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South Lake Union Dentist Office is a Dentist located at 527 Boren Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109. It has received 211 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





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  • The address of South Lake Union Dentist Office: 527 Boren Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

  • South Lake Union Dentist Office has 4.5 stars from 211 reviews

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  • "I just experienced the most ridiculous dental experiences EVER: For my scheduled appointment, waited for 3+ hours for nothing! Maybe not nothing, technically I had a full bag of saline solution into my body while waiting, and nobody else was there, I have to call out to seek help myself and tell them this bag is almost done you need to change another saline"

    "My experience at South Lake Union Dentist Office and with Dr"

    "First, I'd like to say the administrative staff and dental hygienists were very professional and friendly"

    "OK so this review is going to sound a bit like maybe they paid me to say this but I promise they didn’t"

    "DISCLAIMER: I wrote my first review (also 5 star) last year (2020) but it seems like it got deleted"


  • Music Miu

I just experienced the most ridiculous dental experiences EVER: For my scheduled appointment, waited for 3+ hours for nothing! Maybe not nothing, technically I had a full bag of saline solution into my body while waiting, and nobody else was there, I have to call out to seek help myself and tell them this bag is almost done you need to change another saline. Had the appointment scheduled at 8:00am in the morning and I arrived at 7:40am-ish to fill out the mandatory paper work and deal with all the housekeeping issues. Then I was waiting both at the waiting area and the surgery room with poor quality equipments (sphygmomanometer didn't work, have to manually adjust in order to test the blood pressure everytime) FOREVER for the oral surgeon Dr.PARSHAN NAMIRANIAN to finished up his prior patients' work without telling me ANY expected waiting time. I asked the nurse about the reason behind a scheduled appointment becoming so behind, the answer I got was: "Din't you enjoy the beautiful snow scenery outside of this window while waiting? It's a snow day and we have extra patients, and you know what, when I was in the ER, I have to wait for 5+ hours!" I was like, wait, it's a completely different story than an ER, it's a SCHEDULED appointment, not I came here randomly without any appointment and asked for help, how could you make that an apple to apple comparison?! In addition, you are not performing a surgery outside, what's the logic and correlation to book extra patients in a snow day? Also, I have no interest in the "scenery" out side of the poor surgery room with all the monitoring equipment and saline on. It's pretty obvious that Dr.PARSHAN NAMIRANIAN is not capable to do the work load he currently has, or, let's say, if he is as good as the staff said, then there's a problem of this clinic's operations, maybe you need a consulting firm to help you guys with am operation optimization deck :) But either way, you should not put the burden on the patients shoulder and take it for granted. At the moment I have already waited for 3 hours alone with the broken sphygmomanometer and almost empty bag of saline injected, Dr.PARSHAN NAMIRANIAN's staff told me there's at least 30mins additional waiting time until I can get the surgery. Maybe my hourly pay is not as high as Dr.PARSHAN NAMIRANIAN and my contribution to the society is not as enough as Dr.PARSHAN NAMIRANIAN, but Dr.PARSHAN NAMIRANIAN's time is money, mine as well. Anyways, this is a ridiculous clinic based on my awful experiences this morning, and just FYI. If the surgeon is not capable, please do not sacrifice the patients' health and time.

  • Hana L

My experience at South Lake Union Dentist Office and with Dr. Andi has been nothing but excellent. Everyone is incredibly caring and professional; also the location is great (in the heart of SLU). I initially came in for an emergency appointment because a piece of my tooth chipped off. I was freaking out but luckily, they were able to schedule me in the same day! The entire staff was caring and helpful. They took my insurance info over the phone so I knew my coverage prior to going in. Essentially, I had a huge filling that needed to be replaced and there was crack in the tooth where the piece had broken off. Dr. Andi was very thorough and patient in explaining why that tooth needed a crown (did I mention I was freaking out?). He even took pictures with an oral camera to show me exactly what needed to be done. I proceed forward with the crown but the best part was that I WAS ABLE TO GET THE CROWN THE SAME DAY! They have this machine that makes the crown in-office; you can literally see it drilling in the front of their waiting room! It cost a little more but was totally worth it (just one appointment instead of two). Also, I couldn't even tell that I had a crown there, it blends perfectly. Doesn't get much better than that! Dr. Andi was also very gentle and made this whole experience pleasant. I've been back for several fillings and cleanings; each time was wonderful. From Nicole (front desk) to the assistants (Madison and Esmeralda), I just get good vibes all around. At my most recent appointment, they were taking extra precautions due to COVID-19, which I appreciated. My mom and best friend are also seeing Dr. Andi now and I'm excited to start Invisalign treatment soon! I highly recommend this office.

  • Jessica

First, I'd like to say the administrative staff and dental hygienists were very professional and friendly. My experience with Dr. Bienstock however was unpleasant and uncomfortable at best. I've moved around my fair share so I'm seen an array of dentists but have never had a bad visit in the past. Similar to other reviewers, Dr. Bienstock used sales tactics and guilt trips to pressure me into further treatment. While I greatly value the medical advice and have concern for my oral health, it is unprofessional to continue to lecture a patient after they have expressed that they are unable to afford the co-pay costs for further treatment at this time. It's not fun explaining over five times that I'm in-between work due to COVID and won't be able to take on extra costs at this time while the medical "professional" I'm seeing gets increasingly frustrated and forceful. He spent more time pressuring me to spend more than be did actually treating me as a patient. Even while he was treating me, he exaggerated my discomfort, saying I was in a lot of pain as an argument to sell further treatment. I was not in pain and my biggest discomfort was being in conversation with him. If he hadn't acted like a slimy used car dealer, I would have eagerly made another appointment once saving the money for the treatment suggested. My partner sees a different dentist and was diagnosed with the same condition but received much more affordable treatment without the sales pressure. I'll be making an appointment with my partner's dentist's office next time.

  • Ashley Lemmex

OK so this review is going to sound a bit like maybe they paid me to say this but I promise they didn’t. I am a person that has a lot of medical anxiety and is dealing with chronic pain in my neck - so naturally I was a bit nervous to go to the dentist. However Dr. Bienstock and his team have been so wonderfully accommodating. Everything from making sure that I have a blanket when I am cold (which is a big pain trigger) to explaining the processes and x-rays to me in depth. This not only eases my anxiety but I walk away always having learned something, including the steps that we might take to prevent the need for bigger treatments and how we can plan for longer-term dental care. They have explained all medical costs ahead of time (especially great since my insurance doesn’t cover much). This includes payment plans and scheduling to accommodate my budget needs. I have had a few fillings done (including replacing one from a previous dentist that had chipped and fallen out). When I needed my root canal, Dr. Bienstock took the time to really show me on my imaging what was happening and we talked through the whole process before we did it. I was so nervous that day- and was also in the process of grieving a sibling- all of that on top of the chronic pain and there was no way I could handle the rubber teeth guard/opener- so his entire team worked with me without that- which i know is much trickier. All to say- they have been so wonderful to work with. I moved from SLU to North Seattle but I wont be switching dentists!

  • Kwang Seob Kim

DISCLAIMER: I wrote my first review (also 5 star) last year (2020) but it seems like it got deleted. So let me summarize my first review first. Two years ago, a local dentist in Shoreline told me that I had some serious cavities and quoted me nearly $2,500 for treatment. I went to another local dentist for a second opinion, and this dentist disagreed and said that I don't have cavities but I have serious gum problems and quoted me $1,300. But here's the kicker: I volunteered to be a patient for a UW dental student's exam and both the dental student and an experienced UW dental professor examined me and said that I do not have any of those problems. In fact, they told me that I do not qualify as a volunteer patient because there is nothing much to treat!! This is when I got fed up and asked my dentist friend (out of state) for a reliable and honest dentist. He strongly recommended me, Dr. Andi Liou. Last year (2020), when I visited him, he told me that I do not have serious gum diseases yet, but I must get some deep cleaning on a few spots and take good care of them before the condition gets worse. His treatment plan quote was around $100! That is a huge difference! After the procedure and using the mouthwash Dr. Liou recommended, my gums started to feel good. UPDATE: Today (1/7/2021), I just went in for my second visit. Dr. Liou said my gums improved a lot, which was not surprising to me because I could already tell my gums were much healthier. Obviously, Dr. Liou is an honest person and cares about his patients.

  • Alexis Hawes

I have never had a more professional, efficient, and overall positive experience at a dental office. Dr. Bienstock is a skilled dentist that knows his practice and his people better than anyone. I got there a little early but was checked in early and taken back before my appointment even started. The gentleman at the front desk was warm and friendly. He was also very transparent in the costs with insurance, the payment plan for Invisalign, and everything that I was signing. The procedure I had was an onlay. They made it out of ceramic and the entire procedure (including creating the tooth) took an hour. Dr. Bienstock got the perfect fit on his first try. It was was clear that him and his assistant Sydney, go through each step carefully, double checking every movement to make sure it is perfect. The result is that it shows, I have a new tooth that matches perfectly and feels great when I bite. I was then fitted for Invisalign which was another seamless experience. They showed me the before and after and walked me through the entire process. I feel very confident that my smile will look great and I have Dr. Bienstock to thank for that. Overall the staff is friendly and happy, you can tell they love their jobs, their coworkers, and the environment their in. The dental work is top of class, very efficient with the latest equipment and extreme precision. I am so glad to have found Dr. Bienstock and couldn’t recommend this dentist and office more!

  • JessicaRichele

I recently had to have my wisdom teeth removed, a process I was very nervous about for a multitude of circumstances. I was so right to put my trust in everyone at South Lake Union Dentist Office. I cannot sing enough praise for every person I encountered from the very start; the friendly front desk staff, Dr. Ryskalczyk, Dr. Pedersen, every single member on the team who carried out the process while also thinking to get me blankets, make sure I’m comfortable, or provide a hand to hold. They walked me through every step of the process and were open and honest with me about the fears I had, both validating me while comforting me that they had complete control and confidence that everything would go smoothly. Not only were they emotionally and mentally supportive, they worked fast and extremely efficiently and had the procedure over quicker than I imagined it could be done. I’ve since been recovering quite nicely with no bruising and very little swelling. I’m absolutely thrilled I chose South Lake Union Dentist Office to get this dealt with. Their compassion, experience, and synergy transformed what could have been a stressful situation into a very positive experience that’s left me feeling confident and supported in a time when such care is so needed by everyone.

  • Mitesh Saragia

Had a very bad experience with Dr Bienstock. He looked at the X rays etc. talked to us about what needs to be done and then left, asked the cashier to come in and she gave us a cost estimate. I asked her for a min to chat with my wife alone. We were discussing and Dr came into the room (While we were still discussing) and started affirming the cost estimate and that we have very good insurance etc. etc. I told him I got the same procedure done for a third of the co pay with a different dentist so I wanted to understand what's special about this case. He became defensive and started speaking about you have great insurance and this is great for 335 bucks etc etc. i.e. started pushing us like a sales person. Then all of a sudden said in a very frustrated manner said.. what do you want me to do. I said we were still discussing while you came in and we haven't yet made the decision yet. My wife and I decided to leave at that point. The staff, cashier and everyone else we met were all very professional and polite. I wish I could say the same about Dr Bienstock as well. She got the procedure done at a different clinic for $100 bucks co pay. Very thankful that we left this clinic and went somewhere else, never going back here.

  • A B

I had my first visit to South Lake Union dental office last week. I must say I am so impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Bienstock and his staff today which included Nicole and Madison. Esthetically the office is beautiful. Everything is brand new, modern, and clean. Dr. Bienstock is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He knows how to talk to his patients to make them feel comfortable. He wants to know about your history and comfort level so that he can make your experience as enjoyable as possible. I have had several bad experiences in the dental chair, so this was a huge relief and WONDERFUL experience for me to have a doctor and staff that I felt actually cared. Their technology, equipment, and instruments are all top-notch and brand new as well which sped up my time spent in the chair. I had multiple services done today which included full x-rays and exam, impressions for a night guard, fillings for two small cavities (which I was numbed for) and a fluoride treatment. This will be my primary dentist moving forward due to the amazing staff, and how warm and friendly Dr. Bienstock and his staff are. They are accepting new patients, so go in now and check them out!

  • Chelsea Goyer

I’ve been seeing Dr. Pedersen for a year now and have been thrilled with her as my new dentist. One of the things that really stood out to me was how she and her team approached patient care. Unlike other dental offices I've been to, they didn't try to guilt or shame me about my dental hygiene habits. Instead, they focused on easy ways to incorporate small changes to your day to day. It was such a relief not to be made to feel bad about not flossing every day (or feeling like you have to lie about it!) The use of new-age technology, particularly the in-mouth digital photos of my teeth, was truly impressive. They explained everything in detail and showed me the images - it’s incredible seeing the backs of your teeth! The location of the office is right in the heart of SLU is another huge plus. It's convenient to access, and street parking was surprisingly easy. The office itself is modern, clean, and inviting. Dr Pedersen’s golden retriever Sadie sits up front to greet everyone and really creates a comfortable environment. At no point did I feel pressured or pushed into unnecessary procedures or upsold on anything.

  • Justin Hagen

I stumbled upon South Lake Union after having major issues with my last dentist. This place is the real deal! From the check-in process, to taking x-rays to my cleaning, everyone was so kind. I have had several appointments with Dr. Pedersen, and she has such a calm demeanor when going over my treatment plan. I needed several fillings and she didn’t shame me one bit for the condition of my teeth, but instead informed me why I needed the diagnosed treatment. I’ve never been to a dentist who explained everything step-by-step and reassured me there wouldn’t be any pain with the procedure. She also helped with my Invisalign treatment and now I’m smiling all the time. I’m smiling because of Dr. Pedersen!! Also, Dr. Pedersen’s dog Sadie is the sweetest and helps to calm and anxious feelings you may have coming to the dentist. Make sure you get to meet her! I can’t thank Dr. Pedersen and the South Lake Union Dentist Office staff enough. See you in six months for my cleaning!

  • Janice

I don't normally give reviews but I thought it'd be worthwhile this time as I did not have a good experience. The front desk and assistants were great, but my doctor, not so much. It was my first time at a dentist in the U.S. and during my first consultation with Dr. Bienstock, I felt uncomfortable as he seemed to be shaming me for the condition for my teeth, which I don't think is professional to do. Even worse, while the doctor was explaining to me the procedures, he kept asking me if I understand what he was saying as if I didn't know English (which I am perfectly fluent in), and at some point even asked me if I would like someone to explain to me in Mandarin. I get that he may have meant well, but I found it kind of bad to just assume that I am a Chinese person who does not understand English just because of how I look. Overall, the work done was good but for the reasons above I would not recommend to go there, especially for internationals.

  • Le N

I’ve avoided the dentist for four years because I’ve grown up with the stereotypical dentist from hell. My tooth chipped and was stabbing my cheek. I called around and no one was able to get me in in a timely manner while being in network: A friend recommended Dr Liou and I’m so grateful he did. They got me in the next day for a comprehensive exam. The doctor explained in a clear and concise treatment plan and had their billing person come in and go over my benefits and what the next few weeks would look like for me to maximize my treatment plan. This was the most important part for me. There’s nothing I hate more than hidden fees and getting a bill later for something I didn’t understand. The doctor knew it was a lot for me to take in and made sure I had time to process what needed to happen. He has great bedside manner and made sure to talk to me each step of the way because I am a huge baby. It was the best topical block I’ve had in my life!

  • No One

Needed a new dentist after relocation to Seattle for better career opportunities. SLU Dentist in same building as where the wife works. We both really loved the location. Pleasantly surprised after my fist checkup. The staff is super nice, especially Nicole. Patient and listens to all my war stories. The whole admin staff really has their stuff in one sock. Great understanding of patient needs. The dental staff, of which my dentist is Dr Andy as I refer to him, is very professional. Will match your level of intuitiveness so communication and understanding of the prognosis and outcomes. Dr Beanstalk is also very good and sees the wife as well. So, if your looking for the best dentist in Seattle and it's easily gotten to, parking is just right around corner in the Amazon campus building underground. Go there and you will feel right at home, relative to a problematic dental problem.

  • Jessica Graham

I am very happy to have found a new dentist in Dr. Virdi, and dental clinic at SLU Dentist. The entire staff was helpful and professional- helping me schedule for the next day when I broke a tooth, and Stephanie ran my insurance and presented how the costs would look, and how we could maximize my benefits in this year and what could wait until the benefits reset again. When I had the crown procedure done, I was nervous because I have some breathing issues and having lots of equipment and hands in my mouth makes breathing difficult. Dr. Virdi and her assistant Sydney were patient and made adjustments to make it work for me, and most importantly didn’t make fun of me or become exasperated (which is why I left my last dentist). She explained the steps she was taking and this helped me feel calmer as well. Thanks Dr. Virdi and staff for making this experience positive!

  • Michael Garrett

I moved here from Nebraska and really needed to find a new dentist. Went in the see Dr. Ornelas and the whole team was AMAZING! The dental assistant, Madison, was so friendly while taking my x-rays and assisting. Dr. O was super thorough when it came to explaining my x-rays and my oral health. I hate getting medical bills in the mail and finding out they are ridiculously expensive. At this office, they tell you what the cost is straight up so you aren’t in the dark. Stephanie came in, after Dr. O discussed my treatment plan, and explained my benefits/what the cost of my treatment would be. I truly appreciated all of this information. We even started treatment same day and a paid right after my appointment. So long to those pesky dental bills in the mail!!! This place has me SOLD, best dental experience ever!

  • Kyle

The lady and gentlemen at the reception were excellent. Both very professional. The person who did the true cleaning of my teeth was very nice as well and the facility is clean and modern. My only complaint is specifically with the dentist who assisted me. I felt like I was in a sales pitch. He kept pushing me to do extra add ons when I was there for only a cleaning even though I said I'd think about it. I also get nervous at dentist offices and he saw I was squirming and out of my comfort zone, however he made a comment and chuckled at me being so uncomfortable. While I appreciate the services and recommendations, I want to be comfortable when at dentist offices and he made me feel far from that. For that reason I would recommend avoiding this dentist office.

  • G Gorsky

I love this office! I found them last year while looking for emergency care for an abcess. So thankful I did! Understanding and kind staff in every position! At my last visit, my dental assitant Homer, hygienist Eileen, dentist Dr. Cheng, and receptionist Helena were all amazing. Helena even updated my pronouns in the system which means a lot to me as a nonbinary person. My past visits all tell a similar story. They have also been extremely helpful in making sure my care is affordable and accessible as someone without dental insurance paying out of pocket, including payment plans and savings on services where possible. This made a lot possible that would've been out of reach They care! So glad I found SLU Dentist Office!

  • Jui Hanamshet

I had a great experience at this dentist's office. When I called to schedule an appointment, I got one for a couple weeks after which was a pleasant surprise since most dentists' office take months. When I went in, I had to wait maybe 5 mins before being called in. The dental assistant was fantastic in making sure I was doing ok through the xray process. Then I got taken in for cleaning. I had Dr. Peterson who was amazing, she addressed all my issues, gave me a heads up if something was going to hurt during the cleaning, and answered all my questions. All the staff at this place are really good! The benefits coordinator explained the coverage to me well. Lastly, the music is freaking good, vibed to it the entire time!

  • Krista G

Very disappointed. The process was inefficient and a simple cleaning appointment took 90 minutes. I was asked to blindly provide my signature without seeing what I was signing. But the worst part was when I asked the dentist to avoid a sensitive area, they immediately started poking that area and only stopped after I cringed and turned away in pain and said no TWICE more. Then they said in a scolding/parental tone, “it’s not going to get better if you don’t let me do that” as though I was the problem by making their job inconvenient. It was an awful feeling to be disregarded and given no alternatives like numbing gel. It’s MY body, MY health, MY pain. I will not go back to a provider who doesn’t listen to me.

  • A S

The whole team is amazing! Dr. Andi was very gentle and discussed about each step clearly with me to make sure all my concerns are solved before and during the treatment. The treatment tools is also very advanced that I don't see in other dentist office. Like they have a throat cover to prevent unconformable feeling of water getting to you throat. Sunglasses to avoid light. 360 X-ray etc. Dr.Andi's treatment was quick and also well done, he had his own professional opinions and won't add unnecessary treatment. I agree that he's the best dentist so far I have met. haha. Frontdesk staffs are also very responsible and efficient. Had made my appt to remove wisdom tooth here in one month. god bless.

  • Elle Beenie

I generally do not write reviews, but I thought this should benefit other people so they avoid wasting their time and money here. If you book online, they promise a confirmation email that will never arrive. Then they disturb you 2-3 times over the phone, before the appointment, because asking everything in one call would be too smart. Interestingly, if you email them, they will never respond. After the mandatory x-ray, if they realize you need nothing, they will make up a story and ensure they play with the insurance, so your out of pocket gets as high as possible. Since I stepped in I felt uncomfortable and that feeling was just confirmed by their unprofessional behavior.

  • tenoa spencer

Definitely one of the best experiences I've ever had at a dentist ever! very professional and also very knowledgeable about what they do and provide clear objectives for treatment that understandable and realistic very clean and sterile environment even the equipment they use was technology that I've never seen are ever had used on me and the staff was super friendly and welcoming especially Stephanie Mendoza for making me feel comfortable and confident with the treatment plan! And Dr. Stephanie Pedersen was amazing and very thorough and informative and also made me feel really comfortable with her plan for treatment! Definitely will recommend to family and friends!

  • Bastian Cohen

If you’re like everyone else on the planet and have anxiety about dentists, I highly recommend South Lake Union Dentist. I am so impressed with the service I received today from every staff member. First of all they have an amazing front desk receptionist. Very personable and easy to talk to. I saw Dr.Bienstock who was very nice. I was lucky enough to have pretty great teeth for not going to a dentist for over 3 years. The x-ray tech Madison was super friendly. My dental assistant Lana was so nice and even though the impressions took more than one time to get right I had no problem working with her. I’m going back in a month to get my wisdoms removed. Wish me luck!

  • Stephen Norman

Usually have a pleasant experience at this dentists office, and have been going for 3 years. This time felt a bit impersonal and I had to wait in the chair for the dentist for at least 30 minutes after my hygienist was done (I could be exaggerating, but that’s what it felt like). The dentist didn’t acknowledge the wait in any way. I understand that things can’t always work like clockwork, so I don’t necessarily mind the waiting, but when she came in it would have been nice to acknowledge how long I’d be waiting, or to have someone poke their head in once or twice to check in while I was awaiting. This is unusual as they are usually quite efficient and friendly.

  • xdfew Arteche

Front desk 10/10. Accurate on quotes, and answers questions accurately with no delay. She has great knowledge of the billing codes, and was able to get the absolute best price for 4 wisdom teeth extractions. She scheduled the exam, then the extraction the next day! She was extremely welcoming, and was able to recognize we were mandarin speakers. She quickly got Dr. Andi Liou to help with the process. Dr. Andi Liou was amazing, He spent a lot of time answering questions. He went above on beyond to make sure my spouse was not scared. He arrived early during my spouses wisdom teeth extraction to help translate. LGBTQ Friendly, and have Mandarin speaking staff.

  • Kristen Miller

First time patient with a total fear of dentists and drills. This makes me pretty reluctant to go in for regular dental care . Which is why it’s so lucky I found South Lake Union dental Cindy Virdi DDS knows how to work with clients like me . She was patient , compassionate and flexible with the tools and approaches used in my teeth cleaning and filling. She had no problem offering additional topical numbing or switching to a less invasive tool/method to reduce my anxiety and tooth sensitivity . Everyone on the dental team I interacted with from front desk check in to the dental assistants to the dentist herself were friendly , respectful and professional.

  • Jane Lu

Update: almost all of the staff seems to have turned over by now. None of the original dentists/techs/receptionists I loved are there anymore. The new dentists are overbooked or not as caring as the old staff. I'll be finding a new dentist office now that I'm not in the area anymore. Really great dentist office. Both me and my husband loved Dr. Andy and his team. I have really sensitive teeth so Dr. Andy really listened to me when I told him what hurt and he was extra gentle with me. He also was really funny and explained everything he did. You could tell his team all really loved working there. Definitely a great experience :)

  • Terrence Spencer

Wow!!! I was extremely pleased with the level of quality that this place has to offer, from all of the front office staff to Dr. Cheng I felt comfortable almost immediately upon my arrival to my appointment when greeted by such kind and soothing souls like Stephanie mendoza and her colleagues that were present at the time, they did an awesome job at subduing any anxiety I previously had with having any dental work done do to a previous bad and traumatizing experience elsewhere. This place has restored my trust with dental care and I highly recommend you trust them as well! Also the music that was playing was exquisite!

  • Eleasha Chew

I saw Dr Archana Dubey to get 3 fillings and for my regular cleaning. She was so lovely and had a really knowledgeable and comforting way about her. I also really appreciate her being meticulous about taking her time with me to make sure my fillings were done evenly. All the staff members are kind and patient. A standout for me was the price transparency before any procedures were done. They were clear about explaining to me exactly how much I would have to pay out of pocket. Going to the dentist is not always a pleasant experience, but this place made it almost enjoyable! Thanks all for the care.

  • Sophie Mackenzie

From the get go, these guys were helpful and approachable. I was running a little late as I went to the wrong address and instead of making it difficult for me, I was told to just get there safely. This was first dental appointment in many years and I was very overwhelmed to find that I needed a fair amount of work done but I felt like it was explained every step of the way and that the staff were there for me. The benefits coordinators and office staff were personable, understanding and helped to ensure that there are were surprises. I highly recommended this dental office :)

  • Jillian Donnelly

I can't say enough good things about this Dentist office and their staff! I had a baby tooth that I wanted to cover with a veneer. They went through every option with me and helped me figure out what worked best for me. I also really appreciated that they let me know that it really wasn't noticeable but were happy to do it, if it would make me feel better. I got it done yesterday and couldn't be happier. Dr. Brian Bienstock did SUCH A GOOD JOB! I really can't recommend this dentist clinic more and have convinced most of my team to join the clinic as well!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Kyl Ledbetter

Staff are excellent, though Dr Bierstock always seemed too busy and never very invested. On my last visit he didn't want to wait for the surgeon so he gave me a list of instructions to pass along.. The last time I saw him he told me either my teeth were receding or he hadn't done the reading correctly the first time. Given our interactions I think its very much a possibility that it wasn't done right. Every time I walk away feeling like Bierstock is attempting a shake down and that had someone else been doing the operation I would have better results.

  • John Riddlz

First time being here and I felt really welcomed. They are professional, courteous, and friendly… Dr. Pedersen explains things very well and is attentive when you ask questions or have any concerns. Good quality and amazing service! I’m satisfied with the results with my crown and won’t hesitate to come back again if anything. Also, thank you Stephanie and Es for making me feel comfortable and at ease because I usually have anxiety when I go to any doctor or dentist. They take good care of you and I highly recommend this place!

  • Elizabeth Chesebrough

Was recommended this dentist by a friend because I'm dentist-averse. They were super professional and kind, no shaming at all even though I haven't been to a dentist in 5+ years. They were also extremely clear on prices, which was much appreciated. No pressure to get optional treatments, which were clearly stated as 'optional'. I need to go back for a totally necessary root canal, and am not avoiding it, like I may have in the past. Awesome practice, and can't express how much I appreciated their professionalism.

  • Sabina Perry

My appointments with doctor Bienstock (I can’t remember how to spell his name!) Have always gone so smoothly and I love him as a dentist! The team is also really friendly and supportive because I get anxiety at my dentist appointments. I will be going to him for as long as he is in the business! doctor Bienstock is so cool and always makes me feel so comfortable, and I am a disabled veteran with no dental insurance and he always is conscious of my budget, which is rare. I am so thankful to be a patient there!

  • Allison Hill

Super Covid safe!! Love all of these people so much I travel an hour to get there! I was told by multiple dentists that to fix my teeth and jaw it would be over $20k and painful work. I went here and all of them were like "nah, none of this will hurt (I $h!t you not, 2 root canals and I didn't feel a thing!) and it'll be less than half of that". I highly recommend them. Update: I realize I may sound like quite the masochistic but, two crowns later and they’re still a painless dream team of epic proportions.

  • Shivanie Samooj

This office is full of the most caring and professional staff! Dr. Bienstock performed my cavity fillings and was patient, informative, and very careful. Miranda, the dental hygienist, made sure I was comfortable and explained every step of the process to me. From start to finish, Nicole walked me through my insurance and payment options as well as scheduling for my next visit. It’s refreshing to visit a team that cares so much about my oral health and properly educates with being condescending.

  • Shelby Archer

I’ve gone to Dr. Pederson for a year now and I’m super happy! My boyfriend found the clinic and we’ve both had great experiences. The staff is super friendly the cleanings are quick and painless! I really like that Dr. Pederson takes the time to answer all of my concerns and to actually explain her thoughts on treatment (a breath of fresh air) I never feel pressured or uninformed. They’re also super accommodating of schedules and have great availability! Feels like how dentistry should be!

  • Eric Zuehlsdorff

I am someone who gets a little nervous going to the dentist, especially a new one. I can confidently say Dr. Bienstock and Madison the dental assistant made sure I was well taken care of. They were wonderful to work with! Nicole the office manager was very helpful and made the paperwork and check-in process seamless. The office is brand new, clean, and very conveniently located in the heart of SLU. I will not miss the trips to Tacoma to see my old dentist and I know I'm in good hands here!

  • Samantha Sheppeard

i have been going to this location for a couple of years now and even since my first cleaning (after i had not been to the dentist in a few years) it has been the best experience i have ever had at a dentists office. i was seeing dr andy and this time i saw dr brito since he moved. she was just as magnificent. i cannot forget to mention the support staff brittany and sidney. they were both so sweet and genuine. i really never am anxious or dread going to the dentist because of this office.

  • Namrata Bilurkar

I got a deep cleaning procedure done this past week. It was divided into two appointments, 2 quadrants of my mouth per appointment. Dr.Brain and the entire team was wonderful. They were understanding of my nervousness about dental visit, patient in explaining everything ahead of time so nothing was thrown as a surprise my way and the benefits coordinator walked me through the estimated cost before my treatment started. Definitely a recommendation from my end.

  • Myles Gorder

I went in today for a cleaning and it was wonderful. Homer was my technician and Dr. Pedersen was my doctor. Homer was extremely gentle and polite, always making sure I was comfortable. Dr. Pedersen answered all the questions I had and explained everything she was doing. Before they did anything they explained how much was covered and how much I would pay out of pocket so there were no surprises. I would highly recommend this office for your next visit.

  • Jiawei Ma

I used to go to this place for the cleaning and dental check for 2 years, and I recommend friends and colleagues here before I left Seattle. I heard a recent experience happened to my gf which makes me very disappointed and upset. The receptionist made my gf's appointment cancelled without any notification and what's worse, she didn't even mean to apologize for this frustrating customer experience. I would not recommend this place anymore.

  • Todd Illy

They did fine with the general cleaning and x-rays. However, I later came back to have 4 wisdom teeth removed and they did a horrible job with the post operation care. I had to call to find out about sinus passage exposure care. AND I didn't find out that they only removed 3/4 wisdom teeth and why, until after I called. Had I not called I would have never known. These seemed like important pieces of information to have post surgery.

  • Michael O

The whole staff is great! Dr. Bienstock helped me finish my Invisalign treatment after moving here. The transfer process was easy, and finished without delay. Dr. Andi Liou will make sure you have a pleasant experience, and understand the importance of keeping your teeth as healthy as possible. The Invisalign scanning process was easy with Madison, and Esmeralda did a great job making sure I was comfortable during my cleaning.

  • Salina A

Their staff was so kind and patient with me. I get bad anxiety for any kind of Dr. visit! Dr. Pedersen talked me through everything and was patient when answering my gazillion questions lol Homer too was great with me and had the same treatment towards me - kind & patient. I’m so glad I ended up here for my first dentist appointment in years! They really helped it go smooth and calmly for me. Thanks to everyone there! ♥️

  • savan vaishnav

I went there to fix tooth ache while eating hard food on left side. She told one crown and few filings are need. I got the filings done. My jaw hurt after anesthesia wore off. I messaged then, no response. I called then next day, she said i would get a response by 3 pm and again no response. I missed probably one call from them but latter again no response. My teeth still hurt and they feel like superglued in between.

  • Emily H

Really personable staff and new facilities/equipment. Dr. Cheng was thorough and took the time to explain exactly what my treatment plan would look like. Jarquees was also very helpful throughout my appointment and made sure the front desk staff knew about my scheduling limitations for an upcoming procedure. I had not been to the dentist since before the pandemic so I am very happy with my overall experience!

  • Casey Alexandria

I Always have a great visit! Love the people that work here. Everyone is extremely professional and kind. Homer is so funny and makes you feel welcome and at home. Eileen is super gentle and makes you feel comfortable throughout your whole visit. Dr Graham is great also! He is super knowledgeable and easy going. Office is clean which is a plus and the rest of the staff is as friendly as can be!

  • Japjeet Singh Rekhi

Booked a wisdom teeth removal surgery that had to be rescheduled at the last minute due to surgeon unavailability. Helena and Justin were kind enough to help me through the process and found me an oral surgeon at another office for the same date. They also helped getting the billing details sorted as there were some discrepancies Can't thank them enough. Great people, great place.

  • Huang Nguyen

Experience with Dr. Andi Liou was painful and unpleasant. He just graduated from University and haven't enough practice to make you safe from potential dental malpractice that's all ready happen with me. My mother says to me that's sometimes we need to sacrifice, but that's your personal choice. I would suggest that's you will be a lot of luckier if you find a non student Dr.

  • Theresa P

My experience with Dr Pedersen and her staff was excellent. She is very calming, professional and knowledgeable. I have had some traumatic experiences in the dental chair; so I am happy to say it I left not feeling anxious. The office is very clean and well run. The staff is very professional and helpful. I highly recommend South Lake Union Dentist office.

  • Brook Calfrobe Smith

Went there for a one time appointment because I had to live in Seattle for a few months. After I got back home and went to my normal dentist, my dentist said they did a horrible job on my tooth filling. I was completely embarrassed and very upset. Now I have to re do the filling they did at south lake union dentist office. I wish I wouldn’t of gone here.

  • Chloe Siefker

I was recently traveling on business when my front tooth filling chipped. In a panic with work meetings later in the day, I called South Lake as it was just a block away and they got me in 15 minutes later. Dr Andi took his time and fixed my front tooth and made the filling much stronger than the original. Thanks again, you guys completely saved the day.

  • Dorothy Mulkern

This dentist office is excellent. I’ve had appointments with multiple hygienists and dentists and always receive outstanding care. I appreciate seeing Homer who always teaches me something new about how to take care of my teeth! My only wish is they’d hire someone to do Botox for TMJ - but they did help me find someone after their doctor left.

  • Laurel Brishel Prichard

Everyone is amazing at this office. The front office staff is friendly and efficient, the assistants are prompt and informative, plus the Dentist I saw, Dr. Ornelas, was detailed in his exam and explained the next steps for my treatment in a way that was easy to understand. I definitely will be going back and would refer friends/family here.

  • Yunjian Qiu

I usually do not write reviews but Eileen, the hygenist who helped me do cleaning and teeth checkup, is so professional and caring. She carefully checked my teech and provided me with very reasonable therapeutic schedule. Also everyone looks so happy and kind and I am very glad that I finally find the most reliable office to go!

  • Joan Melendez

Update 5/16/2019. My first cleaning... still the Best Dental Experience ever!!! the entire experience was fantastic, from check in, to questions... everything perfect. I had absolutely no discomfort. Cleaning... my teeth feel fantastic! Dr. B took time to answer questions and to explain things that I've never knew before! …

  • Ninti Chance

I really like this office! Everyone is so happy and kind. I felt safe getting my oral surgery and Dr. Cheng performed a checkup, reassuring that my healing was going well. Overall, I love coming to this office because they're always in such uplifting moods and listen to my concerns. Also, I love Justin, Stephanie, and Helena!

  • kate nichols

my care from start to finish at SLUD was top-notch. it began out of necessity, with an emergency root canal. from that treatment, through crown, extraction + overall general care, their whole staff is so helpful and caring. the front desk team let me know about cost up front and they offer payment plans. love these folks.

  • Chris Osterhout

The staff and facility are amazing. Modern technology is used to reduce time in the office and improve overall results. I had an urgent need for a crown replacement last year and it was handled in a single visit. More recently, I went back for my regular cleaning and was in and out in under an hour. Highly recommended!

  • Marc Arceo

Extremely caring and professional staff. There were a couple times I had a dental concern and they were able to squeeze me in the same day just to take a look. Never had that kind of service at any other dental office. I've moved a bit south but still make the awful i5 drive to stay as a patient with this office.

  • Brandon Hurrington

Dr. Stephanie Pedersen is phenomenal at the craft of dentistry and is a terrific person. Her team is friendly and skilled. They make every visit feel like something special and take advantage of many cutting edge dentistry tools to make visits as painless and fast as possible. Top marks across the board!

  • Ant C

I’m grateful to have found this dental office. From the front desk to my dentist Dr. Pedersen, I feel like the customer service and care they all provide is unmatched. I started Invisalign recently with them and they explained the process thoroughly which I appreciated. Definitely recommend going here!

  • J Chandler

They have been awesome! Got everything from regular checkups to wisdom teeth extractions done here. Their online systems made it easy to schedule and fill out docs ahead of time. The only drawback is with finding parking, but it’s in a very walkable neighborhood. All in all, a great dentist office!

  • Joyce and David Im-Lee

Dr Andi is the BEST!!! I saw him for an exam and cleaning, and he is very friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding. I have a pretty gnarly cavity and he explained very clearly why and how he’ll fix it. The cleaning was thorough too. Thank you to the entire staff for a swift and painless visit!

  • Cody Sparks

Working with Dr. Pedersen was amazing! She’s so kind and easy to work with. I was super nervous coming in for my first appointment as this was my first appointment since the pandemic started and Dr. Pedersen and the rest of the staff made me feel super relaxed and comfortable. Great experience!

  • Xin Oili

I think the Doctor Pham is experienced. I did the root canal, at the first time, he helped to check if I need root canal or other thing because my tooth was bad, and gave me sometime to see if medicine worked in my tooth. I recommend him for root canal. He also answered many questions from me.

  • saytuvin helm

It was my first time went to Dentist Office. After I got some of treatments. I realized I picked the right place. All staff are so friendly and outstanding services. Especially doctors, they are capable to work on our problems and our concerns. One of my favorite dentist is Doctor, ANDI LIOU.

  • Randi Miller

We had a one day layover before our cruise and our daughter chipped her molar. We walked into this amazing dentistry and so thankful we did! The staff and Dr Dubey were outstanding! They were so kind to our 9 year old daughter. Highly highly recommend this place!

  • Mansi Singh

My experience was good coming into the dentist office, however, I believe my teeth cleanup was somehow rushed and it doesn’t seem my teeth got cleaned as I would have hoped. Overall, there was a sense of rush even though I was the last appointment of the day :(

  • Zachary

Appointment was easy to schedule, everyone was friendly and personable. Really looked through everything and concerns I had. I like that the dentist did the cleaning herself. Prices were reasonable and they seemed honest about issues. Great experience

  • Hex Enduction Books

Stephanie is the best! Had a successful surgery with Dr Lee today and last visit Dr Petersen and Justin were amazing. I’d love to see Stephanie win Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie!! Nia and Alicia were wonderful as well - especially good bedside manner.

  • Seahawk Mike

Just wanted everyone to know what a great place this is and a definite go to for all your dental needs! Teeth cleaning here is a dream! Nicole was amazing here and super helpful. So if you want a great dental experience this is your place in Seattle!

  • Nicholas Groenke

Dr. Liou is great, as well as everyone else who I worked with today. He’s great at describing options. He did a great job on a tough filling. He didn’t guilt me about anything, including the fact that I hadn’t been to the dentist in quite a while.

  • Kathy Kelley

I love south lake union dental! My hygienist Eileen treated me with kindness as I was deathly afraid of getting a root canal ! She calmed my nerves and talked me through the entire procedure! I highly recommend south lake union dentistry!

  • Jia Jie Choong

Dr Pedersen insist on deep cleaning my teeth and causing my gum to receed. Now after a couple years, the gum receeding hasn't improve. Rude and cold hearted leaving customer bleeding all over the floor without a care. Avoid at all cost.

  • Patrick C

I normally don’t write reviews on Google but I felt compelled to write one for South Lake Union Dentist Office because it is *that* wonderful. If you: #1. Work in South Lake Union, #2. You live in Seattle, and/or #3. You have had bad

  • Jarquees Patton

These guys are the best! Stephanie, Justin, and Halena all were very helpful and welcoming, my appointment was very easygoing as well, would definitely recommend this place if you're looking for people who take pride in what they do!

  • My Nguyen

Dr. Graham, Sydney, and Justin took great care of me! The cleaning went very well because they all communicated well about the whole process. I’m so thankful for their help. I feel a lot better about my dental care options. :-)))

  • Elena Sawyer

I am so thankful I found this dentist office and Dr. Stephanie Pedersen. Dr. Pedersen is fantastic! She puts you at ease right away, is quick, kind and very good at what she does. Can't recommend her and this office enough!

  • Erin Brown

Dr. Marneni is so, so good! She has a calm demeanor and answered all of my questions thoroughly and patiently. She was gentle during the cleaning and I never felt like she was rushing. Such a great experience!

  • Daph L

Dr. Cheng did a good job in cleaning my teeth and getting my filling done. She was professional and a good communicator. It was a little chaotic during my time here (many patients) but the job got done!

  • Akhil Gopinath

Dr Brian and team are great and answer all your questions patiently. The staff is also very helpful and knowledgeable. I have gotten quite a few procedures done here and had a good experience each time.

  • Anthony Choice

Dr. Beinstock and Sydney gave me so many things to smile about today. Excellent care and a few fun jokes. If you're in the market for a new practitioner, these folks should be at the top of your list!

  • Richard

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Everyone is professional at this office. Dr. Bienstock, it’s incredible. I highly recommend them! I definitely will be going back and would refer friends/family here. I Love this place!

  • Big Witch

I have teeth shame and dentist anxiety and was immediately put at ease by the wonderful staff here. Dr Pedersen is a godsend and every interaction has been wonderful. I won’t be going anywhere else.

  • Mandy Ly Underhill

Great office! In particular they are the first dentist to be so transparent on treatment costs before each appointment. Everyone has been really nice and it’s easy to get an appointment scheduled.

  • Kristin Bruce

The South Lake Union Dentist Office is fantastic. Their entire staff is incredibly friendly and Greet at what they do. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Seattle area! 10/10 …

  • Kassie Schwartz

Dr. Pedersen is so welcoming and so great at what she does! And of course Stephanie (office manager) and Justin are so helpful to work with as well in getting plans set up for future care. :-)

  • Christopher Rapisarda

First checkin, fast to get back to see the Dentist. Had someone to help break down benefits for future procedures. Super helpful, professional and im glad i found them!

  • Dayanara Campos

Had a first appointment with them and I had a nice visit with everyone involved. The dentist was really nice and explained everything clearly. I feel like I got great treatment.

  • Tumi

This was the least painful dental experience I've ever had! Dr. Bienstock does great work and he was recommended to me by my boyfriend who also had a good experience here.

  • Dimosthenis Katsis

I had three cavities filled and the experience was pleasant and pain-free. I would recommend this dentist office to anyone looking for professionalism and service.

  • Monica Ghosh

I'm terrified of the dentist, but Dr. Peterson and her team were amazing, both in the substance of their job and in putting me at ease. Could not recommend enough.

  • Shawn Marie Paris

Prompt efficient office with knowledgeable staff. I really appreciate the attention to detail and the friendliness of all the people I encountered in the office.

  • Alexander Johnson

South Lake Union Dentists and Dr. Chang are the kings and queens of crowns. Expect the royal treatment from this crew – they send you home smiling every time.

  • sara imson

The team at this office are the best!! Justin & Stephanie are always so helpful whenever I need to figure out a payment plan, they always make it so easy (:

  • Adam Jackson

I really like this dentist office a lot, everyone is really nice including my dentist Dr. Cheng. Much better experience here than my previous dentist.

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