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Family Pharmacy Granville

Sabin Karmacharya

I have been shopping here since last 5 years. Everything is good. The staff are helpful here. As soon as you enter from the door, they will come to you asking what can they do for you. Recently, I have been to this pharmacy to get some prescribed medicine. I saw that they are selling Sanitiser as well. AS I didn't have one since this outbreak started, I bought one. I am not sure how much did it cost ( around 4-6 dollars, my wife has the receipt), but they said if we want to refill the Sanitiser, it will cost only a dollar. I was so impressed with them that they are providing such an important thing in this crucial moment. However, after returning from there, when we tested the Sanitiser, it was more like a water than Sanitiser itself. You cannot feel that it is a Sanitiser inside that bottle. We were shocked that they are doing this. In the name of Sanitiser, it seems they are selling water inside that bottle. It's unfortunate to say this, but this pharmacy has tricked me after long 5 years for the first time. But what is wrong will always be wrong.

That Bar

Tatiana Gregoire

I came to That Bar for my birthday kind of as a last minute plan and I was very happy that I did. For a Saturday night it wasn’t too packed and as more people started to come in later it still didn’t feel overwhelming. My friends and I were seated and one of the tables towards the back. The table comfortably seats 6 and there was a bit more of us than that as the night went on but thankfully the table behind was available so we made it work. The food really was the best surprise. It was absolutely delicious. The fish tacos were perfection my sister and friend had the salmon burger which they enjoyed and some of us shared wings which were also just heavenly. Drinks were just as good, I didn’t have any specialty drinks and went to my go-to, an old fashioned, which was exactly as it needed to be ☺️ The only major downside is the way you have to put in an order. Wether you’re seated at the bar or elsewhere, all food and drink orders have to be made at the bar area. Other than that great place over all. It’s clean, the space is great, food and drinks are good and staff is very nice. Can’t wait to go back.

ヤマダデンキ Tecc LIFE SELECT 札幌本店



Gutter Guard King Tas

Helen Spencer

I had leaf shield installed as well. I am so impressed with John’s level of service. He was very communicative, highly professional and a nice bloke. Alex, who installed, was such a great worker! Also very professional and respectful. I really couldn’t be happier with every interaction, from the time I requested the quote, to the time I paid the bill. I know there are some rogues in the roofing game and I was delighted to find people of integrity who did a great job! I highly recommend them! Helen

post office

Amanda Davis

My local postal worker continues to deliver pieces of my mail to the wrong address. The most recent was a box of checks. Luckily for me, the checks were delivered to an honest neighbor that brought them over to my house later that evening. I could have been dealing with check fraud because of the carelessness of the postal worker. I have received time sensitive legal documents belonging to my neighbors. This should not happen!

Furnberry - Furniture, Mattress, & Home Decor Outlet

Adina Bogatu

I’ve never dealt with such unpleasant people before. I bought a sofa bed online and the dimensions were incorrect! I called to be reimbursed immediately after receiving it, I offered to pay the shipping back and to buy another one, a lot larger. After they made the mistake, they didn’t want to hear anything about it and the person on the phone was really disrespectful. Think twice before buying from them! I will for sure never buy one from them again.

Indian Origin Family Restaurant

Alex Fotios

Well, it seems that they cook curry only after you order it but they don't tell you that beforehand. Result is you end up waiting for 2 bunny chows for about one hour on a weekday night. This is the second time this happens to us - last time same thing happened with plain Chicken and beef curry. On top of that they had us pack the leftovers ourselves - they don't go that low at Steers right downstairs. The restaurant environment is pretty bleak as well.; NOT the place to be for an enjoyable dinner experience.

The Cat Clinic

Iva P.

Best vet clinic in the area. I have been taking my two cats here since 2020, and despite moving to Gold Coast this year, I will keep taking my cats to the Cat Clinic, it is 100% worth the drive. All my cats' health issues over the years have been resolved extremely quickly which sometimes hasn't been the case with other vet clinics. The Cat Clinic appears to have a lot more specialised equipment than most other vet clinics do. Being a cat-only clinic is extremely beneficial for my girl Lexa who gets stress related urinary problems when she encounters dogs. Also, it is VERY convenient that they are open later than 95% of other vets, on weekends too and they have emergency appointments available too. The Cat Clinic vets always answer any of the questions I might have and they go above and beyond to make sure my cats are healthy. Dr. Nick is extremely good at handling my boy cat Rocket who gets very aggressive at the vets. Despite Rocket's (embarrassing :p) behaviour, Dr. Nick knows how to deal with him and handles him with a lot of care and respect which means Rocket doesn't need to be anaesthetised at his vet visits and I am very thankful for that. However, the whole team at the Cat Clinic is amazing and very skilled and I haven't met a single vet that I didn't like.

Mount Sinai Doctors - West 59th Street

Ingrid Nyeboe

At ER with spouse. 90 % of the staff, including interns, nurses, doctors, technicians etc are all very kind and attentive BUT there’s ALWAYS at least one nasty unkind withholding in this case female I think doctor. I tried with kindness but she’s the sort of person who will misuse her power and that’s unacceptable. You’ve gotta train staff far far better — our experience at Mount Sinai, upper east side was STELLAR.

Osteria dell'Orsa


Una VERA osteria. Buon cibo, personale efficiente e disponibile. Ambiente semplice quindi chi si lamenta non ha percepito la location in linea con lo spirito del locale. Prezzi bassi e piatti abbondanti. I dolci cari, ma super! Non accettano prenotazioni e potreste dover attendere, ma ne vale sicuramente la pena. Mi raccomando se prendete la lasagna GUAI a chiedere un coltello
Consumazione sul posto
Prezzo a persona
10-20 €
Cibo: 5
Servizio: 5
Ambiente: 5
Piatti consigliati
Lasagne Alla Bolognese, Lasagna Bolognese, Coni Di Frito

R&A Cycles Brooklyn

Najati Imam

(Edited for grammar in 2022, original review written in 2011.) R&A had my bike for 3.5 months and I got it back in worse condition than when I dropped it off. Admittedly, I could have badgered them more, but I'm patient, I wanted to give them a try, and have other bikes to ride. Sure, my bike's not a $2k+ tri bike (well, not this one, anyway, but R&A will never see either of my high-dollar bikes, or my money, or my face ever again) and sure I was only going to spend $300 on a new set of wheels and whatever on labor, but that's no reason to leave me for weeks at a time without an update or to leave my bike out in the back yard ... for it to get rained on (bet you didn't think that was part of the service package) ... for a few months while I'm wondering where it is. At the very least, Felix wasn't entirely rude to me, and was somewhat apologetic about the way things turned out. Then he told me I should ditch my favorite hardtail and get a new bike and told me about how great his wife's $7000 Somethingérother is. It's apparently pretty nice. R&A seems to be a "by gearwhores, for gearwhores" sort of store. They have nice stuff, really only the best equipment; what they seem to be missing is the decency to be honest about their business model. If they don't want to help you fix your commuter they should just say so. Positives: - compressor outside - the lady at the desk let me borrow the presta->schrader adapter so I could use said compressor - the younger dude working there was polite to the commuter biker who brought in his Target commuter - they didn't charge me for looking at my bike

Friendly Movers

Ann Reed-Thompson

I contacted Friendly Movers several months prior to my move with detailed information regarding my move( size of my apartment, what was fragile and so on) I spoke with Theresa each time. Decided to use this company. Payed my $100 deposit. On Saturday 20, 2019. My actual move day. The two guys Hernando and his partner, was totally suprised upon getting on the job. I was told by Hernando that (fragile)items that required wrapping to be moved was not listed and he would have to charge me for those items.. (what!!!) I provided details prior to ( Theresa) not only that.. he ( Hernando) said the truck may be too small and they only had 4 hrs to complete the move. I don't have a complaint about the movers Hernando and his assistant were very good. They handled my items with care. They were the best.. (thank you again guys) But what I did not appreciate, was the lack of professionalism regarding pricing and procedures. Was my $100 deposit not put towards the cost of the already $500 plus I was already slated to pay? So it was $600 plus now already that I payed.. but after not having the items noted to be moved Cairo cabinet (glass) and glass table. I ended up paying an additional $200 plus for a total of $800 plus Dollars.. and you freaking kidding me. But at last minute where would I find new movers without changing my move date. And only with a couple days off work to complete my move.. this company I feel ripped me off . I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM TI ANYONE.. THEY DID A BATE AND SWITCH MOVE ON ME.. I WAS GOING TO RECOMMEND THEM TO MY GIRLFRIEND WHO IS MOVING IN A COUPLE MONTHS.. NOT!!!

Orion pond

Tarun Punamiya

A lake within the concrete jungle Surrounding apartments and mall it's a good n calm place to relax and get detoxed from the stress and strain... Evening lights of WTC adds a Beauty
ಭೇಟಿ ನೀಡಿದ ದಿನ
ವಾರದ ದಿನ
ಕಾಯುವ ಸಮಯ
ಕಾಯ್ದಿರಿಸಲು ಸೂಚಿಸಲಾಗಿದೆ

Shhhbuuuleee Restaurant

Amber Lee

Was really looking forward to a meal here but I found the food to be mediocre and lacking. The shima aji was nothing to shout about and I preferred it without the pear because I could taste more of the fish. The beef tongue skewers were paired with a shrimp paste sauce, which I found overpowered the beef. The octopus was tender but slightly fishy and I actually preferred the eggplant component in the dish more. Again, it wasn’t a dish that really stood out. The M5 sirloin steak had good flavor but texture could be improved on. The total bill came up to slightly more than RM300 for 2 pax. There are definitely better places out there worth your money.
Makan di kedai
Jenis hidangan
Makan malam
Harga bagi setiap orang
RM 140–160

Vet-Med - Całodobowa Klinika Weterynaryjna

Magdalena Kordyś

Absolutnie polecam dr Piotra Wojtasiaka z lecznicy Vet-Med, bardzo profesjonalny , rzeczowy , mądry lekarz weterynarii z doświadczeniem a do tego cudowny, empatyczny, dobry człowiek! ❤️ Dzięki niemu moja Pola husky syberyjski żyje!!! Leczona była w innej lecznicy przez ponad 7 dni, podczas których pies nie jadł, praktycznie nie pił, wymioty , tragiczna biegunka z krwią… płaciłam i płakałam bo stan mojego psiaka z chwili na chwilę robił się beznadziejny! Szukałam pomocy i tak trafiłam do Vet-Medu ( który polecił inny lekarz). W poczekalni bardzo dużo chorych zwierząt ale Pan Doktor swoim wyczuciem „wyłapał „ bardzo chore zwierze , nie czekałam , od razu wziął się do pracy. Przez 1,5 godziny zrobił więcej niż w tamtej lecznicy przez ponad tydzień!!!!! USG natychmiast ( a nie za 5 dni ), przeróżne badania i trafiona diagnoza !!! Polka po 1 dobie zaczęła ruszać się, jeść i pić!!!! Wiem , że przed nami długa droga rekonwalescencji, ale Z CAŁEGO SERCA DZIĘKUJEMY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Panu Doktorowi po prostu za wszystko, za uratowane życie mojej kochanej psiny !!!! Przesyłamy serdeczności i podziękowania dla całej obsługi Vet- Med Magdalena i Damian

Hordijk Tweewielers BV

Mike Markus

Waarschijnlijk zijn dit de grootste oplichters van Nederland. Ik breng mijn scooter naar binnen voor een beurt. Ik wordt een dag van tevoren gebeld dat het allemaal flink mee viel, maar dat mijn scooter een dag later klaar zou zijn. Prima dacht ik. Een dag later kom ik mijn scooter ophalen en wordt vrolijk €410,- in rekening gebracht! Denk je je scooter voor een beurtje van 80 euro te hebben weggebracht, krijg je dit op je dak. Je zou toch hopen en verwachten dat je bij zo'n rekening wel even op de hoogte wordt gesteld van tevoren?... Maar nee, Hordijk vond dit de normaalste zaak van de wereld. Kreeg ik ook nog te horen dat ik mijn scooter zeker nog nooit voor een beurt had binnengebracht. Dit terwijl ik hem altijd bij hen zelf heb laten servicen! Ongelofelijk.

Woolwich Centre Library

tanu banerjee

This is a post to heartily thank the members of the Woolwich library... My 8 year old daughter accidentally left the library and walked all the way home on her own...she thought that I had left her and returned home...I looked frantically for her all around including the surrounding places...I just could not imagine that she can return all alone to our house which is almost a mile away from the library.. Unfortunately I was not carrying my mobile and didn't have my husband's number and was unable to get in touch with him...we are new here and our numbers kept changing for a while and I just forgot to update our numbers on the library database... But the staff members of Woolwich library supported me and helped me in every possible way...Shazia Maam, Rachel and the entire team...they helped me in my search all throughout....they drove down to my house and found my daughter...they even brought her back to me safe and sound... I am really grateful and thankful for the support they have provided to me...a huge thanks to you all...the wonderful team of Woolwich library

Politiebureau Scheveningen

Robyn Jansen

Hoe denigrerend kunnen agenten van hier nou zijn? Mijn moeder kon geen kant op uit haar garage omdat de straat afgesloten was voor bouwwerkzaamheden. Dus zij moest heel eventjes de fietspad op. Dat mag natuurlijk niet, dat snappen wij wel. Maar wij hadden geen ander keuze. Om de hoek zit een politie agent te wachten. Maar in plaats van "Mevrouw, dit mag natuurlijk niet", krijgt ze "waar bent u mee bezig mevrouwtje?" Beetje respect tonen was wel gewaardeerd geweest maar was heel ver te zoeken.

Melba Restaurant

George Slavchev

My partner took me to Melba on 2nd January to “start the year on the right foot”. Having been to buffets in Las Vegas makes one very fussy, but Melba did measure to its reputation. The service was good, but our waiter did say that him and his colleagues had a very long night at work on NYE and I could tell they were all very tired. There’s a really good choice and almost everything is great! My personal favourite was the Sushi/Sashimi Station - I could’ve happily just eaten that all night. Least favourite - the Indian station. The tandoori chicken and salmon I got were both very dry and inedible. I got some goat curry, which was delicious. My partner got half a lobster and, again, that was exceptionally dry. Again, I feel that that’s due to the staff being overtired. We paid $250 + tip for the two of us, which included one glass of rosé and a rum & coke.



古い記憶を辿ると、JR町田駅から見て右側は東急百貨店、左側はディズニーストア(今は入っていません)やスポーツ用品店等の専門店が入っていたイメージでしたが、リニューアルして随分と洒落た雰囲気に生まれ変わりました。 東急ハンズは右側の建物に入っていますが、かつてはJR町田駅の東神奈川方の改札口を出たところの建物にありました。 … もっと見る


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