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Keller & Keller Albuquerque Injury Lawyers is a Personal injury attorney located at 6301 Indian School Rd NE 920 Penthouse 9th floor, Albuquerque, NM 87110. It has received 518 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.



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  • The address of Keller & Keller Albuquerque Injury Lawyers: 6301 Indian School Rd NE 920 Penthouse 9th floor, Albuquerque, NM 87110

  • Keller & Keller Albuquerque Injury Lawyers has 4.8 stars from 518 reviews

  • Personal injury attorney

  • "This group could not escape a wet paper bag with their skill set"

    "Samantha was amazing"

    "I was hit by a car walking across the street here in Albuquerque, NM and almost killed in February 2021"

    "A year ago I was involved in a car accident when I was 27 weeks pregnant"

    "My husband and I were in an accident in which we were hit by a semi"


  • Jason Baransky

This group could not escape a wet paper bag with their skill set. Attorney group keller & keller agreed to take my case on or about December of 2020. This Tuesday, July 7th, 2023, the keller & keller group had a non lawyer call to tell me (dan, who was very sensitive & probably requires a pronoun) that zach farmer (their actual attorney) said the case did not have enough evidence for court. So now they won't represent me because the insurance company said "no". (I will bet he called his Mom and asked what to do.) Now that the case is about to reach the statute of limitations on September 21, 2023. I have called them no less than 20 times in the last 2 and half years begging for information. The only statement I was able to get, was from another non-lawyer (samantha), to say that we have to wait until September of 2023? My Brand New Ducati Panigale V4S Motorcycle was damaged. See picture under PHOTOS. 1.The drunk driver that hit my trailer 11 times causing the damage, was videoed during the event, by a parked woman, as for a funny YouTube short, she said. Her and her passenger can be heard laughing in the video. She then gave me that Video. Which I forwarded to Keller & Keller. 2. She also gave an I witness statement along with her cell number, as well as agreed to testify. Which I forwarded to Keller & Keller 3. Artyome was also there. He was a witness to My Brand new (2 week old ) Motorcycle having had No damage prior to this incident. Also Agreed to testify Which I forwarded to Keller & Keller. 4. Drunk driver, had also crashed into another person in the parking lot. That victim, who was almost killed. She also agreed to testify. Which I forwarded to Keller & Keller 5. Drunk driver (17 at the time) also crashed into a light pole in the parking lot, while trying to flee from the police. Police report stated everything that happened. Officer was also available to testify. Which I forwarded to Keller & Keller. 6. Drunk driver was arrested Which I forwarded to Keller & Keller. 7. Convicted. Which I forwarded to Keller & Keller. 8. Sentenced throughout the next 18 months. Which I forwarded to Keller & Keller. 9. The damage estimate was done by the Ducati dealer. Which I forwarded to Keller & Keller. A. In short, Four I witness's B. A video of the actual damage taking place. C. An arrest. D. A drunk driving conviction. E. And a drunk driver sentenced. - - - and a Partridge in a pear tree, I believe that is the next line in the song. So State Farm covered up this drunk driver, refused to pay, and will now have the advantage because of this circus lemonade, talentless, ambulance chasing law firm. They have made the time line, now down to only a few weeks. So why did they wait 2 and a half years to drop my case right before the statue of limitations ran out? I can only suspect maybe they are friends with State Farm (Zach Farmer???) or maybe they know the father of this drunk kid. But none the less, their crookedness or weakness has arbitrary ruined my cases timeline. I will still find a way to win, and make sure I tell everyone and all of my customers that State Farm is in favor of drunk drivers, but I wanted you to know, that justice or resolve will not come not the wings by this group of misfit toys. Jason Francis Baransky

  • Jessie Glasgow

Samantha was amazing. She was very professional, knowledgable, kind and patient, despite those moments when I was impatient and emotional. There were regular updates and Samantha showed confidence throughout the journey to resolve my case. My motor vehicle accident was life changing, but everyone handling my case at Keller & Keller, from the beginning to the finish, reassured me and answered all my questions and concerns. Tiny was on top of everything she was responsible for and Carol handled medical bills with impressive results. I am impressed and satisfied that the outcome of my case was the best possible. I would absolutely recommend Keller and Keller for injury claims. Outstanding legal firm with skilled team members. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Calvin Bruce

I was hit by a car walking across the street here in Albuquerque, NM and almost killed in February 2021. After about a week and half in the hospital, I kept seeing the Keller & Keller commercials on tv and decided to give them a call. They took the case and we settled with the Driver's insurance company about 2 months ago. I didn't receive the amount of $$$'s that I had anticipated (no fault of K & K). But I am satisfied with the outcome. Attorney Dan Goodwin and Case Manager Vanessa Lopez were excellent and I highly recommend K & K to anyone who needs good legal and professional counsel, after having an accident and suffering bodily injuries. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. Thanks again Keller and Keller.

  • Ali C

A year ago I was involved in a car accident when I was 27 weeks pregnant. I called Keller and Keller and their team has been phenomenal! Alexis Roman was my case manager and she was the best! Alexis always responded to my emails in a timely manner, answered my questions in detail, and always followed up with any concerns I had. Now that my case is closed I am relieved that Keller and Keller was able to get everything that I wanted done plus more. I pray that my family or I do not get into anymore car accidents, but if we do, I know who to call again. Thank you again Keller and Keller for the great job and thank you Alexis for being there!

  • Brandy SanchezGriego

My husband and I were in an accident in which we were hit by a semi. Thankfully our 4 children were not worth us by the grace of God. Vanessa was the best. She's so sweet and so empathetic she really worked hard to make sure we were up to date with everything. Also Dan did a great job with handling negotiations as well he is very presidents and will work hard to get you what you deserve. They were able to gather information and complete the case in what I feel is a timely manner. I would highly recommend going with Keller and Keller. You will not be disappointed.

  • Lena Ward

I would definitely recommend Keller &Keller!! They were referred to me by a friend and they got on my case fast! Heather was always calling me and letting me know where they were at on my case AND she also got through to workmans comp and did what she had to, to lower the price!! So big kudos to her They closed my case less than a year when I know people that's still waiting to hear from their lawyer and it's been passed a year already! So yes I definitely would recommend them in a split second!!

  • Paul Boccardi

We we're in an accident in 2021 with injuries and loss of our vehicles. We needed someone to help us get through these difficult times, so we called Keller & Keller. They gave us a case manager, Alexis Roman. During the 2 years, she has kept us up to date on everything to do with our case. She was sympathetic and understanding and just an awesome person to have on our side. Alexis took a lot of stress off of us during the whole process. I highly recommend her and the entire office. Thank you for everything. Paul Boccardi

  • L G Robertson

I would like to thank the Keller and Keller team who represented me in my personal injury case. The civil process was clearly explained to me right up front. I would like to thank my case manager Alexis; she kept me updated and checked in on my well being frequently throughout my recovery and throughout the civil process. The whole team was thoughtful and caring from start to finish; I definitely would refer Keller and Keller team to represent them in personal injury civil litigation. Great job everyone! thank you.

  • Savannah M

Keller & Keller was an excellent choice for what I was looking for. They helped me every step of the way and I never felt like they were trying to rush the process so they could have another case closed. Dan was wonderful with negotiating our case and making sure we had a fair turnout. He also listened to my concerns and took into consideration my view points. Vanessa was my case manager and she was also great! She continued to update me throughout the time I worked with Keller & Keller, I highly recommend her!

  • Citlaly Flores

I had a fantastic experience with Vanessa Lopez as my case manager. She demonstrated exceptional professionalism, efficiency, and expertise in handling my case from start to finish. The way she wrapped up my case exceeded my expectations. I'm very impressed with her dedication and attention to detail. I would highly recommend Vanessa Lopez to anyone seeking excellent case management services. I also appreciate her for always keeping my up to date with my case . Again thank you for your time Vanessa.

  • Rosario Guardado

Keller & Keller has been very wonderful, from the consultant that started our case to the lawyers and helping with the injuries. My case manager Alexis was awesome!! She was nice and kept me updated with every detail of the case and she would answer pretty quickly when I had a question on the case. Everyone was polite, and they worked hard to get me a fair settlement for my accident. I appreciate Keller & Keller very much, and I will use them again if I ever have to! Many thanks to the whole team!

  • Debbie Hall

I'm so glad I reached out to Keller & Keller following my accident. I was physically in pain and emotionally distraught. They were responsive and very professional. Kendra Wood was wonderful. She was patient, kind and quick to return emails, calls etc. She answered all of my questions and kept me informed along the way. She is a consummate professional. I hope to never have to use their services again, but I am thankful for the help I received from Keller & Keller.

  • Freddie Perales

Ms. Vanessa Lopez, had nothing but, my best interest and helping me through out this process which was very difficult for me and Ms. Vanessa Lopez, and her staff at Keller & Keller. I owe great gratitude to all whom worked very hard for this day upon me. I'm so lost for words that all I can in my mind is God bless people and Law firms such as Keller & Keller. I will pass this knowledge around if anyone needs absolutely the best help. Sincerely Freddie Perales

  • AmyKay Ben

Keller & Keller very professional and polite!! From when I called for a consultation to the processes of my case, I was at ease. I worked with Alexis, she promised to keep me updated with any progress, she kept her word and was very consistent in communication. She was also quick in returning my calls and responding to my emails. I was at ease and had trust with the entire team. I highly recommend Keller & Keller for those not sure who to turn to for help!!

  • Jerry Degenhart

This review is written by Yvonne and Jerry Degenhart. Our experience with Keller & Keller has been a positive one. Everyone has been great. Our experience has been mostly through Alexis our Case Manager. She has been both professional and personable. Alexis has kept us updated and answered any and all questions we had. We would not hesitate to recommend Keller & Keller and Alexis to anyone. We want to thank everyone at Keller & Keller for their work !

  • Timothy Lerma

Keller & Keller made the process of my person Injury claim so smooth. I was able to spend my time focusing on my recovery and getting back to work while they were working hard to get my claim settled. Alexis was extremely responsive and kept me informed along the way! I honestly don’t think I would have received the payment I did without This legal team! I strongly recommend them and would refer anyone I know who has a personal injury or accident

  • Mona Chung

Dealing with insurance/adjusters can be stressful & overwhelming!! I am so glad to have Keller & Keller as my representative. They provide excellent services & helps their customers fighting for justice & the most desirable outcomes. Everyone at Keller & Keller is very professional, responsive, knowledgeable, & STRONG (You need to be tough dealing with insurance)!! Thank you, Keller & Keller. Folks, no need to look around. I highly recommend it!!

  • Cassy Darling

I have no complaints about this office. Everything was handled efficiently and they would always check in. I have a family of six and this incident was usually the last thing on my mind as far as getting paperwork done. They were amazing at helping get it together. Alexis Roman was very helpful in getting all the paperwork in order and is great at explaining clearly what she needed. She made sure to find a way to get things taken care of.

  • Emily Zamora

The staff at Keller and Keller were very easy to communicate with and kind. We were disappointed with the final outcome and did feel like more advocating could have been done for my fathers case considering how highly recommended Keller and Keller was. We had a few case managers through the duration but our final one, Venessa, was wonderful at keeping us in the loop and assisting with finalizing everything.

  • Anna maria Gonzales

Vanessa was working on our case with me and my daughter cause she was under age and was hit by another driver Vanessa was very respectful kind understanding always returning my calls when I had a question very helpful on everything she did for us I recommend her for anybody needs thank you Vanessa I wish we could’ve gotten a little bit more for her but I understand. Thank you for your help Anna and Marissa

  • Lloyd Hamilton

I was in an automobile accident recently. I was hit by another Driver who ran a stop sign at 55 MPH. Keller and Keller had assigned Ms. Esther Bradley as my Case Manager. My experience and interaction with her has shown me how another human being can be professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate, on a daily basis. She is true to her job, and the people she represents. Thank you Esther. Lloyd Hamilton

  • Lyndzy McKay

I just wanted to say thank you to ALL of the amazing people at Keller & Keller - especially my case managers Alexis, Lluvia and Pearl - for making me feel heard, validated, and advocated for throughout the whole process beginning to end. I am so grateful for their wonderful team for turning what was a tragic incident into a positive/healing experience overall. Thank you!! Highly recommend 10/10!

  • Josephine Argaez

Finished this year with excellent news!! My case is settled and now in the past. I want to thank and also highly recommend Keller and Keller and Vanessa for the great job and excellent client services. Vanessa always stayed in touched with me during the entire process and provided great customer service. I would definitely use their services again. Thank you Keller and Keller.

  • Kimberly Wegner

I can’t thank Keller and Keller enough for all they have done for me, helped me fight for over 2 years on my settlement and helped me win! Going through all that I have gone through from this car accident Keller and Keller did amazing! I would recommend them to every one, I does take time but the end result are amazing, a big thank to my lawyer Kendra with Keller and Keller

  • cuxccxycChaz Smith

I highly recommend Keller & Keller law firm. I've never had a lawyer before, but they made it really easy, and exceeded my expectations. My caseworker Vanessa Lopez, was very professional & easy to talk to. She kept me updated on my case as it went, and I appreciate all her hard work. She was very knowledgeable, and her performance with wrapping up my case was excellent.

  • Terri Jimenez-Smith

We recently used Keller and Keller for an accident my husband had, and are very happy with the outcome. We would like to give Alexis Roman a 5 star rating for assisting us. She is very professional, and called us back in a timely manner whenever we had a question. We would use Keller and Keller again should the need arise. Thank you Alexis for helping us!!!

  • Corrine Rael

Working with Esther at Keller&Keller was amazing. She made the process easy. Any time I needed to talk to her she got back to me in a timing matter. She always had the answers for me, and if she didn’t she made sure to check and get back to me. Esther was truly a sweetheart. This was my first time in a bad accident and I’m thankful I went with this company!

  • Jessica Smith

Working with Keller & Keller has been such a breeze. Every encounter we had with them was professional, informative and attentive to our needs and questions. Alexis was especially helpful and communicated with us every step of the way! She was so pleasant and supportive. Thank you, Alexis, for making our experience with Keller and Keller so pleasant!

  • Martin Lopez

I would like to thank Keller & Keller especially Vanessa Lopez for her extraordinary work on my case. She was very professional and courteous and always kept me updated with my case, she is a very valuable employee at Keller and Keller and I would recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney!! Thank you Vanessa Lopez for all of your hard work!!


Samantha Drum at Keller & Keller is the hardest working attorney that we have had the privilege to meet. We appreciate all the knowledge that Samantha and Michael provided us during this entire experience. Thank you so very much Samantha Drum, Michael Duran & Tina McQuerry. We will definitely be recommending Keller & Keller to EVERYONE!!!!

  • Elaine Crsoby

I did not have a large case with Keller & Keller but I was made to feel like I was very important to their office. Alexis kept me updated on a regular basis whether there was a change or not. I was happy with the office staff , attorneys and Alexis for making a stressful situation so much better . It helped me to move on from a bad event .

  • Bobbijo Roberts

After our car accident ( myself and 3 children) we reached out to Keller & Keller for help, we were assigned Vanessa Lopez as our case manager. Vanessa did everything right from calling to check up on us on a regular basis to helping with the final paperwork.Thank you Keller & Keller but a special thank you goes out to Vanessa Lopez.

  • Pat Montano

Thank you Samantha Lujan! Samantha recently finalized a settlement for me regarding my auto accident. Samantha did a great job keeping me in the loop and ensuring I understood the process. The settlement I received was very appropriate and I am pleased with all the work she did throughout the case. Thank you all for all you did!

  • Loretta Jim

Wonderful, very polite employees. Worked on my case, kept me in touch. I had a lovely case manager.Her name was Alexis. She was awesome. But they all are awesome. Keep up the hard work you all do. I would highly recommend Keller and Keller. They go far beyond to help get what your case is really worth. God bless you all.

  • Marqus Mazyck

I would like to thank Mrs.Alexis Roman of Keller&Keller and the professional team of attorneys and the Keller&Keller family for being persistent and taking action and winning making sure I received maximum compensation from the other insurance company for my pain and suffering from my auto accident. Thanks Keller&Keller.

  • Andrew Flittner

Incredible law firm. Specializes in personal injury and disability law. If you have a legal need Keller and Keller is the first place to call. I've seen first hand what excellent work their attorneys can perform. Big rig accident? Car wreck? Disabled? Make sure you reach out to this world class team of professionals

  • Pearline Barnes

Keller & Keller has helped my daughter and myself after a car accident. Everyone I have spoken with since day one at Keller & Keller has been polite, empathetic, and informative. Alexis has been a great person of contact. She always answers any questions and keeps me updated. Thank you to all at Keller & Keller.

  • Jessica Scott

Alexis was incredible! My case had some snags, but she stayed on top of it, communicating the whole time so I knew where we were. She answered all my questions and explained things in ways I could understand; she always got back to me quickly. I really felt confident when she came onto my case. Thanks, Alexis!

  • Norma Martinez

Great experience!! Jolene and Dan helped get us along the path and always were available when we called. Never been in an accident before but these guys made the experience as easy as possible!! Thank you guys for being the best at what you do. Keller and Keller give them a shout out great staff!!!!!

  • Jaime Arriaga

I had a really good experience working with the team at Keller and Keller. They handled my case professionally and it was resolved in a reasonable time period. My case manager Juliana Sallee took care of everything and did an amazing job! Thank you Keller and Keller

  • Mark Stone

Keller & Keller were complete, professional, and thorough with our case. They always got back to us with answers to our questions. Alexis, point of contact for general questions, always got us information and was very prompt in returning emails and voice messages.

  • Monique Martinez

Amazing staff! Heather Perez was super helpful & got everything done in timely manner. Was available every time I needed. She was quick to return calls, kept me updated along the process. Very pleased with the outcome and would recommend her and her team!

  • Ashley Romero

Working with Keller & Keller and Vanessa Lopez was AMAZING with helping with my case. She was very helpful and always kept me informed about the case. I would hands down DEFINITELY refer my family and friends to Keller & Keller and her. Thank you!!!

  • Amy Cde Baca

My experience with Keller & Keller was awesome! Especially Jolene A. She was knowledgeable, informative, helpful and friendly. She kept me updated on everything and answered all of my questions in a timely and professional manner. She's the best!!

  • Joshua Romero

Alexis Roman was my primary POC as I worked with Keller and Keller. She was excellent to work with and provided knowledgeable answers to my questions, prompt communication and made sure the paperwork process was smooth and accurate. Thank you!

  • Nahid Azimi

I was car accident 2022 I called Keller & Keller to help me in a tough situation they were really helpful especially Ms Jolene she is the best always she responded the phone up dated Thank you Ms Jolene I highly recommend Keller & Keller

  • Gregory Moody

They were pretty awesome! I didn't have the biggest case! But, they took it anyway and got settlement done in pretty reasonable time! I would highly recommend! Ashley was the person that helped me through my case! She was cool! …

  • Lexy Pacheco

I’m very glad I contacted Keller and Keller! Esther was amazing to work with and was very helpful and did everything in her power to make sure my case got handled with. I can’t thank her enough. Would definitely recommend! …

  • sonjia montoya

Our experience with Keller and Keller was phenomenal they helped us over the last few years and got us the justice we deserved!! We want to thank Vanessa Lopez our awesome attorney for helping us over the years you are amazing!!!

  • Stephanie Varela

Kendra is fast, efficient, professional and helped me with all my questions promptly. This office is amazing. Zack is great too!!! I always and will always refer Keller and Keller to anyone that needs a Personal Injury Attorney.

  • Anthony Trujillo

Heather Perez was my case manager and was awesome. She would always keep me informed and answered my questions in a timely manner. She was also sincere and caring during this difficult time and I would highly recommend her.

  • Joshua Martinez

Best people I could have contacted! Took on the case and got it done. I worked with ms.Alexis she was excellent! Always had a speedy response and was just on top of the game overall! Thank you to the Keller & Keller team!

  • Lyle Sandoval

Vanessa Lopez, Case Manager has been such a great help. Prompt, professional and courteous. She kept me up to date with what's needed from my end and from her end in handling and wrapping up my case. Highly recommend.

  • Ricky Garcia

Best company and lawyers in Albuquerque handled my case and got me everything my lawyer Jolene i think it was. Was very helpful and recommend this company to everyone that needs help to come to them there the best

  • Phillip

I give Keller &Keller 5 stars they are one of the best attorneys for auto accidents in Albuquerque, their staff is excellent especially Jolene she's the best they are very understanding and great with people.

  • Cindy Garcia

Had a great experience with Alexis at Keller and Keller. Despite the difficulties of dealing with workman's comp and health insurance, Alexis got it done. She always kept me up to date.... Thank you Alexis!

  • Deanna Lee

I am glad I chose them to represents me after my accident. They are very professional and precise. My Lawyers Alexis kept me informed about my case and was very friendly. I highly recommend them! Ahehee!

  • deisy saldana

Vanessa was extremely polite and helpful while working on my case. She kept me up to date at all times, answered all my questions without hesitation and resolved everything in a timely manner. Thank you!

  • Linda Keeswood

Keller and Keller they work hard for me. Alexis is the best she really came through for me. She was awesome to work with on my case. Thank you Alexis. Happy holiday Keller and Keller.

  • Isaac Lujan

Keller & Keller was great. Specifically the associate Danielle. She answered all my questions and was very communicative, bubbly and a joy to work with. Thank you Keller & Keller!

  • Mike Jimenez

Alexis was always kind, and considerate. She always informed me of changes or updates in my case. When things got hard empathized which was very comforting! She's a ROCK STAR!!!

  • Sharkbait

Dan and Esther here at Keller & Keller are absolutely amazing! They helped me so much and kept me up to date on everything. Would 10/10 recommend them to anyone.

  • Keith Walker

Been great working with Mr. Keller doing furniture install at his new office. Very understanding and easy to work with. Look forward to business in the future.

  • Jeremy Silva

Overall had a pleasant time working with Keller and Keller specifically Heather. She answered all my questions and made it a smooth process. Ask for heather!

  • Maude Nielsen

Keller and Keller was extremely helpful,courteous and responsive during a recent legal matter involving a family member.I highly recommend this law firm.

  • Roslynn Lee

I really like esther she's really good worker. She was on point doing my whole case always keeps you updated on it all . Thanks for everything you did

  • Dolores Wiggins

Had a pleasure working at lot with Jolene. She always followed through with everything. Keep me updated on everything I need to know about my case.

  • Kay Lilley

My personal injury crew was great! Heather, my case manager, was responsive, helpful, and professional. Thanks so much for everything!

  • Kaayleahh Burno

Alexis was the best, she was amazing at explaining everything I needed and provided me with all I needed to know about my case 10/10

  • supreme_yt527 3579o

Keller and keller did an excellent job on my case and there very good lawyers to work with Samantha and Dan were on point on my case

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