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Micheli Jewellery


It is very rare these days to find stores that actually really care about their customers. I went in with a ring that needed to be repaired. I am so glad I went into this store, the service from Tobias and Elvi was amazing! It's great to see that sort of customer service still exists, they both went above and beyond to help me. I am so grateful and appreciative for what they have done for me. They have beautiful jewellery and the store looks amazing! I highly recommend this store for all your jewellery needs!!! Thank you thanks you!!!!!

Safi Laundry

Jane Rubinson

Safi Laundry has an attendant on site that is helpful and the machines and facility were clean when I visited. If you leave money on the card and don't plan on returning, they won't refund. This laundromat is in a small space with too many machines which makes it hard for people to pass up and down the rows w/o bumping into people or their stuff. I also saw the attendant take people's laundry out of machines so be sure you monitor your machine times and stay with your laundry.

Lodi Tibb

Silvia Vita

Oggi 5/04/23 alle 15 20 sono andata alla cabine a chiedere al ragazzo di controllare la mia tessera perché si era bloccata e non potevo uscire ,lui non solo non ha controllato come ha fatto uscire senza nemmeno controllare si non mi faceva uscire perché si era bloccata o perché ho appoggiato due volte . Ma io me domando si una persona non piace il suo lavoro o si non vuole lavorare stai a casa perché lavorare con i pubblici ,ci vuole pazienza e dedicazione. MALEDUCATO

Aeropuerto Ernesto Cortissoz

Adriana Linares

El aeropuerto de Cali/ Palmira- Valle, ha sido ampliado y reformado para comodidad de todos los usuarios de este terminal aéreo, ofreciendo bellos y cómodos espacios para esperar los vuelos, así como multitud de tiendas de variedades, artesanías, souvenirs, licores, restaurantes, cómodas, postres y bebidas. Accesos amplios, baños limpios y cómodos y agradable lugar en general. Vuelos nacionales e internacionales.

Restaurant M

Brandon Tepper

9 gangen menu gehad en het was helemaal top. Personeel is vriendelijk, eten super lekker en een heerlijke sfeer. Zeker een aanrader voor de fine dining liefhebber!
Ter plaatse eten
Soort maaltijd
Prijs per persoon
€ 90-100
Vegetarische menuopties
Ja er zijn vegetarische opties.
Speciale dieetwensen
Er werd perfect rekening gehouden met de gewenste dieet wensen.
Neem aub hier niet je kinderen mee naar toe.

The Gutter

Adam D

I went here last night for some bowling and beers. The beer selection is good and priced moderately. A pitcher of Mother's Milk is $21, which isn't bad for a quality beer. The space is very cool in the bar room as well as the back bowling area. There was a trivia event going on in the bar room which seemed cool. The only negative I have to mention is the seemingly high price of bowling. For three people to play three games it was $72. I am not sure what bowling prices usually are, but the actual bowling facilities are in serious disrepair. Now I couldn't care less about that, except it seemed odd to have a high price tag with such shoddy equipment. The balls, the lanes, the things that shoot the bowling balls back to you, the computers, are all as bad as you could imagine. Most of the balls look like they were found in a dumpster. Anyway, overall a good experience, I would just like the price tag for bowling to be lower. As I said I am not sure what bowling costs, so if the price I mentioned above is appropriate, then this place has no downsides. Either way I will go back, maybe just for trivia though.



黒崎駅。 北九州の駅は、小倉駅も黒崎駅も戸畑駅もそうだが、大きな歩道橋(ペディストリアンデッキ)が設けられている。 福岡市の街は地下街が網目のように張りめぐらさているが、北九州は発想が逆で面白い。 駅から安全に前面道路を渡れるだけでなく、近隣施設へのアクセスも容易で便利な上、ちょっとした広場をも提供してくれている。 スタバを始め、便利な店舗がある。

Gelb-Schwarz Umzüge


Wir sind innerhalb Bremens von Findorff nach Schwachhausen mit einer 80 m2 Wohnung umgezogen. Wir waren begeistert vom Service. Die Wohnung wurde vorab begutachtet und Kartons wurden zum selber packen geliefert (war so vereinbart). Am Umzugstag waren die Möbelpacker sehr pünktlich. Sie waren allesamt außerordentlich freundlich wie hilfsbereit und haben die gesamte Wohnung hoch professionell und einwandfrei gepackt und die Möbel problemlos und schnell abgebaut und wieder aufgebaut. Erstklassige Arbeit.

Plato's Closet Toronto Stockyards

Alanna A. Lesley

I visited here in the Spring of 2023 and I know I didn't get even a fourth of the value of my items from this place but I also needed to quickly clear out my items from storage. I was VERY emotional, physically and mentally exhausted. Grieving. Clothing to me resonates greatly with a time, place, emotion, person etc.overall, sensory. I felt like standing in that store after bringing in large vacuum sealed bags that they didn't understand this, but I also couldn't go back. I went to the car and then to the Starbucks while I waited for their text to come back and cried behind my sunglasses. Then in the store I cried again unexpectedly. I wish I knew what the associates name was (I wont try to describe her incase it is deemed unnecessary)- but she was kind to ask me if I was okay and offered a tissue. She told me it would be okay or something similar in sentiment. Overall, this review is for her and for making a terribly hard day a little more bearable. Thank you

Tracy Arnett Realty Ltd

Jean-Guy Goulet

In the preparation of putting our house on the market Glenn was a very considerate, knowledgeable and patient guide; he promptly responded to all of our requests for information with great professionalism. Whenever we met Glenn he never rushed us to a conclusion or a decision, always taking into consideration our concerns and personal circumstances. Throughout the whole process of selling our house we saw the same attitude of caring, integrity, and effectiveness. Not only extremely competent, Glenn is also very pleasant to meet and work with. We recommend him highly, without reservation. Christine & Jean-Guy

Thalia Hamburg Wandsbek - Quarree Wandsbek Markt

Juri Neuw.

Gut sortierte Buchfiliale, leider nach dem Umzug innerhalb des Einkaufszentrums das Angebot geschrumpft. Früher hatte die Filiale 2 Etagen, jetzt nur noch eine, im Erdgeschoss im hinteren Bereich des Einkaufszentrums. Früher war dort die Goertz Schuh Filiale. Trotzdem Wer sein gesuchtes Buch nicht findet, kann es vor Ort bestellen und am nächsten Tag abholen. Netter Internet Service, im Internet bestellen und 2 Stunden später abholen.

Yancey Realty

Rachel M. Siragusa

You can tell by our last names that Julie is my sister. So although you might think this review is biased, it is true regardless of relationship. The only difference her being my sister has made in this process for me as a buyer was that I didn’t feel as guilty sending her 20 homes a day that I might want to tour :) Julie is my current real estate agent as I am searching for my first home. From the very beginning, even before I was actually ready to start touring homes, Julie was incredibly patient with me and knowledgeable when I asked her questions about the process. I have seen her expertly guide her clients (some of which have been my closest friends and family) on their home buying journey and demonstrate an intimate knowledge of the greater Charlotte area, resulting in buyers finding their dream homes (and land). I am so blessed that it is now my turn for Julie to represent me as my realtor. Without her, I would have no idea which areas were safer than others. I also most likely would have ended up in the first home I toured out of pure excitement. Thankfully, Julie has served as a voice of reason and logic and has encouraged me to keep searching for the house that is meant for me. Additionally, as a first time home buyer, I am working with a stricter budget. With this, she has taught me the importance of “you can either buy your dream home in an area you CAN’T change, or you can buy a house you CAN change in your dream area”. I am so grateful for her guiding hand in this. As we have started touring more homes, I have truly seen the difference in work ethic and dedication between Julie and other listing agents. Julie is on call for her clients day and night, and will do whatever it takes to help close a deal. This is in stark juxtaposition to how I have seen some of the other listing agents operate. Julie will go to bat for her clients, many times without them even knowing how hard she is fighting for them. Thanks to Julie’s professionalism, effervescent personality, and ability to connect with everyone she meets, she has built a strong network of top-tier associates to help her close deals. From her recommended lenders, lawyers, and insurance agents, they are truly the A-team. I am (hopefully) nearing the end of my home search in this extremely competitive housing market, completely thanks to Julie. I told her what my non-negotiables were and she called me telling me she “found my house”. When she sent me the listing, I wasn’t necessarily sold. But when we went to go tour the house, I was ready to make an offer on the spot. Tell her your dream and she makes it a reality. I never would have toured that house without her finding and suggesting it. If you are looking to buy or sell your house, regardless of type, size, or price, there is no better realtor than Hometown Jules. She operates with a level of tenacity, integrity, and dedication that exceeds that of all other realtors.

Doctor Levine Memorial Hospital

Rishikesh Misra

My multiple experiences at Levine hospital has been very good. Support staff are quite friendly and listen to visitor queries patiently. There seems to be a process in place for continuous improvement. Dr. Feroz is particularly a fine gentleman doctor. He is a good listener and one gets good hope while visiting him. I have also met Dr. Oliver once, who also is a great person. Overall, there is generally a positive environment in the common man's hospital.

McDowell Road Family Dentistry

Julia Malone

The hygienist in consultation with dentist refused to allow me to not have X-rays as I wasn’t comfortable with them while pregnant (there are varying opinions on this and it should absolutely be my choice). I requested to just have a light cleaning and was told that this was against the law and then when I questioned that was told they could lose their licenses which is a bunch of bologna. How dare you not allow me to make my own medical choices for me and my pregnancy and lie to me telling me it’s illegal and you could lose your license from giving a light cleaning. Times are tough and I’m sure you want every dime you can get but what you are doing is completely unethical. Patients have rights too and you don’t just get to steamroll them.

Côte-des-Neiges Veterinary Clinic

Rachel Lambie

This is such a wonderful vet experience - they are so professional and kind, and always went above and beyond for my pet. It was so reassuring to take him to a place where it was clear that they didn't just like animals, but they liked every pet that came in - they knew everyone by name and went above and beyond what was expected. They're busy, but it's with good reason - it's an excellent vet clinic.

PODS Moving & Storage

Vicki Maxwell

was provided a wrong auction date on a unit that incorrectly had only my ex-husbands name on it; paid for over 3 years and he went it person to relinquish the unit out of spite. I contacted the AG's ofc and it "upset" the office staff, namely Noelle Richmond, so she politely told me wrong information. Am now in a position to possibly sue and probably will. All my childrens' lives were in that unit.

Blink Fitness FiDi

Christian Gjelaj

The gym's price point is attractive, but one must understand that with any low-price gym will also come a high volume of customers. From 5:30pm-8pm the place is packed. A solid deal. It's not a luxury gym, simple as that. I had a particularly unprofessional experience when I tried cancelling my membership over the phone just to be told that you "must cancel in person." I thought it was bizarre, but I did not question it. Days passed before I was able to come in person. When I eventually arrived in person as directed, I had learned that not only is it indeed possible to cancel virtually, but because of this delay I had passed the 15th day of the month which mandated an annual membership fee. I tried reaching out to member services, who ignored any content in my emails and met me with automated messages until finally informing me that there was no way for her to believe me. Totally understood! In a situation like this, written evidence is vital. However, the influence of hearing from a front desk representative directly that there is no virtual (phone or web) method to cancel cannot be overstated. The people at the front desk are really kind, but clearly someone made a mistake. The member services on the other hand show no attempt to meet customers halfway. 1/5 for incompetence and sleazy business practices.

活うなぎ うな天


これまで東京近郊でしかうなぎを食べてこなかったが、東京とはまた違ってかりっとしたうなぎで味付けも良く大変満足できました! また浜名湖に行ったときには寄ろうと思います。
1 人あたりの料金
食事: 5
サービス: 5
雰囲気: 5

Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant

Matt Kyaw

Visiting from California, When I see Mexican foods elsewhere....usually Nah!! Folks! this is Yummiest Mexican foods must have when you’re in Portland. Cadillac Margarita was so good, Tortilla soup was die for, need to mentioned pork carnitas was super tasty made with rib meat this is my first time I ate rib meat carnitas YUM++++! I love it already. Big plates Y’all, excellent service and foods arrived fast

Evan J. Strong Funeral Home

Karen Verstraete

During a very difficult and heartbreaking time, I was shown nothing but kindness and compassion at Evan J. Strong. All of the staff there, from the undertakers to the administrators and Evan himself made the process of end of life arrangements as easy as it could possibly be. This company is professional, knowledgeable and supportive and at no time did I feel pressured or uncomfortable with the decisions I was making for my husband. I would 100% recommend Evan J.Strong.


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