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Oakville Car Wash & Detailing Services is a Car wash located at 1129 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 2X5, Canada. It has received 418 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.





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  • The address of Oakville Car Wash & Detailing Services: 1129 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 2X5, Canada

  • Oakville Car Wash & Detailing Services has 4.0 stars from 418 reviews

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  • "Went there today, My truck has Husky Liner floor mats, driver one is attached with a big 2"

    "Got the Super Duper Wash ($50) and was thoroughly disappointed"

    "Well here's is my second review"

    "Very poor service"

    "Had been going here for a couple years now to get the "Basic Wash" for each of our vehicles"


  • Daniel Jacob Goral

Went there today, My truck has Husky Liner floor mats, driver one is attached with a big 2.5" knob to the carpet so it wouldn't move, that you turn with a hand to undo before you remove it. when I saw the car wash attendant pulling on my mat, I said "eh" to the guy, to advice him not to pull on it and reached behind driver door, at this time he said "it's OK" and yanked on it, pulling out the floor mat along with a piece of the carpet from the floor, he then threw it to the person that washes them and they landed on the ground, and the attachment rolled somewhere. He saw it, and he saw me walking there picking it up. That's pretty lame for a 30$(Ultimate) car wash. I expected a person who does this for living, to know stuff like that, and not just use force to get it out. Other than that the car was clean, vacuumed, etc. Front windshield had smudges from inside after the windshield guys washed it, so i asked them to re-do it which they did. They didn't wipe the rear window which i noticed when i was too far from the car wash to come back for, leaving watersports and drip marks. The interior by the door sills is black, so when i was leaving and everything was nice black and still wet after they wiped it. Once it dried i was left with white/gray wipe marks and smudges. Now i have a visible 1/2 inch hole in my black carpet and i will not use them again. That's what threw me off big time. Bottom point: Save your money. Any other car wash will do the same job on the outside if you get the "premium wash" for 10+ $. Although car was vacuumed and windows almost cleaned, i think it was a waste of money for 30+$ and an unpleasant experience.

  • Mike Oldfield

Got the Super Duper Wash ($50) and was thoroughly disappointed. The biggest red flag was when my Yaris was ready in about 10 minutes. The interior of the car was soaking wet. It's like they sprayed Amour All over everything and then didn't wipe it down afterwards. Pools of water in my door handles and cup holders. Hair, dust and dirt all caked to sopping wet water on my floor mats and console. Missed spots throughout the car for vacuuming on the seats. Armour All dripping from centre console between my seats. I put in 25 minutes of cleaning up the car and wiping it down after I got home. There was no attention to detail and overall a terrible experience. The biggest mistake I made with this business was not reading the reviews on it as it looks like a recent change of ownership has led to a degrade in quality. My experience mirrored all of the 1 and 2 star reviews you are reading, so I didn't catch them on a bad day. This was the kind of experience that left a bad taste on my mouth. If you're the owner reading this, please do not reply in lowercase to "come in and see you". I'm not coming back and making sure no one I know heads there either. *Response to reply: I think accusing a customer of being racist in a response to a Google review is the lowest thing I've ever seen. Best of luck moving forward.

  • Simon P

Well here's is my second review. I went back this morning hoping things would be better for a simple was but I was mistaken. Car went through wash. I paid for the wash. Went out to see the car and 2 employees were drying the car. Car was not off rollers and one employee was already tire dressing the rear tires only getting the top of the tires. Car was driven ahead to continue drying and I was told it was ready. Let me start by saying I was in the car business for over 35 years and know the way a car should look after a simple car wash. Back drunk area was not dried I mentioned to employees and it was taken care of. Sat in car to drive off and front windshield and front windows were still dirty. Called over employee and he cleaned dirty areas again. Issue is they do not change there rags as often as they should. You cannot clean windows with rags from body cleaning. There is a language issue between customers and staff. There is no owner or management checking cars when they are done like they should. It's not the money but the service is what matters and for the second time it was not completed as it should be. One last point on paying with machine a $10 tip was automatically added to the final payment as a tip. Good thing I caught that. Not proper was to do business. Will I repeat

  • Kim O

Very poor service. Paid top for top package- $50 and included a 15% tip. Should have held off on paying until I saw final product. The interior was not wiped down well - looked like they used a dirty cloth to clean as there was debris everywhere. There was a huge clump of hair on the passengers front mat. My mats are soaked and I fear that because they are too wet that they will start to smell musty. They should not be put inside the car soaking wet. The windows were streaky and the rear view mirror had spots all over it. I brought all of my concerns to their attention and was informed that it was a "quick" wash. I didn't realize a quick clean meant that it wouldn't be cleaned properly.. You would figure that 4 people cleaning your car could be quick yet, still efficient and thorough. Why would myself or anyone agree to pay that kind of money for "poor" results. Why would I pay for something to be done quickly if I have to do it all over myself? Many companies can be quick and efficient- I don't think this is one of those companies. Not happy at all. The exterior was just as bad. The front of the car had dirt that wasn't even touched yet they supposedly hand dried after they cleaned the exterior. You would think that remaining dirt would have easily been seen or should I say ignored.

  • Bob McLean

Had been going here for a couple years now to get the "Basic Wash" for each of our vehicles. One a Toyota Camry, the other a Tundra. The cost comes in at around 10 bucks plus tax. Awesome deal. Suddenly however, the "Basic Wash" only applies to "small cars". Huh? So apparently I had to pay for a "Diamond Wash" for my vehicle, as it wasn't a "small car". I don't have a small car. Seems like it would be the same amount of water either way. Didn't thrill me. The young fellow at the counter (at the behest of a person who appeared to be his boss) knocked the price down to the "Basic wash" price point. Kudos for that. However, I'll simply find another place to get my vehicle washed. I'm not keen on having the bite put on me for a few extra bucks for no apparent reason. So by all means, go at your discretion. The guys who dry the vehicle do an awesome job. Just make sure you have a "small car". Whatever that is.

  • sevakkk

Awful experience. You can check final results of their job in the photos attached. I paid $35 for exterior and interior carwash (car mats including). When the worker at the final stage told me that my car is ready to go I checked the mats and floor and noticed that they were still dirty and obviously not vacuumed. I asked the employee why the job wasn’t done properly and he replied that this service is not included in fee... I started arguing with him and another washer came in and told me to calm down then he said that I just needed to ask to clean my mats when I was at the entrance. He grabbed the mats for cleaning and when he returned with them he told me that each mat is $5 extra. I said that I would not pay and he replied: OK! It’s from my check then! Have a nice day sir. The interior wasn’t cleaned properly overall.

  • Trevor Mason

I have been coming to Oakville car wash for years and i think i have been there for the last time. This mornings experience was not great. I took my Ford Flex in and asked for the works which is the basic interior/exterior. Because it is a larger car they charged an extra $5- which used to be if you wanted the trunk done - but now seems to be just to get the back seat done- then they didn't even vacuum the back seats. They only cleaned the floor matts in the back. They took the floor mats out of the front and cleaned them, but did not vacuum the footwell before putting them back in. The detail at the other end of the shop was quite good- windows and dash look great- which brought the rating up to a 3. The new owners who raised the prices need to ensure their staff at the back end are doing a complete job

  • Saurabh Maheshwari

Went to get a Ultimate Car Wash paying $39.99. They did a fairly good job on the exterior but that even their $9.99 package will do as well. I paid those extra $30 to get the interior cleaned thoroughly. Now, on interior, they just spend hardly 5 mins to quickly vaccum seats, trunk and mats. Didn’t put much efforts to clean in-depth even when their ultimate package features them. Rim and Tires were not cleaned. Hand Dry was a joke as everything from interior to exterior was dripping water. Later, I cleaned it myself. My front passenger seat also got wet bcoz they use high pressure water initially and before handing over car, I ensured all the windows are closed. Since they do vaccum and high pressure water cleaning together, that might be the probable reason. I am never going there. No value.

  • Ian Mason

Oakville Car Wash & Detailing did a complete stem to stern shampoo and cleaning of my vehicle’s interior. It took them 4-hours, but the result was amazing. They did all the nooks and crannies, cubbies, storage bins, glove box, and even the underfloor storage compartment in the trunk. The car exterior was washed too, so the entire care sparkled and shined. It had been a few years since I did this last, and the result was well worth it. I was impressed that all the contents from all the storage locations, were removed, and placed in the cleaned trunk, so that I could go through the materials, and return them to their rightful storage location. Very honest and trustworthy people. I would recommend this place to anyone needing a quick wash, or in my case a thorough cleaning.

  • Jo M

I went to this place to get my car cleaned since I was in oakville for the day. The owner gave me a quote for a vacuum, wash, carpet shampoo and engine wash for my Acura TSX. I asked if they do buff the headlights, he said they do buff headlights for $35. After the job done, I went in to check, they didn’t shampoo the back row and didn’t do a good job on the headlights. I regret I asked to buff the headlights and why I went to this place. I paid $163 for an incomplete job. I also recommend don’t pay before the job is done I noticed that the owner takes advantage of it. I usually go to IN & OUT in Brampton which do a really good job. I won’t recommend this place for car detailing. And the owner charges so much for poor quality services.

  • Pritam Chechi

My SUV stairing wheel & front seat after I washed my vehicle today. They didn't even bothered to touch dashboard & seats with clothes ever after I told them they totally miss these spots (how can they miss cleaning dashboard, stairing wheel & front seats dirt). They gave excuses that inside is dark so they can't see the dirt even though I bought the most expensive car wash they have. Inside my vehicle all the mats are totally wet left lots of water (supposed to be dry after cleaning). Don't bother going to this place or just go with the minimum basic outside wash at this location. This is my 2nd time same worst experience. They really don't care about there customers or there vehicles.

  • Gavin Gavin

Unfortunately I cannot recommend them for car detailing. Bought $200 detailing package for my car. Car was relatively clean inside when I recently brought it in. They saturated the upholstery with cleaning solvent. The car still smells heavily of solvent 3 weeks later. I am now using baking soda to deodorize the car. They way overused a greasy Armorall type product on the floor mats making them unsafe. I had to wash them three times. They use greasy rags to wash the interior windows. I have had to clean them twice. Dash and steering wheel were left covered in greasy Armorall product. Very poor work. ( I didn’t trust them enough to get them to try to fix these problems.)

  • JayT Warsh

I’ve been going to this place for the last 20 years. It has been through so many OWNERS. I’m a LOYAL customer but I had my final straw last week. I wash my 2 cars here every week & spend $$. As a loyal customer I asked one of the employees I know well, to wipe down my dash for a tip. He got in trouble. Talk about CHEAPSKATES owners. This is not the way you treat loyal customers. Majority of the time the cars are not even dried properly, the staff truly don’t seem to care. I’m done with this place and taking my business and all my friends business are going to DENNY’s AUTO WASH in OAKVILLE. Where they truly care & take pride in there work. I’ve had enough.

  • John Mcwan

O, I Love this Auto Spa in Oakville, Living in Mississauga always come here for Full service wash. Impeccable service, fair prices and a family atmosphere that can't be beat. These guys treated me (and my car) like absolutely gentlemen from the moment we arrived to the moment I drove away. Even better, I was given an adorable introduction to the owner's while I waited. I got free STARBUCKS Coffee In my circles, it's impressive to see people doing honest, actual work with care, pride and diligence. Why pay $8 for a crappy automated car wash when you can receive the most thorough wash and vacuum service window clean. I will be back again. Thanks Guys!

  • MarkXybel “MX”

Went for a car wash inside and out this place today and the Super duper Wash number 1 the most expensive one wasn’t worth it at all cost me $54+tax $64 and still dirty even my rims and tire are dirty and seats are not clean you can see on the pictures there’s still hair of my puppy they missed lots of spot which is I haven’t took a pictures them all just couple of pictures showing you guys how did they do for your $54 money worth super unhappy wash lol not super duper wash. I don’t recommend to go this place. go somewhere that worth your money don’t mind paying more but ends on a satisfied customer 101% Clean car inside and out not on this one ‼️

  • Brando

Went to get a quick wash and when I went to pay I came back to my car and grabbed the air gun to dry up a small area on the back of my car. Some guy from the other side of the car wash comes up to me and starts yelling don’t touch the air. I went on with him for about a minute asking what the issue was and he couldn’t verbally answer me accept the fact that he was “manager”. Guy was a complete prick and has no respect for customers. I’ll never go back to this place again. I can understand if something was wrong with the air or something but it’s there to be used, especially if someone didn’t dry and area properly.

  • Steven C

I have gone here previously for exterior wash only and had no issues. Today I went with their Ultimate package expecting them to take a little more care. I was sadly disappointing with the outcome. The mats are sprayed down and put back into your car soaking wet. There was un-wiped Armour All spray left all over my passenger door. I don't even believe that my rims were cleaned specifically or just run through their regular wash process. When I mentioned some of my concerns to the guy at the front desk, he claimed he hadn't had any complaints in years. I call B.S.

  • Duncan Ross

I just got my car back from being detailed and I was absolutely amazed! Paul and his team virtually restored it to brand new condition! No small feat for a nine year old Ford Taurus. He did the same for our Toyota mini-van - another miracle given it is inhabited by two children. Floor mats, cup holders, trunk were all spot-less. Seriously, this is a very professional car wash that offers outstanding service, great value and nice touches like a waiting lounge with Starbucks coffee. This is the best car wash experience in Oakville and the West GTA.

  • N. B. Mayer

Second time around today and I’m Not impressed. First time I chose the middle package (I did the inside myself at home before going, just didn’t vacuum) and my tailgate still had dust marks from the job site. I thought I would give another try, at this time I chose the premium package, my car was done in 10 minutes in the inside, specially the dashboard was pure oil. My leather seats were untouched. My rubber mats we’re not even washed. This place was highly recommended to me but I think 2 Bad experiences will do for me. Never again

  • Jaskiran Singh Gill

I got my car wash today with super duper category and it was done with a professional way. I was really amazed to see my car having changed the look like a brand new. The interior including the dashboard and mats were very dirty but they tried their best to clean each and every spot. It was my 5th experience here and I have a good trust in their work that’s why I never compromise on any thing. The cost of every category is very affordable. Also, the workers are very well mannered and treat the customers in a excellent way.

  • Carrie Hutton

This place is the absolute worst - they damaged my car and then would not take responsibility. Even though their cameras showed the employee climbing in and out of my car. No one would give me a straight answer as to who is the manager, owner. When i finally got ahold of someone - they were incredibly rude. He said "It wasnt me" "It wasn't us" - and there is no recourse for this. Now the back seat in my fairly newer (2017) won't lift. I will have to pay out of pocket. I would suggest steering clear of this place.

  • Nicholas Hoskins

I work in construction and I can get a little dirty. That dirt can accompany me into my car from time to time. I drive a 2016 ford escape. The car wasn’t a disaster by any means be definitely needs a good cleaning. There was mud and dirt in the carpet and gunk in the seems. I handed over my car this morning at 10am and got it back at 1:30pm. I swear to you I thought it was a new car inside and out. They cleaned the hell out of the car. I will be taking my other car to them after winter. Service is excellent.

  • Otis Jeffers

Horrible experience I paid the top package to get auto detailing my vehicle and when I saw the end product a lot of thing weren’t cleaned. I asked one of the employees to come take a look and his answer was “ we don’t do auto detailing”. My question is, why on this green earth would you have in your description auto detailing?! Expected a deep clean and didn’t even receive a proper surface clean. That’s my last time going there and I don’t recommend you going there either. Terrible!

  • Vee Patel

I took my car in on Dec 24th for Car wash and inside clean. I paid $65.00 and we were not impressed. Outside looked great. Inside was not done at all. We have 3 rows. Carpets were not vacuumed at back and the trunk. The front row was cleaned, but the back two rows were not even touched. We have leather seat that were not even wiped down. Doors were not wiped from inside either. I have taken my car to these place few times, however the last 2 times, it has been a waste of money.

  • Lindsay McFadden

I have gone to this wash for years and haven't always had great results but since the old owners left and they are under new management I am finding they are doing well and my trucks are incredibly clean. They have one older gentleman working there that was let go when the old owners closed up and the new owner knowing he would have a hard time finding a job at his age found him and offered him a new position. I find them very kind and honest and will continue to use them!

  • billie burke

After getting the Super Duper wash, the next morning I discovered my Tim Hortons Card missing from my side door pocket. I called in to see if they found it. All I got was "No". He didn't say he would look into it & call me back. I told him I would not come back & he said "Ok" Wow, someone needs a Customer Service Lesson. I took a flashlight & checked everywhere in my car & checked all my pockets. There is $39 left on the card so enjoy! Definately not going back!

  • Dr. Farah Ali

After paying for the “Super Duper” package, one would expect the centre dash to be at least passed by with a dry cloth at least. I did call and complain and was offered a “free” redo that would be “really good.” It should have been done correctly the first time. I pay extra because I know I have dog hair and I don’t expect it to be perfect but to not even wipe an entire section of the car??? This is the 3rd and last time at this place. Waste of time and money

  • Fatima K

The manager and workers here do NOT care; they literally just want your money, they drive your car in and out you go. I paid for the ultimate package and there was still so much dust all over my dash and centre stack, and road salt on the floor. When I called, the manager talked down to me and said 'that's called detailing, it's not included'. Actually, it says that stuff is included on your website. Very rude and disrespectful guy. Will not come back.

  • Dave Gray

Been here a few times now and I must say they do a great job for its worth! Owner is always here and greets you with a smile, he even came out and helped clean my wife’s car himself last time I was here, a true business owner. Friendly, polite and professional service that leaves you with a great feeling. Will continue to come here, and if your reading this as a new customer, don’t be cheap! Be sure to leave the guys cleaning your car a tip!

  • Douglas Kurtin

I used to go to this wash 1 a week. The last 3 times I have gone there the service and workmanship has bee terrible. When I first started going the many years ago there was always a lineup, now no line up as the service is so terrible. Saturday I gave it 1 last try and the first thing the attendant said to me was there are too many bugs on my vehicle. That was after I said I wanted the works car wash I will never go back there again.

  • Sara Reffad

All I have to say that it was the best service I had! It was my first time to the place and had no idea what to expect in terms of pricing and service.The stuff we’re friendly and we’re able to fit me in without an appointment. My car was so dirty and it came out as If I just purchased it!! I was blown away about all the cleaning details. I highly recommend the place and I am definitely coming back. I will give it 5 stars ✨

  • Leslie Clubb

The previous owner and staff loved my little dog. She gets so excited to go to the car wash and barks and runs up to people for petting and attention. They all smiled and laughed at her getting so excited. THIS sourpuss owner, who was waving me in for servicing, he pointed inside my car at her and said "No!" You don't tell someone else's dog what to do! I will be taking my three cars somewhere else in the future. Grouch.

  • Kirstin Hyde

Terrible. Random spots of put on rust..I know souds strange, but there were hot pink spots on my white car, where there would obviously be no rust. Checked later in the day, there was a rust spot. Side of the car? Back by the license plate? I wash the car all the time. I went here for the inside cleaning. Do not go. 65$ plus tax and tip. New owners!!!!! Alert! Crooks. Not the place we all use to go to. Do not go! Crooks

  • Nina Peres

Terrible experience !! For $33 the car wasn't dried. There was a PUDDLE of water in the back. Nothing was vacuumed. Nothing was wiped down properly. My dad actually requested a cloth so we could properly clean the car we just paid to clean. And guess what... They allowed us to clean the car. Lol what a joke of a place. Took pictures to document this experience as well. Don't go here. Management in unconcerned and rude.

  • Chris Patterson

They do a great job, inside and out. The reception process is sometimes stretched out, for no apparent reason. They’d get 5⭐️from me, but for the practice of charging the GST only on debit or credit transactions, not for cash. The ONLY reason businesses discourage the use of electronic payments methods, in this day and age, is to evade payment of taxes. I won’t be going back, but others may view the matter differently.

  • Paul Hollingshead

We bring our work vehicles here 4 times a year and they do a great job considering how quick they do it for $50-70. Plus, our vehicles are pretty dirty! I see people upset that they pay $60 and their vehicle is not perfect, a proper full detail is in the $100’s+ and they need your car for 2hrs. Please consider that when you pay $50 but expect $100+ job to be done. We will continue to bring our vehicles here. Thank you

  • Kelly Toro

NEVER GOING BACK! I have a Camaro, and every time I go there they never clean the back dashboard. So I asked them to do it .... what do they do? Spray oily residue all over the back window..... GREAT! never bothered to clean it off. Next I bring in my SUV. Never vaccumed the back at all. Learned my lesson twice! See you . Going to the Auto spa on Appleby next time. And there cheaper and do a much nicer job.

  • Eddie

One Of The Better Detailing/Car-Washes In Oakville & Good For Most Vehicles. Their Cheapest Wash Is Of Better Value Than Most Other Places & What I Particularly Love Is That Their Crew Physically Dries Your Vehicle After It's Been Washed. My Only Gripe Is That They Don't Have Separate Bays For Interior Cleaning Which Can Cause Delays Especially On Their Busier Days. Nonetheless, Still A Good Place To Go.

  • Glenn Caverson

HORRIBLE! THEIVES! This place stole change from my car. When I confronted them, they said it likely got vacuumed and they would check the vacuum at the end of the day. It is obviously a magic vacuum that sucks only loonies and toonies and not pennies and dimes. I should have listened to my 13 year old daughter that said the place looks "sketchy"! This places sucks worse than their vacuum.

  • Bob Pattison

Love it, I recmond this car wash, Love this place. Great service, great prices, great results! I visited for the first time with my Maserati a couple of months ago and I was very pleased with their work. On top of doing a great job, they were friendly and courteous. The Lady Pam "BOSS" very charming and beautiful looking. I was there today, again Excellent work. I will be back. Thx Guys!

  • Babu Jay

Went there for a car wash yesterday, did paid C$33.0 for works car wash, After I paid the fees, I had asked hand sanitizer a bit to clean up my hand and the owner refused, He had a big bottle and he told me that I have to bring it from my home. Very non professional, During pandemic, providing a drop of hand sanitizer is humanity, They failed to do this, God Bless them.

  • Ali Mirza

Very nice. I’ve went there for the first time ever and I really enjoyed your service bay took the time to clean the car they were not in a rush and I was very appreciated and happy with the results plus the prices were fair not too expensive and the hospitality was amazing great customer service I will definitely go back and get my car detailed and washed again

  • James Campbell

Brought the car in for detailing and they went well beyond my expectations! Fantastic service and real diligence getting my car looking brand new. They did an exceptional job and I would highly highly recommend them for detailing and your regular car wash. Can't say enough good things about the owners and staff with their customer support. Excellent!

  • Rashed Chowdhury

They get 3 stars from me because I found evidence of rush job in their interior steam cleaning service when i inspected the car after coming home. Edges of panels were not done, some dirt spots at back of front passenger seat weren't cleaned and juice spill spots on headliner were missed. I had better experience at other places for the same money.

  • james Kay

This is THE place to go in Oakville for an exceptional car wash and detailing. They made my SUV look auto showroom worthy! I have no idea how they made it look so great (not sure it looked this good even when I bought the SUV), but they work magic here! Try it once, and you will not take your vehicle anywhere else but here after that!!

  • Bent Jorgensen

I have used this place for -+20 years from the original owner. During the last year under new ownership, prices went up and service went down and today was just another terrible experience. An absolute uncoordinated mess coming in and a bunch of young kids cleaning the car with no supervision or training. You should expect better for $40 !!

  • Evan Harben

Inexpensive, quick, and a good was job. My only minor criticism is that the interior wash was inconsistent on my recent visits (the center console wasn't cleaned on one occasion, but was cleaned on another, both with the same basic package). That aside, it's great bang for your buck, and I would definitely recommend trying them out.

  • Info DC

Tire Shine : Horrible Interior Wash : Horrible Exterior Wash : Okay Exterior Hand Dry : Horrible I'm confused where all the good reviews are coming from? First and last time I go... Maybe in 1987 it was good but I think they haven't touched a thing since then to make it any better. You're better off with a garden hose & a bucket.

  • Taisia Biri

I told them that my trunk is full but needs cleaning and I offered to remove the things. They told me no problem, we will do everything. They just want you to send fast out they you don’t watch. paid 67$ and the trunk was not cleaned at all, stayed super dirty, no one removed the things as promised, they even didn’t touch it.

  • Sonny Lazaro

I used this service for the first time. My car was in dire need of some TLC inside and out. I paid for the most expensive service because my car really needed it. I was not disappointed. The guys were fantastic and thorough. The car looks brand new again and even smells brand new. Try these guys out, you won't be sorry.

  • Roxana Ichim

Great service prompt and good quality. My son trew up in the car and I needed cleaning badly and fast. After calling everywhere to get in without appointment they were able to wash and clean the whole car right away. I had 2 cars ahead of me and I was done in no time, but with a clean and fresh smelling car. Thank you

  • Mas Tabrizi

They are not bad but not 100% . they rush it and clean fast but not everywhere. Got the ultimate package and tipped good , yet the back of the car had some black residue from the dirty towel and inside the door wasn't clean or even wiped at all. Expected a lot cleaner. But being fast and chrap , it was okay.

  • jean nasrala

Went today to clean my dirty salted car but was a bit cold so I decided to try the Oakville car wash on Speers, I was impressed about what they did,,,,, looked like a new car by the time they finished with it, it was the top pkg I chose, and for $50 it’s well worth it, give them a try Thanks Shammi and team

  • Matt Madill

Poorly organized. Why make customers get out of the car (and therefore drag small kids out of the car) just to pay? I have cash... just let me hand it to you and leave! See the abusive and angry response below. Avoid angry people like this and patronize businesses where they know how to treat the customer!

  • gamal abou elkhair

Quality of work is very bad , carless ppl and even the manager is not fair . They made a scratch on the car and they denied even to say the truth . They usually fool the customer ! The car was wet at the end and he try to convinced me as it should be like that !!. ’ll never go there gain !!

  • Lorenzo P

Exterior was fine, interior clean not great. Streak marks on the interior panels, looked like it was wiped with dirty cloth. A few water runs on interior door. For $60 not what I expected for the super duper. I wouldn’t return for an interior wipe. Vacuuming and exterior clean were fine.

  • Lisa Cormier

I had a bag of milk spill over the back of my SUV. They cleaned it once and it was good for a couple of days then the smell came back. I took my SUV back and they cleaned it again for free. The guys are very nice and professional. Thanks for the great service, the smell is gone now

  • Chris Watson

These guys do a really nice job. They have a small army of guys tackle your car and it comes out looking fantastic. Their attention to detail is very much appreciated - it is clear that they take great pride in doing a fantastic job. I would highly recommend this place.

  • Naveed Qureishi

please see the pictures after $55 car wash and tell me if this is fair. Wet car always looks clean but wait until it dries. Literally spend 5 minutes on the car. Don’t waste your money, go to coin car wash 20 times for the money to get the same type of wash.

  • Carlie Knott

Amazing work! This was my first time going and I will be back! My car was quite dirty with debris, dog hair, slobbery windows (from the dog) etc. when I picked it up it was like picking it up from the dealership - brand new! Thank you for your services.

  • Racha Adi

Its expensive. They did not clean my interior as they supposed to and in comparing to what I paid. They did not dry the car well I needed to ask them to bring a cloth and dry it properly. They are fast though because they have large manpower.

  • Randy Price

Great car wash! Easy to use, convenient, friendly and offer a loyalty program AND a volume buy discount. Gentle on my whip and fresh, clean towels every time to dry. Once a week stop for me after returning from the cottage. Highly recommend!

  • Frank V

As someone who has used a few Oakville detailing places, these guys are second to none. I would recommend them in the future to all. The staff go above and beyond, the work they do is meticulous and the care taken is exemplary. BIG 5 STARS!

  • Melanie H

I paid for the BEST. The windows were DISGUSTING and streaked with dirt. I left the ashtray lid open - they never touched it. Missed spots vacuming...It came to $80. If I wasn't handicapped I would have done it myself. I'll never go back

  • MSS De Luca

Thanks for the great big bolt in my tire. I really appreciate your lack of responsibility. It wasn't there when I pulled in but it was there the moment we pulled out. Maybe you did it on purpose cuz you didn't like how dirty my car was.

  • ed branco

took my car in and got the highest package, exterior was perfect, interior was also very well done. vacuumed everything, all cup holders and etc were nice and clean, no dust on dashboard or gauge cluster. very well done!

  • Joe

Shammi is a scamming little man. I did not appreciate his service. He overworks his employees especially the kind man named Freddie. He also upsells his customers which is typical scammer activity. Please do not go here.

  • Paul Muhleisen

Did a decent job in 2017, horrible in 2018. Just back from getting the $50 "Super Super" cleaning - cupholders not touched, dust still all over most of the console, hatch vacuuming not done, etc. Won't be going back.

  • Miguel E. Pittier O.

First and last time. Inside of the car was dripping wet (rubber mats with poodles of water, had to hang them once back home). Bird poop dried out over the hood. Inside full of dog hair (main reason for going there)

  • Shawky A

Best hand wash service in town. The "Super Duper wash" is recommended. Opportunity for improving quality a bit by not missing hidden spots on the car and just giving the wash few more minutes without rushing it.

  • Shalin R

Quick service for a car wash. Overall good. Needs a bit more attention to details as some spots were missed (windshield/windows). Will look forward to give them another one my car and hopefully the 5th star!

  • Darryl Groeneveld

Always been a good place to go to. A little different now with the safety measures in place for social distancing you can't watch your car go thru the cleaning process for now. Good work done by this group.

  • Joseph De Leo

These guys rock. I stayed and waited for an interior detailing to be done on my 2013 Jetta and the car looks like its brand NEW!! Job was done in 1 1/2 hours I definitely recommend them. Stellar Service!

  • Courtney

Paid for the most expensive option. They were done in 10 minutes,I thought wow that was quick. Then I saw why. Rubber floor mats were full of water and you can see from the photos my car wasn't clean.

  • P P

Went in this morning for there basic exterior wash and dry. Poor service. Windows still not clean,fenders,rear trunk lid. They looked lost drying the car and better off they were not even busy

  • Jane Kirby

I took in a very, very dirty Honda Civic. I was so impressed with both the friendly service and the great job. My car was like new when I picked it up. Worth every penny. Highly recommend.

  • Stephen White

This used to be my go to place for a excellent wash and inside cleaning. But it has gone downhill this year. They don't seem to care about a quality clean. I hope they clean up their act.

  • M Rod

Went today to give this place a second chance. It was even worse than the first time. Zero attention to details. Personnel with bored faces. SUV still dirty. DO NOT recommend at all.

  • Andrew Leonov

Bad experience. I paid for outside car wash and they sit in my car in dirty clothes. Smeared the driver's seat and dashboard in dirt. The first and last time I used their services.

  • Vince Ruso

I brought my car in for a full detail, the service and results were amazing. They were quick and thorough. I was extremely impressed and I will be coming back. I highly recommend.

  • Gagan Batth

Went here recently and they did a really good job on my Lexus. The waiting area is nice and clean. The staff is very friendly as well. They make sure they take good care of you.

  • Brennan McIntyre

I just went to this and paid 62 dollars for apparently there top cleaning and they didn’t use any cleaner on the inside of my truck they just did a quick wipe with a damp cloth

  • Kathy Hansen

Best car wash in Oakville! I drive from Mississauga to have my car washed / detailed here. They have a frequent user card program as well. Worth waiting if you have to as well.

  • Valerie Turnbull

Always premium service with attention to detail, our cars always look floor model ready when the service men have washed, dried, and hand buffed them till they shine like new

  • Betty-Ann Blackwell

$70 plus $15 tip for an exterior and interior hand wash. Had to bring it back immediately. Mediocre at best. Very rushed. Should have known better and taken it to the dealer

  • Shivji Bindas

this was taken 5 minutes after the car wash was done, paid 50 bucks for wash . do i need to say anything more , i think pictures speak for itself. Not going back for sure.

  • Anmol Singh

Went for a super duper car wash today and i should say the car was quite dirty but after the wash the car was cleaned and overall service was good recommend visiting here

  • Amanda Marcucci

The service at Oakville Car Wash & Detailing was wonderful! Both the interior and exterior of my car feels, looks, and smells brand new. I would highly recommend!!

  • jai pandohie

Very friendly staff! They take their time and pay excellent attention to detail, would definitely recommend taking your car here for inside and outside cleaning

  • Leo Lai

They do very basic cleaning. No attention to detail but I guess that's to be expected. They left streaks on my windows and there was still dust on my dashboard.

  • Andreea Dobrica

Great Service! Always a pleasure going to them. I recommend this car wash for basic and detailing needs. Prices are great and the service is impeccable !

  • fadi zubeidi

Good service, good prices. My only problem is they don’t properly clean the car from the inside when it comes out of the wash. But I still recommend it.

  • Murray Pearson

I've been coming here for over 5 years now and have always been pleased with the results. Both the washing and detailing services have been great.

  • Huzaifa Shahid

I usually get my car detailed from here, they do an amazing job. Very friendly staff amazing experience everytime I drop by. Would 100% recommend

  • Robert-Anthony Browne

A reasonably priced auto wash, with attendants for dry off. Adequate for most people's requirements with all normal auto wash options available.

  • Mr. Google Reviewer

Still a good wash but last 2 times I've had to literally use my own rags to get areas that they now dont do. Trunk liner, gas tank door sukks 3

  • Harnoor Gill

Great service. Full detailing service and the car is spotless. Highly recommend bringing your vehicle for a spa date at the Oakville Car Wash.

  • Anne Johnson

I have been to Oakville Car Wash and Detailing, on Speers Rd. , twice now. They are efficient and courteous. My 2004 baby looks beautiful.

  • Bolaji Mayor

Paid for the super duper stuff but got wet rug, shaby cleaning...now I have a car with wet smell. Not sure I recommend them to be honest

  • Devon Naude

By far the best car wash ive come too with fast and great service, both inside and outside of my vehicle look amazing when finished.

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