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Amart Furniture Bankstown is a Furniture store located at 122 Canterbury Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia. It has received 526 reviews with an average rating of 3.7 stars.





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  • The address of Amart Furniture Bankstown: 122 Canterbury Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia

  • Amart Furniture Bankstown has 3.7 stars from 526 reviews

  • Furniture store

  • "Absolutely disgusting service"

    "I went to AMART Bankstown on 15th June 2021 and ordered 2 piece sofa lounge"

    "My partner and I purchased a 3 seater sofa with a matching chaise"

    "I don't really like to post negative reviews but I feel compelled to write this review to caution other consumers out there"

    "UPDATE: Joanne rocks! Such a busy store and she is always so helpful"


  • Soumaya Jaber

Absolutely disgusting service. If I could give 0 stars I would. I have been meaning to write a review for quite some time now. I purchased my whole house furniture from Amart and thankfully didn’t have a problem with anything except the couches. Everyone was more than happy to help when it came to spending money there but once you have one issue with any of there products they will refuse to take responsibility!! The couches after a short amount of time have discoloured and have a very bad pilling problem. I contacted customer service asking them to please either fix the problem or replace them only to receive absolutely disgusting attitude in return. The only kind of help they were willing to offer was to send out a pilling machine which I did not receive!! I was told to get them cleaned and it was normal for them to do that due to wear and tear. This is absolutely not true I get my couches professionally cleaned once every 6 months and also payed extra to have cover on them if they were to get stained. The extra care I bought they refused to come out and fix the discolouration claiming this is a manufacturing fault not a job for them, only to be told by customer service this is wear and tear not even 2 years old. After spending thousands of dollars here and the kind of correspondence I received in return for having an issue with one item is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. I have never had this issue with nick scali, freedom or even fantastic furniture! Do not purchase furniture from here it is a waste of money please go purchase from a quality brand there is not much of a difference in price point !!

  • raj bisht

I went to AMART Bankstown on 15th June 2021 and ordered 2 piece sofa lounge. I have been advised that my especial colour order will take up 6-8 week to arrive and will advise me when product arrives. They also took the initial payment. I was expecting to product arrive by august. Then I got cal first week of august saying that it has been another month delayed. Then I thought it’s ok just a month. Well again I got call on September sounds like they had reminder calling first week of the month to tell another month due next month which I don’t believe. Plz my suggestion is buy the product they have there at the shop. Don’t order and believe that your order will arrive in 6-8 weeks. For me, sounds like they just wana take initial deposit and forget about the customers waiting, time act. This is very poor sale marketing, trying to sale anything even they have no idea when they can get it. It’s just like a automatic voice mail, your order has been delayed one more month. My suggestion to Amart plz don’t make false promise and mislead the customers when you know that you are not getting your order for six month. Be honest so we all customers can look for other options instead waiting for false promise, mislead and telling order coming in another 4 weeks. I don’t have sofa thank you Amart for your inconvenience. Hope you don’t use COVID excuse for this and play with customers daily need items. I need sofa for sit and watch tv during the lockdown not thinking I have been misled and given false promise. Thank you

  • Keene S

My partner and I purchased a 3 seater sofa with a matching chaise. The delivery was delayed because they ordered the wrong pieces from the wrong warehouses. We were understanding of this and we were happy to be patient with them rectifying their mistake. However, once delivered and assembled we instantly recognised that the two sofa pieces DID NOT MATCH IN COLOUR and the cushions DID NOT CORRECTLY MOULD TOGETHER. We notified customer care we followed their given procedure and sent all required information and photos. They then sent over an inspector to survey the problem and he was very rude and dismissive. He did not want to listen to our opinions and he was condescending. Amart Customer Care then replied via email: “At Amart Furniture we take pride in ensuring our customer's satisfaction and are committed to providing you with excellent customer service. In this case, the issue you have identified is not the result of a manufacturing defect in accordance with our Quality Guarantee. Therefore, your claim has been declined and we are unable to proceed any further in this matter.” Judging from their lack of concern, they do not ‘take pride in ensuring their customers’ satisfaction’ and they are not ‘committed to providing us with excellent customer service’. I am completely sure that this unresolved issue is both the ‘result of a manufacturing defect’ and the nonexistence of ‘Quality Guarantee’. My partner and I feel like we are poorly mistreated and we are taking further action and seeking advice from Fair Trading.

  • Girish Nair

I don't really like to post negative reviews but I feel compelled to write this review to caution other consumers out there. We bought the Phoebe 2-seater couch from AMart Bankstown. Upon delivery, the package did not have assembly instructions. I had to call the store to get the assembly instructions emailed to me. I finally got the assembly instructions. During installation we realised that we needed a drill to screw it the bottom of the couch to install the sofa's legs. There were no "premade" holes for the screw to go at the bottom of the couch. I tried to screw the screws in with a drill and had major difficulties. So I decided to call the store to find out if there was an issue. I explained my issue to the store-person, and the person just commented "I'm not sure why you are having issues installing your sofa". She then passed me the number of their tradesperson to help with installation. The tradesperson informed me that he has installed these sofas before and said "you need a powerful drill to help you drill a hole". No where in the instructions manual does it actually say that a drill is required. I find this ludicrous and unacceptable as a consumer and quite honestly ripped off considering I paid $800 for a sofa set.

  • Alexis Nguyen

UPDATE: Joanne rocks! Such a busy store and she is always so helpful. Especially after my recent claim. My dining suite was fabulous, just one thing wrong. After weeks of unhelpful back and forward emails with Head Office I finally got a response. It was a good response but not the outcome I wanted. I went to the Bankstown store and, as always, the Joanne and the staff were fantastic and were able to help me get the outcome I wanted. Have changed back to 5 stars because customer service matters to me. UPDATE: In the process of a warranty claim. I have spent hours photographing the splitting of my table and the chair leg that split where the bolt is. So far I have the process has been going for over two weeks. It took ages for them to notify me that I needed more photos, and I uploaded them 8 days ago and have heard nothing. I have changed to three stars as my beautiful bedroom suite is still wonderful and I have had no issues with it. I really like Amart Bankstown. Although they are not my closest store I prefer to travel the extra distance as every time I have purchased from them the staff have been very helpful. Making the process very simple. And delivery on a Saturday for a little bit extra suits me to the ground.

  • Emma D

These guys not only make great products, but it's their customer service that takes the cake. We bought many pieces which, unfortunately due to the current stock shortage, had to be delivered across multiple timeframes. We're still currently waiting for some items, which is understandable. We ordered a glass dining table top which unfortunately suffered damage during the delivery process. Upon notifying Amart and sending them pictures, and explaining the situation, they promptly arranged for an exchange of the table top. The table top is quite heavy (70kg) and far too difficult for myself (a petite female) to lift and assemble on my own. After taking these factors into consideration Amart notified their delivery transport contractors of the situation and these guys were absolutely bloody AMAZING. Adhering to social distancing & mask requirements, they brought in the table top, unpacked and assembled it for me in less than 5 minutes. Can't thank both Amart and their delivery contractors enough for what they've done in this instance.

  • Desmond Ng

When i put down deposit for my order, store staff failed to state the additional charge for delivering on weekend, only found out as a surprise when making full payment. Delivery was more than 4 hours late to the time confirmed on the morning of delivery. Delivered items came with damages and issues i.e. bedhead has been dropped and damaged in the box, missing rails and legs for the bed and a draw for the tall chest is stuck. No/Very slow response from management/customer care ( no response over 48 hours from when I notified them about the issues and i have to followed up twice). Now I have no bed to sleep on for the past 2 nights and counting until missing parts are delivered again and damaged items are replaced which will take at least another week (if there is stock). All these stuff up combined have created very poor customer experience.

  • Promo Sales & Marketing

Horrible When we went to pay Mirella at Bankstown told us deliver unboxing and assembly was covered in our price When delivery people came we rang Joanna the manager at Bankstown who rang the delivery people who refused to help I was even prepared to pay the extra money I was so angry they still refused They left the furniture unassembled inside and dumped the boxes outside blocking stairwell I am away and my wife is stressing not knowing what to do After 14 years shopping with Amart never again They were there these horrible nasty delivery drivers They could have helped my wife We were quite prepared to pay the extra but instead chose to block the hall way access to all apartments I will be taking this further What has happened to human help and compassion in this world today I thought Amart prided itself on customer service Never again

  • Shailesh Pandey

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!! I had ordered a bedroom set month ago and paid some amount when I booked it. So today we went there to pay rest of the amount. So we have experienced really worse customer service. The girl in the service desk was so rude while serving us. The way she dealed with us was really bad. I think while we went to the desk she was busy chatting with her co worker, so may be she didn’t liked us interupting her gossips session. Me and my family were there so we felt really uncomfortable by the way she was talking with us. I suggest the management to teach their staff to how to deal with their customers or atleast keep a experienced staff to deal with their customers so they feel comfortable being in the store. It was really bad experience, me personally am not visiting this store again in future. Thanks

  • Bailey Nichols

I drove 30 minutes and went in to the store with my family wanting to purchase an out door furniture set. The staff said it’s not in stock so I asked is there anyway I could purchase it and get it delivered at a later date when it’s in stock. But they just said for me to search up the customer service number on my phone and call them instead of just giving me the number, basically not wanting to deal with me as they just all stood in the corner talking to each-other looking like they couldn’t wait to go home. Than I was on the phone with customer service for 20 minutes before giving up on waiting to be answered. I ended up going to a Bunnings store and boy was their customer service a sigh of relief I was in and out of there in 20 minutes with great help and a great out door set. “To sum it up just go somewhere else”.

  • Khanh Hoang

Worst customer service ever! Highly recommend not to buy from Amart EVER I went to Amart bankstown, bought a mattress and a pillow and asked them to deliver to mine. In-store staff said they could do it. On the delivery date, only the mattress arrived. I called Customer service and followed up to be told that pillows / accessories cant be delivered, only in store pickup. Why didn’t they tell me to pick it up on the day when I came into the store? Spoke to staff on the phone 3 times they couldnt resolve the issue for me. I wanted to cancel the order but they said company policy doesn’t allow them to issue digital gift card - I HAVE TO GO TO THE STORE TO PICK UP THE PILLOW OR COLLECT GIFT CARD WHICH WAS NOT MY FAULT. They were so rude on the phone as well!

  • Cuong Tran

Beware of the extremely poor quality products sold at this store. The Cassidy Queen Bed that we bought looked as though it was made by a drunk apprentice carpenter, with multiple misplaced drill holes and dreadful attempts to patch up the shoddy work. The instructions manual was no where to be found. Customer Service tried to convince us that they have fantastic quality control measures already in place. They then tried to bribe us to keep the faulty product and lumped us with a "discounted" delivery fee in order to replace it when we didn't accept their offer. Well, this fee basically wiped the discount we obtained. Totally unacceptable. Never coming back, and sharing my experience to all our friends and family.

  • Trevor SATTLER

I walked into the store just after 7 pm...literally the only customer in there at the time. Waked around the store for just over 30mins CLEARLY interested in several items to purchase. I even had a piece of paper with the list of furniture I went in to buy as I had already short-listed them from the website. Not one single staff member came anywhere near me, despite there being 3 visible staff on shift that I could see and all stayed behind front counter. During my time there other customers had walked in and the staff eventually waked over to THEM to serve. Literally the most appauling "customer service" I have experienced

  • Kerolie Boyd

Super Amart Bankstown is a large furniture store, they stock almost purely imported goods and as such many of their items are MDF. The pricing is on the lower to middle side of the range. Many of their items have long warranties but keep your eye out for short warranties as this changes with every item. The staff are generally very good and helpful, I have only come across one staff member who made me feel uncomfortable by following me around the store after I told him to leave me alone. The manager of the store does work with customers on the floor and is honest and helpful. Overall pretty good store.

  • Sarah Williams

Staff are rude no one to help you. I loved the couches i seen at front then he tells me its sold, so then i had to look for something else so i just purchased brown lounge suite wasnt happy i just was so angry u get no help. So i purchased the brown loung suite so i came in next day seen a different worker told him originally i wanted that lounge suite at front and he told me its not sold then i said but they told me yesterday it was sold he said no its not. i was forced to buy other lounge when they told me its sold when its not...not happy with them at all. I want to exchange now.

  • M L

This place is an absolute joke. The moment you walk in there is one particular worker who just can’t help herself but give you dirty looks and a disgusting attitude. Had bought 2 beds from there and they both broke within a week. When I spoke to them and told them, they sent someone to come pick up the broken parts of the bed and we had to wait till the replacement could be delivered. 3-4 times they bought back the wrong item so I waited a month to get back the right middle rails for the 2 beds. The quality of their stuff is EXTREMELY CHEAP

  • M. Sana

Bought and paid for a sofa from sale... few days before delivery, they said it was already sold so we cannot have it..but I dont know if it was already sold or if someone maybe offered high price.. But what really infuriated me was their unapologetic behaviour. On offering us full priced same sofa with half delivery charges! WTH.. u can't even offer free complimentary delivery.!!! Really disappointed in their service... Absolutely Hated the experience.. wasted so much time...I hope they will be able to get better in future..

  • Cheeky Devil

If I could give a zero then I would. I normally don't write reviews but this is the first time I've shopped at Amart and what an experience. Placed order online and paid for the item, when I came to the store for pick up, they said they didn't have stock even though it was available online. Requested that they get the item in but assistant said "sorry, we don't order it in, I can however transfer the order to another store (that's 30km away)". Thanks Amart, you guys should rename to 0-mart.

  • Robyn Muir

The one star is not for the customer service. It is for the layout of the shop. My daughter and I went to Amart yesterday to look at mattress, the shop wasn’t busy there was staff on the floor two with customers one just standing there talking and three behind the service desk. We went and looked at the mattress and not one staff member ask us if we wanted help or even said hello will be with you soon. We got ignored, so we went somewhere else and got good customer service.

  • xuxajr Richard

Bought a couch which was rusted. Got offered a discount or a brand new replacement item. I chose to get the replacement and then they try to charge me delivery for their faulty item. After 4 weeks of time wasting, i finally get my replacement delivered. I open the box and the front legs for the brand new replacement are missing from the box. Worst customer service and company policies ive ever had to deal with. Still waiting for a call back in regards to my missibg item.

  • S Izumi

I had already decided what I wanted to buy. Went to the store, there was only one other customer besides me there. The ladies were all on their phones talking and laughing at the counter, did not even look towards me when I entered the building and walked around. I called them for help, not even one of them bothered to come give me a hand. Could've spent a few thousand dollars there, but customer service was as worse as it gets. Left buying nothing and never will.

  • Thomas Cleary

Spent over $3000 on an outdoor dining and lounge area. Paid the delivery fee. 2 of the lounges turned up broke. To the point where the delivery guys took a picture to show it wasn't them. Call Amart (don't get me started on being on hold then being hung up on multiple times). "Sorry, you will have to bring the lounges in to our store to swap. No we cannot refund the deliver fee. Yes we delivered you broken lounges but it is up to you to swap". Appalling.

  • Zeinab Mehanna

Ridiculous service, dont bother purchasing anything from here. Especially if you order something they'll delay the delivery by months and wont refund you. You wont even receive what you order. Managers also admitted to providing mislead information however no action was taken to compensate on their part. Just save yourself the headache and get your furniture elsewhere. Hopeless staff, hopeless service

  • Carlos Mu

Angela at Amart Bankstown was always helpful and when I went there today, she wasn't in, so Mirella was happy to assist me with my purchase, I bought a new bed for $1699 with free delivery on Wednesday 15 Jan, 2020 with delivery scheduled on Saturday. The service was fantastic, the price paid for a premium bed was fantastic and the transaction to finalise my order was quick and efficient.

  • chris katralis

Purchased a 3 pce lounge 3 years ago & it hasn’t stopped falling apart. The quality is absolute rubbish. When I complained about it, they refused to help one bit ! They sold this lounge to me stating it has 5 year warranty but what’s the point when it didn’t even last 3 years! Don’t buy from them unless you plan on throwing it out after a few years! Very poor customer service !!!

  • Nina G

We bought a bed online last year but weren’t able to unpack and assemble it until this year - unfortunately a bolt was missing. Because of the delay we were afraid that Amart might reject the spare part request but Alex B - no questions asked - had a new bolt kit sent out to us within 4 days. Thanks Alex for the excellent service!

  • Marina A

Please tell your manufacturer to have easy assembly of furniture! We spent 5 hours putting together our bedroom and dining table as there were so many steps and screws involved. It was like a 10000 peice jigsaw puzzle. My old bedroom package from fantastic furniture was so so simple and only took an hour to complete.

  • Sally T

We recently bought out leather lounge suite from here. We were provided with excellent customer service and were spoilt for choice with lounge suites as this store has an extensive range of furniture. We negotiated a reasonable price and the lounge suite was delivered, as requested, on time. Well worth a look see

  • Muhammad Sohail

I had wonderful customer care experience with Amart Bankstown. Earlier, the staff were so helpful and selecting right items and later, they helped me in getting the logistics issues sorted out. Showroom has plenty of options to select from according to your budget and the quality of all the stuff is also great.

  • Anuja Kulkarni

Having organised all my furniture I purchased in multiple shops to be delivered today, my Kingston dining set i purchased in the bankstown shop was delivered today. I am very happy with the quality and the shopping experience was pleasant. I appreciate amart being accommodative for when I needed my delivery.

  • Ashim L

Very bad customer service, I try to clam warranty for my couch but they just told me it's wear and tear not deflect from company. I wanted to talk to supervisor or Manager, but they didn't even let me talk. Never buy any product with them, especially the warranty is scam. Not even 1 star they deserve

  • Sammy

Worst customer service and worst quality products. I purchased a few items for my new home and everything I purchased had a problem. Customer service is slow to respond and find a resolution. Eventually got a refund after 5 weeks of going back and forth. Not happy and will never purchase again.

  • Jessica Duong

Love our new outdoor furniture!! Joanna was so helpful getting everything organised for us, delivery men took a lot of care delivering the goods and warehouse staff were so quick and efficient collecting our homeware accessories. Will definitely return to buy more goods! Thanks team!!!!

  • Chantelle Sala

I went in today. The store was pretty much empty and the stuff were too busy talking to each other and no one came to ask if I needed help I was looking around for about 15 minutes sitting on lounges trying them out. As I need a new one. No help at all.

  • Crystal Kim-Chi

Just wanted to say thank you to Josiah at the Bankstown branch for his help this morning with a modular couch - he was super helpful, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help us. We decided on a different couch but super grateful for his help!!

  • Mick Lazarov

Poor customer service. They delivered a lounge set for my elderly mother, dropped it off in the morning, delivery guys said, ‘we can’t unpack it or assemble we are in a rush’... Told amart about it, they offered no assistance, didnt really

  • Shianna Ayoubi

One of the best furniture stores iv been to, the service is beyond amazing , they treat you like family very understanding, caring and want to give you that value for money!! Tony and Koda some of the floor staff went above and beyond for

  • es L

Not crowded at all during our visit. Sales person was very attentive and catered to all our enquiries very well. Some of the clearance furniture has obvious damage. We were interested in the furniture at the entrance but they only have 2

  • Michael C

Poor form..went there Thursday night ready to buy and brought with me a appropriate vehicle to take it with me only to be told the only person authorised to work in the store has gone home and they cannot let me take anything today. Poor

  • Srikanta Misra

2 star is not for the place or the collection. It's has great collection but It's because of the staff behaviour. I have purchased a rug and was served by a lady named "SANDY". Her behaviour was horrible. She was arrogant and mannerless.

  • adam droubi

I have had the worst experience with Amart furniture. I bought 3 beds from this place and 2 of them broke in the space of one week: cheap bedding easy to break and when I followed up with an email to see if I can have the legs replaced I

  • Keelne Zhang

Very bad service, first time also the last time buy furniture from Amart, I bought bed frame,it’s very noise although I tried to fix it like tie the bed up still noise, two nights couldn’t sleep so I had to return it, the staff told me I

  • Suzy Milliken

Diala was so friendly and helpful. She showed us all the couches available and outdoor furniture. She was very knowledgeable about all the products. My partner and I would highly recommend her. Thank you for helping us today! :)

  • Anthony Camillos

Would give amart 0 stars if I could. Horrible product and the after sale support is about the only thing that's worse than the product itself. If you're wondering what to do with your money, my opinion is take it else where.

  • Nawshin Nabila

Almost all the furniture in our house has been from Amart. Their staff are friendly, not pushy and patient enough to give you the time no matter your budget. Their products are quite durable even after 2 years of use

  • Samer El Mohtadi

Very rude. I am loyal customer to Amart since 3 years. Unfortunately their customer support has deteriorated a lot since the new manager joined. I will not buy anymore from this store unless I have no other options.

  • Deen Ann

Worst customer experience. Highly not recommend to visit this store as they don’t value their customers. I went to another Amart store and was happy with the experience. Amart Bankstown is totally a No Go Zone.

  • Ahmad MATALQAH

I bought 3 items from here. 2 were delivered & one was picked up. The latter had to imported from other branches. It wad said it will take 4-6 weeks. Got it on time & the guys at the warehouse were supportive.

  • Norma Wannell

Love my purchase of two great Recliner Rockers in soft brushed leather! Every time I walk in my front door, it's like they're calling me! I fall asleep every time! Thx Norma …

  • asif shaikh

We bought our bedroom furniture from Bankstown store. Ramy was very good in helping us to select our requirement. After delivery we saw Our dressing table was damaged from

  • Ranan A.H

We were looking for computer desks and found good quality here with Resonable prices. Staff were helpful and even printed out the dimensions for us. Parking is available.

  • w z

Brendon, Thank you so much for your exceptional service. Me and my partner is extremely satisfied and so happy with our purchase. I can not recommend him highly enough.

  • Paul Briggs

Much better experience than last time!! Great selection of furniture at a discounted price. Only downside is there is often an extended wait time for delivery.

  • Veronica Pretto

Khoder was a best salesman with a very good deal and friendly service. If anyone want to buy something from Amart i recommend to see him.

  • Sandy Barwick

Staff asked us numerous times if we need any help whilst browsing, store us very well laid out, and overall nice place to check out.

  • Sydboy

Huge variety and ample parking, great shopping experience. Very clean and well organised retail store.

  • Peter L

Friendly staff competitive prices Goods needed repair after delivery

  • Dennis Svoboda

Abdur was an absolute champ. Thank you for your amazing service

  • Robert Pepper

Great range, good prices and the staff were very helpful.

  • Elyas Aldayoub

Good, but offers are limited

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