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PureGym London Ilford is a Gym located at 151-161 High Rd, Ilford IG1 1RS, United Kingdom. It has received 786 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.



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  • The address of PureGym London Ilford: 151-161 High Rd, Ilford IG1 1RS, United Kingdom

  • PureGym London Ilford has 4.0 stars from 786 reviews

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  • "The gym on the whole is very good, everything is well spaced out"

    "I have tried the puregym in leytonstone before using this one"

    "My recent visit to Pure Gym left me utterly disappointed"

    "The gym is clean and tidy, and never overly crowded and includes a variety of equipments"

    "It’s a good No frills gym with decent equipment"


  • Rakesh Patel

The gym on the whole is very good, everything is well spaced out. A wide range of equipment and if you arrive at the right time you can move around machines and free weights easily and have a complete workout. The free weights area is a bit more compact then other larger pure gyms I've been to but I would say it’s more than sufficient. The staff are pleasant enough in the encounters I've had with them. I haven’t talked to any of them at length, but in passing they are friendly. I have noticed some problems. There are things which are broken and issues, if noticed, would benefit the customers that frequent the gym. The soap dispenser in the men’s toilet has been broken for weeks. An ingenious solution to use a half cut plastic bottle as a receptacle to capture the leakage was in place for weeks. A soap dispenser costs £10. Surely pure gym or even the pretty cash could stretch for such a thing especially in light of recent events. A toilet seat is broken and cracked, the toilet roll dispenser is broken off the wall, the lock for the door turns and locks in the wrong direction. Carpeting is loose, ceiling tiles are loose, corner guards for walls are incorrectly cut, even the broken machine sign is falling apart and held by duct tape. There are missing carabiner clips which means equipment cannot be used if lots of people are working out, because those people are already using the clips that remain. What's the point of having equipment if it can’t be used when people what to use it? This is just the stuff I've seen. Someone needs to go around with a board and checklist and see what needs to be fixed, replaced and what needs to be improved. The issues I’ve raised could easily be fixed but haven’t. They've existed weeks if not months. If you're so indifferent to these issues what else are you willing to ignore? I just hope its not indicative of a slippery slope.

  • Catarina Gomes

I have tried the puregym in leytonstone before using this one. I already left my review in there (super expensive, no showers, small, not nearly enough classes) but this one is a totally different story. Positives: The PureGym in Ilford is much bigger with way more machines. It has showers, changing rooms, WOMEN ONLY AREA ❤️, partnership with the nearest car park for discount when taking your car like I do and waaaay cheaper than the puregym in leytonstone. The staff is also friendly and there's plenty of space for everyone, even when it's busy. I mainly go at peak hours and I always manage to find space to do my exercises. Negatives: changing rooms, especially toilets, are not too clean and run out of toilet paper frequently. Most lockers are occupied and I'm pretty sure people just leave their locks there so they can always have a locker when they go to the gym (they now have a note saying they will be removing the locks so hopefully that will put an end to it and we won't have to look for 2 minutes to then find a locker that happens to be broken). This is not the gym or staff's fault and I don't understand why but people just leave everything everywhere, weights, mats, doesn't matter. A lot of machines have small things that need fixing or replacing (e.g. paddings worn out /inexistent; mats so used that they are now uncomfortable to touch or are like... Shedding?) and they're just not, so it gives us the idea that they don't care until the machine stops working or someone gets hurt. I can't comment on the showers or the classes.

  • Rishabh Sharma

My recent visit to Pure Gym left me utterly disappointed. The mismanagement, unclean facilities, and unwelcoming atmosphere made for a highly unsatisfactory experience. Poor Management: Pure Gym seems to have lost its grip on proper management. The gym was severely overcrowded, and the staff appeared indifferent to the chaos. Unclean Facilities: The changing rooms were far from clean, which is unacceptable for a place promoting health and fitness. Hygiene should be a priority, but it was sorely lacking here. Suffocating Atmosphere: The absence of proper ventilation and air conditioning made the environment incredibly uncomfortable. Exercising in such conditions is far from ideal. Unclean Equipment: It's a basic requirement to maintain clean gym equipment. Sadly, this was not the case, leaving members at risk of using unsanitary machines. Unhelpful Staff: The staff's lack of assistance and support was frustrating. When you have questions or concerns, you should be able to rely on the staff for help, but that wasn't the case here. In summary, my experience at Pure Gym was a far cry from what a fitness center should be. The numerous issues I encountered, from cleanliness to overcrowding, left me with no choice but to find a better gym. I hope Pure Gym takes these concerns seriously and works towards improving the overall experience for its members. For now, I would recommend exploring other gym options for a more satisfactory fitness journey.

  • Didar Hussain

The gym is clean and tidy, and never overly crowded and includes a variety of equipments. The layout of the equipment is a big let down and needs a bit of work, leg machines are spread over 2 floors with big flights of steps between them. Again with chest machines and benches spread between the 2 floors. More utilisation of the downstairs floor is needed, there is too much open space and it simply needs a few more machines or even another free weights area with a few benches!! What will set them apart from the other gyms in the locality will be to have a greater variety of abs machines, including one for oblique twists, a seated or even standing hammer-curl machine and a standing calve press machine... This will complete the gym. This gym desperately needs a fixed decline bench and a fixed inclined bench... This is a must in every gym, all other gyms have this in the near locality except for this gym. As a result of not having this equipment, it takes a huge amount of time just rearranging the equipment to use it and takes away from the workout. Equipment which you can find in this gym which are not found in local gyms usually include; steps machine and resistance sprints machine. The staff are lovely and very professional!

  • M Iqbal

It’s a good No frills gym with decent equipment. Free weights area is decent for the price. 2 bench press benches, 1 smith machine, 2 squat racks, 1 deadlift area, 1 leg press machine, 1 shoulder press machine, 1 converging chest press machine, 2 areas for t-bar rows, 5-6 benches, abductor, 2 arm curl seats, lots of dumbbells, light barbels and good amount of Olympic barbels. There is a good selection of machines and cable machines on the lower floor. There is resistance equipment such as ropes and bands. Lots of cardio machines. Negatives are that cleaners actually don’t clean the equipment and there are no wipes provided for users to clean the equipment. The free weight area is a big mess the dumbbells are never put away the weight plates are just scattered everywhere and the area can get cramped due to the demographic of this particular gym loving free weights rather than cardio which is the norm in commercial gyms. The gym can also get super super busy during peak hours and the free weight area will often have at least 6-8 people in it even around midnight. If you like the gym empty come early morning around 4-6am. If you want to just use the treadmill they are always available.

  • Doina Crişan

I just got a message saying "Please keep your visit to a maximum of 1 hour during busy periods. This will allow other members to visit and keep everyone safe." I try to go to the gym as much as I can and when I can as well. If I'm off from work I usually go in the morning after they open the gym so it is not so busy. Sometimes you have to wait for other people to finish until it comes your turn. How can I make my workout in one hour if half of the time I am waiting for other people to use one machine (because they only have one). Not to mention sometimes they just stay and chat on the phone not even using it. I don't know how are other gyms as I started going to the gym recently. I already lost some weight and I'm feeling healthy but maybe more machines and more space for exercise would help rather than putting pressure on the gym members. The staff as well is putting pressure asking you how much time you spend in the gym and why so much (I've spend 2 hours). Is very upsetting taking in consideration that we all pay our membership and when you register it is not mentioned there you have to spend only one hour and half of this time just sitting and waiting someone else to finish.

  • Dan Lynch

This PureGym location was only one I’ve been to. Visiting from USA for few days, needed a place to work out. Joined online for three day pass. I don’t like that it can only be used at this one location, since tomorrow I’ll be nearer other locations that are more convenient. As a visitor, it is just ‘ok’ . . . short walk from Ilford Station, so very convenient. Rowing machines (three of them) are great Concept2 Model D with PM5, but they are poorly maintained. One had broken foot straps (an easy and inexpensive fix, so no excuse), another had wonky cable so gave erroneous readings. The third and, in my opinion, only useable one, had a loose seat that could use adjusting. So easy to upgrade firmware once or twice per year, clean the inside of fan cages, order new cable if needed, and fix foot strap. All in all, the place got the basic job done. I only needed a place with Concept2 indoor rowing machines (eg - ergo’s), so checked the box and done! I didn’t use the showers. Oh, these pod doors frustrated me. Got stuck in one for a few minutes trying to leave as strap from my backpack got caught in door. very odd and unsafe.

  • Sarah Micol Panico

I had a knee operation in March and I needed A gym to get back into shape. I found Pure Gym. I was welcomed by Darren who showed me all the areas, explained me how to join the gym and the different memberships available and the benefits. As soon as I got home, I joined the gym because I felt it was the right one. Lots of machines, very professional trainers, free WiFi, and Last but not least it is incredible clean. Everywhere in the gym is absolutely clean. The app and the website are also good because you can book lessons ( which are included in your membership), you can check your activity and how many people are in the gym in that very moment. I am coming everyday after work and thanks to a one day pass, my husband visited the gym and joined immediately. Thank you so much to all the staff and especially Darren! Sarah

  • H M

The gym itself is decent with a good range of equipment and facilities, however they have enough space on their lower level to bring in some more equipment, to save you having to wait around but also enough space to bring in equipment that other puregyms have. On the negative side of the things.. the flooring under the squat racks is just wrong. There is too much flex/bounce in the floor from the mats which doesn't give you the most stable base to lift from. The showers (tried about 4) on this particular day had rubbish shower heads with hardly any pressure. The members though, they are the worst I've come across in terms of putting weights back.. Ilford isn't my home gym but when I am in the area I train around 6am and its consistently a mess. They don't seem to re rack the weights in pairs or at all.

  • Chloe M

Went with my boyfriend for the first time and enjoyed the different equipment offered, but didn’t see anything to clean equipment if you got stuff a little sweaty (which should be standard practise), or staff to ask. Aside from the many people that got on with their workouts, I also felt quite daunted by the groups of guys at the weights doing nothing but jeering and laughing because apparently they’ve never seen a woman in the weight area before. It made feel like I wanted to leave because they kept huddling around and making comments near to us to see what we were doing. (Just get on with your own routine, don’t make other people feel like they want to leave). Apart from that, I’ll definitely be going again and training to benchpress a grown man (or four).

  • Sobia Shaheen

The gym it self is very nice… But there is Member of staff which is very rude she comes across very stubborn selfish rude woman ignores you does not take notice on what you have to tell her I believe she’s racist seem to speak to some people who are same culture as her very nicely to others she is very rude also people leave their jackets lying around on the machines when they are moved by someone who wants to use the machine the person will start arguing and fighting they don’t take notice around the gym if people need any help no one is to be found as for treadmills is only for treadmill for women which is a packed environment at times and you have been waiting for 40 minutes to take your turn and Men side has so many which are not even been used

  • Jas Singh

Great gym! Been here for 2 workouts and going to start my full membership. Clean and spacious, has great bits of kit for practically every kind of muscle or movement! Staff are friendly, there are lots of people you can meet and ask for help. As a beginner I didn't feel intimidated, and overall my experience was great. Lockers, showers and other facilities are also great! You also have the ability to use the app which is feature-packed with workouts, PIN reminders and when your passes expire. You can plan in advance by using the app to check when the gym is busy, and so I usually visit when the gym is not busy and I can easily access all the equipment that I need. Seriously, great value Gym!

  • Hannah Johnson

Really big woman's area with decent weights section & machines, usually women's areas are all cardio focused. Not a dirty gym but the women's area is often messy despite the signs about putting back weights. I would have given it a 4 but the past few weeks people have been crying in the changing rooms because their lockers, (with padlocks and i think even puregym padlocks) have been broken in to. Of course keep all of your valuables on you but frankly all of my stuff is valuable and don't fancy it being taken at the gym. Would be great to know what precautions will be done to avoid this as there are already codes on all the doors, but its still not secure.

  • Muni

As a female who goes in the woman only area, it is stupid how there are only 3 treadmills working when they should just get rid of the bicycles that no one uses and replace it with treadmills which majority women use. I am having to wait 30 mins for a treadmill to be free whilst in the men's area there are so many unused and free but I don't feel comfortable working in the men's area. Please fix this!! and when fixing the women area try and get the men to do it when it is not busy, we feel extremely uncomfortable. don't know why I am paying £15 a month for machines I cant use because we haven't got enough of it.

  • Abdulhaleem Abbas

Smallest puregym ive been to and the worst by far .... millions of people cramped up so you have to wait like 30 minutes per machine . Avoid . Pictures look nice and empty but it’s far far from. Weights left laying around everywhere . Awkward setup as rooms are really far from each other and free weight area is so small and once those young guys and there friends get on them you can forget about it . Had to modify my workout on the spot due to not being able to get the equipment i need as it was crowded... avoid !. Much prefer other pure gyms around to this one . Not recommended at all .

  • Authoress Kelly Marie

I absolutely love this place! I always feel so welcomed and at home which is strange for a gym but true. The staff are wonderful and so accommodating. They’re willing to take time out to talk with anybody who needs it and they answer any questions or concerns. On top of that, the classes have been fantastic. I love how each instructor brings something different and after each class they make sure to let everyone know (individually too) how great we did! Overall I’m enjoying being a member and so glad I joined. Even the app is so easy to use! No complaints. I would definitely recommend.

  • Face man

Free weights area is so cramped, there is so much space downstairs that is not properly utilised... BUT the main issue with this gym is the people that go here! Disgusting people just leave dumbells all over the place, NOBODY re-racks... the staff are part to blame for not telling people to re-rack, and also not doing their job and tidying the weights away. People in this gym are so inconsiderate, they will have 4 sets of different dumbells under their bench and claim that they are using them all... never seen a gym like it, hate to think what these peoples houses are like!

  • A Rehman

Spacious gym in Ilford Town centre. Separate women's area reasonably sized. Equipment is reasonable. As in most places people are not always great at putting things back. Classes are good quality if you get a space, I've never had trouble getting ones I want but I know some times can be harder to get on, like after work. Lockers can be temperamental. Some machines can get busy at times, there are just two stair climbers that are popular. But on the whole this place is conveniently located and the stairs to the entrance are a good warm up.

  • R M

Really enjoy coming here. Great atmosphere. Lots of equipment and space. There's a dedicated ladies only area and the gym is nice and clean. The staff are friendly and always make themselves available for a chat and offer advice. Only things stopping it from being five stars is the amount of stairs to climb before getting to the main area and in the ladies changing room a lot of the lockers actually don't close properly so it can take a while to actually find one I can secure my things in. But apart from that - brilliant!

  • Zainab

I do not understand why there is a ladies section but male workers come in to clean. I understand theres announcements but I had to leave twice to the changing rooms and wait for the male workers to go. Where are the female workers? Second time it was unannounced when I saw a male worker so I just left completely. I just think its a ladies section for a reason, I shouldn’t have to wait in the changing rooms and waste time. If a female worker is able to clean instead of males then please consider this. Thank you

  • Shahid Iqbal

It's brilliant gym London has much opportunity to go through here in morning because you have and easy short rout to fo early your job after gym . Via Blackwall tunnel and ferry ⛴ in beckon The staff is excellent the trainer are so intelligent and proper trained The only thing inside the exercise classes for beginner Is need to change some equipment and the wall Mirror is not fixed fully down the found is need to more extend that you can see your body movement exactly ... but it's nice gym although o love it

  • S

First time going to the gym and I did love the fact there's a seperate space for to the women to workout, however I wish there was more equipments for the ladies. The toilets were unclean and tissue holder was broken.. Another thing to add is I was disappointment with the QR scan not working on both doors to enter, this should be fixed.. Hopefully this gets resolved other than that had a good session today. Please can you fix the leg press machine in the ladies gym. The main reason come to gym is for that.

  • S L

Satisfactory gym for the basic gym goer but seems to be filled with a lot of kids. Good range of cardio equipment and huge floor space. You'll probably find yourself going up and down between the two floors if you want a good workout but it's nothing too major. My only concerns are that the benches are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, I wish the taps had ice cold water, and as the gym starts to get busier, there's going to be a bigger need for more cable machines and cable attachments.

  • Yaa

Pure gym Ilford is a great gym to workout in. Good equipment, wide range of classes available various times of the day. Love the ladies only area, has weights, cardio machines, workout space and resistance machines, good investment since opening of the gym. Staff are approachable and enthusiastic about their job. Major negative for me is not having free parking for gym users compared to nearby gyms in the area which all have free parking, 25% off citi car park is not good enough.

  • Sakura Morimoto

This gym is okay if you are looking for something basic. However, it kind of stinks of swear when you enter, there is no sanitizer and wipes available to wipe down sweaty equipment and staff is almost non existent. Can get really packed and you might find yourself waiting to use a machine. The ladies only section is a joke, we live in the 21st century. Lockers are busted too so it is hard to find one that works when the gym is packed. The Gym around the corner is much better.

  • Love

Ok, the start wasn't great membership and communication issues. But I finally managed to get to the gym lots of stairs was a shock but I supposed helped to warm up.. little to no instructions and no visible staff to help but this maybe covid related . My reason for the three star is the ladies section closed off and fully equipped brilliant so nice to work out. The woman were finding out how to use the machines themselves but normally a member is helpful and will show you..

  • Anthony Boothe

Great value for money gym. Good range of kit... however there are a few issues. One, the showers have been temperamental ranging from not very hot, low pressure to plain not working! Frustrating if you have had a sweaty workout. Second this one has a lot of youngsters who come in small packs and often mess about and crowd the kit making it seem like a youth club. I put this down to reduced rates for students. Tip is to try and go off peak when it is quieter.

  • Anna Grzegorzewska

A very nice gym. I flew from Poland to my family and I couldn't imagine a day without exercise. Large gym, lots of equipment, clean place. The only thing I don't understand is why the women don't put the equipment back after the training is over. Everything is everywhere. There should be cards on the mirrors "if you don't have the strength to put the equipment back in its place, ask the trainer". A bit embarrassing. It would definitely make training easier.

  • Lucas

It's beyond time to fix the lockers in the men's changing room - more than 80% of the lockers are completely unusable. This gym also needs to get way more power racks and cable stations if they are going to continue having it overly filled with people. Also, the music they play is Awful. Please turn it down so that we can hear what we listen to in our headphones! Picture is showing how the mirrors in the gym have been completely covered in sweat.

  • Evaldas Cepaitis

Quite a good gym, but: 1. Free weights area needs more dumbells I think 2. Music is terrible in the gym, never been to a gym that plays pop music,anyway you can always use earphones,but music has to motivate, I feel opposite of that at the moment. 3. Male changing rooms hasn't got enough bigger lockers and has too many people keeping their stuff overnight. 4. Too many kids, but what can you do... Overall quite a good gym for the money you pay.

  • Fiyin Makinwa

I've been attending PureGym Ilford for about 10 months. The gym is surprisingly spacious and the ladies only section is also well equipped. Zee is a great PT and is also very helpful around the gym offering tips and advice on posture and exercises even if you aren't her client. Her classes are full of energy, fun and a great work out. If you decide to go to PureGym Ilford I would definitely recommend one of Zee's classes!

  • Jaffa Khan

The Gym itself is amazing. The stairs to get up to everything is annoying BUT it's a workout itself which I love and find funny. The staff are amazing! Polite and wonderful Darren himself is amazing! However the free weights section is rather too small and everytime I want to go it's awfully packed and it's ashame because I really want to use it.. Nonetheless it's good and I like it!! But please do change your music lol

  • hudayfa BETA

The gym itself is top notch, plenty of machines heavy dumbells But the despicable members Leaving Dumbells everywhere Leaving plates everywhere Leaving barbells in the studio area Just no respect for the gym or for others Please start putting your stuff back Or the gym should hire someone to Or start fining members who don't clean up after themselves Chewing gum left on the treadmill

  • Yasmine Miah

I went there to check out the woman's sections before confirming a long term membership. Honestly I was soo disappointed. There's not many machines and it's small. There's dust everywhere and there was no hand soap in the toilets!! I felt very disgusting as I was leaving. My allergies were going crazy too! Definitely not joining. For such a reputable company, this was disappointing

  • SK108

I joined this gym i am not happy. No air ventilation so it doesn’t get rid of germs in the air. No hand sanitizers to clean hands. Always sweat on machines people should get tissue and spray from the gym and clean it after they use. Equipment always all over the place. Toilets are disgusting. Very upset and always other people in there saying the same thing what I said.

  • Anita Bhudia

Just like to say I have been coming to this gym since it was open and want to say the manager here Darren is really lovely and welcoming and my personal trainer Dwayne is absolutely fantastic and keeps me on track.i have attending spinning classes and abs which Paul took which are really motivating and fun. Challenging love all the staff there. I come 6 times a week.

  • V J

I love that they do have ladies only section, but the ladies coming there really needs some instructions how to use some equipment, and how to clean after themselves. Some ladies using Lat pull down like a rowing machine, same with lag extraction or even hip thrusts and that bench. Some ladies leave weights on and everywhere, even their plastic bottles and tissue…

  • E CS

Nice equipment, big, central location and 24/7. Some male PTs are pervy and wont leave you alone if you're a young woman but the women's only area is nice and big so it's easy to get away from them. Women's area is really dusty though. Even after I've taken an antihistamine for hayfever I find myself with coughing and sneezing in there so have to take another

  • Hanif A

A clean gym, with accessible facilities, lifts, and enough equipment whenever I go. Being 24/7 is a big plus. There are plenty of running machines, different areas, and a women only section. There is also a large weights area, with a huge selection of weights. Only downside is that the cleaning and sanitising sprays are sometimes not replenished.

  • Lola S

As good as this gym is, I am convinced only 2 people work here past 6 o clock, had to run up and down before I finally found someone who works there who was in the middle of a class, then after finally finding another he was in a private lesson. Given that I had lost my keys I had to wait 40 minutes before any help. Please employ more staff.

  • Viktoria Demet Guseva

The gym itself is really good, enough equipment and space even during busiest times. I gave 2 stars because the machines aren’t always cleaned properly & they don’t do anything about people that sweat and don’t clean the machines after themselves, it really puts me off going on the again as you can imagine it’s dripping wet from sweet.

  • Jayson G

The gym has adequate equipment/space for your needs which I like however too many individuals are always hogging the weights area around 5-6pm.. it's just so difficult to get your workout done having to wait as I come from work. Also want to shoutout Alwie and Jermaine, they’re always around to help give some quick tips & advice!

  • Zara fatima Khan

The equipments were all available but the carpets were not clean very dusty I could see a thick layer under the machines Secondly the weights available were less in comparison to the demand Thirdly there are no windows in the gym so it gets suffocating Finally the lifts were not available Not everyone can climb 50 stairs

  • Alexander Maw

Spacious with equipment in good condition. You need your PIN/QR code for the door both ways, a bit odd to make it so difficult for leaving. But strange you need to go up the stairs to the entrance on the second floor then back down for dinner of the equipment but probably shouldn't complain about extra effort at a gym.

  • Tanasoiu Eugen

It stinks like crazy inside. There is no fresh air source anywhere and your air ventilation systems are all off except for 1 in the middle that is blowing air straight into your face. Big mistake coming to this gym. I'm definitely looking for something else because I can't bear the smell! …

  • Meshkath Mukul

Quite a good gym actually. Its rarely very full and the app allows you to check approximately how many people are in the gym at any given time. Weights section is a little small, but never had a problem with space (probably because I actively avoid peak times). Downstairs has a huge space, but relatively few machines.

  • muph muph

Trash gym. Unhelpful staff, lack of equipment. The personal trainers are rude, uptight, and use so much space when "training clients". Go to the newly opened Thegym 5 minutes away. It's no wonder their members are dropping constantly. they have dropped to 5500 members, and are losing hundreds per month. DO NOT GO HERE

  • Bikke Chettri

Great gym. Management needs to put sign to gym users to use deodorant and ensure they don’t have body odour. Everytime I go to this gym, I get put off by gym users and their smelly body odour. It stinks and it is very unpleasant. A polite notice and instead of variety of protein bars they should sell deodorants too.

  • Neeraj Chouhan

Suffocating environment, especially during the evening, the air cons does not work and the place do not have proper ventilation system also no windows for fresh air. Moreover the lockers in mens changing room are broken. The gym is not cleaned properly, you can spot a layer of dust everywhere. Will not recommend.

  • Vijay Shah

Top quality and recently-opened gym, with a good range of equipment and everything is (usually) in good working order. Things to note though: a) get there early, as it's a popular gym and it gets packed as the day progresses b) many of the lockers are busted - it'll will take a few secs to find one that locks...

  • Niki Neocleous

Way too many stairs between floors, way too busy and can't get out any weights kit. Too many young kids making me and other women feel uncomfortable especially in weights section. Also noticed multiple people going into the gym together under 1 pin. If I had an option I would give this gym 0 stars!

  • peoplelisime94

Used to go there and used to liked it but not anymore the place is overcrowded ,people been using equipment without care or safety especially in the ladies area .I do not enjoy working out at Pure gym anymore I could mention lot things wrong there but it will be way too long .Very Disappointed !

  • Science Tech

Gym is alright and the staff are friendly. I am a member of puregym at another branch and visited this branch with friend. The staff were understanding and allowed me to use the gym for a day. Thanks to the manager of the branch can’t remember his name but was skin head. Very good guy.

  • Charlie Sen

Great place to train, lots of space and equipment. Busy at times, which is good, so choose when to train. Needs work on changing room cleaning, though main floors are well maintained. Little things, like repairs (broken hairdryer, for weeks) need attention. Take note, area managers ...

  • samir kureshi

I recently moved from USA, was looking for the gym with bigger space and more equipments. This facility is fully equipped however I feel it’s stinks a lot. There is nothing to wipe sweaty equipments. No air fresheners, Having air freshener and cleaning tissues would improve hygiene.

  • Hira Ahmed

Great gym, has a lovely ladies area, would appreciate it if they made it bigger, added more step machines and tredmills. The ladies changing room is mostly clean and tidy but sometimes the toilet area needs a clean. Overall, a good gym for the price and facilities :)

  • Tahir Qureshi

If you live around Ilford and looking for value for money then you can’t go wrong with Pure Gym Ilford. Its usually packed so you have to be patient or use the gym during off peak hours. Parking can also be an issue but you can get 25% discount at citi park.

  • Mohid Islam

Flippin MUSIC IS TOO LOUD!!!! CAN'T even listen to my own music because of the music played in the gym. ESPECIALLY during the nights it's like they bang the music proper high volume, common on pure gym do us a favour of keeping the music volume down or OFF.

  • Far Sab

Great gym with decent equipment. Best part is classes are included in the no commitment affordable membership price. There is a wide range of classes throughout the day. The trainers are all very friendly. They also have a ladies area which is a bonus.

  • G Kaur

Literally the best gym ever and I've tried them all locally. Im also training with Jermaine at the moment who actually is the best personal trainer I've ever trained with. So knowledge and so much support! This gym has THE best vibe always positive.

  • Elena Korolova

Tried several other gyms in my area, including The Gym and Nuffield, and always back to Puregym. It has a much better range of machines, and you are allowed to use the studio wherever you need, a friendly atmosphere and as a bonus it's open 24/7.

  • Rush Rush

Charlie is an absolute treasure . He gave me & my friends a wonderful tour around the gym & now all 3 of us have a new gym closer to work as well as it being much more more accommodating. Thank you Charlie for answering all of our questions

  • Jasmine Yuusuf

Is in a nice place however there's Hadley any equipment to used for different types of work out in both men and women section. And during busy periods you have to wait around. Another thing is that there's a long stairs to go up to the gym

  • Jin “Bambi” Precious

The place is nice and friendly. Great equipment. Derren one of the managers is professional and polite. Of course it will get busy at certain times but that is the same with most Gyms. Hope it stays 5 star. Some reviews moan tooooo much.

  • Ayesha Mahmood

Just had my first class and it was really good! The manager took the session and was very encouraging and made it fun. I'll be feeling the pain for the next couple of days but I guess that's the point of going to a gym right …

  • MK

Poor Gym; very few machines and most machines damaged ; no service There are only one short bar for biceps and triceps workout; everybody is queueing for it; Shame The Gym nearby has 5 times more machines ; I may have to go back

  • Vipusan Kanthan

Very good management and the people working there are nice. Clean and good hygiene. However in the changing rooms the hand dryer is never fixed and the people attending it are rude; hence not that much of a friendly atmosphere.

  • Cbest

Gym isn't that bad, you get what you pay for. It's a bit busy as expected. But I can't get over how the gents changing room has water everywhere.. I'm even able to splash puddles. Definitely is not the cleanest of gyms...

  • Sheikh Uddin

Didn't think I would like this gym especially after going to a gym that felt like home and was really family orientated. This gym is well equipped and to be fair offers everything you need to get fit and build muscles.

  • Ayesha K Miah

Sometimes needs abit of a clean and tidying but really love that there's a whole women section at this gym that's closed off. There's alot of facilities, the gym is really big, decent classes for mixed and women only.

  • Faiza Ibrahim

I highly recommend to box fit class run by Aaron if you’re in to boxing ,he’s the best teaching you all the techniques and it’s beginners friendly. I really enjoyed his class the best I have been so far.

  • Nazia Khan

Just joined today and I'm already regretting it, the music volume is so loud!! In other gyms the music and atmosphere was so quite and relaxed. Definitely leaving pure gym and not coming EVER AGAIN!!!

  • Darius Burinskis

Very chill (literally), clean place. Can get crowded, but that's expected as it's the cheapest gym in the area @20£/month. Very useful app where you can see how many people are at the gym.

  • Sandeep

I like this gym people are friendly while working out, weight area tidy but can get busy, great equipment but mens changing room is dirty and messy that's only one negative thing.

  • Anoohya Vishu

Good facilities at the gym. Trainers are great, motivating and highly energetic. Attended a few classes and it's super engaging and serves the purpose. Easy access. Easy commute.

  • Charlotte Wastell

Huge gym, fantastic facilities, really clean. The woman's only area was very spacious and had a good variety of equipment. The staff are very friendly and the classes are great!

  • zerobars3

Good range of equipment but mens toilet is filthy. Have been attending for over 3 months and hand dryer has still not been fixed and tissues are left all over the floor.

  • Arwin Baladevan

Staff and so-called "Personal trainers" always flirt in front of me whenever I'm just trying to get my workout done. Wouldn't even give it 1 star if I had the option.

  • admin supervisor

Waiting for your turn so long, when u got warm up for a game and wait for your turn your body became normal so i don,t think so it,s useful to spend time and money.

  • antony christy

It's a 24 hour gym so that itself is a very good thing for a student like me ,I can hit the gym when ever I feel like so it's good I definitely will give a 5star

  • Ionutzz Voicu

The gym is ok, if you are at right time before 18:00 otherwise you can't work at all, showers are horrible,water pressure same, appart that all good for today,

  • Mubeena Patel

Been at this gym for a year now bit of an emotional and mental journey for me. started personal training session with an amazing guy called Jermaine the best

  • Nas Alam

Prob the worst branch in London. Weights plates, dumbbells, all over the place even in staffed hours! Toilets, sinks area flooded- no one seems to care.

  • Msm

It's a nice place, but there are too many stairs. There is a lift available, but it is only for disabled people. Apart from that is very neat and tidy.

  • S R

the music is to loud in this gym at night I can't even hear my headphones can you please keep it on a low volume most people wear headphones to the gym

  • ferris Lindsay

First time here at 5am. Clean, airy, spacious, bright and good equipment. my experience is one of being here for a month in July from 5am to 730am.

  • Amina O.

New to the gym, everyone really nice, its very clean, there is air conditioning, the ladies only space has a lot of equipments. loving it so far!

  • Diana Hadzhipopova

I love the private lady area. The changing rooms are clean and tidy, as well the showers. Friendly and helpful people everywhere.

  • shubhika goel

There is not enough equipment as per the number of members so you will have to wait for your turn to use the equipment.

  • Abdullah Lodhi

It is an average PureGym. Good for cardio workout as plenty of treadmills etc. Free weights sections is very small.

  • Krisia Todorova

So far my experience is good not too busy mostly using cardio machines there's always a machine available when I go

  • Benny J Chirakadavil

Very spacious, lot of equipments, user friendly app, multi floor gym. Trainers, showers and fitness classes.

  • linda francis

Great place to work out. Ladies area a great plus. Toilets could be cleaner. Showers clean though...

  • Sumaiya Sultana

Love the fact that there’s female only facility available, it’s clean and there’s a nice atmosphere!

  • Kevin Quintyn

it isn't as good as orpington- there isn't a lot of sanitised place yhere -- otherwise it's OK.

  • Jas Raj

Lovely gym came on a visitors pass with a friend good facilities clean and worth the visit

  • Subodh Kumar

Just Finished a month. The gym is good and has all the required equipments and weights.

  • PauL Rusu

Unprofessional staff, music is too loud in the classes and PT’s shouting too loud

  • Ria Patel

Shoutout to Sam! He’s so hard working, friendly, and it makes my day to see him!

  • Bristy 88

Good location and all. Need to dust the equipments big time. Triggers hay-fever.

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