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Albanian Mosque

Tom Hackman

This mosque should be open to 5 praying times aday not just for Juma praying its shame what you Albanian people do, if it is build for purpose of mosque, then it should be used as what it is suppose to build for , what a shame on Albanians locking mosques doors when ever they want they open but when collecting money collected from muslims brothers all from different nationality contribute may Allah punish youse who ever are behind this idea. Amin . Tomorrow is 24-05-2020 Sunday Ramadan Eid I wish all muslims Ramadan Mubarek ,

Super Easy Storage Inner West

Vishnu Radhakrishnan

As the name say its really 'Super Easy Storage' and very convenient and much cheaper compared to Kennards or other storage facilities. Open from 9-4 PM on weekdays and 9-12 PM on Saturday. They will provide the locks for purchase as well. Need to give 48 hours before you move out and they will place your materials in the box ready for loading. They could arrange the truck for pick up and delivery as well, but I arranged my own. Thank you John & Julian at Rydelmere for making it easy for us. Thanks Matt for the follow up calls.

Access Storage - Nepean

fatoumata ngum

best storage facility you can ever find in Ottawa. Prices are reasonable and staff are friendly and helpful. Easy access and convenient. Will definitely come back if I needed any storage facility in future and would highly recommend you guys to any friend or family member who is looking for a good reasonable place to store his or her stuff. Thanks for making the whole process easy for me as well. Keep it up

Pos Malaysia Pudu

Dorд Бustдv

antara 8.30pg - 9pg, saya buat panggilan, hanya untuk kepastian samada pembayaran melalui kad debit boleh atau tidak memandangkan saya tidak membawa 'cash', dua kali panggilan di 'reject', jadi saya membuat keputusan 'walk in' dgn harapan urusan dipermudahkan. malangnya, spt jangkaan .." maaf encik, untuk pembaharuan lesen kenderaan, kami hanya terima 'cash' sahaja" .. wow!! alifsyukri & ku lepuk2 raya betul khidmat korang time2 bulan pose ni ye?!! sebab itu kena angkat telipon bile orang call!!!! korang & 10 ekor lawyer siti bainon tu dua kali lima suku je, sama !!

Sero's Family Restaurant

Matthew Staninger

I had relatively high expectations, and Sero's unfortunately did not come close to meeting them. I will say, the place looks lovely on the inside. We were sat quickly, but despite the restaurant being pretty empty, it took quite some time before a server came up to simply say "What are you all drinking?" The order did come out correctly. Their chicken lemon rice soup was creamy and relatively tasty, although there was no lemon hint. I would happily eat that again. However, the pork chops I ordered were tough and fatty, and a sandwich another guest ordered had hardly any meat. One other in our group said their food was ok at best, and a fourth enjoyed his food. I would not plan on going back to Sero's.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 3
Service: 2
Atmosphere: 5
Parking space
Plenty of parking
Parking options
Free parking lot

Enterprise Car & Van Hire - Leeds Yeadon

Mark Griffin

Absolutely horrible experience. Staff only pointed out damage and never considered the tyres on check out. When i later pointed out a tyre which appeared unroadworthy the manager agreed and stated the vehicle should not have been on the road. Since then the company have been very defensive about the tyre. The company also took money from my account without consent and provided unacceptable reasons why. Having asked for documentation about the vehicle I have received a unprofessional response. The internal communication processes are non existent, staff are unhelpful and when I tried to complain I was told there is no internal process. I would never recommend this company and would urge people to check the tyres.

The Lucky Pig Cocktail Bar

Dhruva Sutar

If you are looking for calm nice relaxing place to enjoy your cocktail with a rustic look and feel, this is the place to be. I had been here on weekday it had good vibes and the hospitality is top notch. The staff always made sure our cocktails were made tailored to our liking. They had good knowledge about spirits and recommendations were amazing.
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Vegetarian options
There is one vegetarian pizza which tastes out of this world. It just took me by surprise . There is one vegan pizza on the menu to for people who are vegan.

Barceló Hamburg

katja berlin

Das Hotel ist zentral gelegen. Nur Paar Minuten Fußweg vom Hauptbahnhof. Wir waren von unserem Zimmer für über 150 Euro die Nacht zum Teil enttäuscht. Das Zimmer war recht dunkel, wenig Ablageplatz. Das Bett war aber sehr groß und begueme. Die große Duschkabine war toll, leider nicht hochwertig. (Plastik Boden). Einer der Lampen in dem Spiegel hat nicht funktioniert. Glaswand hatte leider viele Kalkspuren. Durch die Toilette hörte man andere Spülungen. Frühstück war schön, die Kaffeemaschine spinnte aber ein wenig. Ich persönlich habe auch Hotel Mappe vermisst mit z. B. Hinweisen auf Wellnessbereich usw. Für mein Gefühl, als Vielreisender, stimmt Preis-Leistung-Verhältnis hier nicht ganz.
Zimmer: 2
Service: 4
Standort: 5

Bevan at York Street Health Practice

Oliver Heard

The staff at this practice are some of the most patient, kind and honest people I've ever met. They're absolute angels who deal with some of the most challenging patients I think you could come across. After reading some of the other reviews here I felt the need to set the record straight. The staff here selflessly help many patients the rest of humanity has already given up on, and they do so with grace and compassion. They deserve the utmost respect and gratitude. I'm not a religious man but God bless these people!

Tracey Pether Desjardins Insurance Agent

Karla Lozano

It's the first time that I get a tenants insurance because I'm new in Canada, now I understand how important is. Nikka Garcia is the best customer service representative, she was completely patient and kind with me because my English is bad but she did her best to understand me ,I'm very grateful to her also with all the team, Sarah, Jessica and Lautaro, every day that I tried to speak with her, they answered with the same attention and actitud, incredible team

70. Grundschule "An der Südhöhe"

Beate Schiefers

Wenn wir vorher gewusst hätten,wie es dort zugeht,hätten wir unsere Kinder nicht an dieser Schule angemeldet.Kommunikation mit den Eltern geht gegen 0,telefonisch erreicht man nahezu nie jemanden, auf Mails oder Anrufbeantworter-Nachrichten reagiert auch keiner. Das wäre alles nicht so schlimm,wenn wenigstens die Lehrer gut wären.Aber es zieht sich ein roter Faden aus Inkompetenz durch alle Bereiche...Absolut keine Schule,die ich empfehlen würde.

Houston Police Department Westside

Phuong Vo

Terrible experience with the policeman at the front desk, he appeared racist and irresponsible to the call i made during my accident, refusing to come to the scene to file a police report when my accident (involves 4 cars) doesn't appear as "urgent medical emergency" they refused to come and was totally unhelpful. At first they said that they would come and then 1 hr later they still havent arrived, so i dialed 911 again and they said they wont to come and ask us to settle it on our own, what kind of services is that? when people needed you the most??. I used to admire the job of the police, but after all the terrible experiences today, i'm speechless and EXTREMELY disappointed.

East Leeds Pharmacy

Andrew Brown

Always takes too long to get my medication and today when I went to collect the rest of my medication they owed me, the man had me waiting 25 minutes and then told me he can't find it. Also I have to take supervised medicine on a daily basis and the staff know me very well, Zack and the two ladies are very nice people, polite and well mannered, the other day when I was very unwell with flu like symptoms I asked if I could go home as I may have Covid, the lady was very nice about it but the man that organised my medication was very rude and unhelpful, he made me stay to take it even though they have let me go home with it several times in the past. I don't recommend this pharmacy to be honest but there are some nice people there as I said above.

La Fortance Paradis Naturel :Chambres d'hôtes insolite dans le parc du Pilat, rivière, espace bien être proche Lyon - Loire


Accueil exceptionnel par les 3 gardiens et la maîtresse des lieux Rachel. Si vous recherchez un endroit somptueux, paisible, loin de tout, avec cerise sur le gâteau une chambre magnifique et propre, la Fortance est faîte pour vous. Petit déjeuner succulent, vue époustouflante. L'hôte nous met tout de suite à l'aise, tout était merveilleux ! Nous reviendrons très prochainement
Type de voyage
Groupe de voy.
Chambres : 5
Service : 5
Emplacement : 5

Rock Feller English Pub

Graham D

Really good, it's just a shame the whole place allows smoking inside so it was very smoky after some time and it got into my clothes. Apart from that, great. Everyone friendly, the cocktails not the most authentic but tasty anyway. Wonderful Casablanca beer, I'll have to look out for it in England! And I'm not sure, but is it law that you have to eat something with alcohol in Morocco, as we kept being given small basic salads on the house, which I ate and was good! Probably as close to an English pub as you'll get in Casa. Oh, the waitress was extremely friendly, cards are accepted, and the neon lights and posters on the wall are a great touch!

Spicy Mango - Mumbai

Tanishka Chavan

Recently I ordered from this Srilanka Food Brand and I must say, the experience was nothing short of amazing! If you're craving authentic flavors of Sri Lanka, look no further, because this place truly delivers! The Jackfruit cutlet was a revelation! Crispy on the outside, and bursting with rich, savory flavors on the inside. Veg Kottu Roti was an explosion of flavors, and each bite was a symphony of spices. The Aluthkade Style Roast Chicken was tender, succulent chicken it was a true celebration of Sri Lankan culinary excellence. The Sri Lankan Beans Curry was a perfect complement, with its perfectly cooked beans in a fragrant, flavorful sauce that left me wanting more. And let's not forget the Tempered Yellow Rice, which tied everything together beautifully. It was light, fluffy, and aromatic - the ideal base for the mouthwatering mains. I indulged in the Jaggery Pudding, and oh my goodness, what a treat it was! The perfect balance of sweetness. Each dish had that unmistakable taste of Colombo. The quality, taste, and authenticity of their offerings are simply unmatched. Whether you're a seasoned fan of Sri Lankan cuisine or a curious food explorer, this place will leave you with an unforgettable experience.
रेस्टोरेंट में बैठकर खाना खाया
खाना किस तरह का था (नाश्ता, लंच या डिनर)
खाना: 5
सेवा: 5
माहौल: 5
सुझाए गए पकवान

La Femme Spa & Laser Centre

ruhi sharma

I visited this salon for facial and eyebrows but unfortunately I am not satisfied with any of the services . The facial was so quick with barely any massage which is the most important part of the facial but they charged me way more than the service .Eyebrow wise the lady left so many thin hair that I had to ask her over and over to shape them up nicely .. I am not happy with their service and I won’t be visiting it again. . I would not recommend this salon to anyone !! It’s a total waste of money

Advance Rehab Centre

Lyndall Jesse

I have attended ARC twice a week since having a stroke in April 2021. The centre has been amazing in helping me to walk again and regain some independence. Anna Biddiscombe has been my main physiotherapist and has been incredibly supportive and helped to make this journey a little bit easier. I will be forever grateful for her input and encouragement. However, it is now time to move on to the next phase of my journey and as I begin to return to work we need something a little closer to home. I will always be thankful and remember the support my friends at ARC gave me Alison, Becky and Anna.

Tirana Pedal


Had one of my bikes serviced for a 1.2km altitude descent onto a coastal area. The conditions were extreme (albeit the nicely paved road). The max recorded temp was at 44c and minimal at 17c at mountain peak. I had my ball-bearings serviced and changed for SKF ones (which is rare to find anyway) and the wheel spins like a charm. The brakes were also very thoroughly tested in a crazy descent. The selection of bikes and choices was also pretty good. Hey Ani nese po e lexon kete, fatkeqsisht harrova GoPro dhe nuk e kam zbritjen Llogara - Himare ne video :((((

Myo Thai Spa

Kavita Salins

दयनीय माहौल, बेहद लापरवाह स्टाफ। सिर्फ इसलिए कि कोई स्लॉट उपलब्ध नहीं था, काउंटर पर मौजूद लड़की इतनी असभ्य थी कि उसने नज़रें भी नहीं मिलाईं। एक्सपीरिया मॉल की लड़कियाँ बहुत बेहतर हैं।


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