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230 Osborne St, Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Z5, Canada



Pet Valu is a Pet store located at 230 Osborne St, Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Z5, Canada. It has received 209 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Pet Valu: 230 Osborne St, Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Z5, Canada

  • Pet Valu has 4.4 stars from 209 reviews

  • Pet store

  • "I went to Pet Valu Osborne today for my dogs bath appointment and I was very dissapointed with the service I received"

    "Pet wash station is the best feature ever! Due to Corona its by appointment only these days as is the nail clip services but there is usually lots of availability"

    "Seriously do not shop here! They sell broken products that don't work then refused to do a return or exchange were so unprofessional about the whole situation"

    "I brought in a re usable bag as directed by the signage on the store"

    "The first time I ever went in, these people already knew my dog by name (she had been through the foster circuit a few times)"


  • Maddi Ennis

I went to Pet Valu Osborne today for my dogs bath appointment and I was very dissapointed with the service I received. Apon arrival they informed me that I can no longer cut his nails or do any other form of grooming other than his bath. This has never been an issue in the past while taking him and they didn't inform me over the phone when I was making the appointment. About 45 minutes into our hour bath one of the employees came up to us and said we only had 5 minutes left because they had another client coming for a bath. I told them when I phoned yesterday I booked an hour long appointment because I have a very large dog that takes awhile to dry. She said the person I spoke to didn't write that down so I have to leave in 5 minutes regardless so my poor guy had to leave still wet and we had to walk all the way back home. I will never be using this location ever again, very disorganized and wasn't very apologetic.

  • Britski Uskoski

Pet wash station is the best feature ever! Due to Corona its by appointment only these days as is the nail clip services but there is usually lots of availability. Staff is always so friendly and their weekly deals are usually really great and they carry most of what I need for all my pets. Especially Nature Pet's urinary care drops for my male cat phone to the very common bladder infections that have seemingly been cured for years now since using this product. First time using the product it actually cleaned his blockage and prevented a trip to the vet to get him cathatered and flushed. I have pet valu to thank for recommending and stocking the product.

  • Nathan Moehling

Seriously do not shop here! They sell broken products that don't work then refused to do a return or exchange were so unprofessional about the whole situation. Contacted head office and they were no better took 2 months to get a reply. Avoid at all costs and save your self some time , energy, and money. I have sent you all the information and your response was oh sorry we cannot find that we sold you this product and are expecting me to comb through records after it took you over 2 months to reply to the issue? This is of course after staff refused to do a refund when I came in with all the proper information to begin with.

  • Destiny Funk

I brought in a re usable bag as directed by the signage on the store. I used said re usable bag to carry the items I would be purchasing. I got asked 3x if I needed help finding anything & was watched while browsing. I then took all of my items to the front for purchase & was told “we just ask that you don’t use your re usable bag until you’ve purchased the items. There’s baskets by the doors”. With no further explanation as to why. I already avoid PetValu’s for their horrible customer service & overall bad attitudes and this will continue to keep me away from PetValu’s.

  • Nicole Thomas

The first time I ever went in, these people already knew my dog by name (she had been through the foster circuit a few times). They offer to order things in special for me all the time. They have the nail trimmer come in once a week for the animals and they use the Dremel on my dog because she's a Chihuahua and the clippers are risky. The dog baths are huge for me, since I'm in an apartment and I don't have a hose style shower head. And they host fundraisers for the local rescues! I can't say enough good things about them.

  • Ryan W

Absolutely wonderful staff! Always a clean and organized store each time I visit. This location probably has the widest selection in the city, and it’s easy to make it a quick in-and-out trip with a speedy transaction, but the staff is always more than happy to help when choosing dog and cat foods when I need, and seem to have taken some kind of veterinary training as they are able to answer each and every question I have, offer tips and even diagnose problems my little guys are struggling with!

  • Andy McMillan

My husband went in tonight to purchase some dog nail clippers..brought them home and on the first nail the handle snapped....we did see others at superstore of better quality but fingered we would go to pet value as we thought they would be a better choice (specializing in pet care products) when I called the store to make sure I could get a refund I was told No. I am not a happy customer!!! I would not have given one star but had to, to be able to comment.

  • Tiffany

The staff at this location have given me great advice. They have a great selection of food, accessories, bedding, and anything else you could need for your pets at reasonable prices. Based on the staff's recommendations for high quality dry and wet foods my newly adopted cat is eating well and is much more comfortable. I'll be returning to this location frequently for food, toys, and more.

  • Henry Engelberg

I went to the store to buy cat food, and they had just received some pallets with merchandise. They didn't have the brand I wanted on the shelf. As I approached the pallet to check if they had it, someone screamed at me to stay away from pallets.. I got confused.. and wanted to leave the store, but I ended buying anyway.. I am not coming back to this store, luckily they have many stores.

  • Victoria MacIntosh

Ive been a long time patron of the Portage la Prairie location. My first time coming to the Osborne St. location was amazing! No one had ever helped me out and help load my truck before but this time was different. Maya was my service rep and she went way above and beyond my expectations and I'll definitely be back. Thanks Maya! You're going places kid!

  • Spess_BunBun

The staff was extremely knowledgeable about things I needed for my cat. They didnt mind having a chat about the things I needed to get or just things in general. While the prices may be a bit high, the products here are high quality and I have had no issues with them thus far. I am definitely going back soon so I can get more food for my kitten.

  • Diana

Visited here this wknd to give my Kita a bath & really appreciated the staff taking the time to explain how it works with the Covid Protocols in place b4 coming out. Even with only 30mins avail,I was able to soak,soap,wash, rinse & quickly towel off my very fluffy 100lb Husky/Malamute in under 25mins Staff was GREAT!!! …

  • MLike McPhee

Great place, lots of selection, lots of parking, competitive prices & always clean. Staff are very friendly & are always holding events ordoing something to help raise funds for various animal rescue groups. Unfortunately they don't have a big selection of raw food available so I only come for treats, toys & some supplies.

  • Charity LeGal

They originally didn’t have what I wanted when I showed up; but the staff helped me to find another product that was just as good. The prices are reasonable, the store was quite clean, the staff really do care about providing good customer service. If I lived closer to this location, I’d shop here all the time.

  • Spencer Cook

Nice location with a comfortable atmosphere and helpful staff. There is a wide variety of pet food available from normal brands like Purina to rarer and healthier ones like BLUE and TLC. Things like toys, Cat trees and kennels are also available. offers item carryout for heavier items such as food and litter.

  • anastasia kiva

Practically everything you may ever need for your pet, including a self-serve bathing station. Pet Valu is the only store I know that carries Benko treats our pups love (Benko knuckles are in the photos below). The Osborne location is our favourite because they let their adoptable kitties roam the store

  • Alison Shade

Other Pet Values in the city ask if you would like to have your big bag of kitty litter brought to your vehicle. This one did not offer it. Instead I was told they stacked it by the door for you to bring out yourself. Yet, three young abled staff were all there joking around. They could have helped.

  • NIC dziewit

These people are amazing. All the staff is knowledgeable and so well trained. Everyone is extremely Freindly and after you have been there a few times they remember your animals name.. Now they even carry raw foods which I am so thankful for coz I don't have to travel across the city for it.

  • Mathieu B.

The staff is very knowledgeable with pet products and their recommendations can easily solve an issue, just like mine when my cat used to scratch furniture. They have a good selection of gourmet pet food if you want to treat your pet. Prices are on the higher side but quality is there.

  • Rachel Ens

Super knowledgeable staff, don't push pricey or unnecessary items on you just to "make a sale". They are all about ensuring proper education on how to best meet the needs of each individual animal in a friendly educating and budget inclusive way. Thank you for all your help! …

  • Sai Charan Dronavalli

For the very first time I have gone to any pet store as I am getting a new puppy. I don't know what to buy but the staff over here really helped me a lot in helping me understand different things that are needed for my puppy. They were very patient in explaining all my doubts.

  • Chee Tan

Super friendly staff with a very good selection of pet supplies like food, toys, bedding, etc. They also have cats ready for adoptions and they are so cute! Super convenient location at Confusion Corner with ample parking. Great place for a quick stop for supplies.

  • Banjo Watson

Good place for pet supplies and also has a dog wash. I buy dehydrated chicken treats (they have good sizes of packages) and puppy pads (they stock nice solid pads in packages of 100). Got my little guy a water buffalo chew last at first sight!

  • Scott

Corn free feed is what an animal needs after the initial $500 x- ray reveals the crystals forming from store bought cheap commercial brands. It's worth the premium than hospital bills in the long run will make you pay heavier for negligent lower prices.

  • Quinton Gowler

Went to the Osbourne location to wash my dog, so much easier than doing it at home!! Great facility, very clean, they provide you with shampoo, and treats for your dog, and towels for afterwards 5/5 definitely going back!

  • Maruf Khan

I have no clue why some people wrote good prices or whatever , in my case they don't even deserve a star when it comes to pricing ... the store is so overpriced in case of everything compared to the other stores ...

  • I M

Friendly employees and average prices. It's usually a very quiet store and has a decent selection for items. They usually have a couple of very cute cats hanging out in the store that are available for adoption!

  • Clif Donaldson

The staff are always very helpful and friendly. I take my pup in everytime to visit and they give him treats and lots of love. The staff also make sure I am always happy with my purchase and check in with me.

  • Cal Budd

I have just coming here about 6 months ago for cat litter. I really think the service is great and the staff are friendly and very helpful. Since coming here I won't be looking elsewhere for my cat's needs.

  • Aiden Christopher Kahanovitch

Staff are always very friendly. Their loyalty program for pet food helps to make some of the more premium brands more affordable and definitely helps. Clean space and always well maintained.

  • Bryce Koch

Amazing place and very knowledgeable. Helped me pick out the right food for my new kitten and taught me some new things! Can't recommended it enough. Thanks Jessica for your help!

  • Kyle Fowler

Little difficult getting here during rush hour, but other than that, it's a good sized store with anything you need for your pet. The dog Wash is amazing and really good value

  • Jana Mulholland

I always buy my dog food here. The staff are always so helpful and really friendly. They make sure you find what you're looking for and can answer any questions you may have.

  • Philip Ferguson

The staff at this store are out of this world friendly and helpful! I live in Anola, by will come back to this store time and time again. Thank you for a great experience!

  • Chris Sleeva

They always have my litter and the service is very hard working and respectful. They go out of their way to accomodate my needs. I am very thankful for that. …

  • Bryce Ross

The staff are pleasant; selection of treats, toys, and assorted is great. not sure if I'm brave enough to give my dog a bath there, but it's a nice looking set-up.

  • Darrell English

These folks are terrific. Both Osborne village and Grant Park Festival staff are always friendly and helpful, and the selection of merch is really impressive

  • Daniel (PaperAxe)

Fairly knowledgeable staff, prices are a little high though. Decent selection but definitely cat and dog focused which is a little inconvenient.

  • TheOneWhoJudgesFood

Staff here are very uneducated. They'll explain one thing on the phone and a different one in person. Very disappointed. Won't be coming back.

  • Emma

They were very kind and it was easy to find which i tried to buy it such as dry cat food or cat treats. I'll go there again for my cats :)

  • Podge Dimagiba

This branch has one of those DIY wash areas... very convenient way to wash your dog. waist high tub, shampoo, tons of towels and a blower.

  • Shireen Paull

Helpful friendly staff and they e a good selection of raw food including carnivora and smack which you can't use find at other pet valu's

  • brenda ryan

Always great service. The staff is always helpful and friendly. I live far from the village but always try to shop at this pet valu.

  • Claudia Smith

The staff is friendly and chatty. The store is clea. Great location especially when I am on my way home or between work locations.

  • Mala Lackhan

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. They treat you and your feel like family. Also, their prices are the best !

  • Marvel Robinson

The staff are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the products offered, and everyone is a genuine animal lover!

  • Garry Gosselin

It is always a great shopping experience the staff their are very helpful and I they always find what I'm looking for.

  • Laura mini

Staff are always awesome and helpful! This place has everything I need for my cat and dogs and convenient location.

  • coldshot79

Very friendly , had a nice dog and cat to visit us upon arrival. We bought and returned a harness without issue.

  • Mckinley Morton

Helpful staff and good prices. Lacking in some of the higher end products available at other specialty stores

  • Kira DarkStar

Friendly staff, clean and well stocked store. I always take my dog in one Wednesday each month for nails.

  • Autumn Hartle

Great service. Genuine, friendly staff. The best part is being met by a furry friend (Jade). Made my day

  • Josh Kahanovitch

Incredibly friendly and helpful staff, who helped take a very big bag of kibble out to the vehicle.

  • Shannon McCarter

The staff here has always been friendly and helpful. I appreciate that they show adoptable cat(s).

  • Killa Bacon204 (Killabacon204)

Great service! Freindlystaff! A place I Can share the good and bad of being a Cat Dad! …

  • Garnet Suss

Friendly, knowledgeable, top notch products, and the individual stores are all locally owned!

  • Johnny Rockstar

Always a great place considering the staff are amazing and you can wash your dog for 10 bucks

  • Elizabeth Hunt

It's always a pleasant experience. The staff know my dogs' names and treat us with respect.

  • Caleb M.

Good pet store if you have a dog or a cat. Has options for rabbits and small mammals too.

  • Amy Friesen

The staff are understanding and sympathetic to clients needs. Greatly appreciate them!

  • soap&peaches

I love the petvalu locations in Winnipeg! All the staff are so friendly and helpful!

  • Kim Trudeau

Great friendly service. Wonderful products. Bring your pet while you shop for them.

  • Dawn Sandison

Love going here, staff are very helpful and friendly! Their selection is great

  • Samantha Brown

Excellent place to grab pet supplies! Good selection for small animal pets.

  • Joanne

Customer service is great and I love seeing little fur babies in the shop.

  • tamseel salahuddin

I just wish they had more variety of pets. It's more like a hamster house.


Super friendly staff, helpful and very knowledgeable! Highly recommended

  • Mack Drew

Always awesome service. The staff are friendly and super knowledgeable.

  • Brent Oig

Wide variety of products and services. Staff are friendly and courteous

  • Carleen H

Good selection of toys and treats. Welcoming and knowledgeable staff!

  • Teri Patey

Excellent customer service, took the time to help me find cat food.

  • robpaprox

Good prices. Employee was super friendly and helpful! Recommended!

  • Andrea Sykes

Always friendly, and always nice to meet the current rescue kitty.

  • Trent Cheney

My dog is difficult, but they tried very hard to trim her nails.

  • Rachelle Hallett

Great staff, always helpful and cheerful. Great kids …

  • Tiara

Great service. So glad the dog wash is open. It’s a lifesaver!

  • Emily CPY

Good prices and great location. I love the dog wash stations!

  • SY

Amazing service and lovely staff! Best pet store in the city,

  • Katrina Jones

Staff are very friendly and knowledgable. Store is very clean

  • Michelle Turcotte

The only pet store I shop at. The staff here are fantastic.

  • Chris Funk

Excellent store extremely pleasant and knowledgeable staff

  • Eryn Claymore

Great experience, everyone was very helpful and friendly.

  • Astral Asteroid

It's cool,feeds ma cat. Staffalways ask if I need a hand

  • William Mckay

Friendly staff but higher price point then pet smart.

  • Shay M

Friendly staff, lots of options! No complaints here!

  • Diana Hokanson

Great selection and staff were friendly and helpful

  • Landin Martens

Great staff, lots of supplies and is my go to place

  • Kathryn Boschmann

Friendly and helpful staff, plus a good selection.

  • Karl Kopczewski

Great staff- they really love pets and it shows !

  • Pia Marschall

Got what I was looking for. Very friendly staff.

  • Fred

Best store and staff in Winnipeg in my opinion.

  • Darlene DeVries

So friendly, tubs are clean, wonderful to pups!

  • Cannibal Chad

Friendly and informative staff who love animals

  • Linda Caldwell

Friendly staff enjoy the personalized service.

  • Tracy Rose

Great friendly service with great price point

  • Janis Urniezius

Great owner, always very helpful and friendly

  • Jonathan Allard

Friendliest staff, always have great offers!

  • Lucas Linch

Wonderful service! Great dog food selection.

  • Miss G

Great selections...but pretty pricey!$$$$$

  • Kevin Bergen

Nice, knowledgeable staff. Clean store.

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