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SA Lounge Suites - Gepps X is a Furniture store located at 5/750 Main N Rd, Gepps Cross SA 5094, Australia. It has received 93 reviews with an average rating of 3.7 stars.





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  • The address of SA Lounge Suites - Gepps X: 5/750 Main N Rd, Gepps Cross SA 5094, Australia

  • SA Lounge Suites - Gepps X has 3.7 stars from 93 reviews

  • Furniture store

  • "Joel was a very friendly and informed salesman and was a pleasure to deal with"

    "We were promised a lounge suite that would fit me"

    "Purchased a lounge suite approximately 2 years ago"

    "I don't normally leave reviews but in this case I felt it was very necessary"

    "Sales person lovely"


  • Jesse C

Joel was a very friendly and informed salesman and was a pleasure to deal with. Slight pain point was that fact my couch wasnt going to be delivered on time and i didnt get a courtesy call to let me know I only found out after I had called to arrange delivery. At first there was a bit of back and forth with after sales team however Alison stepped in solved the issue and provided clear guidance of when I would get my seat and it was delivered within a week of the original delivery date. Also they missed a cushion but Alison quickly got onto manufacturing and ordered the additional cushion and delivering it straight to my home. The lounge suite is perfect, amazing build quality, just like in the showroom. They even gave me the 5 year warranty on accidental spillages and applied fabric protection on my lounge to make sure I had piece of mind. Honestly it was leagues ahead of anything I tried out at other major retailer’s. I absolutely love the lounge suite and would definitely recommend this place to my friends. 4 out of 5 stars, very happy customer.

  • colleen archbold

We were promised a lounge suite that would fit me. In their advertising they promise custom make, customer satisfaction and more. The lounge suite did not fit me and was not the quality of the one we chose on the showroom floor. After numerous communications their solution was to stuff cushions in the back and suggest i buy a footstool. They insisted that the rock hard feel would go away with wear and to speed up the softening process we should get some heavy people to jump on it. Well I've put up with it for a couple of years (as suggested) and its no better. They sent various workers to "sort it out" and all i heard was ridiculous solutions none of which addressed the issue .....the suite was not made to my measurements as promised. Since my only request at the time of the sale was i needed it to fit my size and the salesman assured me they would do that, I'm warning others to be careful how they spend their money. I wasted mine.

  • LGal Gal

Purchased a lounge suite approximately 2 years ago....Absolutely disgusting quality - the "new" lounge came with rips, scuff marks and clunky recliner mechanism- the sales rep at SA Lounge made me as the customer deal with the company direct (Lan Franco) as this was not "his job!!" and customer service from the manufacturer was appalling to say the least. I would NEVER suggest anyone to purchase any products from this company or store. As for the lounge two years on, absolutely disgusting - the foam on one seat is fully flat. Also, as an end-note when the issues "were resolved" they asked to write a letter of complaint I received no acknowledgement from either SA Lounge or Lan Franco. If I could give no stars I absolutely would! I can not emphasise enough for people to look at other places - to be honest you would be better off buying your lounge suite from an overseas much for supporting home owned!

  • d levsky

I don't normally leave reviews but in this case I felt it was very necessary. From the service we received walking into store all the way upto the delivery guys who brought our lounge into our home I've never received a better service. Even after we changed our delivery date numerous times they were very accommodating. This really is a case of you get what you pay for and the lounge itself is handsdown the best quality feeling and comfortable lounge we have ever owned, strong, sturdy and clearly good craftsmanship has gone into our lounge. The delivery gentleman clearly took care delivering and placing the lounge into our newly built home and the utmost care was taken placing it. I Would absolutely recommend SA lounges to anyone. There's a reason why they have been around for this long and it does show. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a lounge after our experience. 10/10

  • Katherine Smits

Sales person lovely. After sales, is the problem for this company. We had issues with the quality of workmanship, which was bad luck as I am sure they do provide good products. However, the person who is in charge of aftersales, ruined the experience. The personality of the aftersales rep was not professional at all. It started with continual chase up, his non committment by using the words 'we might get to your house to have a look' and 'we will probably collect', which caused me to enforce getting appointment times. Otherwise I would still be chasing. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Only because if you have a problem, you will have to deal with aftersales, which was bloody frustrating. The company owner needs to take this type of service very seriously. Yes, we received a full refund, but the dealings was remarkably bad.

  • Sally-Anne Pucek

Considering a furniture purchase we entered this store and immediately came under a hard sell- right to the last minute wanting us to put even $50 bucks deposit, refundable if we changed our mind- why? We left, though liking the chairs on offer to view other stores items. Luckily we googled our dear friend Colleen Archbold ( a woman who has never had a mean word to say about anyone) and were spared a similar terrible experience. Thank God for local guides! It never dawned on me the chairs displayed would not be the same as the chairs ordered... thanks Colleen,, bought some Lazy boys from the shop on Norwood Parade. Great service no hard sell and did you know the Lazy Boy chair separates into two pieces, makes them easier to move and fit around tight corners? Now that is a selling point for older or less strong ppl.

  • Towfik Reza

I spent over $3500 for a manual 3-seater recliner and having an absolute nightmare with it now. After taking it back for twice (first time the recliners were not folding properly and a scratch mark on the leather and 2nd time there was another issue with the sponge) in less than a couple of months time, it now looks like pretty old product as they dont clean this up before the delivery. And the surprising fact is that it came back from the service centre with a tear at the bottom in the 2nd time. The after sales service is horrible. I have asked for a refund and they have declined. I had to organise my work to be home to receive this 3rd time (including the firdt time delivery) in a row and still there are issues and I have just given up.

  • Viv D

Purchased and took delivery of our lunge suite back in December 2020. Excellent service from start to finish. Even with a few hiccups along the way, through no fault of their own, they solved them promptly and efficiently. A big thank you to Kate and Joel. SA owned retailer using SA owned lounge manufacturers. Kate was amazing, she patiently and professionally walked us through the selection process with no 'hard sell' and stayed in the loop all the way to the delivery. Frank and his team in the warehouse are very customer focused ensuring we got exactly what we ordered and on time. Love our lounge suite and enjoyed the buying experience. Will definitely use them again and highly recommend.

  • Terry Leach

We have been looking for a while, but these guys were great. I'm a lot taller than my wife and that's a problem when it comes to choosing couches. Buy being locally made they could custom make each seat so that mine supported my head with extra filling at the top, while hers was standard. Also you could have any of their fabrics with any of the designs. We live in an old cottage so we wanted a classic design, rather than the modern blocky style that is so common. They had both. And very happy with the price. Each couch or recliner came with manual or electric action, some even came with an action to help invalids get out of the chair. Highly recommended.

  • Brad McAlpine

Paid a healthy deposit for a Garstons lounge 14 1/2 weeks ago with a 8 to 10 week delivery and still waiting for it. Each time I call I get a new excuse as to why I am still sitting in my lounge room on a camp chair instead of our $7.5 k lounge. 16/10/20 Now waiting for Frank the state Manager to call me back. I will bet that doesnt happen. I wouldnt reccomend this company or Garstons to anyone. 20/10/20 I called cause Frank didnt and was told manufacture will be complete this coming Thurs and it would be "a few weeks on the road". By my maths that will be 17 1/2 weeks from ordering if it shows up on this new date.

  • Quality Electrical

rip off merchants! they had advertised internally a suite for $2799 in full leather. when I asked to have a extra seat added in the leather colour of my choice. the grey hair sale rep returned with a price of $5500? I told him bluntly that was false advertising, he agreed but wouldn't move on the price!! I don't know why I returned to this store after avoiding it for 4 years. the last time the sale rep Atish smooth talked us into a lounge suite for $7500, after leaving the store we checked with the hampstead store and found out I could get the same suite for $4000. WATCH OUT PEOPLE BEWARE SCUMBAG ALERT!!!!

  • Charlotte Wilkes

We are so impressed with the amazing service and quality from SA Lounge Suites. From start to finish they were so professional and friendly. We purchased a custom made modular couch which has an inbuilt sofa bed. It's the nicest and most comfortable piece of furniture we have ever seen. We looked at over 10 different stores and nothing compared to the quality of their furniture. You can feel the love in the products and the fact it’s locally made in Adelaide is so unheard of and wonderful. Thanks so much SA Lounge Suites, you're so awesome!

  • casey wajwoda

I paid over 3k for an electric lounge suite, the recliners frame twisted majorly after 3 weeks. The owner, Joel came out to look at it and was extremely rude and spoke down to us. He said consumer services don't tell him how to run his business and refused a refund. He said he's not responsible as he's the distributor not the manufacturer. After a couple of weeks of chasing up I eventually got a refund after getting advice from CBS and writing a letter. Absolute headache and very stressful dealing with the aftersales.

  • S B

Two young women shopping for furniture. After being told that we were "just browsing", salesman proceded to make (joking, but creepy) comments about our hair, clothes and actually patted my friend on the shoulder. We left quickly, and both salesmen followed us out of the store and watched us walk away. If they were trying to make us feel uncomfortable, they succeeded, but that is not how you sell furniture. Disgusting. If 0 stars was an option, it would be 0. Salespeople: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR CUSTOMERS!

  • Jill Johnson

We originally bought a lounge off them over 15 years ago and the quality of is just as good today as it was when we purchased it! So it was natural to go back to them again when we wanted a lounge for a different room and we got fantastic helpful service from Joel. I love the quality. Lounge was delivered in four weeks from ordering. Love buying SA made and the flexibility it offered us. I needed some after sales help and it was really good, friendly and helpful also. Would definitely recommend them

  • simon ball

Just received out lounge suite and we are delighted with it. After visiting just about every store in Adelaide we found these guys and what a delight. Great range and reasonable prices. Many of their suites are SA made however our came from Victoria. Much happier buying from a local business offering an Oz made product. They quoted 6-8 weeks delivery it arrived in 7. They are prepared to spend the time with you, offer advice and be flexible with price. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Gabbi Taylor

Moving out of home for the first time means a house to fill with furniture. A daunting task made absolutely delightful with Kate. Her insight to interior design and knowledge of the furniture was an absolute dream. Going above in beyond to make sure our home is everything we had imagined. My partner Xavier and I couldn’t be happier with our beautifully furnished house and our experience in store. Have and will continue to recommend Kate from SA Lounge Suites.

  • Shaileigh Page

Huge thanks to Katie - this is the best service we have ever received. She helped us choose a lounge and dining table that we have always dreamed of and even came to our home and gave other advice regarding interior design to suit our new items and to double check measurements. A friend from work recommended the team here and they live up to hype! We cannot wait for our new couch and dining table to arrive! Thanks Katie and the team at SA Lounge Suites!

  • Manuel Christofis

My wife went into the store today, the salesperson after discussing warranty etc. went to get the full quote for extra (2) single chairs and the salesperson didn't come back. He went off trying to sell to a couple the lounge suite next to the one she was sitting and waiting for. Totally ignored her. Don't judge a book by its cover, because you just lost a sale worth $7500. Definitely will not be going back , especially after seeing poor reviews.

  • Skye Wild

Very dissatisfied. Found a lounge we loved, however the customer service was horrible. My partner and I told the sales rep that we wanted a leather lounge because we're about to have a baby in the house so we needed something easy to clean. The sales rep then said to me "I couldn't tell if you where pregnant or eat to many donuts" I don't care if it was meant to be a joke or not, it was a extremely rude comment to make. We will not be back

  • Dion Russo

Bought my leather lounge suite from them 10 years ago - called them recently for the first time since purchasing as I seemed to recall they re-cushion the back cushions without charge if you buy from them - they confirmed yes and I delivered them to the warehouse after arranging with a same day service and they are like new again. Amazing service from a business that clearly takes pride in the quality of their product and their service.

  • Andrew Denton

The best price in adelaide for custom lounge suites, along with friendly, knowledgeable staff with great attention to detail. Johnny and the sales team were the best sales assistants I encountered during my hunt for a new sofa, and the aftersales staff were equally as valuable with their attention to detail and speedy communication responses. 100% satisfied with all aspects of the purchase!

  • Felicity Pettigrew

I'd like to give a bit shout out to Dave the warehouse manager and the excellent delivery team who went above and beyond when delivering our dining table and lounge suite. They problem solved the tricky logistics of getting the furniture into our house with great humour, patience and kindness. Excellent customer service! Thanks guys and the kettle is alway on!

  • Panayiotes Alexandrou

Purchased a lounge suite early this year, a section of it came damaged, but after consulting with Frank and Alison, who were absolutely wonderful, their service was astronomical, we ended up getting a whole suite replacement. We are so chuffed, thank you so much- the whole customer service journey and quality of the lounge are top notch, we highly recommend!!

  • Wayne Knight

My wife and I were just going to have a look….. there’s good salesmen and then there is Joel. Helpful, respectful, intuitive, experienced. We knew what we wanted and we’re just looking, but with Joel’s input and fair pricing we decided to just do it. It took around 18 weeks for our custom lounge to be made and was very well worth the wait. Thankyou.

  • Stephen Jamieson

Hi all its not very often I will give a top rating but these guys at SA Lounge went out of their way to help us to select our new lounge and advise with material etc Thanks heaps for all your help . Also when the lounge was delivered the delivery boys went out of their way to get the loung inside into our lounge room awesome job well done CHEERS .

  • jan something

If only the hype they go on about when you are considering a purchase were true. Always the polite staff but they don't follow through once you've made the purchase, you have to chase them and chase them !!! And then chase them more !! Definitely something to consider if you are thinking of buying from them, I certainly wouldn't again.

  • Kerry Mann

Have been customers of SA lounge suites for the past 40 years. We keep coming back because we know we are getting the best. Very comfortable lounges with lifetime guarantee. After sales service is exceptional and all their suites and recliners are made here in SA. We just ordered another 2 Lanfranco Ieather recliners today. Very happy.

  • jai daniel

I wish I could give Them 10 . I ring up after sales in the morning regarding an electric issue with my Recliner ️ . Mr J.J rocked up just after few hours and fixed up the issue. We are so much impressed by their Premium Level of services. I think they just don’t sell Lounges they even CARE afterwards as well. …

  • brian purtle

We were initially unhappy after having the lounge for a time with the deterioration of the leather finish where our heads went ( caused we were told by taking prescription medicines) we contacted Alliso who arranged the chairs to be collected and repaired.then Frank made a trip to our home to ensure we were happy. Very impressive

  • Michele Phin

We have just had a great experience with SA Lounge Suites. We ordered two recliner lift chairs for our parents and they were made and delivered urgently for us in just 3 weeks. A good value, high quality South Australian product with great service. We cannot fault our experience with this SA company and highly recommend them.

  • Anne Woodley

Had ordered a lounge in July 2023 being told it would be 12-14 weeks for delivery and that their lounges are Australian made. Now one week out from Christmas and still no lounge. No communication, poor service and false advertising finding product being shipped from overseas. Very disappointed in this company.

  • Harry Talavanic

Couches takes heaps of abuse (mine do, I have 2 young children and a pet) absorbing spills pet hair , doubling as beds and much more . We own a Melrose 3 Seater twin sofa and in terms of quality it has withstood the wear and tear of the family who spend a good portion of the day lounging on it.

  • jason townsend

Satisfied with our purchase. We dint feel rushed, pushed or duped at all. Was treated like a friend at the store. The fabric color and choices were high quality. All our family and friends have said how comfortable our new sofa is! Thank you SA Lounge Suites, we are very pleased customers.

  • Melanie Carson

What a great experience so far. Kate is very knowledgeable and a huge help with finding the couch to suit our space and needs. Haven't received the couch just yet but the service has been fabulous! Does anyone have any feedback how there couches have held up against their cat?

  • Sue & Danny Bayly

Great people to deal with bought a lounge suite 3 years ago and couple of months ago one of the recliners mechanisms broke they fitted a brand new mechanism to it free of charge even though it wasn’t in warranty can’t ask for better service than that would recommend to anyone

  • Mark Betts

I 'll keep it short and sweet. Save yourself the time and hassle of going to the multiple furniture stores and make this place your first and likely the last stop . You will get wide selection of great quality SA made lounge pieces at fair and very reasonable prices.

  • Sarah Valana

Custom made lounge suites, outstanding quality and so comfortable. Customer service is fabulous, Kate is amazingly patient and helpful - she offers great advice and provides alternatives to suit individual needs. Highly recommend purchasing a lounge suite from here!

  • Indra Adhikari

Too much talkative. desperate to sell, not to satisfy the customer. A month later I went back to get a Quote for two lounges, custom made. Left all contact details. Three weeks on, no answer. Called back to find what's going on. They don't know about the request!!!!

  • Tejas patel

Bought full set of leather lounges last year bcz we were in hurry and couldn’t wait for custom made. It says 10 years warranty. Hardly after 1 year, it’s looking like 5 years old and started showing its low quality. I would think twice for purchase from them again.

  • Graham G

I'll keep this short and sweet: Save yourself the time and hassle of going to multiple furniture stores and make this place your first and likely last stop. You will get a wide selection of great quality SA made lounge pieces at fair and very reasonable prices.

  • Natalie Hoggs

All the lounges are made in south Australia. 100% Australia leather not overseas crap. You paid for what you get 20 year warranty easy to lay-by this will be our second lounge from here and only replacing due to building and need a bigger lounge.

  • Natalie Vemoa

We had the Great Kate serve us. Customer Service is Great as and on point. Helped Heaps. Gave us her unconditional attention Questions Answered Price Wise was Happy with our Budget. Happy Customers walking out with a Couch Ka Pai Bro …

  • Peter Sutherland

Some of the most unprofessional service we have ever experienced. Extremely pushy used car style salesperson spent more time rubbishing his competition rather then actually selling his own over priced couches.

  • Julie Hampton

Love my lounge bought from SA Lounges. The lounge is so comfortable to sit on and the cushions are so plush. The chaise is so comfortable and roomy, I can totally relax while watching television. Love it!!

  • Mark Vannini

The sales experience offered by SA Lounge Suites far exceeded my expectations, the management and staff should be commended for their efforts. Definitely consider SA Lounge Suites for your next purchase

  • Brenda Banwell

The staff from the salesman we initially spoke to to the deliverymen were extremely helpful. The furniture arrived at the time specified by the salesperson. We had excellent service from all staff,

  • Janet & Merv Gates

CAVEAT EMPTOR Should you choose to purchase any goods from SA Lounge Suites, make sure you get EVERYTHING relating to your purchase in writing. This will prevent any “he said, I said”.

  • Joanne Main

We have just received our lounge this week, as promised delivered in 4 weeks. Would highly recommend this company, best service right from the salesman to the the final delivery.

  • moreltonjohn

It's Australian made, we warranty his we warranty this we warranty that bla bla bla Good luck to anyone who has bought a lounge and has a problem with it GOOD LUCK

  • Riley Boon

Horrible after sales! If you have any issues it will be a nightmare to deal with. Continuous chasing and following up for answers. Owner was very rude too.

  • Katy

Personally can't speak for products but, the customer service was great that we had received. Its greatly appreciated.

  • Karen Lucy

Great service in store, friendly & cared about my needs. Delivered on time by a fantastic couple of guys. Thank you

  • Brenda Foweraker

Good choices. Friendly, very helpful staff, prompt delivery by friendly drivers. Would recommend.

  • Justine van Zanten

Brilliant options, made in South Australia, great quality and cheaper than most other stores.

  • Michael meier

Great couch and great staff. Has fit right into our family. Happy customer : )

  • Cameron Barrett

Thanks Joel and David! Incredible customer support and a wealth of knowledge.

  • Tony H

Go see Joel H. if you're like me and enjoy a great buying experience, AAA+++

  • Cheryl Grant

Pleasant staff. Very helpful & priced well. Got what I was looking for too

  • Joanne Gully

Friendly service and staff, bought a lounge from them very happy with it.

  • stephen lee

Had a very helpful sales woman was a great experience thank you

  • Mozzy Byte

Manager is very helpful, patient and knowledgeable. Thank you!

  • Kara Slade

Pushy sales people. Products to expensive for what they are.

  • Robert Carey

Excellent product and customer service. Very helpful.

  • rona dean

Fantastic service and products made in Australia.

  • Matthew Wilson

Very friendly staff and good local support

  • David Randall

Great customer service from Katie.

  • tony hughes

Nice furniture but little vacant

  • Ben Nash

Rude staff. Rude prices

  • peter rose

Very straight forward

  • Jenny Eleftheriadis

Very helpful.

  • Sue Philp

Very helpful

  • Abby K


  • Alex Batten
  • Dani E
  • Peter Ochse
  • Fiona Massey
  • Jan W.
  • J D
  • Sanjeev Kumar
  • Arran Gaston
  • Adrian “Beachy” Beacham
  • Steven Ceravolo
  • Marty Johnson
  • Simon Ormond-Allen
  • Tahlia Svingos
  • Fong Kwok
  • Vidushi Jain
  • Nicola Alvino
  • Hudson David

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