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Tour by foot Salvador - Free Walking Tour is a Tour agency located at Praça Castro Alves - Comercio, Salvador - BA, 40301-110, Brazil. It has received 747 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.



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  • The address of Tour by foot Salvador - Free Walking Tour: Praça Castro Alves - Comercio, Salvador - BA, 40301-110, Brazil

  • Tour by foot Salvador - Free Walking Tour has 4.9 stars from 747 reviews

  • Tour agency

  • "This was an absolute must do!! Eduardo our tour guide was probably the best guide I have had on a walking tour (and I’ve done quite a few) he was kind, funny and gave so many recommendations of things to do whilst in Salvador as well as sharing his rich knowledge of the city and the culture here"

    "This was an AMAZING tour and I highly recommend Enrique to anyone visiting Salvador"

    "We signed up for an English tour but were put in a Spanish group instead and told that they would do a combined tour giving the info in both languages"

    "We did our city tour of Salvador with Enrique"

    "This is a pretty limited tour in terms of how much ground and information is covered relative to free walking tours I’ve done in other places"


  • Felicity Litster

This was an absolute must do!! Eduardo our tour guide was probably the best guide I have had on a walking tour (and I’ve done quite a few) he was kind, funny and gave so many recommendations of things to do whilst in Salvador as well as sharing his rich knowledge of the city and the culture here. After the tour he then told us about a women’s football match to go that day, and then joined us in going to watch it and support the local team, and we had the best experience. Truly went above and beyond to make our day in Salvador special - such a big heart and so enlightening with the information he shared whilst walking around the city. Thankyou so so much - it was amazing!!

  • Dan Flynn

This was an AMAZING tour and I highly recommend Enrique to anyone visiting Salvador. Really you should take time out of your stay to do this tour with him so you have the perspective of this amazing city while you're there and also knowledge of the whole Northeast region of Brazil. Since the tour, I've retold knowledge that I learned from Enrique several times to other people on my travels and it's sparked many great conversations. Enrique keeps you entertained, while filling you with knowledge, and he even makes many good recommendations for while you're in Salvador and having visited a few I can say they are spot on. Thanks again Enrique!

  • Andrew Shelton

We signed up for an English tour but were put in a Spanish group instead and told that they would do a combined tour giving the info in both languages. He then proceeded to give minutes and minutes of information in Spanish at each stop, then give a few rushed seconds of English information so I don't feel like we really learned anything. I would have preferred to be told there were no English tours available on this day and then reschedule to a tour exclusively in English to have avoided this experience. Also the tour guide never introduced himself so I can't namedrop him here.

  • Manon Antonacci

We did our city tour of Salvador with Enrique. Enrique knows a lot about the cities economic history. However, it feels like he only portrays the cities history from a white and economic perspective, talking about slavery as a pure commodity to increase production while not highlighting all the harm, torture and brutality that came along with it. Since Salvador is the most black city outside of Africa it would have been nice to have had a tour with a local PoC rather than a white Argentinien expat.

  • Alexandra Filippova

This is a pretty limited tour in terms of how much ground and information is covered relative to free walking tours I’ve done in other places. But you get a good introduction to Pelo and to a lesser extent Salvador, Bahia, and Brazil. I would say well worth doing if it works with your timing but not to go out of your way. Eduardo especially was fantastic - he not only was a terrific guide day of, but also continued to share tips and answer questions days after. He’s a treasure!

  • Katrine Nielsen

It was a really great opportunity to get to know the history of Salvador. Sayuri was amazing - she had a lot of knowledge of cause about the history but also about the city, where is the good restaurants, where to go for live music, good coffee etc. there was a great flow during the tour, with a lot of information but told in a great and memorable way. we had a great time and will recommend everyone to do this tour when they arrive to Salvador.

  • K A

Jorge really went above and beyond on our walking tour, with his 50 years of experience he showed us the stories and history of all the important places and buildings, but also sharing tons of information about the local Bahia culture and how the city has changed over the past decades. I’ve learned much more than I expected from this tour! It was also a private tour rather than the usual 10-15 you usually see in other free walking tours.

  • Camille Delgrange

The experience with Enrique was super nice !! He gave us a real overview of the history of Brazil and of Salvador and showed us the buildings with a different sight! Also he took us to places to eat the best ice creams and he knew many people in the city and presented them to us! He gave us soo many tips that I recommend him a lot ! He really is the perfect person to discover the historical and cultural diversity of Salvador

  • domingos sousa

Excellent tour by the very knowledgeable Enrique! We were richer with the knowledge he imparted via his commentary. All our questions were answered and he managed to engage us with intelligent conversation comparing our country, India, with Brazil. Full marks! This is actually a high value tour. I would highly recommend you take this tour the day you reach Pelourinho. Thank you, Enrique. Domingos Sousa Goa, India.

  • Rebecca Cooper

We did the tour of the Pelourinho in English with Sayuri. It was great. So interesting and she tailored it to take into account the particular interests of everyone in the group. The city itself is beautiful and its ancient and recent history are really worth hearing about. Sayuri also gave great recommendations for restaurants and further places we could explore. Definitely recommend doing this in Salvador!

  • Gordon McIntosh

The English tour of Pelourinho was fantastic. Roberto was insightful, fun and extremely knowledgeable about the architecture and history of the area. My favourite aspect of the tour was the insider knowledge about the African heritage Roberto had from being a local. Would recommend highly to any tourist in the city who only speaks English and wants to see the area in the safest way possible.

  • Camila Milano

I went on a tour with my family during easter holiday, and we had a great time! Enrique was our guide and he was amazing! He gave us so many interesting historical and cultural information. He is clearly passionate about Brazil and Bahia, love the culture, and its people. I definitely recomend this tour. A tour guide that understands the real life and beauty of Salvador. Thank you Enrique!

  • Benjamin Russel

What a great experience! Enrique spoke four languages very well and always made sure everyone understood what he was say and took time to explain if someone didn’t. The tour itself was efficient with many recommendations on where to get good souvenires or food for a good price. He even took the time afterwards to recommend other places/safe areas to visit in Salvador. 10/10 recommend!

  • Adrian Rodriguez

This free walking tour was great. I highly recommend taking it. Enrique (our guide) was very knowledgeable of the history of Salvador, and about brazil in general. You can tell that he has a passion for history. It shows in his enthusiasm during the tour. I would definitely recommend it, and wouldn’t mind taking any one of his tours. Thank you Enqrique! All the best.

  • Jasraj Litt

We did the 9:30AM walking tour of the Pelourinho Historic Centre. Our tour guide was Eduardo, and it was one of the best tours I've been on. Eduardo was very knowledgeable about the city/neighborhood's history, food, entertainment and music scenes, and much more. He's also really funny. I would definitely recommend everyone take this tour if they get the chance!

  • clémence moreau

I did the tour in English and don’t specially recommend it. The guide brought us to many shops and stores, he had plenty of recommendations which was great. The tour lasts about 3 hours so if you are tight in time or money, you should walk around the city by yourself, you won’t miss any key informations.

  • Jason Hernandez

Amazing experience. The guide was awesome and very friendly. We actually took a second tour and the result was the same: a very nice, cheap-but-highly-recommendable city tour full of history, fun facts, tips and hot weather in a lovely city. I really enjoyed both Pelourinho and Barra.

  • Christina Tsao

Eduardo Irving is a really helpful and knowledgable tour guide. I really recommend both of the tours offered by this company - Pelourinho and Barra. I took the tour on my first two days of arrival. It gives me an idea of what to see and where to visit in this city. thanks a lot!

  • Sarah Priestley

Eduardo was our tour guide for the walking tour today. He told us all about the history of Salvador and had a great sense of humour as well. I would recommend the tour for anyone visiting Salvador! He also gave us tips for things to do in Salvador and helped us to book a show :)

  • Mathilde Bernard

I recommend this tour 100%! It allowed us to better understand the history of Brazil and Salvador and we to see the main monuments of the historic center. Thank you to our guide Eduardo for his fascinating explanations and for his sense of humor, we really enjoy it!

  • Cecilia Stalin

Super well organised and laid out for us to just cruise through the borough of Barra. Lots of history and stories and wonderful tips from our gracious host. I highly recommend taking these tours (and make sure to have some cash to donate at the end of the day).

  • Tiziana Garigali

I'm so happy I signed up for this tour! Enrique, the tour guide, run an incredible tour. He showed us around and gave us so many insights about the history of Salvador and also recommended the best restaurants and activities in town. I highly recommend Enrique!

  • John Joyce

Sayuri and Eduordo were both excellent guides. We did the walking tour of the Pelourinho and the Barra sunset tour. Both were very interesting and both guides were very engaging and helpful, giving general advice about Salvador and Brazilian culture.

  • J C Mcguirk Jr

We were here on the last cruise ship of the season and just wanted to see the old, colonial part of the city. This tour is an excellent option with great local guides that can answer just about any question and have some great insight on the region!

  • Simón García

Eduardo was a great guide. He was really taking care of the group through the streets of Salvador. He was also taking care of taking pictures when asked for. Insightful info and really nice recommendations about the city. He seems like a sweet guy

  • maria garcia

This tour was just amazing! Enrique, our guide, is extremely knowledgeable about Salvador, and about Brazilian culture in general. He showed us the most relevant places in Salvador and was able to transmite the history and culture of the

  • Nasy Hyde

Our Guide Roberto is quite the historical buff. He really painted a picture not just of factual events but how the city and its people operated at the time. A few things might get lost in translation but overall one gets a good narration.

  • Verena Halmschlager

Eduardo was a really good and nice city guide. He explained well and also gave interesting insights and nice anecdotes. - In the end he also invited us to join him for the local football match the same afternoon! a really cool experience!

  • Marco Aurelio

First of all, that's not free, despite the business misleading name. They ask for a "voluntary contribution" of R$50,00 per person (as of November 2023). During the tour, there are stops in stores, where tourists are encouraged to buy

  • Thon Veldman

Eduardo is a really nice person and knows a lot of the history of Salvador. Time is not an issue for him. He would like to tell everything about brazil, bahia, salvador. Thanks and cheers Eduardo. One big applause for you . …

  • Ljiljana G

Interesting walking tour through Salvador Centro Historico. The guide ( Enrique) was very knowledgeable and passionate about Salvador, patient and open to answering questions, multicultural and easy to connect with. Recommended!

  • Ally Waring

A bit underwhelming - the English tour was hard to understand. We didn’t see too much either on the tour. We also got ushered into shops & encouraged to buy things which I really dislike. For 2.5hrs, I was expecting a bit more.

  • Hana Tomozawa

Great way to get a lot of historical and cultural context of Salvador - Enrique in particular was a very knowledgeable and passionate guide. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to learn about Salvador’s fascinating history!

  • phil smith

Enrique was a brilliant tour guide. Full of knowledge of Salvador (and a lot of other topics). Was clearly very passionate about his work which shone through and made the tour very enjoyable and interesting. Highly recommend.

  • Paloma Menendez

100% recomiendo este tour! Very informative with lots of great recommendations for restaurants/places to go after! Max is a great guide and does a really good job at explaining the historical facts in a fun and friendly way!

  • Louise C

We did the tour with Henrique and we enjoyed it a lot. Very interesting to know more about the history of Salvador. We also got a few recommendations of places, shops and restaurants to go after the tour. Highly recommended!

  • Josh Middleton

Our tour guide Eduardo was super helpful! Really nice and gave us a lot of information about the history of Salvador! Even helped sort tickets to the football for me and gave loads of great recommendations to come back to!

  • Deb Curtis

I found this tour very interesting and Eduardo was a wonderful guide who spoke very good English. It’s a perfect orientation walk and Eduardo provided a good overview of the history of Bahia. Would definitely recommend!

  • Aviad

Enrique is an amazing guide and a professional photographer and most of all a celebrity! He had lots of knowledge of the city and gave us good tips. He his full of energy and the best welcome to Brazil or the region.

  • Philipp L.

Nice tour with Sayuri. Good mix of history and practical advice for the stay. The walk is not too long in distance…nevertheless we walked for a bit more than 3h as there were many interesting places to stop

  • Jennifer Taylor

Great guide who infused profound knowledge with humor and recommendations. I was so pleased with the tour today that I asked for a special tour on street food and street art tomorrow. Looking forward!

  • sebastien larente-marcotte

Very great tour costing around 50 reals (in tip, but highly recommended). Sometimes a little bit fast on the explanations, but lovely guide and really gives a good idea of things to do in Salvador.

  • tommaso barni

The tour is not so long but the guide gives a lot of interesting and useful information about the wonderful city of Salvador. I really appreciated all.the suggestions to visit better the town.

  • Émilie Trimborn

I really like this walking tour, our guide was extremely nice and explain us well the history of the city. We did a walk and he gave us some adresses and tips for food/visits etc! I recommend

  • Mariela Romina Sica

This was such a great tour to learn the details of barra story! I especially recommend Enrique and Carlos as guides, they are so knowledgeable about history, architecture and local culture!

  • Theresa Bergmann

It was a great experience and Eduardo is an excellent guide who has tons of background knowledge on everything (and the perfect movie recommendation for each place) - Totally recommend!! :)

  • Hoseina Marcos

the tour with Enrique was really interesting we learned about the history of Salvador and Brazil in general and also the cultural side of the city of Salvador all in all a great experience

  • Eduarda Ribeiro

Very nice tour. Roberto, our guide, was very friendly and brought to us very important information plus he stimulated us to interact and indicated nice places to eat. Truly recommend.


The guide Enrique has rich knowledge of European, Arabic and African cultures to explain the Afro-Brazilian culture. He knows a lot of music also. I really appreciate his knowledge!!!


A great and informative tour. We learned so much about Salvador and its history and life today. Also with some ideas of where to visit while we are here. Recommend this tour …

  • Maximilien Legrand

We spent a really good time with Eduardo! Eduardo knows the story of his town really well and has a lot of interesting and funny facts to tell! I strongly recommend Eduardo :)

  • Tina

Eduardo was an attentive, knowledgable and funny tour guide - we covered the old town in Salvador and he gave us a flavour of the history and current socio economic climate

  • Anna Napetschnig

It was a interesting and nice tour. Enrique told us a lot about the history and culture in Salvador. Further he helped us to find a good bus connection to our next stop.

  • Angelica Bergoo

Facundo was a great guide in our Tour by foot Salvador. This was a great way to lean about Salvador, it's culture, food and the must do places. Highly recommend it.

  • Julian Jamaål

Enrique is very enthusiastic and has a lot of knowledge which he shares with great pleasure. One of the best Free Walking Tours I was ever participating …

  • Paul Lahert

Eduardo is an excellent guide and a great guy. Knowledgeable, generous and good company! My time in Salvador was all the better for his insights and advice.

  • renaeshadler

Enrique was a great tour guide. He is very knowledgeable and kind. We highly recommend his tour - it's a really informative and fun was to spend a morning!

  • Steven Naveed Azari

eduardo was friendly, knowledgable and engaging. we had a great time exploring salvador despite the rain. will definitely recommend him to others visiting!

  • Mireia Muñoz

Great experience! Facundo is a great guide with full of information about the city, it's culture and all Bahia! Thanks for the tour and for being so nice!

  • Roro Mo

It was a great tour with a very friendly and great guide, good for getting an overview around the old city of Salvador! We would book and do it again :)

  • Michael Sattler

Great tour to get to know the history of the city. Eduardo was an excellent guide and also gave lots of tips of things we should not miss in Salvador.

  • Alysson Mossay

I booked for today, received a confirmation. Went there and there was no one … and no way to contact them on WhatsApp. I’m really disappointed

  • Ofer Lapid

Enrique is very knowledgeable and tells the story of Salvador and Brazil history cloture and economics in an eloquent way. Highly recommend.

  • Camille Bru

Informative and a good introduction to the city of salvador :) very knowledgeable guide and interactive tour. Really enjoyed! Thanks Eduardo

  • Chiara Fasolo

It’s a very interesting tour! Eduardo, the guide, was able to present the city, the history and the culture in a complete and funny way.

  • Mickael Leclerc

Very nice tour with different discoveries : History, culture, religion, food & beverage, danse & music, architecture. I recommand it !

  • Ester Monaco

The tour was amazing. Eduardo showed us all the main historical center beatius, telling us about traditions and history of his city.

  • Nik Wolf

Eduardo is a nice guy. Besides the sights he can also tell you what's going on in the city during your stay. Clear recommendation!

  • Emily Green

Great tour with Enrique who went above and beyond in his duties and seemed to know everything and everyone in town! Thank you!

  • Nicola Karan

Very interesting Tour with Enrique! Knowledgeable and with a lot of anecdotes about Salvador and its history. Would recommend!

  • Anne-Cécile TEUMA

Very good service with a quality guide from an excellent company. Friendly and provides interesting information. To recommend.

  • Selena M

Eduardo was an excellent guide! Do this tour if you are visiting Salvador, he gives many recommendations along the way :)

  • Brian Comenitz

Definitely recommend this tour to learn about Salvador’s history and get to know the old town. Eduardo is a great guide!

  • Hjalte Jørgensen

Very nice tour. You both get the históric view of the city and the more modern. Do it if you are in Salvador …

  • Sarah Ifanga

Eduardo was super Nice and very helpful. He gave us a lot of tips for our stay here! I recommend ! Thanks again Eduardo

  • LaQuan T

Walked a few areas while learning much more about the history of Brazil, the Atlantic, and Salvador. Well worth it!

  • Nacho Robert Abad

Very interesting tour. Would recommend if interested in Pelourinho’s history, which is very cool! Obrigado Facundo!

  • sara di bert

Amazing tour, really well prepared guides with a lot of nice suggestions to live the city as a local. Recommended!

  • Adiyan Risna

Enrique has a deep passion and knowledge of the history of Savlvador. Thank you so much for a wonderful day!!!

  • Benjamin Malmgren-Hansen

Very helpful guide with lots of good tips as well as a well organized walk-through of the history of the city.

  • Eliot Heyman

Enrique is a great tour guide. He is so enthusiastic and does not hesitate to give his opinion on anything.

  • christina alstrom

Very plaisant tour. Edouardo was really nice and interesting. I encourage every tourist to do this tour.

  • Datis

Enrique did a wonderful job and explained everything very well. Thank you so much for showing us around!

  • Meis Kneepkens

We had a really nice tour with Eduardo. He told us alot about the city and the people. Would recommend!

  • Lars Werlé

Very nice walking tour. Our guide told us a lot about the city and culture. It was very interesting.

  • 李奇龙

This experience is really good and professional introduction to know the history of Salvador city!

  • Santiago Mugica

Very complete and interesting. Must do if you visit Salvador to understand its rich culture.

  • Matilda Minarelli

Really expert guide, gave us a lot of advice and help for our next trip. Super recommended!

  • Anderson Barros

A nice activity to know a little about the history the one of the main capitals in Brazil.

  • Triping Ec

Very fun interesting and informative walking tour. Highly recommended

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