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Queen City Animal Hospital

Alex Spence

Dr. Black was truly the most kind, compassionate, and loving veterinarian and person we could have asked for during the most difficult time with our angel Hazel. After significant research, we came to Queen City Animal Hospital as we had been searching for a new vet for our golden girl. Our sweet girl unfortunately had a devastating diagnosis. The staff at QCAH had nothing but pure empathy and was so helpful as we navigated through her care. We are forever grateful for how you all treated our Hazey girl.

A. Webb Roberts Hospital

shay ness

The staff, no matter what floor you're on or department you're in, will ALWAYS take excellent care of you. You may be ill, but you can be guaranteed that you'll leave in MUCH better health. If you're unfortunate enough to have to frequent this hospital, you can at least be comforted by the idea that the nurses and patient care technicians well remember you from the first hospitalization on. I, personally, have been sick for just over two decades, but I KNOW that I will always be treated with great care and respect. I consider myself lucky that I have such an awesome hospital that can thoroughly take care of any and all needs I have.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Ken Jackson

Having lived in the neighborhood for 25 years, today I remembered why I never use this location. Having had a negative experience on my visit today to pick up the 'Free Covid Home Test' I doubt I will return for further kit pickup. Pharmacy employee Kevin I found to be rude and confrontational rather than helpful. My BC Health card is the OLD one, and valid BC Drivers License and he let it be known he was doing me a favor by serving me. His attitude I felt was not what I expected or I am sure, what Shopper's as a brand would want. Dreadful.

SHD Growise Accountants (QCR Rated Chartered Accountant Firm)

Zobi Rana

I have been a client of Growise SHD and would highly recommend their services. Never ever, ever, since I've been with Growise SHD have I ever gone to bed worrying about my finances. They have assisted me with my complex financial structures and I have been more than happy with the results. I have recommended a number of my friends and family and they also are very happy with the service. I will definitely continue to rave about their services.

Rumah Sakit Jakarta Medical Center (JMC)

Farid Aprizal

-EDITED- Complain mengenai kesalahan administrasi staff langsung direspon oleh management, dan dilakukan tindakan solutif dalam waktu cepat. Perwakilan juga menyampaikan langsung permintaan maaf kepada pasien. Sangat baik dalam handle complain pasien, maka dari itu saya ganti rating dari 1 menjadi 5. (atas inisiatif sendiri) Semoga ke depannya pelayanan bisa lebih baik lagi, lebih teliti lagi, terutama hal-hal krusial seperti hasil rontgen dsb.


Debby Gathings

The pharmacy was fine and check out clerk was was the arrogant manager I have an issue with. My neighbor and I went in about 15 minutes we were entering this foul smelling young person approached and requested money. I said no. He followed us around the the pharmacy, etc... We heard code 90 and a request for security to walk the floor. We assumed it was due to this person. As we checked out up front we ask the clerk if security could walk us out as we were uncomfortable ...and explained...she responded with..oh he's left the store..duh? She called the manager and explained...meanwhile a gentleman in line behind us offered to walk out with us...we thanked him and told him we would wait on him and very much appreciated it. Meanwhile the manager walks by, right by us does not acknowledge us...sticks his head out the door.. says he's gone..chuckles and says there's a cop out there anyway...not addressing us..he walks off. So, we walk out...thank goodness we didn't see the foul smelling guy and there wasn't a cop either. Now, this man is responsible for his store..had I been the manager I or someone would have made sure any uncomfortable customer made it to their vehicles safely and I dang sure would have at least nodded to them... This store is done for me!


Aleksander Førde

One of the most beautiful interior i have seen in a long time. They have masterful chefs and affordable prices. It is in the very centre just a 2 minute walk from The main street.
Їжа в закладі
Прийом їжі
Пізній сніданок
Їжа: 5
Сервіс: 5
Атмосфера: 5
Вегетаріанські страви
They have many salads and prepared vegetables
Привітність до дітей
There are more quiet tables in the back of the restaurant

Jersey Mike's Subs

Edward Stanish

Picked up a cheesteak this morning. And like most typical Americans I, like to put ketchup on my steak. When I asked for a couple ketchup packets to go with my lunch, the cashier responded "we don't have any ketchup". Completely caught off guard, I replied "really, you dont have any ketchup?" Cashier then replies "no sir, this is a new store". I don't know how you can be in business, and stay in business when you can't offer basic condiments to paying customers.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person

ドラッグイレブン 博多駅筑紫口店


드럭일레븐 다른지점갔다가 물건 많이 없어서 여기로 왔다. 여기서 아주 신나게 산듯ㅋㅋㅋ 5500엔 이상부터 면세인데 몇백엔 타리나이 되가지고 졸지에 맥주 두캔 더삼^_^ 우리오빠가 나보고 맨날 과자먹고있으면 살찐다고 뭐라하더니 이번에 초콜렛좀 사오라고 함 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ웃겨죽겠다니깐ㅋㅋㅋ그래도 가족한테 쓰는건 하나도 안아까워 ♡

Hometown Hero Home Services

Kimberly (Stephenson) Triplett, PhD, MPA

Great Company! They went above and beyond expectations. Outstanding Custmer Service. Jason and his crew was outstanding. The only plumbing company who came out on Sunday to repair my water leak. It was an emergency and they took care of everything! Also provided my insurance company detailed information for my claim. If you need a plumber, then please contact Hometown Hero Homeservices. I highly recommend them. Thank you all again. :)

The Bridge - Sports Therapy & Training South Edmonton

Damien M

I've had back issue for a couple of months, after consulting with a physician I booked an appointment with Darren Bishop at The Bridge South. Darren took the time to assess my issue and explain everything in plain english. After his treatment, I experienced my first pain free day in months. From booking to intake to treatment, the people at The Bridge exude a friendly professionalism. I hope I don't have to use the services of a therapist too often, but if I do, it will be with the people at The Bridge.

Avis Car & Truck Rental Melbourne

Himaal Sawlani

Staff were extremely helpful and very chatty. We had rented a Prado (or similar) but they didn't have a Prado avalible but had other vehicles within the same category, and proceeded to contact multiple other branches to get us a Prado in the end out of their own kindness. They went the extra mile in terms of their customer service, and would definitely recommend the next time we need a car rental in Melbourne.

Bell Family Dentistry

kate adler

I made an appointment for a second opinion with Dr Stroh. Upon my conversation with the front desk and the hygienist Jackie, I had my records sent directly to the office. I met Dr Stroh and his assistant today and I can tell you that I felt 100% positive that I made the correct choice. Dr Stroh is amazing. And by the way, not only do I NOT need a root canal, I scheduled a replacement crown which is much less than what I was quoted at my previous dentist office. I rate this office as kind, caring and genuine. I’m so glad I chose this as my next “all dental needs” home!!!

Elo Roofing

Wind UponMoors

⭐️⭐️⭐️Outstanding on all points and levels - most specifically with Tom, Ryan, Rebecca & the assigned roofing crew leader & crew to our roofing project who all had such an integral and pivotal part in making this experience so 100%+++ outstanding! Integrity, detailed and timely follow through and follow up, attention to detail, professionalism, knowledgeable, going above and beyond the extra mile... excellence across the board! Thank you so much for providing us with such a solid, secure and beautiful roof. After enduring Hurricane Ian, this means so immensely much to us! Thank you for your phenomenal oversight and for taking care of everything needed for us every step of the way! You all are quite frankly beyond amazing! God bless each of you, now and always! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

ANAC Carwash Wilrijk

Ar Ge

Ik kom regelmatig naar deze carwash. Spijtig gaat de kwaliteit achteruit. Vroeger werd de wagen eerst volledig afgespoten vooraleer je de wasstraat in reed. Nu is het enkel de voorkant van het voertuig.. waarom weet ik niet? Stofzuigers. Al 2 maanden op rij werken de stofzuigers amper. Dit werd doorgegeven en ze gingen er naar kijken. 2 weken later vandaag kom ik terug naar deze carwash. Stofzuigers werken weer niet op de meeste plaatsen….

CGV Sense Cityscape

Trường Thạnh Đoàn

CGV Sense City là một rạp chiếu phim khá chất lượng ở Thành Phố Cần Thơ. Do mình đến đây chỉ để xem phim nên không biết các dịch vụ khác như thế nào, nhưng mà mình nghĩ nó cũng khá ổn đấy. Nơi đây, rất phù hợp cho các bạn trẻ đang yêu nhau, có thể đến đây vui chơi, giải trí, chụp ảnh, và xem phim. Chắc chắn sẽ đem lại cảm giác thoải mái cho các bạn.

Café Labath


Leuke en hippe tent. Zeer vriendelijk bediend. Wel erg aan de prijs, vind het ietsje te duur. De stoeltjes mogen bij deze prijzen wel wat comfortabeler en bijvb mooie lounge stoelen komen ipv die kleine gammele stoeltjes. Er was daar gisteren een dame met donker haar en donkere broek en witte blouse die serveerde met een grote glimlach dat kom je niet vaak meer tegen.
Ter plaatse eten
Soort maaltijd
Prijs per persoon
€ 10-20
Eten: 3
Service: 5
Sfeer: 5

U-Haul Moving & Storage at Kingston Rd

Jacky Gyivicsan

The manager and customer service here is terrible. We reserved a 20ft truck a month in advance. 2 hours before picking up the truck, we received a call that they did not have that size available. We explained we have movers and elevators booked, so the pick up time for the truck was very important. They gave us 2 15ft trucks instead. I was fine with this however they expect us to pay double the price for gas and km even though they are the ones who couldn’t provide us the truck we reserved in the first place. We picked up the trucks and there was broken glass in it and one truck didn’t have a key to lock the back. When I brought this to their attention they said it had to be us because the people before us did not report broken glass. As well, that not all the trucks have locks, it’s the luck of the draw if you get one. The manager was VERY unprofessional and provided no customer service. The whole conversation she seemed uninterested and used a condescending voice. I’m shocked she is the manager. I highly recommend you do not use this location. UPDATE: Corporate office is fantastic! I made a complaint about the service received and being over charged. They provided stellar customer service and is happily willing to correct the bill. They are also taking my complaint about the terrible management of that location seriously.

Pet Care House


Ok, let me start by saying ALL the staff here are some of the nicest people in Tanzania, and given the way above average level for Tanzania in general, this is an extremely high compliment. I have vets in the family so I double check everything against the standard of British vets. The quality of both veterinary surgical skills, and the post operation nursing by the support staff is 100% EUROPEAN STANDARD. If you have a sick animal then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Pet Care House as I have tried other vets and not one is to this standard. The vet came in late in the evening of the birth of his first child (Hongera kaka) and still took the time to be extremely informative and friendly. The nurses are clearly animal lovers from their smiles on their faces and the loving information they were able to give me about my specific cat when I went to collect her. The surgery is completely modern and always very clean, as are their recuperation pens. My sincerest thanks to everyone at Pet Care House, you are the best! Wish you all the happiest new year. Finally, if you are looking for a NEW PET in Dar Es Salaam then PLEASE, PLEASE visit the wonderful EVERY LIVING THINGS pet-care charity. They are doing an amazing job of taking in street animals and rehabilitating them before finding them new homes. You might not believe that a place with around 100 dogs and scores of cats, but when I visited not a single dog barked at me in anger. Truly, the amazing people at this charity are working miracles. They have so many cute and friendly animals, any of which could do with your love, so please give them a try before contacting breeders. My deepest thanks to all of you who are doing so much to make this world a better place, not just for us humans, but for our fellow creatures too. Aran

Car Care Auto Detailing


All of them were really polite, they treated me like a part of their family and treated my vehicle as their own. I was really happy with the service and also how my car felt like brand new. Would really recommend anyone to go here for their detailing service. You won’t be disappointed. Am bringing everyone I know to this place. Oh before I forget they beat every derailing price on the market too.


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