! On top of charging labor fees, these shops charge shop fees what it includes is uncertain, credit card fees unclear and not stated upfront, fees that rack up these corporate business's thousands of dollars riping off customers who are coming to get repairs done not be charge extra fees that should already be calculated in labor. Customers shouldn't be penalized for Corporate Business's greed and lack of operational planning. Best recommendation is to go to locally owned shops where if we pay higher fees at least the money stays in the community. Shame Meineke.

  • Rachel Brewer

The guys at Meineke were very helpful. They explained exactly what was happening with my car and were super transparent about what they needed to do. I have a 1988 Volvo and sometimes it needs some extra TLC. Kenny and Daniel were quick to notice the real issue with my brakes. Having been given the run around with my cars a handful of times, these guys made me feel very much at ease and that they were taking care of me. I would definitely recommend this business and will be going to them in the future. Thank you so much for keeping me safe and taking care of my Volvo!

  • Nora

Highly recommend this shop! They were able to get my motorcycle in same-day to put on an exhaust pipe (they don't typically even work on motorcycles) and I'm so impressed with the work. Kenny took extra time to remove the entire exhaust so he could get the welds as good-looking as possible and he did an amazing job! I could tell he really cared about making it look great while also getting it done quickly. Thanks again, Kenny! And Daniel and Derrik in the office were super professional, helpful, and friendly. I'll definitely visit this location again in the future.

  • Rachel Gessert

I've been coming to Meineke Lombard for at least three years. Every time I come, they are incredibly friendly and honest in their estimates. Additionally, I came recently with an engine light on. The manager checked the reading, cleared it, gave me advice according to my vehicle, and sent me on my way at no charge with directions to come back if it returned. In the past, they have come up with solutions that have saved me hundreds of dollars multiple times. I recently moved across town, but I will still drive across town because I really trust their service.

  • Kristen Dutra

I have very basic knowledge of cars and how cars work. But every time I go to this Meineke I feel comfortable, respected, that they do good work, and that they stand by and are proud of their work. If I have a question they answer it in a way that I understand. They always call before doing any major work to explain what they found and what they need to do to fix the problem. They have fair but competitive prices. I have always had a good experience, and Omar and Miguel and their team really do a great job. I trust them and highly recommend their services.

  • aaron brown

I take both my cars here for everything. It's a one stop shop for anything you need. They are always so helpful and knowledgeable. I love the digital inspection with photos. I can actually see what they are talking about and if I have questions they are patient and take time to answer me, they even will take me out to the car and show me. Thank you for all you've done for my family and keeping us up and running safe and sound over the years! If you haven't used them give it a try you won't be sorry! Thanks again see ya next time! Next time donuts on me!

  • Tom Sands

I usually go with a local specialized mechanic. I have a rare Japanese import van. My old mechanic was trying to overcharge for brake pads and rotors. I figured I would get a quote from Meineke. Price was right, as well as the customer service. Daniel was very flexible and helpful working with my needs for this rare vehicle. While doing the repairs, they noticed the wheel bearings were worn out. They gave me an extra day to source the bearings and swapped them not charge! Good people over at Meineke on Lombard. Daniel will take care of you.

  • Bren Starcher

Kayla and her fellow team members did SUCH a good job on our van! We were stranded traveling through Portland and they worked methodically to fix our broken brake lines and associated parts. When, on a Saturday, they realized the new parts couldn't arrive until monday, they skillfully built a new quality brake line to fit the van. We were able to get back on the road same day and didnt have to miss our family reunion due to Kayla and her teams tireless work. I was very impressed and would highly recommend to anyone their quality service.

  • Heidi Summers

My car was stolen, and the thieves removed the catalytic converter. I needed a replacement. Kayla the manager was more than helpful, and so was the entire crew there. They went above and beyond to take care of me. Extremely reasonably priced, the best service I've ever received from a repair shop, and it was ready for pick up same day. I will be a loyal customer from here on out. Thanks you guys, for your awesome customer service, and quality of work! I don't generally leave reviews, but their level of service needs to be acknowledged!

  • Thomas Beauvais (Thompson)

Went here after getting my cat stolen. They were helpful and replaced it quickly for less than what I imagined. Leaving after the installation, the check engine light was on reading a problem with the O2 sensor. When I took it back, they saw that they had made a mistake and missed that the downstream O2 was left dangling by the thieves. They got me in immediately and replaced at cost with no service charge. They made it right! All too often this doesn't happen in the auto maintenance realm. I would recommend!

  • Heather Mayther

I have come here several times over the last few years for my oil changes, brakes, struts, etc. Omar takes on so much and has always given the best of service, and been a great help. I'm sorry for Jason (the previous rating/comment) but a shop with this many loyal customers STAYS busy. You can't walk in thirty minutes before close in a busy shop and EXPECT for them to drop their previous appointments for you. If you do make an appointment however, I promise you won't be disappointed.

  • Lisa Stump

Would not recommend this place. I had a specific item I wanted checked out, I even pointed them to the potential culprit, but they performed a whole inspection anyway and charged me $150 for it. Then upsold $1000 worth of repairs that weren’t needed. In the end the problem was exactly what I thought it was and only replaced the one part needed. Still charged me $150 for a full inspection I didn’t ask for. They say they do it for everyone. Well then be upfront about that.

  • Brian Crosby

Had no AC on the way to PDX from Idaho. Then I noticed my service light was on. Called a few place that were totally booked out and now starting to stress a bit.Called the Lombard Meineke and was pleasantly surprised that they could get me in immediately! Kayla and her crew were super helpful and got my AC recharged and diagnosed my # 4 cylinder misfire. Got a tune up and the rig is purring like a kitten. Could not be more pleased by the treatment here.

  • Krystal Higley

I couldn't afford tires from tire shop's or dealers, so I had to buy the tires online. I called several places for a simple mount & balance for my new tires. Every shop except this one denied putting on my new tires due to not purchasing the tires from them. This was the only place that wanted to take my money for this service. I am so thankful they did it for me. You have earned a return life time customer for sure. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

  • Melisa Campbell

I cannot say enough to say how much I appreciate these guys!! After some vandalism in the neighborhood, I thought I was going to spend $3800.00 for my catalytic converters on my 2002 Lexus SC430 that only “Lexus fix” I spent half to have my car running PERFECT again!!! They took time to explain what was wrong, what needs to be done, and from now on I trust this Meineke Car Care Center with my car. Highly recommend this location!!! Thanks guys!!

  • James Thomas

It's been great. Busy to work on my mom's car. This location it on her route to work so I figured I'd do the dealing. She had some work done on her steering. Well it broke due to defective parts. This was not meineke fault. And no one got hurt. Anyway I reach out to them. They provide towing didn't know that either. They towed the car to there shop fixed the issue with different parts and my mom was on her way. So I'd say I was happy with that.

  • peter welch

Dead car, AAA it towed to Meinekie at 206 N Vancouver, Portland. They got it at 8:30am and by 2 they had diagnosed the problem and replaced the starter ready for me to pickup! Wonderfull emergency service to get me up and going quickly. Starts right up and I'm a happy driver. This is the type of reliable and competent service I've been recieving from them for all my cars for at least 10 years. Thanks Lombard crew you make a great team.

  • Andrew Reynolds

Amazing experience! They diagnosed and fixed my air conditioner problem in only 5 hours. From start to finish, my encounter with the team was nothing short of exceptional, leaving me incredibly satisfied with the level of professionalism and expertise I encountered. I can confidently say that I will undoubtedly return. The exceptional service, combined with the swiftness and accuracy of their work, has won me over as a loyal customer.

  • Jessie Parker

The people working here were very friendly and professional. I went in for an oil change and was given a repair estimate totaling over $1600 which was a little daunting. I would come back though, it seemed legit and when I said I couldn’t afford the repairs, they didn’t push it. I understand they’re busy but that is the longest I’ve ever waited for an oil change (2 hours with an appointment). Probably will go somewhere else next time.

  • Mickey Mishra

The staff is very nice and kind here they actually take a look at your car and diagnose her for free and I had a good experience here whatever I decided to wait on getting the job done because the price of my kill out of converter would have been around $1,500 but overall the work would have been done very well I'm sure. I just decided to get a custom system installed that point but highly recommend it if you need any exhaust work.

  • Ricardo Itza

I'm sorry to sound negative, but my experience with this shop wasn't unpleasant neither satisfied due that it took too long for an alignment service and the technician was similar to a pig that make a mess no matter what. The carpet, floor mat, seat and door trim were stained with grease, to me that's no paying attention to detail and little mistakes can lead to expensive repairs, so I'm not coming back for a major service. Thanks

  • Kathleen Hardin

Very easy to book appointment on line. A good selection of days and times available. Service counter associate was great! Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable. Oil change was completed very quickly; my car was ready to pick up before I even had a chance to get home and wait for a call that it was ready. I've used this Meineke location multiple times. Alway been quite satisfied with all aspects of the services they provide.

  • KR West

Nice enough front desk folks, and they juggled very heavy workloads well... BUT don't agree to their recommended extra services at this shop. Get a second opinion after their multi-point inspection, and definitely compare prices because the markup is 1.5x other places. They tried to rip me off, but my alarm bells went off when they claimed I needed to replace a part that doesn't exist on my year's model.

  • Allie Yantis

The manager Daniel was very professional and super nice the whole time! They fixed my back rotors for my Mercedes for a very good price, signed me up for rewards and inspected my car and listed everything that they recommended I fixed in the future as I didn’t have the funds to fix my entire car. I recommend Menieke to everyone that needs their car serviced for a good price, and I WILL be returning!

  • Den DZel

I called to ask how much to replace a cracked radiator on a specific car, the female on the phone informed me that they need the car to get a price quote. LIARS! She said there was 20 different types (LIES) & needed the car. They know the price, they know how much labor to charge. They only want your vehicle to access how much more $ they can get out of you, DO NOT COME TO THESE LIARS & CON ARTISTS!

  • Cory Walaitis

Charged me for a pre-purchase inspection, where they failed to diagnose what was actually wrong with my car, and instead told me to fix things that were perfectly fine. Anyways when I tried to get a refund, this business have me the cold shoulder and pretty much just refused to get it contact with me. Now I'm working on a claim with the BBB and my bank to get my money back for what they did to me.

  • Amy Anderson

I've taken my car here several times for minor repairs. Always good service and pricing. My sister was visiting over Thanksgiving and found her battery was dead before her return trip home. Kayla was so helpful in getting her in and back on the road despite having no openings for service that day (a holiday). Their team stepped up in an emergency situation and our whole family appreciated it.

  • Robert Bellomy

Since moving to the neighborhood, these guys have been great. They are straightforward, honest, kind, and will strike you a deal. Kayla at the front desk is a friendly face in the stressful world of car troubles. They even helped me push my truck down the street when it broke down near their shop, and stayed past closing time to finish the job. Definitely my go to mechanics.

  • Chad Lanning

It’s easy to have misgivings about a chain repair shop, but this Meineke has become our go-to shop for all our automotive needs. Super friendly staff and just the right amount of ‘suggested services’ suggested makes it easy to trust our mechanics. Also, I’ve recently discovered that they are $150 lower in price for a CV joint installation than the shop I had used previously.

  • Kayla Raymond

Kayla was INCREDIBLE seriously a life saver the other day when I was having brake troubles. I called and she had me bring it in immediately. I was in and out within a hour or so I want to say. Kayla had her guys diagnosis the issue I was having, fixed it and got an oil change. She was the nicest person I have ever worked with at a auto shop. Thank you again Kayla!!

  • Meg A

I dropped my car off around 9:30am for my 10am oil change appt. and was told it would be about an hour. My car wasn't done until 1:24pm. Almost 4 hours for a basic oil change is really excessive. I dropped my car off because I didn't want to sit in the waiting room for an hour, but that doesn't mean I was okay with them taking nearly 4 hours to change the oil.

  • Katie Wais

Kayla helped make a very stressful situation into a quick, no-hassle transaction. They diagnosed the issue and resolved it within hours, rather than days like I’d expect at the dealership. I knew that no matter what the issue was, it’d be fixed and reasonably priced. They even swapped out a headlight and filled a tire. Great service and very convenient!

  • Korina Mills

Excellent service from Daniel, the manager. He got me a great deal and was super honest and clear about everything that needed to be done. I even came in saying I probably needed an oil change and he told me my oil was clean and didn’t actually need to be changed yet. Not sure how many other mechanics would actually be honest about that, so thank you.

  • Jenessa Gayheart

Eddie at Meineke was really there for me when my Jeep needed a starter. He made sure to order one from a place that would assure it got there right away, and then he made sure my Jeep would be on the schedule for the next day. I picked it up only 24 hours after I'd dropped it off. The people here are friendly and direct about what is able to be done.

  • Dale

I went for my first time because they were an easy walk from my house. I was not disappointed. I had the brakes and belts on my car replaced. The work was fast and well done. The online booking process was very easy. The staff were all exceptionally welcoming. The cost for the service was about average. This is a safe place to have repairs done.

  • LeeAnn Gauthier

Tom was honest enough to retract a solenoid and not charge me for diagnostic when the solenoid failed to start my Mustang. He was honorable. Tom referred me out to a transmission shop for my need. Sadly, my 10-mile drive to AAMCO in Milwaukee failed as they stopped using their high pressure transmission flush system. Kayla offered sage advice.

  • Jason Cox

The new owner is amazing! We were going to be stuck in Portland because our car was on the verge of dying. Four mechanics in the area turned us away because we had no appointment. Meineke manager told us to not worry and said he would make sure we got home to Vancouver Canada. Fixed our car and at a great price within an hour. Thanks so much!

  • Emmy Cude

Very helpful and friendly staff. They let me know what needed to be done, I paid what I was quoted. When I picked up my vehicle, they also let me know what was going to need to be done soon and gave me a quote for that work. Didn't feel like I was being told about unnecessary repairs. They know what they are doing and they back their work.

  • Nicki King

We were able to bring my car in on a Saturday morning for suspension issues and an oil change. They were fully booked but they were able to run a full diagnosis on the car and resolve all of our issues within a few hours. These guys are really great and worked extremely hard to make sure we had our car back quickly. Definitely recommend!

  • Marvin Bame

At the appointment setup, I was told it would take 2 hours for them to install a barrier to prevent someone stealing the catalytic converter. At the appointment time, I was told it could take up to 3 hours for the installation. They finished the job in 1 1/2 hours which was great. However, I was still charged for 3 hours of labor!!!!

  • Saffron Apalonia

Pros: got a last-minute appointment, reasonable price, good communication about when the car was ready. Cons: had to ask the guy in the office to put a mask on, he was grumbly about it, and didn't even have it covering his nose. I found this really unprofessional and off-putting. It didn't make me want to come back.

  • Dylan Allen

Thank you Meineke employees and thank you Kayla for going above and beyond! You all did a great job fixing our car. Kayla was very informative and she has compassion for the customers. She advised me my vehicle was not safe drive and would feel awful if she let me drive it 7 min home up the road. She is so sweet!

  • Becky Lucas

Even though they were fully booked for the day. Aaron and Dylan still managed to address my vehicle misfiring and get me back on the road before the end of the day. They gave me a great price on new spark plugs, not only were they charming, they provided great customer service. Thank you guys for saving the day!

  • Ryan Alan Frazier

I won't let them touch my car again if it was free.they put a starter in they looked around in the glove box They looked around in the middle storage case why I don't know why they would invade my mother's privacy all the work was in the engine not the glove box or middle storage unit They ripped my mother off .

  • Casper Menson

I needed a new catalytic converter for my car and though my typical mechanic doesn't replace them, Meineke was was able to super fast! I was able to drop off my car in the late afternoon and picked it up early afternoon the next day. The whole team at Meineke was fantastic - very responsive, helpful, and kind.

  • Keegan Bliss

Authorized $500 worth of service. Paid $634 when I picked up the car. Keep in mind the services needed behind the scenes like coolant flush after replacing the hoses which was not priced in the service but raised my price when I paid. Other than that, incredibly friendly and helpful and I would return again!

  • Samantha Hartzell

Waited two hours for an oil change with an appointment. The techs made little effort to look into a low tire. When I asked them to please at least fill it up, they pumped a small amount of air into it, not even taking the tire pressure, and left me to drive away with a low tire light. Won’t use again.

  • Jose Cortes

100% reccomend these guys! I came in with my Expedition late in the evening, and within 30 minutes, not only did they find the problem, but they fixed it aa well! Absolutely am going to have these guys fix my vehicles from now on! All of the technicians and staff were super friendly as well!

  • Marchelle Watson

In this day and age customer service is practically gone. Not at Meineke on Lombard. Talk about customer service. They were fantastic!! Walked in, no appointment just needed some service and they got right on it. Fast, friendly, service. I will be taking my car there from now on. Thank you!

  • Curtis Clay

Great customer service. On time, and they guarantee their work. I've had oil changes, belt replacement, AC work and more, and they've always done a nice job. They don't push hard for upsales either, but will definitely let you know if they think something needs to be done.

  • sam schaffner

The girl at the counter was extremely professional and friendly. Definitely would go again and refer friends there. Not only did they do a thorough inspection, but they did an awesome job on a anti theft catalytic converters. I believe his name is Derrick awesome job.

  • Mindy Stone

Kayla and her team are great! Fast, professional, and great service! Catalytic convertor was almost stolen, but sounded like it was gone due to missing bolts. They were able to get me in quick to diagnose and fix, and so friendly and helpful every step of the way!

  • Studio 1202

Super helpful, knowledgeable staff. Quick service. The woman that helped me was awesome! Had answers to all my questions, very knowledgeable in her field! She was down to earth, helpful and made me feel super welcome. Definitely recommend this staff and location.

  • Nate Arrasmith

Susan the manager was super helpful and very nice. She got me in the same day, at the end of the day, on a Saturday for a radiator replacement on my Subaru. Was done an hour after I dropped it off! Thank you so much to the whole crew. I will be a return customer.

  • Charles Eaton

They did noting no ele checks no noting they told me that my battery had a dead cell in it. I just bought the battery new 3 days ago and noting wrong with it. The guy knows nothing about corvettes. I paid $183.00 for noting they didn’t do any work at all.

  • Elisa Deguzman

This shop hooked it up with brand new, all season tires at a very fair price! The people there, especially the woman at the front desk (Kayla), were very kind and welcoming. I am definitely going to keep coming to this shop for any future car maintenance.

  • Karl Wallin

Took my truck in to have the headlights fixed which they did just fine, however upon getting it back the check engine light was on and it was throwing a code it's never had during ownership. Called about it and was met with very little assistance

  • Ana Palacios

Kayla and her team do a wonderful job!! We take both our cars to Meineke and we love their honesty. I also love their inspection (with photos included) and their estimates via text before you pick up your car. I found this system super helpful.

  • Syd Berwager

I took my 2015 Buick Regal for a DEQ analysis and quick trip-check-up of the car before driving to Arizona. They were ready at the appointment time, completed the job very quickly, and I had to pay only a very small bill to get my car back.

  • Patrick Knapp

I came in today 1/5/22 and Joey was helping me and gave me an estimate, worse case scenario of $984 for front and back brakes that was after my $100 discount. Truck was supposed to be ready at 2pm and he called at 240p letting me know that

  • jeffery mcchesney

I have always been hesitant about going to Meineke. I always thought of them as a muffler place. But a co-worker takes his work vehicle there and they took care of tires as well as a couple of other small issues. So I thought that I would

  • Catherine Kelloff

They offered me seven different options of changes in transmission fluid, brake fluid.Told me I had an oil leak in my engine and that I needed new spark plugs they offered me $1,300 worth of work to do and I went in for a $29 oil change.

  • Lee Farmer

I had an oil change and changed 4 tires to studded tires for the winter. The work was carried out punctually and to my satisfaction. However, I was charged a $20 tire disposal fee for the 4 tires I kept. I gave the staff the opportunity

  • Tommy Armour

I called to get a price quote to have a brand new DownPipe and Front Pipe installed on my car with only 8,000 on it. Just a performance upgrade really. Apparently Meineke will not install new pipes that the customer brings in. Due to

  • John Savage

My catalytic converter got stolen. I thought it was going to run $1,000.00 or more to get it fixed. They had the right part on hand and did a complete repair in about an hour. Cost a little over $500.00. Extremely happy.

  • Eric PTM

April and her team are fantastic. I brought them a very clapped out Jeep I had just picked up for cheap with a myriad of issues, and she helped me get sorted quickly and easily on all the important ones. Don’t hesitate

  • Michael Henry

Bad attitudes, very rude, nothing gets done, but you get quoted 2 or more days for repairs as everyone sits around and joke. No one was helpful or provided any customer support/service. It was an awful experience.

  • Drew Mow

Showed up for my 1pm appointment for an oil change. Didn't get to my SUV until almost 2pm. 45 minutes out of my life I'll never get back. I'm on a schedule so when they aren't on time they mess my schedule up.

  • Jessica Visci

Kayla and her team are amazing! Best auto shop in PDX! They were really busy but still able to fit us in for a quick fix. Felt like our car was in great hands the whole time & will definitely keep coming back!

  • Andrew Oates

I had my car towed here after someone cut the catalytic converter off my minivan. About 2 hours later, my car had a new converter on it and I was on my way. Fast and friendly service, at a reasonable price.

  • Megan Burroughs

This crew of awesome people fixed my car in just a few hours after finding out someone attempted to steal my catalytic converter. The team was awesome, efficient, and super cool. I would definitely go back!

  • jesus j huerta

Outstanding service. Very attentive staff and fast turnaround. Despite not having the actual exhaust part Dylan was able to fabricate an exhaust fitting for my vehicle. Willie was very helpful at the desk.

  • Jimmy Jaffin

My brakes seized up while I was visiting Portland from out of town, and I got towed to this shop at 5 PM on a Friday. Kayla was extremely friendly and helpful, and my car was ready the very next day.

  • V Vlahosotiros

Great customer service- they’ve really take good care of me and my car for multiple years. They do what they can to reduce prices and seemingly have a lot of integrity and skill in what they do.

  • Rusty Jennings

Today was my second time using Meineke on Lombard for auto repair. The experience was great, as it was the first time. They got me in and out in under an hour. I highly recommend this business!

  • Madeleine Moreland

They helped work with my insurance to replace my stolen catalytic converter without totaling my vehicle. Did an awesome job and I am grateful they took on my vehicle on such short notice.

  • Gloria Macabeo

I love this place, they were nice, their work was beautiful, and they were fast, I love this meineke car care center, I should of brought my car here in the frist place, THANK YOU,

  • Tomas Orta

I have had two services with Meineke so far and have been thoroughly satisfied! Their customer service is great and a quick turnaround with getting you back in the road!

  • C. H.

Fast and did what I needed. Some price estimates are high in my opinion. But at the end of the day I got what I needed, the work was done well, and it was done quickly.

  • Felicia Peekington

A very nice auto repair shop. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, they perform the work quickly, and they do it well. Kayla is obviously a superior boss.

  • JW Home Improvements

Iv taken several vehicles to meinekes on lombard over the years. and have always been very please with the service and the friendly staff. kayla is the best!

  • Monique Ziesmer

I went to Meineke for an oil change. Eddie was my helper. He was very nice and my oil change was done quickly. I would definitely recommend this location.

  • Shianne Wolfe

Highly recommend! Kayla was so kind and helpful. I brought my car in right before closing and they had it ready to go by the middle of the next day! 10/10

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