U-Haul Moving & Storage of San Francisco

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1525 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94103




U-Haul Moving & Storage of San Francisco is a Self-storage facility located at 1525 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94103. It has received 349 reviews with an average rating of 3.4 stars.





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  • The address of U-Haul Moving & Storage of San Francisco: 1525 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94103

  • U-Haul Moving & Storage of San Francisco has 3.4 stars from 349 reviews

  • Self-storage facility

  • "Know what you're getting into"

    "Misleading in prices and reservations - won’t book again! I reserved a 10’ x 7’ x 8‘ storage online on Uhaul"

    "Never again…at least not this location"

    "Communication was poor and staff were rude"

    "tldr; useless app, difficult customer service, smelly truck, no gas"


  • Guy Boo

Know what you're getting into. The service is awful. I was told that the van would have half a tank when I picked it up, and I'd be expected to return it in that condition or pay a fee. Standard stuff. It had 3/8ths of a tank. But that doesn't matter, they said they'd check the status of the vehicle as it leaves the lot. I wait several minutes by the exit, nobody shows. I grit my teeth and drive off, because if I don't get it back by 5 I'll have to return it the next day. That doesn't leave me much time, so I'm willing to take the $10 hit. I make it, just in time... or not. It's 5:02. They've closed, but not locked the gate - they're still opening it to let people through, including a homeless guy on a bike who's just passing through. But no, I can't come through. They are still leisurely checking in TWO vehicles right in front of me, and I can see that the whole process takes 2 minutes. But no, I can't check it in. They say I have to come back tomorrow. Why? Because it's after 5. End of story, as far as they care. The only thing keeping me from getting truly angry is that there must be a reason for this - maybe their computer system doesn't let them do after-hours transactions or whatever. Where am I going to park this massive van, then? Not their problem. What about that huge empty loading dock they have? One guy says "I wouldn't" and walks off without explanation, the other says "sure, that should be fine. It'll be safe." Wake up 3 hours early the next day to deal with this stupid van. I get there, turn the key... All the gas has been siphoned out. "Yeah people do that around here. But it wasn't checked in so it's still your responsibility." I ask why I wasn't allowed to check in the previous afternoon. "You weren't? I would have let you." Wait a minute - so there's NO reason they didn't let me in? "No." So. Now I'm out 3 hours of sleep, $45, and late for work because their staff prefers to spend more time stonewalling than it takes to actually do their job. I honestly think this is as poorly as you can treat your customers without risking liability issues. I am never coming back.

  • Diana Oros

Misleading in prices and reservations - won’t book again! I reserved a 10’ x 7’ x 8‘ storage online on Uhaul.com for $84.95 on 9/01/2020 with move in date 9/29/2020. The location was Bryant St in SF. I also reserved a truck for the same day - 9/29. Reserving both a truck and a storage results in a month free of storage - per their website at the time I made the reservations. I called the morning of, to make sure everything is in order, before going in. The person I talked to said I’m all good to go, just to go in to finish my bookings. When I went in, they didn’t have that storage I reserved available for me. The representative offered a different storage they had available - a 10’ x 5’ x 8’. It was smaller than the one I initially reserved and needed but I said ok.. What else can I do now that I need to move in my stuff? Then she told me the price - $124.95 per month. So I got a smaller storage for $40 more than the one I reserved. Why do we make reservations then? Also, the rep told me no first month free, because you only get a month free when you book a one way truck. So.. if I would’ve returned the truck at a different location - say the location on Valencia St - it would’ve counted as one way, but not that I was returning it at the same location, on Bryant St. I told her it’s frustrating that I’m not getting what I was told online and signed up for, so she ended up giving me the first month free. Another rep told me the storages are first come first served - but my confirmation email with my reservation didn’t say anything about that. So again, why do we reserve online? I reserved from other storage places before and never encountered this kind of situation before. I get it, it’s a busy time, but they are misleading and taking advantage that you’re already there, ready to move in your stuff, and it’s too late to “shop around”. Now I have my stuff in there and will keep them there for a few months, but I won’t book with them again after this. Disappointed.

  • angel noel

Never again…at least not this location. Twice they have “given” my reservation away. But this was the last straw… I had called the day before to confirm my reservation and asked if my employee needed to have the credit card in hand when picking up the truck. I wanted to pay ahead of time as it was a company card and I had paid for the reservation. I was told there would be no issue. Now I know it makes perfect sense to have the card with you but companies that are used to working BtoB know there are processes around this. Obviously Uhal is not one of them. Of course when my guy showed up, there was a big problem and the general employee at the desk said there was nothing he could do. So my guy called me and put me on the phone with the general employee who used too much slang and struggled through most of the conversation. The general employees were not helpful and told me there was no hope. When I gave my suggest, the employee said, "well", and there was a pause...a weird long pause, "i guess i can ask". Of course you can ask! Asking never hurt no one. I was not surprised at all when the manager got on the phone and knew nothing of what the problem was nor my suggestion. He treated me like I was a being unreasonable and difficult…I have worked in customer service for 16 years so I know how to act when things don’t go my way and be a good customer so that the appropriate folks can help. The conversation didn’t go in the direction where I could offer my suggestion again…or maybe for the first time to his ears. But I was cool. The manager was probably going through some process to he learned to “deal with disgruntled customers”. Finally I get him to start giving me solutions. He then offers MY suggestion to me saying that was the only thing he could do. He just wasted 15 mins of my time to offer me my original solution to the problem. He spoke down to me through his whole explanation…man this guy likes to hear himself talk. Horrible experience. Never again Uhal!

  • Francesca

Communication was poor and staff were rude. Upon entering the store, there were 2 employees inside. One was helping a couple with a truck reservation and the other was stocking. I interacted with the man stocking upon entering the store and then waited over 5 minutes in line at the counter. The stocker then came up to the counter and helped another customer in line behind me purchase an item and then walked away. 5 minutes after that he finally came back to the counter and helped me with my rental. I do not understand why he did not do this in the first place when there was an obvious line forming. The counter agent told me that there would be 2 hand trucks at the front of the store for me as I was leaving. I saw two hand trucks. They had price tags on them, but I thought it was just advertising to convince renters to buy them. When I returned the carts, I took them to the "return equipment" area in the back. The man told me I am supposed to return them up front, but he would begrudgingly do it for me (how was I supposed to know that I shouldn't take them to "return equipment"?) Then a woman (seemingly a manager) walked up and he yelled out at her that she would need to take these up to the front. They had an exchange about how these trucks went missing and that I really need to come to the back to get rentals in the future. I explained several times that I was /told/ to take the ones up front, but NEVER did either employee acknowledge this as a mistake on U-haul's end and continued to belittle me and blame me for doing something as careless as taking ones for purchase ("Well that's why they have price tags on them" "Next time...", etc). They never apologized for the miscommunication that happened due to their own employee. I take some responsibility for not /double-checking/ that I was taking the right equipment, but I also expect the manager to take responsibility for her employee's miscommunication. Very unprofessional and rude.

  • Jillian Graver

tldr; useless app, difficult customer service, smelly truck, no gas. had an unfortunate experience renting a pickup truck from this location. they insist on making customers "utilize their digital services", requiring us to use their non-functional app to check in and go through the authentication process. after being kicked out of the app repeatedly, I asked for help and they still required me to use the app. Their authentication process required me to provide three separate contacts, whom uhaul called and did nothing more than ask their names (challenging to explain to my father why that wasn't a scam, lol). Alternative options were to provide a picture of my lease or passport (no upload option on the app, only could take a new photograph, which of course I wasn't carrying those documents. so make sure you have any and every possible form of ID on your person...). all in all it took over an hour to even get the key to the truck, which ended up smelling extremely strongly of stale smoke and was nearly empty of gas. upon return of the truck I had the same problems using their app and never was able to complete the "return" successfully, so hopefully having the keys and truck back is enough for them. in future i will rent from other sources to avoid all the trouble.

  • Adam

*Update: adding a star for no longer price gouging people without a toll transponder. Only charged me a $1 service fee + toll fare which I appreciated. Original review: Extremely inefficient check-in process. Took 20-30 minutes to pick up the truck, even though I checked in online. Steps: 1) go into the office 2) wait in line even though multiple agents didn’t seem to be actively helping customers 3) disinterested command to go to the parking lot to make sure the truck was there 4) went to the parking lot to check the truck and came back 5) they said they needed to call my employer or emergency contact before I could rent the Uhaul 6) it was 11am on a Friday - my emergency point of contact was at work and didn’t pick up 7) 5-10 minutes of waiting and complaining about how dumb this process is 8) start calling people until someone picks up and make them my emergency contact 9) uhaul calls the person from their phone. The person is confused. 10) Some more admin stuff (3rd time doing it after reservation and online check-in) then I’m finally out the door Truck interior also hadn’t been cleaned. Price was good though.

  • Savannah Hillis

Cannot recommend U-Haul less. There were 3 serious ways they completely screwed us on our move out day. I recommend going anywhere else other than this. 1. I had rented two dollies and two sets of furniture pads. On the day of move out, they said I didn't reserve them and they were all out. Conveniently, they still managed to charge me for them despite their swearing I didn't rent them. This added several hours to our moving day. 2. I rented Movers through U-haul. They literally NEVER SHOWED. Wouldnt respond to texts, emails, phone calls. Nothing. Then Uhaul did nothing to help and made me jump through hoops to get a refund for a service I had already paid for but never showed. 3. The unit itself: We rented a 10x14x7. When I got there with my stuff, they said it wasn't available and they'd have to give me a 10x10x5 because of a 'glitch in the system'. Absolutely absurd that the day I arrive with all my belongings they blame a 'system glitch' for why I can't be given the space I again had paid for. Pathetic customer service, terrible experience with something thats already so stressful. GO ANYWHERE ELSE.

  • C. Thain Humphrey

I've never rented a truck from here, but I do have a new storage unit at this facility. The building is very clean and well lit. It seems pretty secure, as all units are indoors. You have to swipe in and out any time you access the facility, plus swipe inside the elevator to access your floor and keep the alarm from sounding. They offer free cart use. When I rented it, I was supposed to get an unobstructed unit, but when they showed me what they had, it had a large support pole. Luckily I'm an expert stacker, so it was something I can work with, but it certainly wasn't what I requested. So this situation, where the staff doesn't have what you order, seems to hold true with both storage units and trucks. During regular hours you see a lot of day laborers outside across the street asking if you need help. This is common at storage facilities, so I'm not bothered by it. They're not there after close. You can pay a little extra to be able to access your unit after hours 24/7. I've only had the unit for a few days, so I'm sure I'll be updating my review in the future.

  • Muneeb Ahmad

Picking up the vehicle took 30 minutes despite having a reservation in advance. When I was given the key to my truck, I found out it had no gas (needle was below E). And when I went back the representative said it'll probably make it to the closest gas station and that I should just get it filled. I told him I was not comfortable driving a truck with no gas and asked to get another vehicle to which he said he was trying to get to some other work but couldn't because of my demands. Anyway, he gave me another truck and I drove it for 17 miles. Upon returning, the person there told me to leave the keys in the truck and leave. The next day I got the receipt and I was charged for 34 miles instead of 17. Luckily I had taken pictures of the odometer upon picking up and returning so I called customer service and after being on the phone with them for 30 minutes, they just processed my refund. And at no point did they apologize for their mistake. If you have to rent from them, take pictures at the location. My pictures are geo-tagged so that helped.

  • lisa lum

The person that was assisting us was very helpful kind and accommodating. He offered us a storage at a good price when the other one we originally wanted was all taken up. He gave us a tour up to our storage unit, explained to us how to get in and how the system works and if we ever needed help where to press the call button for help. The service offered here was great with kind people, and he answered any questions we had patiently. I had moved out from Extra space storage because of the ridiculous price increase. I asked if u-haul increase their prices like that and he explained to me only if the city's rent goes up and that it wouldn't go up by much at all unlike their competitor which jumped it by over $70-80. I'm very please with the security here and how things are setup, how clean the facility is and the service provided.....also another perk was that they have bathrooms on the storage floor available as well as moving dolly's to help you move your things at ease rather than to carry your items one by one into your storage.

  • Faizan Virani

Took me way too long to get a vehicle despite having a prior reservation.The mobile checkout was not working. At first it told me to go to a vehicle which was not even there. Then when it reassigned me a vehicle, it picked one that was parked in front of someone that was already ready to get out. Trying to continue with the mobile checkout, the mobile site would not progress past a verifying state. This screen had an option to chat with support but when I messaged, support did not reply so the person behind me was just stuck. Then I had to go inside to talk to a person and get this resolved which took incredibly long even though there were very few people in line. In total it took me almost 2 hours longer than it should have to get my rental vehicle and I was not compensated for the lost time. I was also then overcharged when I returned the vehicle however I was able to get that resolved in a couple of days. Not giving one star because the vehicle itself was great and very useful for moving, however customer service was terrible.

  • Thai Hien Ho

The pick up process was fine, but the return was difficult. I couldn’t do the after hour return on my phone, I couldn’t get pass the access location portion. So I thought I could just drop off the car off in their parking slot because that’s what someone there told me to do (a customer). I get a call the next day asking me when I was planning to drop off the car. I already told her I dropped it off, with the keys in the box. She proceeds to tell me there are no keys in the box and that I will be charged a late fee. That I should have called Uhaul so they can walk through the process. It was after hour drop off and in a pretty sketchy area, I’m not going to stay there until I can get a hold of a rep on the phone. All this was done in a very rude and nasty tone. The fee is whatever but why do you have to be so rude. She also said that she will call me back if she can’t find the car - I didn’t get a call back because the car/keys are there. Just rude. Never coming back to this location.

  • Marie Gimbrone

After reading reviews here, I almost didn't use this (or any) U-Haul location. My experience was very different from most of the reviews...I had efficient, professional and fast service from the person who checked us out, the one who helped us in the lot (the loading door got stuck) and the person who checked the truck back in. The issue had has was with the U-Haul online booking process as it does not take you all the way through so that you have a code that allows you to pickup your truck without waiting in a line. There's a final step that you don't get led to that provides the code they ask for. I'd suggest creating a login so that you get notifications in case? I also did not get the emailed receipt I was promised. These are systems issues though, not location. The location itself was staffed by super nice people trying to help you get in/get out and get your move done.

  • John Monson

Overall, the location is fine. My big problem was with the online booking. I entered that I wanted to pick up at 6am. The website told me to enroll in 24/7 that I could use to get my van using my phone. I did that. I checked my reservation the night before. Then when I arrived at 6, went to check out my van, the app said that they were using Hand Check Out and that I had to come back at 7am. I was in a hurry to meet people so this was a huge inconvenience. I called your 800 number. They said it went to Hand Check Out because someone had not turned in the keys to the van that was assigned to us. We came back at 7 and they guy at the desk said that that site doesn't offer 24/7 so he couldn't understand why that would have been offered to us. My take, you are all lying, the site lying the least. It's reduced by inclination to rent from you again by a lot.

  • Eric Vencio

I had a good CS experience in the Chat lines with Brooke last night regarding a question about a one way rental of covered trailer, From San Francisco to Toronto Canada. She was clear shes only giving me an estimate and thats fine. She was very responsive to my questions, and patient as well. Good job in the chat lines having a CSR Like Brooke. Thanks! Now, as I had follow up questions, i entered the chat lines again and ended up with a chat line CSR by the name of Bethane. SHE IMMEDIATELY REFERRED ME TO THE UHAUL SITE! Not a very helpful CSR its a shame you have her in the chat lines. She was itching to get rid of me when I persisted she even dared asking if “if there is anything else. she can assist me with ?” Wow ! She never spent a minute to answer a question. “0” rating in the review goes to Bethane. Shame!

  • Wes Harris

If you're in the city and need to rent a truck, orrrr need to store your excess stuff, this is the spot for you!! This review is for rental of the truck not the storage facility. The process was simple. In fact I was an hour late and they called me to ask if I needed to reschedule in a very friendly manner!! Getting the truck was easy but they said to rent a dolly I would need to stop on the way out and pick it up. It wasn't clear where to stop and we ended up just driving off without it. Returning it was like returning a rental car. Some dude with an iPhone scanner did all the checks. They were lenient on the fuel gauge which was nice for us! The cost was cheap too for going 5 miles only it was $35 out the door. Not too bad to get a pickup truck with a couch and massage chair across town.

  • Marcus Corley

The uhaul on the front end was about what I expected. One person waiting on the line. Extra 20 minutes. Got paperwork done and found truck and drive away. No one checked me out of the lot. I returned the truck after hours as they had said you could. They close at 7pm. We finished our work at 9pm. RETURNING THE TRUCK WAS A NIGHTMARE. They provide smart phone return instructions but don’t tell you where you can leave the truck. Ok, lock it and send photos of truck conditions and drop key in key drop receptacle as show in video. ONLY THERE IS NO KEY DROP ON THE ENTIRE PROPERTY! AFter 30 min search and review of instructions we drove off with keys. A SPECIAL TRIP WILL BE NECESSARY To RETURN DAMN KEYS! This depresses me about Our dysfunctional country. I will never use uhaul again!

  • Mike Dumas

The location is in a pretty sketchy area, people always loitering outside of the building makes for an uncomfortable loading/unloading into storage. It would be nice if they enforced a no loitering rule. There was also an incident where a customer broke a water line and my unit was affected by it. Nothing was damaged and they were very diligent in reporting it to me and had their insurance company out to write up any claims. But I had to call them back 2 times to tell them that I already took care of it and that they didn't need to cut my lock off. Not sure why it took that many times to get that message along, but it was quite frustrating. Other than that, I haven't had issues with them. Prices are a little high, but that's San Francisco for you.

  • Nihir Shah

Glad I went with this location. The staff is on top of things. Moving and having stuff in storage is already stressful enough, so I appreciated that everyone I’ve interacted with was courteous and helpful. Once when I was there, someone followed me through the doors without keying-in and a staff member immediately got on the intercom to call them out, so you know they’re keeping an eye on things. I’ve rented trucks a few times from here too. The app is terrible (slow, glitchy, freezes) but the staff at the front desk can help you. Also, this location has a big store for moving supplies, and there’s usually free street parking out front. Rented for just over a year. Got a competitive deal, and the rate went up once but not too significantly.

  • Adam Caron

Lol, what a joke. The staff, the fees, the set up, all of it. In order to predict your experience here I have devised an equation: First take the amount of time you expect the experience from door to door and multiply it by 2.5. Then add 16 minutes for passive aggressive arguments with various staff members followed by adding another 13 minutes for disorganization of varying degrees. Next write down the amount you have been quoted to spend and increase that by 30% for random fees you had no idea you were subject to. Finally on a scale of 1-10 rate your mood before approaching this location and divide it by 2, then subtract by 1 for the surprise inconvenience you encounter on your way out. Have fun, folks.

  • Nikhil Prem

Terrible service - I got two uboxes to deliver my items across the country - the boxes were lost and I did not receive my items for 3 weeks after they were supposed to be delivered. The branch here and the one in NYC kept providing inaccurate and inconclusive updates on where my uboxes were and their service was terrible - to a point where one of the employees at the store hung up out of frustration. I ended up having to sleep on an air mattress for 3 weeks without any idea where my furniture was. DO NOT use Ubox services or really any uhaul service - highly recommend an alternative service provider - even if its a little more expensive to avoid any major headaches in the future

  • Dan Mascola

Ubox Contaminated with Chemicals & Horrid Smell: We shipped all our stuff in a Ubox from San Francisco to Massachusetts. Upon arrival, all our stuff had a horrid smell. It appears someone filled our Ubox with a chemical spray (we have evidence of residue on boxes and its contents shown in the photos). EVERYTHING has this horrid odor and it is taking us a week to try to get rid of it. Many of our sentimental and personal items we had to throw away :( We are still trying to get in touch with Uhaul to figure out what happened. We don't know if this is harmful to our health but it is sure making us feel sick. I'll never use Ubox or Uhaul ever again.

  • Ed Mainey

When I got there they said sorry truck not available anymore. When I reminded him of the guarantee they promised if reserved online with credit card that $50 be compensated if truck or time not available, he said there's no such thing as that. Then the location on Valencia street is the worst!!! They are the biggest idiots. Especially the manager, black dude with big sideburns. What a joke. I can't even get into that right now, let's just say I called haul customer service and told rhem if it was allowed what they did and they said no way and filed a complaint in system to corporate.

  • Andrew Cote

Probably the most incompetent group of people I've ever encountered. With 4 people working it took me an hour to pickup a rental truck. They gave me the wrong keys at first, then gave me keys for a truck that's blocked in, all while moving at a snail's pace and frequently fumbling information and needing it to be entered in again and again. This guy Gino is more concerned with looking cool than working, walking around having loud conversations on his phone about some investment deal or something trying to look tough. Just absolutely ridiculous, avoid like the plague.

  • Dave M

We've had our extra gear stored here for over 10 years. On the plus side, access is fairly easy with the keycard entry and the space has the character of the former Wonder Bread factory that it is, with brick and hardwood floors. There are also 4 parking bays to conveniently load and unload on the lower section and a few more that are connected directly to the upper floors. On the downside, the surrounding streets are increasingly dirty with accumulated debris, and feel somewhat sketchy, so some people may not feel safe if they are unable to park in the loading bays.

  • Brian Witte

The $50 reservation guarantee is a complete scam! I reserved a truck at a different location, received a notification the night before I would not be able to pick it up at that location, I had to go to the much less convenient Bryant St. location instead. Two separate customer service representatives said I would receive the $50 in 3-5 days. So I moved under the premise I would get that $50. But after I paid them, customer service now refuses to give me the $50 credit I was told I would get. Completely deceptive scam. Next time I will take my business elsewhere!

  • Son Pham

I rented a truck to move my belongings to a new apartment. The help desk person was ok. But 5 minutes after loading all my stuffs onto the truck and starting the trip, the truck started spewing coolant and overheated. I had to pull over, call roadside assistance, which took ~4 hours to get the loaded truck towed to my new apartment. The towing guy told me he towed this exact truck the week before it overheated having no oil in the engine!!! The next day I see an extra charge of 3 times what I paid for the rental. Called in twice and it's still not yet resolved.

  • Brendan Hartney

If you are crossing the bridge, get it in your contract that you will only be charged $7 or bring your fastrac. This is a money making scheme for them. They told me that my price was included in my rate when I called to reserve a truck because there are no toll takers at the toll plaza. They lied. I was hit with a $23 additional fee a week after. I called to tell them I had spoken to a woman on the phone and specifically brought up the bridge. Geno told me that he would refund 1/2 of my fee. Hasn't responded to any of my emails since we talked. Pathetic.

  • Thomas N

In the process of returning the storage unit, the employee asked for my credit card and when I said I could enter the chip, they said she needed to enter information manually. It sounded weird and definitely was: shortly after I received a fraud alert with that credit card for a $500 online purchase. U Haul is the only place where I used that credit card in 2 months, and the only place where someone else than me had my credit card in their hands. BE CAREFUL AND DO NOT HAND YOUR CREDIT CARD to thiefs.

  • Aria Pipp

I decided to do mobile rental (where supposedly you don’t have to wait in line) but after arriving at the lot, finding my vehicle, following steps to verify myself (they also had to call a friend or employer), I still had to go into the office and wait in a line to pick up keys. Save yourself the hassle and just rent from the main office - the mobile interface is not seamless and will likely take you longer. Besides that - the service was nice and vehicle was affordable for the day.

  • Thomas A

Horrible, horrible, horrible people a manager actually came up to me while I’m loading the truck. And she started screaming at me to the top of her lungs. because I didn’t park in the strait line. Tried to say sorry. Only to receive what seem to be racial slurs at me. What a waste of energy, she should’ve made some cookies for the kids or something. That’s a good use of energy!!! bad bad bad staff don’t ever go here or use U-Haul. I refuse to get near that building.

  • John Brown

Went there to drop off a U-Haul that I rent in Pittsburgh move some stuff from Pittsburg Antioch to San Francisco storage easy drop off there I was going to get my storage there but they would not use a prepaid debit card yet have a major credit card to get storage I wish I could have got one there I like they set up real nice and clean organized security is good I like the way it look I'll give them a five star great storage place too bad had a major credit card .

  • Joe Morse

Avoid at all costs for vehicle rentals. Quotes a low price, then engages in high pressure upsell on insurance, accessories, etc once you’re there. They make you give an alternate contact who will pick up the phone but do not tell you this in advance. Then they make you use your own smartphone to check out. Mileage on vehicles is often incorrect in their system, but it’s hard to get it corrected before leaving. Stay away and rent from a more reputable company.

  • C W

Because of the large amount of homeless and mentally unwell people, this storage facility is not your best option. They have only one elevator, which hijacks you and keeps you hostage. You cannot use the stairs. It is extremely frustrating. They are way understaffed, although some staff are kind, others are incompetent and rude. Some are nice and helpful. Although, you can feel everyone’s frustrations. By far the worst storage experience I have ever had.

  • Connor Stewart

I made 20+ call, text, and email attempts to get in-touch with management for over two weeks with no response. After speaking with several customer service reps, regional managers, and the corporate office (all who could also not get in-touch with Patrick), I finally got a response saying they could not provide me with service. This was the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Take your business elsewhere, because these guys are horrible!

  • Andrew Smith

Extensive rat infestation. Probably suffered over $2500 in rat damage. The company makes it very difficult to file a claim and the representatives at the location give you the run around on who to contact and file a claim. They also do not return calls or emails. The agents also indicated they know about the infestation but do not tell the renters of this problem. Do not store your possession here unless you want your things to smell like rat feces.

  • S K

In general, this place is fine, they just don't honor your reservation, if you are late to pick it up. Even if the app says it is still reserved, that's a lie. Also there might be a line, and sometimes just a single employee. Second, the app is not reliable for returning your equipment as well, it just doesn't go further from a particular step. Overall, the money you might spend on their equipment is just leaving you with a bittersweet aftertaste.

  • Lauren Marshall

this review is for renting a truck! we had a ridiculously bad experience trying to rent a truck with this uhaul location. it took a full hour to rent the truck, with staff insisting we “check in” with an app that doesn’t work. i’m kind of dumbfounded - they have taken a simple process and made it frustrating and complicated. in future we will be using more convenient services such as Turo or Home Depot.

  • Paula M

This U-Haul location is AWESOME!!!!! Gino is the BEST U-Haul manager I have ever met, and I have rented from U-Haul many times at many different locations. During my last rental, I worked with Gino and Elijah. They are absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!! Both Gino and Elijah are incredibly kind, friendly, helpful, smart, skilled, and hard-working. Well done U-Haul team on Bryant Street in San Francisco!!!!!

  • Alla Isakova

I had a pleasure of speaking with Geno today. I'm going to use U-Box service from U-Haul and had a number of questions.It's a little complicated because I would need to have an access to my storage several times on separate days. Geno was able to explain everything and even when I got disconnected called me back. Now I'm looking forward our actual move in day with U-Box and meeting Geno in person.

  • Andre Grant

The worst company in America. Here’s why: they charge exorbitant fees for the most basic services knowing they have almost no competition. They are somehow allowed to charge a “market” rate during times of “scarcity”, which are just times they purposely do not plan for in order to make a buck. A complete clown shoes operation and if I had the time I’d destroy them with a worthy competitor

  • A.J. Guest

Conveniently located in the central part of the City. Blocks from both the 101 and 280 freeways. All your essentials to have a successful moving trip are at your fingertips at this U-haul location. The customer service on the day I visited seems more interested in chasing the time clock than giving proper attention to customers. I was nicely surprised overall with this model location.

  • Phillip Huang

Missing features and awful staff. They do not have after hours drop off so after I followed instructions by returning my truck using mobile drop off and checked out, I could not return the key. When I went back the following day to return the key anyway, the staff were rude and unhelpful. Don’t waste your time dealing with these awful people if you can avoid it.

  • Aldo R

I was given a truck with under a 1/4 tank. I was told to bring it back at 1/4 or risk getting fined for it. I was told I would be credited for it. I was not given a credit and they acted like they did not know what I was talking about. They never confirmed what I was told. They are good at getting you out with truck but bad when it comes to checking you back.

  • Timothy Owen

The woman I worked with when picking up a truck was friendly and professional. Though I did end up getting charged twice, AMEX will be able to clear one of the transactions with no problem. Pictures of the truck used to identify existing damage were not accurate, so be sure to take and submit pictures of existing damage on your rental before leaving the lot!

  • Ms Taylor

At the location right now. The clerks are asking for the numbers of all of the friends and family of their customers, harassing all of them with phone calls, until one of them picks up. Standard procedure for all of the rentals according to uhaul. They need an emergency number and they will harass everybody you know until you find a person who’s not at work.

  • Adam Sweet

Use the mobile app or online browser for check in. Be prepared to upload a shot of your face and your I.D. before you can pick up the vehicle. The parking lot and pick up process was super easy, and all to do for drop off was to FILL UP THE GAS that you used, and drop the vehicle in their driveway bay where a person will greet you. Very nice staff.

  • Alexandria Archibald

Literally cancels my reservation for a truck that I placed over 2 weeks ago the evening before I was moving. Actually incredible that they did not give me another solution that in the sensitive time crunch. Legit just said “sorry bout it”. Do not use this service if you need to actually organize your move without chaos. Sorry bout it Uhaul.

  • Robert Thompson

The employees are courteous and professional the place is always clean but most of all it's very secure down to each space that are all fitted with alarms..only you can register to keep the alarm from going off, any tampering at all and they're busted. If you need to store some valuable things I highly recommend this place.

  • Christina Lucky

The two female counter employees here are not only rude, but they're incompetent and refuse to listen. A recipe for disaster. There's one tall black guy working the counter who has been kind and helpful in the past. He should keep his job but the rest need to learn how to do their job, or quit for the sake of mankind.

  • eric thomas

Every time I make the mistake of trying to rent a truck or trailer from uhaul, with the min 30 min wait to pick up, I say I will never do it again. A couple years go by, I forget or maybe forgive and try again. And here I am, 25 mins into the wait and not close to the desk. Kids, don't make the same mistakes I have..

  • Rachael Passov

Been storing my things here -- very clean and affordable with basic climate control. Check out the prices on the units with low ceilings. You won't be disappointed. Think plenty of space for like $50/mo -- and access until 10pm even if getting in after hours can be a little tricky, have them show you how in person.

  • Guile DeLyon

The WORST staff I've experienced in any organization of that size. I've had multiple dealings with this particular store on 14th x Bryant st for four years and the crew members change but their sour dispositions don't. Bad team leadership? No training? Slim hiring pool? Corporate needs reviewing first, I'll assume.

  • Armin Mahmoudi

Service desk folks were very grumpy and passive aggressive. It was 9am and I was the very first customer so I don’t understand why the staff already had started the day in a bad mood. I didn’t have any arguments or problems, but did not like the attitude of the staff talking to me as if i’m a child.

  • Frank Slovenec

The staff is great the facility inside is "clean" except for few dead mice once in a while. The pestering the disgusting tents outside will destroy this business. My wife will not come to the location by herself for fear from the vagrants on the street. We have been a customer for many years.

  • April

Personal here wasn’t nice at all. Also they didn’t have the van we reserved. Ended up getting other number not the one that I was assigned. They charge $.99 per mile not $.50 plus other things. And this man with dreadlocks on hair had an attitude the whole time even we approached him nicely.

  • Matt Babcock

Quick and easy! I was in my rental truck in 5-10 min even though there was a line of 5-ish customers. Four people were working behind the desk and got through us very quickly. Returning was easy as could be as well. Dropped it off, had it quickly inspected and was on my way.

  • Elvin Damirov

I was trying to ask a question to Uhaul employee, she did not bother to say to me I dont know or something like that, instead ignored me and didn't even look at me raising her right hand such a way kinda we are on Amsterdam's red district . What kind of people are you hiring

  • Dmytro Lituiev

The U-Haul has my valid credit card number, but they keep charging me extra $20 every month w/o a notice. I called them and they told to call later saying my card is expired when it is not. I used to have a unit with Extra Space earlier and had no issues like this.

  • Sarah Perkins

Like the previous reviewer, I got a $1500 fraudulent credit card charge from one of the employees manually typing in my credit card #. The merchant is "NorCal Moving" something something- do not go here unless you want 2+ hr lines and a credit card headache!!

  • Teo Fleming

Every UHaul is a bit different, but this one has great service and wonderful staff. Kevin was super lovely returning my UHaul. Tbh didn’t expect to have such a good time returning some boxes, but Geno made sure I did—he sounds like a fantastic boss.

  • Eric Markunas

It was easy to rent a truck from this location. The cheap boxes were a huge plus. The only negative is that it is an unsafe neighborhood. They actually recommended that I not leave my car parked in the area after dark. Otherwise no issues :)

  • Dan Garcia

They park all their u-haul trucks in public parking spaces so you cannot park in front of the store. They should keepall the u-haul trucks parked in their parking lot. They have people all out infront smokin and pissing all over the place.

  • Nina Petrovic

I had a great experience getting a moving truck from this location - check in was good, truck was spotless, return was fantastic, the guy was super friendly and professional. And no hidden charges! I’d definitely use them again.

  • Luana Heck

I had a great experience renting a small truck while moving. The place was busy, nut the staff were fast and helpful. To return the truck it took me 2 mins. I recommend you to reserve online, it helps to save time at the store!

  • Will Donnelly

The storage hours posted on their web site are a lie. I'm standing here with a load of stuff unable to access the building. I'll be leaving U-Haul storage at the end of the month, there's no reason to put up with this bullshit.

  • Jeff Bayer

Total disaster of a uhaul location. Service people were terrible, could not get through the simple process in the store despite already having a reservation online and having rented many times from other locations previously.

  • Ivan Martinez

Had a pleasant moving experience at this Uhaul location. The store has all the supplies you need to protect your personal belongings. I really enjoyed driving the van in the city. It made things easy and convenient.

  • Ryan Horner

This is probably the best location in the Bay area. Everytime I come here I receive A+ service. They are always so helpful and the general manager is just a solid standup gentleman! Highly recommend this bunch!!

  • Caleb Kierum

The line is stuck up because someone called in to make a new reservation (they could have been done online) and is on the line with the only person who can check in people for their rentals they reserved online.

  • Sarah D

Had decent, normal service. Only big minus is that this is a super sketchy location. Check in online ahead of time and you won't have a problem with lines or waiting. I prefer the Valencia location for safety.

  • Tom Dickson

TEAM DANITA ROCKSTARS ALL!!! I rent storage years now; rented trucks; swapped units; now share w friend... At ALL times FAST, FRIENDLY, FLEXIBLE. I credit MGR. DANITA’s example - nobody outworks her. BEST!!

  • Toby Huang

I arrived at 6pm with a reservation, and they told me someone else took my truck at 3pm. My options were either drive from SF to Sacramento, or drive back from Costa Mesa to SF. I canceled the reservation.

  • Usa Citizen

This is the cleanest, most professional, and kind storage location and business in the world. Period. It doesn't get better than this. Thank You Bryant street Gene and Staffing . Lauren- 5 year customer

  • Siddharth Jerath

Extremely good inventory of trucks and supplies. The staff were extremely helpful too, and were able to answer questions as needed. If you're looking for help, the app offers helpers for hire too.

  • Ronald Mesina

Easy move in. Facility is nice, but its HUGE and I always have a hard time finding my unit, very secure and the storage access hours are earlier and later than anyone else's. I like that!

  • Mike

Safest storage unit in town plus they have great prices on units unfortunately staff is extremely discriminatory and biased besides that though overall is more than decent experience

  • Erdmann Rogge

The coordination of staff with notes from the app need to be improved. Also, they promise you a receipt will be sent via email and it does not happen, even after follow up requests!

  • Sakal Yhvyst

Staff member Jasmine helped me and went over and beyond professionalism and courtesy and I truly appreciate the management here. The staff, they are very smart kind and professional

  • travis hawks

Jasmine was on top of her game despite all the customers in front of me being a bit of a hassle. Their $20 furniture dolly is amazing. Made moving stuff into my apartment so easy

  • Lex Sheehan

Don't waste your time calling this location. Ask a simple question like "What are the dimensions of that box you just quoted." and they'll put you on hold and never pickup again.

  • Luke Hippely

Had a very positive experience renting a van here. Their system was down nationwide and the staff remained professional, calm, and kept a good sense of humor about the ordeal.

  • pinky xland

I went here the other day to rent a storage unit.I can't believe how rude the employees were!I ended up walking out-hopefully I just saved you from a very rotten experience.

  • Tom O'Hair

I was able to use the app for most of the rental. Great experience. The employees at the Bryant St UHaul were absolutely amazing. Made my move as easy as possible. Thanks!

  • Rey Buzon

It was a breeze renting a truck for two bedroom capacity , returning said truck was superb they check the gas you've consumed and Its true this trucks are gas efficient

  • Kristen Athena Devlin

These guys are pretty awesome. They were phenom at understanding my particular situation and storage needs and really worked with me to help me meet those needs.

  • Marvin Bernal

A sketchy location but besides that, you cannot drop of the truck rental after hours. Pretty much a deal breaker if you have to go to work the next morning.

  • Kerem Tutuncu

Avoid. The app said I could drop the key after hours here, went through the check out process on the app only to find out there is no drop box for the keys.

  • Shannen Powell

When are you finally gonna let me start rummaging through the units bro.... come on, don't act kind iot havent already emptied or a few, help a sister out.

  • Max Stanton

Never more than one person working here. Always at least a 15-20 min wait even to buy basic supplies. Unfortunately it’s the closest place for most of SF.

  • Raymond Mackey

Every time I need to go to storage the alarm goes off every so often..It’s so loud and annoying.. something needs to give because I think I’m getting PTSD

  • Thomas Japhet

Great space but a little difficult to find the dropoff location if you aren't the one who picked up the truck...but they made the dropoff very easy..

  • jernee carter

I don't know if it was an off day but extremely horrible service. Rude, eye rolling and harsh tone. Will not be going back will use the app instead.

  • Aristotle

This review is for Nelson. Nelson provided excellent customer service; he was awesome and went above and beyond what was asked for. Thanks Nelson!

  • Codey B

Doesn’t take after hours truck drop-offs. Doesn’t tell it’s customers this until you arrive. Lazy minimum wage unmotivated workers with attitude.

  • Jonathan Anstett

Had an easy and smooth experience unloading a U-Box that I had shipped from across the country. Gene was great to work with and very helpful.

  • Katherine Ross Ward

You’ll be on hold for 20 minutes, they won’t be prepared with your rental upon arrival and they will charge you an extra $15 fee every month.

  • Paula

Be ready to spend an extra hour picking up and dropping off the U-Haul... none of the people in the store have any idea what they are doing.

  • James Curtis

This branch was over all pretty good. It was fast, easy and i had great customer service both at pick up and when I dropped off my rental.

  • Gregori Jenkins

One of the most annoying interactions with a human being ever in my life occurred here. One never met anyone with so much impatience.

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