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Lewis Real Estate

Jane O'Neill

In an era where many people choose to take the rental of property into their own hands, it was a welcome relief to hand over the responsibility of renting out our home for nine months to the capable staff at Lewis Realty in Coburg, Melbourne. From the moment we made the decision to rent out our property, we were able to focus our energy on the impending move and leave all of the administration to the team at Lewis. Every aspect of the service was impeccable: timely response to emails, excellent record keeping of rental deposits, respectful communication between tenants and landlord and above all, vigilance and care for the property. We first rented from Lewis in 2003, so have more than 15 years now of dealings with Anthony and the team. As a matter of principle I would only continue to deal with this agency because of the trust I have in their integrity and capability.

KJRI Melbourne (Indonesia Consulate General in Melbourne)

Ron Harwood

My partner had a bad experience at first leaving a bad review. They called her claiming she threw items and was abusive as was apparently shown on CCTV. This is wildly inappropriate to lead with these accusations. So based on this and overhearing what I thought was abusive I left a negative review. All for a passport renewal. When picking up the passport they made me wait for the manager specifically to discuss why I left a review. She did not provide the passport until after the discussion. I believe her to be very unprofessional and is not open to receiving feedback. In terms of service, the ticket system may or may not be used, it depends of how they feel. There is no adequate queue control. The manager will call you if you leave a bad review and be abusive. They are not open to any feedback or criticism. Other staff I cannot fault though, they were kind and friendly. DO NOT CONTACT ME FURTHER ABOUT THIS INCIDENT!

Huebner Oaks Veterinary Hospital

Carol Sandoval

I just realized I’ve been doing business with Dr. Zieben since he began his practice nearly 30 years ago when it was Colonies North. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Z. When I relocated to Austin, I did not know how to choose locally when I had to make that decision. It was not easy and it was not the same. Dr. Zieben is kind, caring, thorough and he will explain every detail to you so that you know what is important to your pet. He will never do anything without your knowledge so that you know what you are being charged for and his prices are very reasonable. After I was gone for 7 years, I am now extremely happy to say that he is my vet again. Thank you Dr. Z for you and your caring staff are THE BEST!! ❤️

Spizz Restaurant - Cafe & Bar

rene delta

Nach einem Workshop „um die Ecke“ ging es abends noch spontan in dieses wirklich schicke Restaurant. Das Personal war sehr freundlich und aufmerksam. Die Tagesempfehlungen und auch die Speisekarte haben es uns echt schwer gemacht unter den vielen leckeren Gerichten auszuwählen. Bei mir wurde es als Vorspeise eine tolle Fischsuppe und zum Hauptgang der Caesars Salat. Alles super frisch zubereitet und die Qualität war ihren Preis wert! Absolute Empfehlung für einen besonderen Abend,wenn es mal exklusiver sein darf! Ich komme bestimmt wieder. Danke für den schönen Abend.


Katarzyna G

Mieszkam w bloku, w którym znajduje się sklep. Jedynym plusem tego miejsca jest mały ruch. Reszta to porażka. Wiecznie spleśniałe warzywa. W lodówce szynki pakowane również pokryte pleśnią leżą po kilka dni. Po zwróceniu uwagi pracownikom po kilku dniach nadal nie zostały uprzątnięte. Obsluga nie zadowolona ze pracuje na dwóch stanowiskach (mieso i piekarnia). Poprosilam o wystawienie pieczywa które było już upieczone, ponieważ skończyło się. Pani nawrzeszczała na mnie, że pracuje na kilku stanowiskach i nie ma czasu.

Pizza Hut

Bailey Kretsinger

My husband went to pick up our order. A whole $11.06 worth. An employee at the register took $13 from my husband and was told to keep the change. Someone else brought our pizza out and accused my husband of not paying because the other employee had left within the 5 mins they took to get our order ready. Super rude and unprofessional. Told my husband "well he left and I cant tell that you've paid or not" Just ridiculous customer service.

Bayındır Söğütözü Hastanesi

özlem imece

Bebeğimin canı yanar mı diye deri testinden çekinip, tek seferde kan testi istemiştik. 06.11.2023 tarihinde 17.00-18.00 saatleri arasında pediatri bölümündeki iki hemşireniz bebeğimden kan almaya çalışmış, sıkmaktan iki kolu da mosmor olmuştur. Sadece girerken canı yanacak deyip deriden girdikten sonra ıçerde rastgele iğneyi defalaca salarak bulmak mıdır damar bulma yöntemi? Damar bulmak için baktığınız ışıklı cihazı süs olarak mı kullandınız da oğlumu perişan ettiniz? Yetişkin bir insan elinin ve kolunun içinde defalarca saplanan iğneye dayanamazken bebeğimizin sakince bitmesini beklemesi miydi sizi cesaretlendiren? Umuyorum ki bu çağ dısı kan alma yönteminiz bebeğimin elinde bileğinde kolu da hiçbir hasara sebep olmamış olsun. Hemşire diye koyduğunuz kişilere eğitim aracı değil bebeklerimiz. Geldiğimize geleceğimize bin pişman ettiniz!

Julies Salon Málaga Centro - Peluquería Barbería & Estética

Ángel Martín de Soto Moreno

UN CLIENTE MENOS! Lamentable trato a un cliente habitual. Me he cortado el pelo ahí durante varios años, porque el precio es muy económico para ser el centro. Llego 4 minutos tarde a mi cita y han cogido a otro cliente... hasta ahí todo bien, ya que he llegado tarde. Después de 30' de espera, termina y sienta a otro cliente que no tenía cita pero estaba esperando. Le comento que tenía cita hace media hora y me dice que como he llegado tarde que ya va a meter a otro que estaba esperando y luego me cogería a mí. Le comento que por 4' tarde, no veia normal que tuviera que esperar 1 hora después de mi cita y su respuesta es que lo sentía pero iba a coger al otro cliente. Pues muy bien... a seguir engañando turistas!!

Jack in the Box

Henry Mandujano

EXACTLY a year ago today I had a one star review and was going out of my way to avoid this location. But today was AMAZINGLY SURPRISING! The new cashier Josie was down to earth and very relatable with GREAT no STUPENDOUS service! Also the new manager Jackie is hands down by far perfect! Great conversation and reassuring that the 24hr option is back. I’m so happy because I get out late and this is the perfect location on my way home. Thank you jackie and Josie for your wonderful service and attitude!
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Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

The Museum of Russian Art

Alejandra Tobar Alatriz

This museum was a lovely surprise. I really enjoyed the diversity of the art displayed. The contemporary sections welcoming political work, makes this Museum a relevant place to visit in this historic time of global conflict. The bathrooms were clean and accessible, the gift shop super cute, and staff pleasant. They were participating in a national free Museum day. I saw more folks of color than I had expected to run into. I don’t know if I would have given it a try had it not been for that opportunity. I would come back and pay.
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Wait time
No wait
Reservation recommended

Villa Maritime

Jade Blanc

Décidément, les artistes d'aujourd'hui sont loin d'être à la hauteur de leurs maîtres d'hier et, si il faut les encenser parce que certains d'entre nous l'ont décréter, pardonnez-moi si mon sens artistique me l'interdit. Conclusion sur cette exposition : décevant !. Je n'ai aucune crainte de le dire puisque cet artiste est mondialement connu et que ce n'est certainement pas mon avis qui risque de nuire à sa réputation...

OLA Family Spa & Reflexology


I’ve been here a couple times for reflexology, full body massage, and shiatsu massage. The place is clean, the service is good and friendly, and the price is reasonable. It’s often fully-booked, so make your reservations in advance. Sudah beberapa kali ke sini untuk refleksi, full body massage, dan pijat shiatsu. Tempat bersih, pelayanan baik/ramah, harga juga standar. Sering penuh, jadi sebaiknya reservasi sehari sebelumnya.

Westport Maytag Laundry


This place hasn't been updated since probably 1980, but that's okay! Takes quarters only and change machine only breaks $1/5/10. Single-use soap/fabric softener/bleach are $1 in the vending machine. Open until midnight. Plenty of parking. If you get bored, there's a TV. If you feel like dancing, Missie Bs is next door and if you feel like trippin, the candy store across the street sells mushroom gummies lol I'd definitely go here again!

Josephines Hair Braiding

Patson Moyo

The customer service is excellent. The braiding and other hair styles done by the team here is brilliant very brilliant. Again can I tell you that hair braiding is brilliant. I would definitely recommend a friend . The team has good customer service and they do listen to the customer's needs. In Josephine Salon the hair braiding is of high standard. I had my hair braided on the 11 th of September and I was so impressed by the outcome. The tension is neat and even. The team treats every customer with respect and DIGNITY. Hygiene standard is excellent. I kept on looking at the shiny floor and shiny table tops. One thing I liked about JOSEPHINE' s hair salon is that once you call you get an appointment as soon as possible. The team speak good English-language. Remember evey individual has an accent which makes everyone unique. But to be honest the team speak very Good English . Every customer wore a face masks. Well done girls. Thumbs up for a job well done and good customer care. Proud of you.

Fit Barre

Candace Black

Signed up for the Barre Baby class after having my first child and my only regret was not signing up sooner. Jenn and all the ladies here are so supportive and encouraging, offering modifications as needed to help you reach your goals, but also pushing to do your best and then do even better. If you’re on the fence, they regularly have free classes to try before you buy, great options for signing up providing flexibility in a class schedule and commitment that works for you. Highly recommend if you are looking for a challenging and fun class that leaves your and things burning.

Greenberry's Coffee Co.


When I think of what a coffee shop should be, this specific Greenberry's fits the bill. The music plays faintly in the background, enough to hear it but not loud enough to drown out your voice while trying to speak to others and not loud enough to distract you if you need to do serious studying. (I can't count the number of times I've been to Starbucks on E street or in the Gelman library and taken an about face minutes after walking into the store because of the dance club level volume that those coffee shops play music at.) This is a GREAT place for GWU students who want a study spot in the neighborhood and are tired of not finding a seat in the Starbucks closer to campus. This cafe not only feels spacious due to its lay out but has a lot of space for fellow students to have out a laptop, books, etc, without feeling cramped. Come here if you are sick of being packed like a sardine into the tiny chairs and tables available at other local coffee shops. It's a bit of walk in comparison to the coffee shops closer to GWU campus but I can say without a doubt that you will get way more studying done here than if you tried studying at the other coffee shops in this neighborhood. Finally, the staff are extremely friendly, including the owners. On the numerous occasions that I have gone here, the owners have personally greeted me, asked how I was doing, and made me feel very welcome. I loved the ambiance and peaceful environment -- exactly what a coffee shop should be. PS the liquid nitro coffee is awesome!

Cole Paschall Law

Noah Gamer145

I used Casey Cole for a first time DWI. I was referred multiple other larger firms including D&J and was unsure how to decide but after speaking with Casey Cole he made me feel confident in his expertise. Prices were very reasonable and affordable. The process of working with him and Jessica was very smooth and they were easy to communicate with. I was able to text and communicate with them at any time of the day. The outcome of my hearing was the best I could’ve received and I am 100% grateful I chose to go with Casey. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a great lawyer! Thank you for everything!! -Nancy T

PRISM PHYSIO - Kiné du sport Paris 4

Aurélien Vigano

Andriane et Julien ont dirigé ma rééducation suite à une opération de l’épaule. Mon chirurgien a été impressionné par leur sérieux et leurs méthodes, et par le résultat. Mon épaule a entièrement récupéré, ce qui était loin d’être gagné. Au prix de 5 mois de travail, 5 mois durant lesquels Andriane et Julien ont été constamment à mes côtés, motivants, exigeants, rigoureux et pédagogues. Un grand merci !

Black Label Exotics

Royce Flores

By far the best experience I could’ve asked for! We needed a car last minute due to a booking issue with another company and I can honestly say Taylor worked faster than I could give him answers! He was so pleasant, it was extremely refreshing! We were presented with a few options in different, very fair price ranges and we were able to get EXACTLY what we asked for. The vehicle was delivered to us by another gentleman with the company and was very nice and clean. I wouldn’t use any other rental company besides Black Label!

Котка и Мишка

Alex Mitrany

Котка и мишка една прекрасна бирария в квартал капана в Пловдив горещо Препоръчвам на всеки посетител на Пловдив да отиде в квартал капана и да се наслади на приятните заведения и бирарии там една от най-хубавите и котка и мишка и там има много видове бира


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