University Plaza

1606 reviews

101 Osler Dr, Dundas, ON L9H 4H4, Canada


University Plaza is a Shopping mall located at 101 Osler Dr, Dundas, ON L9H 4H4, Canada. It has received 1606 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of University Plaza: 101 Osler Dr, Dundas, ON L9H 4H4, Canada

  • University Plaza has 4.2 stars from 1606 reviews

  • Shopping mall

  • "Mall was purchased by RioCan a few years ago"

    "Nice shopping area w lil bit of everything for everyone"

    "Almost everything you need in one place---Shoppers Drug Mart, Home Hardware, Dollarama"

    "I fine all the store's are handy "

    "Only found a few stores worth going to in this plaza"


  • Andrea Boyko

Mall was purchased by RioCan a few years ago. There’s been a lot of change in the stores as it is my understanding that the rent has increased pushing the smaller merchants out. There’s a East Side Mario’s, Montana’s and Fionn McCools now whereas it was only an East Side Mario’s last year. These new restaurants opened before Christmas. Fionns is a nice addition as they offer live music on the weekends at an earlier than usual start time for most live bands in the city. Canadian Tire will be constructing a new store beside the LCBO adding multiple bays for auto service. This will be where Metro was located and that store will be sorely missed by the local residents of Dundas as a close, within walking distance grocery store. The construction hasn’t begun as of yet but I’m sure it will turn the parking lot into a disaster considering the proximity of the LCBO to the new store construction. There are a few other restaurants available on the other side of the plaza.

  • Chris Callowhill

Nice shopping area w lil bit of everything for everyone. There is a charming HomeHardware, a nice Bulk Barn, a fantastic M&M meats, a large LCBO next to a huge Canadian Tire, a really good Pizza Nova, a clean and well stocked dollar store, a cute lil Toy Store, a bagel place, a Chinese food spot, E B games, a pet supplies store, a really clean and very nice Shopper's Drug Mart, a couple of restaurants and more in this plaza. Plenty of parking, and very handicap accessible. HSR buses stop frequently and the University Plaza bus goes right into the parking area to make a stop and to turn around and head back to the dwntwn. The local Dundas bus also makes stops at the plaza. This plaza is well maintained and it is a very nice area to shop.

  • Andria Hexx

Almost everything you need in one place---Shoppers Drug Mart, Home Hardware, Dollarama...even your vices are covered with the LCBO and a newly opened cannabis shop! Sadly lacking a grocery store. Used to be a 24 hour Metro out here which had been replaced by Canadian Tire. Personally I'd like to be able to get groceries more, but there are lots of food options including Subway, a Chinese food place and a bunch of others. A pretty decent plaza considering it's on the outskirts between West Hamilton and Dundas. I also like that it backs onto the trail which is nice if you bike or walk like I do. Good bus service too, and big parking lot for anyone with a vehicle.

  • Amy Reid

I fine all the store's are handy . their staff are polite . To name a few we have Metro, Shoppers drug, Bulk barn and the Dollar store. For a long time it was hard to enter the Dollar store because the doors where not aromatic. The first of this year we the coustmers recieved a gift, a set of atomic doors . Staples and other of the store's who's staff assisted me to overcome a problem of my phone. This has happened before when first recieved .Home Hardware is another one that needs to be mentioned. This leaves the restrants of 3 which are quite good. More stores are there to handle personal and social needs. Thank-you for giving me this opportunity.

  • neil d

Only found a few stores worth going to in this plaza. Not the best maintained. Too many stores fail in this plaza, I believe because overall it is not the most pleasant feeling mall, often find aggressive or bad drivers makes it hard to walk from your car to the stores, the bus stop/terminal is in the way of the car traffic in the parking lot, also an obstacle for people walking as well. The Metro grocery store is apparently being taken over by Canadian Tire, wondering if they will setup a new grocery store in the plaza somewhere? If not the mall will continue its downfall...

  • M Glorious One

Aside from the super high quality H&R Block location and the Shoppers Drug Mart, the entire place is in disarray with stores closing constantly and construction crews seemingly being the only permanent fixture there. The closure of the Metro and their replacing of it with a Canadian Tire makes zero sense as it removes one of the biggest perks there (combining grocery shopping with other small buys) and instead adds a store that'll be in direct competition with 3 of the ones in the same plaza. Not sure what RioCan has in store for this place, but so far it does not look good.

  • Nicholas Amorim

The plaza has quite a few places to shop so I come here pretty often when I need something. There's a metro and shoppers drug Mart and M&M Meatshop for groceries, the source and EB games for electronics, quite a few places to eat, and even a bulk Barn. I've gotten things from pretty much every store in the plaza at one time or another. It's also very convenient and helpful especially for students at McMaster since all variety of stores are all closely located together. 10/10

  • Renate Anderson-McIlroy

Has a liquor store - thats good to have, shoppers drug mart - seems to have saturated every kilometer, the home hardware too small, the rest seems to be eateries, am looking forward to canadian tire going in there....the only complaint is there isn't any decent clothing shops for men & women. Not boutique shops but place where you can buy men/women underwear, top & bottoms. Perfect store would be a Giant Tiger Store. That has variety as well as affordable.

  • Mick

Small and clean plaza with plenty of options for food and other necessities. There is a grocery store, lcbo, dollarama, east side Mario's, shoppers drug mart and a few different restaurants and cafes. There is even a hot yoga studio. I never run into dirty downtown people when I shop in dundas so that is a plus! For people who dont drive there are several buses here from what i see, so probably a good spot for students etc to shop

  • David

It's completely unconscionable RioCan would allow Canadian Tire to take over what should have remained a grocery store accessible to all of the elderly residents of the surrounding neighborhood. As a result we don't intend to shop at this plaza until we see a grocery store in it accessible to the local seniors population and community members who now have to look beyond a reasonable walking distance for their groceries.

  • Pankaj Krishnaa

One stop shop as you almost have everything here. Metro works for groceries though it is a bit expensive compared to food basics which is closer to McMaster. Dollarama and Bulk Barn give you good stuff, especially Bulk Barn- if you decide to stock up on food stuff such as nuts, tea mixtures and of course chocolates(all kinds). The Italian restaurant here is the only place I haven't tried yet. Cheers

  • Jup down

This place is really close to home and it is super convenient for just about everything one could need. Groceries, Alcohol, Pharmaceuticals, Video Games and a fun night out can all be found here and more! The only reason I'm giving this review a 4/5 star rating is because they pulled TD bank out of this plaza and their metro is no longer 24 Hours (I used to come here at 3AM all the time).

  • Anthony Kam Chuen Chan

Visited Canadian Tire , Home Hardware , Shopper Drug Mart and Fresh. Canadian Tire and Home Hardware provide measures for physical distancing and Shopper provide hand sanitizer. I also visited Freshii. The staff is very nice and worn a mask. The coffee with almond milk is good and it is only 1.50 ( 50 cents for the almond milk ). I will certainly go back to get some interesting food.

  • Reg Simser

University Plaza is growing. It now has a newly expanded LCBO, Metro Food Mart w/pharmacy. Shoppers Drug Mart, Home Hardware, Bulk Barn, Scotia Bank, University Bowling alley, Source electronics, Smartphone sales, Dollarama & so much more. East side Marios, Pet Shop, yoga studio, Hair Crafters. The only thing that keeps it from 5 star, there's no department store.

  • Lila “Lilaycian” C.

I love this shoppers. It's open late and the staff are friendly. The pharmacy is helpful and prompt with your prescriptions. I especially love the cosmetic staff, they will help you and check you out quickly. I recommend if you have any makeup or skin care or even if you just want to go to their counter to checkout your items. Sometimes they throw in freebies too

  • Jenny Jennjenn

Its clean, easily accessible, on a bus route and lots of parking. No wifi whats so ever. Not in any of the stores. Metro wont give out the password for their wifi. I wish there was a cafe or coffee shop, but it has Shoppers drug mart, home hardware, dollarama, lcbo,metro, subway, scotia bank, m&m meats, Beverly tire, eastside marios, a yoga studio amd more.

  • Vilecia Daniel

This is probably one of the best plazas around Hamilton. Lots of parking and many convenient stores including shoppers, dollarama and Canadian tires. Not to mention all the food options. Just watch for confused drivers as the entrance to the plaza is busy with many lanes in different directions. I've seen many cars pulling to the wrong lanes.

  • Chen Liu

A really good one-stop-shop plaza. There is Dollarama, Metro, LCBO, Home Hardware, Shoppers and a decent selection of restaurants. There should be more marked crosswalks for pedestrians that cut across the parking lot as it is annoying to have to walk the perimeter of the plaza to get from one side to the other side.

  • Diamond David Universe

I live close by and has just about everything I need. Not really sure how you can critique a Plaza but obviously a wider variety of shops would be nice. there's a friendly strangers opening up soon I'm excited about that and I think there's another vacant building I hope we see something that isn't food-related

  • Zev Griver

Your 1 stop shop for... everything! They have liquor, car repair, meds, food in small servings AND bulk, offices for eyes and ears, resturaunts, and even a bowling alley! University plaza has everything you need. Frow kitchen ware to videogames, this place has it all 10/10, very necessary plaza

  • Lastnamed Lampman

One stop shop for booze, wings, shawrmas and anything else under the sun Shoppers drugs mart Mnms meats for that family bbq life And if you feel like buying over priced pasta there is a east side mario there as well! Major bus connector to the city of Hamilton as well its like Dundas mall

  • Moleen M

It is close to McMaster University which makes it very convenient for the students. The Metro store thats there might not be ideal for the student budget but if you go there n a Tuesday with your student card (a McMaster University student cars), you get 10% off your groceries.

  • Habib Ghaffari

A collection of all shopping center that a student may be need. Shoppers, Dollar ama and Bulk Barnes that you can do your daily groceries and beyond. You can also have a meal here . Different restaurants from mediterranean to chines foods as well as fast food such as KFC.

  • Mark Biancale

Geez, I've been coming to this plaza for over 45 years. Eastside Mario's is back hey budda boom bada bing!! Shoppers drug Mart was an amazing edition with the liquor store. Canadian Tire seems to be the best fit for that location. Home hardware is definitely a staple.

  • Arshan

I only visited this area to get supplies from Home Hardware but found myself staying longer than I initially needed. I got some lunch, did some groceries, and even bought some games. Nice, friendly area, great for running multiple errands in one area.

  • Sam

Surprising variety of shops for a plaza. In addition to conglomerate Metro, Shoppers, LCBO, Dollarama and a few cell phone spots, activity based services abound; Crock a doodle (make your own pottery),bowling alley, Yu Pascale yoga studio, etc.

  • Denise Fogel

Nice store, well stocked lots of variety. Easy access parking lot. Staff friendly and helpful. Could have used someone at front cash reminding people to distance and or use the self checkout. Not enough cashiers on this particular Sunday.

  • John Pap

Large plaza with a variety of shops, such as Canadian tire, dollarama, LCBO, to name a few. Even has restaurants. Buses make frequent stops and is easy to navigate, as expected from such a large scale plaza. The location is also not too

  • Ryan Maharaj

This is a great plaza, which has a wide variety of shops, services, and restaurants. Whether you need a Canadian Tire, liquor store, Home Hardware, Dollarama, Shoppers Drug Mart, Bulk Barn, M & M Foods, or even a cannibis store just to

  • Ana Laura Naranjo

Location is super convenient and there is a bus stop right inside of the plaza. Variety of stores is good, you can find almost all you need (groceries, pharmacy, restaurants, warehouse, dollarama, accounting services... even bowling).

  • Ahmed Mandil

Very conveniently located right outside of dundas and close to McMaster. Also includes popular places such as: Metro, LCBO, Shoppers Drug Mart, Dollarama, home hardware, Eastside Mario's, Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust! Plus lots more

  • John Bakker

A plaza with lots of parking. A bit like a strip mall with mainly local stores rather than chains. Is building a large Canadian Tire Store but losing its Metro Grocery store. Does have a large Shoppers Drug Store with a post office.

  • Steph S

This is a nice, small plaza to visit. Ample parking. The only issue is cars like to park along the one side road in front of the line of stores on the right side of the plaza. This creates a lot of driving /walking hazards.

  • J Bar

Canadian Tire..dollar store..home hardware..liquor store..m&m meats..bowling..EB Games..and a few restaurants. Bus service right in mall parking lot is convenient if you don't drive. A good plaza with a bit of everything.

  • Fatma Shaban

collective place but need to have bank office there to be more convenient the most known markets there is shoppers the drug market and Dollarama the chip market and Freshii and some food markets also Canada post is there

  • devan wiancko

A nice selection of shops is to wander around and check out I got some nice gifts here and I wasn't really expecting much but they exceeded my expectations I hope they continue doing it and I will continue coming back

  • Jacob Parnell

This plaza is one of the better ones in Hamilton. It's got a nice layout and a large variety of both specialized and general stores. If you need something, there is a good chance you'll find it in this plaza.

  • Isaac Yellan

Decent selection of stores, although the layout makes it time consuming to walk from one side to another without having to cross a sometimes scary parking lot. Also not great transit options here on weekends.

  • Greg Oulahen

Absolutely best plaza. Food, medicine, Dr's, Home Hardware for Hardware needs and Canadian Tire for car and other needs. Parking great and the trail is right off the back parking lot for a wonderful walk.

  • Heather Phillips

I shop at this location quite often, the staff are friendly and very helpful, I have just purchased cologne for a gift and also picked some cute unicorns for my grandkids with my points that I have saved.

  • Dave Homulos

Went to KFC. They have learned how to take the fast out if "fast food". It's like they're surprised when someone comes in off the street for chicken. Don't go unless you have 20 minutes to spare.

  • Jason

A good selection of amenities here for those who live locally and want a one stop shopping convenience. In the heart of a residential area, theres something for everyone here at University Plaza.

  • Jennifer Hannah

I shopped at Shoppers Drug Mart. I needed to pick up lotion for my feet. The beautician guided me to some from Clarins considering they don't carry any in Sally Hansen. I appreciated the help.

  • Susan Brewer

Dr. Colin Day is the best dentist in the world. So kind caring and sincere and his staff are all very nice as well and take a real interest in.the patients lives and oral and physical health.

  • Lex Rogers

Great plaza with pretty much everything you could need except a convenience store and a grocery store. I do miss having Metro located in this plaza. Went down to 4 stars when they removed it

  • meLLowend

i love this plaza! ive lived around here for most of my life so I've seen different shops come and go but im still always able to get what i need a be done with shopping pretty quickly

  • Rebecca Lang

Was meeting up with friends for dinner and enjoyed a nice relaxing stroll around the plaza. No big crowds, just nice and relaxing. And supper was delicious, with some great friends.

  • Peter D

really sad the metro grocery be replaced by Canadian Tire. They already have an autobody shop in that plaza and a home hardware. Seemed really unnecessary for them to move in there.

  • Edward Stavin

Chain store. While you can shop quickly during quiet times, getting out of the store at busy times can be problematic during busy times due to lack of cashier's and deadly lineups.

  • barb miller

Very old plaza. I saw a picture from the 60's and it looked the same.lots of smaller businesses, like home hardware and the shoe box.good parking lot not insane like regular malls

  • jim

Avoid this Dollarama if possible this is the worst dollar store of the chain. The staff are rude and lack any knowledge of the product or if they even carry the item in the store.

  • Subhajit Mishra

It's kind of a shopping hub. The place has Metro, Dollarama, Bulk Barn, LCBQ for the general purposes. Also it has a freedom mobile shop and Scotiabank. Surely you will like it.

  • Arlindo Victoria

Great plaza they have many great stores here very convenient you can pretty much get all your running around done in this one plaza and then even go bowling, very convenient


not all shops are open on labourday but luckily i was able to shop at shoppers to gather some deoderant and cat treats. the plaza has a huge parking lot and a bus terminal.

  • Chris Mak

Perfect place to dine up a lady friend at East Side Mario's, grab a kilo of gummy bears at Bulk Barn, rubbera from Shopper's, and 40 of the cheapest liquor at the LCBO.

  • Gareth Murphy

Been coming to this plaza for more than 30 years and it has always had everything I need.. BEST place to get your haircut..please enjoy your shopping experience there

  • Fatema Zohra

Has Bulk Barn, Shoppers, Home Hardware, Canadian tire, LCBO, M and Ms, East Side Mario's and Dollarama with other small establishments such pet store and yoga studio

  • Heather Mackenzie

Busy parking lot and the LCBO didn't have everything I was looking for but otherwise, convenient for groceries, booze and Dollarama. Basically, you're set to party

  • Dave Farrington

Great place to shop. Multiple selection of places to shop like Metro Bulk Store Dollar store Shopper's LCBO Homehardware and many other shops and food restaurnts.

  • Unknown Player

Convenient place (Dollarama, Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart, KFC, and so many other stores + a small bus terminal with 2 lines (10 B-Line Express & 1, 1A)).

  • Tracey M

This used to be the perfect Plaza with everything you need for a living. Then they removed the grocery store. Can't be a perfect Plaza without a grocery store.

  • James McMurray

Convenience is the big plus when shopping here. Everything you need is in one well maintained outdoor mall. It is always my go to place for shopping in Dundas.

  • J. Langille

I would give this shopping plaza 5* except that too many spots are empty lately. I shop here constantly: it has almost everything I need. Even a bowling alley!

  • Dema Lovelace

Love this small little plaza, the only place you can get anything in Dundas, it is a shame that all the clothing, book stores closed. No Walmart either sadly.

  • Andrew David (Andy the Author)

Lots of shops and places you'd want to visit. Higher quality stores, good selection and well taken care off. Good location and lots of parking. Would go back

  • Sarah Brooks

Clean little mall with the central library, a Goodlife gym, a few stores, a food court and some services. A good place to get in from the rain when downtown!

  • C. Runpixierun

Plaza that keeps reinventing itself to stay current with local needs. Lots of parking and great stores. No need to drive all the way to a shopping mall.

  • Udongien MZ

Great place, it's got a bit of everything. From business, electronics, groceries, restaurants, alcohol, pharmacy and even bus stops in its parking area

  • Lori Martin

Good old University plaza it brings back memories Been so long Lived in Dundas in late 80 and early 90 Miss that town and University plaza great stores

  • Chris Dunn

Difficult to find anything because of terrible layout. Poor labelling, confusing and illogical arrangements of goods. Staff very helpful and pleasant.

  • CYNTHIA Mckinnon

Lots of free parking. Good assortment of stores, though I do miss Metro. Went for an early dinner at East Side Mario's - delicious and great service.

  • Dave Oliver

Multiple stores. Shoppers, Metro, LCBO, M&M's, Dollarama, Bank, Barber, Salon, Pizza, Wrap, Great Cdn Bagel, Dry Cleaners, EastSide Mario's and more.

  • Maggie Hunter

I’ve lived behind it since I was little, it’s always getting updated which is nice, and it generally has the basics you need and a few nice extras :)

  • Christine Smith

Large location, lots of product variety. Friendly and helpful staff from pharmacy to cashiers everyone you meet along the way is willing to help. :)

  • Chris Hardy

Most things can be found here. A home hardware, lcbo, metro, bowling alley, m&m meats, haircrafters, shoppers drug mart, east side Mario and more.

  • Timothy Owen

One stop shopping. This is one of the best shoppers and if what you need isn't here, it is located in a plaza that has whatever you are missing.

  • dawn gecko

Great variety of shops and restaurants at this mall. It would be wonderful if buses pulled in on the weekends and not just during the week days.

  • Rocksy 905

This is a great place to shop and dine. Parking is plenty and it"s free. From groceries to hardware, pet care to eye care... it's all here.

  • Micky Butler

Great collection of retail businesses incl: Shoppers, Home Hdwre, LCBO, Cdn Tire, Dollarama, Cobbs, M&M and lots more. One stop shopping!

  • Dan Jelly

Contrary to what the sign says, there's no University here. Instead of a degree I got some banana chips at the Bulk Barn. Would go again.

  • Michael Pfaff

University Plaza is a great Plaza. It has a Metro, Shoppers Drugmart, East Side Mario's, EBGames, Subway, Home Hardware and many others

  • Nishu Dhiman

This place can be called a mini-market, a place with big space to park cars when coming on a vehicle, a giant LCBO store and much more

  • Lisa Elliott

We went to the bagel place to get some of their wonderful bagels. Yum. Some of the most authentic we've been able to find in Hamilton.

  • Graham Masters

It's got everything you basically need in a plaza, besides a grocery store, they removed it for some reason, to expand Cambodian tire.

  • Pete M

For us west endies it saves a trip downtown Dundas or Hamilton. Get groceries, Booze, hardware and more... Walking distance for many.

  • Peter Wright

how does one rate a shopping plaza? anyway they got a great LCBO and an awesomb bagel place. and East side Mario? what a throw back.

  • Carlene Jimenez

Has a lot of stuff just make sure you keep track of the bus schedule because the 1/10 are regular but the 5 can be finicky …

  • Mercedes Safa

Love the plaza. You got dollarama, canadian tire, lcbo, home hardware, bulk barn, fast food places, bagel and bread. Its perfect

  • Alex Hilton

Home Hardware, LCBO and CDN Tire stores all conveniently located within walking distance of all areas of the free parking lot..

  • Crystal Waldron

Almost anything that you need you can find here except the grocery store, I have no idea why they took both grocery stores away

  • Trevor Sutton

The classic strip mall with almost, but not all, of your shopping haul. They got restaurants mostly, but some other stuff too.

  • Glenn Robinson

Good variety of stores and merchants. Has lots of parking and a bus station too. Large CTC store and a friendly Home Hardware.

  • M Cheers

It's a great little mall with lots of parking. Food, haircuts, alcohol, medication, and a dollar store. Everything you need.


When visiting Dundas, I love this mall. Shoppers, delicious bagels, Freshi for lunch, Dollar store Sorry the Metro closed.

  • Chris RSAM

Great plaza, loads of parking, clean, and a good variety of stores... featuring a brand spanking new Canadian Tire store

  • Jamie Woodhouse

A good range of shops and eateries; Canadian tyre, LCBO, shoppers, Dollarama, KFC to name a few. Well worth a visit.

  • dwldjon

nice little plaza to get a few things at, bus terminal located in the plaza allows for easy travel to and from it

  • Lynda Fletcher

Lots of parking. Went to the LCBO and Shoppers drugmart. Both were short quick visits. Good and friendly service.

  • mark hahn

This LCBO has an good, all-cold beer section. Several other stores handy including CT, Shopper's and Bulk Barn.

  • stanley chambers

Has a lot of services and stored you will like including Home Hardware Metro Grocery LCBO Restaurants Drugs.

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