Rose Bakery & Cafe

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1057 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5C 1C3, Canada



Rose Bakery & Cafe is a Bakery located at 1057 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5C 1C3, Canada. It has received 128 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.





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  • The address of Rose Bakery & Cafe: 1057 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5C 1C3, Canada

  • Rose Bakery & Cafe has 4.2 stars from 128 reviews

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  • "We don't want to write negative about a small business"

    "Ordered a cake for Mother's day on phone"

    "Bought a very old cake today from this store"


    "I bought 2 cake flavours"


  • Ferdous Ahmed

We don't want to write negative about a small business. But their behaviour with us forced us to write the following note for others: We ordered two cakes ( small n large) for my daughters birthday. However, we were dishurted with the quality. The colour they used were too dark that our mouth turs to that colour n chemical smell. My daughter did vomiting twice at night and became sick after taking the cake ( probably the cream n edible print). We informed this to the Bakey immediately in their what's up # but neither we received any response nor any empathy or professional or customer friendly behaviour from them. We took a portion of the cake to them to show them the quality however their behaviours were not professional at all.Theydidn't say sorry for a single time after hearing that my daughter became sick. Tjis is so unfortunate.

  • Muhammad Umar

Ordered a cake for Mother's day on phone. Rose took the order and did not bother to write the instructions on the order form resulting in a surprise when we cut the cake and it was not like we ordered. Call the bakery on Saturday to complaint and Jane told me that Rose will call me back in 3p mins. Here I am two days later writing this review. If they cannot take an order for a simple cake how they can they run the business and expect good reviews. Totally unsatisfying experience and not coming back to this bakery. Give yourself a favour and find a better one if you are looking to order one. Update Sep 23,2019 - it has been more than 4 months and no one bothered to reach me to address my concern.

  • G Zanfir

Bought a very old cake today from this store. If you are expecting the fresh pastries and cakes that the previous, Chinese operated Red Rose bakery that was on Burnhamthorp and closed last year, you won't find them here. It appears the store sign and cake concept was sold and relocated from Burnhamthorpe to a less well maintained plaza on Dundas St . , and also a less maintained store. The owners are just lovely but regrettably the store is dingy, completely devoid of any pastries and has just about six cakes - we bought one today, it must be over 2days old. There is no comparison whatsoever to the original Chinese - run store. Maybe if you order same day you'll have a better experience.

  • Gerald Menezes

Ube-latious. Good things come from small bakeries. Stumbled upon this gem accidentally. Awesome Filipino desserts. Their Ube pie is next level. Try the Ube crinkle cookies if you manage to get some as they are hot ticket item. They have a variety of short bread cookies. Must try flavors are Pandan and Ube of course. Next is the cheesy buttery Ensemada. They have really good cakes too. But ought to try the Ube log. And not to forget the fresh off the oven Pandesal. The bakery is in a small non descript plaza by ErinDale Station road and Dundas. But don't be fooled by the size.

  • P Hill (Pau)

I bought 2 cake flavours. One mocha custom cake and vanilla with fruits from the display. I also bought shortbread cookies as favours. The cakes were not good at all. The icing and sponge cake is the worst I have ever tried. I love Filipino mocha cake and this was not it! I spent so much on dessert and guests did not like it at all. The shortbread cookies were terrible except for the one. I will not recommend this bakery. The pastries were really terrible. The cheesecake is a safe bet because they don't make those.

  • Mubashir Ahmad Khan

I ordered a large Mango Mousse Cake and a large Chocolate Cake twice two weeks apart. All I can say is WOW! Super light, very soft, beautiful yet simple, and perfect taste. One of the best cakes in all of Ontario. I have guests visiting from Eastern Ontario (Oshawa, Markham, Scarborough, and Toronto) and Western Ontario (London, Waterloo, Hamilton and Milton) they all love and always ask for cakes from ROSE BAKERY. We love your cakes, your kind customer service, and your smiles. Keep it up!

  • Gauri Singh

I bought sugar cookies and found them to be absolutely adorable but too sweet. I think they need to either put a smaller icing picture on the cookies or use lesser sugar in the actual dough. Also, the cherry 'lip' cookie had an artificial taste so I think there should be less food coloring and only real cherry fruit concentrate. The staff was very pleasant and I like that each cookie is individually wrapped. Maybe in the future they could switch to a paper wrap to cut down on plastic.

  • Chris Glofcheskie (cglof)

This is a nice little shop for this area and carries all kinds of baked goods and desserts. They have a very large selection of sweets for you too choose from. We tried the Cheesecake Factory Cookies and Cream Cheese Cake. To be honest I was a little disappointed in the cheesecake. I have been to cheesecake factory a few times but this dessert did not live up to the typical cheesecake standard I expected.

  • Chula Rodrigo

First time visiting here but it was about to close. I only tasted their cookies. They cones in different flavors and was ok. Also bakery offer custom made cakes and that is good to know. As this is a Filipino bakery , most of the items are catered to that community and I was not that excited to taste those. But I am sure this must be a good place for Filipino community and inside looked good.

  • EJG Burds

Seems like all good reviews here...I admit like the place. Clean and fancy looking. But the pricing are way over the top for usual filipino bread. Way too expensive and will just surprise you how much you'll pay at the cashier for just a couple of Spanish and coconut bread. I like to support Filipino businesses but let's also be reasonable when it comes to prices, it's overkill.

  • JP de Silva

Good, fresh pandesal. The yema cake was very homemade tasting but light on flavour. I wanted a stronger tasting milk flavour. The portion is a little on the small size for the price. The empanadas were the most disappointing. Very lacking in flavour but the price was decent. Good service. Parking is very limited as it's shared with the many other stores in this small plaza.

  • Fatima Khalid

Found my new favourite bakery! Everything from the staff to the baked goods is amazing. The cakes are very well decorated and absolutely delicious. The environment gives a very fresh vibe! I have a big sweet tooth so I know what I’m talking about lol.. definitely one of the best desserts that I have tried in a while! Will definitely recommend to my family and friends!

  • Kris Buzmion

Found this little cute filipino bakery. Very clean and the staff are friendly. Some of the items is a little expensive than it's supposed to be, in my opinion but taste wise, it's great so I guess, that's a trade off they carry cheesecake factory cakes too and make their own cakes. So many options and to try! Can't wait to be back to try more.

  • Mary Trenty

Great selections of desserts, love their shortbread cookies and they also have The Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes. Staff are very attentive and friendly, gives free samples if you're not sure which dessert to try :) and lastly love that the location is so close to where I live ! The cafe is also always kept clean and tables are always wiped!

  • Amitabh Kaushal

Worst ever taste of black forest cake! I don't prefer to write such negative reviews against small local business but they need to improve quality. I don't know how they got 4+ star but it was the poorest taste of cake and whole birthday occasion fun was gone. Please dont cut corner when you make cake or just stop making it if you can't

  • Sami k

Paid almost $8 for a slice of cheesecake (cheesecakefactory) I could tell its not fresh because it tasted old and it was extremely tough. I love supporting small businesses so i thought id give this a try. I think they should get rid of all 3rd party products and just focus on fresh local home made products that are made daily.

  • Shan Kaushal

Just visited this location for the first time and it truly was a memorable experience. The staff were extremely professional and had the cake I pre-orered in prestine condition-and it tasted amazingggg. I was also honoured a weekend promotion for me even though my order was placed well before then. Thank you so much guys!

  • Vedant Dhari Sinha

This place deserves a ZERO star. UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF & SERVICE Was made to wait for a good 1 hour in the name of giving a fresh cake even though I had placed an order the day before. After 1 hour the lady simply told that the cake is not ready yet. Very unpleasant experience and would request others to stay away.

  • Glenn Desilva

Checked out this bakery after finding out on Facebook that they had cheesecakes. And they did not disappoint. Picked up vanilla and chocolate cheesecakes that were from The Cheesecake Factory.My wife enjoyed their shortbread cookies as well. Service was friendly and inviting. This bakery is a gem in Mississauga.

  • Iman Abu Dagga

Don’t trust them while paying, double check every single entry, i got charged the double in what i have ordered only because i trusted and didn’t charge after her. Discovered after driving 15 minutes from there and was very hard to return back. My bad luck i tried that place …

  • Maria sheila Albanese

Exceptional Customer Service at Rose Bakery
When we contacted Rose Bakery looking for a cake and hoping to purchase an available one, the lady went above and beyond by creating a new one just for us. The lady on the phone was extremely polite throughout the entire interaction.

  • Lauren F

They are very friendly and the service was great! They took time to explain what the items were that they provide even when I had no idea what they were. I purchased some cookies and they were amazing and we enjoyed the other items we got too. My fave bakery for sure!

  • Jacobine Kouanang

Omg...if u love coconut breads and cheesecakes,this is the place to go. They also have varieties of shortbreads. If you are looking for a contrinution to a potluck ,please do not look any further. Try the red velvet cheesecake and the chocolate mousse cheesecake.

  • Lanai Sutlovic

I got a few different foods while there. The mango cupcakes are light and fluffy. I also got an ube pie, and they have a great light, flaky pie crust with just the right amount of crisp and sweetness. I'm a bit deaf, and the person working

  • Manahil Rauf

Purchased a Father’s Day Cake. Service was very good, however, the Vanilla Fruit Cake tasted absolutely terrible. I had each family member complain that it tasted like nail polish remover or some other very harsh chemicals upon the first

  • Raynerius Goze

My wife loves this place specially their Pandesal. It is always fresh, firm, and tasty. Their buko pie is also to die for. There are still so many bread options which we havent tried. Its good to have such a nice Filipino bakery in town.

  • John Lazo

Mom and Pop Bakery specializing in Filipino Desserts! Decor 4/5 Customer Service 5/5 very friendly Food Quality 3/5 nothing to rave about but not bad either My favorite item I tried on the menu was the warmed up coconut Bread.

  • Dawn M

Very hot inside. Nothing like what I was expecting to walk into from the way it is described online as a coffee and dessert place. Interior could use some modernization. Friendly staff though!

  • Ana Tirado

I love going here, the Flan is so creammy, and the cakes are amazing and so beautiful, I am ordering my son's birthday cake. When you enter the store the smell of fresh bake is just so good.

  • Taiseer Mohammed

wow delicious cheese cakes, ordered variety of flavors. Smooth, dense and rich. will always recommend this place for cheese cake of the highest standard - Joey you were right

  • prasad naik

Would be great if they can accept American Express cards. Great cakes! Cheesecake factory cakes are a must try! Would definitely visit more if they can accept my AMEX card.

  • Bimal

Staffs were friendly and they have varieties of macrone selection and cakes. I always visit this place to get delicious mango moose cake!!! Hand's down the best in town.

  • Ana Talag

Delicious selection of macarons and cakes and hot dog buns. Reasonably priced and the friendliest staff! A great place to grab snacks and lunch before heading to a park.

  • Leriza Sunga

Desserts are delicious eg sapin-sapin were freshly made. It was so fresh it melts in my mouth. The macaroons' sweetness were just right. I will deffinitely come back.

  • Alexander Diana

Got some macarons, took about 8 minutes to get the two we wanted to try, ended up with the wrong ones, staff could not understand. They tasted old enough to vote.

  • Aisha Farooq

Love the fruit cake its soft moist and worth the money .. its better to call them in advance and let them know what you need as their cakes sell fast...

  • Stacey Ballan

Great place for short bread cookies. A few cakes and baked goods but not a lot of selection. Also had a cupcake the other day that was a bit stale.

  • Mk Pee

Mamon and ube crinkles are so good!! Staff are friendly and nice. Its a new owner now, they have the best filipino pastries with a twist.

  • Pamela Guardado

Beautiful and yummy sweets. I needed light pink and baby blue macarons, and found exactly what I needed :) love the different flavours

  • G D

If you like shortbread this might be the place for you! Many tasty flavors of shortbread and other baked goods cakes and what-not.

  • Edgar Oliver Penas

I love their ube cake and chocolate crinkles. They also serve cheesecakes from Cheesecake Factory. The people there are friendly.

  • Sofiane Daoud

Macaroons has a creme with a weire taste(looks like it’s has been hanging there for weeks) And the cheese rolls had mold in them

  • Rania Qureshi

Love this place. Their products never disappoint and the staff is super friendly. So happy that they are so close to my house

  • Catherine Lopez

I enjoy their traditional filipino treats. The Cassava cake is my fave! Soft and not too sweet for me. A must try!

  • santo gids

Come from hours away just to get their Fruit cake! Amazing quality each time! Cannot get better than their cakes!

  • Hanan

I got fruit cake hardly any fruits inside and out it is not worth the $21 the price too high for low quality cake

  • Ben Tenn-Yuk

Super kind owners there, piping on their writing for cakes is on point, mango mousse cake is amazing.

  • Tanjina Jaigirder

5 stars for customer service, but I find this place to be more expensive than other bakeries nearby.

  • Hiba A

Best customer service! cakes and pastries always taste so fresh. One of a kind. Highly recommended

  • Shab Afzalzada

So glad we discovered this cute little bakery. So many various shortbread cookies flavours!!

  • jean allynn

Nice staff. Spanish bread is really good. I had some of the cookies but i wasnt a big fan

  • IanShauna Chan

We've ordered from there on many occasions for family events and its always been a hit.

  • Holden Johnson

Great selection of cheesecake and bread. Always fresh and the staff are very friendly!

  • Ad N

Cakes are fresh and one of best in town, try mango moose cake. Adel is a nice guy.

  • Karamjit Gill

Very clean bakery, courteous and helpful staff. Cakes and pastries amazing …

  • Silver Thorne

Some of the best shortbread I've had. Really gotta try the cakes next time.

  • Sarah Q

Excellent cakes and pastries. Staff could do with improvement in service.


They serve you cake with mould and fungus . Cake Slice is fully stinky

  • Bianca Nightingale

Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes! Super tasty and lovely, lovely staff!!

  • Sameh Raouf

So honest person,bakes in front of ,so ambitious to satisfy your needs

  • Kien Hoang

This place has the best pastries. I always stop here on the weekend

  • Tauqeer Azher

Nice and freshly prepared cakes are the speciality of Rose Bakery.

  • Mazhar Sutarwala

We just got tuxedo and Godiva cheesecake. It was yummilious.

  • Sasha Anderson

Great food & yummy desserts! Wonderful local business.

  • Waqas Zohair

loved their buns a must try local filipino bakery

  • Haris Ahmed

Thank you for making beautiful and delicious cake

  • Reggie Mendiola

Love this place! Great spot for Filipino goodies!

  • thisisJensStory

Great. Good food, good service. Cant complain.

  • Jennifer Nathalia Castellanos

I got MOLD in a piece of cake. Distasteful.

  • Afsheen Baig

Very nice staff, love theirs coconut buns

  • Jason Mehta

For the price the quality is wonderful.

  • Amit Gupta

Exceedingly costly...and not variety

  • L Donadonibus

One of the best places for zeppole!

  • Eric D'Cruze

Great food and you have to eat here

  • Heather Gordon

My fav. Philiiipino bakery store!

  • Amber Hamid

The best cake in mississauga.

  • Bilal Syed

Nice place to get halal stuff

  • Javuko b

Best hamberguer ever


Low sugar cakes

  • Angelo Dalfonso


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