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4665 Town Crossing Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246




DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse is a Shoe store located at 4665 Town Crossing Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246. It has received 562 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse: 4665 Town Crossing Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246

  • DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse has 4.3 stars from 562 reviews

  • Shoe store

  • "I placed an order online for 4 hour pickup at a local DSW store"

    "I have not had a good experience with DSW"

    "I fell in love with a pair of $150 boots"

    "I am a DSW VIP member and this store was one of my favourite stores that i used to recommend to everyone i know"

    "Very large shoe store one of the biggest over at Town Center the only problem is whoever is buying the shoes for them I think they're thinking of what shoes they like instead of taking what the customers like so if you're a woman looking for a wide size you're kind of out of luck they do not carry it except online that's definitely the wrong move I know they're losing a lot of money on that because there's a lot of wide wides out there quality shoes are okay they're not making them like they used to like if you're looking for leather a majority of them today a fake leather they're not made like they used to be everything today is coming from China so we keep trying to alive instead of USA which is wrong because I am a disabled veteran I believe in USA support I hope this review helped you out and I hope you understand what I was talking about thank you"


  • iamsimplyshay (Shay)

I placed an order online for 4 hour pickup at a local DSW store. I live several miles from the closest DSW in my area and needed the clutch I ordered for an event I was headed to. I called my local DSW store a little before the 4 hour window ended to see if the order would be ready. I was told that there was a woman working on my order and it would be ready for pick up in just a few minutes. I arrived at DSW several minutes after that phone call. The cashier was looking all over for my order. The gentleman who answered my call came to the front while the cashier was still looking and said, “Oh yeah. She(referring to the woman who was working on my order)couldn’t find the clutch. That particular one was unavailable.” I calmly left but I was very upset. Not only do I live several miles from that store but I had to go off the interstate to stop at DSW on my way to the event, find parking which is almost impossible in that area, and waisted valuable time. I do not understand why I didn’t receive a return call or email letting me know that the item I ordered was unavailable within the 4 hour window. Or, offered the option to have similar items available for me to look at while in store. I can understand that the website my not be up to date on available items but 4 hours is more than enough time to know if an item is in stock or not at a local store.

  • B First

I have not had a good experience with DSW. I had a 25+minute hold to talk to someone, and another waisted 40 minute talk to a staff that was unable to listen or resolve my issue. That is after having spent at least an hour in the store and an additional hour again back in the store after the failed over the phone conversation. Simple issue—my sister buys me a pair of shoes in addition to her pair at a discounted price from their website, but DSW sends me the wrong size. I go to the store to swap them with receipt, per their online customer service instructions. Instead, they place another order for which I’m charged regular price-not sure why. So I wait for them to fix this and my account still shows that I’m charged for it. Two weeks later I get a chance to go back and let them know that I lost that credit card so when they put the money back they need my new card. Thank god this time it’s the same girl that helped me last time. Right. She calls a manager right away…Idk why, but he sure was determined not to help resolve any of this. After another hour of him being “confused”I’m back to square one. Just need my right size work shoes that’s all! It’s difficult to shop there anymore.

  • Sadé Z

I fell in love with a pair of $150 boots... the shoes in my size were scuffed up so I asked about a discount. The long haired brunette cashier called over the manager. He offered to order me a pair online with free shipping. At first, I was a little disappointed and said no. Then I decided why not so I asked the cashier to order them. After swiping my card and telling her my security code she stated that it was declined. I definitely had enough money but I handed her another card anyways. She said that one declined as well. DEFINITELY HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH MONEY ON THAT ONE. It’s a credit card with plenty of funds.. She asked if I wanted to split the cost between cards as if I didn’t have sufficient funds. I definitely had enough and decided these folks obviously didn’t want me to purchase these boots. I left completely unsatisfied and highly recommend the management work with their cashiers. She should have called him over rather than making me out to have insufficient funds. I’m sure the manager would have figured out what she was doing wrong in the computer!! ): How UPSETTING!!!

  • Rayan Bouhairy

I am a DSW VIP member and this store was one of my favourite stores that i used to recommend to everyone i know. I ordered a shoes to benefit from the deal they did previously and i was supposed to get a free bag, they canceled the bag that i was interested in on their own and kept the shoes that i ordered!! They always cancel the gifts that they make with each purchase! That’s the second time i order something to get the gift with it (once they make deals) and i never got the gift! They only do this to grab attention and for people to buy more shoes thinking they’re paying this amount for both the shoes and the gift but in the end they will only get the shoes they paid for and definitely how they thought! Never giving them the gifts! Never again! The first time i bought a shoes and didn’t get the gift, this time i thought i can maybe try but definitely not again! Gotta learn from my mistake! Gotta return the shoes too!

  • Bigboy2023

Very large shoe store one of the biggest over at Town Center the only problem is whoever is buying the shoes for them I think they're thinking of what shoes they like instead of taking what the customers like so if you're a woman looking for a wide size you're kind of out of luck they do not carry it except online that's definitely the wrong move I know they're losing a lot of money on that because there's a lot of wide wides out there quality shoes are okay they're not making them like they used to like if you're looking for leather a majority of them today a fake leather they're not made like they used to be everything today is coming from China so we keep trying to alive instead of USA which is wrong because I am a disabled veteran I believe in USA support I hope this review helped you out and I hope you understand what I was talking about thank you

  • My Perfect Imperfection Heather M.

My first time coming in today, I was recommended to try this store by a friend due to being in a wedding within 6 days. I literally walked in and my first 10 minutes 2 employees walked right past me several times. No greeting, No can I help you today. In their own world.You are on your own in this huge store upon entering. Customer Service rating is a 0. First time, last time. I will stick with my stores Dillards, JcPennys, and Macys.. When you enter these retail stores, you are greeted, valued, and treated as a valuable customer who we want to continue doing business with. I work hard for my coins and it feels good to do business with "Businesses" that value their customers. I would not recommend to family/friends. Walked out, they were still on Planet Mars, didn't even notice!..

  • Phil Viavattene

I stopped in to the DSW store at the St Johns Town Center, Jacksonville, FL. The cashier (Eni) was a pleasure to do business with, polite, professional, friendly in a polite professional way. She could not find me in the system I have not purchased anything there in awhile, so she signed me up for a new I guess Rewards card (I pay very little attention to store promotions, if I want something I buy it and don't carry cards and key chain things). Any way when I had my computer business (retired 5 years ago) I would have tried my best to hire her away from you as she was highly proficient, patient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to have as my check out person. Someone who has a business like I had is going to come in see just how good she is and hire her away from you.

  • Celia Vega

The past multiple times I've ordered shoes online to be picked up the same day it hasn't happened. When you buy online to do same day pickup, it tells you that you get them within 4 hours if ordered before 6pm. This has not been the case at all. I've ordered many times before 6pm and I dont get any email saying they are ready until the next day. So if you want or need your shoes the same day you are better off going up there. Hopefully your size will still be there or that they have them. Please dsw update your website with accurate time information and don't say it will be ready within 4 hours. I get it 1 or 2 times but everytime this happens, it is aggravating and false advertisement. It makes me not want to even buy from your company.

  • N. Deanna W. Holmstedt

I'm giving one star to Corporate DSW not this location. The staff at the St. John's store ROCK and are awesome. So I ordered shoes on 02/03/20 and paid $16 for 2nd day Delivery. Tracked package thru FedEx on Wednesday and recieved an email confirming delivery on Wednesday.....NOPE...the shoes were sent out on Thursday Feb. 6 and due to be delivered Saturday Feb 8. That's 5 days, then I email Dsw to update the Delivery address so that they will arrive at the address where I will be this weekend and they refuse to do so. Per FedEx all the shipper has to do is submit an address change for delivery. They refuse to do so. This is horrible customer service. I'm out of town and needed the shoes for my trip.

  • Leah Johnson

Terrible customer service! I ordered a pair of shoes online and choose to pick them up in the store. When I arrived at the store, I had to wait for 30 min and then they went on to tell me they cancelled the order because they were unable to fill the order!!!! Did anyone notify me?! NO! I went on to explain that it's not acceptable, and the store employees were so rude & just didn't care at all. I could have just paid for shipping and not wasted an hour of my time, dealt with rude employees & wasted my reward coupon. Will not go back here ever.

  • Kathryn Moore

Horrible. Been in the store for 20 minutes, looking for shoes. Unknown if there hours and a young woman comes up to me an says we are closed and that I need to come to the counter for my purchase, I tell her I am unable to find anything in my size. She says oh well we are closed so please leave!!! Will never ever shop with this company! Your doors are wide open! How would I know you are closed? It’s 8:06 and they just locked their doors! No hours posted!!

  • Isabel Mcgartey

My new favorite shoe store! They have every shoe imaginable . I'm going to celebrate my birthday by spending all day shopping there! Hopefully I'll make it to the purse's. They have something for the whole family. All age groups. Plus they also carry accessories. Prices are reasonable. My salesman was so polite and informative. At checkout I was given a $10 off coupon. Now I don't have to buy online. My brand was hard to find. OOFOS.

  • Charles hernandez

Would give 0 stars if possible, first the order was for store pick up when we got to the store they didn't have the show and they said they would ship the shoe the the house after waiting for 1 hour. Then when the shoe arrives they sent the wrong size customer service was a waste of time ended up returning the shoe and losing out on the money and almost forgot it came with the security tag on.

  • M J

I can't say enough good things about this store-- it is my absolute go to store for high end shoes at reasonable prices. I love the selection of shoes, socks and other accessories. I have shopped at DSW since it opened and I have never walked out without purchasing something-- usually 5 or more pair of shoes at a time. The associates are friendly and helpful. LOVE LOVE LOVE this store.

  • Obietta Langley

Overpriced and over rated! I saw a shoe I wanted but didn't have my size. Went online with the name of it, got routed to Famous Footwear site and got it for $10 less, while standing right inside this store lol...walked out happy but not because of anything there. Got my shoes a few days later. Also, the ladies bathroom is DISGUSTING with just one working stall. Will not be back!

  • Martin Wilson

Last time was not so good, as the store was down on inventory. Fast forward to last week: Bonanza! This DSW has a complete selection with all sizes of men's shoes. I found exactly what I was looking for and in the right size! Moreover, I found several different shoes, and the prices are so good I think I will be returning to buy them, too. Thanks, DSW! Highly recommended.

  • Marilyn Lawson

I was trying to find boots for my 12 year old grandaughter who has an adult size 3 shoe size. Our local store does not carry that size. The wonderful employees helped me order from the warehouse. I was so very impressed with their interest and assistance. The boots arrived in time for the birthday party. Every one,was happy. Thanx so much. DAW employees were wonderful

  • Emily

Was greeted by a friendly sales associate. I asked if they had navy blue summer heels in stock. Their answer was yes, however the shoes were not in a specific order. I stayed in there for almost an hour and purchased two pairs of shoes but was told there was no restroom available. A bit disappointed especially when I spend my $$$. So, shop at your on risk!

  • Rebecca DiMichele

My 2 hour pickup order was lost until I called the next day and spent most of my time on hold. Associates in the store were wandering around and were not enthused to be working whatsoever. When I finally got to the counter, the associate threw my order on the counter and told me to have a good day. Will be choosing delivery to my house next time.

  • robin allerding

I returned a pair of shoes 2 months ago and waited on hold for 30 to 45 minutes three times with customer service trying to get my credit back on my card. Each customer service person said they made sure the credit was put back on my card and still no results. I will never buy anything from DSW again and will definitely not recommend them either.

  • Haidyn Johns

The employees here are sooo nice and soo pacient too. They are open to helping anyone out. And greeting you with a smile on their face putting a smile on yours. They also have amazing deals here too. I got some shoes for track and they were really comfortable and had a great price on them too. I would one hundred percent recommend DSW

  • Ardett Brown

Love the women selection of shoes. I appreciate that they carry larger sizes of 11 in designer shoe brands. Sandals, boots, dress shoes, flats, bags, purses and more. Kids shoes also have a great selection. Men's shoe selection could be better, but my husband have found a great selection of designer brand shoes on size 13 also.

  • Allison T

DON'T BOTHER!! No longer carry wide women's shoes per 2 reps and manager! This used to be a go to store... no longer recommend. 4 reps stood around when 2 people tried to ask for help, as well as limited stock in many shoes. The store was super crowded with some staff and most customers not wearing masks. GO ELSEWHERE!

  • Anne Pal

I like DSW because the rewards are great if you just sign up for an account. They don't have the most variety of shoes in store but they have tons of options online that you can order to be shipped for free if you're part of the VIP program (free to join). Their clearance section can have some nice things as well.

  • Deep Sahoo

I love this place for the wide variety of collection they have. You can shop different brands just at one place. The best part of it is you get to try all types of shoes that you would ever be able to try by visiting different stores for that particular brand. Definitely recommend this place to any shoe lover.

  • April Bowen

Decided to stop in to buy a couple pairs of shoes. Had previously been informed about the coupon for signing up for emails. I decided to do that. When I got the coupon, I read the exclusions. Geez, over half the store was listed as excluded. What good is that? Definitely not a good first impression.

  • Aaron Croxton

Prices are pretty high regardless of sales and they have a limited inventory of sizes for all styles. However, they do have an abundance of styles and quality shoes. They carry dress, casual, and sport shoes. Make sure to check their website, it is pretty accurate compared to the in store inventory.

  • Sam Nates

Great customer service, they were helpful took the time to answer our questions as well as help us find what we were looking for. This is an update 3/28/2022 today I needed help with kids shoe sizes and they were so patient and helpful. Shared so much information that helped me with what I needed.

  • Nikki Jackson

Worst shoe store ever. It's like Amazon's returns Every single shoe I have ever purchased from here has a defect. Hey Dudes are stretched out like someone worn them, Vans and a messed up insole. Nike left shoe makes a funny noise when I step. KNOCK OFF STORE, nothing designer about it at all

  • Mr Oliver

Enjoyed my time there. A lot of variety. Bought some shoes. But the cashier seemed to be rushing me due to a long line. Everyone wore there masks, but she seemed not habdle the stress of the checkout very well. Its the little things that make the customer shopping experience a 5 star deal.

  • Manish Agarwal

DSW is good! Best place to buy any type of shoe. But I have a complaint. What does W mean in DSW? Is it Women? Because 70% of shoes at DSW are for women. There is so much variety and a million options. Why not for men? We too deserve a little more options. Please! …

  • Arthur Lewis

It was great. It was super crowded but there were Cashiers at every station & the line was moving very good. I have never seen so many people in that DSW. It''s probably because the Pandemic is getting so much better. The parking lots were even full. Good day to go shopping!

  • Johnny Matt

Quick and easy. Had nice selection of men's dress shoes. Size 13 D in stock. Previous comments from others regarding stock inventory results from customers unfamiliar with supply chain/manufacturer delays. Sales associate was very helpful...believe her initials are KP

  • smslanza

Wide selection of shoes in a nice store and location. Join the DSW VIP for free shipping or pick up at the store. I have a hard time ordering shoes online so try them on here and either buy at the store or order online! Happy with all of my purchases so far!

  • Christy Blanchard

Kudos to one staffer who was very helpful. Another staffer, my first to ask for help, when I asked "do you have heels an inch high?" She said "you will have to look, they are mixed in everywhere" ~ she could try to find one pair at least. It's a big place.

  • Diane Bond

They have the store set up so people can stay 6 feet apart. They have the isles going one way. They have a table for you to put the shoes you've tried on so they can sanitize them and return them to the shelf. If only the customer would follow directions.

  • Megan Poterucha

Great selection, one of the biggest DSW stores I have been to. There were lots of sizes too and the clearance section was not excessively picked over. I didn't interact much with the staff, but they were present and available for questions if I had any.

  • Tina Russo

I was a first time shopper and Tiffany was so sweet and helpful. It's nice to have a friendly customer service experience nowadays since it's dying out most of where you go. Especially the first day back from the hurricane, her attitude was A++

  • Kimberly Green

Great prices, huge variety, amazing customer service, this is the formula for the best shoe experience! This is the best place for my family to get shoes for everyone! If you want a great shopping experience without blowing the bank go here!!

  • Pam Leupen

Have always been a fan, and this location is well maintained. I wish they had my size in several styles, but I suppose I could have ordered them at checkout. I only mailorder shoes when I know they will fit. Too inconvenient returning them.

  • Barbara Brunner

Madison Handled Complicated Transaction Well. DSW offers an array of medium-priced shoe styles/sizes with wide aisles, good pricing and lots of seating for fitting. I had bought four pairs of shoes online, none of which fit, so I returned

  • Yekaterina

Although I don't always find the pair/size I want, I've always had a pleasant experience at this location. Great selection, changes frequently. The clearance in the back doesn't disappoint. Staff is always smiling and ready to help. :)

  • Britney Danger

My review isn't about this store! It's about how horrible the online is. They sent me used shoes!! Then I sent the others back and received a replacement. They tried to charge me 2 plus weeks later for my "free" shipping.

  • Joe Martin

Great selection and great staff. Decided to get a pair that wasn’t in stock and they shipped it to my house. The cashier was super nice and it was a very easy process. Shoes are good quality and they carry many brands.

  • Pat Wood

The manager on duty that day was fantastic! She consistently was friendly, didn't matter if she was busy, she stopped to give assistance. Very friendly attitude. Adore the store anyway so that really made a difference.

  • Kristin Boyd

I love DSW and particular this location over most. I picked out my wedding and bridesmaids shoes today. I am thankful for the freedom and stress free environment DSW provides. Online is a different story though

  • Kay Kings

Always great selection. This location is well stocked and very organized. They had a garbage can for the paper wrap and shoes fillers in every corner! The staff were very courteous and attentive to you needs.

  • Anna Heise

DSW is my Kryptonite I have never failed to go there in search of one item and leave with that item and possibly two more. Designer shoes casual shoes high heels whatever you need DSW is the place to look.

  • Lisa Maybruch

Allison was awesome! She took the time to help us look for coupons so we could get the best deal. Even though we were taking a while, she was super patient and always had a smile on her face. Go Allison!

  • RA B

This is our go to shoe store. We just bought 4 pairs of tennis shoes to put under our Christmas tree...an annual gift we give ourselves. Plus my member perks of$$ off our purchase is a great bonus.

  • Be that Queen Bridal

Fav stop buying shoes. I love the fact that they have some boxes to donate used shoes. This makes me feel better than throwing them in the garage when somebody else can still use them! Nice idea!

  • Shatavia Eady

This is my favorite shoe place. Make sure you sign up for their rewards program. I started shopping at dsw in July I have already got 2 pairs of shoes each for my kids and 4 pairs for myself.


This is the superstore for anything and everything shoes!! It is my opinion that if they don't have what you need and they can't get it for you then you probably won't fund it anywhere else!!

  • E Jusbu

This store and their customer service is second to none. The great service and the selection, well not to mention the prices, will keep me and my family spending our shoe allowance at DSW.

  • Tara Kostich

The store was clean and well configured based on the COVID restrictions. The staff was helpful and the sales were wonderful! We spent just over $100 and walked away with 5 pairs of shoes!

  • Roman “Ro” Johnson

Complicated. Needed a size 15 shoes and I had to search for them. I was told the for sizes like that the box would have a yellow sticker. Well some of them didn't follow that rule.

  • Alaa Alchi

The best shoes company ever, have an excellent policy and good customer service. The manger of this store so helpful and professional of customer care. I recommend DSW for anyone.

  • D S

DSW has a lot of options, had to replace a pair of shoes that my new puppy chewed up of my wife's. I was very lucky they had same style and size! She never knew the difference!

  • Gail Simon

I've come here often and the store was open until 8pm. Suddenly I come out here, 25 minutes away, and they're closed! No warning, just closed. This isn't going to happen again.

  • Lance Sheridan

Staff could be a little more friendlier. When asked questions about products we were pointing to the product and it was almost like they said good luck. Poor customer service.

  • Tiffani Irish-Soutra

No one asked me if I needed any help. The cashier was helpful in assisting me with my mistake in men/women's size for doc martens. Spent $250 and they were out of bags!! Wow.

  • Nicoline Dominguez

So many options, so little time. It's always the best place to shop. I always say, in not looking for anything and here I go, walking out with a new pair of shoes …

  • Teri Johnson

When I'm looking for a "Showstopper" I go to DSW!! I know they Will have exactly what I'm looking for!! Can't wait to wear my beautiful shoes to the up coming event!!!!

  • Rhys Weller

Was struggling to find footwear for a particular occasion, thanks to Associate Cage I found the perfect water moccasins for my men’s size 7 feet!!! Thanks cage!!!!

  • John-Michael L'Allier

Ridiculous selection of shoes! The name 'Warehouse' is very appropriate for this place. Their deals are excellent, especially in the clearance section in the back!

  • Mary Kinzler

Had been to multiple stores looking for new dress shoes for my husband. They had a great selection and prices are good. Employees were very helpful and courteous.

  • Serāna Jenae

Always a great place to get a pair of shoes for any occasion. Great accessories too. Love the perks.. plus buy online pick up in store option is very convenient.

  • Chere Manderville

I saw super cute sandals while on vacation. I couldn't pack one more thing in my carry on. I had them shipped home. It was an easy breezy process. Thanks DSW

  • Kristin Collier

I did find shoes however I felt the selection lacking. The associates didn't help what so ever and in this age of covid where are all the feet stockings??

  • Alicia Calhoun

Lots of boots and motors options. Honestly I’m a little overwhelmed but in a good way. Hopefully I find something that works for my NYC trip in 2 weeks.

  • murshida melko

They sell the blue fish shoes double price than Amazon...there price $39.99+tax become $42 at Amazon is $22 .Belk $27 they double the price...

  • T J

DSW: “Where you can spend $200 or more on shoes, but we’re too cheap to spend money on bags, so leave with all your boxes in hand!” …

  • Nakia Smith

Nothing like the one I shopped in back in Coconut creek and they are over priced. The same shoe I got from Dillard's was triple the price

  • Patricia

I love DSW although I couldn't find me a pair of shoes I wanted today. This was a first! Next time will be a better shopping experience.

  • Monique Evans

I was in and out of here. I had a online order and was able to pick it up and get right out the store. The staff was very friendly also

  • Sam Smolko

5 different places and DSW was the only one who had the specific Adidas in my size that I wanted. 1st time stop next go round... :)

  • Candi Walker

Plenty of great shoes all styles okay price points but was disappointed at the knock off Converse I went specifically to look for

  • Becky Brown

Great selection and the staff is really helpful. I appreciate that they honor coupons and let you stack discounts in store!

  • jazz

Very friendly staff. Several different employees asked if I was in need of assistance. Quality shoes for reasonable prices

  • Tamala Lambert

Not one of my favorite places to try. A variety of selections, so maybe other choices may have tasted better. Nice staff.

  • Sheila Mcs

Great customer service. Very friendly and good selection of shoes and more. Thank you for working with me on my return.

  • Philip Bright

I found a 20% off sale on a pair of Nike slippers, then they gave me another $5 off bc it was my birthday! Yes …

  • Kathleen Leis

I love this store, great selection, good prices and always clean. Staff is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.



  • Valerie Mina

Good selection of shoes. Fast cashiers and very courteous. They don't have enough chairs/stools for fitting shoes.

  • Charles Barnett

I highly recommend, if you're a shoe enthusiast or just looking for something nice to get yourself or a friend etc

  • MoMo Lakers

Always a pleasure shopping here! Make sure you sign up for their rewards program! The prices cannot be beat!

  • Alicia Tosca

They have a great selection of shoes, great prices, and they have made social distancing guidelines stylish

  • Ginger Vander Velde

Staff nominally available. Only 1 pair of what they call Penny Loafer. High price for that one loafer pair.

  • Cage Abdullah

Was in here the other and had everybody was so helpful especially an associate named Cage! Love the shoes!

  • Staci Winter

I keep going to this store like they stock size 8. I'd make more purchases if they had my size available.

  • Alex Vane1

I love to come here and check out the clearance section. Great shoe selection and always fantastic price

  • Gloria Turner

Love my purchase,the cashier looked had an employee look a shoe that was mix matched,but didn't find it.

  • blaundee Tyree

Reebok has a new line of tennis shoes and they feel good on your feet and look good don't sleep on them

  • Dom3tears picinch

Went and got shoes and insoles their prices are reasonable staff was friendly and knowledgeable

  • Michael King Sr

High quality name brand shoes at lower prices. What more to say? Store was very crowded today!

  • rj mantis

Good selection of shoes not as good of a price discount as the used to be back in the day.

  • Yarisbel Gutierrez

Great selection of shoes and the staff was helpful and courteous. Definitely coming back !

  • Wendy woo

One of my favorite places to shop, great customer service! Now go get your shopping on!!!

  • Mike Todd

Huge selection, fair prices. Prices as good or better than the Sketchers "Discount" Store

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