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Pranaam Hospitals is a General hospital located at 1-56/6/40& 41, Pranaam Hospital Ln, Ramakrishna Nagar, Mythri Nagar, Hafeezpet, Madeenaguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500050, India. It has received 2047 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars.



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  • The address of Pranaam Hospitals: 1-56/6/40& 41, Pranaam Hospital Ln, Ramakrishna Nagar, Mythri Nagar, Hafeezpet, Madeenaguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500050, India

  • Pranaam Hospitals has 3.8 stars from 2047 reviews

  • General hospital

  • "The doctor Dr"

    "I visited Pranaam Hospital for COVID-19 vaccination of my elderly relative"

    "Visited Pranaam hospital madinaguda in the morning at 10am as I had stomach pain vomitings and motions"

    "Disappointing Care at Pranaam Hospitals I want to share my recent visit to Pranaam Hospitals"

    "One of the worst hospitals I've ever been to"



The doctor Dr. Manish Gaur is always in a hurry to see the patients. He seldom listens to problems of the patient and his thinking is unidirectional. There is no privacy. The chamber is always wide open and anybody would know your disease. The doctor is under obligation not to reveal your disease to others. Dr. Gaur does not care. The Covid restrictions are really absent here. The patients are freely roaming and there is no covid distancing. Dr. Gaur does not use any medical hand glove when seeing her patients thus exposing the patients to serious covid infections. I am writing it after owner’s response. The WHO directive on using gloves by health care personnel let alone doctors is very clear. It says gloves are needed “To reduce the risk of germ dissemination to the environment and of transmission from the health-care worker to the patient and vice versa, as well as from one patient to another. Gloves should therefore be used during all patient-care activities”. Hospital is conveniently flouting this norm. Secondly, I had seen mandatory Covid distances were simply flouted inside the hospital premises (see photo). As for owner’s response: no other patient is allowed in the chamber, it is simply not correct. Patients were going thru’ the chamber to another room. The reason put forward by the owner that no one is infected by covid in the hospital is simply unscientific. It is not my intention to malign the hospital (in fact, we are following Dr.Gour's advice) but I felt it is my social and medical obligation to inform the hospital. Hope the owner would understand it and also the adage “prevention is better than cure”. A simple medical discipline would go a long way to prevent covid spread. Please remember India is second highest in the world in Covid infection. Meanwhile, I would add here that I did not spend 22 minutes in the chamber but much less than that. The owner gave a wrong information about the consultation duration time. Even when I was in the midst of consulting the doctor the assistant called in another patient and I had to stop them entering before I finished. Instead of taking my suggestions in good spirit for the benefit of all, the owner was arrogantly outraged by a genuine medical concern. It is further to owner's comment. The reply was a blatant lie that Dr. Manish spent 22 minutes to examine my patient. He never spent 22 minutes for any patient. The photos were proof enough to show how covid restriction was followed. Dr. Gaur should refrain from such arrogant and false comments. In my recent visit there has been marked improvement. Dr Manish is much more sincere. He is hearing patients attentively. I am happy on the improvement. But when I asked about his availability the operator at Pranam gave us wrong information. This requires an audit from Pranam to ensure that wrong is not provided about doctors availability.

  • L Das

I visited Pranaam Hospital for COVID-19 vaccination of my elderly relative. I feel Pranaam Hospital, a renovated muti-speciality healthcare center, is doing a commendable job in reinvigorating the central government's crucial inoculation/vaccination drive. I saw a big crowd that day waiting for vaccination, but the hospital officials at the frontline managed it so well. The nation-wide drive has so far been successful because of committed officials like these, who I saw were sitting there for hours at a stretch to complete the vaccination process for the day. Please have a look at the meaningful posters and pictures I gathered from the hospital. Pranaam has a good state-of-the-art infrastructure and it's support staff look terrific . It has a good panel of doctors as well. The only thing I will suggest is that the hospital can keep an official in charge of people who come for vaccination. This official should allow only 5 members who complete the formalities to go upstairs for vaccination. After a while, the official can send another five. This is intended to prevent overcrowding near the vaccination room. I was scared to see the crowd there, which will be fatal in the current situation when COVID cases are rising thick and fast. I am sure Pranaam managers will look into it. On the whole, I found the hospital playing an important role at this testing time when life looks so fragile and uncertain.

  • Lavanya Latha vallabhaneni

Visited Pranaam hospital madinaguda in the morning at 10am as I had stomach pain vomitings and motions. Went to emergency ward as the pain was severe. Emergency doc suggested IV injections with saline. Nurses tried to put the saline but they couldn’t get my vein. They tried on both hands . But no luck. I told them I have thin veins it will be difficult. And asked the. For alternate medication an IV injection or tablets. They first refused. They pierced me 6 times on my both hands. They could put the saline. I yelled at them and then they gave me tablet zofer for stomach pain and vomitings. Such a ruthless way of treating. I returned home with both my hands swollen.who is responsible now. This is not expected from the doctors and nurses in emergency.they even charged us for all candillas they used and the ununsed saline bottle as well. Very disappointing . Not recommended. Will never recommend this hospital for anything other than visiting dr manish for kids. Nothing else.if hospital authorities see this pls change the team in the emergency so that no one else should face a situation like me. Very bad experience. Am still undergoing the pain in both my hands.who takes the responsibility.

  • Jwala Kamakshi

Disappointing Care at Pranaam Hospitals I want to share my recent visit to Pranaam Hospitals. I had an accident and hit a glass door, hurting my head. I needed help fast. But, unfortunately, my time at Pranaam Hospitals wasn't very good. The people who work there didn't seem to care much. Even the doctors weren't very nice or helpful. When you're hurt, you want someone to be kind and help you feel better. But that didn't happen here. I needed a special kind of test called a CT scan to make sure my head was okay. But when I went to the CT scan place, there was nobody there to help. This made me worried about how ready they are to help in emergencies. The person in charge of the CT scan place was not nice at all. Instead of helping, they were mean and shouted at us. This made the situation even worse. When you're not feeling well, you don't want people to be mean to you. Overall, my time at Pranaam Hospitals was not what I hoped for. The people there didn't seem to care much, the doctors weren't friendly, and the place where they do important tests was empty. The person in charge was also mean. I hope they can do better and help people feel safe and cared for when they're not well.

  • Avinash Jchandran

One of the worst hospitals I've ever been to. Had a very bad experience first time. My brother's finger got cut in an accident and they delayed treatment to my brother. They didn't even bother to inform if it can be done or not and in the end, my brother lost his finger as it couldn't be stitched as the time has passed and other hospitals also denied. The second time my colleague got admitted for his nose surgery and he submitted the approval letter as well for the insurance to the hospital. The hospital also gave the approval and gave the date for operation. But when the operation started, they said that the insurance can't be claimed as there was some issue and all stories. In the end, my colleague had to pay from his own pocket. Hospital people even denied the room after operation until we pay the operation amount. Insurance people were ready to provide the insurance but hospital denied saying they can't wait for another hour. Don't visit this hospital ever. If you're going for the insurance, make sure that you record all the conversation or make sure you take that in writing. Otherwise they'll play the dirty game.

  • Namita Sahoo

Thank you so much for my Gynecologist Dr. Jaya Shree, Dr. Pragya Srivastava & Dr. Sowjanya for their utmost care towards my Pregnancy. Pranaam Hospitals is THE BEST for Maternity. I was blessed with baby girl on 07/07 through Natural Delivery. All the doctors instinctive decisions and their constant motivation throughout my labor was enormous and they are the core reason for my Natural Delivery. Special thanks to Dr. Aarti G (Physiotherapist & Birthing expert) for her birthing/prenatal Yoga sessions. Those sessions have helped me achieve what I thought I could never do. Her sessions were combination of Stretching for body flexibility and Pranayama for mental support during labour. Dr. Aarti is a Confidence booster for me. Thank you Doctor for being so supportive and always approachable. I'm so glad that I was in these Doctors hands throughout my pregnancy, which indeed resulted in a Miracle. Credits to the entire support staff who were very humble and very patient with me. Hospital tagline is Maternity Matters, its not just their tagline, they MEAN IT & I've experienced every inch of it.

  • Aishwarya Chilkuri

Thank you so much for my Gynecolgists Dr. Jaya Shree, Dr. Pragya Srivastava & Dr. Sowjanya for their utmost care towards my Pregnancy. Pranaam Hospitals is THE BEST for Maternity. I was blessed with baby boy on 02/28 through Natural Delivery. All the doctors instinctive decisions and their constant motivation throughout my labor was enormous and they are the core reason for my Natural Delivery. Special thanks to Dr. Aarti G (Physiotherapist & Birthing expert) for her birthing/prenatal Yoga sessions. Those sessions have helped me achieve what I thought I could never do. Her sessions were combination of Stretching for body flexibility and Pranayama for mental support during labour. Dr. Aarti is a Confidence booster for me. Thank you Doctor for being so supportive and always approchable. I'm so glad that I was in these Doctors hands throughout my pregnancy, which indeed resulted in a Miracle. Credits to the entire support staff who were very humble and very patient with me. Hospital tagline is Maternity Matters, its not just their tagline, they MEAN IT & I've experienced every inch of it.

  • madhavi anumolu

Pranaam hospital is the one of the best place to go for delivery, I just did enquiry in many best hospital and after that only I choosen this hospital because we have multiple doctors available here and the care for each one will happen properly and also will complete the scanning and checkups early , prices qlso reasonable and also the one who treated you from starting will do the delivery this the one best part because the doctor knows about your situation and criticality about you and your baby ..and also they will not compromise to do c-section..99.9 percent they try for normal delivery. And also they have best yoga teacher and classes available.. for me it helped alot..I have so many complications from starting of my pregancy and I was on bed for 5 months and after that also I was having some more issues so I couldn't do exercise till last month of my pregancy..but the last one month Aarthy mam helped me to get out of my weakness and given so much strength to over come the stress and her motivations and breathing exercises helped to have normal delivery .. Thanks you

  • hitesh maker

Had to visit this hospital as it was nearest. Would never ever visit it again. I had to come here for high BP problem and they asked us to get admitted immediately in ICU and also asked us to deposit an amount of 25,000 before providing any treatment. Later on we asked them to do ECG scanning and the response was, it won't be taken before the patient is admitted. I mean just look how openly they demand for money. Money is more important for them before looking at the patient. Never ever visit the pranaam hospital I would say. Just because the hospital started getting more people for the checkup.. the doctors and staff here got some another level of attitude . They think as if they are god or somthing who are just allowed to give orders and we have to listen to them just because of their tag being called Doctor . Hospital just makes up own rules for they own good and people suffer coming to this hospital. Dr. Krishna Prasad is one of them who shows attitude of being doctor. Though he is doctor but still he has to learn how to treat and behave with people .

  • - MV -

I live in the neighborhood of Pranaam and I have been disappointed everytime I've visited the hospital due to their poor services. The attached picture of the kamaan/arch leading to the hospital with broken tube-lights jutting out and posing a grave danger to those passing underneath also sums up the quality of service offered in the hospital. The hospital is spoiling the neighborhood due to its lack of parking facilities & brazen flouting of civic rules! Public spaces are being misused for the construction of their new buildings (which I wonder meet fire safety standards). Along with construction material, 2 wheelers are also being parked by the wayside. As a result of cutting corners to exploit space in their new buildings, water floods in the cellar when it rains and I've seen them draining that water out through pump onto the road! I wish that while that while hospital grows & expands, it maintains high service standards & also takes cares of the neighborhood and public spaces as a socially responsible organization

  • Patloori Pavini

I would like to recommend Pranaam Hospitals for those who would prefer Normal delivery.Gynecologists like Dr.Jayshree mam, Pragya mam and Dr.Soujanya are very kind and listens to the problem patiently and advice the patient.Everytime you visit they remember the history of the case and treat accordingly.Coming to Dr.Aarthi,her classes are very interesting that people tend to attend her regular yoga classes and exercises which make a pregnant women's body more flexible,confident and she will create an atmosphere wherein you will undergo a normal delivery. I would like to sincerely thank Dr.Jayshree mam for giving me the level of confidence and treating me very patiently during the delivery and supporting me in all the aspect through out the journey and Dr.Arthi whose exercises made me undergo normal delivery.Once'again thank you for the excellent treatment not only was the treatment excellent, but the atmosphere of kindness and joy ministered to my spirit and helped me heal emotionally as well.Highly recommended.

  • Sasi Rekha

This rating is for the staff nurses at the doctors reception @pediatrics.. very careless n impatient. I had a bad experience here, where we had been waiting for more than one and half hours for the doctors appointment, not knowing that the file should be handled there. In between I went twice to the staff nurses showing when this number would be called. They asked me to wait for my turn but dint ask me to hand over the file. When I went back to the reception to ask why people who came just before some time are also called but why are we not called, she then asked me to hand over the file to the staff. Don't know why the staff couldn't ask me to give the file to them when in between I went to them with the file. The staff was too careless n felt no sorry for not guiding the right way.when I questioned her why they couldn't guide me out of my anger, she was least bothered n gave a careless stare with no regret. My son was having 103+ fever then, jus waited for close to 2 hrs with out any reason .


I took my kid Shashank , who has got seveior diaarohea, dehydration and high fever at around 11.15 PM. The duty pediatrician attended immediately, admitted in ICU for 2 to 3 hours, treated well, explained the medical condition of the kid and then shifted to room for further treatment and observation. Dr Manish Gour, expert pediatrician taken care of my kid, treated well and with in 2 days our kid is back to healthy state. I truly appreciate the efforts, service and care by Dr.Manish Gour and team, and I highly recommend Dr.Manish for any pediatric related issues. A special thanks to the nursing staff, canteen staff, cleaning staff and security staff as all are collectively serving the patients in best possible way with. Friendly & cordial manner. In overall, my experience with Pranaam hospital is definitely delightful, positive , 10/10 ,and I highly recommend this hospital.

  • shahenaz shaik

I had a very positive experience with Pranaam through out my pregnancy. I know this hospital from my teens as my fathers company had insurance linkup with this hospital, since then they have maintained the same hospitality. Dr. Aarti mam’s prenatal yoga sessions were very helpful. I never thought I could deliver baby vaginally but i did with support of Aarti Mam, Dr.Jayashree mam and wonderful staff members. Aarti Mam’s birthing classes are very helpful for every expecting mom, pranayama are very useful for mental peace & support. Dr.Jayshree mam is very positive, she always carried that smile whenever I visited hospital for my monthly check ups and I feel that’s the most imp thing pregnant women needs during all these stress. I wanted to thank Dr. Aarti mam, Dr.Jayshree mam,Dr.Pragnya mam and all the staff members of this hospital.I would highly recommend Pranaam Maternity for all expecting moms.

  • Divya Thota

Worst paediatrician… this is 3rd time we take appointment for some special doctor but the check will be done junior doctors.. and the junior doctor keeps on says the same for every check up Initially we have taken appointment for Dr. Manish but the check up was done by Dr. Prathyusha ( this happened thrice ) yesterday we booked the appointment for Dr.Ashwin but the check up was done by different junior paediatric My baby has cold issue from so long time 4 times we went to this hospital always that lady doc keep on says that use naso clear that’s all Yesterday in early stage we consulted to avoid major issues but now baby breath became little difficulty and also started coughing.. but the lady doctor stated me yesterday as no problem that is common and all nonsense they spoke. I’ve undergone C-section there for baby treatment they charged 1 lakh I’ve all the bills.

  • Jeetendra Kumar Jena

With profound gratitude, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Praggya Madam and Manish Sir for their swift and selfless response during our hospital emergency. Your compassion, support, and understanding have left an indelible mark on our hearts. We are forever indebted to both of you for your unwavering assistance in our time of need. My wife and I recently had the joy of welcoming our baby at Pranaam Hospital and I must say that she couldn't have been in better hands. From the moment we arrived, the doctors and staff at displayed remarkable expertise and unwavering compassion. They made my wife feel safe, comfortable, and cared for during the entire delivery process. On behalf of my wife and our new baby, I want to express our deepest gratitude to the entire team at Pranaam Hospitals for their pivotal role in making this experience as positive as it could be

  • Pranay

A very good experience for me here.when I was in 6th class I got a infection and it was severe and my father took me to this hospital.As I was small and It was first time I have been admitted to a hospital and I was some what fearing.But after seeing for 2-3 days I was normal and I don't have any worries. The nurses and their workers who cleans up everything are very good.Some nurses used to come near me and talk because I was child and I was alone if my father and mother goes from hospital for any thing like food and medicine. They saw me like their brother I liked their treatment also. I used to get cry when they give me vaccine but 2-3 nurses come and stop me from crying and helped me like that and many things also happend.Here they do covid-19 test also so check. I will keep in photos of what what tests and treatments are done their check once

  • Vinoth Kumar

I strongly don't recommend visiting this hospital for any reason. They charged 2500 for a pap-test when the standard cost is just Rs.600 to 800. As soon as you go, they'll first ask for Rs.650 just for file and consulting fees. My wife called and they gave an appointment for 10:30 AM. After going there, the receptionist argues that appointment should be done only online. She bluntly told that she didn't know who gave the appointment on phone. She told this only after taking the 650 payment. Very rude and unprofessional. My wife showed the phone call and made sure to meet the doctor. Quality of doctors care is below average. They'll say things that you already know. And definitely they'll make you tests that you don't need. If you read this review please pass on this message to your family members and friends so that they don't get cheated.

  • rambabu yellapu

Fully Money Money Money ..... Mind hospital. Just feaver they are taken all tests and un nessary medicine and admitted 3 days . But still patient not recovery and discharge. Fully commercial and worst management.Such a worest hospital in Hyderabad never ever seen this type of worest hospital in my life and compare to this small clinics are best and doctor 100% commercial. I am strongly recommend don't go to the hospital better you can choose any near Small Nursing home or RMP for Feaver any small issues. We don't have common faclities in this hospital no room service no water faclities in wash room in 24hours one time vist the doctor if emergency also. 100% money minded no ratings to give this hospital zero.......ratings

  • Swetha N

My experience at Pranaam hospital was so good, right after I got conceived I preferred this hospital through one of my relatives who was a cardiologist and he suggested this hospital was best for maternity, every month I had a detailed checkup in an organised way and had also taken prenatal yoga classes under the supervision of Dr. Aarti whose continuous motivation and support increased positivity in me. I practiced yoga even minutes before going to delivery, this prenatal yoga not only improved my body flexibility but also mental health during all 9 months which is very important for every woman in their maternity journey, I thank Dr. Aarti mam for her support and motivation for which I would ever be grateful.

  • Nagendra Mandla

Well maintained hospital but, when I call them for an appointment, they asked me to come directly and appointment not required. But after going there, they said appointment is required. We felt very bad with their response, and we had a long conversation with them, finally they said, yes appointment not required and they told us to wait. We observed while noting our name they gave five lines empty and then written our name. We asked why that gap, they said it is for online appointments... They are seems to be not properly maintained staff.. We again faught with them and then they moved our name to little front. Not sure why they behave like this. Management need to take an action on this.

  • Akhila Reddy Gunapati

I have taken birthing classes which helped me to get normal delivery ...those exercises were really helpful and practicing them really useful during pregnancy . I have taken guidance from Aarthi mam during my pregnancy regarding the birthing classes and practicing those under her guidance was really a great experience . She also helped during offline when in home by sharing videos with proper instructions to follow and do at home. She is so good that we can interact very often when needed and get our doubts during labour related things. Thanks to Pranaam hospitals for all the support and help for all the pregnant women . You guys are really doing and keep up all the good work ...

  • Kalyan Pothini

We faced very bad experience in Pranaam Hospital. I admitted my wife for Fever treatment in Feb 2023. They charged around 55K for 2 days treatment for fever and discharged. With in 24 hours after discharge again she suffered with same health issue. Health was damaged day by day after discharge from Hospital. The sad part is they didn’t diagnose reason for fever after lot of tests done. They didn’t write medical summary report properly so Health Insurance was rejected. We changed hospital from Pranam to AIG Gachibowli. They treated well and diagnosed reason for fever. I strongly recommended do not go to Pranaam Hospital for any treatment. Money, Health and Time waste.

  • Paritosh Moparthi

Extremely unprofessional and denial of treatment. Been to this hospital to see doctor for fever and my first disappointment happened at the reception, when the receptionist denied to issue consultation saying the nurse looking after OP at OPD is over loaded and is not able to handle the patients between the doctors. She advised me to either get checked in emergency or visit the next day. This behavior of not even getting the patient treated is unexpected from a multi speciality hospital. This is either a crude way to milch money from patients or understaffing to make huge profits from people’s despair. Felt bad for myself for even wasting time visiting the hospital.


I am blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I had a very good experience at pranaam hospital, madinaguda. All the doctors ,nurses and staff were very helpful and caring. Special thanks to Dr. Pragya Shrivastava, I had a normal delivery, even though some complications was developed at later part of my pregnancy. And thanks to Dr. Aarti Yoga classes which helped a lot on maintaining the right balance of my physical conditions. Yoga ,asanas , breathing exercises and meditation hepled me a lot during my normal delivery. Her classes boosted my confidence and motivated me for healthy and normal delivery. I am grateful and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Pragya and Dr. Aarti

  • Pavan Konda

We are blessed with baby boy last week and it’s a normal delivery, that’s the real blessing part for us. All thanks to Dr. Pragya Srivastava, along with Dr. Aarthi, Dr. Sowjanya, Dr. Jayshree. The hospital mechanism of group consulting is the best part(you will always have 2-3 doctors at any given time to guide and suggest), that’s what gave us confidence and assurance required, especially during labour. Dr. Aarthi’s weekend classes was so impactful that it helped break all the myths, overcome apprehensions, and get prepared for labour. Over all the doctors at Pranaam knows their patients and provide necessary support. Thanks!

  • Sanjay Sharma

This is any like other money making hospital. Lots of hidden charges. And they even charge consultation fee for vaccination. Weird. They have a package for delivery and patient completely doesn’t know what is included inside that ~30K which is paid separately. Disposals costing 30K Well these can only happen in India. I believe being Doctor is a very Nobel profession and should serve humanity without thinking too much of profits. Government says they have scarcity of Doctors in Government hospitals but when you go to such hospitals they are abundant in numbers. Just because they can make more money in Private hospitals.

  • Girish Chinthakayala

My wife had instrumental delivery at pranaam few days was done by Pragya Srivastav who is very reliable Delivery was smooth....nurses and aayas were very helpful and delivery was also smooth for us every doctor that have treated us were thorough with the medication and post pregnancy healing for mother and child But the only backing is the reception and front desk staff they are not helpful with the enquiry information they are just giving us half information at the beginning but during discharge they are making a mess of everything even if it is insurance or cash payment

  • pranitha reddy

Dr. Aarthi is an excellent physiotherapist who guides and heals the problem of the patients with patience and care, from the moment I walked into her chamber I was greeted with warmth and positivity. Her expertise in physiotherapy is truly remarkable, she took time to explain every step of the treatment process, She also explains yoga asanas and she also provided with physical and emotional support during my recovery journey. I wholeheartedly recommend DR. AARTHI, physiotherapist to anyone in need of not only effective treatment but also a caring and empathetic health care professional.

  • Subhash Ladda

I won't recommend Paediatrician division ot his hospital at all. No respect for patient and attenda t with patient. They don't offer seat for patient and patient has to stand and then doctor checks the patient. (Child). Even attendant has to stand beside patient. Is it way you treat your patient. Doctor is always in hurry and doesn't give much patience in listening to doubts as well. As it is established hospital, Doctor should not treat patient those way...Give some respect to patient when they are in your cabin.I WONT VISIT THIS HOSPITAL ANY MORE.... Dr.Manish Gaur....

  • bhimrao umrekar

This is a worst hospital because yesterday am going to pranam hospital in muthangi 502300 located hospital with my mother .she is suffering stomach pain but there no any doctor available only one person is there they called emergency doctor but I don't know who is this guy because his not satisfied treatment and his don't know about stomach pain his only reffered pain killer no any medicine regarding stomach pain . And hospital charged extra money for each injection only for injection injected to the patient also staff is not ok that's why am so irritating is there ....

  • Subbaraju Kosuri

Hi this is Revathi I was searching for good maternity hospital for my pregnancy care ..after my sisters suggestion I chose pranaam hospital .I’m so glad that I selected this as dr praggya mam is the best person,she supported me on every step during pregnancy . Special thanks to Dr Aarti who is experienced yoga and birthing expert and I took labor class under her supervision ,they helped me so well that I had a healthy normal delivery..breathing techniques and labour preparation guidelines helped me a lot ..Thank you team Prananam for your best people and support


I was there for my sister's delivery. 1. Most of the staff are Non-Telugu. But, they speak telugu, not so fluent, manageable. 2. Felt bit congested and fire exit paths are bit narrow 3. Insurance people are not prompt, we have follow for all the things, like room allotment, billing etc., bit difficult for people, who are not conversant with insurance set up. 4. Nursing staff is good 5. The best thing is that they waited for about 8 hours for normal delivery. 6. They provide food for patients, and food is also available for attendants on purchase at canteen

  • Tripureshwar Sharma

The common Pharmacy on the first floor is providing the worst service. Their behaviour with the patient attenders is very irritating. They argue with the patient and attenders who are in pain already due to illness. Especially the evening shift female staff at the pharmacy billing counter. They don't even explain or listen to the patients or attendees. Very much disappointed with the pharmacy staff. All other maintenance is well, doctors are excellent on their part. Due to some staff rude behaviour it is damaging the hospital's reputation.

  • Prinka Majumder

I know this hospital from 2012. Have done multiple check ups for my family. Also have blessed with my two daughters from this hospital (the younger one 4 Nov 2023) by Praggya Srivastava Maam. She is so efficient and experienced doctor . They have expanded now and entire Maternity/ gynecology, Anastasia team are highly recommendable and appreciating as they have done great job! Compare to other hospital the doctor's visit, lab test, scan and delivery charges/C-section are very reasonable and economical, really value for money.

  • Cecil Srungarapati

We visited for kid’s fever at 11:30PM in the night. Doctor’s are available at the time which is very good. Paediatric appointment fee is 550/- which is reasonable. Hospital is located on the main road, Ramakrishna nagar. Inside the hospital, there’s a medical store and small canteen as well. Car parking is huge and good. Ambulance facility is available. This hospital has facilities for various other treatments. I’ve tried my best capturing their specialties. Please find them in my images. Hope you love the review.

  • Geetha Chittaluri

Waste hospital in hyderabad.Especially they are money minded.. They need only money.we have admitted our son due to high fever by submitting all necessary tests even they did so many tests just because of money they have taken my son blood multiple times and they did not say anything about test result simply they have given anti biotic twice and charged 20k per day. They forced us to stay in hospital 2 more days but we did not agree... Suggesting every one to do not opt for pranaam. Management is very very bad.

  • Naveen Ravilla

I joined my father in pranaam hospital. I strongly recommend not to join this hospital. Small issue also they are moving to ICU and Mrs Bhargavi in pranaam hospital she given treatment to my father and not giving proper explanation and I asked Bhargavi why you recommend ICU without any serious issues. She answered me BP is low that the reason actually my father BP in that time is 100/60 . This hospital is money minded . They are doing unwanted test also . Please don't go this hospital

  • Jaya Lakshmi

I am very thankful to Dr. Pragya mam (gynaecologist) and Dr. Aarti mam (physiotherapist) in helping me giving birth to my second baby through normal delivery. Though I had subsequent miscarriages, proper guidance by Dr. Pragya mam helped me to travel smooth through my pregnancy journey. Birthing classes by Dr. Aarti were very very helpful. Breathing exercises and normal delivery exercises helped the body to go through normal delivery easily. Am very thankful to both the doctors

  • Kalikar Arundathi

I had a very good experience at pranaam hospital, madinaguda. All the doctors, nurses and staff were very helpful and caring. Special thanks to Dr. Praggya Srivastava, I had a normal delivery and thanks to Dr. Aarti, her Yoga classes which helped a lot. Yoga, asanas, breathing exercises and meditation helped me a lot during my normal delivery. Her classes were helpful and motivated me for healthy and normal delivery. I am grateful and my heartful thanks to Dr. Praggya and Dr. Aarti

  • Ravali Golla

I have delivered baby in Germany and was suffering from perineal tear infection. I visited Dr. Pragnya jaiswal and she suggested dressing the wound with solutions and self healing with very limited dose of antibiotics. I found the treatment really great as others suggested to restitch the wound which is great pain for me. Vijju sister from Labour Room has done great job in treating my wound and I was completely recovered in no time. Thank you to the great team!

  • ayur way

Namaste Myself Dr.Sri Nayani from Hyderabad, it was excellent experience with pranaam yoga,Dr.Arathi has guided me by clearing all the doubts regarding delivery and a healthy prenatal journey.Breathing techniques were really helpful in keeping my mind calm and stable during pregnancy and also at the time of labour.Yogasanas prepared my body for the healthy delivery.I suggest every women to join prenatal yoga who wish to have safe and healthy delivery.

  • Sucharitha karanam

Am not ready for normal delivery before visiting Pranaam hospital…I visited hospital in 8 month Dr. Pragya mam suggested me for yoga classes which was conducted by Dr. Arthi mam she is very supportive and friendly she motivated for normal delivery that helped me so well… I attended for birthing classes and practiced breathing exercises and normal delivery exercises and that helped me for normal delivery… so so thanks @Dr.Arthi mam.

  • surbhi agrawal

Thank you so much Dr. Praggya Ma'am for all your treatment, guidance and support. Thanks for always being there to answer all my questions until my delivery. Thank you Dr Aarti ma'am to keep me fit and motivated with awesome birthing sessions. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of Pranaam Hospital. I would like to extend my thanks to each hospital staff to take my care as a family member.

  • Harish S

I visited this hospital multiple times, the doctors and nurses are very patient friendly. They diagnosed me properly and provided the right treatment and helped me recover soon. The only issue I noticed is the attenders don't follow the queue system properly as some people randomly barge in to see the doctors and they don't stop them. So there is always a delay. The hospital also has ample parking spaces.

  • A

Why the hell no one picks up the phone? Tried all land lines and mobile numbers . Such a bad attitude of the hospital. Finally I reached hospital and saw such poor covid appropriate behaviour by their staff. Infact confronted one such staff who refused to put the mask up. Height of that the hospital security also asked the guy, but he still he didn't. Save yourself from this covid breeding place.

  • sneha renukuntla

Pediatric doctors are seating together,this first hospital where all doctors seat together and treat patients in a single room, and we take out side one doctor appointment,after going inside some other doctor treat the patient,please ensure hospital management provide seperate cabin to each pediatric doctors,so that patient take as per their experience with doctor treatment, .very confusing.

  • Ranjith Kumar Modem

wrost hospital ever i have seen.. entire staff including doctors are always makes patient to get panic and make them to admit for sucking money. they charge 10times than what they are suppose to collect from the patient . Aim of the hospital is to make the patients to become poor before discharge . Money is important than patient health. Dont get admit at this non sense hopistal.

  • Alok Vyas

My experience has been the best with this hospital. The supporting staff helped me in the best possible way. When they realised that I was unable to stand or walk, they had arranged for a wheelchair without asking. The moment I entered the hospital till I left, somebody was continuously with me and helping in all possible ways. A big thanks to the medical and support staff.

  • Subhransu Panda

We came with an emergency case but the treatment started very late almost 90 mnt. They were unable to find vein in baby's hand. It took almost 1 hr to find that. But the treatment provided by Dr. Manish Gour and Dr. Pratyusha was really appreciated. The support staffs and nursing team was really great. The only concern I have is with the delaying in treatment start.

  • Shilpa Margaret

I have been referred to this hospital by physician for ENT Dr. Laxmi Narsimha G. I have come here to get my daughter checked up. I am still getting treated by him. He takes things very slow and doesn't rush. I diagnosis every bit and takes time to treat every patient. Whether its a small of a big issue he takes his time to diagnose and then starts treating.

  • Likhitha Saithala

Got treated from 7th month of my pregnancy and had a c section. The doctors are very approachable and supportive. Staff are friendly and during 3 days treatment after c section the staff was very helpful. Room was also very neat and clean. The overall environment helped me in a speedy recovery. I would definitely suggest this hospital for a happy delivery.

  • Rayeni Vishali

Sessions organised by Aarthi Mam were really helpful for my Normal Delivery. I have followed all the exercises what madam has suggested that has given me confidence during the pregnancy journey Pragya Mam and the staff were really supportive during my labor time. Pragya Mam, Jaysri Mam and staff thanks alot for taking good care during my entire journey.

  • Vijay Ekambaram

I would strongly recommend Dr. Jayasree. Not more not less, to the point. Her explanations are pretty easy to understand. Her extra effort during my wife’s delivery was extensive. Thanks Dr. K Jayasree. Next is Dr. Arti birthing classes. Both practical and theoretical classes have helped a lot to be get ready for delivery. Thanks Dr. Arti

  • Sandhya Yamalapalli

My experience with pranaam hospital was great.I had normal delivery and it was only possible with support of this hospital doctors and staff. Thanks to Dr. Pragya and Dr. Jayshree for the treatment and special thanks to Dr. Aarti for the guidance on my fitness through prenatal yoga sessions and kept motivating me throughout my pregnancy.

  • Rajat Gupta

I prefer this hospital specially because of doctor Manish in paediatric department because whenever we have to consult or take advice for kid his suggestion and medicine do work and cure the problem. He is the main reason we prefer this hospital. Though I heard rainbow and kims etc are specialized hospital as well but for us this works.

  • S P Ranjit

Best Pediatrics for my kids and when my kids see Dr. Manish half their illness would be gone, no unnecessary medicine only genuine medicine which works perfect. Visited general physician Dr. Vishnu and his treat is also good. Visited ENT specialist Dr. Laxmi Narsimha and the way he explains and then gives the treatment is good.

  • Santoshi Iyer

Dr Aarti G who is physiotherapist has been an extremely great birth trainer for me..Her yoga asanas and they way she trained my body has made a great impact post delivery.Due to doing yoga and meditation religiously it was easy for me to recover soon post delivery and my weight was also stable.All thanks to Dr.Aarti.

  • Tulika Gupta

We went for Doppler scan and radiologist arrived 1 hr delayed and we had to wait 3 hours to get our scan done and for getting reports.. although we were first..we were scanned last and 45 min wait time for getting results.. after multiple arguments we finally got our report.. pathetic management by lab department..

  • Dîñęśh Chøùďhāŕý

The medicines which are prescribed by the doctors here are not available anywhere. That medicine will have to be taken from their own medical store. And money also take MRP and do no exchange and no returns. I felt very bad when I went for 6 kms in traffic to get medicine. But that medicine was not found …

  • Priya Arjun

I was skeptical about visiting gynaec here and as per the reviews, it's true the lady at reception staff at mother's section is rude and they shout as if they providing free services. The management should address this problem and instruct staff to be polite to the patients else no matter how good the doctors are.

  • Priyanka Ruttala

Dr G Arthi @Pranaam Hospitals helped me at giving a Positive Experience during my Pregnancy,Labour and Post-Pregnancy journey.....Her yoga therapy and exercises benefited me a lot....I will definitely recommend her if you are looking for some one to talk or open up about your pregnancy journey or labour classes

  • vamshi

Worst hospital Earlier it was good but now they are money minded and the administration team is worst. I joined here as my sister has positive experience 2 years back but now it’s completely worst. When i was in hospital i have seen 3 cases where they are completely disappointed with the service and staff

  • chaitanya krishna

Worst pediatrics department. Dr Manish is always busy talking to some bank representatives or some other transactions or busy cross talking. No interest or attention to listen to patients. As parents we will be eager to know what happened so that we can take care in future. Respect patents and their time.

  • nrupen varthy

Excellent services that I have receive from Dr.Arthi(physiotherapy) and she did a great job.she explained everything to me in a very clear manner.she was so kind and friendly..she treated like a friend and spoke to very respectable way and I definitely recommend to my friends and family members..

  • Madhuri

The experience at pranaam hospital is very good. Doctors and nurses are very cooperative. Especially birthing classes by Aarti ma'am really very helpful for maintaining good physical and mental health during pregnancy. Doctors advice and guidance helped me a lot throughout my pregnancy journey.

  • Tejashree Rajuri

Dr.Pragnya mam and Dr.Aarthi mam was very supportive and encouraged me a lot through my entire pregnancy and both had a very good patience and I gave birth to beautiful baby girl through natural delivery in pranaam hospital. Thanks a lot to Pragnya mam and Aarthi mam for this wonderful journey.

  • Aman Izhar

We went at 11.00pm in emergency as my child was not getting good. One lady doctor was there in the emergency room, she checked my child. She was herself seemed to be very frustrated and irritated as if she is doing some favour by checking the patient. This attitude has disappointed me alot.

  • Kalpana M

I am M. Kalpana suffering from gastric problem and pain in abdomen since 4 days . Doctor gave me good treatment .I am happy with the procedure and this hospital is good for all types of gastroenterology problems and pain abdomen problem. Thank you sir for your good time and best treatment

  • niranjan reddy

Service nd hospitalization is very good And completely satisfied. But one suggestion to below/upper middle class people don't go to this hospital without insurance because charges are very high. If insurance is there you can join without out any doubt. This is my personal experience only.

  • Chandrasekhar Voyaboyina

Has been a great experience with pranaam hospital.. Very thankful to Dr.chandrakiran sir, Dr. Manoj sir, Dr.Rohita Kumar Nayak sir.. Nurses , Padma sister Pavan brother, and all other nursing staff have all been very halpful and supportive.. Thank you so much..

  • Sravani Reddy

Dr Aarti suggestions and prenatal yoga classes helped me alot for my normal delivery . Thanks a lot to Dr. Pragya and Dr. Jayshree madam for the treatment and special thanks to Dr. Aarti for the guidance of prenatal yoga sessions and she was motivating me throughout my pregnancy.

  • Sripuja Dharavath

I would like to thank pranaam hospital and Dr Shoban (pediatric audiologist ) for screening my baby ears and auditory response. This facility was not available for my first child She was deaf and dumb now By God grace we have audiological services in pranaam hospital Tq Dr shoban

  • Anand Mohan

I consulted Dr. Dheeraj with fever on 20/12. He did not prescribe antibiotics immediately but asked me to wait for 2 days : I really appreciated this approach. After 2 days fever kept repeatng so antibiotics were started with which I was cured after 5 days. Thank you Dr. Dheeraj!

  • Sailiee Ssawant

The worst service ever. Ridiculous staff at reception. They are still making me run around for ₹2500 accidental payment made, since almost 3 weeks. The staff literally doesn't know how to respectfully talk. No wonder there are such less patients in the Nallagandala branch.

  • revathi459 ruttala

I was regular member of birthing classes which are conducted by Dr Aarti,and I am happy to say our efforts are being paid off ..Thank you Aarti mam for your attention and guidance . I had normal delivery recently and I am so happy with pranaam hospital and team .

  • Vinay Yadav

I don't know why the people come to this hospital. Here Doctor and hospital management is totally money minded. Also once you Admitted services is very bad. They are doing robbery and somehow they are making money. I cannot recommend this hospital to anyone .

  • Ramakrishna vallabhudasu

The Wrost hospital never ever seen, playing with the life of people, No proper treatment , children's doctor is totally nonsense , staff is no good, they were going behind money instead life of a people Strongly not recomend this hospital for any treatment

  • Anuj Kumar

Very Good Doctors available iam happy with doctors and Nursing staff but in billing department is not well specially Billing department In charge Laxmi garu and there staff is not responding to related problems and Her behavior is not good with attendees.

  • Richa Jain

Poorly managed hospital, pathetic condition of infrastructure and facilities. We are paying 15K for ICU, still the staff doesn't even respond to simple questions like where is the washroom in this floor. The waiting area and washrooms are extremely dirty.

  • venkata nalamati

This people are only money minded. No concern at patients. No proper trained Nurse. Can't even keep the can properly. Only out patient services are better hear. But doctors always recommend to admit. Please don't get admitted. They will loot in all means.

  • ankita cristey

It's is my request to everyone pls pls pls never go to this hospital and keep ur self and ur loved ones life at stake . My friend was having dengue fever from last Friday i.e 16/09/2022.On 16th mrng we went for check up and Dr. Harinandan … మరిన్ని

  • Pooja Talwar

Choosing Pranaam hospital was my best decision I have ever made Dr.Pragya is the best gyno she is well experienced. They treat very well during emergencies.I would also like to mention DR. Aarti her parental yoga classes helped me a lot …

  • parikshith Ellur

Convenient location, but doctor not available to the prescribed date n time, they have a free follow up consultation within 5 days, but doctors asks us to follow up after 7 days, which means we were end up in paying again after 7 days, …

  • Dinesh Maker

Use less hospital even seen….. they are just money minded no proper treatment….no reply’s when ask them what treatment ur giving If u guys have lot of money n don’t no where to expand pls come to this hospital n donate your money

  • sampath katkuri

They ask for scan even for normal cuf ,cold. Unnecessary waste of Money. Only because of this point am rated low and receptionist also don't know how to talk with customers. They thought their hospital only there in Hyderabad.

  • manikanta mylavarapu

When your admitting room, please bring mosquito bat along with you, otherwise you will get dengue at free of cost. For your information who are coming with insurance, you have to wait for 2 days minimum to process request.

  • prem kumar goud Thirmandas

Pranaam Hospital, Madinaguda Branch is Good for the Mother and Baby Delivery with Best Gynacologists Dr. Praggya Srivastava/Dr. Sowjanya. Thanks for the Great Service by Pranaam Hospitals/Doctors/Nurses and all the Team.

  • rajesh nath

Money minded hospital, this gynecologist present there are in experienced, not even sure at their judgement waste of time and energy. Especially soujanaya dgo, I hope she is a doctor. Worst experience ever!

  • Ashutosh Nigam

Dr Pragya Shivastav is good .But reception is just for grabbing money and send to wait for 2 hours and not behaving properly. If you ask them they behave like since you paid already so where will you go.

  • Vara Lakshmi

Thank you so much Arthi mam the motivation u gave to me in the yoga classes and the exercises helped me alot during labour time in further I definitely recommend the yoga therapy for others

  • Gurunath Jadhav

Good cleanliness and staff. Discharge time is 8 Hr bill final time take 4hr . Why are not maintaining online clearance. 10:30 am discharge final still 3:30 not send to insurance company.

  • Shaker Das

We admitted in emergency. Got a good response from the doctors and the staff. Very good treatment from Dr Krishna Prasad and Dr Manoj and sisters. Happy with the treatment.

  • swathi kalluri

Tq Aarthi mam for giving such a nice support for normal delivery by conducting weekly birthing classes.your motivation gave us a very happy delivery without any obligations.tq so much.

  • Gopi Chand

Worst management, there is no point in booking slot in advance. You have to wait atleast 2 hours to get your turn. Collecting huge money from people and offering below par service.

  • MD Harshad

My experience with pranaam hospital, madinaguda Excellent services All the doctors, nurses and staff were very helpful I definitely recommend to my friends and family members

  • Shivani Gupta

My experience with pranaam hospital was good, Doctors are very helpful & Dr. Arthi has helped me a-lot for exercise during pregnancy so that i was able to delivered normal.


This is the worst hospital, I had visited yet, bad behaviour of staff and treatments is also not good. Please try not to visit there, better u can go with other hospital

  • Sai Priya mogulla

I faced so many issues in my pregnancy but I attend birthing classes they supported me a lot and given proper guide I got a normal delivery thank you pranaam hospitals

  • Shaik mahammad suraj

Since 12 years we are associated with pranaam , excellent doctors and good staff We are very thank ful for Laxmi kanth doctor , Manish sir , aravind sir, praggyamam

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