Cinemark Southpark Meadows

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9900 S IH-35 Service Road SB Unit N, Austin, TX 78748



Cinemark Southpark Meadows is a Movie theater located at 9900 S IH-35 Service Road SB Unit N, Austin, TX 78748. It has received 2126 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.



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  • The address of Cinemark Southpark Meadows: 9900 S IH-35 Service Road SB Unit N, Austin, TX 78748

  • Cinemark Southpark Meadows has 4.4 stars from 2126 reviews

  • Movie theater

  • "First of all, I'd like to say I go to the movies quite a bit"

    "Every time we go here we try to enjoy ourselves, but it is not easy with the lobby looking awful every visit"

    "My friend came down from California and we decided to see a movie here"

    "Super comfy seats, if a little worn"

    "Went to see the new Harry styles movie “my policeman” and since we weren’t 17 we weren’t allowed to enter, that was alright until they kicked us out of the cinema because of us being “disrespectful” to the employees and loud while waiting for our parent, when we asked what we said against them they threaten us with calling the police"


  • Joe Montez

First of all, I'd like to say I go to the movies quite a bit. I walked into this Cinemark South Park and I was pretty much disgusted by the shape it was in. It was around 12:30 in the afternoon on a Wednesday. Probably just opened for the day. It was already in bad shape. All the doors or dirty have not been cleaned. Went to order a drink and a hot dog. Looked over at the hot dog roller and it already been burned by a hot dog skin. Remember it had just probably open. It was only 12:30 in the afternoon. That tells me a lot about how this theater is being looked at and around. I understand that there is a work shortage of people, however this theater had quite a few employees. I could count four in the front of the concession stand and three on the side walking around. So when I get my hot dog and go to the condiment. Station, it's very dirty. Don't even have the right napkins. Looks like gasoline napkins. I was very disappointed for just opening up for the day. Talk to the manager on duty. Young man was very gracious and listened to me. Told me that they would take care of these obvious things but also made me think when I was sitting down waiting for the movie to start. This just means that when they opened no one decided to clean anything. Makes me wonder how they close. Went to the movie. Saw it. It was good. Go to the restroom after the movie reach for soap. No soap. Just a little things that should be in place are not in place. Hopefully things get better. I love going to the movies, however I would really consider going somewhere else if this place does not get cleaner. Makes me very uncomfortable being in such a dirty place.

  • Cin Rocha

Every time we go here we try to enjoy ourselves, but it is not easy with the lobby looking awful every visit. The bathrooms look even worse. GM says they have a shortage of staff, perhaps should have hired more staff for a possible busy weekend for Venom. I arrived 35 min early for our movie to get snacks and get settled in. Bathrooms were just awful looking. I figured they haven't cleaned them due to theater dropping. My daughter had to go the bathroom 1 hour into the movie, they looked even worse. For it is now what they consider "prime time", busiest time of the evening. Every single stall had toilet paper on them, in then or around then. It was nasty to see. I was afraid to sit. Thier is no way they cleaned them every 30 min. I highly suggest taking some wipes and sanitizer of your own to wipe things down. I came out of the restroom after changing my baby in the baby changing table I had to sanitize myself. Because it had tissue on top of it. I made the manager aware of the bathroom situation and he said they were understaffed. I asked him what he was doing since he looked pretty busy on his phone at podium. I suggested he watch the podium while his female Usher check the bathrooms, they should be embarrassed. The GM just said they were understaffed, Cinemark should be ashamed only having so many workers on shift, because of payroll. They are overworking all those young adults, with no brake as the GM said he has to work them for they are shortstaffed. As he repeated himself. Unacceptable. I think I will take my business elsewhere for our next movie. Someone let me know when it's cleaner.

  • Cameron Gonzalez

My friend came down from California and we decided to see a movie here. My friend accidentally left his AirPods in his cup holder, no biggie right we can be back in about 45 min and they clean thoroughly between showing so they’ll find them. Right? Wrong. They refused to let my friend back into the theatre or to send anyone to check for them. Would’ve taken two seconds. So they say they’ll try to find them and he can call in the morning. So he calls and it’s a totally different manager. Has no idea what’s going on. They say he will get a call from the district manager. 3 days later still no call. My friend is out his AirPods that would’ve taken a max of one minute to go get and they’re giving him the run around. Best part is someone was messing with them and taking them out of the case after 1am when the theatre is closed. So my guess is one of the lovely employee was trying to connect them to they’re phone. I understand the workers probably don’t make much or care much about their jobs but I work a low paying job also. And I would’ve gone in there for any customer and asked or at least checked. It’s completely unprofessional and rude how they treated him. And since we’re on the subject a lot of the big theatres have moths that fly around your face and feet while the movie is playing. The other theatres are just tiny. Save your money.

  • Inez Cavallaro

Super comfy seats, if a little worn. You have to keep your legs pulled in because if your left leg touches the side of the seat it will hit the recline buttons. The surprising thing was that with so few people at the movies, they were out of a lot of stuff. Or stuff was broken. Their frozen margarita and Jack & Coke machine wasn’t working. They were out of nachos. Jalapeños now cost extra. There are no free refills on large drinks or popcorn anymore. They asked if I wanted to pay for my concessions with my accrued credits (I forgot to cancel my Cinemark membership and now I’m stuck in a vicious cycle of the credits never expire…so long as you’re a member ‍♀️), but they couldn’t say what the monetary value of a credit was. So, for example, I pay $9.99 + tax per month. I get 1 credit/ticket included. But my total for concessions was like $11. And they said: Your credits will cover it. I asked what that meant and she said: Oh, it’s fine. You have enough credits to cover it. Well no kidding. I have 13 credits. But what’s the value of a credit? $10? If so can I just use one and pay the extra $1? Or do I have to burn another credit I paid $10 for to cover $1? I didn’t bother asking those questions, because they had no idea, just that it would cost me two credits. But I suspect this “new offering” is quietly making Cinemark .

  • Mariana Gonzalez-Palomino

Went to see the new Harry styles movie “my policeman” and since we weren’t 17 we weren’t allowed to enter, that was alright until they kicked us out of the cinema because of us being “disrespectful” to the employees and loud while waiting for our parent, when we asked what we said against them they threaten us with calling the police. They refused to give us any service or refund, they kicked us out of the movie because our parent left and treated us as if we were making a huge fuss or trying to sneak in alcohol. My parents tried to talk out the situation but they acted really mean and said that if we tried to get into the theater we’ll be entering private property and that would be a crime. The manager refused totally to listen or talk it out with us even with an adult and banned us from entering the establishment, accused us from trying to “sneak into the theater” when we payed for our tickets and my parent left in the middle of the movie because of an emergency, they made us stand up from our seats and walk out because the adult was no longer with us. The staff was really intense at us and we had no other option but to leave.

  • originalpatriot

I can’t say that I would like to return to this movie theatre again. For two movies in a row, (Dr. Strange multiverse, and Jurassic World Dominion) the movie was so loud it hurt our ears, the souls would blow out to the point I couldn’t hear people yelling at each other to her the action scenes with music in the background. The first time I asked for the volume to be turned down, and thankfully they did. It was the first time I had ever asked that of a theatre. I felt guilty for doing so, but it was so uncomfortable I had to complain. The second time (last night) the same thing happened. Action scenes too loud, hurt our ears, so I went to ask for somebody to turn down the volume. This time, the lady checking tickets said somebody else had already asked for the volume to be turned down, BUT the volume was already as low as it goes. I don’t want to make assumptions but I think that was total BS. I’m beginning to believe it’s a problem with that specific theatre, and we will have to sacrifice the comfortable bucket seats for the comfort of not needing to put our fingers in our ears for 1/4 of the movie.

  • Sean Hewitt

I like going here with the movie pass and reduced priced movies. It's my regular theater because of this. I just wish the popcorn was better. Way too salty with the artificial butter on it. The butter flavored topping is soy bean oil that is starting to go rancid half the time. It actually makes me break out in hives in a way all other popcorn don't. I'll some times bring in melted unsalted butter to put on my popcorn but it's still way to salty which stops me from getting it half the time. I wish they just used plain popcorn seeds, oil and salt in the pan and it would be so much better. We had a popcorn machine at work where we could make movie style popcorn, but I would bring in my own and make it that way and like half the office would come out going "Oh, you are making the good stuff!" Keep a kettle back there on a heater plate with real butter. The Cinerama in seattle did this and it was SO much better. It's not any harder than the garbage food you make now. You should do both and give people a choice. I would buy it more often if you did.

  • Thomas Prendergast

I've been going here on and off for a few years now, due to its proximity to where I live. However, every time I go to a Cinemark, the audio has always been too damn quiet. This last time was so quiet I could barely make out any of the dialogue. If I'm paying that much for the theater experience, at least make it louder than my TV speakers at home. Projection quality is usually fine, and the staff is always nice enough. But another gripe of mine, and this goes for most of the Cinemarks I've visited, is that the height of the recliners are just a little too short for the barrier in front of the row. In other words, sitting in most seats in the auditorium will result in some of the screen being partially cut off due to the wall in front of the row. This could be attributed to my height (although I'm only 6'0) but I've never had this issue at any other theater chain. If you can help it, try to make it out to Regal or Alamo Drafthouse. Audio, video, and recliners are usually always perfect, if not, at least better than here.

  • taylor barrett

Went to watch the new top gun movie. There was a man and a child sitting right behind us and unfortunately I think the child may have been sick he was coughing nonstop. Directly over us and you could feel it coming down. We talk to the management and they did talk to the parent. They did not remove them or move them within the theater. Unfortunately the child just kept open mouth coughing directly over us. When we talk to management about it because we had to leave due to the Constant interruptions and situation they offered to refund our tickets Which is fine. But they advertise before the movies if there are interruptions they Did not keep up with your promise to remove people that are being distracted during the movie. I understand this is a child and he is clearly sick but he should not be at a movie theater coughing on people. And it is the establishments responsibility after they’re told to make this a safe environment for customers.

  • Emma Lou

do not go see an imax movie here. if i could give 0 stars i would. i went to go see moonage daydream at the imax theater here and the whole audience walked out to get refunds because the movie wasn't playing properly (the movie was freezing, with the audio and video stopping and starting randomly). when i told the manager what was going on, she said she hadn't seen any issues with the screening... i had to motion to all the people lined up behind me to speak with her and say, "these are all people that were in the theater" because literally every person that had come to see the movie had walked out and lined up to get a refund. i did eventually get a refund, after pointing all this out. it would be nice if they took their customers seriously when we report an issue. i won't be coming to this theater in the foreseeable future.

  • Glenn Schiller

This was the dirtiest Cinemark theater I've been in. All of the employees look to be young kids and the counter for the register to buy the tickets at noon was completely covered in oil and was greasy dirty! The popcorn butter station was completely covered n greasy oil as well and both looked as if had not been cleaned in days. The butter station, instead of being on the side where you go into the theaters closer to where you purchase the popcorn is on the entrance/register side so you have to walk through ticket purchases in order to butter your popcorn. After the movie I went to use the men's restroom and nasty is how I will describe it! The urinal was so durty, too dirty for first movie of the day. It looked as if it had not been cleaned in several days! I will not be going back to this theater.

  • Yohana Munson

There no handicap doors for you to get into the theater if your in a walker, wheelchair rollator, ect. Also the ladies bathroom is always dirty and never seemed to have enough soap in the soap dispenser or paper towels. Also the doors to go into the bathroom are not handicap accessible which means that you will struggle with to get it open in your using a device for mobility. So of the staff are very helpful but others not so much its always a hit and miss. The snacks stand is always stoked and you will walk away with more than just popcorn and drink because they keep all kinds of candy for you to purchase. The seat are comfortable and at time it can be a bit to loud but I keep ear buds with I put in and that helps tone down the noise level for me and enjoy the movie better.

  • Colin Hill

I don't know if Cinemark recently started redoing their theaters or if this location always had the reclining seats but it really made a more comfortable movie going experience. The sound is fantastic every time I go. The staff is friendly even on busy nights. The picture is awesome and bright. Have never had a film appear less than stellar. The concessions are pretty meh and over priced because it is a Cinemark theater after all. Skip and avoid the food if you can. Lots of places close by to eat at first. Bottom line while its definitely not my first choice of a theatre to see a film at, they have improved on things since the last time I visited and definitely trying to stay relevant in the movie theatre game.

  • Miss Kharen

A couch in the theater.... Oh yes!!! The seating have leather recliners which if you with a family you can lift the arm rest and sit as if your at home. It far from where we live, but we make the drive because my daughter loves it. It's a bigger theather, with many shows going on at once. Staff is friendly and helpful. They don't have a great variety on food, it's a popcorn and nachos place. They need to add pizza and pretzels at least. But there is plenty of other restaurants in the plaza. You fill up before or after. As for the bathrooms, they were kept up pretty well, haven't had a bad experience. Overall I'm happy with this place. If anything definitely go for the comfort of their seats.

  • L J

3 months ago- It is very frustrating with the butter situation because 3 people used the butter machine and not 1 time was it cleaned. I went to the restroom 2 times and did not see anyone clean restrooms the whole time we were there. I tried calling the manager but he was a bit rude when we first walked in and there was no one in the lobby. I hope it gets better 12/26/20- the theater seats were disgustingly dirty. They play a preview of how they have sanitary measures in place and how they have safety monitors for every shift. Well, if they do the safety monitors need more training or the managers need to be more aware of the health and safety of their patrons. Very disappointed

  • Bianca Blaney

Saw a movie by myself at 10:15p on a Monday. I’ve been to this theater before but not gonna lie I was a little worried about safety since I’d never gone to a movie that late alone before. Luckily the parking lot is super well lit and safe. I will say the staff seemed a little out of it, I stood at the counter for a while before someone saw me to get concessions, but it was 10 on a Monday so I don’t really blame them. There also wasn’t anyone ripping tickets to get to the theatres, not really a big deal but I was kinda confused and just walked in, probably could’ve gotten away with not buying a ticket tbh. But otherwise very comfy seats and very clean, definitely my go to theatre.

  • Lori Ray

They are taking extra precautions and care to keep patron's safe as we return to movie watching on the big screen. We ordered our ticket's online with the Cinemark app and easily picked our seats. They automatically marked off seats next to us to ensure social distancing, which made us feel safe. We ordered food at the counter when we arrived and other than having to wait a bit for the hot dogs to cook in the afternoon, the food was tasty and the personnel friendly as they explained new policies. The movie was great and a nice way to celebrate my birthday since we were homebound last year with the Covid-19 Pandemic and businesses were shutdown. Thanks for a great night out!

  • Golden Horn

My first time here. Drove from San Antonio after work to see 1 of 2 showings of ABBA The Movie. No food, just snacks and could not bring tacos in from next door, I asked. Was happy to get 3 room temp waters from the consession stand, as ice cold water is yucky. Got some Takis, not your fault they are bleugh. Besides the theater being icy cold too, the volume was SO LOUD, I had to leave my seat and ask someone to ask the manager to turn it down. Earsplittingly loud! That was fixed, and the reclining seats were so comfy but after the film, three bonus songs came on, at decibels you never fathom you would hear ABBA at. I know, meanwhile in Syria...

  • Micah Judd

We were having an awful day due to an unexpected broke down car. Missed our showing due to this. Called to ask for an exception to see another showing for a movie my daughter was very excited to see. Just asked the manager to show a little empathy for a moment and help us out. He was dismissive, combative and pretty much just a miserable human. I wasn't trying to get something we didn't already pay for, I just needed him to show some empathy and maybe go the extra mile and do something to show spending our money and time there is valued. I know he had to power to have done something and simply chose to not use it as a winnable moment.

  • Pranay Edula

I was expecting a lot better from the sound quality from this theater complex. I went in for a movie and the sound was so low that I had to go to the same movie once again at a different Cinemark location. Even after explaining about the sound I was told that increasing sound in this movie would create a disturbance to the next screen. Is soundproofing here that bad. Why are you guys spoiling the fun of enjoying a movie. People go to the theaters to enjoy the sound and the watching in big screens. You guys spoiled half of my movie with the sound here. It was so low..... I really wish this will change from next time around

  • Michelle Collins

This theater felt like stepping back in time to 2008 - but not necessarily in a bad way! The staff was friendly and efficient and the seats were comfortable. My only complaint about the actual theatre is that they don’t allow drink refills - buying a $6 soda is one thing, having to buy another to get more is pretty disappointing. The other patrons in my theater were pretty annoying - lots of talking throughout the movie, looking at phones, getting up and down, and turning on flashlights. If you can’t sit still and stay quiet for 2 hours, I don’t understand what you’re doing at a movie theater.

  • Andrew Smith

I’m happy to be back at the movies! The theater lobby felt a little bit dirty, but that might just be a function of the old tile and poor lighting. The theater itself was great, they blocked off an extra seat to the right and left of my party making it feel super covid safe. In the heights was an excellent movie, the audio level in the theater was a tad lower than I would have liked it though. I probably will not be back unless it’s a SUPER convenient showtime, but hey, nice to know it exists.

  • Bobby Ochoa

If you like screaming kids every time you go see a movie this is the place. The parents love to talk as well. It's Lovely. Management thinks it's funny if you ask for a rain chk, and basically says deal with it. So if you have kids and want to extend your living room to a movie theatre this is it. Guaranteed do what you want. Basic respect out the door. It's sad, have been going there since they opened and steadily has gotten worse. Not spending $ there any more. Enjoy...

  • Gabriel Moreno

In all honesty it feels like more then a year since I've been to see a movie at this Theater. But I was more then happy to jump at an opportunity to go and watch another film when I was given a chance to. Over all impressions of the theater and staff was more then great. Everyone was super nice, things were labeled and everything was clear to what needed to be done in order to proceed to watch our film. I look forward to going back in the very near future.

  • Mariah Swift

Most comfortable chairs but the manager lady I had the privilege of talking to today, was so petty I left without buying my tickets. Also embarrassing having her yell out to us as we were leaving in front of other guests in line. I drove out of my way to be at this theater, so I'm truly disappointed in Cinemark having a manager act this way. The movie screens are honestly too dark anyways but I did always prefer Cinemark

  • Daniel Bahena

Bought the ticket online got to the theater to watch Oppenheimer and my seat was taken... really sucks when you pick a seat online then it's not available didint even stay for the movie just left was trying to get a refund but since the ticket was for today I doubt I'd be able to since I read the return conditions after this happened so just beware guys if you order tickets online your seats more then likely to be taken

  • Rachel Sample

This is a pretty high quality movie theater, honestly. I love the reclining seats, and even though we had to sit in the second row from the front, the rows were spaced out far enough that we were able to watch and enjoy the movie without issue. I was really impressed by that because every other theater I've been to has the front rows so close to the screen that you have to crane your neck backwards the whole time.

  • Luis Villa

The theater was disgusting. There was popcorn and trash littered all over the entrance and concessions. The butter station was absolutely FILTHY and looked like It hadnt been cleaned all day. Additionally, we got no notification that the theatre had decided to go back to 100% occupancy so we had people sitting right next to us. A notice if some kind wouldve been appreciated. Will not be returning to this theatre.

  • Deepak

Very small theatre with 14 screens and is very close to south Austin. Its in south park meadows mall with lot of restaurants nearby if want to dine in after the movie. Theatres are cleanly maintained and the ambience is very good. Restrooms are bit far from the screen which might cost you few scenes if leaving middle of movie. Another thing is parking might get filled up if there's an rush and need park bit far

  • Garden Gnome

This was movie date for us, and was looking for a escape into cinema through Farhom events. My only suggestion to the team members is maintain your first impression when guests visit even for the first time in a long time since home quarantine. We're glad to support local movie establishments. helps us come back with a clean entry at the concession stand maybe use your ticket attendant to welcome us back

  • Kelina Trevino

I’ll give this theater a 3. I’m a movie club member come weekly but every time I come there’s always something not available at the concession stand. If it’s not jalapeños it’s nachos all the way, if it’s not nachos there out of hot dogs. This time all they had was candy and popcorn. I come to enjoy all of the amenities during the movie but it’s hard to do when there’s nothing available to buy.

  • AliBabba Scott

We saw The Courier. It was a pretty good movie. It was well done for a period piece based on fact. We were in theater 6. The reclining seats are amazing. It was NOT CLEAN! The floor was sticky and gross just like it always has been. Between the seats are not being cleaned. When reclined you find all sorts of sticky wonders between the seats! Pandemic or no pandemic that is unacceptable.

  • C

Very clean, lots of bathroom stalls, comfy seats, lots of space to walk down the rows without combing over anyone. I appreciated the early bird ticket cost. Cons would be the completely conflicting policies that are posted online/in person (specifically the bag search policy and the mask policy) and the yucky dirty fountain in front (it should be drained and filled with pretty rocks).

  • Fabian Maya

This movie theater used to be the center of excellence, in recent years their quality has greatly diminished. They have lost everything they had going for them. Popcorn has bad quality, they never have enough supplies, and lack cleanliness. All the staff has to offer is a simple ‘ I don’t know what to tell you.’ If you are considering coming here please take your business elsewhere.

  • Lorie Torres Trejo

**Updated review.. We went to the first viewing so you’d think everything would be fresh, right? Nope! Popcorn was cold and hotdog was cold and soggy! No nachos but they had plenty of jalapeños.. The vibe was just off. We used to absolutely love coming here and it’s very sad to see the state of the theater now.. Very comfy place! Staff is nice and popcorn is so yummy!

  • Jade Delay

I am not sure if it's the times I always get tickets or what but this theatre is never busy. Lines for snacks are always short. The I've never gone to a movie here for it's first showing so that's probably why. But the staff are good, the snacks are good, love the recliner seats. I only gave 4 starts because I've never gotten warm popcorn, it's always cold and stale.

  • James Lopez

I enjoy going to this theater. They have comfortable reclining seats. reserved seating. So that I'll never have to worry about where I need to sit when I go in I already have a spot just for me. The screen is clear and enjoyable, the sound system is spectacular. It's something that I enjoy. And this theater makes it more enjoyable. I recommend it, highly recommended.

  • Vic

One of the better movie theatres out there. Always clean which is nice to see. Doesn't offer food other than typical concessions, but if you choose the right seat, you can have BOTH armrests. They do serve alcohol though. And you're pretty much in an outdoor mall so you can walk anywhere and find what you need. Walking is generally faster as traffic is a pain.

  • Jason Clontz

The theatre is clean and the staff is courteous. the seats are comfortable well spaced , and recline. the only reason it received 4 out of 5 stars is the fact that food and beverage are not served. I know this seems petty, but generally I prefer to watch movies at the Alamo Drafthouse for the fact that food and alcohol are served. All in all a good experience.

  • Robert Edwards

It's okay, it's a movie theater. But cleanliness is something they lack of, they claim to constantly cleaning and wiping down stuff. We were there and it was early so it was slow, place was filthy, lobby , bathrooms. I understand short staff but when you have staff just standing around chatting, and you have a place that dirty. Something is wrong.

  • Kelina Trevino

Came on a Monday, there was absolutely nothing to snack on except popcorn and candy. No ICEE, no hotdogs, no nachos. I pay a movie club membership and never feel like I’m paying for it’s worth. It’s always like this, the place is dirty they always have some kind of shortage in food. Might as well close down until they can fully stock there menu.

  • Alianna

The *only* critique I have from visiting this place 4 times now is that the seats are worn. They're the leather recliners that theaters have moved to and 3 out of the 4 times I've gone, the seats have been so worn that the leather is gone from the cushion and it's just that rough brown underlayment. Other than that, great service and clean.

  • SurehUSMC GySgt, Retired

I visited this place a month ago and i was allowed to reserve and sit in a broken chair. One I could not sit up and had to lay back the whole time. Getting up was like waking in the morning. At the end of the movie my neck was aching... hope they fix it or ensure No one is allowed to sit there... update... seat is fixed but not comfortable

  • UrLove Jess

Haven't been to this theater in 10 years. Concession menu needs to be updated. Half the things I wanted to order they didn't even have anymore. Seats were good tho. I like that they reclined and I was able to put my feet up. Restroom was dirty when I went after my movie finished. Trash was full and toilet paper was all over the floor.

  • Tasha Harris

No unsweetened non-carbonated beverage options. I could pay $8 for a bottle of water. The “have” to charge for the cup, not the content when I asked for a cup of ice. Then I asked for a small popcorn and they are out of small bags so I have to get a medium!! What the heck!!! So I have nothing. This is why people stream movies now.

  • Mario Quinonez

Customer service is lacking. Brought the entire family spend a good amount of money and they were going to charge me for a small empty bag 5.00 dollars so I can share.the popcorn with my gramdson. A paper bag that probably cost them a nickel. Update 120423: empty today, great choice of seating. Prices up a bit. Still worth it.

  • Chris Ruedas

Love the Remodel that was completed a while back. Chairs are literally lounge chairs and so comfy. They are paired up too so they are great for a date night, my GF loves this theater just for that reason alone. Feels like you have your own love seat. Picture and sound quality are spot on. Always a good movie going experience.

  • Ray Reg

Good place over all. One of two places we go to see newly released movies. BUT, within the past year I have noticed that the sound level in the movies is just too high to the point that the back part of the head rest vibrates and I know that is not an added feature to the chairs. Will be taking some ear protection next time.

  • Tesla Brooks

We have always enjoyed our visits to this location, the recliners are super comfy, the popcorn is great, and the ticket buying process is fast and easy. The guy who helped us at the concession counter was very helpful and kind. What more could you want from a movie theater? We will definitely continue to visit this location.

  • Harley Quinn

Came to see the premiere of SCREAM and paid 75 for tickets and 60 on concession when asking the largest popcorn and drink that gives refills. So we got our drinks and popcorns and 20 mins into the movie we go to get a refill and are told I'm sorry we closed concessions for the night. We got ripped off. Never again.

  • Brantley Hudson

Really nice theater. All the features you want in a theatre: reclining seats, amazing sound, a full featured snack bar and plenty of screens. You can pay for shows and reserve seating online. It's location puts you close to all the shopping and food choices of Southpark Meadows, so a great choice for convenience.

  • Miguel Zaldivar

I've been coming here since it opened up and they've really changed all for the better. Now they serve beer, and you can have your snacks and drinks ready as soon as you get to the theater. Also love the comfy leather recliners. I'd recommend this theater to anyone who wants a great experience watching a movie.

  • Greg Blackman

I'm not going to complain about the high prices or stale popcorn, I will however say that the staff is great. We had a problem with one of our tickets not showing active and they worked with us until the problem was resolved. And the seats are amazing and spacious. Definitely my go to for movies going forward.

  • Alex Arrington

It's great to finally go to a movie! Saw Encanto (cute), and the snack bar lowered its prices temporarily, which is cool. The theater must be really short-staffed though, cuz the place was not clean, and it usually is under normal circumstances. Still, there's lots of cool movies coming out so we'll be back.

  • Andrew Martin

July 3rd. 100 degrees outside. No AC in Theater 10. Rude manager on duty who admitted to not even trying to turn on the AC (that apparently was broken anyways) until twenty minutes into our showtime. And I'm sure they'll continue to pack people in today with no warning. Go somewhere nicer and newer.

  • Bella

Honestly, I like Evo better but it’s too far away. We go to Southpark Meadows Cinema for the convenience BUT they keep it clean & Im able to relax because I dont have to worry about where Im sitting. I only wish they would mature their menu. Overall, its a nice place to watch movies! …

  • Chris Heitman

Best movie theatre around. Very comfortable recliner seating. Big recliner seats with lots of room between people. Review update: Seriously the best. I do 90% of my movie nights here. No other theater compares. You have to experience these comfy recliner seats. If this was helpful please hit like.

  • Paola Juarez

Sound and movie quality was good. Cleanliness was low, workers did not wear gloves while handling tickets, cleaning, and when needed most... food. Not a lot of bathrooms and bathroom space available (some sinks broken). Prices for seating and food a bit overestimated for something disappointing.

  • David Weis

The theater is starting to show its age. Recline seats are comfortable but could use some maintenance (at least the ones I used). The staff are all young kids, so its hit and miss service depending on the experience and dedication of the team member. Either way, a good place to go see a movie.

  • Jennifer Harris

I really do like this theater but depending on what seat you aware to possibly bring in a blanket or something to cover it cuz the leather on the updated seats are starting to rub off! And b/c of covid there are no more refills on large popcorn which is a major let down right now!

  • Jean M

Location for me is great. Seating is the leather loungers, very comfortable. Bathrooms could be cleaner. Update: Not clean. Someone needs to hire an over all cleaning to this place. Unreal. Trash, popcorn nasty drinks spilled everywhere. Too bad they have let this place go downhill. Nasty!

  • Annabelle Madison

I love going to the movies. It always feels like a special outing. This cinemark had nice seats that reclined and clean floors. Additional movie souvenirs for purchase are an added bonus, such as blue beetle popcorn tins or puss in boots drink toppers. Loved seeing the Barbie Movie here!

  • Jenn Kummer

The place was extremely clean and employees so friendly and I loved that the movie was actually loud enough to hear. We went on a Tuesday night because it's cheaper ($6). Got concessions, I thought pretty fair price and really enjoyed the reclining chairs. Definitely will return.

  • Rick De La Garza

This past summer was so hot, and the ac wasn't running like it should have been. Maybe it's because of the high bill, or just trying to conserve energy, but the fact that if people are sweating and are uncomfortable from the heat, they will stop going to the movies altogether.

  • Jarrod Stewart

Went to the movie to see Bumblee over the holidays and I really like the selected seating ahead of time. The loungers were nice and comfortable and the staff was very friendly, I even got a selfie with BumbleBee. It’s my go to movie theatre when in south Austin for sure.

  • Ann Nix

Cinema's Southpark Meadows is clean, cool, and comfortable. The plush reclining seats are relaxing. The sound system is good. However, Cinemark Southpark Meadows does not offer free refills on fountain drinks or popcorn. At $6.99 for a large drink, I feel price-gouged.

  • Michael Crocker Sr

movie was fine, but the policy of no refills, sucks !! when you can come off the street pay 14 dollars not watch a movie and walk away with practically a small garbage bag full of pop corn.. if this is their policy for going to see a movie will not return.

  • M 2

An overall great movie theater. Seats are nice recliners and the online booking guarantees your seat selections. I would avoid the nachos & pretzels. (They aren’t good at this location). The popcorn, however is always fresh and I’ve never had a flat soda..

  • Louie Tapia

Great location, love this theater. Just like most theaters expect high prices and not too fond of the seats. The seat are nice but when you recline then they leave you in an uncomfortable position. But that's just me. Other than that, love this Cinemark!

  • Justin Yergeau

First time here, seemed very easy going and fairly clean. Nice reclining lounge seating. Staff greeted us and was helpful. Theaters themselves were small enough that you were able to feel a more easy going calm environment. Will go here again for sure

  • Markus

Lobby and theatre were both very clean, and the reclining chairs are quite comfortable. Candy choice was somewhat limited, but that wasn't a big deal. They are not iMax, but the quality is still very good and the comfortable chairs are worth it.

  • Ethan

I mean it’s nice but you can hear the movie playing next door at times. Love hearing the screams of agony from the movie next door during an emotional quiet part of the film LMAO. Also the 30 minutes of ads after the movie time starts - why.

  • Emily F

Nice big comfy reclining seats! So comfortable that I pretty much always fall asleep in them. Besides the awesome seats, this theatre is your standard Cinemark. It’s in a convenient location if you want to do some shopping or eat afterwards.

  • Ropashia

Seats were dirty with dry up food on them, left over popcorn from someone else in drink holder, the corner of movie screen was unattached/hanging. Needs to be remodeled especially for the amount of money you have to pay now to see a movie.

  • John Mason

Had a great time. The movie soundtrack was a bit loud; but, the seating was wonderful and the snacks and drinks pre-ordered with tickets delivered right on time just before the actual movie started were a nice surprise for my better half.

  • Ray Rodriguez

I've only been there during the week so there aren't many people there at the same time. That being said, the staff is nice and the auditorium is clean. The best part is the seat armrests fold up so I can really relax and enjoy the movie.

  • cherry

I love this theatre it’s one of my favorites to go to but everytime I come here there is always someone being disruptive during the movie and it’s a little frustrating but other than that the theatre is clean and has nice workers …

  • Ankoor Amin

Haven't visited in several years. Great upgrades to seats - reclining, spacious, comfortable - and theatres - stadium seating. Added plus was adult beverages and a deliver to seat option. Matinee pricing was a nice surprise.

  • Rachel Espinoza

I'm a movie club member and I choose this location specifically for the comfy seats. The past two times I've come, the seats don't work and it's very disappointing. I could go to a theater closer to home for regular seats.

  • Eddie Clark

My family has been coming almost weekly to this theater since it opened. It is always clean or in the process of being cleaned with the exception of when they are very busy. Overall great place! Nice comfortable seating!


Great Experience at the location Managner Michael helped us when we had an issue, he was very professional, nice and solved our issue. Great Job will return soon. The seats are very comfortable and the theater is clean.

  • Rosa M. Saucedo

Always a great time. It's not Alamo so people can get a little loud, but the seats are comfortable and they offer pick up or delivery to sear for snacks. They have the best layered butter popcorn! We miss free refills

  • Norma Ortega

14 Big, spacious theaters. All are contribute with reclining seats. Concession stands are fully open and allow for fast and easy snack before, during and after showings. Screens are huge and surround sound is clear.

  • Patrick Gibson

Best seating ever. Like being in your own living room. A wall blocks other movie goers below you. Reclining seats with cup holders and nice arm rests. Seats are in pairs so your honey is still close. Good sound too.

  • Erick Portillo

This location is absolutely garbage. The A/C never works here and it’s a every time thing. I wouldn’t recommend. Go to another location. If you like sweating while watching your movie this the place to come.

  • william barnes

No refills on drinks or popcorn! Disgusting bathrooms. The reclining chairs were nice but the hallway carpets are stained with fallen drinks. Would not recommend for a date or someone you want to impress.


Awesome surround sound The lobby neated a little tighting up The food prices a bit too high The lobby staff was friendly and curtious... Loved that he kept a nice smile the entire time he talked to us...

  • Trenton Twining

Comfortable and reserved seating. High quality sound ... and not turned up too loud as many theatres do. Auditorium was cleaner than most. Two staffers with whom I interacted were friendly and helpful.

  • Selena Vega

Mr. Ortiz is a rude and lazy manager. When I walked in, he was sitting down on the floor watching tiktoks rather than helping the other employees. What kind of business allows this behavior to happen?

  • Paul Flick

The theater was fine my only complaint was with the concessions they won't Supply a little extra tray like they do in 98% of the other theaters to split your popcorn. I like butter my wife doesn't.

  • Sanjay Paul

It’s not Cinemark standard. One of the filthiest theatre.. Super dirty. Carpets are so dirty that it seems flooding happened. Floors all sticky. Seats not clean, some are torn. Never coming back.

  • Veronica Torres

Why is this place always so filthy and poorly kept now? The carpets are gross, the lobby is always dirty, and the concessions are always out of ICEE. The popcorn butter chines are hit or miss.

  • Paula Mohamed

Stopped going to this place years ago…very nasty and uncomfortable place to be. And based on all these reviews I’m reading, I’m glad I never returned. I’ll stick with Alamo Drafthouse …

  • pamela c

The seats and theater were nice and comfortable. I was surprised and letdown, though, that they do not allow refills on the popcorn and drinks. Tthe popcorn was way too salty for my taste.

  • KittenBlackheart

Nice comfy seats, concession pricing is very reasonable. Not much of a menu, but works for movie snacks. Plenty of lunch/dinner options next door. Bring your ID for adult beverages.

  • Melissa M

Great movie theater, I suggest you but tickets online so you can choose a better seat, they will even bring your snacks to your sear if you order online, price is affordable!

  • Fernando Martinez

Went Monday 12/11/2023 the seats were very nice but the popcorn gave me the worst food poisoning for the last few days. Please change the butter in the popcorn or something.

  • Joshua Zorn

It's nice the front has nobody you have to walk in I knew this from the last time I stood out side for 5 minutes there's no sing that say's go inside to get the tickets

  • Cecilia Hernandez

The managers attitude was ugly looking all rude and was very unwelcoming when we were asking about the movies the managers face was rude making us feel unwelcomed.

  • Jared Dubinski

Only person in the theater for Spider-Man. Staff was courteous. Popcorn was adequate. Comfortable seats and I think the ticket cost less than $10 for a matinee.

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