Better Gym Bexleyheath

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315-321 Broadway, Bexleyheath DA6 8DT, United Kingdom



Better Gym Bexleyheath is a Gym located at 315-321 Broadway, Bexleyheath DA6 8DT, United Kingdom. It has received 215 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.





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  • The address of Better Gym Bexleyheath: 315-321 Broadway, Bexleyheath DA6 8DT, United Kingdom

  • Better Gym Bexleyheath has 4.1 stars from 215 reviews

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  • "Better Gym Bexleyheath is essentially the Ryanair of gyms"

    "It always smells of body odour and sweat"

    "I use this gym regularly, usually after work at around 19:00 - 22:00"

    "A very focused gym with a wide assortment of equipment to suit even the most demanding of workouts"

    "This is the great gym for the price and continues to improve with time"


  • Nate Beckett

Better Gym Bexleyheath is essentially the Ryanair of gyms. They provide a clean, functional space and standard equipment to exercise, and that's it. There's not much of a shower/changing area, parking costs 20p a time (if you buy a prepaid book of tickets, otherwise it's £1/hour), and even using the lockers also costs 20p (which isn't refundable). I've noticed most people come to the gym already in their workout clothes, and then leave without getting changed. Presumably it's just easier to shower and change at home. There's a good number of cardio machines, and they're all from proper brands like Technogym, but in more basic models, so you won't get the number of options you'll find at the equipment at your local Virgin Active. The free weights area isn't too bad either, and there's enough of a selection to do most types of exercise. At peak times (after 5pm on Mondays), I've found the carpark does get quite busy, but it's been easy to get a parking space on other times. Due to it's "no-frills" nature, the staff don't try to up-sell you on anything, which is a welcome change from the normal gym chains. Despite it's shortcomings, Better Gym Bexleyheath still deserves 4 stars, as at £20/month with no contract, you won't find anything else cheaper in the area.

  • JJ Ogun

It always smells of body odour and sweat. You may say 'what do you expect, it’s a gym', but I’ve been to many gyms that's do not have such an odour like the Bexleyheath gym does. No lockers in the changing room so I have my valuables in my bag as I take a shower (no way to keep it secure). Doing stretches on the mats has my clothes covered in dirt. Does the gym even have fully functioning air con? If not then that would explain why there is a combination of everyone's sweat dripping down the windows The men's shower area smells of sweat and urine. Washing your hands in the sink WILL leave you with a nasty burn. It’s like washing your hands with the same water you used to boil an egg. No power in the shower, so water comes out at an incredibly slow rate. This is why I still have soap on me when I leave the shower because the water pressure is too weak. Nowhere to put my soaps/shower gel & wash scrub whilst in the shower, which means you have to put it on the hair invested shower floor. I was a member of the Brentwood Better gym and it is a lovely gym. I thought the Bexleyheath gym would be the same, I was sadly mistaken.

  • Scott McRae

I use this gym regularly, usually after work at around 19:00 - 22:00. Always packed and end up spending most of the time waiting to use equipment. Generally the gym is used by younger people due to the low price (£19.99 as of early 2017 but I believe the price has risen since then). There is no cap to the amount of people allowed into the gym. Other than the fact this gym is very busy and probably not suitable for city workers, there is standard range of gym equipment and the price is cheap, so you get what you pay for.

  • Frederick King

A very focused gym with a wide assortment of equipment to suit even the most demanding of workouts. A large free weights area and a series of squat racks and Smith machines occupy one end with cardio equipment at the other sandwiched in between are the mainstay of modern gyms the machines from leg extension to shoulder press to target each area. If you prefer your workouts with less formalities sea out the functional room upstairs for a different element to your workout. It can get very busy around 6-7 pm weekdays

  • Prasana Kunapalan

This is the great gym for the price and continues to improve with time. It has a great variety of equipment, but does get overcrowded at times. You have to walk through the weightlifting area to get to the men's changing rooms, so even if you shower at the gym, you may not feel very clean when you leave. It would be great if the gym could get a couple of olympic trap bars and close at later times on weekends. I would also appreciate some spare resistance bands and steeper decline benches.

  • Papa Obeng-Sabah

Probably the worst Better Gym around. I’ve got a student membership, don’t live in the area so I thought I’d give it a try. Platform for deadlifting and squats all broken up. Missing weight plates and aging squat racks that shake and are unstable. Poor ventilation. And after 4pm it becomes a school gym, with kids flooding in. Trust me it looks way better in stock photos than in reality. The roof is very low so you can’t do any pull-ups or chin ups on the squat racks.

  • Shannon Pring-Ardis

One of the best self-service gyms I have been to. The classes are great and I have always found the equipment I need for my work out. The team are great, always willing to help if you ask a question and make you feel welcome. The facilities have always been clean when I have used them, so no complaints there! For a budget price gym, around the corner from my house, I couldn't ask for more.

  • chi liu

Relatively medium sized gym with some aging equipment, problem is, like most gyms during peak times it's packed with muscle men and the smell of sweat is... Putrid.. But overall it's an OK... Oh one more thing.. The lockers.. No need for a padlock because these things takes 20p and doesn't give it back.. Something the website has kindly forgotten to mention.

  • Priyanka Sharma

It's big space and have variety of machines. Best part is you don't have to wait for most of the machines as they have multiple of them. The down side is that it has junior gym and few kids does not use the machines as it should be. It's a good option for kids to have access to this but one staff member should be present during those hours.

  • Derek Godden

Just had my 1st visit to Bexleyheath Better Gym since lockdown. I was really Impressed with the procedures adopted here. Very good cleanliness, & separation , also lots of cleaning stations. The Staff, Iona and Amy are really helpful as ever. I think it is safer here than at the supermarket. Top Marks to all at Bexleyheath

  • Dimitar Minchev

It's worth the money, plenty of cardio machines available, free weight room is always packed, which is annoying, but for 20 pounds without contract that's what you get. What annoys me more is that the same freaks are hanging around there all day, every day, mostly watching themselves in the mirrors.

  • rod anad

Very small gym especially the weight room Only few old & tired benches i have been training most of life in various gyms i have never had a problem with people until i joined this gym you spend more time waiting for a bench than actually do your training what do you expect cheap gym attract.....

  • Prabdeep Deusi

Been at this gym on and off since it was first built The facilities are adequate, however this gym favours cardio over bodybuilding and weight lifting. Parking is ample but the gym can often become crowded with long wait times. The sign up service and guided tour has always been acceptable

  • Lois Price Thomas

I love going to the gym and it offers all I need. It can get quite busy at peak times however I've never had to wait too long for certain pieces of equipment. There's lots of different machines to use and I love the price! What more do you need from a gym? Cheap and cheerful :o)

  • Ruud

The place feels damp inside. I think its the building. even airco cant fix the problem Devices that are broken stay broken for a few weeks. good value for money. Update: the quality of the air improved. it still takes a ling time before machine s are repaired

  • Dominique Courtney Cox

I’ve been training here for nearly 6 years now. Over the years, new equipment has been added which is always nice to see! Events are always running so it’s also nice to see new faces join the gym. Safe also super friendly and helpful!

  • Agnes Es

Probably the worst Better gym I visited. Classes taking place in very cramp up corner. The layout is very weird. First Better gym with self access when you have to scan the code to get in but no instruction on the wall just tiny code.

  • S Williams

They have a terrible entrance system. Does not promote good customer service. Barriers as if its a prison or police station. With no staff visible. Took a while to come to gates (barriers) This is a joke would not pay money for this!

  • Marya Mirza

Its an alright gym, not the best though. Place has machines that are falling apart. Also, the place usually gets quite crowded which does get annoying, but that's what you get for a 22 Pound gym membership

  • Nikki Greef

excellent gym the only thing im going to moan about is put the televisions back on so we can watch Eastenders while on the treadmill they use to be on why are they turned off now ?? …

  • Chris

Good value for money but it needs much more regular cleaning, particularly the loos, and the free weight area. Nobody wants a staph infection. With that said you can't beat £22 a month.

  • Richard Brooks

Great way to get back on shape after the rubbish recent lockdown. Of course spacious machinery and the restriction to get your workout done within one hour but still helps with fitness

  • Rml Beauty23

Lovely gym to go to work out in, great facilities, everyone is always there if you need to ask anything. The personal trainers seem great aswell, and very clean and safe area to be in.

  • Luke McSweeney

Great gym, never too busy so you don't have to worry about doing what you want to. Parking books can be bought for £4 which makes parking very cheap too compared to most other places.

  • Honey Mcp

The gym is good, lots of equipment but the shower and toilet is if it never gets clean. Hair on the walls and the water settle on top instead of going down the drain

  • Beckie Kitt

good facilities and lots of classes to choose from if you don't just want to use the gym. Only thing is the small weights area in the cardio area of the gym is a bit small

  • Steve Carey

Cheap gym. Not very neat. Luke warm showers. You can get help from the staff for few things like membership sign-up. Gym floor stays wet all the time during winters.

  • Maxine Tracey

I've been coming here since it first opened,the staff are helpful and friendly and it has all the equipment I need at a great price, can't ask for more than that!

  • Natasha Reid

It's OK for what you need but this gym is very satisfactory. Not the cleanest. Only using this gym for a short period of time until I cam afford a better gym.

  • Dawn Carter

At the moment I use the gym mainly for Spin Classes - I love them! They are fun and energetic. The staff and friendly and knowledgeable. It's a great workout!

  • Jeff Dooley

Great gym, nice staff & fantastic value for money... The more you go the cheaper it is £21.95 and go once! £21.95 & go 10 times £2.19! & great way to get fit.

  • Bobbie Rowson

Easy access without membership card needing to be shown at the door.The equipment is available and the gym never overvrowded. Good atmosphere there.

  • John Hustler

Good equipment, friendly staff, never too busy. Have to pay for parking via an app on arrival, but there are plenty of spaces available.

  • Brad Bird

Its ok, price has increased for what it is, lacking certain equipment, mens toilets smell like piss :/ and alot of kids using equipment

  • Andres Ceron Bolaños

Good Service in general, have different machines, quality staff. Sometimes the face recognition security in the entry don’t works.

  • Isaac Buchanan

Been going to this gym for a few years now, absolutely fantastic customer service, always clean equipment and a great atmosphere!

  • jenny oliver

It does what it says on the tin. Its low end but clean, functioning equipment, spin classes. Avoid 4-6pm as that is juniors time

  • Michael Johnson

Amazing gym, been coming here nearly 5 years now and there been nothing but support and an amazing atmosphere, everyone’s kind!

  • Charlie Britt

Good gym but lacking plates. Perfect for beginners or people into general fitness, not so much for powerlifters and the sort

  • Rami Smile

Gym is clean and tidy but communication from Better staff is equal to zero hence after 5 years had to cancel my membership.

  • Julie Goldsmith

Been going here for a month now, always a calm and friendly atmosphere, great equipment and staff, worth every penny

  • Robert Caklos

Fantastic support from Lucy she is absolutely brilliant very kind and helpful person …

  • Hazal Kirci

Minimal equipment. Poor customer service. Don't feel like they care or want to know about problems.

  • Donna Cooper

Been a member of various better gyms for a long time i have always found them good value for money

  • Paul Oakley

It's okay - what can I say? You get what you pay for, and never is this more evident than here.

  • Jay Edwards

Expensive day passes, mediocre facilities, for a charity owned business, I expected better.

  • Stephen Lincoln

Sam and her team are very helpful. Been a member for 10 months, certainly continue.

  • Nicholas Dear

It's ok for price I pay but wow walked in other day the smell of BO was horrendous.

  • Michael K.

large, wide, range of equipment. Guys there are really nice and approachable.

  • John Macanet

This gym is not that big but is very good and comfortable and well equipped.

  • Mahesh Kannan

Well Maintained! Generous options to sanitise. Plenty of options to workout!

  • Nicola Thomas

Love the gym perfect for what I need and want, good classes friendly staff.

  • Dylan Budgen

Constantly packed and no one puts their weights back. Wouldn't recommend.

  • Louise Katie McCarthy

Small but functional. Clean changing and shower facilities. I recommend.

  • Pritesh Bhudia

Does get extremely busy during peak times. Well equipped and good price.

  • Javanshir Rasulov

Better place, safe, clean, and easy to get shower and use change rooms.

  • Paige Haward

The changing rooms toilet and sauna smell really bad , not good hygiene

  • Aby V O

Personal trainers, friendly atmosphere, everyone works hard. Impressive

  • Emily Yuill

Gym is very clean staff are always willing to help and give advice!

  • Martin Hayes

No frills gym but gas everything you need and a good mix of people.

  • Donna Brady

Love it! Big, clean, olently of equipment and nice frienfly place.

  • David “Deuel” B

Good range of equipment and membership fees are very reasonable.

  • S H

That parking machine didn't work and I had to pay penalty charge

  • David Smith

Great value for money, good atmosphere doesnt attract posers

  • Cheyenne Hurst

It's good and it's never to packed always Equipment to use

  • Patricia Taylor

Nice atmosphere, staff work hard, good for what you need.

  • Rhiannon Chocolate

It was horrible and expensive for a small place like that

  • Chinwendu Ogboh

Excellent staff and group activities every day. Love it!

  • Gary Robinson

Great gym but need a larger functional training area

  • Peter Ranson

great gym. the staff are lovely helpful and friendly

  • daniel stringer

Decent, affordable gym with good and friendly staff

  • Leanne Sanders

Great place to get fit , lot bigger than you think

  • Mario

Friendly staff, clean and spacious. No downsides.

  • elliott s

First gym in years and it's perfect for my needs

  • Jayne Talbot

Great service and such helpful lady assistant ..

  • Shameena Haseeb

Lovely gym full benefits from the membership !!

  • Seth Kpokpoli

Good clean place, nice staff, good equipment.

  • gray saxon

Great gym ! love the price & lots of machines

  • Ash

Has everything you need. Staff are nice.

  • Jake McSweeney

Amazing gym and amazing managers …

  • Phil Pain

Cheap and good for disabled gym users!

  • Paul Peverall

Cheap n cheerful too many lemonades

  • Clement Ahenkorah

Very nice restaurant there to visit

  • Francesco Ponno

Good basic gym no many classes tho

  • Dean Tebbutt

A great friendly place to work out

  • John Lewis

Good but free weight always messy

  • John Whitmore

Far too busy. Cash over quality.

  • Mantas Gedgaudas

There is everything you needed!!

  • Domoniquie Heather

Good classes, clean and tidy.

  • Epi Dalmeida

Good gym, nice staff …

  • Reda Reda

Very good and easy to reach

  • ben s

Great gym and great staff.

  • Gary RST

Nice gym cheap no contract

  • Adeyemi Ajibade

Great Gym friendly staff

  • Samantha Pring-Ardis

Nice , clean, friendly

  • Charlotte

Best gym I've been too

  • Steven Godwin

ok not my kind of gym

  • Oksana Kryvenko

Good value for money

  • BCR84

Good gym, good price

  • C Smith

Clean, aircon, nice

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