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Bundoora Veterinary Clinic & Hospital is a Animal hospital located at 17 Plenty Rd, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia. It has received 1013 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.



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  • The address of Bundoora Veterinary Clinic & Hospital: 17 Plenty Rd, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia

  • Bundoora Veterinary Clinic & Hospital has 4.3 stars from 1013 reviews

  • Animal hospital

  • "if you have an ill pet i highly recommend bundoora vet"

    "They took 82 dollars to do a urine test for my cat on Wednesday afternoon as he was peeing himself uncontrollably, even though they got the results 2-3 hours after I dropped them on Wednesday, they still hadn’t gotten a vet to just text or call to say if he has uti or not"

    "Avoid taking your pet here at all costs"

    "Terrible service"

    "I rushed my puppy to this emergency centre as he had swallowed something which was stuck in his throat & he was hardly breathing, trying to vomit it out, but was really in pain"


  • Mekayla Marinelli

if you have an ill pet i highly recommend bundoora vet. my family and i have been here twice and satisfied with the care of our pets. our cat willow became very lethargic and lost a lot of weight after we got our new kitten. we suspected she may have been depressed so to 2 different vets before bundoora who disagreed. one said she may have strained a muscle and gave her a pain relief shot. the other said she may have a flu and prescribed her antibiotics but if anything she just got worse. we then decided to take her to bundoora who ran blood tests which all came back negative. there was a lovely vet (my mum isn’t 100% sure but believes his name was toby. if not, this amazing vet was working on the 29/07 from 10:30-5:30) and he explained that she was most likely depressed (stressed about environment change with the new kitten) and gave her a medication to make her eat. he even went out of his way to show us a video of willow finally eating while she was staying at the clinic. we were still a bit worried if she had hurt herself internally and wanted an ultrasound but the vet assured us that she would be fine and it would stress her out if she stayed there any longer than she had to. this built our trust with the clinic as willow’s care was put first whereas other clinics would usually convince you to leave your pet there so they could make money. he gave us a few tablets to bring home with us and offered us advice on how to help her get back to herself. we gave her the medication for 2 days and noticed fast improvement and decided to stop. it has now been nearly a week since we brought willow home from bundoora and she is completely back to normal, eating heaps and even getting along with the new kitten. i know willow’s condition wasn’t that serious but i’m sure most of us pet owners tend to overthink when our babies are ill as they can’t verbally tell us what’s wrong. we also have trust issues with vets due to a previous emergency clinic who failed to give our sick dog a diagnosis but prescribed antibiotics and told us he would be fine. he got worse as soon as he came home so we took him here where the vet told us that he was dying and couldn’t believe they sent him home like that. we sadly had to make the decision to euthanise him. the vets there at the time (i don’t remember their names) were so compassionate and caring and reassured us that we made the right decision and he would not have to suffer anymore. all the staff are amazing and professional and you can tell how passionate they are about animals. if your pet is sick or hurt i would 100% recommend you come to bundoora vet as they are in the best care. we were especially worried about willow staying for a few hours as she is very clingy and new environments and people stress her out but the fact that she felt comfortable to eat in their care says a lot. they were also very gentle with her and she did not meow or try and escape when the vet was patting her. thank you guys for everything you do, will definitely be visiting again if we have any future issues.

  • Marg Pla

They took 82 dollars to do a urine test for my cat on Wednesday afternoon as he was peeing himself uncontrollably, even though they got the results 2-3 hours after I dropped them on Wednesday, they still hadn’t gotten a vet to just text or call to say if he has uti or not. It is now Friday afternoon and still no call and the woman at the reception Rowan is so rude each time on the phone. They said Thursday afternoon that I’ll get a call by 10am. Then I called back at midday Friday and receptionist Rowan said “ you will be lucky if you get a call before the weekend because we are too busy”. I decided to stop by the clinic on my way home at 1.45 pm and there was only 3 people with their dogs inside. The first Rowan said when I showed up and said I am just here for Sockie’s results is “oh I can see you are next in queue” and told me they have changed my phone consult to just in person as I was there and to seat and wait. I had to wait until 2.50 pm to be seen and both Rowan & Loz (receptionist) were being passive aggressive. All 3 lots of patients were seen, and there were new people coming in, in the meantime and being seen before me - one guy came in because he just wanted to check out the lumps on his dog that appeared last few days as precautionary and he got seen before me. Please note I am also 7.5 months pregnant at this stage and standing at the counter the entire time, so they had no regard for my health. Anyways in the end 50 minutes in, receptionist Loz noticed I took a photo of the QR code on the counter to put a complaint in, and only then speaks to Rowan about if she can get the next vet to see me - so I figured at this point they hadn’t even raised it with anyone and were actually being petty. Loz then goes in the consulting room 1 to talk to the intern and Dr Jee about me and they came out at 2.50 pm to tell me the cat has nothing in urine results and prescribed some more medication to help with stress he might be experiencing and to wait in room 1 until they get the prescription. I waited for over 10 mins, but still no one came back to the room, so being pregnant and not feeling well after the way I was being treated and continued to be treated - I left the room went to my car to go home. They then texted me this at 3.23 pm, continuing being passive aggressive. Will definitely be raising this issue with the director of the company. If you have same issue as me - go to your bank and dispute your payment and ask for a full refund as these services timeframes are unacceptable. This is the main reception wait area by the way - as you can see no one else in front of me “so very very busy as Rowan mentioned”

  • Stephanie Ke

Avoid taking your pet here at all costs. Go to CARE animal hospital in Collingwood instead. I took my dog here after I found her paralysed from the waist down and within minutes of entering the consulting room they said the only thing they can do is to euthanize her. No compassion at all. They didn't have the equipment to provide any other treatment for her so I requested to go to CARE animal hospital instead (I should've gone straight there instead of wasting my time here). I carried her out the room and my partner held the doors open for me so I can put her in my car and the receptionist ran outside yelling at us to come back inside to pay the bill. We were horrified at how rude she was and without a shred of compassion after seeing the tears down our face while we put my incredibly sick dog in the car. When I went inside to pay, they told me the bill had come to $185 and I was in complete shock. They did absolutely NOTHING to help her in the 5 minutes we spent in the consult room and we visited the clinic during "work hours" on a weekday (no after hours or weekend surcharges). We have also taken our other dog there when she was a puppy and were charged between $2000 to $3000 over weeks of visits. I regret not knowing about CARE animal hospital when my other dog was unwell because they would've helped treat her in a shorter time frame and half the cost. We took her over and over again for weeks but they would rush us out the consult room and make us trial treatments like a different brand of food, antibiotics ect without ever testing her even though she was extremely underweight and lethargic from her constant diarrhoea. So our bill racked up over all the late night visits/medication and a few days later we had to rush her back again because she was on deaths door and was just skin and bones. The medication they given her had made her even more unwell and when they finally tested her, they found out she had multiple blood parasites that was also contagious to humans. She was almost dead before they bothered investigating further and they finally put her on a drip overnight and gave her the right treatment. To summarise, this vet will take advantage of your love for your pets and try to get as much money out of you as possible. Avoid coming here.

  • Annette

Terrible service. My 82 year old dad was made to wait outside on a very hot day until he almost passed out. I understand that covid puts us all in difficult times but this is going too far. When I called the next day to follow up I was spoken to in a very unsatisfactory manner. Will never use this vet again if they think it is OK to treat the elderly like that. Update - After I left the above review I have now been told that management have to review the file next Monday, 6 days after I called and asked for the medication that was advised that my dad's dog needed. Due to his distress when my dad got to see the vet last Monday he was in no fit state to understand what was being offered so declined and took his dogs home. When I complained the next day I was told it would take 48 hours to dispense the required medication but due to my poor google review they are now saying I was abusive to staff (I never once raised my voice or used inappropriate language) and are potentially not going to give the medication that the vet said my dad's dog needs. The lady who I spoke to yesterday mentioned the 'scathing google review' that I left. Customer service is all about acknowledging issues as things don't always go right and helping to work through them, not making excuses and even trying to downplay what had happened. She also said that my dad had only been waiting 20 minutes as they.l timed it and most people wait 2-3 hours. I can't actually believe that a vet is withholding medication because they are unhappy with someone complaining and after my dad paid for the consult for his 2 dogs.

  • sumvit

I rushed my puppy to this emergency centre as he had swallowed something which was stuck in his throat & he was hardly breathing, trying to vomit it out, but was really in pain. When we get here, there was only 1 more dog they were attending. In an emergency case they first took care of the admin by taking there time to enter details in there computer system. Then asked us to wait as someone would attend my pup shortly. 40 min later while my pup yelled & begged for help & care, tried hard to breathe to survive, they still did not attend him, having there only patient before us leaving the premises 20 minutes earlier. I would not risk any beings life approaching this business oriented hospital centre for any emergencies even if I have to drive further 20 minutes because we may have more chances to survive in a critical situation by reaching an ethical emergency centre where life n patients are valued. Please take care of your loved ones to avoid dependency on such facilities as it's a life & death situation for you & your beloved needing urgent help. They say animals are bézubaan (without the ability to speak up), but I saw my pup literally begging n communicating to them as he was in deep pain n discomfort, however, they were adamant on following the slow paced procedures & attendance priority to emergency cases. Tears in my pup eyes, his coughing, vomiting were not enough We need better emergency centres to diminish monopoly, improve & create better society for the safety & protection of our loves ones. Take care fellas

  • Mel Issa

I cannot respond to the owners response below, so I'll just have to edit my original message. I spoke to Libby at reception and sent two emails on Thursday sept 22nd 2022 at 7.27pm. It would be outrageous for you not to have found me considering I came there in person, got a response to my original email that stated they would send it to the owner, and yet 7 months later I still haven't heard anything back until I just saw the response from the owner below (somehow they blocked my ability to respond to them). Still cannot believe how they continue to behave and obviously have made no changes. Appauling! I still have not received an explanation and a proper discharge 3-4 weeks after my dog stayed there. Birgitte was particularly rude, they sent me out of the hospital without all the medication/without telling me what happened as you would expect from a proper discharge. I emailed the manager 3 times and still have not heard back! Absolutely atrocious treatment. I will look to take this further as I'm still in shock about the lack of care and regard for my pet. I trusted to leave him in their hands only to be treated this poorly! Shameful! Working to take this further as I'm so upset with how they treated me and my sick dog. Please be aware and before they let you go home with your loved ones, be sure they sit you down and properly explain what happened and why - IN PERSON...as you would expect as part of the discharge process.

  • Jay Jo

Brought our 8 week old puppy in as she was suffering with diarrhoea and vomiting every half hour for over 10 hours and was extremely lethargic. Before bringing her in we took her to a local vet that ran blood tests showing her white blood cell count was 4 times what it was meant to be. Bundoora vet let her go after 24 hours, without giving us a reason as to why she was sick (as they didn’t investigate this) even though the first vet we saw at Bundoora (who was really great, hence the 2 stars instead of 1) stated it could be due to bacteria, virus, or parasite. She soon began going downhill 24hours after being back home. I rang the vet up and they stated she just has an upset stomach and there’s no reason to bring her back in. We took her to a different animal hospital who discovered she has a stricture around her intestine, the beginnings of a twisted intestine due to vomiting and diarrhoea as she was also suffering from coccidiosis (from a parasite). Both life threatening if not treated properly. When ringing bundoora vet up to discuss this, I was met with an extremely rude and unhelpful receptionist then received a call back from a vet that was quiet defensive (and couldn’t answer specific questions since they never saw our dog - not sure why they rang us instead of a vet who did treat our dog.)

  • Anna Natis

It’s taken me a while to post this review but I cannot praise Bundoora Vet Clinic and Emergency Hospital anymore. They assisted my beautiful baby boy Chicharito on the 4/7/2023 after he was admitted needing to get his creatinine and other toxins from his kidneys down to a safer level. It was confirmed after a couple of days that my baby had polycystic kidney disease. Dr Bronwyn told us that that his kidneys were completely damaged and he didn’t have long left. On the 7/7/2023 my darling boy crossed the rainbow bridge as his kidneys had gone into renal failure and his breathing was laboured. Thank you to all the veterinary staff, reception staff and everyone who helped us during this roller coaster of a journey. Thank you for always answering our phone calls and giving us updates every time I called, for allowing me and my daughter to spend time with our beautiful boy Chicharito and finally allowing me to be with my darling baby and give him a final kiss and hug as he crossed the rainbow bridge. My heart will forever be broken as my darling boy is now longer with us but thank you everyone for your compassion and empathy you showed us x

  • Rani Ray Chaudhuri

Mixed experience. Reception staff very friendly and welcoming. Happy to assist. The vet seems a little inexperienced. She over did the cleaning of the abscess. Tried to give me whole lot of oral antibiotics to give my cat without explaining. When I asked don't you have a antibiotics shot, she said my cat was distressed. I asked her to get it and administer the shot and my cat didn't even move as I was holding him. Worse was still to come. She didn't know how to give him the shot. Instead of giving my cat the antibiotics shot and all the antibiotics was all over me. I asked her to get it again and thankfully she did it the second time or atleast I think so as I couldn't feel it anywhere so should me right. She gave a cone which was not the right sizes, my cat could lick the wound and I had to keep an eye to stop him as when I called they asked me the bring it over and they will change it. I don't drive, I had to get cab there so it was better for me to go to the pet store and get it as I couldn't get myself to go back again.

  • Che T

My beautiful little Coconut sadly passed away on Tuesday morning at Bundoora Vet Clinic, and I am managing through this pain feeling certain that this team did everything they could and more to save her. She was already critical when I ran in the door and they took her straight from my arms and started working on her through the night. They were already at capacity and didn’t hesitate. They kept my updated, were kind, compassionate, attentive through everything. One of the hardest parts of losing someone you love is that you start thinking of what you could have done differently and better, you wonder whether you made the right choices for them. One thing for certain is that I took her to the right hospital, because if they couldn’t save her then nobody could have. I want to extend my most sincere thanks to everyone who looked after Coconut, and myself this week. She was a little treasure and deserved the best of everything right until the end, and I believe she had that. In loving memory of the best girl in the world. ❤️

  • Nisha Kurien

As a family, we would sincerely like to thank the vets and nurses at Bundoora Vet for saving our golden retriever Buddy's life. Buddy was an emergency case for a fatal tiger snake bite and we were so close to losing him. He is only 2 years and his case was extremely complicated. He spent 10 days at BVC fighting aspiration pneumonia and extremely high CK levels. The care, affection and love showed by the vets and nurses helped us keep calm during this time. The reception was always cheerful to take our calls and the vets were absolutely fantastic in answering my endless questions. The staff at BVC is the ONLY reason we still have our Buddy with us. They ensured he was given the correct treatment and shared daily updates. They were able to diagnose his complications and made sure he got the best treatment. Even though we live in regional Victoria, we will be visiting BVC for our regular check ups. Thank you for everything BVC, Buddy is doing well now and we are truly grateful to you.

  • Chris Homsey

Late Thursday night I called the clinic / hospital as I was concerned about my 5yo German Shepherd. Angus answered the phone and very quickly established that we did indeed have an emergency. He asked me to bring my dog straight in. I headed to Bundoora and could tell it was a very busy night for the staff. Nevertheless, they took time to explain the medical complication and surgery process, and promptly commenced saving my dog's life from GDV. They no doubt knew I wouldn't sleep that night not knowing how surgery went, so called to check in with me and give the positive news that all went well. My dog then had two days of recovery / observation under very attentive care, and walked out of the facility a very happy woofie. I just can't thank you guys enough, nurses and vets; for the compassion and professionalism you extended to us when we needed it the most. Mr Todd is doing great...so naturally we are too.

  • Raven Waves

I continue to have nothing but the most excellent standard of care here. I appreciate not every experience can or will be the same, but my animals always seem to have an emergency when it's after hours or on a public holiday. Despite the stress and tears I am always in when I bring them to the hospital, we have always been treated well. Never been snapped at for being in tears, never been treated coldly. Even where we had a billing issue it was resolved with professionalism and honesty. This is far and above the level of service and care I have been provided at other clinics in and around Melbourne. On the instances where my animals could come home, they were able to heal at home with the treatments and medications we have been provided by the vets. One the single sad occasion they couldn't come home, we were treated with empathy and compassion. Thank you to the team for all you do.

  • Tosca Taz

This vet is the worst of all the vets I been to soon as you walk in the door they are talking how much it’s going to cost ,well I would like every one to know that I first took my dog in to Bundoora vet , they charged me. $2000 over night then next day they gave me antibiotics and they said yr dog is doing well . when I took my dog home it wasn’t ok at all his legs were swollen couldn’t walk then I took my dog to a hospital vet they told me which ever vet told that this dog is doing ok ,is not true Bundoora vet should not be running that place at all .they don’t care about a family member a pet which is a big part in your family . They have lied to me charged me about &1500 done no test what so ever . Now I have lost a part of my family member I strongly recommend that no one who loves there pet not to take to Bundoora vet they have cause my both dogs life’s .

  • Andrea Au

Yesterday, I brought my cat Mikey to Bundoora veterinary clinic as he was not eating and possibly has a gut blockage. I arrived to be greeted by Rowan and she immediately examined Mikey. 5 minutes later, she advised “Good news”. I was happy to hear this and more than happy to wait cor next available slot. However Mikey vomited and dirtied the floor. I asked Rowan for a rag and she immediately brought Mikey to a consult room to clean him and his cage, placed his dirty towel in a bag and gave him a new towel. I was so happy to see Mikey back to his normal self though we now know what caused it - he ate a whole paper towel! I like to commend the genuine and professional care Rowan has demonstrated. She is very emphatic, gentle and attentive to us. I would 100% return and highly recommend any person to Bundoora Veterinery clinic and hospital. Great job Rowan!

  • Spotty Mushroom

don't bother going without an appointment. our pup had an accident and broke his knee (which we didn't know at the time). unfortunately, it happened on a Sunday and after a long search whilst in a panic we came across this place's website stating "24/7 emergency care, we are always open". so I call and sit in their phone queue for over 20 minutes...forget it. I will drive down as it was getting late, and it's a long drive, about an hour. so we arrive and get the usual, "we are very busy, and we can't fit you in tonight". OK what are our options? say no more, we left. anyway, we started looking elsewhere, happy to announce all is well with our pup even though it all cost ~5K so far. all up we may have just been unlucky, but their website certainly needs correcting.

  • Brody Calypso

They saw my dog in the evening after he had been attacked by a strange dog in a park and left with a torn ear. We of course had no appointment so had to wait for a while. Staff were supportive of my rescue dog’s nervous disposition and gave us somewhere to sit a bit out of the way while we waited which was greatly appreciated. The vet who saw us was very efficient with cleaning the wound and did a great job of communicating to me what i needed to do at home to continue the healing. The fee was very reasonable and staff were were friendly and professional. They even submitted my insurance claim for me, even though it was our first visit. I couldn’t have asked for better care. His ear is now healing well without complication. Thanks folks!

  • Frank Scopelliti

I've been going to this clinic for neally 15 years. Not no more! They were fantastic with my cat originally. However my last 2 visit have been a nightmare. No I woukd say that they are just about the cash and turn over, rather that care for your love one. If your local I would strongly recommend you to go to CARE collingwood in an emergency. They were fantastic and most reasonable pricing! I now go to preston Vet, and now my cat and I are treated likewe are vusiting a fantastic GP. They are conpassionate and undestanding, with a good care plan provided for your love one. Cost is weighed up about benefit for your animals care and best intrest. Not about getting as much money out of you as possible.

  • Abby Khneisser

I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for Bundoora Vet and their amazing team. Having to rush Bolero down for GDV was extremely stressful, however the staff made this entire situation a lot easier to deal with. The receptionist was so lovely over the phone and he was seen right away upon arrival. Dr. Sam explained everything very thoroughly to us and began treatment right away. It’s very evident that he is a caring and skilled veterinarian and I had no doubt in my mind that my boy is in safe hands. Surgery was a success and I was kept updated throughout. The cost was also fairly priced and reasonable. Again, thank you so much for the service, care and effort that was provided for Bolero.

  • Abbey Nguyen

I cannot speak highly enough of Bundoora Vet. My puppy Ollie received the best care during his visits here. Staffs are always helpful, specially to a new dog mum that freaks out over everything like me. Ollie ran away in June when we left the back door open during moving and the staffs were so kind, they called and let me know that he has been dropped off at the clinic. He was well taken care of and was a happy boy by the time I picked him up haha. Sadly, we moved to Truganina and now too far away from the clinic to attend. I recommend Bundoora Vet to anyone in the northern suburbs, as a bonus, they open 24 hours for emergency also, truly a caring and amazing place. Thank you!

  • alessia curcio

I just want to thank the Vets and Staff at Bundoora Vet and hospital, we were sent away at another hospital on Sunday and decided to bring our dog to Bundoora we have never been to this clinic before and our dog was quite unwell. From the moment we walked in the receptionist made us feel relaxed and reassuring as she could see we were quite distraught, we were seen pretty much straight away and she stayed in over night. Every interaction we had with the staff and vets were really great and you can see how much love they actually have for the animals which you don’t see enough at hospitals. Thankyou again for taking care of our dog and bringing her back to her normal self.

  • Sherwin Fernando

I had an exceptional experience at this vet clinic with my cat Mila under the care of Dr. Ash. The level of expertise and compassion shown by Dr. Ash was truly remarkable. From the moment we walked in, the staff made us feel like family, creating a warm and welcoming environment. Dr. Ash's knowledge and attentiveness during Mila's treatment journey put my worries at ease. The clinic's state-of-the-art facilities and the genuine care they have for animals is truly commendable. Thanks to Dr. Ash and the entire team, Mila is healthier and happier than ever. I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking top-notch care for their furry family members.

  • priya shinde

Great service. Very friendly staff and knowledgeable vets. Late at night, while playing, my dog had accidently gulped the squeaky from his toy. I called the vet and they advised to induce vomiting to reduce the risk of the squeaky getting stuck and causing blockage. We went to the clinic and they immediately took him in, and within an hour my dog was allowed to go back home. Post procedure, we had a good long consultation with the vet where she showed us the eaten squeaky and explained why it was risky and what procedure they did. She was also happy to discuss other concerns we had and we were not rushed at all. I highly recommend this place.

  • Belle Mallinson

We can not thank everyone at Bundoora Vet enough for what they have done for us. We had to bring our girl in late Thursday night after we established we had an emergency. The vets took her in as soon as we got there and started x-rays and surgery. As me and my partner were visibly upset all of the staff were extremely compassionate and caring. The procedure and all the next steps were carefully explained to us. We were kept updated with phone calls and were able to go and get our girl to bring home two days later. We couldn’t be happier to have her home and on the mend. Could not recommend enough, thank you.

  • Hayleigh Dawn

I took my beautiful girl to the vet where she was experiencing some breathing issues. All the staff were soo professional and helpful. Unfortunately I had to make the hardest decision as a pet owner to put my girl down. I had the best support from the Vet Sophie who helped me make the best decision for my girl. I have since come home today and my girl has been gone for a week to a beautiful card from this vet expressing there condolences for the loss of my girl! I have the utmost gratitude to this simple but amazing gesture. When the time is right to get a new pet I will definitely come back.

  • Tara Dean

This is such an amazing vets clinic who goes above and beyond. They triage really well which gives me huge piece of mind that a vet will see my dog depending on the urgency. The women at the front desk are so lovely and really make you feel cared for and heard which is so important when you are bringing your beloved pet in an emergency. The vets I have interacted with are exceptionally caring, gentle and explain information thoroughly, giving all options. We are so lucky that our beautiful Maisy has been looked after so well by them.

  • Calvin Fisher

When our kittens got into some toxic pollen and scared the hell out of us a couple of weeks ago, we called Bundoora Vet for emergency after hours help. They were very reassuring and understanding of our situation and were quick to help out. The estimated waiting period we were given was surprisingly accurate and the experts took fantastic care of our little girls during their 2 day stay (they are now happy and thriving again). Huge thanks to everyone at the clinic who works tirelessly to keep our small friends alive and well!

  • Laura Di Cori

Lovely friendly staff and the Dr that saw my fur baby was lovely. I truly believe this clinic cares more about the welfare of your pet than money. I was all set to pay for X-rays but the vet suggested we wait and try medication first to see if that improves her injury. I have a vet around the corner that I used for 30 years for all my pets as the care was about a healthy outcome but the new owners are to me looking for a healthy bank balance. I would recommend Bundoora Veterinary Clinic to everyone, their brilliant.

  • Anthony Audino

After taking our elderly dog to Bundoora when he wasn’t his usual self, the staff at Bundoora looked after him like their own. They made regular calls to check in. Unfortunately our little man was very unwell and we had to make the tough decision.. they were incredibly supportive and assuring of the decision. A couple of days later we received a card in the mail from Dr. Martin giving his condolences to the family. Although we lost our dog, the care we received from the team was incredible . Thank you.

  • Chris O'Brien

Unfortunately whilst pet sitting for my mother who was overseas, Bobby became ill and needed urgent care. The team here were fantastic and showed the absolutely highest level of care - almost as if it's for their own pet! They were very understanding and open to my suggestions and didn't pull the old "I'm the doctor" card on me. They understand that their owners know their pets extremely well. Have to tip my hat to you all. All 3 ladies I spoke to were amazing to deal with. Keep up the great work

  • Bruce Hill

This place is hit and miss. Staffing levels seem extremely low. I realise vets need to start somewhere, but I always feel like I have the Graduate. I had a dog with a full vertical break in a rear tooth and apparently this was elective surgery and I would have to wait 1 month for the extraction. I requested the vets report so I could try somewhere else. It never came. The vet I went to, that could do the surgery that week requested the notes. They never came. Really disappointing.

  • Bianca Moscarda

My daughter & fiance brought their dog here as he was coughing blood & lethargic - after a check up was mis-diagnosed with kennel cough & sent home with medicine. There was no suggestion of further investigations. Three days later he collapsed & was taken to another hospital where they did blood tests & xrays to be told he had ingested poison & had blood in the lungs. They tried everything to keep him alive, but couldn't save him & left us all devastated. He was only 3 years old.

  • Emma Ings

The staff at Bundoora Vet are the most thoughtful you will find, I cannot fault a single person and it made the whole situation a lot easier to deal with. Dr Natalie, you are a beautiful soul. You helped Lilly have the absolute best last moments she could have. Wrapped a little present for her to open one last time and everything. Thank you for making us and Lilly feel safe and cared for and mostly, thank you Dr Nat for the card, it was unexpected and so greatly appreciated.

  • Mirella Ayoub

Very disappointing service. Brought my puppy in, was sent away with painkillers, back the next day and was left overnight saying she was fine to go home. Puppy was in pain and high fever still after 3 consults. I was charged for 4 consults and an overnight stay to be told that they have no idea what’s going on. Changed vets, the best decision I made. It was a waste of over $1000 and time. Don’t bother with their service, very inexperienced and love to take money.

  • Callum Grayson

The staff here are wonderful. In October 2020 I brought in a 5 week old kitten I had found by the side of the road and they took great care of her, especially as I lost my mind worrying about her. And they were able to reunite us a few days later so I could adopt her. They have always been great answering questions and being incredibly patient with me being a new cat owner. The staff have all been amazing throughout the pandemic and it's the only vet I'll go to.

  • Troy McLean

My cat was in and out of their care over a three week period, and when he was brought home he transmitted an upper respiratory infection to our older cat. He has no other contact with other cats or animals, so the infection had to have come from the younger cats visits to this establishment. The staff are lovely, but they should have given us some kind of notification that he was showing signs of cat flu. Now our older cat is very sick. not ok.

  • Travis Pleydell

About 6 months ago our little chiuhauha had a episode with his heart and we had to rush to the vet, they were nothing but helpful! He stayed in over night and the next day they kept ringing me with updates. His still alive because bundoora vet. I cant be happier! Also when we go in for check ups they are really helpful and if rowan is on its a bonus the amount of knowledge she has and is always willing to help is second to none. Thankyou!

  • Luna Ramos

It was our first time coming to a 24 hour vet hospital, the receptionist were nice,, it was very busy when we came & reality is we waited but it’s ok that’s how it is like human hospitals. Overall experience the vet that look after Luna did a good job checking her thoroughly he was so gentle with my dog that put me at ease. He gave her the right meds and put her back to her old self within a week! So thank you for your services.

  • Holly R

Thank you Bundoora Vet for taking such good care of my very shy senior cat. I brought him in to emergency, and the instant I arrived they took him straight to an exam room to get him looked at. The staff were so kind and gentle. I’ve never seen my cat calm at the vet, I was so impressed. The fee was also very reasonable. My cat made a full recovery and I can’t thank the staff here enough!

  • Sanduni Balasooriya

Bundoora Vet is an amazing clinic! Highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an emergency consult. They were very patient and amazing at on the phone consults and even went the extra mile to provide advice via email and let us send through photos with our questions and concerns about our pets health. Will definitely come back to the Bundoora Vet clinic if we ever need to!

  • Ashleigh Bayne

Thank you for taking care of my baby Tinky in an emergency with heart failure. Also thank you for taking care of me too ❤️ the vets that looked after my baby (Simone, Ed and Sam) were absolutely lovely and kept me informed along the way. Also the lady that worked at reception on Tuesday 04/07/2023 at 8am who showed nothing but compassion to myself when I broke down in tears ❤️❤️

  • Suzanne Geddes

I want to thank Dr Jee and the staff on behalf of myself, my mother and family. Such a sad sad decision we had to make to put our family dog to sleep. You were so professional, so caring and so glad Eddy had you to take care of him. You even hugged my mum and I cannot thank you enough for helping us get through this and providing all the support and help we needed.

  • Peta Basile

We loved our experience here. My dog Maple required surgery after eating something she shouldn't have. I was informed each step of the way. They phoned every time they said they would. Customer service was outstanding even though they seemed very understaffed at times. I highly recommend this vet. The ladies at reception were awesome Many thanks from Maple and her Family.

  • Janelle

The vets and staff are fantastic! I have anxiety with my dog Mia and the staff are always there to help and reassure me even if I ring a hundred times a week or bring her in they are very accomadating and Mia loves them! Especially Rowan, Loz and gee! I would defiantly recommend them to everybody! Thanks Bundoora vet for always understanding and being so kind and helpful

  • Grace Mccall

Very very good. My dog was unwell and spent 3 nights in the hospital. They gave me a quote at the beginning before we knew he'd be there longer and it still ended up being a little cheaper. I'd pay whatever but not everyone can afford it so I thank the vets for taking care of my pup and for reasonable pricing. I've been to other vets where the pricing was astronomical.

  • Vesna Stojkovska

I called and spoke to reception before bringing in my sick dog. I was reassured that we would be seen. Upon arrival I was acknowledged by an extremely rude receptionist. She showed no empathy and simply gave us a list of hospitals to take my dog to. You are dealing with some extremely vulnerable people who love their pets. Show some heart. It doesn’t cost anything.

  • Gaja Black

We came home late Saturday night to find our cat barely breathing wheezing, unable to stand. We raced him down to Bundoora Clinic at 1.30 am, they took him immediately, took great care of him, and we got to say goodbye to him with dignity, as he was kept comfortable. Brilliant service by Nurses & Vets. They will be our new Vet for our other 2 cats from now on

  • marianna cibin

Everything in this clinic is Amazing! From the reception ( absolutely friendly and caring, especially the blonde lady today, I'm so sorry I don't know your name but thankyou!!) And the Doctor that visit my super grumpy cat Krug. Thankyou very much for your help! The service has definitely improved throughout The years. I will definitely come back!!!

  • Jessika Spink

These people should not be in business. In an emergency - go anywhere but here! Receptionists are short, grumpy, poor communicators and have no empathy. Not to mention they nearly killed my dog with an undocumented double dose of morphine. Subsequently, went to collingwood & Penvet through the course of treatment and recovery and they were amazing.

  • Karen Gibbs

Thank you so very much to the team working on the 25/11/23 Saturday my husband and son came in with our beautiful baby Suzie for end of life care. My family said these guys made the worst day of their life more tolerable. Special mention to Natalie for her amazing care of Suzie. Running free over the rainbow bridge Forever in our hearts.

  • Marion Densley

This hospital is outstanding. It's so difficult to get into a local vet but these people will always see unwell animals. They try their very best and we would be lost without them. Thank you for your care, compassion and understanding. We need each and everyone of you. Please use this service for the sake of your much loved pets.

  • Gak Jova

The first time bringing my dog to this clinic and they saved my sweet boys life. They treated him like their own throughout the whole experience and were so understanding and lovely to my family during that traumatic time. I’ll never go to a different Vet. Thank you so much to the whole team, we are forever grateful ❤️ - Monica

  • Yushi Peng

Had a poor bird fly into our window and broke it's wings, rung the vet after hours and receptionist just told us to bring it in and they'll look after it. On one other occasion they took in a lost dog we found wandering around as well. Very gracious that vets like Bundoora vet take in injured native animals and lost dogs!

  • Lalin D

Our experience there hasn't been positive, The staff we dealt with, The receptionist and the asian background vet treated us coldly and with crude remarks and charged fair bit for consultation and an xray, only to be sent home to heal naturally with some pain meds. Won't be visiting there again after seeing some reviews.

  • Andrew Buckley

Went there after midnight after finding my cat in an extremely bad way.. Vets and reception staff were amazing and comforting and made me feel at ease. Thoroughly explained his diagnosis and required treatment. And able to dispense required medications on the spot. Price very reasonable for after hours emergency service

  • Clare L

Efficient, professional and empathetic staff who cop a lot of rudeness. This is an emergency/out of hours centre, so you need to be prepared to wait, particularly if you’re a walk in, because another animal might arrive whose needs are greater than your own. Fairly priced for the availability of 24H care. Thank you

  • Edda Roso

Wonderful people. I use to go to another one since my cat was 8 weeks old she is now 17 years old. Cindy didn't eat or drink for 2 days I rang my vet but they couldn't fit me in. I have Bundoora a ring and they told me to come in. They gave Cindy an injection and antibiotics. They were wonderful and so caring.

  • Karla Hicks

Highly recommend Bundoora Vet & Hospital. The staff are professional, kind and are excellent at handling compromised and less than cooperative pets. Huge thanks to Dr. Bronwen Harper for compassion and professionalism treating my blind old man cat. All the staff are lovely, we can't thank you guys enough!

  • Erik Krauklis

Sept 2023 - This is our go to emergency vet but on this occasion we did not ring first, attended about 7pm on a Saturday. They were on bypass because they were overwhelmed with patients. Still able to triage injured dog, giving recommendations for other vets. Good service at very busy time. Ring first.

  • Amir

Bad service, over charged after providing quotation for treatment. Rude and arrogant staff. Will never be back and will make complaint to ACCC. Holding our pets to ransom. These people don’t care about your pets. Only about their pockets. Do yourself a favour and go somewhere else! Absolute nightmare.

  • Zerina Muratović

I'm a little suspicious of my dog's relationship with this centre. Pretends to be sick, goes in for treats and pats and he's all better Staff here are amazing. They are hands down the most compassionate human beings. Thank you for the amazing work and for being Charlie and Indy's besties!!

  • Steph M

Will not be coming here again. They seem to just want to get people and pets in and out as quick as they can. We ended up going to another vet the very next day and actually got an outcome and a plan which is not what we received here. Reception/nurses don't seem to care either.

  • Robyn Ribarich

Unbelievable compassion. Dr Natalie was so understanding last night when we had to put our beloved dog down. She held my phone so our children could FaceTime to say goodbye. Staff also let us stay as long as we wanted & allowed our son to have precious time after with his pet

  • Alicja Malinowski

Second time Bundoora Vet Clinic have seen my dog as an emergency/walk in appointment now. I have seen two different vets and both were amazing. The level of care and empathy shown by both doctors was a class above. Thank you Dr David for your patience with my big sook today!

  • TEDDI Dc

Thank you to the amazing and compassionate staff at Bundoora Veterinary Hospital, last night our beautiful girl Tilly took her last breath . Your support and care during our darkest time cannot be put into words. You are the unsung heroes. Thank you Sincerely Teddi ❤

  • Pat Boeti

Our little one became sick, he was at the end Bundoora was the only ones who would see him. The vets and staff were so professional and compassionate, they supported us through our tough time. I am so grateful for their support and respect during our time of loss.

  • Marilyn Bednar

Have been attending this VET practice for many years with my 2 senior dogs. They have saved their lives multiple times when the odds were against them. I know they are always in good hands there. We cant thank them enough for their kindness and expertise.

  • Sonia C

Great vets. Very friendly. They do get busy but if you book an appointment you will get seen roughly close to the time to wanted. Unfortunately lately they are not open on weekends. Found this out the hard way as I really needed a vet and no one was there

  • Lilian Yap

I have recently sent my doggie to this clinic and the staff and vets are very helpful and show lots of care to my pet. Doctor susi is very thoughtful and she sent a greeting card (with my doggie's paw print) to show her and the team's sympathy of my pet.

  • Georgia Ryan

Busy but kind. The staff gave me info over the phone, checked in with the vet to make sure info was right and gave me the cost and all the details really quickly and kindly. Super helpful when I was stressing. I will be making this my regular vet …

  • Michelle Atherton

A big thanks to the team at Bundoora Veterinary clinic! My dog was attacked by another dog so was dog reactive. The team made sure that she didn’t need to go past any other dog every time we needed to visit. Such great service and the care was awesome

  • Alison Natoli

We’ve taken both of our dogs here for emergency consultations and we’ve always been treated as though we matter. Even during their busy times. Their compassion and response was amazing. I commend all of their staff and would highly recommend them.

  • Lorraine Pointer Real Estate

Thank you for treating our little girl Minnie..after she sliced her shoulder on a piece of tin.. staff were all kind supportive and understanding of our distress.. and Minnie was a perfect patient.. for you.. not quite so for me though.. Lol

  • Minnie Fleming

The team there are always professional and helpful my local vet i can never get into all it takes is a phone call and my little boy is seen within 30 mins no appointment ,your fur babies are in great hands thanks Bundoor Veterinary Clinic.

  • Source Film-Maker

Customer service and pet care are amazing, The price, however, scares you when you are provided with the invoice noting misclassifications on the charges This is my regular vet by choice now, Service is good price could be better

  • Alis Ali

Bundoora has always been my go to for an emergency hour vet. My dog had a large bump on her head and they were able to determine what it was almost immediately. Unfortunately, my dog went into surgery, but she is now recovering!

  • Tia Heffernan

Always have the best experience at this vet, they are so patient and thorough. Take the best care of my Betty and always take the time to answer my millions of questions. Thanks guys so much for looking after my girl always!

  • chrispenjose

We dropped off an injured baby bird we've found on our driveway here. Amazing service, I tell ya. They'll walk you through to the process of how they intend to look after the fur/feather friend you've brought.

  • Clare Unwin

These guys couldn’t have been more friendly and understanding when we brought our dog in late at night to be looked at. All sorted with care and compassion and reasonably priced to boot. Definitely recommend.

  • Wilna Pretorius

This is the most amazing veterinary hospital. Everyone is always very helpful, caring and extremely knowledgeable. My cat with brown snake bite life was saved by this hospital. Their rates is also reasonable.

  • Susan Ruth

Our much loved cat deteriorated quickly, and the professional and sensitive care that our cat and we received was outstanding. All the staff we interacted with gave us amazing care. I plan to go there again.

  • Susannah Wakeling

I took an injured possum to Bundoora vet earlier this week, the staff there were super friendly and efficient. The staff member at the reception even assured you that the possum will be well taken care of.

  • Chris C

We had to take our cat to the emergency clinic at Bundoora. They were incredible and attentive. Unfortunately our cat passed (old age/heart) but unbelievably grateful for this clinics response and care.

  • Lesley Davies

Rang this morning about 4 am, my dog..an American bulldog has ear infection which was bleeding and making him uncomfortable..man on phone said nothing we can do until 8.30 ring back..not happy

  • Ramin Olfati

Staff members are so nice and friendly Dr. Eoin , apart from being knowledgeable and professional, is an absolutely beautiful human being. His love and caring for animals is so obvious.

  • Haley-Rose Burgess

I'd avoid this clinic if you can. Receptionists have always been really kind and helpful and it was the only 24 hr clinic in my area. But I don't plan on ever returning to this clinic.

  • Kate Wilhelmsson

Thanks so much for your expertise, kindness, understanding and keeping us up to date even though you are always so busy. Harley is home safe with us and we are very grateful for that.

  • David Gordon

The best vet in the Northern suburbs. The staff there are knowledgeable and helpful and look after my pets for the last 20 years and I trust them with my little family members...

  • Roksy Boglari-Davykoza

The vets are quick to get to the point, the nurses know what they are talking about. It is a breath of fresh air because you know you are actually doing the best for your pet.

  • James Turkington

Amazing Veterinary Clinic! Saved my cat from a life on medication, other vets had said he wouldn't have long left, years later still going strong. Couldn't thank Terry enough!

  • Chris Wernich

The Lauren (or Laura) person at reception is quite rude and very unpleasant. If you have had a death, avoid her. But the blonde lady is a sweetheart and helped us through it.

  • Pumi Danwatta Liyanage

Ash was an extraordinary vet when we thought our little one was having a medical emergency. He was very empathetic and I am so grateful for his care. Thank you so much!

  • Gazza

Great staff, always friendly and accommodating. Regularly have to take both my dogs due to various illnesses. Couldn't be more helpful and patient. Highly recommended

  • Allan Miller

Very professional service, cannot begin to thank them enough for their care and compassion shown to me during my most recent visit. Would highly recommend the clinic.

  • Maureen Mackenzie

Staff were wonderful. Unfortunately we lost our much loved cat but staff handled situation very well and gave us as much time as we needed to say our goodbyes.

  • Cheap Az Travel

The vet nurses, reception staff and vets are super helpful and kind. They seem to genuinly care which is a great relief when we were streesed about our pooch.

  • Ana Cinkotski

Very professional and quick service.Was seen immediately even without an appointment. My cat got treatment it needed.I was very pleased with the service.

  • Jen Robinson

One of the only clinics open on Saturdays in Bundoora. No appointment needed, just turn up and wait in line. Excellent veterinary advice! Recommended!

  • TJI B

The staff here are the most amazing group. I cannot thank them enough for their patience and for all of their support with our beloved Jesse.

  • Adrienna Dovile

Thank you to staff and veterinarian who was with us at the time of loss of our beloved Max you where there for us till the end …

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