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Doran Justice, PLLC is a Criminal justice attorney located at 67 E Weldon Ave Suite 103, Phoenix, AZ 85012. It has received 102 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of Doran Justice, PLLC: 67 E Weldon Ave Suite 103, Phoenix, AZ 85012

  • Doran Justice, PLLC has 5.0 stars from 102 reviews

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  • "Before I share my story with you, just know ALL CHARGES DROPPED! And only CHRIS DORAN could have done that for us! If you are in a position requiring a good legal defense, the only person for you is CHRIS DORAN! I am writing to share my experience after hiring Chris Doran as my son’s defense attorney because of a very serious charge, assault with a deadly weapon"

    "I can’t thank Chris & Jessica enough for all their help and support through this difficult time"

    "In a world in which so many people care only for themselves- working with Doran justice truly was such a breath of fresh air! My case had so many special circumstances due to my situation"

    "When I was injured I had trouble getting insurance information from the company where I got hurt"

    "Attorney Chris Doran was a Godsend to our family"


  • Zane Amber

Before I share my story with you, just know ALL CHARGES DROPPED! And only CHRIS DORAN could have done that for us! If you are in a position requiring a good legal defense, the only person for you is CHRIS DORAN! I am writing to share my experience after hiring Chris Doran as my son’s defense attorney because of a very serious charge, assault with a deadly weapon. Did my son assault someone? No. Did he have a weapon on his person? Yes. The alleged victim, our neighbor who had been harassing us for over a month and had an injunction against him for doing so. Our neighbor was acting threatening towards my son, while my son was working on his vehicle in our driveway. My son felt so threatened he got his gun from the house and put it in his pocket for protection. As my son was walking to his vehicle, the gun fell from my son’s pocket and our neighbor called the police and said my son threatened his life with the weapon and that he had a video of it. No such video existed because it didn’t happen. However, that didn’t seem to matter to the police or the prosecutor at all. The police proceeded to raid our home and arrest my son, holding my underage daughter and I in handcuffs in front of our home. We needed help and we needed it quick. Enter Chris Doran. Chris was referred to me by two different people; one a trusted friend who is also an attorney because she saw how much he cared for his clients and the other the bail bondsman who helped my son get out of jail, who said Chris was an exemplary defense attorney. To me, this was a sign and I called Chris, who immediately took interest in helping my son and our family overall. Chris went out of his way to support us in our injunction against the neighbor within 24 hours of me contacting him, which he didn’t have to do, but he cared enough to do so. Chris handled my son’s case with care and attention to detail to fight for the truth to be heard. Chris Doran knows the law and knows how prosecutors try to manipulate it to get their way, a conviction no matter if someone is innocent or not. Well, not when Chris Doran is your attorney! Through his talent and experience as a defense attorney, Chris was able to find some major gaps in the Grand Jury process, enough to motion it back to be redone the right way. When it was executed without persuasion, the jury clearly saw my son was innocent and decided not to proceed with charges. ALL CHARGES DROPPED! Chris was professional, courteous, thoughtful, tenacious, and oh so smart and talented. It was such a pleasure watching him work in the courtroom. Through his attentiveness to details and dedicated support, he was able to get our case completely dropped. I will be forever grateful to Chris for helping our family and my son move forward without the darkness of false charges hanging overhead. THANK YOU CHRIS!

  • Brittany Saiz

I can’t thank Chris & Jessica enough for all their help and support through this difficult time. I was in a rear end accident where the driver that hit me fled the scene. After more review we found that the driver was driving on a suspended license and had no insurance. I was so stressed out regarding getting our truck fixed and assisting with my medical expenses. I reached out on Facebook for recommendations in finding a lawyer that will help us out with this dilemma. I have never had to deal with a lawyer regarding an accident and I had no idea what to expect. I received a recommendation from my photographer form our wedding saying that we should reach out to Doran Justice. I did just that, and after our 30-minute phone call I felt such a relief in dealing with Chris. Chris was patient, kind, and reassuring, he took the time to explain in detail the process and what numbers could potentially look at. He also prepared me for the time frame and what the process could look like. He said it can take some time but there are here for us the entire way. My husband and I have been so blessed to have such an amazing lawyer on our side. We were having to go after our own insurance for uninsured motorist and we feared the outcome. I had weekly sessions through a chiropractor and multiple nerve ablations to treat the pain I was in from the accident. I explained to Chris I wanted to make sure we didn’t have to pay any bills out of pocket and was nervous on the medical bills being more than what we could handle. Chris always told me to take care of me, get help and get treated to resolve as much as I could treatment wise. He said he will take care of us and make sure we get what we deserve. After a year and a half of treatment and getting everything resolved Chris started the process of sending the demand letter. He explained in detail the process, time frame, and again what to expect. After a second demand letter being sent our insurance settled on the full $100,000. This helped us be able to cover all our medical debt and put a down payment towards our new home! Chris your business has truly benefited our family in so many ways and I sincerely want to thank you and your team for everything you have done for us! I highly, highly recommend Doran Justice when dealing with any sort of personal injury claim!!

  • Jessica Beeson

In a world in which so many people care only for themselves- working with Doran justice truly was such a breath of fresh air! My case had so many special circumstances due to my situation. My two year old sons father and I had been married for one month (a marriage I would later find out that he himself had stated to family he was only in because I was a convenient place to stay amongst many other things I’d discover he’d done) when he went to prison. He has a violent and very nasty angry streak/history that he has never seemed to have been able to stay off of for very long and has proven this many times I’m the past. I felt so lost and desperate at the time that I had reached out to Chelsey and Shelby - who ended up being just the dream team that I needed. I was very specific and picky about what I wanted and wasn’t willing to leave very much wiggle room. Not only did they assist me with getting approved to pay lower fees- but they also were so on top of my case. I ultimately was able to walk away with everything I had needed and wanted to ensure that my son will not be exposed to such a negative energy. They went above and beyond when Putting in place a graduated step plan prior to him gaining any visitation time with my son, getting me sole custody, getting my address protected to ensure that I felt safe upon his release, and especially when taking the insane amount of additional steps needed for the process due to him being in prison. Chelsey processed all of my documents efficiently and with speed (literally she would have already turned in the next steps needed prior to me even realizing that the last task had been completed!) and was very communicative through out all of it - and Shelby was wonderful at explaining the steps, giving me my options and possible outcomes, and even at speaking with my ex in a way that allowed him to realize what I’m asking was not unrealistic while also some how not provoking him. I truly can not thank these fantastic women enough - but they definitely restored my faith and hope for the future. Thank you so much for fighting for my baby in a way that usually only a momma bear would have done.

  • Bobby Van

When I was injured I had trouble getting insurance information from the company where I got hurt. I called Doran Justice, and Christopher gave me a complimentary consultation and he had names and phone numbers of everything I needed within hours. I hired Christopher to represent me and he and his paralegal Jessica made sure I was treated fairly with the defendants insurance company. While Jessica communicated directly with my physicians and therapists, Christopher made sure I was compensated fairly, and made whole again. He used his expert negotiating skills with the adjusters and other attorneys and made sure they compensated me for ALL of my losses, including months of lost wages. Jessica kept in contact with me via the client portal making it so easy to leave messages after hours, and answered questions and kept me informed every step of the way. THANK YOU JESSICA! Christopher went way above and beyond and gave me guidance along with my physicians as to what I needed to do. He protected me and kept the insurance adjusters at bay, requiring them to ONLY communicate with him directly. He forced the adjusters to give me a very fair settlement, WAY ABOVE their original offer. Chris made sure I was able to see my physicians and therapists without any out of pocket expenses to me. This firm truly cares about their clients, and they are totally open with their clients, they are honest, and they are fair. If you've been injured, Christopher will make sure you are well compensated, and he WILL obtain justice for you. I am grateful to Doran Justice for everything they did for me, and I will recommend them to anyone who needs legal representation. This firm is the VERY BEST!!

  • Carla Jackson-Morris

Attorney Chris Doran was a Godsend to our family. My grandson suffered in Jail without any support from any of the hired lawyers as well as the public defender. My grandson has been incarcerated for approximately 3 and half years, and had not had any council from any of the lawyers. Until my grandson found Mr. Chris and referred him to his mother. Mr. Chris was able to do in 2 months, what none of the previous lawyers had attempted to do in the 3 and the 1/2 years they were suppose to act as my grandsons lawyer. None f the previous laywers even met with my grandson throughout the entire time. Mr. Chris treated my grandson with dignity and truly acted as a lawyer and advocate for his case. All we can say, is things would have been different if my grandson would have had a lawyer like Chris Doran. He is compassionate, astute and very professional. My family is truly thank you for all of your hard work, you are kind and down to earth, and treated my grandson like your were fighting for your family member. Your persona is non judgemental, whereby you act like a defender and not a pretender like all of the other lawyers presented. However, they still wanted to be paid for doing nothing. Only the Lord knows their fate. Mr. Chris please keep being the light in our broken world. God bless and thank you for all you did to try and defend and represent my grandson. Carla

  • Drew Millsaps

This may be a little dramatic but until you're in a situation where you are depending on a lawyer to save you, then you'll never really know. Chris was recommended by a former client of his, with zero anticipation. He's simply amazing. You expect a Lawyer to just know the law and out tigether a good defense strategy. Not Chris, he attacks from every angle, every word that is spoken and every avenue that he can take advantage of. Before even going to court, Chris had three strategies based on how the charges were given, researching evidence, and using key phrases that the plaintiff said under oath that gave Chris inclination to purgury. He was so matter of fact and confident when presenting my case to the prosecuted that they acknowledged based on Chris's research, we would have at least a case that would cause doubt to a jury so the prosecutor through out the charge before trial even strayed. I told Chris the day he informed me of the good news but he saved my life! That phrase is too commonly used and over used but i was facing charges that would hinder me for the rest of my life and Chris put the hard work in to give me a fighting chance. Which paid off!! Not to mention, he's not a unrelatable trial lawyer, who's "too good for blue collar guys" he communicates in a way that you understand and i felt respected and personally cared for the entire time.

  • Connor Randall Ong

Tyler is the ABSOLUTE BEST lawyer that I could have used to represent me. Knowing that Tyler not only competed and won numerous awards when competing in mock-trial in college, but is also a coach for the ASU Mock-Trial Team, I knew that I was getting a lawyer who is top tier. Tyler took the time to understand my concerns, go through all of the details leading up to my hearing, and prepped me well for the day of the hearing. When my hearing came, I was extremely nervous, but he reassured me that everything would move forward smoothly and there would be nothing to worry about. Tyler was phenomenal with his execution of our opening and closing statements, as well as with his cross-examination of me to bring to light the facts that may not have been known to the board. Tyler's knowledge and expertise is the reason why my case was won, and I know for a fact that if it weren't for him, I would not have had the favorable outcome that we hoped for. If you want a lawyer who doesn't just know how to win, but also understands how to comfort and support you amidst the entire process Tyler from Doran Justice is your guy. And if you need any extra reasons as to why you should choose him, look at his resume and his willingness to give back to and help coach the future lawyers of the world -- as it is evident that he genuinely cares about every person that he helps.

  • Dr. Crystal Morris-Newsom

Out of 4 other attorneys that we hired to fight for our son, Chris Doran was the ONLY one who actually shown he was in it for more than just money. He was competent, reliable, professional, prepared, communicative, empathetic, punctual, and most importantly extremely well-educated in legal matters. (Talk about “case law” I wonder if he taught a class in proper legal research. ) Yes I’m actually talking about an attorney! Lol I know 90% of these qualities are NOT in attorneys today but they are ABSOLUTELY qualities in Chris Doran! It’s sad how my son was treated by his previous attorneys no visits, no care/empathy shown, no fight, no suggestions, no research, no preparation, no communication, and no willingness to defend him. I was doing most of the work for my son and was completely overwhelmed (I’m not an attorney) before we hired Chris Doran! God sent him to us through a referral and I am just making sure EVERYONE knows what he did for my child and can be blessed by his expertise as well! My children are my most precious assets and I would trust Chris Doran to handle all legal matters for any one of them. (We pray we never have anymore legal matters of course!) We are grateful God sent him to us and he is our “go-to” attorney for ANY legal matters for our entire family…oh and friends too! ;-)

  • Cherie Abney

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would, hence for the title of this review. Chris is by far one of the best lawyers my family will ever be so grateful for to have come into our lives at a time of need. My past experiences and from the stories I have heard from others about lawyers, has never been positive. I dreaded the fact of having to find a lawyer to help our family through a situation which could have been a major disaster that would have a lasting impact. Because of how good Chris is in terms of his compassion and empathy, how he listens and makes sure he is not rushing through his responses by providing accurate and timely information, he made it easier for our family to work through the complexity of the case. He isn’t just a lawyer who is doing his job. He is a lawyer who puts the time and dedication into a case as if it was his own family. His attention to detail but most of all, being upfront and honest instead of just telling you things because that's what he thinks we want to hear. I hope that our family never finds ourselves in the situation we were in to needing his services again but I do hope that if someone else finds themselves in need of a great lawyer, they will not hesitate to reach out to Chris Doran of Doran Justice Law Firm

  • Alex Kraft

I am honored to write this review for what I will attest to be the greatest criminal and family attorney in Arizona. Chris took on a huge responsibility and deliver the greatest performance I could have ever expected, my son!!! During a troubled time in my life Chris demonstrated poise and professionalism guiding me through a tough time regaining the custody of my son. Chris and his team Jessica, Shelby and Lucille kept me informed and assisted me during several tough times in which not only I needed great counsel but an open ear to think clearly on the steps to follow. My journey throughout this process seem an eternity but Chris made it so I kept on gaining ground every step of the way allowing me to spend more time with my son and feeling like the end was rather near. I had Chris represent me on both a family matter and criminal matter and his knowledge and professionalism showed on both cases to be superb. I am pleased and once again, honored to recommend anyone in need of a great attorney at an affordable cost to visit Chris and his team to experience the same results and outcome as I did. Thank you Chris for getting my son back and for being a great advocate in the most needed time in my life.

  • DRCH

Doran Justice is a premiere law firm in Phoenix, AZ that I would highly recommend. I have dealt with several attorneys in multiple states over the last 25 years and I haven’t found one as fine as this firm. Attorney Doran and his legal staff are phenomenal! Extremely professional, knowledgeable, supportive and respectful. The level of attention they paid to my case was incredible. I had to change attorneys midway through a difficult case and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. Attorney Doran and his staff are quick with responses to questions, positive in support of your well being and your case. Never had an attorney care about what I was going through more then attorney Doran and his team of legal advisors. Just meet him once and you know immediately you found the right attorney. His preparation, legal knowledge, ability to communicate his thoughts and feelings to his clients is second to none. I can’t thank Doran Justice enough for what they have done for me and my family. He under promises and over delivers. This firm is the complete package! Don’t go anywhere else in the valley !

  • Shanita McCree

Doran Justice Law Firm has been so friendly and helpful to me as I weathered the storm of trying to help my son with a very serious case, while he was incarcerated. The firm has the most kind and friendly staff that I have ever encountered. Ashley and Jessica are the two that I had the pleasure of talking to the most and working with, every time felt as if I were talking to a close friend. They made me feel so comfort and relaxed when my nerves were running ramped. Each member of the staff followed through on everything they said that they were going to do. Chris was extremely kind and a gentleman every time we met in person. Chris was very caring about my feeling and NEVER made me or my son feel less than his number one priority. There were many times that I would forget or get locked out of my case file, and Ashely came to my rescue to reset and get me back in the know of my son's case. I love your staff and I am so happy that you all were the ones in my family's corner fighting with us and for us. Words can't express to appreciation I have for you all. Shanita M.

  • latesha housley

Chris Doran - he is the right criminal lawyer for the job! Chris, represented my brother, in a criminal case. I was skeptical of Chris in the beginning, that was because I didn't know him and I wanted to make sure he was legit about his cases and he was the right man for the job. Turns out, he is amazing at what he does - he knows his stuff! He is fair, realistic, knowledgeable, supportive, level-headed, trust-worthy, and he makes himself available! Chris and his team did a fantastic job at doing there homework, gathering information, and putting together an awesome representation for the court. He was able to effectively plead his clients case to get the best possible outcome. That outcome was a righteous one. He is definitely the lawyer for the job and without a doubt a great recommend! Last but not least, the man stays on point. He is always dressed sharp and looking crisp - I always gave him props for how he showed up and represented! Thank you so much Chris.

  • Rachel Lynn

Due to an accident that turned into a personal injury case, I was recommended to reach out to Doran Justice. I am so incredibly thankful that I did. Chris and his team handled my case with care and urgency. There are so many confusing things about a personal injury case, yet I was at ease knowing things were being taken care of. Personal injury cases are emotionally challenging, so you want a lawyer and legal team who are empathic but who are also going to fight for you and what you need and deserve. Chris and his team bring that to the table. Distinguished, empathetic and professional. Words cannot describe how appreciative I am of Chris and his staff for all the work over the three years they worked on my case. I would not hesitate to call them again if ever I need legal help or representation again. I would highly recommend Doran Justice and his team to anyone needing legal help or legal representation.

  • Rowdie Angel

Ms Anderson of Doran Justice is beyond compare. Knowledgeable, kind, patient, but tough as nails! She helped me through a relatively acrimonious divorce with compassion and skill. When things became tense after my divorce was finalized, Ms Anderson agreed to continue to work with me giving legal advice and representing me in legal matters regarding my ex husband The office staff is also extremely friendly, and they keep the lines of communication open Ms Anderson is also generous. She has elected to work with a program here in Arizona called Modest Means. A program helping lower-income residents find affordable legal representation without Modest Means and Ms Anderson, I would have been grossly taken advantage of and without legal counsel or representation. Instead, working together with Ms Anderson, I was able to find a satisfactory agreement for my divorce. I cannot recommend her enough!

  • Marielle Rodriguez

Ive spoke to a couple attorneys regarding my case before I spoke to Shelby. Shelby and her staff were very knowledgeable and kind definitely unlike the other people I have spoken to. When I first started to look for an attorney I was pregnant with my son so of course I was full of emotions and hormones. When we finished my case i had just had my son and was at the peak of my postpartum. I was again full of worry and anxiety but Shelby and her staff helped me through it all every step of the way they helped me. They have shown me so much kindness and answered every question or concerns I’ve had. I am forever grateful for all the help and kindness they have given me. Thank you so much Shelby I appreciate you and your staff so much you have no idea how grateful I am for all that you’ve done for my family and I.

  • Bpc 100

I would describe the team at Doran Justice as dedicated, knowledgeable, and exceptional. They represent the good in their profession and are a team I firmly trust. My first hand experience with them has been nothing but positive: I had a case against harassment where an individual had been making my life miserable. I met with several attorneys prior and didn’t feel comfortable the direction they wanted to take the case. When I spoke with Doran Justice, they completely understood and I knew it was the right decision to move forward with them. They are great with communication and preparation, so when the court ruled in our favor...I felt incredible appreciation for their team. I am so happy with my decision to trust Doran Justice, thank you Chris and Tyler for your service

  • Fausto Burruel

Chris Doran is a phenomenal attorney! Chris is devoted to helping his clients and truly understands their situation. I reached out to Chris about a leasing dispute I was having with my apartment complex. I needed to get out of my lease due to a major change in circumstances but they kept sending me in circles and had me jumping through hoops. Once I became fed up with the situation I reached out to Chris for legal assistance. After I reached out to Chris, he immediately got their attention. In a single weekend, Chris was able to get the management to come to the table, show their cards, and offer a reasonable solution to the problem. I couldn't be happier with the result. Go to Doran Justice if you want effective legal representation!

  • Jon H

Tyler Schwenke is a professional and brought clarity to a confusing situation and helped me stay objective and calm throughout. I was dealing with a really emotional and distressing case. I had been portrayed as much worse than I really am; I believe that there was a huge lack of objectivity in the process before I hired this firm to help represent me. Everyone believes they are innocent but it can take a professional lawyer to help portray the facts and has the know-how to deal with the whole process. We never even went to trial and I got a satisfactory plea agreement and a costly life-lesson. I recommend this firm to anybody and commend Tyler for his professionalism, empathy and calm demeanor.

  • Camilla Briggs

We already knew that Chris Doran was an excellent lawyer so we trusted the firm when they placed us with Shelby Anderson for a family court matter. We were honestly a little hesitant due to the fact that Shelby is a younger lawyer, but she went above and beyond in her representation of us. She answered the phone every time we called, provided us with the reassurance we needed to remain calm while dealing with parental alienation, and represented us in a professional and competent manner to bring the truth to light in a very complicated custody dispute with many false allegations. We are forever grateful for Shelby and the firm for their continued representation and search for justice.

  • Brendan

Best defense attorney in Phoenix by a long shot. Chris Doran was my classmate, and supervisor at a previous employer and always had upstanding character and values. Still to this day has a strong moral compass and was so honest and direct with my case and a family members. His staff is excellent and great at their jobs as well. Chris was able to get my case diverted and was able to take classes and was the best outcome for myself. He always represented a family member and got the best possible sentence for him as well. Highly recommend him and his law firm to anyone needing any legal assistance. Thanks Chris and team for improving lives daily!

  • Davidjon Daddy

I am SO thankful I found Doran Justice. Without getting into too many details, the case was a little difficult because it involved me unholstering my firearm to defend myself. I am thankful I had my Go-Pro as evidence and Chris defending me! Chris kept me abreast of all developments by setting up regular phone meetings while he tirelessly negotiated with the State Prosecuting Attorney. In the end, I am completely vindicated! The State did not pursue the charges. I truly believe it is partly because I had Chris defending me. Thank you, Chris! You cared and helped me in my hour of need. - A Disabled Veteran / Proud 2A Advocate / Patriot

  • Susanna Satta

Everyone on the Doran Justice team went above and beyond to help me. Chris Doran and paralegal Jessica Garner represented me during a personal injury case. They walked me through the entire process, they made sure I was comfortable and took the time to explain everything to me. Being involved in a car accident was already hard enough, so I felt confident that Chris Doran would help me navigate everything entailed with my case. Thank you, Chris! My husband and I appreciate everything your team has done for us. We highly recommend Doran Justice to anyone seeking a Personal Injury Attorney.

  • D Nate Hickinbotham

I couldn’t have asked for better representation, service, honesty or care than that which Chris provided. He had quick responses, was incredibly knowledgeable on the topic and procedure, communicated proactively to help me understand options and ultimately got the results we deserved. He took a sincere interest in me as a person as well as the situation. He followed up afterward on other pieces of the bigger picture and was proactive in helping resolve those matters as well. He continues to support our family with his expertise and lives up to providing justice for his clients.

  • E C

Thank God for this firm! Super reliable, there when I need them the most, with positive attitudes and quality responses. Case closed and no court dates within nearly 5 months. Greatest comfort of having this responsible team on my side allowed me to do my part, while they put good word out for me. Biggest relief of the year! Clean slate right on time for the new resolutions I have for 2021. Thank You Chris and Jessica and all the others that helped me get my second chance at life! I can say I feel the love as professional as possible. Best to this 5 star firm!

  • Natalie M

Chris was honest, encouraging, and always quick to respond. He has a breadth of knowledge and will use every ounce of it to fight for you. He made us feel reassured and gave us hope during the toughest hardship my fiance has ever faced. This was a difficult case and Chris and was there for us every step of the way. He provided us with all the resources we needed and was able to achieve results that almost seemed impossible. He is amazing and a blessing. A special thank you to his team Jessica, Adam, and Sloane for their patience and follow through.

  • Andrea Rollins

I had such a great experience working with Shelby. She was an amazing lawyer who listened to me and gave trustworthy advice and worked hard to get me what I wanted. I found Shelby through the modest means project which was a god send. I’m so grateful that such experienced, talented, professional lawyers participate in that program and really help people when they need them the most. Shelby was very responsive whenever I had a question or needed to talk. They worked with me every step of the way and I’m forever grateful for the outcome in my case.

  • Tom Kochalka

I am so impressed with Chris and the team at Doran Justice. Most importantly, Chris's legal representation was outstanding, resulting in a favorable outcome for us in a difficult situation. But beyond that, Chris and his staff were always friendly and accessible; willing to take and return my calls, answer any questions or provide additional information about the process. This was very important as this was our first involvement in such a matter. Great attorney, great staff. Would definitely recommend Doran Justice for your legal needs.

  • Cody M

I highly recommend Doran Justice. I had a legal battle that went on for over 2.5 years and Chris definitely went above and beyond what most lawyers do. I felt like he was truly fighting for me. We tried every legal angle possible. Quick responses whenever I messaged him with questions about my case. He was always willing to jump on a phone call with me and go over my concerns. He was always very patient with me. Never felt like he was trying to persuade me one way or the other. Just overall great service through a tough time in my life.

  • Chad Kochalka

Chris came highly recommended and he did not disappoint! I certainly didn't make Chris' job easy but he had faith in me from day 1 and in the end kept me out of prison. This guy is going places. No matter when I called and regardless if Chris was available or not Jessica or Ashley always related my message and I received a call or E-mail from him in a timely manner. Chris and his team gave my case so much attention it made me feel like I was their only client. If you want to get your monies worth then call Chris. Thanks !!!!!

  • Jermaine James Jr

In a time that was so stressful for me Chis Doran and his team stepped up and made it as easy and seemless as possible. He almost made it look too easy. Extreme knowledge and understanding of his business and he runs it like that. Also, he did not have that "just another case" mentality. Will recommend Chris to everyone from here on out. Your personal injury is his personal problem and he takes his problem serious. Lastly, most attorneys and full of themselves, to say it nicely. He and his team are very humble and loving.

  • Taylor Burley

Look no further for your representation, this is your guy. I cannot say enough good things about Chris Doran and his team. He is quite literally the best at what he does. His team is highly capable as well. I've used them on multiple occasions and he has even assisted me on legal matters outside of his legal expertise(s). He is knowledgeable, professional, and his email correspondence to opposing parties are practically a gift from God. I refer anyone and everyone I know to this firm and they will be my go-to for life!

  • Mike Dennis

Tyler and Chris were amazing and highly professional. I came to them after having a bad experience with my previous attorney, and they helped resolve my legal issues with a very positive outcome. Tyler communicated constantly with me, and was very clear professional and courteous. This made me feel like he really cared about my situation and that he was being the strongest possible advocate for me. Their entire team was awesome. Lucille and the other support staff treated me with the upmost professionalism. Thank you!

  • Brian Clark

Doran Justice kept me informed at all times during the process so I was well aware of everything going on. Access to information was also readily available in their online portal. Chris Doran was extremely helpful and knowledgeable which made me feel confident that I was in good hands and didn't need to stress. I will always recommend Doran Justice to anyone in need of legal services. Though I had a new life in practice, Chris Doran gave me a new life on paper and for that I'm eternally grateful. Thank you Chris!

  • Rory Rayner

I am a UK resident and found myself in a somewhat unfair situation. Tyler from the very first phone call was very attentive, understanding and hardworking. He gave sound advice throughout the process which made my decisions much easier. Unfortunately, the prosecutor assigned to my case was very difficult and unresponsive however Tyler was tenacious and ultimately got the case dismissed. I feel Doran Justice is the perfect name for this firm, as they are passionate about getting a fair and just outcome.

  • Tara Giambalvo

It has been wonderful working with Christopher Doran, he made the process so easy with the portal where all communication, files, schedule and more is located. He was able to get 4 of 5 charges dismissed with all of the work he does with his team which is a great deal! Attentive and always on the top of what he does! I would TOTALLY recommend him! I never thought I would find someone like him and his team after speaking with several lawyers. You would love him, no question at all!

  • Tina Hueppe

I flew down to Phoenix from Chicago and retained Chris Doran to represent my son, who was living in Tempe. Not only did Chris clear charges in Maricopa County that were pending against my son, he also stepped in to deal with ASU and potential issues with my son's education. I am extremely thankful to him and his team of professionals. It's a mothers nightmare to be so far away while dealing with legal issues, but Chris took care of everything and kept me in the loop.

  • corena McBerney

I not only recommend attorney Doran Justice, but I guarantee once you have used his service you too will look no further. He responds in an extreme timely matter, he is a very knowledge, trustworthy person. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you. I used Doran for my son who was in need of a criminal attorney, he is a wonderful attorney I could not have been happier and I will never go anywhere else. Thank you Chris Doran for all your help.

  • Dawn Tejeda

Chris Doran and his team of professionals are extremely easy to work with from start to finish. Chris knows the law and fights relentlessly to get a just outcome for this clients. He is gentle, thoughtful and thorough with every conversation or meeting, yet strategic and strong in his arguments before the court. We highly recommend the Doran Justice team to anyone looking for an attorney that is well qualified, organized, and most of all effective!

  • Gary Singh

The most logical and best suitable outcome. Chris and his team helped me achieve this in no time. His approach, mannerisms, and his appeal to empathy is beyond satisfactory. His responses are straight up, to the point, and is prompt with his communication. The truth always prevails and Chris is the best attorney to have by your side in these situations. Don’t be fooled if he doesn’t have a huge practice just yet, because it’s a hidden gem for sure.

  • Savannah Silver

Working with Chris was the best decision! Him and the team at Doran Justice are always very detail oriented and quick to respond to any/every question. Chris takes the time to understand every individual case and works his magic to always get the best possible outcome. He was able to reduce my charges, fines, and after everything was completed able to ultimately get everything set aside for record purposes. 10/10 the best there is!

  • Ray Malnar

I mentored a former employee who was represented by Chris. The process took time, but the outcome was excellent, and Chris Doran delivered. In legal matters there is never a 100% guarantee, but along the way it was great to have regular discussions with Mr. Doran as the case evolved and concluded with a very positive outcome. Chris made time available whenever we needed to discuss the case. Thanks for a great job!

  • Hanz Wulf

Chris was a pleasure to deal with and his team was amazing. He not only did the best job he could but with the best possible outcome. Hopefully I will never need to contact him again but I would in a heartbeat if I needed to. Jessica was a great assistance to the whole process and was very responsive with any thing I needed from the team. Do not think twice about going with Doran Justice!!

  • Cortney Quent

Chris and all his staff were amazing!!! With knowing little to none about the process and steps needed for my case, everyone was very helpful. Chris answered all my questions, big or small, and was always available to help walk me through everything and make me feel comfortable! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone in legal need to contact Doran Justice!

  • Kakii Gonzalez

Chris did an awesome job , everyone at his office is just wonderful , they always answered our questions & very attentive to what we had to say , he did awesome on our cases ! I Would highly recommend . This will be my go to Attorney if we ever needed his service in the future , Thank you Chris , Ashley & everyone on his team …

  • Union Money

Doran Justice was very communicative throughout my case through phone calls and emails. I was never in the dark about anything always informed what was happening. They support veterans and union members. The judge commented on how impressed he was with Mr. Doran’s paperwork. I’m very grateful for his help. Thank you Doran justice.

  • Courtney Greene

Doran Justice is simply the BEST around! Chris and Shelby recently helped us out with a family law case. They were professional, kind, knowledgeable, dedicated, and guided us through the entire process to make it go as smoothly as possible. We are so grateful for them and beyond pleased they helped us win our case! Thanks again!

  • Jasmine Stafford

Chris went out of his way to help my family in a time of such uncertainty and fear. He worked tirelessly until we got our desired outcome from my fathers case. The office staff were amazing and responsive and the entire team worked together to make it as easy for us as possible! I would recommend them to anybody and everybody.

  • Frances Hayes

First impressions are last impression....and boy did the impression last! Thank you Tyler Schwenke & Doran Justice for providing such excellent justice for me. Not only did you represent me legally but Tyler you continue to go above and beyond for your clients! Thanks to you!.....I am now employeed by a fortune 500 company!

  • Kim Walls

This office is amazing ! Chris Doran and his team are truly caring and phenomenal people. This office will go above and beyond to meet your needs and do anything they can to help you with your case. I have never met more kind and generous people then I have at this office. If you retain them you will not be disappointed.

  • D. Taylor

Working with Tyler and Lucille was a pleasure. Both were understanding and compassionate toward my case and they both did a stellar job on handling everything. I would recommend them and anyone at the law firm to anyone who needs legal help. I am 100% happy with everything they did. Thank you so much for the help!

  • Greg

Doran Justice comes through in the clutch and got me my severance pay after it had been due to a technicality. Chris went to bat for me and won and I got my money. Doran Justice as a whole was professional and prompt and good on follow up in keeping you in the loop. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. GSW

  • Brenda Severs

I am forever grateful to Chris and his staff for representing me during the most difficult time of my life. They treated me with compassion, and respect, they went above and beyond my expectations, and they negotiated on my behalf giving me peace of mind and great unexpected results. I'd give him 100 stars!

  • Lady Vivian Johnson

Chris Doran esq was the strength we needed on the legal team for our relative. While we didnt get the outcome we hoped for we did get Chris' expertise, compassion and wisdom otherwise it would have been worse. Thank for helping our family. We pray prosperity and favor for your business, health and family.

  • Lucille Cottereau

Chris, Jessica, and his team have been nothing but amazing! They kept me informed the entire duration of my cases and were able to clarify any and all questions I had when I had them. I highly recommend Doran Justice for any legal needs you have because I know won’t regret it! Thanks again!

  • Jr Brown

Chris recently represented me in an Injunction Against Harassment hearing. He was amazing in the court room from beginning to end. Chris is on top of his game knows the law and was able to strategically use his experience to insure the best outcome possible. Thanks Chris and team!!!

  • Brandon Bernal

Chris and his team are amazing! Very compassionate, professional and they’re super delightful to work with. Jessica always keeps me updated with all the documents she uploads to my case, she is awesome! Chris is a beast in the courtroom as well, he will fight for you heroically!

  • Derek czudak

Chris Doran is a wonderful person and an excellent Lawyer. He definalty takes the time to listen to you as a person and your needs for what ever issue he is helping you with. Chris is fair, honest, very trust worthy and will fight for YOU. The office staff is kind and prompt.

  • Shane Gibson

Chris was an absolutely tremendous advocate for the matter in which he was engaged. His attention to detail, patience, and willingness to help those in need is unwavering, even in the face of challenging circumstances. If you need representation, he is the man!

  • Adrian Gonzalez

Chris is an amazing Attorney! On multiple occasions he has been able to help my family and I when needed. When we call, he answers, when we have concerns, he helps us understand. I would highly recommend Chris and his team!

  • Angela Alvarado

Chris and his assistant is very professional. Chris makes you feel you are important and connects emotionally with his clients. He wants the best for all of his clients. I highly recommend Chris Doran’s Firm to everyone !

  • Michael Morris

Chris was compassionate and took the time to really understand what was going on. He fought hard to get the best possible outcome for a struggling young man through the courts. I would highly recommend him.


Shelby, from Doran Justice, did an excellent job representing me. She too the case on short notice and came fully prepared to my hearing. I would highly recommend using her if you are in need of a lawyer.

  • Ryan Henderson

Super happy with the results provided by Chris and his team. With an expungement of a unique case, having experts that know what they are doing is recommended and they know what they are doing.

  • jeremy watkins

Chris and his staff are easy to work with. They took me to trial and are extremely knowledgeable about the law. They are sharks if thats what your looking for. Jeremy

  • Joe DePetro

I needed direction on a legal matter. Chris was able to return my call quickly and provided me with clear answers and related references to help me with my problem.

  • T. Carr

Thank you guys for all of your hard work! It was a pleasure doing business with you guys. I got the results I wanted and couldn’t have had a better experience!

  • Alexander Montoya

Had a great Consultation with Chris about a Case he broke it down from all angles and presented me with a great solution.! Would highly reccomend his serves!

  • Brian Kline

Chris Doran was courteous, responsive and professional. He is well versed in the law and can provide assistance with any questions you need.

  • jrb7234

Very professional really cares about clients and goes the extra mile to insure satisfaction.

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