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Best Buy is a Electronics store located at 13141 City Station Dr Suite 133, Jacksonville, FL 32218. It has received 2560 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.





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  • The address of Best Buy: 13141 City Station Dr Suite 133, Jacksonville, FL 32218

  • Best Buy has 4.0 stars from 2560 reviews

  • Electronics store

  • "I love Best Buy, always have, even though they are quite expensive compared to online shopping"

    "Not a good look"

    "This store now will not have anyone help you when you are in the store without signing up through a QR code and then they call on you"

    "I wish there was a choice below 1 star! Against my better judgement I made the mistake of going to Best Buy for the last time last night"

    "I came in here to get an otter box"


  • Damon Jones

I love Best Buy, always have, even though they are quite expensive compared to online shopping. That being said, my last shopping trip was a disaster. I went to get a car stereo and for some reason I let the guy talk me into buying a open box. It only saved 10$ and it was a costly mistake. The radio that was inside was not what I had intended to purchase. It was in the box of the one I wanted, but the radio inside was different. Now me working out of town I didn't pay attention to it right off the bat until I went to install it. That's when I realized the mistake and went right then to get the correct radio. I had purchased it a week ago but they didn't want to change it. Told me that normally they will only take it back if its same day or next day. I let her know my situation of being out-of-town and told her I just wanted the radio that was supposed to be in the box. With her attitude and everything she was saying, I felt as if she was saying I was the one that changed it out. The warranty tag was ripped in two and I didn't like the way she acted, her body language.. So I took my money and run. I just want to remind everyone that just because it says it's a good deal, or someone is telling you it's a good deal, doesn't make it a good deal

  • Steven Jones

Not a good look. 1. The check out area looks ghetto. See picture. 2. One female worker, who’s name started w an M, was manning the area that was just customer service but I guess is now also checkout. Of course she had one slow customer, I look and myself and someone else are in line. 3. I glance around - classic 3/4 other workers (at least one who was a manager) are chilling by the front. 4. A worker named Ari was excellent, told me exactly where to find what I needed, hence 3 instead of 1 star. 5. The worker at customer service looked heroic to me since she had to handle everyone by herself, until she could finish my one, small item transaction without shoving food in her mouth. Then she spoke and said something w food in her mouth, maybe that my receipt was emailed. Appealing. It wasn’t like a tik tac it was something big. Maybe she is a diabetic I have no idea. For shame Best Buy, for shame.

  • Bruce Wayne

This store now will not have anyone help you when you are in the store without signing up through a QR code and then they call on you. This is a terrible business practice and will cost Best Buy lots of business. I know I won’t be shopping with them in the future. I am in the market for a new 75 inch flat screen for my living room. But if I can’t get questions answered without signing bud through a que that’s going to bombard me with unwanted texts and spam. I’ll just shop elsewhere. Shame on you Best Buy corporate for putting your store personal through this. Might be a death nail for you guys. People come into a store for a reason …. That’s to get tech help. But sadly now you don’t provide it without getting my contact info. Well good luck. You will need it with this business model.

  • Kurt A

I wish there was a choice below 1 star! Against my better judgement I made the mistake of going to Best Buy for the last time last night. They should just close all their brick & mortar location and become an internet co. Service is worse than nothing. waited 30 minutes last night never had a salesperson come over. Went to the service desk to beg for help. Still never came. Was told "there's no one in the que it won't be long. The stock they did have in computers looked like the flea market. A sign said I could do self checkout. They may as well send everyone in sales home. I will NEVER step foot in another Best Buy. This is S.O.P. at Best Buy. Typical Horrible service BAD, BAD, BAD. If there a worse retailer I can't imagine who!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chasidy McAllister

I came in here to get an otter box. The one I grabbed was mislabeled and too big for my phone. No big deal, I went back into the store to exchange it. Since the receipt was emailed to my husband, and I don’t have access to his email, the guy was struggling to figure out how to do the exchange. He called for a manager several times, no one came. Finally some geek squad guy comes and helps him. The cases were the same price, but I had to pay an additional 3 dollars which supposedly was taxes. Why should I be taxed twice for one item? I paid it because I live in Georgia and had my baby and was ready to leave. This type of customer service is ridiculous. That should have been an even exchange and yet I end up paying for a store error.

  • Dave Hobbs

This store is pathetic compared to most best buys I've been in. Shelves are a mess, some empty others in disarray Looks like no one has cleaned or organized in many many weeks Trying to find two items, isles were poorly marked if marked at all. Absolutely NO one came to or offered to help me, a couple associate's just walked on by me playing on there phones. Other associate's were just hanging out gossiping I finally found one of the items I came after and called myself Lucky and got the hell outta there. I won't be going back to this best buy again!! NOTE: Checkout associate was super super nice and tried to help tho only ONE checkout was open so I told him don't worry and I left. Really sad. God I miss Circuit City

  • Robert Rudolph

Spent over $100 for an over priced screen protector and case for my new phone. I would have spent more money why I was there but the staff was very rude. From the time we walked in the door the person working made numerous comments about security just load enough for us to hear and followed us around the store as if we were going to steal something. Even went as far to take the products my wife was carrying around from her and took them to customer service to hold until we finished shopping. Finally after rushing us out the store I only purchased 3 items rather than the 7 I wanted and plan on returning them after the way we were treated. Unacceptable Best Buy. We will not be back to their store.

  • Danny Wheeler

My wife and I just left this store. During our time at the store the sales associate, Ari was very rude. I have never had an encounter with someone less motivated to sell anything. Everything out of his mouth the first 3 minutes he was with us was with an attitude or mocking. This continued throughout our entire interaction. It was clear that it was a complete inconvenience for this guy to go get the two tvs we wanted to purchase from the back. This man should not be on the sales floor. It was as if we were an inconvenience for everyone there except for the lady at the door. Terrible experience and we will not be back to this store.

  • Isaac Coon

I get that it's the holidays, but my goodness, have more people on the floor. I had to go to the very back to find someone to help me in the phones (at the very front). I got the phone which did not work with my carrier even though it was unlocked (I feel Best Buy of all places should have known this and had a warning of some kind, as it was an extremely popular phone and carrier). Upon returning it they charge at 45, yes FORTY FIVE freaking dollar "restocking fee". Luckily the customer service guy I had waived that fee because it was a faulty device/their fault. That's the only reason for 2 stars was because of that guy.

  • Rachel Sharp

This Geek Squad team is a tiny bit better than Orange Park but not by much..they let you sit there with no acknowledgement when U have an appt then people walk up to the counter and get right in front of you..But You as the customer have to tell the technician hello I've been here for over 15 min and no one has even spoke to me. Oh yeah We will be right with you..I swear customer service is getting worse and worse. I think Moe's is the only place that still acknowledges their customers's best practice rather busy or short handed ..let the customer know U will be with them soon Instead of ignoring them

  • Greg Gaylor

Went to this Best Buy today to purchase an Apple watch. This is our first and we are not familiar with them at all. In the first place they had zero watches on display, which I found strange, and the sales person was as lost about it as I was. I really like to look at items before I buy them but this wasn't happening. He tried to show us a picture of one but what's a picture gonna do? We finally decided to buy the watch from the "picture" and took it home, only to find out we had to have a separate charger that wasn't included. Why wouldn't they be trained to tell you this in the store??

  • El Hungáro

So........ Best buy used to be my go to place for electronics, cell phones and other stuff.......the people who served me were very nice and knowledgeable. They did not have the cell phone they claimed to have before I went there but they assured me that at their other location there is eight of them cellphones I was interested in buying. So...... I drove 21 miles to their other location....just to find out the they did not have it there eighter .... Waisted time and I understand why they have closed hundreds of their locations and why their stores are empty......

  • Derrick The Gator Riverboat

I remember the days when you went to Best Buy and there were many employees on the floor and everyone was so helpful. I really miss that. I counted maybe seven employees on my visit and no one approached us to ask if they can help us. I had to walk around and find someone who wasnt either helping someone else or on their way to the back of the store where customers aren't allowed. Luckily on our way out a kind lady asked if anyone was helping us. (Im sure she know no one was). She got the item we needed and saved the sale. One helpful person out of seven. Wow, times have changed.

  • Dlcfishing C

Best Buy is hiring, or at least it should be. 1 very knowledgeable person in Electronics had 6 people waiting to talk to him while we were with him. Before that, we waited close to an hr while he was w the person before us, and we put our name in the "Scan the Queue" process that Best Buy had set up for customers. [Guess that's the new customer svc] I'm sure the others waiting probably didn't understand thats what they needed to do. We bought what we wanted after having all of our questions answered because the very knowledgeable person understood what we wanted.

  • Brandon

What is the point of paying staff and having them on shift if they are going to just carry in conversations with each other and not assist customers? Question is rhetorical. Will not be going back to this location. Circled the store 4 times, could not find an associate on the floor. Others in the front register areas were just carrying on conversations with each other. Guess business is doing great since they don't worry about selling stuff. I'll shop online at other retail stores instead.

  • Marcus Chambers

Just went into the store purchase one item. Took 15 minutes of waiting in line for a register. Left without purchasing due to the wait. Why is the checkout register located at the service desk. This is a terrible thing for in-store customers to have to wait for returns, online purchases and more when shopping. I will not return due to the wait and was able to purchase the item for less with next day delivery. Thanks for wasting my time "okay buy" because you are not the best.

  • Andrew Joseph

Well that was the worst customer service I have ever experienced at a Best Buy. No one was outwardly rude which is why I didn’t want to leave 1 star but the blatant disregard of our time/experience and not even bagging our items at the end was the cherry on top. It was really waiting for an hour to buy some AirPods that was my favorite part. You can’t train people to care, you either do or don’t and it’s a shame I didn’t feel that today.

  • john schultz

Clean, looked under stocked and video games are lacking. No blueshirts ever asked how they could be helpful although i saw some conversing amongstthemselves. I did find an android auto adapter thing that works well. Customer service desk was friendly and helpful but there were no cashiers for easy check out so the line just stalled as they answered questions that the floor staff should have been on top of. Typical best buy on a Sunday.

  • Tyler Burgess

Says one hour, than you call their number. It goes to a call center, they answer say it's ready. You drive 8.3 miles to the store, than when you get there they say, "oh they haven't gotten it from the back yet, whenever they do then it will be ready." So your telling me I'm here now not only did they mistake it for being ready, you can't go back and get it while I'm here now? This is insane. Worst customer service ever.

  • TeeJay Smith

It happened to be our last resort plan but turned out to be the best outcome. We're unable to complete the transaction on 24th Dec 22 due to closing early but we're promised to return on Monday, 26th. The item was held for us when we returned to the store. Customer service was outstanding and the entire sales staff was amazing. Keep up the good work guys. Shalom

  • AD RP

Would be nice to be asked if we need help especially when your store is empty and 10 employees walked past us not doing anything just talking and laughing amongst themselves... This is why I don't shop at best buy anymore. I stopped going there 5 years ago, and decided to stop in to see if anything had changed, but nope.... I was looking for an 8k tv 90,95" btw...

  • Latisha Bailem

Ari is amazing!!!!!! Ari helped us with everything and more! He really went above and beyond to make sure we accomplished our goals today! As well as the front door attendant she made our trip to this location very warm welcoming and super fun on our way out this afternoon ! For these two associates we will definitely shop this location for the holidays!

  • Sal Hummer

I asked for help to buy new appliances they said I would be on a list, I waited 45 minutes and no one came to help me. Keep in mind no other customers in the appliance area. I asked other associates to help me they said. They can't help in appliance. I went to Lowes and bought all my appliance. Best Buy I'll never step foot inside your store.

  • Jay C

Best buy is discriminating against its white employees and Christians. They find it appropriate to have meetings and events with no white employees allowed. They have also told employees it's appropriate to wear pride flags but religious things such as crosses or having a Quran is wrong. Best buy is a shameful business that discriminates.

  • John Cutler

The sales personnel in the store we're very presentable. Unfortunately a lot of what they sell is locked behind doors because of all the thefts. This time in this country theft is in a very high rise from border to border, coast to coast. As always Best Buy employees are very knowledgeable and present themselves well.

  • Tiffany smith

Worst best buy I've ever stepped into! They simply don't care have zero customer service! They should really just close their doors. Purchased a 75" TV and had to drag them item to the front pass SEVERAL employees not one offered to help or apologized for the lack of help in the store! What a shame!

  • Ash Cierra

What is the actual point of having a store if you essentially need an appointment to buy anything. An abundance of employees happen to appear on an aisle you’re on (and they’re totally NOT checking to see if you’re stealing) but you need to be added to a queue to shop? Yea I’ll just go to target….

  • J Byrne

I love Best Buy and have been going there for years, actually all over the USA. They need to hire more people. I went into the one here a week ago and it seems like they literally had 4 or 5 people servicing the entire store. Several customers walked out. lines 0kat the cashier were long and slow.

  • Sharell Belanfante

Decent place to shop for electronics. Unfortunately, the shelves are always bare because it's the only Best Buy for South Georgia, North Jax, and it's right by an airport. Other than that, the workers in the store are helpful, and often have what you're looking for in the back of the store.

  • David Harrell

Customer service is very limited. I went to 2 stores the same day and both stores were the same. Some employees seemed to avoid you. Alot of stuff is locked in cages and finding someone to get it out for you is a challenge. When I finally did get help most things were out of stock anyway.

  • Joe

Store feels like it's waiting to die. There's always loose product and stock all over the aisles. 1 open register despite a line the width of the store. And employees who look like they could care less if the store was on fire. Keep it up and you'll look like the theater across the way.

  • Michele Money

Very disappointed. We couldn't get help at all. We left without buying the 2 laptops we came to buy and drove to St. Johns Towne Center Best Buy and received help immediately with them answering the two questions we had and we purchased our 2 Lenovo 16 inch Yoga laptops from them.

  • R. Bentley

The lady that runs it is so friendly and helpful and their prices are very reasonable and the place is always cleaned as you can see on my post they don't just clean a little bit they clean the whole place to make sure it's very sanitary I definitely recommend 24-hour laundromat

  • C.R. WATE, JR

Got to the store around 8:30 pm needing a case for my new phone. Top notch staff got me completely satisfied with a case that fit the bill and was on budget. I was in and out of the store in 15 minutes flat!!! Very satisfied!!! I'll be shopping there more often.

  • Lexter Vega

Mr. Ayala the manager helped me today with a recent purchase i made and when i thought it couldn't be fixed he took the time and made sure i was taken cared of. I'm really happy with my purchase. Been shopping here for years and will continue going. 5 stars!

  • Listen-learn 81

This has got to be the worst store Ive ever done business with. Please do not order anything from these clowns. It’s impossible to get in touch with the store, and I’m having to drive back and forth wasting my time and they still can’t get things right.

  • Carla Foster

I visited the River City store and and a great experience both dropping my old laptop off and picking up the new one. They were able to transfer my files with no problems and assisted me in setting up other other applications. Great customer Experience!

  • andy hazelgrove

Got charged 180 to install my subs and amps, had cords with me, told me upon pick up that my amp was dying and needed to replace, My kickers were not working at all. Take it to a buddy of mine. He rips the car apart, and fixes it in 10 min.

  • Nikki Dahlin

You know when you walk into a company and you can tell it's about to close it's business doors for good? This is another location I've gone into and it's getting emptier by the month for product selection. Phones and accessories selections

  • curtis schade

Shelves are empty, store is in disarray. The item I went in looking for did not appear to exist at all. Doubting my ability to shop, I asked an associate and they did have it but had to ask for it at the register. Then when I went to pay

  • Jeremy Holst

Easily the worst Best Buy I have ever been to. I am not kidding when I say you could drive 20 minutes south to the next Best Buy and be back home faster. Unfortunately I needed a piece that only they had and I had vowed to never go into

  • Rick Moss

On November 22nd I purchased an LG dishwasher online with installation through this location. The install was scheduled for November 30th. On November 30th the installation date was changed to December 9th. On December 9th the installer

  • Karen Jones

They have taken out the cash registers so regardless of rather your are purchasing an item, Returning an item, getting tech support or picking up an online order there is one line with two people helping those in line. Took over twenty

  • James Carroll

Very informative staff! Super awesome design of store in general! Easy to navigate with five and seven year old children! Financing option is great choice for families like mine! Thank you Best buy God bless you all in Jesus name amen!

  • Johnnie Strickland

Great service. Ed was great in explaining product and very helpful.Geek squad was on point. Called ahead and early to mount and install a 75in samsung TV and surround sound. Great job. Kind, friendly, and courteous. Thanks!!

  • Katherine Johnson

I love shopping at Best Buy. They have good open box deals. When it comes to appliances and electronics, it's the only place I go. But they just need improvement on the waiting and getting someone to help you.

  • Rob English

Best Buy doesn't need a review. But I got my girlfriend a nice phone with a charger for less than $300! If you can live with electronics that are not top of the line, Best Buy is the place to look for a deal!

  • Gary Traverson

Not enough knowledgeable employees and a LOT of add on expenses only visible at checkout. Their geek squad installers, however, we're very good. If it hadn't been for them, I would have given 1 star.

  • Susan Milana

Busy on two occasions that I visited. I was greeted, but after waiting for assistance over 10 min, I finally left. On my 3rd visit, I quickly received great service. A very knowledgeable service

  • Renita and Brett Flowers

Product selections seem sparse. We were in the store for 40 minutes and never had an associate approach us or even speak to us. Sometimes that's a good thing, but we had questions this trip.

  • Julie Carroll

Noone cares to help customers here . They just look at you like your stupid or say they don't know. Need to train your employees and make sure they have knowledge of the items being sold

  • Erin Sing

This store has become almost a waste land. Nothing on the shelves, couldn’t get an associates help, and the only check out was guest services which took forever. Just shop online…

  • Dan Lopes

Nobody asks if you need any help. They're too busy talking personal issues amongst themselves. There's no such thing as sense of urgency or customer service anymore. …

  • Al Clark

Didn't have what I was looking for because the part was for an older computer, but those televisions were insanely priced, almost bought one right then.

  • T Durgin

The staff ( guy with a high ponytail) was very helpful in explaining my product to me and he made the transaction so easy and answered all my questions

  • Bryon Altenbach

We used the geek squad due to a laptop issue. The employee was very insightful and knowledgeable as well as took care of our problem immediately.

  • Jessie Bourquin

BEWARE! DO NOT APPLY FOR A CREDIT CARD HERE!!! I am now dealing with identity theft 3 days after applying for a Best Buy card at this location.

  • Roseanne Messenger

Excellent Computer purchase service,by I believe salesman named Ed...Knew his merchandise,very clear about total transaction,very helpful

  • Matthew Manning

Usually, it has what I'm there for. This time, it didn't match up to the website, and there was a little difficulty ringing up my item.

  • Arthur Woody

Saw the geek squad and they were very helpful. Then purchased a Chromebook for a great price. No one was pushy nor trying to upsale.

  • Bill M

Employee not familiar with their product. A Walmart employee was more knowledgeable about the ethernet switch I was looking for.

  • Renwick Taylor

Prices are truly the Best. I'm glad to say they definitely carry quality items for affordable amounts. Never been disappointed.

  • DH James

Unfortunately, this store location was extremely understaffed today and the item I was shopping for today, is out of stock.

  • Amelia V. Norman

The days when you could call your local Best Buy store are over! (This is a rating for the call center not the store.)

  • Latoya Broomfield

It was nice shopping at best buy nice and fast customer service and we didn't have to wait long to get our electronic.

  • Cheryl Metallo

I ended up needing a new smart watch. I believe her name was Misha. She was fantastic! Thank you for all your help!

  • Michelle P

The pickup process was very easy, and the associate provided some additional information that was very informative.

  • James Lemley

Takes to long for them to pick orders and no employee even cares only went there because they had what I needed

  • Mike Blount

Helpful staff, along with a huge selection and reasonable pricing, make for a pleasurable shopping experience.

  • Julie Hazelwood

young man very helpful and patient helping older couple with questions you dont find that often nowadays

  • Truckingelaine

Every time I come to this store I can't get anybody to help me therefore I'll never be back!

  • Spring Smith

They didn't have a variety of juice machines , but the store was clean and organized …

  • Vee Vee

I would give you a four stars but the geek squad help thank you for the micro HDMI

  • Cutie Katze

None of the associates will help you if you need it. They all hide or ignore you.

  • Jacob Kizer

Not really a Best Buy guy, but they had the sd card I was looking for.

  • Tina Robinson

We never wait long for our online orders and the are always friendly.

  • E Mckenzy (Sunshine)

Loved it. I was in and out and they had great customer service.

  • action action

Quality items and knowledgeable staff a bit high on the pricing

  • David Bower II

The Greek squad are knowledgeable and give friendly service.

  • Felecia Young

I've never been disappointed in Best Buy.

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