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Party Jungle is a Children's amusement center located at 12046 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85028. It has received 843 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





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  • The address of Party Jungle: 12046 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85028

  • Party Jungle has 4.3 stars from 843 reviews

  • Children's amusement center

  • "So much room for improvement"


    "I actually had a membership here"

    "My family and I have come to party jungle a couple different times over the years, but most recently we went for a friend of ours’s birthday party"

    "Adults 18+ must fill out a Waiver for themselves aswell as kids"


  • SV Purchases

So much room for improvement. First, they do not answer phone calls and their voicemail box is full. So the only option is to send an email but even still they won't answer half of them. I wish I could say nice things but the whole planning experience was awful. They are quick to call you initially to take your non-refundable deposit but then after that as someone else had already mentioned in a previous review "radio silence". If they are not going to respond to all of your emails or questions, then at least build on the FAQ section on the website so customers have all of the information. A friend of ours who was deciding on whether or not to use this venue was so frustrated with their lack of communication ended up driving 25 miles to the location to get their questions answered. Then ended up not throwing a party there. Having being stuck with the deposit, we went through with the party. The actual party turned out great. Our party host was friendly and so were the workers bringing out the food. They were a positive experience. I did however hear during the payment part of the party from Michael, the manager, say to our party host "they better leave a decent tip. They were here for a good amount of time." Not sure if he was referring to our party or someone else's but I felt that that was pretty unprofessional or maybe he even said it loud enough for me to hear so that I would leave a decent tip. This is also the guy who barely responded to my emails. Yes, a manager said this. After reading some similar reviews on Yelp, there seems to be a pattern. Like I said, the host, Jana, was great and the kitchen staff and ride operators were super friendly but the management needs a lot of work and improvement. That seemed to be the consensus shared from some of our party guests who have used them and never returned. Beware, fellow customers. Please take this feedback into consideration if you're considering this venue. You may also have this terrible experience and you shouldn't have to. I went with this venue because they priced below the others, but you get what you pay for. I would have happily paid more somewhere else. Lesson learned. PS. Blippy should take his video down of this place. They don't deserve this type of exposure until they make some management/operational changes.

  • Ashley Beeder

BEST PLACE FOR PARENTS/KIDS RIGHT NOW!!! AN INDOOR AMUSEMENT PARK FOR CHILDREN IN PHOENIX...UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME..I never write reviews but I just had to because I want other to know this place exists and just how amazing it is. I have a 4 year old and she absolutely loves it. You only pay $9.99 for child day pass which is also monthly membership. This pass includes but not limited to...all rides every day, all day...adults are always free!! It's essentially an amusement park for little kids...I'd say ages 2-10 years old. Between the carnival style rides like, swings, animal lift and spin rides, a large spinning barrel adult and kid can ride together, and they even have a train that has a few cars for all the kids to ride along. They also have a 6 hole mini golf and even laser tag. Beyond that they have arcade style games for all ages that actually give lots of tickets. For example my kid has came here like 10 times and every time gets 700-1400 tickets with a prize counter having prizes that range from 5 tickets to 5000...actually possible to get top prize unlike other token/ticket places. I love this place and so does my daughter and nephews and nieces. They have a jungle gym too and to top it off an amazing little cafe. They have I think 6-7 combo meals all top $5... includes entre side and drink...example grilled cheese, fries, juice/Gatorade/soda...$5.00... I usually spend $10-$15 tokens..$5-$10 on meals and since the monthly pass pays entry for her all rides everyday it's the best for the buck... and even best for ANY BUDGET. The owners work onsite and amazing people. Its a husband his wife...if you want to take kids some place COOL( in this heat), safe, indoors, affordable, locally owned, multiple attractions, and have them worn out from having non stop fun... TAKE THEM TO PARTY JUNGLE... MY ADVISE... BE PREPARED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE AND TO HAVE A BLAST BECAUSE YOU WILL!!!

  • Victoria

I actually had a membership here. I used to really like to take my kids whenever we had a chance. However the last time I went left a bad taste. My five-year-old was clearly not understanding the instruction he was being given on one of the rides and the man (owner/manager man) kept yelling at him in his face and stopped the ride and made all of my kids get off of the ride. My five-year-old did not understand what had just happened but I guarantee you my 10-year-old did and she made sure I knew exactly what happened and expressed her disappointment. Because of this I actually have canceled my membership and I do not see myself visiting Again considering the way my children Were treated and how they feel about it now. I can only imagine how much worse or how often any child with special needs would be treated here. Especially if that child were to be nonverbal and unable to explain to their parents what happened. That is heartbreaking to me. My five-year-old Does not generally speak as much which is why he did not process what had just happened. He even tried to go back to the ride Only to be yelled at again. We left immediately after the second time he tried and as I said will likely not return. Your reply only infuriates me more due to the fact that I was there and saw how my kids were being treated which is why we left. I attempted to explain he did not understand but he was still yelled at in his face, a 5 year old mind you by an adult male who I can only assume was you. All I know if my kids used to love it here until this incident. Too bad there can be no recovery from it. Because my older children feel very protective of their younger siblings and felt victimized by your establishment. My nephews are autistic and I would never recommend they visit due to the treatment of a young child who clearly did not understand and was yelled at in his face.

  • Amber Foley

My family and I have come to party jungle a couple different times over the years, but most recently we went for a friend of ours’s birthday party. There really is no nice way to put this, but I’m going to say it anyway. The employees at this location are absolutely miserable. I completely get the fact that it must be exhausting to be around high energy screaming children all day in a setting like this but, when a family is having you host a birthday party for them for their child, the least one can do is be friendly and/or kind. The lack of communication throughout the birthday party from the staff was very disappointing and disorganized, plus the decorations in the party room look like they had been there for eons collecting dust. There was another instance where an employee who was clearly designated for operating a ride, had air pods in the whole time and was constantly on his phone. The lack of attentiveness and lack of friendliness from these employees makes you wonder what management’s standards are and this most recent visit during this birthday party gave me a clear indication that I would never pay to have a birthday party here for my children in the future. I hope Party Jungle tries to do better in the future.
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  • Jacquelyn Wells

Adults 18+ must fill out a Waiver for themselves aswell as kids. The rides and games were all very fun! And each party room has its own Animal Theme with minimal cute decorations. They do provide plates, plastic ware, & cups if needed. And an assortment of food to choose from; we had Pizza. (OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINKS HAVE TO BE APPROVED, ex: Diabetics needing special food.) Most of the staff seemed nice, while others acted like they want didn't want to be there. It does get pretty loud and chaotic. Parents/Guardians are required to keep an eye on their kids/ belongings at all time.They do provide lockers, for 25cents. (NO RUNNING AS THE FLOOR IS VERY SLICK) The Redemption Counter didn't really have a huge selection of items, and what they did have was a bit over priced, for the product. Most of the games were easy and able to get plenty of tickets, while some were a little difficult to do for younger kids. The rides are mainly only for the kids, and *jungle gym(*socks mandatory), there is "Monkey Mayhem" that adults can ride on with their kids, as well as Laser Tag which is fun for the whole family. Not sure what there prices were like as I was a guest at a party. But if its not too expensive, I'd come back again.

  • Jonathan Nunez

We had a fantastic time here. We visited on a Friday midday, and we were pretty much the only ones there. It was nice to have the freedom to move around freely and not have a wait (I did hear that on weekends it does get much busier). As far as the amusement park goes, it is quite small. We were able to do everything pretty quickly, perhaps it was because we didn't have a wait time. However, it was perfect for our 6 y/o. His favorite part was the mini golf and the jungle gym. The food was also pretty good, and reasonably priced. What we enjoyed most was the company of the workers though. Maybe it was because it was slow and rainy, but we got to chat with the staff and everyone was so friendly. It was our first time on Phoenix and we were looking for other things to do. The owner took the time to gather a list of places, and their addresses, that are kid friendly. That alone showed me the staff cares beyond their own place of business. I highly recommend bringing your little ones here.

  • Analycia

Pros- I have 3 boys ages 6 and under and this is the perfect place for them! It honestly had the best activities for them with so many employees watching over them creating a LOT of safety. They have carnival rides that are perfect for ages 2-10, laser tag which is the perfect amount of fun and space, a jungle gym to help them get energy out and get that slide activity, and lots of arcade games for those that like to win tickets and get toys or candy at the end. The PRICE is also another plus bc adults don’t pay and kids are only $15 for unlimited rides and all day, this is honestly the most bang for the buck that I have ever experienced. It’s covid friendly and pretty clean. The bathrooms are large and clean. There’s places to sit and eat with your kids. Parking is easy and lots of it. The employees were so sweet and welcoming. I will DEFINITELY go back with my boys and recommend others go to, loved it! Cons- The only con I can think about is how far it is from where I live.

  • Nick Tracy

Its OK, there are games, rides, and a really run down play area with slide and nets etc. but the roller slide was out of order last we were there. The place in general seems a little run down and in disrepair, the games are kind of old and many of them were out of order. but they do have rooms for private parties and a concessions/snack bar with the usual pizza, nachos, hot dogs, and such. Its a little on the pricey side for what it is. However, if you do the monthly membership for the family its cheaper than the one time admission by a long shot and you can go anytime with up to 4 people. Arcade games are extra though. They have laser tag but we haven't tried it yet. We did my daughters 1st birthday party here in 2019 and just bought the membership so the kids have something to do as a reward on weekends. If they fixed the games and rides and updated the play area I would bump this review up to 5 stars.

  • C Johnson

I have to give an honest review, starting off it took a whole week before someone responded to schedule a birthday party. We had to drive to the establishment after bad communication through emails also, we were informed the phone system was down and that the manager was in the hospital. Asked for corporate number and was given a spill that didn’t rectify the situation. Establishment seems understaffed and not ran under good business practices. I will say this me and the manager Michael had a talk and we came to a mutual agreement and he corrected some of the issues that we had but just with the confusion and they way the place is ran I will no longer return. As far as the scenery and the rooms,games,and rides it is a good atmosphere.

  • Makira

I can't even begin how great this place is. Everyone was so sweet. Prices are amazing for everything you get. We spent $20 for 100 tokens and ended up using 30 (we do only have 1 kiddo). We bought the monthly pass and will definitely be back!! Basically all the game are 1-2 tokens. Very view are above that. Tickets are generous VS prizes. Play area is great. Noticed they frequently went around and sanitized the rides/arcade games as well. This is going to be the perfect place to be when those summer temps start to hit too. Thank you for such a fun day! Also the staff was very interactive. Pic below. She was the only one on the ride, but I thought it was very sweet she spun her and sat with her to make her laugh. Thank you so much.

  • Jinda Dhanjle

This place has a lot of potential for kids 8 and under. There are five rides that my kids enjoyed and a small climbing structure in the back. However this place needs a lot of love! It really needs a big deep clean, there was food on the ground lots of dust and dirt. Made me a little uneasy how much it wasn't clean for a little kids place. My other big issue was the staff, every single staff member was on their phone the entire time... We had to go ask them multiple times to please come start the rides. There was no attention to the customers. Because of the negative experience with the cleanliness and lack of any effort from staff I will not be returning for the price we paid it wasn't worth it.

  • Hope Baume

Party jungle is a great concept but once you’re in and realize the staff, the cleanliness and the vibe, it won’t be a place to return. The staff were on their phones, no smiling and eating food while operating the rides. The rides are gross, the jungle gym in the back is beyond gross (probably has not been washed at all). My son got black stuff under his nails and his socks were pretty black. The sanitizer stations were not full, the bathrooms……well let’s just say all but one were clogged (I won’t go into detail). I feel like this place would be awesome if some things were changed and it was cleaned!
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  • Brandon Zale

Lots of fun here for several years, but they've been on a decline for a while now. More and more rides and games out of order that don't seem to get repaired. Today, our young girls were not able to play any games because they were out of tokens. Severely understaffed to the point that only one ride was operating at a time. And now, they want to charge us $19.99 per month (as opposed to $12.99). So... an increase in cost, but a decrease in what we're getting for that price increase (less games working, less rides available, no tokens). We're having a hard time justifying that, and we'll probably cancel our membership next month. Too bad, our kids had fun here for a long time.

  • Joy Potteiger

Had my son's 4th birthday party here. They were super kind and accommodating, and kept up with the kids as they ran from ride to ride better than the parents. There's a ton to do here for younger kids, though anyone past teen age might get bored as rides/experiences are for kids only. The food was fine, average fare but definitely not bad. They had a sleeping of arcade games, but about 1 in 5 were broken or ate tokens. The ticket prizes are also outrageous but it's kind of par for the course with any kid arcade. Overall, a solid experience with a plethora of options to entertain.
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  • O J

We came here for a friend’s Birthday party. The restrooms were not clean at all. It looked like the staff had not cleaned them in several days. The smell of the restrooms was nauseating. Several of the games were broken or not dispensing tickets. The quality of the pizza was average. The price of the tokens was very reasonable. Overall it appears as if this facility is not maintained very well. The kids had a great time. This review is coming from a parent’s perspective. For the price to have a birthday party and the usage of a private room I would recommend going elsewhere.
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  • Denise Carlquist

Great concept, not worth the money. Laser tag not operating and other rides not open, when there is only 5. The other 4 were only staffed by 2 people alternating between rides so not all children there could ride. After paying $20 for admission and minimal rides additional cost for other games, where many didn't work and many more didn't give out tickets for cheap prizey. Reasonable cost on food. Service was really slow. Only 2 guys taking orders and cooking. Approximately 20 min for chicken tenders $3.50.
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  • w d

Very nice place, they have a good amount of amusement rides to choose from for being an indoor park and I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw that the entire inside, rides and all, were exceptionally clean. The employees were always wiping equipment and cleaning in between running the rides which I was very happy to see. And the fact that adults are free and children are basically half price on Wednesday it was well worth the money. My only change I would make is the cups for the fountain drinks. I would gladly pay a little more money to have slightly bigger and more solid plastic, or at least paper, cups for the children

  • Pamela Ransom

First time at Party Jungle. A professional, friendly and amazing employee, Haley stayed along side my anxiety, ridden 5yr.old grandson who would only go on rides with adults. Because of the miracle Haley created, getting him to have the confidence to go by himself, allowed my grandson to experience joy! This was a first! He rode on all the rides by himself by late afternoon. The other employees were more than happy to help as well. At lunch, the pizza was actually delicious! Didn't expect that nice surprise. Lastly, the owners were truly caring and made this the Best Experience ever. We will be back! We all had a great time.

  • Shane McCullough

I have had a membership here for the last 8 months. It is well worth it. It is clean and safe. Great for summer time. Staff is very professional. I have to name Emily and kaliee (sorry if misspelled names) they are absolutely amazing go over the top with kids. There personalitys are awesome! They deserve a rasie. Thank you both! I would very highly recommend this place. UPDATE. I still continue to go here with my son. All though he is a little older now he still loves it! Kiki is awesome! Always so friendly and helpful! My son adores her. What a great environment to bring the kiddos!

  • Marianne Gouveia

We waited a long time to get in for the adults to sign a waiver. A girl at the reception desk took a family in before us. We mentioned that we were here before the family, she said it was just too confusing for her with all the chaos. In fact, she was extremely rude. Another family was also registered and admitted before us. In our party room there were no seats for adults. They said they don't provide seats for adults. We had to ask several time for water and soft drinks that were warm. Overall, it was an experience we just had to endure. I do not recommend this place.

  • Ellie Paget

We arrived an hour before they closed with our three kids and a small birthday cake to sing and enjoy the space WHICH WAS EMPTY but we were greeted by several hostile staff saying no parties or balloons. I felt like they were pushing their power around and really ruined the experience for us when we really were just a small group. Most games are broken, the feeling of the handles are dirty, it’s really tacky and was disappointed and grossed out within a few minutes of being in the store. Needless to say our spontaneous 2 year old small birthday surprise was ruined too.

  • Brittney Nespoli

This place is spectacular and was such a special experience for my family and I. We saw it on the show named Blippi that my children love watching. We were going on a family vacation so it was something we wanted to check out. It wowed our children and us do much we came back the next day! We love that it is family owned! Sam, her mother and father were so friendly, helpful and so down to earth! We will definitely be coming back when we visit from California and recommending this to anyone and everyone who is looking for a great experience they will never forget!

  • Kimberly J

Visited this place for the first time today. Admission is a good deal, as are the tokens. I got 20 tokens for $5, and it kept my 3 year old busy. We warmed over 200 tickets with just those tokens. Several games were down, but no big deal. My son loved the rides and played on the playground for over an hour. The snack prices are decent too. Less than $5 for 2 snacks and a soda sounds good to me! The staff was friendly and willing to help when needed. They were always around. I recommend this place to let your kid run and play for a few hours!

  • Londa Rodriguez

I recently came here with my two little girls. Miss Avary was super helpful at the front desk greeting us politely with lots of positive language! My overall experience was pretty good, not a lot of wait time for the rides and my girls loved the games! Cashing in our tickets was my girls’ favorite part. The worker at the prize counter named Miss Melody was super generous and sweet and even gave them extra prizes from their halloween bucket!
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  • Joanna Kelly Lyons

I brought my 2 grandson's who are 5 as a treat and I signed up for their membership it's only 9.99 a month and it's unlimited visits. Otherwise it's 15.95 for 1 time. They had such a great time and they have all kinds of arcade games and rides . My one grandson was playing Crazy 8's and winning all kinds of tickets, we're going to save them up soo they can get a big prize .Hahaha We also got a 100 tokens for 20. dollars Needless to say that I was giving tokens out to people . I would definitely recommend this to anyone .

  • Alicia Inez

We loved this amusement park! My little girl had a great time mostly in the gym area but she also enjoyed the rides and arcade games. Since the moment we enter the park the staff was super friendly all the time, like seriously all the time ! It is indeed a happy place with happy people. Everything was clean, there’s a few arcade games out of service but we didn’t even care. Everything else was great and super fun. The pizza was good and food price is very reasonable. We will be back of course ! Yay!

  • Katy Clayton

What an exceptional place for kids! I have a 2, 4 and 10 year old. All 3 had a blast here! Jungle gym and laser tag for my oldest, but she still enjoyed all the rides with her younger sisters. My toddler could enjoy all the rides by herself, which was a first and very exciting for her. The staff were all very joyful, super kind, and helpful. We loved every minute here and kids went home exhausted! Definitely a 5 star experience!! Thank you for all the joy you brought our family!

  • Angela May-Graham

This place is the best. Def our favorite indoor play place. Suuuper affordable and the membership is less than admission so that’s a steal. They have kid approved snacks for mega cheap too. It’s a major nostalgia factory with vintage arcade games and kitschy tacky AMAZING jungle painted everything… including the rides. Def a place for kiddos under 10 because I could see any older thinking it’s too “little kid themed”. But we love it. Please never change we love you party jungle!

  • Daniel Garcia23

Friendly staff but the place is worn down and looks like it’s going out of business. Most of the arcade games were broken and there was only 2 other families there besides ours. The jungle gym was dirty and the slide was also broken in that area. We paid $16 for 3 of our kids for the whole day but we left after an hour because the kids were bored with most of the arcade games out of order and there wasn’t much for them to do to have fun. We won’t be back.

  • Fernanda Ross

I was not sure about going to Party Jungle with my 2 year old daughter because I thought that the place would be more enjoyable for older kids but I'm so glad I took my daughter there. She had so much fun, went on all the rides multiple times. Also this place is very affordable I was very surprised and you can stay as long as you want. The staff was extremely nice to us as well. We love Party Jungle and we can't wait to go back.

  • Joann So

Best place in the world!! Not even exaggerating! The price is amazing first of all, and there is plenty to do for a good 3-4 hours with the kids. I have a 1.5 year old and a 4 year old and they enjoy all the rides, the arcade games and the indoor playground. Their favorite ride is the spinning swings ride! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful as well. We always make it a point to visit whenever we're in Phoenix.

  • jason costa

Not really sure where to start but I can tell you right now I wish I can give this place more than a five star rating my granddaughter had an absolutely perfect time the employees there were really friendly really professional all around it was one of the best experiences I’ve had and my granddaughter cannot get enough of it that place is totally awesome if you have a small child this is the perfect place to take them


Such a fun place. Plenty of games for young and older kids (adults lol). Food was delicious Big improvement on the food. The staff is always kind. Even when we stayed too long in the party room, they kindly explained the room was needed for the next party but we could move the party out to the rest of the lobby. So we did and had so much fun we stayed an extra hour and a half. Also ordered more delicious food to go.

  • Shikha Gupta

I had my 3 year old daughter’s birthday party here and it was perfect! The owner and the staff here is very friendly and supportive and they took care of all the arrangements. The guests and their kids had a really good time. This park has everything the kids would enjoy. They even have a ride and lazer tag for parents which was an added surprise. The food was also very good. I would highly recommend this place!

  • Daniela perez

We just left Part Jungle, it was so much fun for my baby boy. I especially want to leave a review for the gall up front! She was so sweet and so welcoming. Even took the the time to talk to my son while he picked a toy . Even my son knew she was good vibs! Very special thanks to her! Fun place. Highly recommend, especially if your on a budget! Pay for the membership, money saver and its well worth it. 11/11/2023

  • AM

Best experience ever in an indoor amusement park. A very well spent day with family at Party Jungle. We spent almost 5 hours and it was great. My kid enjoyed it to the best and the staff were so helpful and friendly. They help the kids to enjoy their rides and pay total attention to all the kids. I didn't eat the food here but lot many people were enjoying the food inside. Must recommended place!!!

  • Breana Johnson

We love Party Jungle! The $10/month family membership is amazing. Every day, my little guy asks to go. Every single day. One morning, I went to get him out of bed, and he was standing up in his crib waiting for me. The first thing he said was, "Kylie! Party Jungle!" Thanks Miss Kylie and everyone else for making our days so fun. Can't wait to see you guys when things open up again.

  • Kate Potts

Extremely dirty and run down. We came right at 10 when they opened and there was trash all over the floor. The bathrooms had not been cleaned and it took several stalls to find one that actually had toilet paper. Lots of wear and tear all over that could easily be fixed if they cared to make it look nice. Two stars because kids don’t notice these things so they still had fun.

  • Mike Guyer

Place is a complete joke and a waste of money. The staff are clueless about the amenities their own company offers, i.e., not one employee could tell me what we needed to do to play Lazer tag game. The place is dirty and looks old and dingy. The rides are cheezy and over advertised.
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  • Bryin Cooper

It was a fun place for the kids, reasonable price. I thought it was interesting that masks are mandatory .... UNTIL every the cameras come on and then they prefer no masks be worn due info filming. I took my mask down and the manager went out of her way to come and tell me to put it on - I guess the COVID concern isn’t there when the camera are rolling.. ‍♂️

  • John Bohne

I was told I could not enter the facility as an adult since I was not with a child. I was then asked to leave at the door. Outrageous. It doesn't say that requirement anywhere online. I just wanted to play the arcade games. I even asked for a 5 minute tour with the manager and was denied. Totally rude and definitely not coming back until they change their policy.

  • Vinothkumar A

I got a chance to attend a bday party at this place, my younger and elder one both enjoyed it, and especially the staff at swings, where my younger one rides the swings multiple times in a row, staff showed no hesitation and they made sure kids enjoyed the ride.
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  • Jen McDowell

I emailed them 11 days ago about setting up a birthday party and I just got a response yesterday. I was told to respond to the email with my phone number so someone could call me, seeing how the party would be in 2 days. Of course no one called and no one answers the phone there EVER! The voicemail box is full, so leaving a message is not an option.

  • Baylee White

Such a cute place. Perfect for two year olds and above. Arcade has awesome older games, 90 Babies and before grew up on. Still works on tokens and tickets!! The staff were very accommodating, helpful, and nice! Definitely recommend
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  • Kyle Munn

Had a blast! Love the concept that only kids have to pay. Lots to do for my 2 year old and like how they can ride the same ride multiple times in a row if they desire and it’s not busy. Will be back for sure!
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  • Michelle S.

This is such a great place for little kiddos. They have rides, games, and indoor playground, and lazer tag. So there is so much for them to do. And the kids love winning tickets and leaving with a little trinket. Plus they have am awesome membership program, only $11.50 per month for a whole family. Worth it!!

  • Michelle Escudero

Attended a birthday party. Games were outdated, took tokens, or never would give tickets. Disorganized when it came to the line for laser tag but did have a fun time otherwise playing.
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  • Mary Cartagena

The place is pretty good for kids but I don't think it's well maintained. Laser tag was closed, alot of the machines had a temporarily out of service sign and it was kind of dirty. All in all, it's a good place for kids to be entertained for a while but it can definitely be better with better maintenance.

  • Andrea Johnson

Our six years old son had a great time. He really enjoyed the play area where he made some new friends to play with. He also made us promise we'd definitely visit here again.
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  • Spencer Feaser

Really nice place with friendly staff. Wasn't over packed which these days (covid) it made it even better place to spend the day with my daughter and she had a blast and at an affordable price. We will definitely plan on returning again. Thank you Party Jungle for treating us to a fantastic time.

  • Chase Tilton

Do NOT sign up for the monthly membership. This is one of those places that makes it unnecessarily difficult to cancel which is my primary reason for 1 star. It’s a fun place for the kids and reasonably priced but run very poorly - games are typically out of order, many are broken, understaffed.

  • Elsie Ensor

I’ve got to be honest- this place was a nightmare! 1. It smelled so bad inside it made me gag2. The place was so dirty- their was food everywhere and you could just SEE the dirtiness. It’s fun for small children but the rides felt like they were about to break off- very low quality. DONT go here

  • D F

Had a birthday party for an 8yr old girl here this past weekend. All of the kids had so much fun. For $9 a kid it's a great place to take your little ones. The staff is amazingly friendly as well. This isn't Jambo park anymore. It's under new ownership. Love that this place is in our backyard!

  • The Advantage Group

Our son LOVED having his Birthday at this Venue. For approx. $350 it was a fabulous experience for 12 kiddos! Just had to bring the cake and the kids. Great for last minute planning AND the rides! Plan on buying more tokens. Birthday pack comes with 100 tokens (cost is just $20/100 tokens).

  • kalaiselvi kasinathan

Loved it especially my daughter. She wasn't ready to go home at all even though she's too small for this place. And for 9$ it's totally worth it. We just have to pay for my daughter and not for us. They were kind enough to allow food for my daughter. It was awesome …

  • Rhonda Parker

My 4 year old grandson enjoyed everything. I noticed the wear and tear of rides and games. Doesn't seem like the party jungle was being kept up. For sure the Bllinky video made everything look brand new and clean. Just saying. I'll go back because my grandson enjoyed it!!

  • Gabrielle Selna

As a mom of a Blippi-loving toddler, of course we had to come and experience Party Jungle first hand. Fun amusement rides for littles as well as tons of fun games to win tickets. My daughter loves the prize counter and always spends hours here. Food is very good too!

  • Daniel Maddux

This was a great experience! We had a very spirited youngster with us. The young ladies did a great job of both being patient with him, and keeping him safe. They looked for ways to make him happy instead of getting frustrated. We definitely would go back! More

  • Barbara Cook

Rides are great, games for tickets are great, great for all young ages. The only issue I found was those claw games where you can get a ball or a prize will suck your money up… Except for the candy one you get about five pieces of candy.But, still a fun day !

  • brian spencer

Great place to take the kids. My 5 year old had a blast. Cost me less than$15 and gave us something to do for 2 hours in the AC too. Staff is super nice, they make everything fun. The floors and walls are painted so cool too. Will definitely go back again.

  • Sarah Garcia

This was our second year in a row celebrating my son's birthday here and it is just perfect. The kids have plenty to do and the management and staff are very kind and professional. Will continue to support this business and enjoy time with family here!

  • Jason Phillips

This place is run down. A large portion of the games were out of order. The main ride that parents can join their children on is not operational. The play gym area cushions are wearing out. The kitchen was very slow. The prices are reasonable though.

  • Jennifer L

So much fun! There are tons of fun things for the kids to do and the prices are not bad at all. The place, especially the bathrooms, is in desperate need of a deep cleaning, but otherwise its great. Looks like a fun place to have a birthday party!

  • Trisha-Lynn Handy

We spent over $400 for a party that wound up being a mess. Not once did the host attempt to helped us to even cut the cake told us to use a plastic fork. Gave us more pizzas than we had even requested and then billed us for them And refused

  • Adela Salkic

I cannot enough express my gratitude for Melissa and her whole team at Party Jungle!!! My son had the most amazing birthday there, they were so kind and thoughtful anything I asked they helped our party host did a great job and was on time

  • Kimberly Salazar

Words cannot describe the joy that Party Jungle brought to my grandsons day. This place is so perfect for a toddler, the rides are fun and so cute. We went to party jungle while on vacation in Phoenix Az from San Diego CA, and I am so glad

  • Erin Smith

We absolutely loved this place! Our two year old scored big on tickets and got a Paw Patrol puzzle, slinky and noise makers. We hit every ride and game and still had leftover tokens on the 100 for $20 deal so we just kept riding the token

  • Mama Bear

Such an amazing place for a little kiddos! We just started going here and I am so in love! The staff is unbelievably friendly, you can tell they really enjoy working there, they’re so happy to entertain the kids on the rides and they do a

  • MINGZE LI (Ming)

Excellent indoor park for small kids! Bunch of arcades! The coins are cheap. We have been a member before covid. After it opened after covid, some rides hadn’t been opened and some of the machines had been out of service. However, the

  • Arron Landgraff

The membership is def affordable and it is fun for the kids, I feel that ever time we go though more and more of the games are out of order. The staff this last time was pretty friendly but not what it was 1-2 years ago.

  • Alicia Worth

The website shows open today and drove all the way from Apache Junction with a 2 year old who was so excited and get there and there’s a note on the door saying they were closed! They should keep up on times on website!

  • Penny Millis-Peters

1st time here. Grandson was invited to a birthday party. He had so much fun here. I'm so happy we found another great place we can bring him when it starts getting too hot outside. He loves this place. …

  • aly yings

Toni was incredible. Long story short, I t was clean, friendly, fun staff, everything in working order. That spot in the back with couches and TV was a short,sweet vacation my son played and wore himself out..

  • David Hernandez

Cool little place to take your young kids. The price to get in is really cheap and like 90% of the games only cost 1 token to play. Didnt eat there but the food smelled good and looked to be a decent price.

  • Aaron Steimel

Great place to bring your kids if you are looking for a place to entertain them. $8.95 and the kids can ride and play all they want. Friendly staff, clean. Party rooms, arcade games. Highly recommended

  • Natalie Payne

Such a fun place! We came on my son's 3rd birthday and we all had a blast. He was a bit nervous for the big rides but the staff was so friendly and patient with him. ❤️ Thank you. …

  • Beth C

Escape the heat at party jungle. My kids loved it here, we went during the week and it was perfect. It’s $19.95 per kid, and you can buy tokens separately. The staff was very friendly.

  • Xunaxi Caroca

70% of the games were "out of service" they didn't even have staff to help with the rides and their cafe has only chips and water. Terrible! Will not come back or recommend.

  • Al-Eisha Wright

Such a fun place for my grandkids. They love it. Everything is reasonably priced, they have snacks for little toddlers. The monthly membership fee is worth it and unlimited.

  • Tanya Slavik

Lots of fun for a great price! Tokens are cheap and games don’t cost much to play. My toddler niece has loads of fun. And the adults enjoyed the arcade games too!

  • Rani sayegh

This place is a lot of fun we had a good experience really good customer service food section is very clean. They have OK food nice place to bring your kids .

  • Ethel Adams

Bathrooms need lots of attention. Staff could look less like they hate their job. The equipment could be cleaned so the handles would be less grimme.

  • Felicia Medrano

Wonderful places for little ones our kids had a blast with all the rides jungle gym and games and it does keep them busy for hours; and affordable.

  • Diana Towers

My two kids love this place, it is affordable and a fun place to take them. The manager Micheal is very nice, as well as the rest of the staff.


2 of the 5 kids ride's are not working, Would be great if they would mention that before we paid 34$ for 2 kids, what a shame. Fix your Rides.

  • KellI Calkins

My daughter loves coming here. Fun environment. Nice staff. Could use a few updates but my daughter doesn’t care. Fun spot and good value.

  • Sara Morones

Great place for the little ones Staff was nice especially Kiki was super nice and helpful!!
Visited o…

  • Shoshanah Metzelaar

The kids enjoyed it. The complaint I have is that too many rides and activities were temporarily out of order.

  • max ty

Kinda quiet, less crowd when we went on a Friday. Kids enjoyed

  • Issa Able

Went here for a birthday party. My daughter had a good time,