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Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic is a Veterinarian located at 117 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249. It has received 444 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.





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  • The address of Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic: 117 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

  • Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic has 4.6 stars from 444 reviews

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  • "This place has taught me a lesson to always vet the vet"

    "Horrible clinic! Despite the clinic having a 4"

    "When I started scheduling the appointment with them, I specifically emphasized that I will travel with my emotional support dog internationally soon, and I need a vet to sign the animal sanitizing form for me"

    "We have been going to Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic for almost a year now, and they have been fantastic at every visit"

    "Incredibly rude staff"


  • Kate O'Brien

This place has taught me a lesson to always vet the vet. Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic is owned by an LLC out of Florida (to avoid income tax in NY) along with 3 other vet clinics in the Northeast and the owner is a principle at Citibank. When I found this out everything made more sense. My first visit in January and they were not allowing visitors inside (bc of covid) and it was our first visit and I asked if they would make an exception so I could meet the vet - denied. While I waited outside in 20 degrees a woman told me about her horrible experience there and that she was never coming back. I thought, how bad could it be? Um... When our puppy got Giardia, I got two very different versions of what to do and what to expect from 2 of the vets, but I agreed to every recommendation. It was well over a month of explosive all night diarrhea to get her better. I called the breeder and asked her advice. I did what she suggested and there was a massive improvement for our puppy immediately. (Hint: don’t spend three weeks buying $40 chicken a week and cooking it with rice when you can just add pumpkin ($1.49) to their regular food). When our dog got sick on the exact same day I started a new job after being unemployed for a year due to covid,, I politely tried to convey the situation to the staff, but they told me to take her to an urgent care facility, which was obviously not necessary and would have cost an enormous sum, but despite the fact that I’d already paid them for all the vacations and puppy check ups, they tried to blow us off. I implored them to help and they finally said they could see her at the end of the day. When I expressed concerns about how much they were charging for meds, and the $35 fee they wanted for fitting us in bc she was sick, I objected and was subsequently told I could not return. Sabrina the office manager explicitly said he staff didn’t know what fees to charge and if I did not want to get the medicine there I could find another vet. They are charging between 100-300% mark up on medicines, which is exorbitant by any standards. The surprise extra fees are a problem. They claim to be too busy but they don’t stop taking new clients. This is a money operation full stop. Probably why their employee reviews online are pretty bad and there’s a revolving list of positions to be filled - in fact the company has disabled future comments from employees on these websites. Every bad client review is the same and it all revolves around the office staff and the billing. It’s one thing to be expensive, it’s another to presume people should just blindly part with money when options make it easier for people on a budget to care for their pets. The staff genuinely needs a different approach to make things better for themselves and their clients, if in fact it’s not just about the money. What they do not realize is that not sharing prices with customers until after the fact is wrong and just shouldn’t be done, especially when it’s this unnecessary.

  • D S

Horrible clinic! Despite the clinic having a 4.6 rating that’s because half the people that have gone there haven’t experienced what I have. This clinic is an absolute disgrace. Very disorganized, lack of knowledge with the team, preference on who they see first trust me that’s how it is. Had a specific appt time and they decide to double book it and while waiting more than an hour chose to see someone else before our time schedule. Messed around with our pet’s health & claimed that they were not at fault which is convenient so they themselves can look good and professional. Yes, if they deserve high praise and a five star rating I’d give it to them. But they’re quick at getting your money & not resolving health issues for your pet. Truthfully, we see them as racist choosing their own kind apparently over minorities. One can be rich, one can be poor regardless they’re quick at wanting to get paid and are expensive just so you can keep coming back to them. After the fact that they messed around with your pet’s health & well being. One can take it as lashing out or ranting, but know for sure this is a warning to those coming to this clinic so you know you were warned ahead of time. I would be wary as this clinic is quick at scamming. I’ve been to other clinics and regret bringing my pet here. I would save my money if I were you and move forward and take your pets health check to other clinics that are level headed and not self centered. The front desk ppl are useless they’re no help whatsoever and have the most nastiest attitude. Only one specific girl is nice everyone else speaks for themselves. AND sad ONLY ONE doctor has her head space in the right place & knows what she’s doing. Won’t mention a specific doctor who is absolutely useless & have no idea how she even became certified. Speaks like a 10 year old with comprehension issues! Will NOT waste my time & energy at this place. It’s the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had at a clinic. Thank you to a room nurse who’s kind and patient, but room nurses also there as well as vets and especially front desk should be taught to respect their clients & not have favoritism with their race!

  • Lu Hong

When I started scheduling the appointment with them, I specifically emphasized that I will travel with my emotional support dog internationally soon, and I need a vet to sign the animal sanitizing form for me. I even explained on the phone that the animal sanitation form is about ensure my dog will not relieve himself on the plane and the ways I will use to prevent this happen. The person who answers the phone told me that it's not a problem. I emailed them beforehand my dog's health record and the requirements of my airlines. Again, I received a positive reply from those. During my visit, the vet told me she would not sign the form because she feels uncomfortable and not obligated. I tried to explain to her that I have moderate to severe anxiety and depression disorder, and I cannot travel without my dog. If I cannot take him, I will need to surrender him to the shelter since I don't have friends or families here. I also asked if I can show her that my dog is properly potty trained, and I will make sure he will not relieve himself on the airplane. She gets annoyed and replied to me to consider travel with a different airline. I told her that I booked my flight 3 months earlier during this global pandemic, and I spent almost $10,000 on the ticket for an economy seat. She was still not moved and told me she would not sign it anyways indifferently. I end up had a mental breakdown and panic attack right outside of the clinic because of the fear of losing my dog and traveling alone. My therapist had to make additional therapy sessions for me and even suggested me to get treatment in the facility. As a person who has mental issue, I would not recommend going to this place. Plus, they mischarged me over $300 due to their mistake and caused me extra stress.

  • Sasha Zeitz

We have been going to Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic for almost a year now, and they have been fantastic at every visit. But last week my dog was hit by a bike right down the street so I ran over there immediately. Fern was amazing, she immediately took Wanda and ran her to the back to be seen by the doctors. Then she came and checked on me because I was an absolute mess. Despite the fact that they were close to closing, Dr. Seki & Dr. Rendon stayed (without hesitation) to make sure Wanda was OK. Both Dr. Seki and Dr. Rendon sprung into action to check her out, but they quickly realized she would need to go to an animal hospital. While the doctors were doing everything they could to stabilize her and preserve her oxygen levels, the nurses started calling around to hospitals in the area to make sure they could accommodate her critical condition. The team was so fast acting, knowledgable and incredible. They played a HUGE part in saving Wanda’s life and I can’t thank them enough. It is so amazing to have a Vet (multiple Vets!) that you can tell sincerely cares about your pet. Both Dr. Seki & Dr. Rendon maintained the upmost level of professionalism and showcased such an impressive level of expertise while also being incredibly sensitive and sympathetic to me (and my wailing). The called to check in with me, and with the hospital (which they didn’t have to do). It was evident that they were all very invested in making sure that Wanda was ok and that meant the world to me. P.S. I have actually met or spoken to all of the vets at this clinic and they are all amazing.

  • XTina Chen

Incredibly rude staff. I am fostering a new dog and set up an appointment no problem, gave details for reason of visit (general check up), agency information, prev vet records to the receptionist over the phone and was all good to go to comply with their new covid procedures. Today, Laura calls me to first reschedule the appointment due to a vet's family emergency, I said of course no problem and asked for a new time that worked. Then, she proceeds to tell me that actually they don't work with agencies and only owners. Again understandable, but why even suggest to reschedule in the first place then? Could've been a very simple call to say hey looks like there's been a mix up on our end, we don't take foster dogs. Instead, she was rude and brash on the phone, would talk over me and interrupt, basically forcing me to cancel the appointment a day before it was scheduled and hung up. Might I add, I scheduled the appointment a week ago, that's plenty of time for the clinic to call me back and make me aware of a future cancellation and find a new clinic to go to. Everywhere is booked out 2 weeks due to the outbreak - if a dog is sick, then a dog is sick and not wasting time is crucial. If this was the treatment and behavior I and a furry friend would've gotten, then best I dodged a bullet with this clinic. I suggest you do too.

  • John Cirone

For clarity, the Dr was very kind and professional But also for clarity, called for a quote for a yearly check up and rabies shot for my two kittens, was quoted $78 per kitty over the phone for yearly check up as we were “return customers” accordingly to the clerk over the phone, upon arrival we were told the visit was $106 per kitty and that someone was in training and mistakenly gave us that quote, asked for a supervisor who we frontally were told was in a meeting, but then came to meet us, the supervisor would not honor the price we were quoted, and would only offer a complementary nail trimming (ironic because last time we went to this vet clinic the vet recommended we just let our kitties nails grow out and have sufficient scratching post as we have done since) I asked for the value of the nail trimming in saving in hopes for them to honor what was quoted to us and alas NOPE, the only reason I continued with the visit was because my poor boy was so stressed over leaving home at all, I understand vets are expensive, what I don’t understand is not sticking to your quoted price to your customers regardless if mistakes were made, between two cars that’s a sudden $50+ increase in price for no reason other than poor training, avoid this vet clinic unless you like “mistakes” (hidden fees)

  • Liz Przy

First visit with our new puppy for vaccine boosters and new puppy exam after we had a terrible experience at Instavet. What a contrast this visit was. We felt very welcomed and very well taken care of. Dare I say we even had fun? They let us in the exam room and walked us through the procedures. To see how kind and patient they were to our puppy was a bonus. He didn’t even complain through a thorough exam, several vaccine shots, and an ear cleaning, though the treats helped :). It felt like they wanted to get to know us as well as our dog and I felt comfortable asking as many questions as I needed to. We even received a welcome packet with some free flea/tick and heartworm doses. (That ain’t cheap!). We’re feel like we’re in such trustworthy hands and looking forward to working with WVC for the many exciting years to come! You’ve sold us! Edit one year later: we are always able to get an appointment when we need to. They sometimes have stayed late to take us. They communicate so well. We always know how much the visit will cost before they do anything. We Uber over from Bushwick because of the lack of availability in our neighborhood from other vets.

  • Rik Lomas

We were recommended Williamsburg Vets as a second opinion after our previous vets told us that our cat, Simon, was "fine" despite him being continually ill. When we took him for his appointment, Dr Hoffman was fantastic. She looked over Simon much more thoroughly than I'd seen before and recommended him for a X-ray right away, where a large cancer tumor under his shoulder was found that somehow the previous vets had missed after several appointments. Unfortunately there weren't any treatments we could do for Simon, and after a few good weeks more with looking after him, with the assistance of the vets, we took him for his final trip where Dr Rendon and her assistant were incredibly sympathetic and professional. We wished we'd been going to Williamsburg Vets from the very start as we felt the care and attention Simon had received was much, much higher on every trip we had there. Hindsight is always great and I assumed that most vet clinics were on the same level, but it turns out that that's not true! If you're wanting to work with a vet clinic that has the best standards, I would highly recommend Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic.

  • Julianna Dahbura

I'm blown away by the professionalism and compassion at this hospital every time I visit with my dogs, I've been coming for about a year now but my dogs are always falling apart so I've come in several times. Most recently, my senior dog crashed and WVC immediately had him come in for an exam and he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia. He had a fever so high he was not able to walk, and the doctor recommended an emergency vet where they could give him ICU care overnight. The staff got blankets and a sling to carry him so he'd be more comfortable. They let us take their sling when we took him to the emergency vet which made the transport process so much easier. We transferred care at that point to the emergency vet, but his doctor from WVC called me the next day to check on him, something she didn't have to do and it was so kind. My dog is home from the ICU and we are transferring his care back to WVC for his rechecks. It is a clinic full of great vets who genuinely care about their patients, it's too bad I can't find a human doctor that provides care like they do.

  • Jessica Van Niel

Thank you Dr. Glenn and team. I've been using Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic for about a year now for my dogs care. The staff are so patient and kind with my dog and also with me (I'm sure i'm more irritating to them than my nervous pup so thank you). I worry a lot about my little dude. He's a nervous boy and doesn't trust easily. He had to have surgery and I was worried having to leave him. Honestly I cannot recommend Dr. Glenn enough. She took such good care of him and communicated his progress to me as soon as she had updates. She takes her time to make sure that he feels safe taking her time with him. He's now recovering at home and doing well considering having just had surgery. Also shout out to the off hours emergency partner VEG. I was able to call them with some medication questions last night and they answered quickly and kindly so I could feel confident in administering the meds given. This clinic is aces! Thank you thank you team. From the front desk to the tech's and nurses and dr.'s this place is 100% the best vet in NY.

  • Kelley Anderson

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Rendon and her entire team at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic. We have a 4 year old English Bulldog, and while he generally does well, when something goes wrong it can go very wrong. It gives us so much peace of mind to have such a compassionate, knowledgeable and straight forward vet around the corner for our little guy. She has definitely found her calling; her love of animals is clear in every interaction, and they love her back. The clinic is responsive to questions that come up after the visit, which hasn't always been our experience at other vet practices. Booking is seamless, they are extremely transparent about costs (which are reasonable) and they go above and beyond for all of their patients. We can never say thank you enough to this wonderful crew! Also, on multiple occasions while out for a walk our bulldog he has tried to drag us here. When I say the animals love her, I'm not kidding!

  • Alyssa Jones

Both of my kitties have had a couple checkups here and I feel extremely comfortable continuing to use Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic for any future wellness or medical exams! We initially tried out this vet clinic because we thought our cat had an eye infection and no one in the neighborhood could fit her in for A MONTH. We called here and they schedule for the next week, then called to reschedule for the same week due to a cancellation, which we really appreciated. Now, both cats have been seen here for their annual wellness exams and dental cleanings. The vets and techs are great and our kitties always seem pretty relaxed after their appointments. Due to covid restrictions I’ve only been able to join once for an exam, which was with Dr. Rendon, and the way she interacted with my cat was so wonderful, I definitely feel at ease knowing that my cats are in her care even when I can’t be with them.

  • Katherine Evans

I cannot say enough good things about Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic. Their staff and DVMs are caring and provide extremely high quality care. I've been a patient for about a year and one outstanding moment was when my little doggy suffered from multiple days of an upset tummy (both vomiting and diarrhea). I called Williamsburg vet, extremely distressed, and they made time to see her that day. They did everything to make sure there was nothing extremely harmful causing her upset stomach and both the tech who greeted me and Dr. Seki, who fit my dog into her schedule, spoke to me, listened and asked important questions to figure out what led to her stomach issue. After seeing Dr. Seki, I left not only with an anti-diarrheal prescription that made my dog start to feel better the next day, but I genuinely felt like we received the best care in the NYC area.

  • Olya Iudina

Went there with my 3,5 month kitten for a wellness check-up & a booster shot. The doctor though insisted on doing rabies shot as well. I even asked if it won’t be to hard for him, she said it’s totally fine. In about 48hr the kitten was not feeling well, fever, throwing up, and for a few minutes it seemed like he had some difficulties breathing. I called the clinic immediately and they said this can’t be vaccines and sent me to ER. Long story short, after calling his breeder and staying home for 2 days watching him, those were vaccines side affects!!! He was too small for that, and there was absolutely no rush doing rabies shot at the same time for an indoor tiny kitten! Dear Vets, pls do more research/care about your patients than trying to add up some more $$ to your customers bill.

  • D J

I wanted to like this vet, I really did. They're convenient for me and have a nice website. But after a few experiences and visits, I won't be going here again: • The front desk staff is relatively aggressive and rude when asked simple questions; for example, when I asked about the cost for a medicine and for a visit, the person I spoke with aggressively said they would not provide this information and that I could go to another vet • The vet isn't reliable. For example, I recently asked for a call to discuss lab results with the doctor, and I never received a call. • The vet is overpriced. Compared with top-tier vets with reliable service just across the bridge, this vet overcharges significantly. They hide this by not sharing prices until after your visit.

  • Jacalyn Hirschhorn

Dr Rendon, Janie & the entire staff get 10 stars from my family. This past week I had to make 1 of the most difficult decisions in my life. Our 13 & 1/2 yr old maltipoo was in failing health. Nothing showed concrete reasons in tests. Signs of dementia & weight loss were getting worse. We had to let him go & not allow him to suffer. Dr Rendon & Janie took care of us from the minute we came in to the clinic. Until I left. Compassion, kindness & dignity 100%. Dr explained everything to me. They allowed me to have as much time as we needed to say goodbye. I felt at peace & I could feel our “little boy” relaxing in my arms. A heartbreaking life event was bearable thanks to them. This was my only experience with euthanasia. Thank you to everyone there.

  • Emma Maria

I cannot speak highly enough about my experience at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic. Results from aspiration came back in two days. Within the week, my dog was in for surgery, and in another week we got the test results and her stitches out. Aside from the expediency, everyone at this clinic seems so genuinely happy to be there and to help. I have a nervous adult pit and a rambunctious puppy hound, each and every person we’ve come across here has handled them with exactly the type of individual care they need. Following her surgery, my adult dog had no problem returning back to the clinic to remove stitches, she is comfortable and well taken care of there. This type of care makes the neighborhood feel even more like home. Thank you WVC!!!!

  • Indy M

My recent visit was a wonderful experience all around (as usual). Dr. Rendon is the greatest vet, and I always appreciate her kindness, friendliness, patience, and expertise. Her assistant, Sabih, was also incredibly lovely. Dr. Rendon resolved my cat's issue immediately, and did not try to suggest unnecessary treatments and tests, which I REALLY appreciated. (My cat will be getting a super-comprehensive exam with tests and vaccines in early July; this visit was just to treat a minor issue.) I'm very pleased and satisfied with everything about this clinic and its staff. Also, I'd like to give a shout-out to Melissa for helping me out with my APHIS/USDA paperwork and prep; she has been unfailingly patient and considerate. Thank you, WVC!

  • DH Liday

If you choose to come here, do NOT sign up for an appointment with Dr. Stephenson. I have never in my life had a more condescending, rude, insensitive, and uninformative customer service experience. ZERO bedside manner in an extremely stressful situation. She also made it very clear that she does not like cats, so maybe if you have a dog you will have a better experience. Ridiculous for a vet. Prices are outrageous. I would be willing to dish out the cash if it were a super experience. It was not. I will not. No walk-in appointments, and the wait time to get one is usually over a month. All this aside, however, Dr. Stephenson, you are the reason that I will not be returning. Cat owners beware.

  • D'rita Bardot

Dr. Stevenson is great! She is never too busy be thorough in her work, whether it's answering follow-up emails, or explaining on the phone findings during checkups, the potential consequences and their likelihoods of such findings, and what the possible solutions would be. Everyone here seems like they like their job. I can tell staff is good with pets, last time I took the one cat anywhere, it was for an emergency surgery. Said cat is a grouch. They had to sedate said cat to do ear cleanings, checkup, etc. That cat was not mad at me after I took it to the vet and it had to be sedated, which I think speaks a lot for the people that work here.

  • Vanessa Perry

I am so happy I found this place! The doctor and the veterinarian assistant were so helpful and patient. Really took the time to discuss my 14 year old dog's many ailments and had such a great attitude in general. Also, I was able to sit in the room with my dog (the other place I went to made me wait outside) so we could really discuss the different issues, solutions and overall options. Dr Regina was just so fantastic and her assistant (Jennifer ?) are A-plus. I can tell they love and car for animals and especially dogs. Don't go ANYWHERE else in Williamsburg- this is the best place for you beloved loyal companions!!

  • Natalya Malarczuk

Wonderful, kind, accommodating, and understanding!! I go there for my current dog and they’ve been great. When the time came for me to put my last dog down, they were extremely compassionate and caring. They helped me process the idea and worked with me as I was deciding when the time was right. When the time came, they gave me so much time and space and even filled the room with candles to make us comfortable. We received a little paw print thing as well. I felt so cared for so of course, when I adopted my current dog, I gladly returned. My dog is a menace and they are always so understanding.

  • Ari Rivera

The staff at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic is great! They made it easy to make an appointment and were attentive to all our questions for our cat. I also appreciate their being transparent about pricing as well as the purpose of each action or procedure to be done. And honestly, my cat has a terrible attitude and unlike some past experiences we have had with other clinics, Dr. Seki with Williamsburg Veterinary was not afraid to address any health question for her, in a way that was safe for both my cat and staff. It really makes me feel confident in their care for my pet and highly recommend them.

  • Jesse W.

We’ve been visiting WVC for the past few years and always been happy with the service of the team and how well they treat our pup. Recently our little one fell ill and during our visit Dr. Glenn and nurse Tiffany were very comforting over our concerns for our pup Kiki being so sick. They made recommendations for care and worked creatively to do all the necessary treatments. Dr. Glenn and the entire team followed up consistently over the next days and offered additional medical support to help improve Kiki’s condition. So impressed with the level of care and genuine concern for our pups health.

  • Josephine Hack

Almost killed my dog, TWICE!! They are completely wreckless with prescriptions and treated me and my senior dog as a cash cow, constantly trying to pressure me into pointless treatments and tests. When a medication they prescribed with 6X the correct dose made him sick they admitted to the fault but still charged me for the treatment to reverse the damage they caused. When another prescription they prescribed incorrectly caused his heart to stop and I had to take him to the ER, I couldn't even reach by of their vets for help until after 3 days. Stay away from this place.

  • Jacqueline Southwell

I had such a nice experience! Everyone is so friendly. My cat Cleo was stressed, but they helped her feel safe and comfortable. The appt was efficient and they answered all of my questions. I was deciding between 2 vets in the area. When I called Williamsburg Vet Clinic, the secretary answered the phone and was so welcoming, kind, and informative. That I immediately knew this is where I wanted to make an appt. I have been telling everyone about how I love Williamsburg Vet Clinic. I felt so much better after leaving, knowing Cleo was all taken care of. Thank you!!

  • Elvira B

I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional care my cat, Tycho, received at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Sloane Hoffman and the entire team went above and beyond to take care of him. I wholeheartedly recommend Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic to anyone seeking care for their pet. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with their compassionate approach, sets them apart as a standout veterinary clinic in the area. Thank you, Dr. Hoffman and the entire team, for your outstanding help, especially in the trying times of a sick pet!

  • yvonneb2

After several terrible experiences, we finally found Dr. Rendon. She's the most caring and down-to-earth doctor. She took her time to look at our 13-year-old Yorkie and we discussed his heart issues and dental surgery. She showed confidence in her ability as a doctor. And after weighing the pros and cons, our doggie had major dental surgery. Dr. Rendon made everything for us and our Yorkie easy. He recovered smoothly and quickly. And he's like a new dog, pain-free. Everybody we dealt with in the office was very kind and helpful.

  • Nazy Farkhondeh

I couldn't have better things to say about WVC. The staff at the front desk are super helpful and sweet and very quick to respond to emails and relay messages to the doctor. Their new office on Metropolitan is stunning. Our vet Dr. Stevenson is incredibly caring and takes the time to answer any questions and concerns. It's very clear everyone there loves animals—from the front desk to the veterinary assistants, and the vets. Very approachable and friendly group who really gives excellent care despite how busy they are.

  • Veronica Johnson

My cat Sylvester was vomiting profusely so I made an appointment at WVC. They were able to take me in that same day! As a first time cat owner, I was anxious about taking him to the vet for the first time. But the vets here made me feel at ease and did a comprehensive exam. They demonstrated plenty of care and thoughtfulness. They were also transparent about each procedure and its pricing which I really appreciated! This is now my go-to vet, I can’t recommend them enough! And Sylvester seemed to like them too

  • Alexis Lanzillotti

This was my first time bringing my cat to the vet, and I was a little bit nervous to do so given covid restrictions and having to wait outside of the office during the visit. The staff was incredibly friendly and communicative about the appointment details. The doctor was also very friendly and communicative about pricing and what was/wasn’t needed. I could tell she was in great hands. The visit was quick and painless for both me and the cat. I’d highly recommend this veterinarian’s office to anyone in the area.

  • Dana Al-Khaled

I came across Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic when I needed a vet quickly, and found an opening here. So glad I did! From the moment I stepped in, the staff were great. Dr. Seki and Zoey were my cat’s team and were absolutely wonderful! He is quite anxious but was really put at ease with this genuine group of providers. In addition to being incredibly sweet and professional, Dr. Seki and Zoey are very knowledgeable and I appreciated their evidence based care and reasonable recommendations.

  • Lindsey Hurvitz

Even before my dog was a patient at this vet the people at the front desk were so wonderful and took the time to answer all my questions. After our first apt i was reassured that this vet clinic was the right one for me and my dog. You can tell all of the staff are kind and caring and love animals. I felt so comfortable and reassured that they will all take care of my dog very well. All the staff have been very professional and give you the time you deserve and need.

  • Natasha Jahchan

The BEST vet we’ve been to for our persian cats. Dr. Gina is incredibly attentive and kind. Poochie & Potato have never been so relaxed! She gave them treats and they barely felt the shots. Potato’s eye infection was gone after just a few days. They don’t rush the appointments either and they keep cat and dog rooms separate and clean. No hidden fees, everything is communicated clearly ahead of time. The entire staff is so friendly, I highly recommend this place!

  • Chelsea H.

Love the doctors and nurses, they are so much better than the vet clinic I was going to before this. However, when I took my dog in today I overheard the front desk staff making rude comments about my dog being my service dog in training, specifically because I am autistic. When I mentioned that I could heard them, they didn't apologize. The nurse was very gracious about it when I brought it up as I was leaving. Front desk staff: f@$* your ableism. :)

  • Suhail Jorge

Our 1st visit checkup for new puppy. This staff is great! Amazing, great customer service and attention. Super caring for the puppy. Answer all my questions and filled him with treats. The experience was great! More than 5 stars for them and even received a hand written card by mail welcoming us. The details made them go above and beyond in my book. I really feel I picked the right place for Oreo. Thank you! Already recommended to several friends.

  • J K

After going to Bond Vet and having an unsatisfactory visit (the vets seem relatively inexperienced and quick to prescribe meds without considering alternatives first), I went to this clinic at the suggestion of a neighbor. Dr. Jen Glen is awesome. I had a wonderful experience from scheduling my appointment, to the post-appointment care they’ve provided my dog this far. I’m very grateful and really recommend going here!

  • Adreson Rodriguez

The staff are all friendly and very helpful. They even exceeded their help by calling my previous veterinarian to receive my dog history of vaccine. Their prices are great and better than other places. I needed traveling paper work which they made the requirements and steps very easy. I received the paperwork within two days !!! The previous veterinarian took over a week. I recommend this location and rate them a 10/10

  • Rebecca Leigh West

I don’t know what we’d do without Williamsburg Vets! Our dog Benny has been a patient for years now and each and every time the staff is so kind and gentle with him. He’s a very very nervous dog so it takes a lot of patience to even get him through the door. From professional teeth cleaning to dealing with a positive Lyme disease test... the doctors are always so informative and helpful, I can’t thank them enough.

  • Nikol Barikos

Had our first visit with our 10 week old pup Frankie on Thursday - from the vet techs to Dr. Seki - everyone was wonderful. Patient, answering every question I had, really sweet with Frankie (who loved her visit) and really informative with sharing doggie expertise. Overall, great care and felt extremely thorough. They also emailed me multiple times after the visit to see how Frankie was doing. Great experience!

  • Kaitlin Mahar

We bring our two cats here and have been nothing but satisfied so far. There is never really a wait to see anyone, online scheduling for appointments is easy, and the staff is very kind and professional. I was nervous about the cats getting neutered but Dr. Rendon quickly put me at ease. I also appreciate that they check in with you about the exact cost of any service before going ahead with it.

  • Gladys Berrios

Dr. Hoffman is amazing and the staff (vet tech and front desk) as well. Very friendly and clean environment. I absolutely love that I got a follow up call from the doctor herself who inquired about my baby’s wellbeing/progress. In addition, she provided me with a full explanation of what was going to be done and had a plan ready for my baby’s care. They treated my baby as if she was their baby.

  • Mary Murphy Browne

Really great experience. I appreciated the added safety precautions to ensure social distancing, and they did everything they could to make me feel like I was still in the exam room with Story. The pricing is about 10-20% higher than what I was used to in Harlem and Inwood, but that may just be because we’re in Williamsburg now. Overall, happy we’ve found our new neighborhood veterinarian!

  • Melissa Baron

I’ve been bringing my frenchie to Dr Rendon since he was a puppy. Her bedside manner is so welcoming and friendly. My frenchie loves her so much! He gets so excited to see her & kisses her all over. The receptionists and Vet Techs are also wonderful and are quick to respond to texts or emails. We travel from Queens to come here and we are here a lot. Lol #frenchieparentsknowthestruggle

  • Molly Welikonich

I can’t say enough about Dr. Rendon and the staff at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic! My rescue dog is a bit of a “lemon”, and we’ve been frequent visitors over the past four years. The staff addresses all of my concerns, both in person and over the phone, and takes the best care of my dog (and me). I can’t imagine going anywhere else and highly recommend to anyone!

  • Katie Lisi

I have no words for how wonderful this place, the nurses and doctor are. I came for my first time with a sick pup, they squeezed me in for an appt that day even as a new patient, the Dr stayed with me for nearly an hour as we waited for test results, and they have called me back every day since the appt to check in on how my pup is doing. Imo best vet option in BK.

  • Hasib Ikramullah

Everyone here seems genuinely happy to be working here, and that’s very welcoming for our (9 month old) rescue puppy. Their service was prompt, high-energy, efficient, and thoughtful. Furthermore, Peyton wasn’t scared to go through the process at all. I highly recommend Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic, especially to all locals in the area with furry family members.

  • Maggie Gould

Just wanted to say how much we love it here. Our dog Scout has been given such excellent care every time and we’ve received nothing but kindness, patience, and professionalism each time we’ve been in (from the vets, techs, and front desk). We’ve never been rushed and I always feel like our sweet pup is in good hands. We’re grateful they’re in the neighborhood!

  • Ellie Mesa

They are so unpleasant and unnecessarily expensive!! $1600 to fix my frenchie which they would not tell me until the exam. The person who answered my call about the price was horrible. I believe the name is Jennifer. Doctor also so cold and not caring. I travel now to Greenpoint on Nassau they take care of people and your pets! Not over 1k to fix my girl.

  • Kate Levin

I am so happy to have found a veterinary clinic close by that takes such good care of my cat. It is clear the entire staff at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic are animal lovers and they go above and beyond to make my cat comfortable and the visit stress free. Extremely up front about pricing and answering all questions in a patient manner. Highly recommend!

  • stepfield s

Called to have a second opinion for my dog who’s supposed to get a procedure tomorrow but I’m not trusting his current vet (specially now when checking their reviews on Google). Unfortunately I know I’ll skip this vet as well that does not seem too concerned and sensed a terrible customer service over the phone. First contact is key too establish trust.

  • A Gray

Our dog has been a patient of Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic since we adopted her two and a half years ago. The clinic has always taken excellent care of her, and when we visit, our dog often is super excited to go inside. The pricing is transparent and we’ve never had a problem scheduling an appointment or contacting a vet in an urgent situation .

  • Danielle Lucas

Everyone here is extremely knowledgeable, warm, and caring. You can tell they love animals. I had a horrific incident happen to my dog and they made it the best possible situation, took great care of her and she is now on the road to recovery because of them. They followed up the next day after her procedure to check in, as well. Highly recommend.

  • Sophia Munzel

I cannot recommend this place enough. Everyone has been extremely kind and fantastic with my cat. They always work with me to make sure my pet has the best care possible and are very responsive. I never walk away feeling ripped off (which I can't say for vets I've been to in the past). Thank you for keeping such great care of my baby <3

  • S. Velez-Lorenzo

Very family oriented. The staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable of the procedure Arlo needed. ( vaccines ). I asked about how I can Keep Arlo's teeth gums healthy, they advise to buy CET Enzymatic toothpaste. Love the Vet Clinic it nearby. I truly recommend this place. They're awesome. Thanks Williamsburg VETERINARY CLINIC.

  • Autum Casey

Changing veterinarians is always difficult, especially with a geriatric pet. Dr. Rendon was amazing. She has a great bedside manner, and was willing to really listen. She took her time, and made sure we understood what she was doing during the exam. Her follow-up was excellent. The facilities are also new and clean.

  • Alex Ojerholm

They are the very best of them!Everyone is so friendly and animal loving. Also you can trust the vets to be honest in their recommendations- they aren’t the type of vets to try to run up a bill. We have a senior dog so they could easily recommend a full panel of tests every time we visit but that’s never the case.

  • Titta Houni

I’ve not had a great experince at this vet clinic before and it is super hard to find a nice doctor, but today we met dr. Regina Rendon who was the most compassionate, kindest, gentle and overall just super amazing with my very stressed and nervous dog. I have never met a vet as wondeful as she! ❤️ Thank you!

  • Nina Ashley

We walked into this office on a Monday morning just after 9am with our sick dog and were seen almost immediately. Doctor Amy and the entire staff were extremely kind, accommodating and helpful. So relieved to have found a new vet so easily - they turned a stressful situation into a great experience.

  • Nicole Moses

We had such a great experience at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic! Dr Hoffman was informative and patient with our anxious dog. She heard our questions and gave us information as well as different options of solutions. She treated our dog with such care and kindness. Definitely recommend this vet!

  • George L

Booked a next day appointment for my dog online. Service excellent, the place is lovely and clean didn't have to wait and vet Gina was very nice. Prices seemed fair and extra things were offered by I felt by no means pressured or guilt tripped into taking them. This will become my regular vet.

  • Maria Bergenhem

Everyone at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic were friendly, welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable. I am a new customer and I left feeling confident that they will take great care of my pet’s needs! The space is also nice and spacious, which I’ve found rare for vets in NYC. Terrific all around!

  • Matthew Cerreta

Always feel like our pup is in safe hands here. They are thoughtful and professional, and never want to unnecessarily escalate a situation. Easy to communicate with, able to connect in emergency situations via text or email to assess need for appointments if there's a concern.

  • Lawrence de Laubadere

The clinic and their service is wonderful. They’re professional, attentionate and took very good care of our dog Bali. Our next appointment is in two weeks and we are looking forward to it and to the ones thereafter. Highly recommended vet office for sure! Thank you!

  • Emery Myers

Responsive and very nice to take me in with pup last minute. They were on time, sincerely interested in meeting new puppy and her health. Vet had a 5-10 min conversation with me about vaccinations, diet, energy level - very thoughtful. Highly recommended vet clinic !

  • Dan McElroy

Everyone in the clinic was helpful and polite, and the veterinary staff who examined Mo in the room were both great with him. I was able to get an appointment as a new patient within hours, and the team communicated clearly all the way through the process. Thanks!

  • gretchen scherer

We were able to get an appointment quickly when we really needed it and the care and attention to our dog was outstanding. They followed up with us to see how our dog was doing and even sent a hand written note welcoming us. Highly recommend! We saw Dr. Rendon.

  • linze luna

Every time my dog is at the clinic everyone is incredibly nice and helpful! All of the nurses and Dr’s have great bedside manner and I feel like my pet is receiving the best care. You can tell that Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic is a step above the rest!

  • Mikayla Griego

A little pricier, but so worth it. My cat is very anxious and skittish, and the vets have been so great and patient with her each time we come in. They are also very transparent about pricing and I never feel pressured by them. Highly recommended.

  • Maeve Murphy

Been taking my kitty here for about a year. I can always get an appointment when I need one--Last week I even got one on the same day). The staff is super friendly as well. I love the new facilities on Metropolitan, super clean and nice :) Thank!

  • Ian McKenzie

The best of professional veterinary care and personal service. My cat has been a patient for the last two years—the reception has always been well-informed regarding general info, professional and warm, and never answering questions without

  • Adam Zeiff

We had our first major scare with our cavapoo sport and had to get him in for a Sunday appointment. They fit us in with dr Glenn who seemed to care deeply about the state he was in. She was thorough, gave us options, walked through scans,

  • Kayla Colaizzi

Dr. Rendon is our Primary Vet and has gone above and beyond to help our dog through some health challenges. Cannot thank her enough for the thorough communication and helpful action items when it came to finding the best care for our dog.

  • Ted Jacobs

I believe that Williamsburg Vet was negligent and unprofessional in treating my puppy. On a recommendation for Dr. Reardon from a friend, we took in our 8 week old puppy for an exam and fecal test. Dr. Reardon was nice and personable

  • a kirk

I really cannot say enough positive things about the staff. I absolutely love our vet. And it is clear they love our furry friends as well! I look forward to many great years working together. I highly recommend you give them a try!

  • Taryn Berman

Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic was wonderful with our new puppy Remy! Scheduling was easy and everyone was friendly and informative when we were there. Also appreciate receiving detailed notes, test results and follow-ups quickly.

  • Jo Beau

Great overall. Love the 7 day availability. Helps to cut down on emergency bills when you are unsure of the pet issue. Doctors are friendly and when prompted with questions- always open to explaining to the owner. Very patient.

  • Jessica Pappalardo

Very grateful for the service and kindness from Dr. Glenn and the entire staff. We were able to make a same day appointment for our cat Mia who needed X-rays. Clean and safe space. Would recommend this clinic to any pet owner.

  • Nicole Hedges

All the staff at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic are so lovely and supportive. This is my first dog and I was so nervous and they have been so patient with me but most of all with Gloria, my puppy. I highly recommend them. .

  • Matthew Berson

WVC vets are amazing. Kind and knowledgable, they take amazing care of our pup! Super easy to reach and available on text for quick questions as well - I would recommend them to anyone looking for top notch pet care!

  • Stacey Sude

The doctor was calm, clear, compassionate, and knowledgable. The care is affordable; they're clear about costs and can tailor care to your budget + report in such a way that it won't harm your insurance coverage.

  • Frances Lallave

The entire staff was professional and friendly. They kept my mind at ease when it came to the care of my cat Oreo. They all assured me that he was in good hands and he really was. A big Thank you to them all!

  • Anthony Y

Did a bunch of vaccination shots, rabies, and blood work here for my dog. The vets were very professional, and it was an enjoyable experience overall. Prices were also clearly listed, and reasonably priced.

  • Natalie Henry

Dr. Rendon and staff were very friendly and kind. My kitty didn't seem to mind too much when she was being examined. The whole experience went well and quickly; and this took our stress levels way down.

  • Jaclyn Whalen

The staff are always friendly, happy to answer any questions or concerns I have. It is evident that they all really love animals and I feel confident that my dog is in good hands.

  • Dima Ivanyuk

Staff is super friendly & caring. Dr Rendon is amazing and incredibly helpful w/ explaining her evaluations and enumerating all the available treatment options for moving forward

  • Thitawan Tong Chaiwong

Dr. Rendon is always kind and take her time with us and Iggy. The Vet team and staff are attentive and very caring. They're responsive to emails, questions. They're the best!

  • Lydia Tschoe

Timely and quick appointment! My dog is usually really anxious and nippy but the team was able to get everything done with full compliance! We loved the painless process.

  • sharyn abbes

Always pleasant, helpful, and thorough. They were flexible and understanding about our needs in regard to pet travel. The staff has been fabulous and organized.

  • Stefan Foster

Trustworthy, kind and honest. Thank you, Gina Rendon DVM, Lead Veterinarian at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic, and clinic staff, we appreciate you!

  • Victoria Robinson

I love Williamsburg Vet Clinic. They have taken amazing care of my two elderly cats and my puppy dog. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my pets!

  • Kate Tarlton

They’re so kind and knowledgeable. Always happy to help with any issues and make time for urgent situations. My dog actually loves coming here.

  • Sabrina Rowe Holdsworth

They always take good care of my baby. Expensive but that’s the deal in Willy b now. I trust them and they’re really great with my dog.

  • Emily Carrizo

Such nice staff. They took care of my puppy first visit like a true prince! Good prices for the area, flexible schedule. Call before!

  • Adela Mou

Caring vets who love your pets and provide excellent care. We have been coming here since our dog was a puppy and love them!

  • Adam Owett

Caring, responsive with great staff from the vets to the front desk. Our dog has been well taken care of by WVC since 2019.

  • Krysta Voreas

The staff is always so wonderful! Everyone is so kind and patient and the doctor is always very thorough.

  • James T

Sadly this clinic is a bit too busy to efficiently manage the pets they look after.

  • Kevin Christopher Prince

Always perfect and Elli isn’t scared to go to the vet. What more could I ask for

  • Shayna Macklin

They always take the best care of my fur baby

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