Royal Courts of Justice

391 reviews

Strand, London WC2A 2LL, United Kingdom



Royal Courts of Justice is a Courthouse located at Strand, London WC2A 2LL, United Kingdom. It has received 391 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Royal Courts of Justice: Strand, London WC2A 2LL, United Kingdom

  • Royal Courts of Justice has 4.5 stars from 391 reviews

  • Courthouse

  • "If you are like me in that you have never been on trial or be part of a jury and would like to have first-hand experience the real thing, this is the place to be"

    "⚖️A Must-see: One of my Favorite Visits in London⚖️ You can't capture the Royal Courts of Justice in pictures"

    "This is a stunning building that looks more like a cathedral than a courthouse! Many people walk past it and don't realise they can actually go inside, which is a great pity as the interior is just as awesome as the exterior"

    "After seeing the reviews we headed here for a visit"

    "Although the RCJ have disable parking and the court staff are very helpful indeed , however if you are in any to the left of the main entrance it's very long walk from your car to whichever court you are attending and some of the floors are Not lever"


  • Otto Pettitt

If you are like me in that you have never been on trial or be part of a jury and would like to have first-hand experience the real thing, this is the place to be. In fact, the general public can attend most hearing in open court. From the historical standpoint, this majestic court was designed by George Edmund Street and build back in the 1870 decade. It was not until 4th December 1882 that it was inaugurated by Queen Victoria. It alone houses the High Court of the land bar Scotland, and the Court of Appeal of England and Wales. Architecturally speaking, it is of Victorian-Gothic style, with greyish stone that gives it a stunning finishing: the result is a majestic building that contrasts with its surroundings and shines Whilst unknown and not a touristic destination, it is beautiful to admire both the interiors and exteriors, including the finest details. It is through client visits in the Temple and Chancery Lane areas that I happen to discover this hidden beauty.

  • Casey Covel

⚖️A Must-see: One of my Favorite Visits in London⚖️ You can't capture the Royal Courts of Justice in pictures. The scale and breadth requires a panorama just to get everything into view. Photos aren't allowed on the inside, but stepping in feels as grand as entering a cathedral. Water bottles and cell phones can be brought inside (you'll be asked to drink from the water first) and then you go through a brief security check. Proceedings happen in real-time throughout the day, and you may enter and listen in on them, or simply enjoy taking in the sights. There's a small museum on the second floor, dedicated to legal attire and processes throughout the ages. I spent a couple hours in here, just soaking in the ambience, but didn't actually enter any of the proceedings rooms. It's a great itinerary item and doesn't require a ticket or money to enjoy. Highly recommended!

  • Richard Jones

This is a stunning building that looks more like a cathedral than a courthouse! Many people walk past it and don't realise they can actually go inside, which is a great pity as the interior is just as awesome as the exterior. It is a working court so you do have to clear airport style security to get inside, but it's never too much of a hassle and the staff are very friendly. Once inside you'll find the courtrooms themselves up the stairs to the right and left of the main hall. The great things is you can actually sit in on the court cases and watch the barristers(lawyers) at work and it's pure theatre. There are Civil cases, such as insurance, but there are also Criminal appeal cases and these can be quite juicy. Be warned though, no photographs are allowed once you are inside.

  • W L

After seeing the reviews we headed here for a visit. There were not so many trials going on. I would suggest asking the front desk staff immediately which trials are just starting in order to hear the more interesting bits like the solicitors talking. We ended up just catching the judge giving the jury a lot of directions! Still it was fascinating to watch and hear a part of a case. One gets an idea of how things work. The rest of the building was not that interesting, just old and stately. We wandered around and it's really easy to get lost. Don't bother to go to the 'bear garden' it has no bear and is not a garden. Just a large room!

  • Jdc7559 Col

Although the RCJ have disable parking and the court staff are very helpful indeed , however if you are in any to the left of the main entrance it's very long walk from your car to whichever court you are attending and some of the floors are Not lever.So even through there is two other parking areas these RCJ are difficult for didable people to get around .Therefore l would suggest the RCJ need to consider their needs and accompanied the disable alot better,as my experience was extremely painful

  • David Dewhurst

Possibly the inspiration for Gormenghast, or for younger readers, it's tougher to find your way around if you're actually trying to do anything than for a muggle at Hogwarts. To get from room A to room Beta (there's around 1000) you need a directions list similar to Google maps for Eden to Gretna. The building itself is a great metaphor for the grandiloquence of the law. If you are thinking of getting to grips with a legal issue a walk around here might prepare or dissuade you.

  • S D

I had appealed to Royal court of justice for preaction disclosure on a current matter with GP which involved potential GP medical malpractice on immigrant women.They initially told me to make a fee payment and they would look into the case if it had a case reference no from county court. I had bought the matter to high court bearing in mind the severity of the situation however after making the fee payment the court hasn't considered my case directing me back to county court.

  • Stuart Kennington

The royal Courts of Justice The Strand London, absolutely amazing architecture from the outside, once you're inside the architecture continues completely wonderful experience lovely historical law related paintings Adorn the walls, out of this world stonework, phenomenal open space, it's quite amazing inside how much the building opens up into different areas really quite surprising. It was somewhere that I really enjoyed looking around

  • Darsh Williams

No I was not here for any Sentencing of any was a wedding reception...and yes that is still a Sentencing of a kind but it was not my own! Very very impressive wedding venue the boasts high ceilings and a blank canvas that the bride and groom could certainly make their own. Very excellent service from the catering staff - only wish I could have eaten more or taken a doggy bag. It's nice to see venues having a multi purpose

  • Mark Johnson

amazing and worth the wait in line to go through the security just a shame that you can’t take pictures inside This is a beautiful Victorian Gothic building built out of grey stone. It was designed by George Edmund Street and inaugurated in 1882 by Queen Victoria. It contains more that a thousand rooms, many towers and several interesting statues. The law courts have a very opulent interior.

  • Unknown Universal

Water bottles and cell phones can be brought inside (you'll be asked to drink from the water first) and then you go through a brief security check. Proceedings happen in real-time throughout the day, and you may enter and listen in on them, or simply enjoy taking in the sights. There's a small museum on the second floor, dedicated to legal attire and processes throughout the ages.

  • Steve Hayward

The building is a beautiful and massive extravagance of victorian architecture It houses the civil court and also court of appeal As said the building is beautiful and we'll worth a visit The court on the other hand is underfunded with people who don't have a clue what they should be doing on the whole - a shambles What a shame

  • BradJill

The Royal Court of Justice (RCJ) is located on the Strand in Westminster at the border with the City of London and serves as the High Court and Court of Appeals for England and Wales. It is an imposing building of Victorian Gothic architectural style, built in the 1870s and is very interesting to view from the outside.

  • S G

First ever visit interesting exhibitions, didn't know it was open to the public to view the court rooms for free. On a main road and easy to travel to was not that busy but the viewers for the exhibitions where still arriving when I leaving the building. Airport style security on the entrance to the building.

  • FT K (Șegun McShegz)

Fascinating place. You can sit in and watch cases as long as there's space. There's no parking anywhere but (if you dare take it) there's plenty of public transport. Loads of restaurants, pub and really cool eateries close by and then there are all the theatres. Great place. …

  • Chit Myers

You would really struggle to find the administrative court whose map was the only map absent in the maps stand unlike the rest of other courts there. It took me over 3 hours walking around the building to find the office of the administrative court which is located on the third floor.

  • Umeed

This place is so amazing, historical and perfect place. If you visit this place you can learn and get more information and important things which you don't know about there. I recommend you to visit and see this wonderful place. Don't forget to come with your friends or your family.

  • Phillipp Rau

Very impressing court house! In fact the most beautiful I have ever seen. Anyone is allowed to enter the Royal Court of Justice. There is a quick security check at the entry. You can also take part in one of the trials, just enter it and have a seat on the visitors bench.

  • Kris Anderson

You think you can't go in, but you can. You can even watch a real trial. This is the high court, so the trials tend to focus on interpretation of the law and are therefore a little dull. If you are looking for extreme crimes, then the Old Bailey is where you need to go.

  • Eloi Aldrovandi

Other place that I wasn't expecting to sightseeing, but took my breath out. It is a monster architecture, if you don't expect to see that, it will shock you probably. At night it is more beautiful. I had the luck to observe this while snowing, for me an incredible day.

  • Betty Otieno

Mr. Alex Findley is an amazing legal advisor. He is very reliable, gets great result for you , and makes it extremely convenient for you to continue with your work life and personal life while he works hard for you . I would highly recommend him. Thanks …

  • Nika Zorko

Coming from a foreign country while being involved in the case in this honourable court, I would like to say just one thing: if you search for justice and righteousness, British Court is the right place to find it! Big thank you to the judges of this court.

  • Andrew “Andy” Davis

Happened upon the royal courts of justice on a walk back from St Paul’s. Absolutely spectacular buildings by day or evening. It was getting to dusk when we arrived and the buildings and architecture looked spectacular. Introduced the

  • Sebahattin MUTLU

How can justice be served without going in front of the judge and talking? " Totally without merit" prevents appearing in front of the judge. Everyone should have the right to appear in front of the judge for justice to be served.

  • Geoffrey Berg

Really interesting visit, I came with my sister who is a Canadian crown attorney and so it had more meaning for us, there isn't a great deal to see, but the building is lovely Victorian gothic and the staff were quite friendly.

  • Bratislav Džombić

The Royal Courts of Justice in London are a masterpiece of architectural grandeur. The moment you approach this historic landmark, you're greeted by an awe-inspiring façade that exudes a sense of authority and timelessness.

  • Iq Aj

Aftab Uddin at the appeals office is very unhelpful and rude. Raises his voice to customers. The queue is not respected and they shout ‘who is next’ as if you are deaf and expect a response/attendance at desk immediately.

  • Anita Rosaleh

Such a grand, romantic, and beautiful building, such a shame we stumbled upon this majestic building when it’s closed so we couldn’t take a look inside. Will make sure to visit this place next time we’re in London

  • Taimoor Abbas

I don’t know about the Royal Court and it’s system, but what I saw there is truely mesmerising architecture. Beautiful building, so captive and full of details. Worth a visit whether it is a day visit or at night!

  • Khelil Benhelal

The Royal Courts of Justice, commonly called the Law Courts, is a court building in London which houses both the High Court and Court of Appeal of England and Wales . Nearest station is Temple /District line .

  • Lisa H

This is a gorgeous building which not many people have been in but which is free and open for people to visit during its opening hours, you can even go and quietly watch a court case if you're so inclined.

  • Gail Spencer

Staggeringly beautiful and imposing building with an almost tangible weighty presence. An essential part of legal London, it is situated on the junction of the Strand and Kingsway. Looks amazing at night.

  • Paul Border


  • Chohan Chohan

This is a corrupt courts a faced for fraud against the People of England…all judges do is award in favour of Banks owned by the Crwon Hence You Will never receive “Justice” in England

  • Michelle Harris

Great historical and important buildings. I went for open house weekend & they had such great things on offer to exhibit what goes on in the courts. Very interesting and educational

  • Thomas Byrnes

Not much to see but a beautiful building to walk by and go inside. Admission is free and it can be interesting to sit in on one of the several trials going on on any given day.

  • Julian

a place where you can win an appeal and still get the same result you are appealing not believe there is justice in the british justice system

  • Nick Mayer

An insanely impressive building. Wasn't searching for this building specifically and was awestruck by the architecture. If you're sightseeing in London this is a must see.

  • Joy Marchese

I went to an event here recently. The venue was beautiful and historic, but the acoustics were terrible. We tried to hold a live auction, but you could not hear much.

  • D Bear

A beautiful building that looks like it's from a fairytale. You could easily miss this on a sightseeing trip to London but its spectacular and entry is free.

  • Dilek Özlem ATAÖNDER

I love every single detail about London. You can see stunning buildings in every step. I don't say anything about justice but the building is perfect.

  • Bhagwan Athare

The Royal Courts of Justice called the Law Courts, is a court building in London which houses the High Court and Court of Appeal of England and Wales

  • Yee

Many people do not know that this building is completely open to public. It include a beautiful free museum. It is wonderful to stroll around too.

  • Minnie Cui

Beautiful to photograph in the morning or at night. If you're interested in law, this place is a must-see. The architecture is wonderful as well.

  • R.G. Lewis

The RCJ is potentially the best looking courthouse on the planet. And that's probably because the RCJ has that Hogwarts look to it!

  • Reza

Sure a beautiful gothic style building. Sometimes we can see some people who show protest or demonstation in front of the building.

  • Bob Russell

Beautiful building. Terrible staff. You’d think that a building of such importance would put an emphasis on its public face …

  • Sarah Lane

My favourite court of all. Truly stunning: interior and exterior. There's a real sense of occasion when you enter the building.

  • Loaye B

Lovely building and lovely staff. The architecture is amazing I think some nice classical music in the corridor could be nice.

  • Ashley Hurlbert

It's a very nice place to go to. My tour guide that showed us around was very good at providing information about the place.

  • Coach Health

Impressive Gothic style huge buiding. Really love this architectural masterpiece. Friendly staff. Very interesting decor.

  • Gfischt

What a disappointment – I expected this to be the Courts of Justice, not the Courts of Injustice. Release Julian Assange!

  • Emma Reid-Chalmers

The building is awesome as is it's history - worth visiting for the stunning gothic arxhitecture and detailing alone

  • Lukasz Taborski

Great gothic architecture. This is a court building, but it could be something from a fairy tale as well.

  • Chancery Guy

One of the celebrated architectures in London, this higher court certainly provides marvel of no end.

  • Adnan Alsadah

I have never been inside. But the structural architect from outside looks amazing and very unique.

  • Dale Wright

Surprisingly good (and free) tour which allows you to snoop inside real courtrooms! Worth a visit!

  • Varot Varotsirin

Building looks beautiful from the outside which is really nice given its judicial responsibilities

  • Steven Bingham

Just one grumpy Security Guard this afternoon being a jobsworth otherwise never had any problems.

  • Rhys Taylor (Main)

Pleasant surprise after coming out of the courts. Not sure why this place isn't more recognised.

  • S. Miura

Here is the Royal Court of justice. The form is the shape which we can feel the dignity.

  • Jason Travels

Walked past it everyday while I was studying at LSE. You must go see it in person!

  • Dharendra Wardhana

This also a nice spot for selfie or wefie but please be careful with the traffic

  • Grace Darling Williamson

We had a very interesting tour given by tour guide, David, who did a great job!

  • Andrew Lalchan

Stunning architecture and very good place to visit in the open house weekend.

  • Pablo Gutierrez

In every corner, you will have a great experience and a 100+ year building.

  • Harvey Mains

The building has impressive architecture. Well worth a photograph or two.

  • Navaneethan Raja

Really Royal.Great visit. No photographs. Open to public from 9 to 4.30.

  • Valerie Denzer

Absolutely lovely staff at the entrance - it’s a long way to Tipperary!

  • Mister Jon

Absolutely a stunning building with intricate architecture. A must see!

  • David Ofosu-Appiah

A place I do like to visit, with my legal background, so much history.

  • Tim Husain

Beautiful building, just hope you are visiting of your own free will.


Beautiful building in one of the most beautiful City's in the world

  • Nice Henners

Impressive institutional building, though it could do with a wash.

  • Ivana H

Very pleasing to photograph! Worth the visit even for a picture.

  • Tricky Blicky

Public access during day with bag search. Well worth a wander in

  • Kalat Bagaiya

Awesome old buildings, history all around...what's not to love?

  • Liban

Its privilege to have worked today in this Beautiful building.

  • Arlene A.

Gorgeous! Unfortunately no photographs inside. Worth a visit

  • Nick “Nikos” Papastamatiou

Great London architecture on our way to the Twinnings shop!

  • Jiaqi Z.

Just passing by and in awe of the castle-like structure ⚖️

  • Samvel Martirosyan

Can't speak about institution, but the building is awesome

  • Farhad Kamranvand

A magnificent place to visit. Lots of historical objects.

  • S Williams

Amazing historical building and breathtaking architecture

  • Whatis Hotu

They don't care about human rights. See Julien Assange.

  • Tony Perreira

Wow absolutely amazing architecture from the outside,

  • julie freeland

Beautiful building so much history great architecture

  • Naresh Pisharody

Stunning architecture on the charming Fleet Street

  • Sabrina Simpson

Brilliant staff. Extremely helpful and efficient.

  • Anna Shestakova

Very beautiful architecture with amazing legend.

  • Urban Traveler

Very pretty to watch if you're just passing by

  • George Amorim

Beautiful architecture, really nice building.

  • Rayta Ng

Grand Gothic pile, straight out of Hogwarts!

  • Vincent Lau

Majestic place. Tourists can enter all day.

  • Matthew Bliss

Fascinating tour of our legal buildings.

  • C J Griffin

Very impressive gothic like architecture

  • Lucas Anjos

Beautiful architecture, worth the visit!

  • Jacob Boe

Got sentenced life. Don't like it here.

  • Aline Marinho

Beautiful gothic revival architecture.

  • Ольга Демидова

It looks like you are in a fairytale.

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