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Adelaide Engagement Rings Specialists - Pure Envy Jewellery - Custom Made Onsite

Levi west

I stumbled across the website after a quick google search and was already looking elsewhere. On Tuesday my free 30 min phone consult made me feel at ease. I felt understood and that someone was looking out for my best interests. On top of this the discussion went for 45 mins, solidifying to me that they were really listening and wanting to assist, my time was important to them. I booked my appointment which also went a bit longer than scheduled but further proved to me they were there to put my thoughts and feelings into a design I was truly happy with. The team were available to speak to at any time during the day and were quick to respond to any questions I had making the experience stress free. A few weeks later I saw inside the white box and it blew me away. Was better than I ever thought it could be. Thankyou to Emily and the team for making this process easy, it’s incredibly stressful and tough (especially when you have no knowledge in the area) but my experience was anything but stressful. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone, absolutely brilliant. Most importantly my partner said “it’s perfect” which is what everyone wants to hear.

Johnny's Furniture Paramatta

Hanaa Jnaidi

1 star only for the sale people. Paid for new furniture came faulty and damaged from delivery date. They don't want to replace they won't even consider my emails on this matter. They are very hard to deal with and do not want to sort it out and offer replacements but instead offer a voucher for 100 dollars when I paid more than 4 thousand. Essentially they took the money, left me with damaged furniture and don't care.

The Keys

Timothy Morris

Cool bowling vibes flow from the interior design with friendly staff especially the lane caddy which is a nice touch. The white Russians on tap made with oat milk and sea salt are ok but may be a bit too fancy for 'the dude' but he might abide. We were booked in for 11:15am for 2 games then were told at 11:45 the lane had been booked for 12pm even though we were only finishing our first game. It was odd since there were another 5 lanes free that they didn't put the 12pm booking on another lane (poor booking decision by whoever managers that) The kitchen doesn't open till 12pm with the full menu only available on weekends so take that into consideration when going, we wanted a few snacks but couldn't get anything so ended up just having a bowl and going somewhere else to eat. Definitely will be back for another roll on the weekend this time so we can order from the menu.

Hospital da Cruz Vermelha Paraná


Hoje em especial, saí indignada. Se o médico demora para atender eles consideram "normal", mas quando se trata do paciente a história muda. Saí atropelada do meu trabalho para chegar em tempo e cheguei, minha consulta era 12:40, cheguei 12:30, na recepçao só tinha 2 atendentes, demoraram para atender. A médica chegou na recepção as 12:40 perguntando pelo meu nome e dizendo que estava indo embora, que não pode chegar atrasado e grosseira - Dra Darliana. Cancelei a consulta pq não sou obrigada a ser atendida por uma médica mal humorada. Só perdi minha hora de almoço e gastei estacionamento a toa. Se ela ganha pouco e está insatisfeita, ou não pode marcar consulta na hora do almoço, deveria escolher outra profissão.

Floristería La Jardinera

Solangie C

Después de comprar online en varias ocasiones y en la mayoría de las ocasiones las flores no corresponde con la imagen de la web ni el tamaño . Con esta Floristería estoy más que satisfecha porque la compra fue muy sencilla el pago se realiza de forma segura , te dan información del proceso de envío y las flores llegaron al destinatario tal cual la foto que vi en la web , evidentemente recomiendo este negocio son muy SERIOS y PROFESIONALES . Repetiré segurísimo !!!

Fawkner Automotive Repairs

Danny Dalton

User them for my last service after a great review from friend. After service I was told my rack mounts were loose. Booked in for latest service and reminded him about rack mounts, said he'd look into it and get it done. Get car back with a report telling me what we already knew, job not done. I went out of my way to come back to Melbourne and had a friend go out of theirs to use this mechanic and they really did not deliver. I'd imagine just too busy to care.


Ernie Peters

Mega Service, sehr zuvorkommend und professionell und dazu echt leckeres Essen sowohl herzhaft als auch süß
Verzehr im Restaurant
Art der Mahlzeit
Preis pro Person
10–20 €
Essen: 5
Service: 5
Ambiente: 5
Empfehlungen für Gerichte
Empfehlung für Vegetarier
Sehr empfehlenswert
Vegetarische Angebote
Große Auswahl an vegetarischen Gerichten
Vegetarische Gerichte
Pfannenbrot mit Tomate & Mozzarella und Brotstulle Avocado/Feta/Granatapfelkerne waren sensationell lecker

Vina Bakehouse Chatswood


I agree with the reasonable price and taste. One of employees seems to need training in customer service and their menu. Because sometimes it's upsettingly rude. Because it's not okay to be rude because you're busy. A stupid questioning employee asked back "What pork do you want?" when I ordered "Pork Roll" from their menu. I was just saying "I just want Pork Roll on your menu", but that employee who kept asking the same silly questions "What kind of pork do you want?" Then why do they have "Roasted Pork Rolls" on the menu too if I need to choose pork type every time?

Evans Cycles

rosie salt

For your own safety I really recommend NOT using this store. I bought a bike from Evans Wimbledon and paid to have it built and delivered to store. Upon collection and my first ride I realised that the tyres were flat and my front tyre was really wobbly. I then took it back a few days later to get fixed as it was unsafe to cycle on. Then, only 11 weeks after collecting my bike, I was cycling along and my pedal came off. I then fell off my bike and cut my knee quite badly as well as sustaining bruises to my legs. When I collected my bike from Evans Wimbledon the very minimum I expected was my bike to be safe to ride. I didnt think to check over the bike before riding it because i assumed it was safe, I thought that would be a guarantee? But to have two pretty serious safety issues missed and have an accident due to the pedal not being properly attached is pretty dodgy to say the least. My accident today could have been a lot worse than bruises and a cut knee. I took my bike to the store and one member of staff said he'd look into the matter but never took my name or order number. Another member of staff then checked over my bike and when he returned it I asked if he had just completed the safety check you get 12 weeks after you bought a bike and he replied "bring it back for that whenever, I don't care." I still don't have much faith that my bike is safe and will take it to a different company for a service when I can afford to do so. I also want to add that I've also had trouble contacting the store, they don't seem to answer the phone ever. When you go to the store there is never anyone around. Finally, the first time I visited the store to collect my bike one of the staff members was cycling around on a bike in the shop, whistling and getting closer to me whilst staring at me. It made me quite uncomfortable as the only female in the store and was extremely unprofessional. I've tried to contact their head office to complain and had no response to my latest email. Please for your own safety don't buy from this shop.

Muzeum Pamięci Sybiru

Stanislaw Hajduk

Muzeum godne polecenia. Na dwóch piętrach poznajemy historie ludzi, którzy byli niewoleni i zsyłani w nieludzkich warunkach na Sybir. Na zwiedzanie trzeba przeznaczyć minimum 2 godziny. Polecam skorzystać z audioprzewodnika, który krok po kroku przeprowadzi nas przez całą wystawę.
Data wizyty
Dzień powszedni
Czas oczekiwania
Nie trzeba było czekać
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University of Utah

Josh Behunin

I have nothing against the team or student body. I just hate the campus. It’s so spread out and inconsistent very easy to get lost.Parking for a game or event is impossible. One nice thing is there is a traxx station which does help and gives students a gateway to down town salt lake. The only question I have is,is fort Douglas part of the campus or not I have absolutely no clue. The hospitals are also nice and very state of the art.

Vivantes Klinikum Spandau

ch Neko

Station 31 Neurologie Schwer enttäuscht !einige Schwestern sind wirklich lieb und bemüht . Ich habe meinen Vater gut versorgt gesehen .Meine Kritik ,wie es sein kann das Telefonnummern von Angehörigen unerlaubt einfach an dritte raus gegeben werden . Auch Arztgespräche werden von angeblichen Verwandten geführt ohne Rückfragen bei der Familie. Datenschutz scheint in der Klinik kein Thema zu sein .

Domino's Pizza


Pizza jak to pizza z sieciówki. Całkiem w porządku, lecz nie ma co liczyć na coś typowo włoskiego, przynajmniej zamawiając pizzę inną niż Roma. Ja zamówiłem nowości polskie. Pizze z żurawiną i tą z kiszoną kapustą. Smak po prostu okej, dało się zjeść, sosy średnie. Ogromnym atutem jest cena. Jeżeli bym miał odwiedzić ten lokal w przyszłości to bym wybrał jakąś klasyczną pozycje, na przykład pepperoni.
Na miejscu
Typ posiłku
Cena za osobę
20–40 zł
Jedzenie: 3
Obsługa: 5
Klimat: 4

PLS Autotechnik

Daniel Meise

Top Service. Peter ist ein netter und zuvorkommender Mechaniker! Er kümmert sich um die belange seiner Kunden höchst professionell! Preise sind definitiv angemessen! Er erklärt einem wirklich alles und so versteht man auch als Laie ein Problem! Danke vielmals für alle Arbeiten. Wir kommen definitiv wieder:) Erledigte Arbeiten u.a.: Neue Reifen, revidierter Turbolader, neues AGR Ventil, Ölwechsel, Wechsel von Bremsflüssigkeit, weitere Ventile und noch ein paar Sachen. :)

Park Wodny w Krakowie S.A.


Bardzo droga rodzinna rozrywka (4 osoby 388zł bilet całodniowy kupiony online bo na miejscu jeszcze drożej o 48zł, w tym samym zakresie we Wrocławiu za 199zł i w Koszalinie za 208zł). Ośrodek dobrze wyposażony w zjeżdżalnie, choć moim zdaniem granice wiekowe są przesadzone. Pontony dwuosobowe należy dopompować lub naprawić. Temperatura wody we wszystkich głębszych basenach namawia do ruchu - nie można jej nazwać ciepłą - tak było pierwszego dnia, w innym dniu rzeczywiście woda była odczuwalnie ciepła. Temperatura powietrza bardzo dobra. Projekt basenów zrobiony raczej na haju lub bezmyślnie bo w każdym z basenów są tory sportowe, wg mnie kompletny bezsens. Super, że jest sporo wanien z jakuzzi ale cykle są bardzo krótkie. Dodatkowy plus za kosz do gry oraz ściankę wspinaczkową i wyspę piratów dla dzieci. Łazienki czyste i zadbane, woda pod prysznicami ciepła i dobrze wyregulowana OK. Odnośnie sztucznej plaży to wodospady były nieczynne więc oceniam na minus w kolejnym dniu były uruchomione więc może były to tylko naprawy konserwacyjne. Szkoda też, że przy okazji jej budowania nie zrobiono dodatkowego basenu ok 1m głębokości bo miejsce jest g po kolejnej wizycie wycofuje to zdanie bo wodospady wypełniają ta lukę a jednocześnie jest w miarę spokojnie na plaży. Jedzenie dobre i świeżo robione w dość przystępnych cenach jak na takie miejsce. Polecam: żurek (był gorący i syty) i penne z łososiem z świetnym makaronem. Polecam też dokupienie sauny na cały dzień za 14 zł, jest ich tyle rodzajów ile dusza zapragnie, ale należy pamiętać że wg regulaminu z saun nie mogą korzystać osoby poniżej 16 roku życia. Finalnie oceniam na 4*.
Data wizyty
Dzień powszedni
Czas oczekiwania
10–30 min
Zalecana rezerwacja

Cycle Lab - Cornubia Megastore

Kevin Naicker

I recently had a bike fit done at Cyclab Cornubia, with Rowan Naidoo, to my road bike. He was extremely patient, and very knowledgeable, and even managed to accommodate me on very short notice, especially a few days before Christmas, their busiest period. When we had a technical problem with the bike seat, and I thought this was just going to become a very costly fitting, he was able to find a solution to the problem, by phoning up a bike agent. The adjustments he made to my bike have made a great difference to my riding so far, in terms of comfort and power. Thanks, Rowen for your fabulous service. Kevin Naicker

Southdale Square Dental Centre


Last year very good appointment with Crystal , she is patient, professional and explained everything clearly to me. She is nice to talk to, I lost part of the fear about going to see dentists because of that. This year I met Britney, she is efficient and fun to work with. I’m leaving the city but Britney still try to find a solution to retain me, great services and energy! I defiantly gonna miss Southdale Square Dental Centre. And a huge thanks to my doctor who gives me valuable advice for both my dental health and looking for other clinics in another city!


fan robart



21 popai

「秋葉街道・天竜川ひとり歩きの旅」でこの橋を渡りました。この橋から眺める天竜川は凄く迫力があり、圧巻です。上流側は南下してきた天竜川が大きくうねり、東に向きを変える場所で、水流が渦を巻き「椎ヶ淵」と呼ばれ、竜宮伝説が伝わる場所だという。 下流側には、川底から岩が突き出し荒々しさを醸しだし、天竜浜名湖線の鉄橋が天竜川を渡っている。



Ніколи ще не бачила такого спілкування з боку адміністратора. Була я в магазині Amoreshope і у відбулася скрута з оплатою я попросила консультанта викликати адміністратора. Після того як вийшов адміністратор Олександра, я запитала чи… Докладніше


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