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Redbeard Bikes is a Bicycle Shop located at 18 Bridge St #1e, Brooklyn, NY 11201. It has received 174 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.



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  • The address of Redbeard Bikes: 18 Bridge St #1e, Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • Redbeard Bikes has 4.8 stars from 174 reviews

  • Bicycle Shop

  • "This is a long overdue review of what is hands-down one of the best small businesses (and by far the best bike shop) in NYC"

    "I came in here awhile back when I was looking for my first serious road bike and the high degree of expertise, experience, attention to detail and commitment to doing proper quality work and repairs was immediately obvious"

    "Went in for a test ride, left with a brand new Brompton"

    "Ilya (the man with the red beard) and his wife Kasia run the most friendly, and technical bike shop in the city"

    "I found Redbeard as I was looking for a place to get a bike fitting"


  • Michael Lamb

This is a long overdue review of what is hands-down one of the best small businesses (and by far the best bike shop) in NYC. I found Redbeard about 4 years ago when I was looking for a new shop that specialized in bike fitting. I was living in park slope and wasn’t really happy with my local shop, so I decided to check out Redbeard based on the reviews. Ilya brought me through the most comprehensive bike fitting process that I’ve experienced. His techniques are clinically precise and he took the time to ensure that my position on the bike was both efficient and comfortable enough to maintain efforts and stave of fatigue on long training rides and races. Redbeard quickly became my LBS and I started riding somewhat regularly on their weekend shop rides. There’s a great sense of community and acceptance amongst the cyclists that ride with Redbeard and I think this is a direct reflection of the principles of the owners and employees of the shop. I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of being talked down to by a shop mechanic or salesperson when we were new to the sport and it’s refreshing to find an honest shop that lacks the pretense. I’ve since moved out of Brooklyn and I have continued to frequent the shop and attend their group rides, which I plan to do for as long as I’m living in NYC.

  • Joshua Gold

I came in here awhile back when I was looking for my first serious road bike and the high degree of expertise, experience, attention to detail and commitment to doing proper quality work and repairs was immediately obvious. Even though they had to order what I needed, getting the right stuff and having it set up properly for me was well worth the short wait. They will take the time to fit you to a bike that is appropriate to your body type, physical comfort and experience level. In fitting my bike, parts were swapped out or replaced to insure the best riding position and experience basically free of charge, or giving full credit for the part they swapped out. My experience is most shops won’t do this and it is proof of their commitment to the customer. The shop has top quality parts and accessories and will get you the right thing to fit your needs instead of just selling you what’s on hand. The customer service is also very friendly and professional, which goes a long way in dealing with bike shops. As a bonus, they also often have some really interesting, exotic and sometimes unusual bikes on the wall that they will let you check out. Highly recommend.

  • Alison Carlson

Went in for a test ride, left with a brand new Brompton. The staff here were wonderful. Very knowledgeable and made sure I was comfortable with my bike. They even had me fold and unfold the bike a few times until I was confident. I was ready to load up my new ride with accessories, but they prioritized my actual needs and talked me out of some accessories I wouldn't need right away, encouraging me to get familiar with my bike first and then assess what I really need to add. I appreciated that a lot. They took the time to answer all my questions, give the bike a tune up and inspection before I rolled it out the door, and gave me advice/tips about my Brompton that I won't just find in a manual. They really made an effort to fit me to the right bike. Will definitely be a regular at Redbeard for tune ups and I recommend checking them out for all your cycling needs.

  • Morris Stemp

Ilya (the man with the red beard) and his wife Kasia run the most friendly, and technical bike shop in the city. In 2017, I purchased a custom built Seven touring bike with a Rholoff belt drive hub for my cross country trip. It ran flawlessly and the Schwalbe Marathon tires Ilya installed did not get a single flat in over 4,500 miles. Ilya is a master bike fitter. My bike is so comfortable that I can ride an entire day, for weeks at a time, even in the drops, with no pain. My wife got a custom built Gunnar with SRAM electronic gears and loves the fit and comfort. Ilya and Kasia are very knowledgeable about all the latest gear. They set me up with exactly what I needed for an amazing trip. Don't buy a bike without first visiting Ilya and Kasia in Dumbo.

  • Martin Grym

I found Redbeard as I was looking for a place to get a bike fitting. I was not disappointed. Ilya is a fantastic bike fitter and was able to resolve all the issues I was having on my bike. I highly recommend getting a bike fit at Redbeard. I have only good things to say about their shop as a whole. They do good mechanical work, communicate very clearly about cost and how long work will take, and generally provide excellent service. For example, when I bought some winter gloves and found that they are a little small after a couple rides, they exchanged them on the spot for a larger pair. Finally, the shop is a really fun place to hang out. The bikes they have on display are beautiful, and Kasia, Ilya, and the rest of their staff are all very nice.

  • Luke

I brought my bike in for a tune-up a few months ago. They were very friendly during each of my visits. Much better than some other bike stores I have visited. For the most part, the tune-up went well. I did notice some definite improvements in my bike's performance. Unfortunately, a few days after my tune-up, I experienced a flat tire. It turns out the tire finally gave out from old age. That seems like something they could have alerted me to but I don't know enough about bikes to say that with certainty. I brought the bike back in and they promptly fixed it for me. Otherwise, my experience at Redbeard was a positive one. The prices seemed fair and they did a good job keeping me informed about the repairs and delay in getting the new tire in.

  • Andreas Tyre

Ilya and Kasia are great, every time I've come to show I've always felt welcomed. Initially came in to have pedals installed and cleats attached, both were an easy and quick process with the added generosity of allowing me to practice the new system in-store for a bit. Then I came back for a Bike Fit, once again the process was easy. Had a fun conversation during the fit and even though I didn't have much in the tank and left early the fit came out amazing. You don't realize how general a bike is until you get fitted. My bike feels completely new now, the experience of riding it and having it work with my body is mind blowing. I already loved riding it before but now I love it even more if thats possible lol. Will definitely be coming back!

  • Mandy Strenz

Redbeard is always patient and helpful with my (often melodramatic) questions and needs. I went through the whole Brompton process with them (tested one for an overnight, stewed on it for another year, finally ordered a custom one, and regularly service it) and would highly recommend their hand holding for anyone who is considering a Brompton. In the pandemic, I am unexpectedly having to take a flight and they were the only dealer who could help me last minute to change out my seatpost for an easier trip through security - I called them at 2 and had a new seatpost installed by 4 that same afternoon, including a quick consult about taking it on a plane. Thanks Redbeard!

  • Greg Streiff

I've used a lot of bike shops over the years and Redbeard is heads and shoulders above the competition, hands down. The owners, husband and wife, Ilya and Kasha, are passionate about biking, incredibly helpful, and super knowledgeable. These guys really know what they are doing. Not pushy and not in the business of just making a sale. Redbeard takes the time to make sure each customer walks away with a product or service that's best suited for that individual, even if its the less expensive option. There's no intimidation factor at Redbeard. I immediately felt like was in the company of old friends from the moment I first walked in. I highly recommend Redbeard.

  • J W (Justified warrant)

What a pleasure to buy from Redbeard! Kasia was simply wonderful and kind when I called to ask about a bike. I got an incredible deal from them after scouring the Internet for a small bike for my 10 year old daughter. She answered all my questions, sent me pics of the bike (I live out of state) and sent me quotes on upgrading if I wanted to. Ilya called me to talk about wheels and give me his advice to direct me on what I wanted and needed. Thanks Kasia and Ilya for the great bike at such an affordable price and making my baby happy! P.S thanks for the shirt! Perfect fit! Louise feels so proud to wear it! Go Redbeard!!!

  • Aleksandr Vasilyev

Swung by today (granted a few min before opening) because I needed to use an Allen key to tighten something as the tool I had didn’t have the right key. Person who came out spoke to me incredibly condescendingly stating that what I needed was a different wrench (no, I needed an Allen key) and they don’t lend tools and turned around and went inside. I loudly said that’s f’ed up and you lost a customer for life and only after that did she come back and say bring the bike in but at that point screw that, keep to your convictions because I’m definitely keeping to mine and never going here again

  • Brendan Gray

I first discovered Redbeard when they were in the tiny shop around the corner (I work in the neighborhood). I joined some of their early shop rides and felt welcomed into a nascent community. Even though I lived above another bike shop at the time- Redbeard quickly became “my” shop. Several years and thousands of miles later this store, its owners, staff, and community are a part of my extended family. The bikes, parts, and gear that I’ve purchased for myself and my own family have always been first-rate, and the service and support from Ilya, Kasia, and their team are beyond compare.

  • Crystal Rangel

I just picked up my new Brompton today! Kasia at Redbeard was so helpful when I came in to test ride the Brompton test fleet they have in shop. The shop was also exceptionally communicative about the status of my Brompton while it was in transit from the UK. And they set my new bike up with all the adjustments and upgrades so I was ready to roll right at pick up. Everyone there is above and beyond helpful and kind! If you need a place to help you find a new bike perfect for you or need help with your current ride, Redbeard is the best place for you!!!

  • WanLing, Ann Chen (Ann)

I love my Brompton C Line bike from Redbeard. We can find any bike everywhere and purchase bike online from Brompton website. However, I still went back to Redbeard Bikes Shop for my purchase because the service is really good!!! They are so kind to everyone. I ever stoped by any bikes shop in Manhattan(for Brompton purpose). The service wasn’t bad there but they just let you tried bike and didn’t explain anything. Therefore, I decided to buy my bike in Redbeard Bikes. I believe the service is more important than everything.

  • Theresa Ortolani

Extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and personable customer service from the Redbeard family. Very well curated and organized shop stocked with a variety of the best looking and performing bikes and gear. Quick service and excellent follow-through on specialty orders and repairs. (A popular know-it-all shop ordered the wrong sized bike for me and tried to convince me it was the correct fit. Sooo glad I met with Ilya, Redbeard owner and fit specialist, for a 2nd opinion!) Super smart and eager to educate without the snobbery.

  • David

I stumbled across Redbeard when looking for a new saddle. I’ve since had them rebuild my bike to fix some issues and I’ve been very happy with both the results and importantly also the attitude of the whole shop. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been wonderful and professional through and through and they’ve done me more than one solid. Ilya and Brett have both been beyond accommodating and Stephanie and Kasia are excellent too. I like the idea of supporting a local shop and Redbeard makes it easy to do that.

  • Tom Churchill

I won't trust anyone else with my bike. By far and away the best bike shop in New York City, and I have tried many! Whether you are looking for a tune-up, first bike, or dream bike and anything in between, IIlya and the team have you covered. IIlya has an encyclopedia-type knowledge of all things bikes. To give you an idea of what type of place Redbeard is, they won't stock or sell any products that they don't believe in! What a great mentality to have. I wish more stores had the same attitude.

  • K Boz

Bought a Dolce after getting a fit done, was able to successfully ride the bike leg of an Olympic distance tri for the first time without any issues at all -- but that's only half the reason for the give stars. More importantly, responsive, supportive staff -- you have questions weeks after you buy your bike, they'll bend over backwards to answer/troubleshoot with you, even things not directly related to bike maintenance. Happy I bought my bike here, would definitely buy another one from them.

  • Harumi Ishigami

I bought Brompton foldable bike which is space saver and stylish. The size of wheel is 16”, but thanks to 6-shifts, I feel more comfortable and easier even for riding over the bridge. Compared to my previous one with wheel 20”, this bike is better. The staff at this shop is very friendly and responds promptly to any question even if it’s a silly question Nastia helped me choose this, gave me multiple test rides and best advices fit for my needs. Definitely I recommend this shop!

  • Patrick

Incredible experience at Redbeard Bikes. The staff there are so friendly and so down to earth. Feels like you are buying bikes from your family member (except these guys actually know what they are talking about). They have great communication and are very responsive to all requests. If you're getting a new bicycle in the NYC area, make the trip to Jay st and talk to the folks at Redbeard Bikes. Katie and Kasia were an awesome tag team duo that helped me out. You all rock!

  • kaitlin zidar

This bike shop has phenomenal customer service! They helped save my life from a broken, rental bike. They inspected it for free and sent me back to the rental with a formal inspection notice stating their concern. I cannot express how appreciative I was to have stumbled into an amazing store full of experts! Although I'm not an expert biker, I can tell you that the store is full of informed and helpful employees. Overall, check out the store because you won't regret it!

  • Rebecca Goodall

Had a flat tyre so thought it would be a good opportunity to find out why my gears were jumping as I couldn’t figure it out. They sorted it quickly and when I had a slow puncture a few days later took another look and fixed it. Friendly and speedy service and a well stocked shop. Didn’t try and sell me a service when I didn’t need one which I appreciated A LOT. Thanks guys :) been looking for a regular shop to use a maybe have found it Good luck in these hard times

  • Sasha Peck

I was able to get in touch with the red beard team via email to gather all the items that I wanted to add onto my new brompton. They were able to add all of my upgrades and finished within 45minutes. Great suggestions and assistance from them. I will be happy to have them help out with anything that needs being done with my bike in the future. Amazing customer service and pricing is very fair. Thank you for being there red beard during the covid 19 days.

  • Nick Bishop

I never write reviews. But Redbeard Bikes is the best bike shop I have ever been to. Super patient and informative about my questions regarding my first-time Brompton bike purchase, the challenges of the 2020 Covid summer notwithstanding. Great communication regarding the status of my order, despite atypical customs delays with the Brompton shipment containing my order. Super happy with my new bike. Love this shop and expect to be a customer for life.

  • Jeremy Herr

The absolute best! Kasia is incredibly friendly and helpful both through email and in person. Ilya is a certifiable genius at bike fitting. I was having all sorts of issues with my bike fit, so I went through the professional fitting process and it has been a complete game changer. I feel SO much better on my bicycle. My only regret is that I did not do this three years ago! If you are on the fence, just do it. It's worth it. Thanks Redbeard Bikes!

  • malone liz

Kasia was so helpful and willing to hold the bike for me. We were coming from Boston as we could not find my size but Redbeard had it and a even better price. Kasia and Ilya were great I went for a quick spin and in talking to them they are very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. And loved their food Recomendations to at Al Mar a super short visit but so worth it. Guys come to Boston any time and join our bike club :)

  • David Miller

I recently bought a Parlee RZ7 aero bike from the Red Beard team. They are amongst the best bike shop teams to work with I’ve seen. Demand is very high on this boutique store, but worth the wait if you’re in the market for getting properly fitted on a super high-quality ride (which require patience these days anywhere). Prices are reasonable as well, and they will go the extra mile to help their customers.

  • Liz Denys

Redbeard is a truly unique place to get an amazing bicycle. Ilya and Kasia have always made sure my partner and I have the right bikes and accessories for how we ride, and Ilya is a patient and thoughtful bike fitter who has both fit me for an incredible custom gravel bike and made sure my hybrid bike and Brompton fit me well to reduce injuries and ensure comfort. Can't recommend Redbeard enough!

  • Noah Eisenbruch

Decent bike shop. Generally speaking the repair staff's knowledge of bikes is above average but not always spectacular. Sometimes it is spectacular. You can count on them for being one of the most expensive shop in the city, but that's what you get for the neighborhood I guess. Occasionally the staff have been rude but I haven't encountered a rude staff member in a couple of years

  • Claire Sanders

I've actually been to this shop a couple times now with my old, slightly decrepit road bike; everyone has been really helpful and they do great work. Had them install a rear rack for me today and I'm pretty sure they did something magic to my rear brake to make it stop squealing. Which is great because I forgot to ask them to look at it at all. Quickly becoming my go-to place.

  • Yuriy Bubnov

I've bought my bike online and shipping to the Redbeard Bike. As soon as bike arrived they called me set up the pickup time despite that it was their day off. On my arrival the bike was assembled and waited for me. I was instructed how to fold and unfold it. In conclusion I was riding my bike straight home from the shop. Very thankful for they help

  • Rob B

Red beard himself and his crew were our saviour off the day. After a puncture on the Brooklyn bridge and a hot 20 minutes walk and telephone call with the manager of the bike rental company Redbeard Bikes repaired my bike and saved our up till this moment horror day without any costs. Thanks a million. Guys like this make the world go around!

  • Fraser B

Immensely helpful. I needed an obscure part from a brand they carry. When they weren't able to find it, they took it off a bike on the wall. Almost no bike shop will do that. The mechanic then helped me with the pressfit bottom bracket and the charge in the end was very modest. I was very impressed and surprised by the experience.

  • JK In The Dome

Extraordinary experience! Choosing my Brompton was a hugely enjoyable journey with Redbeard. Ilya And Kasia are simply amazing. They are kind, knowledgeable, honest, and helpful - providing great service and terrific advice at every turn. Top notch bespoke bike services, quality products, exceptional customer support. Win win win.

  • Kirill Igumenshchev

I have been riding, fixing, and racing bikes for over 15 years. Redbeard was the nicest experience. I bought a Brompton bike that they quickly customized to mi taste with lightweight parts. They explaining very well not just technical details but also talked about practical usage. They are highly knowledgeable. Great experience.

  • D Bourgeois

After using various bike mechanics in the city, I've come to the conclusion that Ilya is probably the best one out there. Avoid the crabby R&A mechanics and go here. Ilya fixed a hugely perplexing problem with one of my bikes after a half-dozen mechanics couldn't deal with it. This is the place to go when you need competence.

  • Peter D

These people really helped me with my new Ti bike. They put a lot of expertise into what would be best for me and how I ride, from the frame, the size, the handlebars, gearing -- everything. I absolutely love the bike and I am really happy I went to this shop. Have returned for accessories, which I am also very happy with.

  • Francis Gurtz

I dealt with the staff from a distance (Iowa!) via email, telephone, & text, and I'm very pleased with the promptness & courtesy I experienced. They were happy to change out seatpost & chainwheel to suit my height & our terrain here in town. Looking forward to receiving my Brompton which is on its way by UPS ! Yay !

  • Keitha Pansy

The owners are so helpful, super kind and geniuses around cycling! Even though they are swamped, they still took a look over my bike after I took a fall last week. I am grateful that Red Beard is in my NABE. It’s the only place I’m taking my bike, and when it’s time to upgrade, they will be the first I call.

  • Robert Mallin

Redbeard is a very special bike shop. They have an attentive and knowledgeable staff.They are ready to help and guide you with any purchases. The repair team is second to none. They are the best in the game. The fitting service ensures your bike fits you perfectly and will provide you with the best ride.

  • George Stewart

I dropped in with an issue 30 minutes before closing, big ride the next day and Ilya stayed late to help me out. I asked so many questions and he was patient and entertaining with his answers. He was respectful despite my relative ignorance, respecting the simple fact that I enjoy cycling. Thank you!

  • Tim Wang

Kasia was very friendly and responsive to my questions via email, in the midst of a big move to another location! I picked up my new C line, and she patiently answered my questions while juggling other customers in the store. I'll stay tuned to where they move to as I'm a big fan of Redbeard Bikes!

  • Adrian Wong-Ken

Came here with my road bike to get my drivetrain checked out because my chain kept dropping. The owner/mechanic was tac sharp with identifying the issues that I had overlooked. We'll see how she rides in the coming days but I won't hesitate to come back for additional services in the future.

  • Winston Chiang

Very knowledgeable. A nice shop in the neighborhood they will sort you at whatever level of biking you're interested in. I went for a road bike to participate in triathlons, but i've seen kids come in for their first wheels to folding bikes to anything in-between. Highly recommended.

  • Alan Light

Great service and friendly staff. Really took the time to help me select and order my bike and then did a great job of explaining the folding / unfolding process when I arrived to pick it up. Awesome location as well (right by the Manhattan Bridge bike ramp on the Brooklyn side).

  • hansel perez

This is the only place I take my bikes. Their staff is friendly, not pushy and patient. They serve NYC with their expertise and support our bike culture. If they’re close to you, you should certainly check them out. Also, their bike wall is a sight to behold. …

  • Diego Sánchez

Update: still after two years my go to spot for cycling. Great people and even did me the favor once to bleed my brakes the night before a race! Diligent and knowledgeable when it comes to mechanics. My go to shop. I have met no one that knows more about bikes than Ilya

  • dar

Solid shop! Bought my first bike from here after being recommended by a colleague. Ilya's knowledge was invaluable in helping me pick out my wheels. He took the time to figure out what I would be using it for and worked with me to find the right fit. Highly recommend.

  • wil arguedas

Funny thing is , there is a red bearded gentleman who own the shop . Their eye for detail is border line impecable . Every aspect of the buying process is handled with a consultative approach to ensure that the bike you get , is the bike you want and fits you’d well .

  • Advik Iyer Guha

Fantastic bike shop and owners. Way ahead both in terms of knowledge and friendliness compared to any other bike shop I've been to in the city. If you're looking for expert advice and great equipment, take the time to visit their store. Call ahead for an appointment!

  • Chris Ick

Ilya and Kasia were fantastic. Kasia is friendly and professional and keeps the business running. Ilya is a master mechanic and very willing to discuss nuts and bolts, when asked, and is a font of knowledge. Wish I could spend all day hanging around the shop!

  • F

I had a great experience with Redbeard recently, although I didn't end up buying the bike in question and decided to wait for another model - Ilya was super accommodating of my request. Very happy and impressed with this experience! Thank you again, Ilya!

  • remko van de water

Super friendly and helpful staff. Even though very busy the were happy to help out with an issue I had with my bike. Ilya the owner was very patient, asked about the issues and quickly fixed it. Great bike shop in the neighborhood and very reasonable.

  • Jerome Lande

They’re really great. So nice. Patient with kids. Accommodating of everyone, hard core or beginner. Been there many times, bought several bikes, repairs, gear. No pressure. Really can’t say enough nice things. Support your local bike shop!!

  • Jake Fleischmann

A great local bike shop. Some very pretty very high end stuff along with perfect commuter bikes and gear. A very knowledgeable staff and really well stocked shop make this place an easy 5 star pick. Thanks for being awesome, you guys rock!

  • Jan Victoria Alejado

Bought my first adult bike for commuting. Thanks Kasia and Steph for answering all my questions and queries. You were very prompt and made choosing my brompton bike and all the necessary equipment to make it safe and enjoyable worthwhile.

  • Janine-Marie Rafio

Great local shop in DUMBO. Wish they could clone themselves and be everywhere in NYC. Kasia was extremely friendly and welcoming when answering my questions to set up a fitting appointment. Ilya was patient and explained all the changes

  • Max Hollis

Great staff, great communication and fair prices. This place needs all the love it can get. Please visit and support them! They are appointment based right now so be sure to email them ahead of time. This is for sure my go-to bike shop.

  • Vanessa H

I bought my Brompton about 6-7 years ago from Redbeard. Cool name! Bike came with tips and support. Had a couple small fixes done over the years and last Saturday needed the tubes replaced. Had forgotten that the bike was not locking

  • Evan Spadaccini

I went for a test ride and was surprised by how friendly and knowledgeable the staff was. They made my experience one of the best, if not the best; I've had since getting into cycling. Redbeard Bikes won me over as a regular customer.

  • Teddy McGehee

The Redbeard team is incredibly knowledgeable, fastidious and helpful. Ilya is a highly skilled fitter and quickly identified several issues with my old setup that were causing a series of nagging injuries. I’m very grateful.

  • Ryan Hatch

Too bad there is no longer a store front and that it appears business will be run from a co-working space on appointment basis. Seems like an odd way of running a bicycle business in a populated area. Best of luck though!

  • Michael Vittiglio

A classic "mom & pop" shop of the modern age. The owner is a very knowledgeable guy and they're very friendly overall. What may seem lacking in selection in more than made up for in breadth of knowledge and integrity.

  • Reuben Mosley

Great bike shop. Friendly and welcoming. Shame I live all the way in Washington heights but still go there for my bike fix. Knowledgable and friendly staff. Really want to get out on a Sunday ride with these guys.

  • Hoyd Breton

Wow. The service, expertise, and patience are second to none. I took in my bike for a tune-up and the care (and ultimately, the ride) that resulted from the experience was fantastic. This is my go-to bike shop ✨✨✨

  • Jacqueline Loeb

Love this bike store. They are super friendly and knowledgeable - will take the time to share routes to cool spots, have very high quality gear and have just bike the best tune up its had in years!

  • Jonathan Kopp

Redbeard's been my goto for years for all my gear, fits and tips. Always appreciate their personal, friendly, hands-on approach and no-nonsense advice. Good people, straight talk, quality service.

  • Maureen Gallagher

Opposite experience of the friendly and laidback bike shops Ive been going to in Williamsburg. Don’t take walk ins for flat tires. I recommend bicycle station on Park for faster and better service

  • KVNK

Premium bikes with service to match. Kasia and Ilya are courteous, attentive, and gave advice that works for the customer. I'm very satisfied with my experience purchasing my bike from Redbeard.

  • M P

Perfect bike shop. Super knowledgeable, very friendly and great selection of bikes. I’ve purchased two bikes from them and I’ve been very happy with the purchases and the follow-up service. A+

  • Carole Fakler

Nice and friendly. Great personal customer service. They know what they are doing. Very on top of being Covid ready. I love this bicycle store. Won’t go anywhere else. Thanks Redbeard Bikes. .

  • Dino Delvaille

Always a great experience dealing with Ilya and Kasia at Redbeard bikes! Ilya installed a CeramicSpeed OSPW on my bike and added some nice touches that i didn’t even ask for. Great LBS.

  • Paul Donnelly

Fantastic, knowledgable and friendly service. Very, very helpful in advising on the correct bike to buy, and were very communicative in a busy period for them. Could not recommend more!

  • Art Jung

Amazing people here! We all know bike shops are overwhelmed during the pandemic but yet they still offer up the best, most high quality service. Support your local bike shops New York!

  • Ivan Vovnenko

Fast, quality service. Fixed a flat, changed a chain and pedals, tuned my breaks in under 20 minutes. It costed me $65 with labor and tax, which is not bad but could be cheaper.

  • Lizbeth Jimenez

Excellent service. Very knowledgeable. Doesn't make you feel like they are just trying to make a sale. They genuinely care about finding your perfect bike. Highly recommend.

  • Clayton Blackwell

The Redbeard team is an absolute treasure in Brooklyn. I look forward to visiting them every time I have a bicycle need. Personally, I could not recommend them more highly.

  • Dave Miller

Redbeard is my go-to shop in New York and when far away I order from my friends. They are very knowledgeable, carry the high-end bike loot, and won't jerk you around!

  • Kalvis Mikelsteins

Lovely staff, super friendly and accommodating. Fixed up a flat for me in twenty minutes the moment they opened doors for the day. One of the top shops in Brooklyn!

  • Alessandro Morani

Went there to have my bianchi fixed. These guys are very professional and welcoming. Kasia helped me out and my bike was fixed in a blink of an eye. Highly recc!

  • Zak Attack

Super friendly super helpful. The beautiful and flash bikes on the wall don’t come with any snobbery. Exactly what I look for in a local shop!

  • jess birch

Redbeard has the goods and the know how to get it done right! Top tier products, incredible service. There’s no other shop like it in NYC.

  • Derek Mead

Redbeard has the best customer service of any bike shop in the city, truly a blessing for anyone who loves to ride. Highly recommended.

  • David Garrett

Bought their team kit when visiting NYC back in 2018. Great service by a lovely assistant (who I heard had since sadly passed away).

  • Holly Beck

Ilya and Kasia are great! Always friendly, knowledgeable service. Very reasonable pricing, and never pushing things you don’t need.

  • Ian Philp

Redbeard is the best! They did great work on my bike and were really helpful. Definitely my new go-to bike shop in Brooklyn.

  • Daryl Rogers

Red beards is a blessing to the sport of cycling! Keep up the great work. I’ll definitely be a life long customer

  • Matthew de Jonge

Ilya and team are awesome. Great service pre-sale, at sale, and post sale. Wonderful place.

  • Philipp

Not a shop don’t wast your time walking there! Just change your google description!

  • Grant Hoskin

Great bike store with a real community feel. Would definitely recommend.

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476 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Ride Brooklyn

661 reviews

468 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Roy's Sheepshead Cycle

622 reviews

2679 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Bicycle Habitat

597 reviews

228 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Bicycle Habitat

450 reviews

560 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

BikeLane Bicycle Store

401 reviews

84-04 Jamaica Ave, Queens, NY 11421

ADT Bike & Skate Shop (Arc De Triomphe Inc)

393 reviews

114-01 Jamaica Ave, Richmond Hill, NY 11418

NY Electric Bike Shop

360 reviews

30-94 51st St, Woodside, NY 11377