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Reebie Storage and Moving Co. is a Mover located at 2325 N Clark St #300, Chicago, IL 60614. It has received 287 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars.





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  • The address of Reebie Storage and Moving Co.: 2325 N Clark St #300, Chicago, IL 60614

  • Reebie Storage and Moving Co. has 4.7 stars from 287 reviews

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  • "Take heart! Before our move, I checked Google and Yelp and was, frankly, concerned by the user reviews"

    "From start to finish Reebie proved to be the correct choice"

    "After retiring last summer, I sold my home in Chicago and undertook a very complicated and challenging series of moves that involved dividing up my entire household into two separate moves to opposite ends of the country (Stamford, CT and Tucson, AZ)"

    "There are LOTS of moving companies in chicago"

    "I have moved back and forth across the country many times over the last decade and Reebie was by far the best experience I have had"


  • John Lake

Take heart! Before our move, I checked Google and Yelp and was, frankly, concerned by the user reviews. Of EVERY mover. Almost every one of them was very negative, no matter the company. But then I stepped back and checked the numbers. With few exceptions, there were no more than 150 reviews of a mover. But these national franchise guys must do 150 moves - at least - each week. So it seemed very likely that the vast majority of reviews were done by folks who had had a bad experience - trust me, if things go well, you have a lot more important things to do than write an on-line review. Our move went well and the only reason I got around to posting this is that I had added a reminder to my calendar. Our move ended about 30 days ago. Our Reebie estimator was on time and fairly accurate as to the weight of our items. The moving crew showed up as scheduled, protected our floors, did no damage our walls, packed our beds and artwork (we did the other 194 boxes), and were out in under 2.5 hours. In that time, they also packed and removed a piano that they will be storing for us for four years. When we were ready to close, we called and they gave us a four-day window for delivery and arrived on Day 3. Again, they were timely and careful. They were easy to work with in checking-in each item against the list of items shipped. We only needed about 10 minutes to dig through the stacks of boxes to find about five items that were either un-numbered for some reason or which I had missed. Damages: Two items were slightly damaged as they crew was re-assembling them. They used power tools to reattach mirrors to furniture in the bedrooms. In each case, they managed to push a screw too far and it came out through the front of the mirror’s frame. The damage was minor and we fixed it with a bit of pushing and Old English. One thin-walled glass vase was broken. But we had packed it and there was no damage to the box, so, my-bad. (A dozen other pieces of crystal arrived without damage as did all of our china, several Gobble figurines, 40+ pieces of crystal glassware and all of the art that they packed. A family heirloom, 2-foot, handmade, wooden model of a sailing ship was specially crated and delivered without damage to it or its glass case.) As for improvements, there were some misunderstandings through the process as they occasionally used jargon (not intending to confuse, but that was the effect) or failed to explain what was going on, as in why did they send me a new estimate just before delivery. It took a few inquiries to learn that they are required to by law after items are in storage for 180 days. Their data processing system could use a tweak or two. They are properly billing us monthly for storing the piano - each bill showing an amount due, despite the fact that I pre-paid for the entire year. They tell me that their system cannot do otherwise. So, in summary, there were no surprises as to pricing or services. And they were usually quick to answer phone calls and emails. Their crews were careful, neat and courteous. All-in-all, a fairly painless experience, so don’t lose heart.

  • Larry Goldstein

From start to finish Reebie proved to be the correct choice. I interviewed 3 big name storage companies. The lowest quote and best perks came from Reebie. They included 3 months of free storage, which was important to us. Pre-move communications were excellent. On the day of the move Ivan plus his crew of three other movers showed up on time. They introduced themselves and had me show them everything that was being moved. They did an outstanding job of covering our stairs and floor. They carefully wrapped every item that needed it and got to work. I moved an entire house of furniture plus nearly 200 other packed boxes and other items I wrapped, besides all the furniture. Before starting at about 9:30 I asked for a guess of the time they’d be done. They guessed 5:00 and finished at 5:30. They were extremely careful with all our furniture, as well as wrapping and storing our baby grand piano and grandfather clock. They left our house looking great. The free 50 moving boxes came in handy too. We would definitely recommend Reebie for your move. ......The above was my review in 2019 and that was specific to the Chicago crew who moved all our items out of our home in Wilmette, IL. They were great. I actually forgot that I had posted a review, until I was alerted by Google that it had hit 1000 views. At that time I was so please that I left them a 5-star review. We left our items in storage in Chicago as we moved to Los angeles. We lived with our daughter for 2 years and only brought items that would fit into 2 cars that we took out to LA. In June 2021 we told Reebie that we wanted to have our items delivered to the home we purchased in LA. (It was far less expensive to store the items in Chicago than in LA). When the items were delivered we had multiple problems. Several items were broken/damaged. There were 3 broken items of wrought iron outdoor furniture that were 50 years old. they survived 50 years but could not survive the LA crew. They literally must have been tossed off the truck. I am sure that this happened when they unloaded the large truck and moved them into a smaller truck and delivered them to us. This is common as many areas do not allow for the huge trucks to be on residential streets. As items were being brought in by the LA crew, we pointed out issues and were told repeatedly that it must have occured with the Chicago crew and to file a complaint with Allied. The Chicago crew took far more care with our items than the LA crew. Other than the main driver they admitted that they were just contacted to do the work at the last minute. Bottom line...the Chicago crew was great. The LA crew was not good.

  • Sheryl F

After retiring last summer, I sold my home in Chicago and undertook a very complicated and challenging series of moves that involved dividing up my entire household into two separate moves to opposite ends of the country (Stamford, CT and Tucson, AZ). The items moving to Connecticut had to be even further broken down into two separate stops (my condo and my son's home). The packing crew chief, Martin, quickly understood which items were going to which of the three locations and he managed to keep everything separated and organized so that nothing was sent to the wrong destination. When it came to packing, Martin and his team did an absolutely outstanding job wrapping and packing up all my delicate items such as crystal, china, glassware, figurines and artwork. Every single fragile item made it to the designated final destination without any damage or breakage and every box was accounted for. The crew also took great care in wrapping my furniture and even built boxes on site to handle odd-shaped items and artwork. My Tucson relocation proved to be the more challenging of the two moves - I live in a mountainous area and my driveway was so steep that the delivery crew had to use hand carts and wheel every item up to the house in the Arizona heat. Despite the logistical issues they faced, the driver and his crew were extremely professional and courteous and did an excellent and careful job getting every box and the heavy furniture pieces into the house. The only issues I had with the Tucson move were some minor scratches and dings on a few pieces of furniture. I was instructed to file a claim and I was immediately contacted by Mira who was extremely helpful and efficient. She promptly identified a local furniture refinisher and asked them to contact me to come out to repair the damage. She even followed up with me to make sure that I heard from the furniture repair shop and that they had scheduled an appointment to come out and perform the work (they had and did an excellent job). I normally do not write reviews, but I was extremely impressed with the responsiveness and customer service I received from the entire Reebie team during every phase of my relocation. I knew that there would be a tremendous amount of stress and angst involved in undertaking two major moves all at once, but I can honestly say that Reebie exceeded my expectations and made this experience as painless as possible. I highly recommend Reebie to anyone who is contemplating a major move or any relocation that requires special handling.

  • Stephen Schwartz-Fenwick

There are LOTS of moving companies in chicago. Reebie/Allied is one I would NEVER use again. The packers were awful. The movers were hard-working, but sloppy. The company behind them is really awful to deal with. First, the packers. We had full packing done on our house. They packed all our kitchen stuff so that, when we opened it, there were bags upside down, and ingredients (like flour, etc) all OVER the place. REALLY frustrating. They also packed steak knives without protection, so that one of the movers got a knife in the back! The movers were really hard workers & it was a very hot day. Still, I thought they could have been a lot more careful with our new house and belongings. They broke a handle off of our $3000 Room&Board cabinet. They scratched & gouged several walls. Finally, the most annoying part -- CLAIMS. They make you sign this document at the end of the move saying "everything is fine and not damaged". Well, how are you supposed to go through the entire house when it is 4pm and you have a screaming kid? The foreman said that "I could make claims later" but when I called the main about it, they said "no". They took *FOREVER* to get back to me (about a month to resolve the claim). And all I have to speak for all the damages is one lousy $90 check. I have used more than 3 or 4 moving companies while in chicago, mostly smaller companies. This has definitely been the worst.

  • Andy Tortu

I have moved back and forth across the country many times over the last decade and Reebie was by far the best experience I have had. From my initial in-home estimate with Tim, to my interactions with Sandra, to my moving crew of Javier, Jose and Armando, they were first class all the way. After my last move from LA to Chicago was a complete disaster, I interviewed a number of potential companies in the Chicago area and Reebie offered the lowest estimate and earliest delivery window to New Jersey. It wasn't too low to worry me, however, so I went ahead and could not have made a better decision. Tim was very thorough during his walk through of my one bedroom apartment and answered all the questions I had. Sandra was also very helpful, reaching out to my new complex to handle the COI. My wife and I did all the packing ourselves, and on moving day our 3-man crew arrived on time and was loaded within 2 hours. They were professional, respectful, and personable. Reebie even called while the crew was there to make sure everything was going smoothly. Although we were given a delivery window lasting one week, our stuff arrived on the first possible day, less than a week after we had moved out of our last place. If you are moving out-of-state from the Chicago area, I cannot recommend Reebie enough. They made a typically stressful experience anything but. Thank you all for the great work!!

  • Christine Wong

We moved cross country from Chicago to San Diego, and everything went better than we could’ve hoped for. The only items that broke were one glass cup and one flimsy over-the-toilet storage unit made of particle board. Everything else arrived safely, including our TV, bikes, and many other glass/fragile items. We packed everything into boxes ourselves, but the pickup crew took their time wrapping up our furniture. Their care helped all our furniture arrive in great condition. Delivery was quick and communicative. We received multiple messages from the local delivery company (another Allied Van Lines) about 3 days beforehand of the delivery date. From the beginning, we appreciated Reebie’s clarity with delivery dates, and our delivery was on the earlier side of the delivery window. Everyone we interacted with was helpful, understanding, and friendly. Vernita at Reebie was communicative and checked in with us throughout the process to make sure we were all set for pickup and delivery. They were also accommodating when we requested a different method for payment. We had made a deposit with another moving company at first, and we had to send them away because of dishonest contracts and business practices. We’re so glad we switched to Reebie instead. Moving cross country can be so stressful—do your research, ask questions, read all parts of any contract, and trust authentic reviews!

  • Tony Ford

My experience with Reebie was very good. I would have given them an excellent rating but did not. I will explain. First they were one of three moving companies recommended by the Illinois Commerce Commission. They sent a sales person out to evaluate our move and make a quote. This went very smoothly. As for the actual move the moving team was excellent, friendly, very hard working, very meticulous in packing, and very careful with my home items. We actually had a baby grand piano moved from a 3rd floor. They packed it up like a cocoon and moved it 3 flights of stairs like a baby. There was no damage to any of our home items, and nothing was lost. My only complaint was the quote was understated. I don't think on purpose, but i believe the salesman under estimated the weight of my furniture and missed a few items of significant weight. It increase my price by $1000 which was a 76% difference from the quote. When made aware of the significant difference in quote and the actual price the management team at Reebie after reviewing agreed there was a mistake, and split the $1000 difference with me which i thought was reasonable since i assumed we might go over the quoted price some. So that is why i did not rate them as excellent. My experience from sales to the actual move to the pricing adjustment was very professional and fair, and i would highly recommend them again.

  • Frank Whelan

DO NOT USE REEBIE/ALLIED. Reebie/Allied is intentionally using business practices that make it impossible for them to be held responsible for missing goods. One-sided contracts are presented for signing just before a scheduled move date, leaving the customer no option but to sign. Inventories and tracking are done in a manner which is unintelligible, using techniques that were obsolete 50 years ago. Bar codes are not used. UPS, FedX and the USPS can track millions of packages--but Reebie/Allied cannot track 200 items in a shipment. Customers are forced to sign for deliveries which they cannot verify. Reebie/Allied will not cover the value of missing packed by owner boxes, claiming that they cannot list these items on the inventory since their people have not seen the contents. This is contrary to shipping practices of UPS, FedX and USPS, where the shipper declares the contents and value. Reebie/Allied moved our goods, and we paid them $14,600, of which about $3,000 was insurance for about $50,000 replacement value. Over $3,000 of goods were not delivered, most of which were packed by owner. They denied our claim stating we had signed off on the delivery, where in fact there was no way anyone could know what was not delivered. Beware!!

  • Connie Pierrepont

To begin with our salesperson, Pete, was friendly and knowledgeable. He was very helpful any time I called for more used boxes after we had used the initial boxes and paper included in the sale. Our liaison, Angel, was responsive and helpful with any questions I had. The price was quite competitive and the deciding factor for us was the fact that Reebie would guarantee our delivery date. We moved on Chicago’s coldest day i January. After overcoming the challenge of negotiating our circle and backing into the drive, the movers never batted an eye. They were amazing - fast, careful, considerate and courteous. The driver and lead, Andres, was very careful about numbering and making a detailed list. He remembered everything I had explained about what we were taking and what we were leaving. Raoul, the lead of the movers was exceptionally good natured and reassuring. When the same team unloaded us in the Minneapolis area five days later, it was again very cold. The men were equally as careful of our new home. They wanted to be gone because a storm was predicted but that did not affect the care they took. I would certainly recommend Reebie for your move.

  • Cathlin Perone

We moved to a home in the western Chicago suburbs from a downtown, high-rise condo. Although Reebie is a well known name in Chicago, I asked about movers at our condo management office and Reebie was one of the names provided. I hired them because of their prompt response to my web inquiry, quick follow up with an estimate, and the price, which was very fair. In fact, the final cost came in $75 less than the estimate. The service was excellent from start to finish. The condo association had a lot of requirements, including pre-move and post-move inspections by the building engineer, putting down masonite boards in the hallway, and strict rules for elevator use, including a specified time frame. Yet the entire process went smoothly. The movers arrived exactly on time and completed the job ahead of the elevator deadline. They worked efficiently and well together. They wasted no time during the one-hour travel time. In fact, they got to my suburban house before me! Nothing was damaged, and the movers set up the furniture to my satisfaction. Everything was just exceptionally well done.

  • Ellie Einie

My worst moving experience ever (and I have moved MANY times). I was given compensation for some lost and damaged furniture but it wasn't until months later that the very last box was unpacked. It was then I realized that some kitchen items (all my coffee cups and spices for example) were gone. But what is heartbreaking is that many photos and my high school yearbook are gone. The movers were in such a rush and obviously care was not given to making sure everything was delivered. The numbers they used to stick on the boxes fell off, something they were aware of as they told me they were looking for a new supplier. I would NEVER recommend this mover. Regardless of the mover you use, so that you don't have my unfortunate experience: DO NOT let them rush you. Have your own numbering system and take the time to check your numbers. Also go out to the truck to make certain it is empty. They did a terrible job reassembling my desk. Stand over them, watch carefully and do not let them go until your furniture is reassembled to your satisfaction. A check can never replace what I've lost.

  • Jill Weininger

Seriously a terrible experience. To be fair, I'll begin by saying that the company did reimburse me for most of the broken items. Their process makes it a bit arduous to make claims on everything because some of the damage was at the place I left and I didn't have access to get proper quotes. The movers were nice, too. Overall it was a horrific experience. The movers were late and took so much time packing up the truck they were not able to complete the move on time. It was joy to see one texting while three figured out how to take a TV down when I was paying by the hour. They did not listen to me about where to put things so I was left with boxes that although labeled with specific rooms, were randomly placed. Despite MANY reminders, they put boxes where furniture was supposed to go so the boxes had to be moved a second time to make room for furniture. the and They broke several items and lost shelves that go in cabinets. My advice, pay a bit more to someone else and DO NOT USE REEBIE.

  • Val Feuell

I have completed six international moves and this was the worse move ever. The price was over three times the price for less stuff and whilst I understand the Covid pricing, I still think someone is taking advantage. The cost was not inclusive and now my stuff is being held hostage in Australia until I pay the extra money. The person we dealt with was extremely non responsive. But my biggest beef was the massive change in costs once they had collected our belongings and had them in their warehouse in Chicago. The person came to our house, went through every room and listed everything down. We chose to go with them because they had a far greater inventory of what was coming with us so we felt their price was better. What a huge error that was. Terrible company - please ensure you get a firm, no change costing before choosing them. I find it unbelievable they've been in business this long - they should be ashamed of how we have been treated.

  • David Lukasik

I have used Reebie twice in the past year for commercial moves. The first time was to pickup office and electronic equipment from Lisle and deliver to a government facility in Rockford. The move was great. The movers showed up on time, handled everything very carefully and delivered it with no delays. There was additional security clearances required in Rockford for the movers and the truck. All paperwork was completed ahead of time by Reebie and there were no security issues. I used them again 2 weeks ago to move material from Morton Grove to Glenview. The move took 2 days and required 5-6 trips using their largest truck. The moving team was fantastic. They did everything I asked of them with speed and efficiency. It was a very busy 2 days with a lot of loading and unloading. It was nice to know that things were loading and unloading correctly without my constant supervision. I will definitely be calling them for my next project.

  • Joey Manso

Using Reebie was the first time I had hired professional movers. Before then I had always roped my friends into helping me move or just doing it with my roommate(s). But at this point I had acquired way too much stuff to make that viable and swore off U-Hauling my crap and furniture on my own. To be honest, I didn't shop around that much. After talking with them, Reebie seemed friendly and re-assuring and I was probably too lazy to figure something else out. But the day of the move, they were very prompt and professional. I didn't have everything completely packed away, and the movers came prepared with a variety of boxes to help me out. I mostly just stood by as they packed stuff away, met them at the new place and was finished by lunch, even with a 3 floor walk-up. I don't plan on moving in the near future, but when I do I'll be sure to use them again!

  • John & Beth Garry

I cannot say enough about the entire staff at Reebie from start to finish! We moved on a very hot day in July, the team that moved us were kind and careful. They are very well oiled machine, very organized! When they arrived I was still packing some last minute items, they even helped pack some of these last items which I did not expect at all! They were great about putting things where you wanted even help put felt bottoms on some furniture before placing it on our brand new flooring. They were so careful with our belongings and home as if it was their own. I have recommended Reebie to others including our cousin who is so picky, and he was so very impressed with their professionalism and care they take in moving you. I would recommend Reebie to anyone who is need of a mover. They were wonderful!!!

  • Marlene Delaney

My move with Reebie from Chicago suburbs to Austin wasn’t perfect but considering the situation, it went well. They accommodated my need to change my packing date with relatively short notice. They delivered my stuff within the delivery timeframe. They were responsive to my texts, phone calls, and emails. They were patient and professional throughout the process. I especially want to acknowledge Anthony who tried his best to accommodate my changes; Vernita who I felt became my friend as we talked about packing and delivery on an almost daily basis - her calming voice helped me stay focused on the issues; and Freddie who unloaded and unpacked in Austin with efficiency and a little fun. I hope to never do a cross country move again but Reebie can handle it for me if I do.

  • Jeffrey Elks

I have never moved on my own. All of my previous moves were part of employment relocations and funded corporately. This time it was on my dime so I wanted to do my homework and find a reliable mover worth the cost. After a few attempts with movers who provided quotes without even visitin* my home, I finally found Reebie and am so glad I did. They are not only professional but I was in charge of my move! The move was flawless and managed in stages by a team of true professionals. My driver, Fausto, was exceptional. He accommodated all my requests and took complete responsibility for my belongings. Our first delivery was a total success. I plan to use Reebie again in a couple of months for another move. Highly recommended for interstate personal moves.

  • Susan A

Reebie was a great company to work with from my move from a Single Family home in Buffalo Grove to my condo in Arlington Heights. I may add that there were a three weeks of storage needed because my new place was not ready when the buyers wanted to occupy my home. They came on time, took care of my "important things," asked questions about certain items when they were not sure, handled things with care, padded the tile and hardwood floors where appropriate and put plastic on the carpeting where appropriate as well. They took the time to make sure furniture placement in the new location was as I wanted it. They worked very will with the rules of the condo when moving in. Matt was great and assured me things would go well and they did.

  • Justin Huyck

Reebie is a great, professional moving company. They initiated our cross-country move for us and did a great job putting us at ease in estimating the cost with us for the items we had, setting up the contract, and giving us great tips to prepare for moving day. On moving day, they loaded our items efficiently and carefully. They hire GREAT moving guys. I also want to particularly highlight their customer care representative, who was in contact with us throughout the moving process. Pricing-wise, Reebie was competitive. Frankly, though, if we ended up paying a little more than we would have with a competitor, it would have been worth it. Reebie knows what their doing, and their experience is second to none.

  • Carolyn Fereday

Reebie Storage & Moving did a fabulous job of packing and loading the contents of our home. This was the 6th time my family has moved within the last 10 years. Each time, we've had different professional moving companies come out and handle our relocation to the next city. Reebie was by far the most professional crew and support staff that we've ever had the pleasure of working with. Highly recommend Reebie. From Anthony Licata who came out to give us an estimate, to Vernita Johnson who coordinated contracts & dates, to Ivan, Martin & Jesus who did such a diligent job of packing up our home, the group at Reebie should be recognized for the superior service the delivered. Well done!

  • Brandy M

Movers arrived on time and were fast. However, would highly suggest taking photos of anything valuable prior to it being packed/shipped if you elect for them to pack, and carefully read the packing list to make sure you understand / agree with their coding. One of my valuable items was damaged in the move and the packer indicated it was packed by owner. This was 100% not true because I watched him wrap the item and even questioned if it was secure; I was assured it was. As a result of his deceit, I had to take time off work and engage in significant back and forth with the claims adjuster, but eventually my claim was approved and I received a reimbursement for the damages.

  • Patrick Wischerath

Reebie helped me coordinate an execute a move from Chicago, IL to Denver, CO. Overall, the process could not have gone better. They delivered our belongings in 14 days, which was significantly faster than any of the other quotes we received. Every single one of our items were accounted for and nothing broke (including a 60 inch TV and a framed hockey jersey). Linda and Bill were responsive and kept us in the loop every step of the way. The movers at both ends were professional and extremely careful with our belongings. We paid a bit more than some other quotes for Reebie because of all the good reviews and it's worth every penny. Would recommend them to anyone!

  • Andrea Lepkowski

5 Stars is NOT enough!!! Reebok Storage & Moving Co./ Allied are Exceptional! From the 1st point of contact for an estimate to the delivery of my Aunt’s belongings everyone was knowledgeable, courteous, thoughtful, timely, very kind and I could ALWAYS reach who I needed. They also got back with me quickly! I was in Chicago packing up my 82 year Aunt’s home. Tim was awesome and patient with collaborating this move and keeping me informed. Jose and he crew did a Fantastic job packing up and moving her belongings! Frank the delivery driver went above and beyond!! Everyone involved are “Good People” I’m so grateful. They were the best priced also! Thank you!!!!

  • Tom Hay Bauer

I have moved about 8 times with large moving companies over the years, and this move was definitely above average. Bill and Sebastian were very helpful with the estimating and scheduling phases. The fact that Reebie cheerfully accepts credit card payment is another big advantage. There was no notable loss or damage to either the goods being moved or to the apartments at either end. The only disappointment was the fact that several of the wardrobe boxes got smooshed and the clothes inside were dumped from the hanging bar and were in disarray. At least being soft goods there was no real damage. Based on this experience I would use Reebie again.

  • Junk Remedy

We had a situation where a member of the Chicago Police Department contacted me asking for a referral for a reputable mover as they had recovered a large truck load of stolen merchandise which happened to be the entire set up and all instruments for a very popular band after a very well known concert in Grant Park. I reached out to my friend Sal Manso from Reebie and within hours they were working with CPD to move the bands gear and then put it into storage at their state of the art facility. Moved and provided storage at a moments notice.I would highly recommend this company. They exceed expectations every day!!!

  • Michael Colbert

Very pleased with their service, the attentiveness of the staff, & the quick call backs. The sales, dispatch, and accounting folks are great and quickly respond to your concerns. The movers were on time, polite, efficient, clean cut, and they communicated every step of the way. If they weren't sure about something, they asked. Nothing was damaged and they were more than willing to assist at the new place in putting the items in their corresponding rooms as well as assist with the placement. Prices are fair and reasonable and I was happy I found Reebie! I will definitely be recommending. Thanks guys!

  • Dawn Dolan

We used Reebie for a very large and difficult moving situation that also involved much packing at several locations. At every step of the way every Reebie employee was extremely professional, polite and capable, from administrative employees who helped get us going, to the estimator who quoted the job, to the people who did the packing and moving. I can't say enough about how easy they made this daunting task seem. They were very professional and took great care of all of our things and went out of their way to make things easy on us. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a moving service.

  • Barbara Reber

On our recent move from Glen Ellyn, IL to South Haven, MI, the Reebie's crew was amazing. They arrived precisely as scheduled and first covered the floors and stairs and wrapped the corners or the walls. They then worked tirelessly until everything was loaded. The next day, unloading the truck was also hassle-free and enjoyable. There was not a scratch or ding in either house or on any of the furniture. The estimate was right on the dime and although they at first seemed more expensive than others, with the free packing supplies, it was actually less expensive. Top-notch professionals all around.

  • J H

Awful! Stay as far away from these movers as possible. I'd give them zero stars but that's not an option. In fairness, the actual movers were very nice guys but man did Reebie screw me!! They destroyed my brand new Arhaus Baldwin couch and two chairs totaling over $3,500. They were extremely careless by using dirty blankets and no plastic wrap to protect fragile items. They told me to file a claim and the end result was less than $40. The furniture is trashed!! That wouldn't even cover the bill to try and have a company stream clean them. You've been warned!!!

  • Robert Johnson

From beginning to end the folks from Reebie Moving and Storage were professional and really caring about our move. Jackie who came to the house to determine the weight and logistics of our move was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Our driver and his helpers were so nice and very careful with our belongings in loading and unloading and they were extremely punctual. This was our first experience with out of state moving and could not have had a better experience. We would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you Reebie Moving and Storage!!!!!

  • Mariana Ortiz

Super impressed with Reebie. I was very nervous in my cross country move from Chicago to Florida based on reviews I read from other companies (some seemed to be fake). But Reebie made it super easy to understand the moving process and what I should expect. Everyone was always responsive to my emails. Everything arrived as expected and they were all super courteous during the quoting process, pick up and drop off. They had to carry a heavy computer desk and futon to the second floor and they did it with ease. I would use their services again!

  • Friend Family

Moved from Chicago to NC. The moving truck arrived several days late. Multiple items were damages and I was never reimbursed as as they did not meet the deductible. While moving in they had several boxe that were not mine. I told them it was not my stuff. After moving they called and asked if I had someone eles stuff. It is two months after the move and as I am getting settled in I am discovering more damaged and missing items. I have moved a lot. Probably 6-8 times for work. I would not recommend this company. I had a terrible experience.

  • Jay Strmiska

Move-out of our Evanston home and into their storage went well. However, relocating the contents of storage to our newly renovated home was devastating. Reebie destroyed a Baker china hutch and interior content were never packaged and too destroyed. They finger prints on almost every main wall. They damaged several headers, damaged a custom bedroom door and gouged 4 levels of flooring. No protecting padding was used. I strongly advise that you do not use Reebie. I filed a claim last week and now the claim agent is on holiday until 10/18.

  • carolyn beller

NOTHING is more stressful than packing up a house and moving across the country alone during a pandemic; however, Reebie/Allied were fabulous. They were so professional and accommodating. Frank Russell drove my worldly possessions from Chicago and arrived at my new home at 6:30am on the day promised. His attitude made me feel so much more calm. He's THE BEST and it's obvious that his crew loves him. I have never heard one good story about moving but my move went much better than I could have imagined thanks to Reebie/Allied

  • MVM

The moving experience with Reebie was as professional as could be. The movers were fast, efficient, courteous, friendly and most of all gentle with the contents, of our home, being moved. .All the items that needed special attention were carefully wrapped in padded blankets for protection. The driver of the truck was especially efficient in packing the trailer and everything was finished and delivered across country within the time constraints promised. I would definitely use Reebie/Allied again for this type of move.

  • Rita Smith

I want to thank all of you at Reebie - from Jim, my salesperson, to Andres, the crew chief of the movers, to you, Carmen - for a wonderful job. The moving crew was very professional and efficient. They were also fun to work with! They made this challenging move for me a pleasant experience. I thanked them personally and hugged them, too! But, I wanted to express my gratitude more formally so that they may be recognized. I would not hesitate to recommend Reebie Moving and Storage, especially Andres and his crew.

  • Sean Doolin

My move from Chicago to Indiana was handled both professionally and curtiously. The truck arrived on time and the movers worked well with the building personel to get everything loaded without incident or damage. They worked well together and made sure nothing was broken and everything and everyone was safe. They took things apart and put them back together with speed and precision and made sure it was all placed where expected in my home. I do not need to comparison shop for movers any longer. Thanks Reebie!

  • Glenn Rawski

I found working with Reebie Storage to be a very pleasant and painless process. They provided me an accurate estimate of the charges in advance, the pick up and delivery personnel could not have been nicer. They went the extra mile to make sure the furniture was protected so nothing was damaged and then the delivery team took the extra time for me to change the bottoms on the furniture so that nothing would scratch the new floor. I strongly recommend Reebie if you are in need of moving or storage assistance.

  • Angela Ladniak

We thoroughly were pleased with the moving experience with Reebie. In as much as anyone could be happy with moving Reebie mitigated our stress. Grant and his crew could not have been nicer and more professional. I got exhausted just watching them - they work non-stop and really hard. All our furniture was wrapped and special care was taken not to dent anything. Can you imagine not even one furniture or wall dent out of my old house and in to our new one? I would highly recommend this company.

  • Chris Nayler

A great experience with Reebie. They were able to arrive on a date earlier than expected and worked better for me. The day before delivery they quoted a one hour arrival window and held to it. The crew communicated well throughout the process. It was clear in the padding and handling of furniture that great care is taken. Floor mats were even laid out to protect my wood floor while delivery was in progress. The best movers that I've dealt with so far, I would definitely recommend them.

  • D Allen

This is the second time we moved in less than one year. Reebie did not move us the first time but I did use them for the second move and was very happy with their team. All the movers were polite and helpful and tried their best not to cause any damage when moving heavy items. (It is nearly impossible not to dent a wall or door frame when moving large, heavy items.) Overall they did a great job. They were professional and worked a very long day. I would use them again if I moved.

  • Alan Lopez

I just did a crosstown move of a 5 bedroom house with Reebie. They sent 4 movers and a large truck - they got the move done quickly without damaging the house at all and my stuff was handled carefully, too. The movers were very professional and finished ahead of schedule. Estimate was right on. Overall, my experience could not have been better, and Reebie was also less expensive than TwoMen. I would definitely use them again & recommend them to anyone here in the Chicago area!

  • Rich F

We used Reebie about 4 years ago and were very happy with how they moved us. We were very happy with them this time also, so we now know it wasn't a fluke. I didn't have everything packed - I ran out of time. They packed up what was left - it was no problem. I had a bookcase moved to the 2nd floor. It was too big for the space, so I asked them to move it to the basement. Again - no problem. They helped make a stressful day a lot less stressful than it could have been.

  • Laura Jolly

Having used Reebie for three moves now, we're obviously very satisfied with their service. Each and every person involved with the process has been professional, careful, and very courteous. The estimator was on time and did his walk-thru quickly and accurately. The packers were fabulous - very efficient and respectful of our household items. The moving crew was punctual, careful, and just very nice to be around on move day. We will use them when we move again!

  • Leroy Douglas

I had 2 moves 1 to storage and the other to my apartment . The move to storage went relatively well, but took too long I only had 3 movers (I was promised 4) and I believe they were a bit overwhelmed. The 2nd move went great the movers (4 as promised) came in and did an exceptional job, they were quick and very efficient. They took great care of my belongings and I hope I get them for my next move into my new home. 31/2 stars for move (1) and 5+ for move (2).

  • Mark W

Have moved around many of times while in the military and by far the crew that unpacked our household goods was the best. Courtesy, professional, and clean. Immediately placed plastic down on rugs and cardboard on tile floors to prevent them from getting dirty. The crew of 6 personal worked effortlessly while placing dressers, beds and boxes in the appointed rooms. Assembled tv stands, dressers with mirrors, beds and tables as needed. Highly recommend!!!!

  • Valerie Roesti

Our company chose to close a location and merge with another branch. The Reebie team overall did an excellent job. The sales side estimated the job in a professional manner - and was right on target. The moving team brought in our counters and we had some extra time - so we asked them to move items to another place in the building where we thought it would work better.All were hard working with a "will do" attitude.I would definitely use them again.

  • Marian Scarbrough

This was our third experience using Reebie, different move same experience. Estimate experience with Larry Smythe very professional and easy, movers on time, worked fast, wrapped carefully. Canaan Bartz our rep, that we dealt with the most, very professional, helpful and did everything he could to get us our belongings on time even though we changed delivery date. We had a good experience that's why we went back to Reebie again and again and again.

  • Margaret Bjerklie

Reebie packed and moved my mother this week (during a winter storm!). Both the packing and the moving crews were phenomenal--fast, accurate, and kept their good spirits throughout. Raoul was especially great--he dismantled a sectional bookcase that I thought couldn't be taken apart, reassembled it (adding some of his own screws because some have gotten lost in the last two moves), and even help us decided where to place it. I'm using them again!

  • Natalia Garcia Kane

My husband and I are moving to Europe and the moving crew did a wonderful job packing everything and making sure everything was as protected as possible/needed in order to avoid any damage to our things. They were also very friendly and professional! Would definitely recommend them to anyone who asks! Ivan, Armando, & Vinny were a great team and made us feel very confident that our things will get to our new home in perfect condition!

  • Shoshannah Richert

The 3 guys did a thorough job of wrapping up each item so it wouldn't be damaged in transport. My king bedroom 7 piece set was a pain to move, but they all were friendly and in good spirits. This move was also in the rain, but the items stayed dry and they laid down carpet protection. Overall the crew of 3 did a great job and we're worth the money so I didn't have to move all the heavy household items myself or have my family do it.

  • E K

Reebie did a great job with our move out of state from Chicago each step of the way - from estimating to packing/loading to delivery/unloading. Coordination support from Bill and Linda kept us informed throughout. Everyone was on time, respectful and patient. The drivers and crews at each end were very careful with our belongings, the buildings, their trucks, and other residents. I couldn't be happier with the process and results.

  • Cory Schrieber

Painless experience from start to finish. Cross country move and not one single item misplaced, broken, or even scratched. The movers were exceptional and took pride in moving our belongings like they were there own. After researching and getting estimates from several of the big name moving companies, we are so glad we chose Allied-Reebie. They also managed to deliver our items to us a day earlier than planned. Highly recommend!

  • Gail Harkavy

I have only wonderful things to say about my experience with Reebie. From scheduling the date of my move, to the actual packing and moving, everyone at Reebie was so helpful. The customer service was spectacular. The crew doing the packing and moving made me feel very comfortable during a very stressful time. Thanks to Bill R. for all of his coordinating of my move and storage during a stressful time! I highly recommend Reebie!

  • Brittany Hayes

Reebie Allied helped me with a move from Illinois to Alaska and the process was almost a total breeze! My international moving representative wasn’t as responsive as I had hoped, as I would get a response by email once every 3-5 days, but everything else went great! My moving crew came on time and got the job done quickly! If they had questions, they didn’t hesitate to ask! Everything was wrapped and handled with great care!

  • Elisabeth Morrow

I had an excellent experience working with Reebie-Allied. Tim, the estimator, Amanda, my coordinator and Jose, Miguel and Fernando - the moving team, were punctual and very efficient --throughly professional from start to finish for this half of the job. My stuff is in their storage -- headed down state later this summer. I'm confident that the second half of the move will go smoothly base on my initial experience.

  • Megan E

We were in a bind and needed to move fast. We had already set up a moving date with another company, but things fell through. At the last minute Reebie came through and was able to help us out! Their service was great and they were really thorough. They made sure we were comfortable with everything and that they would arrive when scheduled. They were really great to work! I would recommend this company to anyone!

  • Hannah Klein

We moved 4 people out of an apartment yesterday, and the Reebie movers were absolutely incredible. They not only moved everything safely and swiftly, but they were very patient with us and professional. Our new place has very narrow stairwells, and it seemed nearly impossible to fit the furniture up the stairs. They were able to do it easily. It was my second time using Reebie, and I will absolutely do so again.

  • Nick Foussianes

We have moved a lot, 3 cross country pack and moves including this most recent one as executed by Reebie Allied. The entire team was great end to end! Starting with Tim and his survey leading to move advice and pricing, to Linda controlling and communicating all from HQ, and finally to Santiago and his stellar/heroic crew unloading us in Denver. This group quite literally delivers! Most sincere thanks to all!

  • Kyla Hummel

Reebie was an excellent moving company. The five men were early, clean and polite. Each one introduced himself and went out of his way to ask questions and showed true concern about our belongings. The furniture was not damaged, all was packed securly and transported with care. The estimate was right on and the team was finished in the precise amount of time quoted. Would hire again and strongly recommend.

  • Tim Conn

I recently utilized Reebie for the 2nd time in the past 2 years. For the second time, they did a GREAT JOB! On both occasions, the crew was timely, courteous, respectful and cautious with all of our belongings. Their price was fair and in line with what I expected it to be. I would recommend Reebie to anybody that is looking for a local or cross country move! Their customer service is second to none.

  • CJ Odom

Reebie Moving Company made our move so much more manageable. Jackie and Linda were amazing, as was our driver, Al, and his crew. Everyone we came in contact with from Reebie was amazingly helpful. Prior to us hiring Reebie, we had hired a HORRENDOUS company who made our lives and the start of this move so unmanageable. Reebie came in and saved the day! Will definitely use them again!!!!

  • Kirby Morrison

Excellent!! I was incredibly impressed with the movers. They carefully wrapped all of my items and even helped me fit everything into one UHaul box instead of two -- saving me a lot of money. I highly recommend Reebie. They were cheaper than other quotes I got in the area and they even had 3 movers instead of 2. I would recommend Reebie to anyone in Chicago who needs movers.

  • Abigail Hromas

We were notified of the anticipated moving time with enough time to allow us to make arrangements to be available. The movers were timely and efficient. They were respectful and kept great communication before, during, and after the move. Addendum: Upon delivery, the movers were excellent. Very thorough and worked efficiently. Their friendly attitude was appreciated too!!

  • Sarah Johnston

My husband and I had a great experience with Reebie during our move from Chicago to Phoenix. Everyone was very organized, communicated well, and were extremely efficient. The movers on both ends did an incredible job. They worked quickly and were great at getting everything in the house and in the right spots. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to move!

  • Pam Harting

The team did a great job! They were very efficient and careful and we were quite impressed with what good system they had for packing. Boxes were well labeled and they were careful with our furniture. We would like to commend the team for a job well done: Jose Garcia, Armando Ayula, Jose Avila and David Colin. Thanks again for all of your hard work on our behalf!

  • Breanna Sanders

They were amazing and super efficient. They did my entire move in 3 hours with a 30+ minute drive to a new location. Granted it was only a one bedroom move, I still appreciate everything the guys did for me and how careful they were with the move. I have already recommended them to multiple people that are also moving soon. I would you them for my next move.

  • Gayle Arlen

Fabulous moving experience! The communication was great and the team of 5 movers was incredible! The men were kind, patient and took great care wrapping, packing and unpacking my furniture. Every moving experience is stressful, but Reebie's team of coordinators and movers made my experience as stress free as it possibly could be! Thank you so much, Reebie!

  • Don Eugenio

We had a very challenging move this week, going form a 4,200 sf home to a 1,600 ft apartment. Juan and his crew were on time, clean, prepared and accommodating. we had some very large pieces of furniture to maneuver and they were up to the challenge. The move included a trip to our storage facility and two trips to the apartment. Thank you Juan and Reebie!

  • Blair Mills

I am officially never moving the old fashioned way again! The movers were extremely prompt, polite, and efficient. I lived in a junior studio apartment in Chicago, and they packed all my things, and put them on a truck, within two hours! They were thorough with their inventory, and didn’t leave one cabinet unturned! 100% would recommend for anyone moving!

  • Dennis Manganello

Reebie Storage & Moving is a A++ company. I have had the pleasure of working with Reebie for a few moves now and can't be happier. Reebie truly values its employees and invests a great deal of time and effort into making sure every customer is satisfied. I recommend them to all my friends and clients. They are my movers of choice and should be yours too.

  • Brian Doyle

The Reebie team showed up early, moved fast and treated all of possessions well. Great customer service and speed. Their truck broke down on the way, and they were very communicative about the delay. Then they deployed a 2nd truck and a full 2nd team to assist. They had our 4 BD 3 BR house unloaded and done in less than an hour! Highly recommended!

  • Rajib Nag

Extremely happy with the service I received from Robert Lobianco (Bob) at Reebie in Chicago. Although we eventually did not have to move, but he was able to set up the plan for moving, packing and storing with only 2 days' notice. He was very responsive and accommodated all my requests. Hope to use their service in the future.

  • Kray Butler

The movers arrived on time They helped with the packing & provided free wardrob boxes. they worked non stop until I told them to take a break. Nothing was broken or damaged. The movers really did their jobs. I moved from a four floor town home and there was no complaining. Reebie done a great job and I will use them again.

  • Tracy Dell'Angela

I was impressed with the level of professionalism and communication by Reebie during my long-distance move from Illinois to North carolina. They were not the lowest-priced moving company by any means, but it was worth it for the peace of mind knowing that the movers would do the job in an efficient and professional manner.

  • Andrew Stallard

The crew of Reebie Storage and Moving are very industrious and well-experienced. They never wasted time while packing my things and moving those. Unlike other services, they are very careful and conscious of their work. I strongly recommend Reebie to other customers who are looking for the service of storage and moving.

  • Ariel Patton

Juan and his team packed and moved my apartment in downtown Chicago and did an excellent job! The team was professional and incredibly efficient. They arrived early and finished 2 hours ahead of schedule while treating all of our belongings carefully. Would definitely recommend if you are moving in the Chicago area!

  • Scott O'Shea

I used Reebie a short time ago to move into my new house. They are excellent. They showed up on time, and the movers were friendly and courteous. They charged a very reasonable rate and treated my stuff with care. I highly recommend them for any move for any distance. They will surely get my business next time!

  • gary kolb

Starting with our sales rep, Jackie Pryszcz, we experienced a very professional process on the packing and storage end of the move. The packing crew, the moving crew, were excellent, our belongings well protected, and handled with care. We feel confidant going forward, and highly recommend this team.

  • Richard Hochschild

My wife and I have used Reebie Moving four times and each time they have sent excellent employees who have exceeded our expectations. Sal Manso, the owner and President, contacted us during the move each time to make sure that we were happy with the progress. I give Reebie my highest recommendation.

  • Moe G

Reebie Storage and Moving did a fantastic job moving me from my home of 40 years to my new condo. They were very careful handling all my belongings. The crewmembers were extremely helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend Reebie Moving and Storage to anyone who needs assistance moving.

  • Kelly

Ivan and Nic and crew did a wonderful on our move! They were very fast and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They took great care of our belongings! We wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again or recommend them to anyone who needs movers. I would give them six stars if possible!

  • Paula Drendel

We had a great experience with Reebie movers. We did a 2 day move from a townhouse and 2 storage units to a new build. Communication was great and everything went as expected. The moving teams were awesome! Very careful, polite, and accommodating! No damages, no issues! Highly recommend!

  • Susana

I loved my experience with my moving company! They were on time courteous responsive and professional. They came in let me know what was going on answered all my questions amazing work ethic! Made me so much more relaxed about my move I would definitely refer anybody to Allied Van lines.

  • Michele John

They went above and beyond for me. They were professional and super helpful. Very communicative and answered all my questions. Frank the driver was amazing! Great company to move with! You will be happy with their service. Vernita the representative at the Reebiie location also amazing!

  • Christine Arndt

Excellent high quality service! Ivan, Martin, Jimmy, Ricardo, and Nicholas were the absolute best. These men worked their tails off and we couldn’t be more pleased with Reebie! Would highly recommend to anyone in need of professional, on time, and courteous movers. Job well done guys!!

  • Erik Hultman

We used Reebie to move to our new home last week. We had a three man crew that was awesome! The weather was hot and humid and these men never stopped moving the entire day. The quote was spot on and they took great care of our belongings. I highly recommend using Reebie for your move!

  • Bill Higgins

My movers did a fabulous job moving me and my wife into our new apartment. We had an old building with narrow doors and they managed to get everything in, including a couch I thought would never fit. They were clean, super courteous, and just great. So grateful for them. Thanks!

  • Scott Salzman

Reebie was great! It was easy to get on the schedule and make a convenient time for my moms move. They showed up on time and were nice and professional. We had a couple of changes and they were most accommodating. I would not hesitate to call them again. Excellent experience!!

  • Patricia Reynes

Reebie recently moved our 3 bedroom house of belongings from Chicago to Northern California. They made it easy from the beginning. Great sales person, excellent customer service from Vernita, and they didn't break a thing. Good price too. Really impressed and highly recommend.

  • Christopher Butorac

Definitely would recommend! Jose, James and Tony were absolute professionals throughout the process. They packed and moved everything efficiently and carefully and were friendly while doing so. If you’re looking for movers in Chicago, these are the guys you want to help you.

  • Susan Newman

We had a very challenging move yet thanks to the woman who managed our storage with Reebie and the woman who manages claims the experience turned positive. Reebie is so lucky to have these two women on staff as they delivered exceptional customer service.

  • Becca Toth

The two movers who assisted with packing up my home were professional, gentle with my things, and timely. I could see the care they put into wrapping my furniture and I am confident everything will survive the long move. I’d definitely use them again.

  • kimbr60

The Reebie crew was fantastic - fast, friendly, and a pleasure to work with! Ramiro and his crew were very careful with our things, and made our experience moving much less stressful. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thanks, Reebie!

  • E S

Outstanding service! Welve had 3 moves in less than 4 years, and they were the best movers we've used. Efficient, organized and professional are a few of the words to describe their services. The entire crew at Reebie was outstanding!

  • Paul Stolzer

These guys were the best, at both ends. All involved were professional, courteous, timely and fantastic. A special ‘shout out’ to Frank, our driver. A true quarterback of every aspect of the move. I recommend them highly.

  • Jeff Armstrong

Extremely efficient crew. Andres and team were terrific! Not a single damaged item from what I could see. This is my second time having Reebie perform a move for us and I will always use them. Very highly recommended!

  • Laura Higgins

From our estimate, to the last box brought into our home, we were so happy with Reebie! Everything went so well! Great customer service and all our items were safely transported and stored. Would highly recommend!

  • Jeff Pierce

Ramiro and his team are top notch. Professional, courteous, friendly, and will take that extra step to get the job done the right way. My move was quick and smooth thanks to Ramiro.

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