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6010 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H4A 1X9, Canada


Bicycles McW is a Bicycle Shop located at 6010 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H4A 1X9, Canada. It has received 401 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.





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  • The address of Bicycles McW: 6010 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H4A 1X9, Canada

  • Bicycles McW has 4.2 stars from 401 reviews

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  • "Final review: Getting our bikes from here was an ordeal with very long delays and unresponsive communication"

    "UPDATE!!!! We got the bike"

    "I was messaging the owner, Richard, about a bike online, and received great service"

    "UPDATE: Got into contact with the store owner Sal"

    "I'm honestly not sure how this shop has gotten the number of positive reviews it has"


  • Patrick Murphy

Final review: Getting our bikes from here was an ordeal with very long delays and unresponsive communication. I practically gave up on getting them and wrote a negative review (see below), which resulted in them contacting me and fixing the situation (multiple people at the shop did have my number, that was not the problem as suggested by the manager). I'm still giving four stars because I understand that bike shops are overwhelmed and understaffed during the pandemic. Plus, when I was in the shop, the floor manager (Stefan?) was helpful and gracious and clearly doing his best to handle everything. He offered us bottles of water when he heard we walked 10km to get there, and recommended a nice nearby street for us to hang out at to wait. But I also have to emphasize the lack of communication from store management and how frustrating it was to have no idea when or even if you're going to receive your bikes. I'm pretty sure they really just lost my order and I wouldn't have received the bikes at all if I didn't write a negative review. Sal, one of the store managers, simply ignored my inquiries (I even followed up asking "sorry, is this the wrong number?" to no response) until the negative review, when he immediately reached out. In the end, it all worked out, we received the bikes and so far they're great. I just hope getting bikes from here is less of an ordeal in normal non-pandemic times. Thanks to the people on the floor working on the actual bikes. ----- Update: The shop has reached out to me to fix the situation. I now have an appointment to pick up similar bikes to the ones I originally ordered. I'll confirm on here and comment when I receive them. ----- I ordered two bikes from here. They told me it would take 7-10 days. It's been five weeks now and I have not received the bikes, or any further information about when to expect them. I tried calling the shop and there was no response. I also sent an email and received a delayed (six days later) response telling me to text Sal, but my texts to him over the past week have gone unanswered. I understand that bike stores are busy these days but it's frustrating having no idea what to expect (when or even if I'll receive the bikes). I'll update this review if/when I receive them.

  • Arvie Ronquillo

UPDATE!!!! We got the bike. Thanks to Sal the owner of the shop for the fast action. Nevertheless Stefan and his crew are very knowledgeable and friendly, i would still recommend the shop to my friends and family. I’ll go back to get some accessories for our bikes. Thanks MCW family! My wife saw the website of the store and they offered this payment method called Paybright so we tried it and my wife got pre-approved. (JULY 18,2020) We went to the store to find a bike for my wife. We found this Devinci Hex Sora and my wife liked it so we proceed to purchasing it, 1500+ is the price of the bike (tax in and a bottle cage), they ask us for a deposit of 450$ which we paid and the rest of the balance we will put it on Paybright. After the payment they told us that we need to wait 10 days for them to release the bike. After 4 days (July 22,2020) they called us again and they said that the bike is ready, upon arriving at the store they ask us for the payment of the remaining balance (The kid who assist us doesnt know “Paybright”) so the kid asked the Manager, Stefan to assist us, so He called Paybright and set up everything and we provided all the necessary documents needed. So everything went smoothly, we got approved but the payment will be sent to them by Paybright will take 24 hours to come and promise us that we will be getting the bike before last weekend (July 25,2020) so Stefan asked us to leave the bike again so we comply. (July 24, 2020) We Called the shop to follow up our purchased, i talked to one of the employees and asked for Stefan personally, She said the Stefan si attending to a customer at that moment and He will call me back right after, NOBODY CALLED ME RIGHT AFTER. (July 27,2020) We tried to call again after a lot of unanswered calls finally i spoke to Stefan. He that said his boss havent check the emails yet from Paybright and he will check it and call me right after he is done with the customer around 10-15 mins same issue, NOBODY CALLED ME AGAIN. We are tired of waiting and everything. We just want our deposit back and go to a different shop where they handle this kind of things better. PS: My Aunt and Cousins got 3 bikes from different bike shop in Montreal with no hassle like this. Same installment plan.

  • Evelyn pk

I was messaging the owner, Richard, about a bike online, and received great service. I checked out the bike in person with a different employee and it ended up being too big for me. Richard kindly messaged me back a couple of days later asking if he could help me look for another bike, so I went in today to meet him in person. Unfortunately, our interaction was nothing like it was online. He showed me a couple of bikes in a rushed manner, and was ready to head over to the cash register after just a minute of pointing at the metal brake levers (because apparently plastic ones "melt in the sun..."), front suspension, disc breaks and the brand of the derailleur when I asked for detailed specifications. I said okay, I see all that, but can you tell me some good things about the bike and details ie. quality of components, agility on trails, how rugged of x-country terrain can it handle, etc. He didn’t really seem to know much, and focused more on its colour and visual appeal. Then we went to look at accessories. I grabbed one helmet, and he said “well that one is for trail riding, not the road”…I said yes…I AM looking at a x-country bike after all… I thanked him for his time and said I would research the bike a little bit (I had never heard of the Felt brand). He said you don’t really do research on $700 bikes, that’s more for expensive bikes…I can go to Canadian Tire and get the same bike if that’s what I want. What?! As an almost-30-year-old woman who looks like a teenager, I really feel like I was not given the time and respect that a lot of other reviewers have expressed. Perhaps Richard was having an off-day, and this car salesman tactic isn't his norm, but it’s unfortunate seeing as I was very serious about purchasing a bike very soon. It definitely won’t be from here though. Edit: the staff at the front, and the previous floor staff member I met earlier in the week were great.

  • Calvin

UPDATE: Got into contact with the store owner Sal. Very very kind owner and I can tell that he cares about his business and the happiness of his customers. He apologized for what happened, and he also explained to me the situation which made it very understandable. I ended up purchasing my bike elsewhere, but I will definitely come back to purchase my gear here! ------------------- I did not feel welcomed at all. I was checking their website online and saw that they had a couple of selections on mountain bikes. I tried calling to see if they had some in stock, but it went straight to voicemail. So I drove from Laval to their shop in hopes of seeing what they have and got there at 4pm. Understandably, there was a small line to get inside the store due to the current situation. Things went south at 4:30pm when it was my turn to go in. I'm told by someone there that they can't serve me anymore because it's almost 5pm... I understand bike stores are very overwhelmed at this time of the year but it's a bit ridiculous to be refused the chance to buy a bike when there's still 30 minutes left still closure. It pretty much felt like they were trying to get rid of everyone so they can just go home. It's pretty frustrating being that I came from far and I've been trying to get ahold of them. They told me to leave my number so they can call me and I can try to do my transaction by phone which is a nice proposition, but I was already there in person ready to buy a bike lol... Also I'm not the type of person to drop $1500-2000 on a bicycle without seeing it in person first and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  • Shayla Gauthier

I'm honestly not sure how this shop has gotten the number of positive reviews it has. I understand that COVID is creating unique and not ideal situations for everyone, but that doesn't give you an excuse to treat potential customers with discourtesy. I visited Bicycles McW near the beginning of July to purchase a bike. Like everywhere else, their inventory was depleted. The gentleman that helped me (and I use the terms "gentleman" and "helped" very loosely) walked me into the store when it was my turn, over to one single bicycle, and said "that's what I've got in your size, take it or leave it". When I expressed that it was the first shop I had visited and wanted to explore elsewhere as well (as the bike was $600), he told me that I wouldn't find anything. He didn't explain to me the features of the bike, why it merited a $600 price tag, nothing. And this guy is someone who appears to have been working there for a while, if he isn't the owner - you should know better!!! Extremely unimpressed - and you can be sure I'll be sharing my experience with others (as I already have). Save your time and money and go somewhere that they care about their customers. EDIT: Spoke with Salvatore, he again questioned the validity of my claim, and seemed to wonder why I wouldn't immediately speak to a manager in a place I felt unwelcome. Will not be supporting this business.

  • Philippe Boucaut

An English translation follows Effectivement, le personnel est tres sympathique et je pense que ce sont d'excellents vendeurs, mais le service est il à la hauteur? Il y a une semaine j'ai amené mon vélo pour un tune up d'avant saison. 225$ plus tard, à mon premier essai, je me suis retrouvé avec un vélo avec des freins mal réglés, un derailleur mal réglé et un guidon même pas bien aligné sur le pneu! Bien entendu je suis retourné à la boutique et 30 minutes plus tard, tout était réglé. Content me direz vous? Pas vraiment, est ce normal d'avoir un si mauvais service initialement et de perdre du temps pour y retourner avoir finalement ce qpour quoi j'ai payé...? Je ne penses pas. Alors j'y retourne, je recommande le magasin? Non et non. Yes, the staff is very friendly and I think they are excellent sellers, but is the service up to the task? A week ago I brought my bike for a pre-season tune up. $ 225 later, on my first try, I ended up with a bike with poorly adjusted brakes, a poorly tuned derailleur and a handlebar not even aligned with the tire! Of course I went back to the shop and 30 minutes later everything was settled. Glad will you tell me? Not really, is it normal to have such bad service initially and waste time to go back and finally get what I paid for ...? I do not think so. So will I go back, will I recommend the store? No and no. Philippe

  • Andrew Niiranen

Bought a Cannondale Bad Boy 2 because the promised delivery date was months sooner than local shops. Bike was several months late. I was never updated and had to check in constantly. Bike arrived with a dent in the frame and bent rotor (Richard discounted the bike slightly and paid for a local shop to fix the rotor). I accepted this as I didn’t want to wait a year for a replacement bike. Was promised a carbon handle bar at cost for my trouble. Waited a year for this. Sent money in August, had to remind them to send it, they never sent shipping info and sent it to the wrong address even though they had confirmed the correct one with me. It took over a dozen emails and multiple unsolicited call I didn’t answer to finally receive a refund. The excuse was always I was vacation and I’m trying to find it. Instead of doing the right thing promptly they inconvenienced other people and shifted blame around rather than taking responsibility. I’m in the market for another bike right now but definitely won’t be buying it from them. Additionally, they don’t accept credit card payment over the phone because of some charge back sob story. Which I’m beginning to doubt after they held my funds which were e-transfer for an offensive amount of time. First “new” bike I bought since being a teenager and what an overall dissatisfactory and disappointing experience it was.

  • martine Firreri

J’ai acheté un vélo 6,500$ il y a moins d’un an. Bon vendeur mais service après vente pourri ! Allez ailleurs .... N’importe quoi votre réponse. Figurez-vous que je suis très au courant de la situation actuelle concernant la pandémie. Votre employée m’a dit de passer n’importe quel jour avant 14 hre et que la réparation allait être faite immédiatement. J’ai entendu leurs conversations pendant que j’attendais en ligne et je crois bien avoir reconnu la voie de vous ou votre frère en arrière. J’ai confirmé avec elle la journée et lui ai demandé à nouveau si elle était certaine que ça pouvait se faire. Elle m’a répondu qu’elle avait demandé avec moi en ligne pour en être certaine. J’ai été reçue avec arrogance en me faisant dire que c’était impossible. Je suis donc repartie avec mon vélo. Je suis allée chez VeloPrimeau. Ils ne me connaissent pas et je n’ai jamais rien acheté chez eux. Toutes les mesures de sécurité sanitaires ont été prises. Mon vélo est réparé. Ça m’a coûté 20$ pour une réparation d’une heure. J’ai dépensé 100$ pour des petites choses que j’auraI pu acheter chez vous. Je vous remercie donc pour m’avoir fait réaliser que je pouvais faire réparer mon vélo Catrike ailleurs que chez vous. Comme m’a dit votre employé après m’avoir claqué la porte au nez FIN DE LA DISCUSSION

  • YD

I feel really regret to buy a bike on this kind of market.I bought a bike in this market for 750 only a month ago,there was front brake problem at the first,and it was just happened after buying this bike for 3days. For second, I had back brake problem with a lot of noises. I also had back brake problem of keep getting loose....and its just the time I bought the bike for 1week. They fixed for me the first time,but it happened again the second time just 2days after it was fixed!!!!and a week later the same problem occurred again!?. Suddenly the person who fixes the bike is saying that this happened manually by someone which also means I probably make it looser!, and do you think that someone will follow me everyday just to brake my brake? It really doesn't make any sense to me. Also the person who fixes the bike made a scratch on my bike handle bars! So, by this I fixed 4 times in a month and I still don't know when it will brake again. I already give up with the quality of this bike, now I only expect it to not be broken anymore. What a big mistake!!!!

  • Natasha Isloor

I had an incredible experience purchasing my first road bike from Bicycles McW. From the moment I walked in, Richard was very attentive and showed me a variety of bikes within my price range (since I don't know anything about road bikes, he explained a lot of things to me about various parts and how different parts can affect the price). I ended up getting a very good deal on a bike (an older year's model) and received exceptional service despite not splurging on a higher end bike. The price included the adjustment, and their expert advice regarding the various accessories (all of which can also be purchased there - a one stop shop). The best part is that the service didn't stop once I had paid for the bike. Richard called me a few weeks later to ask me if I'm happy with the bike, and he encouraged me to text him or come into the store if ever I have any concerns. I ended up texting him with a question over a month after purchasing my bike and he called me back within minutes, great service! I will definitely return once I decide to upgrade. Thank you!

  • Sarah Martin-Zement

Très déçue... difficile d'avoir du service agréable et j'avais l'impression que mes questions énervaient l'employé. Je demandais seulement le prix pour un article. Je savais ce que je voulais et j'étais polie. Je ne sais pas si c'est parce que je parlais français, mais je le sentais énervée sans comprendre vraiment pourquoi. Pourtant il parlais très bien français mais j'avais l'impression que ça l'irritais. Ce n'était vraiment pas agréable. Par contre, l'employé en question m'as délégué à un autre de ses collègues qui lui était sympathique, mais malheureusement il ne m'as pas vraiment aidé. J'imagine qu'il m'as délégué à un autre car il ne voulait plus m'aider. De plus, il y a eu des problèmes avec l'impression de ma facture, il ne m'as même pas regardé ni rien dit. J'attendais sans même savoir ce qui se passe. Je me suis sentie mal à l'aise tout le long et je regrette d'avoir acheté ici. J'aurais dû tout simplement quitter et acheter ailleurs. C'est clair que je ne reviens pas, sauf peut-être pour me faire rembourser.

  • Glenn Miller

My plan was to take the Amtrak from NYC, buy a bike in Montreal, and ride it back to NYC. I researched bike shops in Montreal and MCW looked like they had the best selection of touring bikes. So, I sent an email asking if they could get me up and riding pretty quickly. The response was amazing- almost immediately got a response and once I provided some more details was sent a few bikes to choose from that would meet my specs. I counted fifteen emails back and forth to make sure all was set-up! When I arrived at the store, the staff immediately dropped what they were doing, one staffer helped me make my final selection, another tuned up the bike for me, and then they made sure I had all the accessories I needed. The service was SUPERB!! (Did 400 miles in 4 days back to NYC on that bike so you know they tuned it up correctly!) Bottom line: great selection, reasonable prices, and excellent service! I recommend them most highly.

  • Véronique Menard

Bons produits, bon prix, personnel sympathique mais MAUVAIS service. J'ai acheté un vélo flambant neuf... mal monté et pour le fit on en parle même pas. Le gars a jamais vérifié mon siège et a cru bon déplacer les cales sur mes souliers (signal d'alerte...) parce qu'il n'avait plus de potence plus courte. Une sortie de 30 km plus tard je saignais des quand je me suis rendu compte que mon vélo ne "pognais" même pas certaines vitesses j'ai lâché prise. Je suis allé voir un vélo shop à qui je fais confiance et le gars qui fait les fit m'a confirmé qu'on ne joue JAMAIS sur les cales et qu'il était impossible de me fiter sur mon siège. Finalement j'ai dû payer le 235$ de ma poche pour changer la potence que le gars du mcw m'avait changé inutilement, pour me mettre un nouveau siège + les frais de fit et de mécanique. J'en ai conclu que le deal était vraiment empoisonné... Pu jamais!

  • Andrew Michael

The customer service and reps are AMAZING! I had to take my bike in for a repair yesterday and the technician was kind enough to do an evaluation of my bike to make sure there was no other problems with it! What was even more amazing was he went out of his way to fix it the same day after he said there were a lot of customers ahead of me who had taken their bikes in. Upon picking it up I met the general manager Bruno and his reps Saskia and another one who worked the cash. They were phenomenal in their customer service and really enjoy the job going out of their getting to know the customer. I recommend this store to anyone who is looking for a new bike or repair. The reps and managers know how and what the customers need to keep them satisfied. Amazing experience and will go back in the future for tuneups, repairs or products!

  • Kevin Fowler

I had a great experience shopping at McW's for a new bike and I could not be happier with my purchase. I had been riding the same mountain bike for the last 15 years and I wanted to get a bike that was faster but still good to commute to work with. I was served by a salesman named Guillaume and by the owner Bruno. They were both professional and and took the time to make sure I got the right bike for my needs explaining the differences between different bikes and educating me as well. I was happy because they found me a bicycle I was excited about that was in my price range. Out of all the independent stores I visited they were the only one that let me take the bike out for a test drive. I have also serviced my old bike here and they always did a good job. I definitely recommend this store for all your bicycle needs.

  • Lior Ben-Gigi

Great professional customer service. Everyone friendly and willing to answer any question (I had many :)). General atmosphere in the store was light and fun. Overall a good experience and I’m very happy with the purchase. Update[19-Aug-2020]: I witnessed again the commitment of this business to customer service. They offered me a free tune-up within the first year of purchase, which I've used. For some reason the gear wasn't working well, but Robert (I assume the lead person in the service department) took care of me personally, on the spot, diagnosed the issue (bent derailer) and fixed it. Now the bike is tuned and running like a charm. I would like to give kudos to Robert for the super professional service, and thank the store for accommodating me . BTW I also bought a new pair for my son and he's super happy.

  • Tyler Sawinski

I recently just purchased a new Devinci bike from this establishment. I highly recommend that anyone in the market who is shopping for a bike do so with Bicycles MCW! It was fantastic service. I dealt with Ricardo over email when I found online the bike I was looking for and I sent an email inquiring if they had the size that fit me. Ricardo responded quickly and answered all my questions. He even delivered it to me in Gatineau since I do not live in Montreal! I was very nervous at first because the website doesn’t have a system to purchase and had to e-transfer the money to pay for the bike. Thankfully Ricardo was very professional and we spoke over the phone giving me peace of mind. I’m glad I went through with it because he just dropped off my bike personally. Great business, great service!

  • Jean-François Charguerot

une seule pomme pourrie peut gâcher tout le tas et c'est le cas. La plupart du staf semble vraiment nice mais le gars à la caisse était une de mes pires expériences de magasinage. Tu parles pas français, je comprends pas de souci, je fais l'effort de parler anglais. Mais quand tu dis pas bonjour, que tu donnes l'impression qu'on te dérange et que tu me fais attendre 10 minutes pour avoir mon ticket de caisse et que tu es pas fichu de l'imprimer...tout en faisant semblant d'être occupé. NON, je suis pas content. Un conseil au manager, embauchez des personnes polies, respectueuses et professionnelles si vous voulez que les clients reviennent. La situation est compliquée pour tout le monde mais si aucun effort n'est fait, les gens iront voir ailleurs. C'est mon cas en tout cas, dommage.

  • James Erb

This was the first expensive bike that I had ever purchased and was reluctant and concerned about the purchase as I had not yet been in the physical store. Since then my experience pertains both to the online experience and in store. The follow up was nothing short of amazing. The staff was prompt, followed up with me having to do so, and everything was as promised. There was one small glitch in that a charger (electric bike) had the charger but no chord. The true measure of customer service is not the lack of issue(s) but how they are addressed. They ordered a new one, followed up with the supplier tenaciously, and hand delivered to my house. I can personally say that my experience with McW was the best I have had and specifically Ricardo, Sal and a Stephan - Many thanks James

  • Michael Myers

Richard and the rest of the crew at Bicycles McW are outstanding. I live in Mexico MO and was having difficulty locating a particular frame. Could not find what I was looking for in the USA and ran across these guys. Lucky Me! They were able to get me the exact frame and size to end my search. They meticulously packed and shipped it to me in perfect condition. Even threw in a bonus to boot! They were in communication with me almost daily with shipping and customs updates until it arrived. And with the difference in the exchange rate, I was more than pleased with the final shipped price. If you are looking for a great team that believes in OUTSTANDING customer service, even if you live in a different country, as I do, contact Bicycles McW. These guys make it happen! - Michael

  • S.R. Hurst

Poorest service ever. Took our money, promised to deliver before a race several weeks away and forgot us. Then delivered a recumbent bike that was not assembled properly and parts were falling off of it. It did not fit our legs. They charged for items we never got and they charged for items that they said came free with the bike. Claimed delay in shipping was fault of supplier but forgot they sold us a bike they had in storage. Sent us photos of it in storage! Refused to give us our $2000.00 over payment. Refused to come back to repair bike and refused to give my blind wife who is in a wheel chair, her money back. Took advantage of my disabled wife. Stay away from this business. There is no warranty, no after sales service and they prey on the elderly and disabled.

  • Erwin Torio

First off I am super pleased with my purchase! I would like to thank the staff for all of their expert advice ( Grant & Shelby ) and thank you to the management ( Sal & Richard ) for answering my email for a follow-up with not one but 2 emails and a phone call. I never felt pressured to purchase a bike which was out of my budget and they even suggested I go for a certain brand which was less pricier than what I had inquired. Honesty and excellent customer service. Highly recommended. Now off to the trails for me! Note : They said 7-10 days delivery time and I got my bike on the 10th day which in my opinion is okay given the current state we are all in. Kudos to all the mechanics who work tirelessly to get bikes and repairs done as fast as they can :)

  • Linda B

I had to switch from my beloved road bike to a more upright ride because of an injury, and I had been sold a clunky hybrid by another store. They'd clearly been interested only in making a sale, not even offering a test ride, and selling me a too-big frame. I met Bruno when I was standing outside McWhinnies, trying to decide what to do. He listened to my needs, showed me several bikes, and then suggested the one he thought would suit me best. He made sure that I road-tested 2 sizes of the bike to be sure I would find the right fit, then tailored my choice to my needs and sent me back out for another test-ride. Best service I've ever had, and I love the bike, a Rocky Mountain Metro Lo. I highly recommend this shop and the helpful, knowledgeable staff.

  • Jeff Barnaby

Stood in line for an hour to get into the store, whatever we're in a pandemic. But once I got in there, I was left waiting for another half hour and never got served. There were more employees in the store than customers! They served people waiting in line behind me. I've been coming to this shop for a decade, I bought my last three bikes there, bought my son's bike there and at no one point has either the service or the subsequent repairs lived up to the price. These guys benefit from location, their CS is infuriating, incompetent, and lazy, I was going to drop like 4 Grand on an e bike, stellar job guys. It was fun going in there to watch the owner abuse his staff for a hot minute but since they changed their name even that lost it's charm.

  • Scot Fontaine

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the team at Bicycles McW for the excellent service they’ve provided me since I moved into the neighborhood a few years ago. I’ve had the same bike for a while and I love it. It’s because of their staff of mechanics that I’m able to continue riding it. Without a doubt, I must specifically acknowledge Doug and his tireless efforts to make sure all bikes leave your store in tip-top shape. From a quick break check to a total overhaul… it’s clear Doug takes an interest in all jobs to be sure all clients have the proper work done. Although I’d rather not come in at all, bikes do break, and therefore I’m pleased to have a reliable go-to spot in Bicycles McW. Thanks again for the fine and fast work.

  • Sylvie Martin

J'aurais aimé indiquer 4,5* étoiles mais ce choix n'est pas disponible sur Google. Mon amie et moi avons acheté chacune un vélo électrique De Vinci e-5000 et j ai du communiquer quelques fois pour connaître la date de livraison d’un des deux vélos qui n’était pas au magasin lors de l’achat. On m’a livré mon vélo chez moi et on a installé le support à vélo sur la voiture et expliqué le fonctionnement. Nous sommes ravies des rabais et de l’assistance fournie pour les accessoires et les vélos. Le personnel est très compétent et aidant. J’ai du retourner au magasin car il manquait la béquille et fais vérifier un aspect technique. Le technicien a trouvé la réponse et gonflé les pneus correctement . Merci à toute l’équipe.

  • Andrew Maggio

I had been looking around for a new bike for a few months without much success. Part of the problem was that I am not an experienced rider and didn't know anything about specs, sizing, etc. The McW team took the time to understand what I was looking for and in one visit got me on an awesome bike that I now ride constantly. I haven't biked much in the last ten years but they have given me the itch again. There is nothing like purchasing from a family-owned business - attention to detail, friendly service and the feeling of knowing you made a good purchase walking out of the shop. This is the place to go whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced cyclist. Thank you Sal and the McW team.

  • M Binda

Expert service from Jolibeth on my loved, well-used bicycle purchased here in 2004 when it was McWhinnie’s) . My husband is also pleased. We brought in our our bikes for different problems, defective brakes, misaligned wheels etc… and Jolibeth attended to us immediately and explained all repairs. One Sat morn this June , while cycling on Maisonneuve, I had a problem, called McW, was told, sure come to the shop, and in no time Emiliano fixed the issue and I was off again. Despite the fact we know they have tons of work. We are long past our young adulthood and appreciate their courtesy. Highly recommend them, competent efficient and very fair prices.

  • Jean-Louis Coté

En février, j'ai appelé McW pour commander mon premier vélo électrique. Le proprio a passé du temps avec moi pour me conseiller et m'a recommandé un vélo de conception québécoise. Je trouve qu'il a très bien compris mes besoins. La preuve est que le vélo que j'ai reçu est vraiment super. Lorsque j'en ai pris possession, l'équipe en magasin m'a donné un excellent service et a très bien préparé le vélo. Le vélo est fantastique! Je recommande chaudement toute l'équipe de McW, ils ont passé du temps à répondre à toutes mes questions et en ont fait l'installation de quelques accessoires supplémentaires. Conclusion: j'ai eu une super bonne expérience!

  • Sylvain Bolduc

Je reviens de chez McWhinnies et j'ai adoré mon expérience! Le personnel est sympathique, billingue, compétant et ne cherche pas simplement à nous vendre le plus de choses possibles mais bien à nous renseigner pour que nous soyons satisfait de notre achat. En plus, ils sont flexible sur les prix, ils sont prêts à sacrifier un pourcentage de leur marge de profit pour que nous y retournions lors de notre prochain achat de vélo en plus de nous donner une panoplie de "goodies" gratuitement! Un excellent exemple de service à la clientèle que plusieurs devraient copier. C'est un tantinet loin de la station de métro mais ça vaut le déplacement.

  • Emma Taillon

The owner Sold the wrong backrack to me even though I brought my bike in to show them. After failing to install a younger employee told me I got the wrong one and installed the right one for free …that was cool. BUT THEN, I bring it in to be looked at and they took my bike and number, didn’t take long for my bike to be ready great, but an employee that still works there messaged me to out with them on WhatsApp and texted me asking me out. After saying no twice … in person questions me about it .. told a female employee about it and she was really nice …don’t see her there anymore …dont see any women there actually … place creeps me out

  • Jess Z

If you need any type of bicycle this is the place to go! The staff is very knowledgeable, respectful and just want you to be very happy with your purchase. I want to thank Salvatore with fixing a problem I had with a purchased bike by calling me directly and making sure it is taken care of by his staff. Then Bruno, who dealt with me directly and made sure I was satisfied with everything. Lastly, Robert who worked on my new bike and spent a lot of time making sure the bike is perfect for me. The shop has good variety and great prices! I strongly recommend using their services and will definitely go back for any of my bicycle needs :)

  • Raymond Wasylenky

I searched online for a specific bike I wanted and this was one of the only places to offer free shipping. So I purchased the bike from their website and they called when the bike was ready for delivery. They also called to give me updates on the status of delivery and the morning of when it was going to be delivered. They were super friendly and helpful when the bike arrived showing a few features of the bike and also some recommendations. He also let me know of their winter storage/tune up which they will pick up the bike from you as well, which I will definitely be doing. Overall great experience so far with them.

  • Guillaume Roberge

Expérience décevante. Voilà deux jours que j'essaye de les contacter par téléphone. La ligne est toujours engagée (bizarrement) sauf 3-4 fois, où quelqu'un a répondu et raccroché immédiatement (tsé quand t'es tanné que le téléphone sonne là?). Tentative de contact aussi par courriel, mais aucune réponse. La raison pour laquelle je ne présente pas, c'est que j'habite loin, et que sur leur site web ça indique de les contacter pour confirmer la disponibilité d'inventaire. Like, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Comment voulez-vous faire des affaires si vous ne répondez pas à la demande. Imma go throw my money elsewhere. Thanks.

  • Aidan Kennedy

What a journey ... even with all the complications and stress due to COVID, I am extremely pleased with the service and professionalism of the folks at McW. Although I was not able to get the bike I originally wanted, they made sure to offer me other options and find a bike I was extremely pleased with. To top it off, my bike was personally delivered to me in Ottawa by Ricardo. At the end of the day, patience and understanding go a long way. I would much rather support small businesses like McW and ensure consumers continue to have choices beyond the big box stores! Thanks again, Ricardo and team.

  • Tony Jreij

About a month ago I booked an appointment over the phone for a bike tune-up that was supposed to happen today. After dragging my bike to the shop on my lunch break, the shop clerk informs me that, not only are they closed on Wednesdays (today), but they won't be able to fix my bike for another couple of weeks and I have to take another appointment for that. Why would you give me an appointment on a day you're closed? So they basically made me wait a month for a non-existent appointment and didn't bother to inform me that it's not happening. Thanks guys. Super professional of you.

  • Gordon Yee

Nice people, but not terribly attentive when it comes to details. I spent over $7000 buying 2 e-bikes and a carrier from them… I kept getting wrong information, told the first bike was ready when they never even had it in stock. When They finally had them ready I was pushed to pick them up immediately, but when I got there it took them 45 minutes to just find one of them! Additionally, I was originally told that they would help me Install the hitch and load the bikes,, but there was no help whatsoever. To top it off, it turns out that one of the bikes was never prepped properly!

  • Carole Joly

J'ai acheté un Catrike Dumont eCat. Cela a pris plus de temps que prévu pour le recevoir mais ils m'ont prêté un Catrike en attendant ce qui m'a permis de bien essayer ce produit. Le vélo m'a été livré en excellent état et j'en suis très satisfaite. Stéphan nous a bien conseillé et a tout fait pour répondre à nos besoins et Yves a très bien ajusté le vélo. Richard est facile à joindre et est très ouvert pour discuter prix et conditions de vente. Mon mari a aussi acheté un vélo FELT Advanced 105 et il a été aussi satisfait de son achat que moi. Nous recommandons ce marchand.

  • mathieu pelletti

J'ai passé ma commande là bas, je suis toujours dans l'attente,mon numéro de téléphone avait été mal noté par la personne qui a prise mon payement et mes coordonnées. Mais vu la situation actuelle de Covid-19 et vu le volume de clients et d'appels téléphoniques quotidien qu'ils reçoivent il faut être compréhensible de la difficulté. Je met quand même 5 étoiles, car c'est quand même un super shop voir le meilleur de Montréal que j'ai pû visiter et surtout pour la patience de Richard pour mes multiples appels. J'attend de vos nouvelles soon. Merci à toute l'équipe.

  • dhopkins.dawson

I chose Bicycles McW (McWhinnies) to buy my Velec electric bike because I lived in NDG for 25 years and it was always my go to bicycle store for the small bits and pieces I needed when doing my own bicycle repairs. The line up outside these days, now a feature at all the bike shops, is inconvenient to be sure - but it’s a new fact of life in these times. I was lucky to meet Richard in the store and have had great support from him with the purchase of my new bike. I also found the young members of the sales staff to be knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful.

  • Orchid Treasure

Merci mille fois aux employés de Bicycles McW pour votre service impeccable! Hier j'ai acheté un bon vélo de très bonne qualité. C'est Bruno qui m'a aidé. Il est très gentil et professionnel, et aussi comique. Il connait très bien les vélos et les besoins des clients. Merci aussi à Nico, qui m'a aussi aidé. Je recommande fortement cette entreprise à tous, surtout ceux qui sont passionnés du vélo comme je suis. Un gros merci aussi à Richard (Ricardo), qui a répondu rapidement à mes questions par courriel. Je suis très satisfaite avec Bicycles McW!!!!!!!

  • Salim Nensi

I don't write reviews often, but I am just amazed by the service I received and felt I needed to share. I live in Ottawa and was having a tough time finding a bike for my son. I came across BicyclesMcW who had bikes in stock. I called them up and spoke with Richard, who was very knowledgeable. Over a couple of calls he helped me select the proper bike for my son (Rocky Mountain Soul in my case). To top it off he personally delivered the bike to Ottawa for me. Thanks Richard and BicyclesMcW. I know where I will be buying all my bikes from in the future.

  • denny mires

Thank you Richard! I ordered a cannondale online from McW for my father's 79th birthday. Normally I buy local as I'm in Vancouver, but I was not able to find the just right bike. Richard gave me the confidence and peace of mind that he would make sure the transaction went smoothly. Everything arrived on time, well packaged and in good shape. The price was excellent, he was was easy to work with to accommodate my needs. If you're local in Montreal I would give them a chance and if you're shopping online I wouldn't hesitate to order from them.

  • Peter Gould

I read some questionable reviews of this store so I was hesitant to go there but my wife went. Most of the staff were very freindly and helpfull. The manager seems like a tough customer though. He was being rude and confortational to his staff while I was there. He also scared my wife on the phone into thinking they might not give her bike back because she couldn't find her ticket. That's why I went. He was nice enough to us. The quality of work was fine. There was no fraud or theft as some reviews implied. Mixed feelings.

  • Alain Boudreault

L' endroit m à été conseillé. Je m' y suis rendu et dès mon arrivée Dexter est venu à ma rencontre. Pas de vente à pression seulement des gens qui aiment le vélo. Une équipe formidable. J'ai pu facilement parler avec les mécaniciens. Tous m'ont donné leur opinion et finalement je suis sorti avec une bécane de rêve appropriée pour moi. Cela fait deux jours que je roule et je n'aurai pas pu trouver mieux pour le prix que j'ai payé. Merci l'équipe pour m'aoir reçu et merci Dexter pour tout l'attention et les conseils donnés.

  • Kirsten Weisenburger

I was never a huge fan of this bike shop, but it is convenient to where I live and they seemed to know what they were doing. But I always found them to be rude and overpriced, and repairs took longer than they said they would. Yesterday I picked up my bike after an overpriced tune-up. I took my bike out this morning --- for my son to ride --- and the back wheel was totally loose. The bolt that holds in the wheel hadn't been tightened properly. That was kind of a decisive moment for me; it's the last time I rely on them.

  • Jean Laliberte

Got all the info I needed from Richard (Ricardo) before driving an hour an half to their store. Met with Bruno, Louis, Guillaume for a few minutes, and finally Douglas and Pierre the mechanics. Why so many people, because they want you to feel at home, they want you to make the right choice choosing your bike and they want it perfectly adjusted before you leave with it. Great service, great advise and great team. Hard to find these days but that's what you'll get at Bicycles McW. Worth the drive. Thanks for everything.

  • Spreid _

Well so far they have had my bicycle for a week to fix a popped tube.... they told me it would take 2-3 days and I haven't heard back since. I have been calling and emailing asking if I can have my bike back so I can just take it somewhere else. No response and they've had my bike for a week..... so disappointed in the service here Edited to add that I was finally contacted by a manager and was offered the repair for free. I am satisfied with the resolution. The manager was very concerned about having a 1 star review.

  • Daniel

Beware MCW bikes. They have an employee who engages in predatory behaviour with female customers. A good friend of mine was harassed for a few months by employee ‘S’ who still works there. Under the guise of helping her find a bike, she gave him her contact info as any customer would in their computer system (procedure), and he continued to harass, call and send inappropriate text messages completely unsolicited. Other women have complained about his behaviour. He still works there. Buyer beware!!

  • erin lafreniere

McW is a great neighbourhood family bike shop. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful across the board, from the mechanics to the management. At a time when bike shops are swamped, I never felt rushed or ignored. They took all the time to make sure I had the right bike with the right fit. I want to give a special shoutout to Steph, whose level of service and attentiveness was second to none; he went above and beyond. I'm now the happy owner of a fantastic new bike that I love to ride.

  • Mary-Ruth Michel

I recently purchased a Velec Citi 350 e-bike at Bicycles MCW and want to thank everyone involved (Riccardo, Douglas & Ignacio) for helping me choose, finance & bring home this awesome bike. I love it! It’s the perfect bike for me (hybrid bike, great for day-trips while avoiding knee pain…). It’s also a good-looking bike (unlike some e-bikes that are real clunkers!). The guys at MCW did a great job of listening to what I wanted/needed to select this bike. I highly recommend this store!

  • Sammy Bisson

Experience I had was very good, first they price matched an item for me, then the manager gave me a 10% discount on the entire bill. I had got home and realized there was a piece missing from the bike seat so I went back but they had none left in stock. The manger then told me not to worry and that he would drive to their warehouse and pick up a new one for me. 20 minutes total. Great service and understanding, not sure why there would be others giving less than 4-5 stars..

  • Ryan O'Hara

Always have a great experience here in the store, great sales ppl always ready to help you whether it’s just mechanical issues or buying a new bike, prices are very reasonably, a lot better than some other bike stores in the neighbourhood. They also have a great riding group that goes out on weekend. They even support different cause in and around the hood, cancer rides, day trips are the region. In my opinion it’s one of the best bike store in Montreal

  • Maxence Renaud

My son was on the market to purchase is own, first bicycle. We shoped around a while, but as soon as we stepped in McW we had the feeling we were in good hands. After asking us a few questions, Bruno with its 41 years of experience selling bicycles was able to get my son exactly what he was looking for in his budget. These days real, in person customer service is becoming a thing of the past but in the end it's what makes the difference and you cannot put a price on that.

  • Bertrand Garnier

Excellent service! Went there with my rusted shut seat collar bolts ready to give up and just buy another seat set but Bruno had something else to say about it. Took his tool and came out the store to look at that with me. When we were having trouble Stephan also came out to help out. After a few minutes, a new seat collar and a few bucks, I was riding back home. Can't thank them enough for the great service. They really went above and beyond! Highly recommend!

  • Jenna Stevens

Unprofessional and I won't be going back. Was a return customer for years but no more. In my opinion new ownership (Ricardo) has an unprofessional demeanor - consistently forgets to follow up, makes multiple mistakes, and has a sleezy attitude. I honestly felt like he was under the influence when he was speaking with me. Gave two stars only because I've received such great service in the past and this was my go-to bike shop.Happy to spend my money elsewhere.

  • Paul Moore

This place is pro!!! My bike is an expensive road bike and I do not feel comfortable letting just anyone work on it. The Mechanics there know their stuff and they will not do anything to your bike without consulting and explaining the repair first. Oddly enough for a place this pro my 9 year old daughter is treated like a vip and she got her first road bike from there too!!! This is an extremely well run business and I would highly recommend it!

  • Chrystine Loriaux

McW a pris le temps de bien me renseigner sur les vélos électriques et de répondre à mes questions. Une fois de plus, Stéphane m’a donné des informations sur un support à vélo en prenant le temps de me montrer toutes les fonctionnalités, à même ma voiture pour être certaine que je puisse le visualiser. Richard, le proprio, se fait un devoir de retourner toutes les questions adressées sur le site web, et ce, même si le magasin est fermé. Merci !

  • Michael Stefanison

Excellent Service! I live in Ottawa, ON, I was looking for a gravel bike and was very discouraged to learn that it would probably take a year or more. I found a bike in Montreal. When I called Richard, he informed me, he was getting a shipment of Cannodale Topstone 1s. It took a couple of months but it was delivered to Ottawa last Sunday. I appreciate the efforts and great service from Bicycles McW in Montreal. I love the bike!!

  • Mireille Pinard

I purchased my first road bike here and received amazing service. I went in to look at a particular model and, after a conversation with Richard, ended up with an even better bike that cost less then the original one I wanted. I had a great fitting with Dexter who was incredibly knowledgeable and made me feel super comfortable on the bike. Overall it was an awesome experience and I know i'll be going back often.

  • Marcella L.

I was skeptical about my purchase from Bicycle MCW but I was completely wrong. There was an issue my payment but it was resolved. The fact that there is an option for free home delivery in certain cities, is very convenient. The bike was delivered assembled within a week and a half. I’m very happy about my purchase and would certainly recommend Bicycles MCW. It was totally worth it! Thank you again Recardo!

  • antonio larosa

MCW's history speaks for itself. They have a very helpful and knowledgeable staff and carry some great products from all ranges. In these days of parts shortages and long delays, MCW was true to their word, and I received my bike just in time. I bought a Rocky Mountain blizzard 10 Fatbike, great winter activity, if I may add. This is a quality winter bike, and the price was just perfect. Thank-You MCW

  • Maryse Collin

Incroyable service à la clientèle , que ce soit pour un ajustement,réparations (crevaison) le propriétaire RICARDO est toujours là pour nous aider efficacement et rapidement. Ce n est pas seulement des vendeurs …. Cette équipe donne un excellent service après vente ! Ce qui avoueons le , est de plus en plus rare de nos jours. Yves Morin est également très gentil et compétent. Bravo à toute l’équipe .

  • Charles Beauchemin

J'habite dans le quartier depuis plusieurs années et le service n'a pas toujours été la priorité dans cette petite place. Par contre, on sent qu'ils ont maintenant compris qu'à l'ère de l'Internet, cela n'était pas bon pour eux. Mon ex est allée pour faire réparer le vélo de mon garçon et a eu un très bon service. Je viens d'acheter un vélo avec eux et Guillaume m'a donné un service impeccable.

  • marie choucair

J'ai vraiment adoré mon experience chez McWinnies !!! WOW Ce sont des pros de la bicyclette, ! J'avais un vieux velo que j'allais metre aux poubelles, mais une de mes amies m'a suggerée d'aller les voir et maintenant mon vieux vélo EST mon nouveau vélo. Ils me l'ont réparé de façon super efficace et le prix est vraiment raisonable !! Merci Mcwinnies d'avoir donné a mon vélo une deuxième vie !!

  • Louis Perron

As far as bike shops go, I’ve always had a great experience with them. Bruno, one of the full time staff, would always take the time to explain the features and benefits on each model I was looking at. The mechanics behind the scenes are also really quick and qualified as well as super nice! Long story short, I bought one used bike and one new bike and I have not regretted either purchase!

  • Ken Smith

It took time and patience, but I finally got my Devinci Django and it was speced out as I hoped it would be. Thank you. Stephane and the boys (Bruno too) took nice care of me at the shop yesterday. Thanks to Robert, the bike is set up perfectly for me and rides like nothing i have ever driven before. Can't wait to get it a bit dirty now. Great bike and great service. Cheers, Ken

  • Knitts McGee

I just purchased a Catrike 5.5.9. And can’t say enough about how much I love it! The store had a good variety of bikes in stock, were so knowledgeable about them, and had me setup and ready to bike within no time! They followed up to see how I felt and even fitted my bike to my body dimension and needs. I drive from Ottawa to Montreal but it was so worth the drive! -Hannah

  • Victor O'Connor

Incredible service! The staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They were also very patient as my girlfriend and I flip-flopped our way to a decision over which bicycles to buy. I have never experienced a shop like this where I was made to feel so welcomed. like I was a part of their family. If you need anything to do with bicycles, this is the place to go.

  • Max-Henri Bailly

Bon service client ! Ils restent disponibles après l'achat et ne se contentent pas de vendre le vélo. Aussi, même si je savais ce que je voulais, il y a un large choix de vélos sur une surface assez grande, ce qui vous permettra de trouver votre bonheur. Comme partout, évitez les périodes de rush et ils auront plus de temps pour vous. Allez-y sans hésiter.

  • Stephane Dalton

I just purchased my first bike there yesterday: a Cannondale Quick 3 disc and the staff really took the time to answer my numerous questions and review the options with me. Once I choose the bike, one of their friendly mechanics prepped it and that was it! Outstanding service! I will definitely return for tune ups and accessories. Keep up the great work!

  • Brendon Wilson

In a time where it's difficult to get a bike and on time, BicyclesMcW came through big time! The exact bike I wanted and shipped from Montreal to Halifax for a small extra charge. I was slightly wary about e-transfer but there was nothing to worry about. Once the bike was ready, it was at my door within days. I would definitely order from here again!

  • Sorin Platon

Prix imbattable et super service J'ai acheté 2 vélos chez MCW, j'ai magasine on-line et local. J'ai eu une réparation effectue sous garantie, et ce fut rapide et efficace. Super prices and super service, i have 2 bikes from them and i was shopping on-line and local, by far the best deal wass at MCW. I had one warranty repair and it was done quickly

  • charles lamarre

Went there for my first bike without much knowledge of the matter. Great service: they first want to understand your specific needs without rushing you to buy anything. Got exactly what I wanted at a great price. Went to 3 other bike shops before and this is where I had the best service + best deal on the bike. Would definitely recommand to anyone!

  • Shomeret

Very friendly staff and knowledgeable mechanic! Purchased a Rocky Mountain here on black friday.. picked it up at the end of April. Everything went smoothly. I have never had a full suspension bike beforehand and the mechanic explained me all the little details of the rear suspension. Their prices are great, especially when on sale. 5 stars.


Heureux propriétaire d'un Catrike 559 je tiens à remercier toute l'équipe de McW Bicycles qui ont été d'une grande gentillesse et d'un professionnalisme hors du commun dans tout le processus de commande et d'achat. J'ai fait 1,600km aller retour pour acquérir mon 559 et je ne peux que recommander McW pour votre éventuel achat. Merci McW.

  • ken malin

MCW bicycle staff always treated me with honesty and respect from the moment I walked in the door. I purchased a Big Foot 2 this past fall and despite manufacturer delays they alerted me about, I was always kept up to-date with a very attentive staff and even personal calls from Ricardo one of the owners. I highly recommend MCW! time

  • Kirk Thompson

The Thule product I purchased was delivered to my door by the owner. I had a manufacturer’s defect with the product within a week or two after my purchase. They coordinated and replaced the entire unit through the warranty process. The product was priced great and the service to Ottawa was fantastic. I would definitely recommend.

  • armehrabian

Too busy. Very slow and inefficient customer service. Left my bike for a basic tune-up. Received a call to pick it up. Checked the bike quickly after picking up and I get more problems. Returned the bike to get it fixed. They didn't come back to me as when it's going to be fixed and they don't pick up the phone. Disappointed!

  • Nick McCullagh

Knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere and quality gear. The days of cheap bikes are long gone, but they'll help you pick the one you need without pushing to higher budgets unnecessarily. It's complicated to get new performance bikes for reasons outside their control and they went above and beyond to get it done.

  • Danny D

They made my old bike new. To be honest, better than new, it never rode this well before. And my wallet isn't entirely empty... Let's just say that the cost of an actual new bike of this quality would have been 3 to 4 times more than I paid to have this one restored. All in all, really satisfied. Thanks McW!

  • Shylah Wolfe

The repair department is top notch!! The quality of service was so great, accommodating and super fast. Also their prices for labour and parts is far better than the shops in the area. They went above and beyond what I expected, I felt like I was riding a brand new bike when I got it back. Thank you!!

  • JF Lemieux

Accès facile à la boutique avec stationnements à proximité. Bon inventaire de vélo. Bon prix. Personnel compétant & sympathique. Service irréprochable. Vélo livré dans les délais prévu avec positionnement. J'adore mon nouveau vélo !! Merci énormément pour tout. Longue vie à votre entreprise...

  • Victor Bloom

Best service!!!! also to get advice what to buy, especialy if you want to get an electric bike. I bought an electric IGO bike . Stephan served me and know's what your needs are and helped me to choose what to buy. .I never had better service,anywhere else. Honest family buisness. Victor Bloom

  • Matthew Alquisada-Mansoori

Went to the store a couple of times and did run into a couple of issues, but at the end of the day their top priority is customer service and they did a great job. Thumbs up to Ricardo, Bruno & the mechanics Update: -They forgot to call us when the bike was ready so we waited a few extra days

  • Ellie B

Pas de service du tout. J'ai appelé trois fois pendant 2 semaines pour l'achat d'un vélo (je savais quel modèle exactement je voulais simplement faire la transaction en boutique car c'est un gros achat). Personnel nonchalant et pressé qui au final ne m'a jamais rappelé. J'ai acheté ailleurs.

  • Captain Hirenkumar

Excellent customer service. The staff communicates and guides very well. They provide to the point and swift solutions to your bike's problem. I didn't expect my bike's issue to be solved in hours but they solved and repaired it in minutes and that too with appropriate pricing. Appreciated.

  • Marlen Piché

Nous avons achetés des vélos électrique et nous tenons à souligner le service impeccable et de qualité des employés sur place et au service a la clientèle. L'expérience de se sentir bien accompagné quant au choix du vélo selon nos besoins vaut simplement le détour a cette boutique.

  • Yvonne Brown

I recently bought a ebike here. I was concerned that my lack of skill and knowledge would be a problem. Stephan was wonderful and very patient answering my often repeated questions! Ricardo was also helpful and responded quickly to all queries. Great product and great service.

  • Jay

Bruno, Rick and the great mechanics do it the right way and the old school way with great service. Why wait in line at some big retailer who couldn’t care less about your business? Bruno gives this place life and I love coming in. Thanks guys for the service over the years.

  • Anik Lefebvre

Nous avons reçu un service exceptionnel par Guillaume. Il a été à l'écoute de nos besoins et nous a très bien conseillé. De plus, il y a une bonne variété de vélos et les prix sont très intéressants .Nous recommandons ce magasin à tous . Merci Guillaume Anik et Dominique

  • Luc Thibault

J’ai été conseillé avec grand professionnalisme par Yves. J’avais besoin d’un nouveau rim, j’en ai choisi un moins cher mais de grande qualité avec l’option de changer de disque puisque la fixation était différente. Au final c’était la meilleure solution. Encore merci!

  • A

The staff were friendly and accommodating above all! They respected my price point and didn't try to push me on it and I felt I good a good deal - plus you get a free tune-up for a year after you purchase a bike, they told me. Support a local business like this one :)

  • Daniel Reicher

Over the many years I, bought both my bicycles here. I arrived there today September 2, 2022 and was glad to see that Bruno was still active here. The shop is full of beautiful E bikes and the service department is very functional at reasonable prices. Thank you.

  • Robert Gordon

Love these guys! I've been shopping here forever and always have a great experience with both the sales staff and the service team. In recent years I picked up my first Catrike - and the crew at McW have gone the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect.

  • andrew toeman

MCW is by far the best bike shop in Montreal!! Fluently tri lingual! Wether is sales or service, this Team has looked after my Cannondale Synapse for years. As well they are fast, efficient and extremely friendly as this is a long time family run business.

  • Anaïs Bonnot-Parent

Pire service à la clientèle. Aucunement à l'écoute, j'ai attendu 1h25 pour recevoir du service pour finalement me faire dire qu'ils savaient pas la réponse à ma question et ilsvoulaient pas me vendre la pièce que j'avais besoin. Sérieusement ça fait dure.

  • Marianne Petel Nicol

Assez déçue du service... je suis passée en magasin pour essayer un vélo. Je l'ai ensuite réservé, mais de vive voix, avec le vendeur, qui me disait que tout était beau et qu'il pouvait me le réserver sans problème et que je pourrais … Plus

  • Lina V

Merci Ricardo pour l'excellent service, les bons conseils pour l'achat de mon vélo à assistance électrique. Tout le personnel a été attentionné et j'ai eu mon vélo plus tôt que je m'y attendais . Très satisfaite de Bicycle McW …

  • Bob Thomas

My daughter's bike was recently stolen. Julien helped us get her back up and running with a really good deal. He was super friendly and informative and made the post-theft experience a very positive one. Top marks for McW Bicycle!

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